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Epson printers are one of the most popular inkjet printers used widely for household purpose. It is very important to refill the ink on your cartridge to keep the device printing without error. When the cartridge of the printer ran out of ink then, the first thing which many people do is to change the cartridge.

This can be an expensive method. You can easily refill the cartridge with the ink by yourself. For this, you just have to follow some steps provided by Epson printer helpline Australia. The skilled technicians will resolve all your issues and will answer your queries without wasting your time.

You may require few things before refilling the cartridge.   

Newspaper Ink Refill kit Epson 23/24 empty cartridge

First, place the several layers of newspaper and put the empty cartridge upright on it. Several layers of newspaper will prevent the spilling of ink during the ink filling. Now, pull the Epson label to access the refill hole. If any issue occurs while following the steps, you can simply call the Epson Printer contact Number Australia.

For Epson 23 Cartridge: You have to fill the syringe provided in your refill kit with 15 ml of black ink. Now, take the syringe and insert it into the refill hole which is present at the top left corner of the cartridge and start releasing the ink gently.

For Epson 24 Cartridge: First, fill the syringe with the 7ml of magenta ink and start releasing the ink into the cartridge through the hole present in the top left corner of the cartridge. After that take out the syringe and fill it with 7 ml of yellow ink. Now, pour that ink into the cartridge. Finally, take 7 ml of cyan ink and fill it in the syringe. Release the cyan ink into the cartridge from the hole.

If any Issues so just call at Epson Printer Support Number Australia +61-283206019 Original Source: /how-to-refill-epson-printer-23-or-24-cartridge /

How to refill epson printer 23 or 24 cartridge  

Replace the label and allow the cartridge to sit upright for minimum eight hours before using. Now, insert the cartridge and check by printi...

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