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Against the grain This close-up photograph of a single grain of salt was captured by PhD student, Hollie Rosier, while researching jet engine operations. Hollie, who studies at Swansea University and is jointly funded by EPSRC and Rolls-Royce, says: “When seawater evaporates it can lead to salt in the atmosphere. When exposed to extremely high temperatures inside a jet engine of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius, the salt can form on key components within the engine, potentially accelerating corrosion.” “Reproducing these conditions help us gain a greater understanding of the corrosion effect and could lead to a change in the way key components of an engine are designed.” With the global market for jet engines over the next 20 years predicted to be worth $975 billion, this research into more efficient, longer-lasting jet engines could contribute significantly to UK economic growth and to global carbon reduction targets.

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Image credits: Hollie Rosier

Against the grain - growth story