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Roadside device to tackle drug-driving Drug influenced driving is on the rise with recent figures showing that nearly one in five motorists have driven while using illegal or prescription drugs. With recent police budget cuts, being able to test drivers at the roadside saves time and money. An EPSRC-sponsored project at the University of Oxford has created spin-out company OxTox Ltd who are manufacturing low-cost handheld devices - much like standard alcohol breathalysers - that can accurately detect illegal substances. The team led by Professor Richard Compton used novel electrochemical sensor technology which has previously been used in applications where low-cost and compact sensors are needed including smoke alarms. The OxTox drug sensor is so sensitive that only a small amount of saliva is needed to indicate the presence of an illegal substance therefore removing the need for a doctor to be called out to take samples. Further information:

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Roadside device to tackle drug-driving growth story