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Organic Radioactive Waste Over the next two decades it is forecast that there will be a £930 billion global investment in building new reactors and £250 billion in decommissioning those that are coming off line, potentially generating 40,000 jobs in the sector. Spin-out company Arvia Technology was formed from EPSRC-sponsored research at the University of Manchester and they have commercialised the Arvia water treatment process. This method removes and destroys organic contaminants and oils using a procedure that is free of process chemicals, is energy efficient, and produces little solid or liquid waste for disposal, using a unique adsorption material called Nyex®. Arvia Technology was awarded a Disruptive Solutions prize of £100,000 by the Technology Strategy Board and in 2012 secured investments of £3.8 million to develop its nuclear and water business. Arvia is now collaborating with the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory on a project using the technology to destroy oils and solvents which are contaminated with high levels of radiation currently located at the Sellafield site. Further information:

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Organic radioactive waste growth story