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EPSOM PALM PRESS This is a “YOU CAN DO IT” school EPSOM PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER NO 36– 03/11/10 Phone Number: 03 5448 4318 Email:

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Mrs Miller’s class enjoying a celebration, dressed up for the Melbourne Cup.

Stevin, Jack R, Gianni, Acacia, Ryley M, Kacey, Yasmin, Nick, Lachlan K, Josh W, Curtis, Lucy, Bailey, sam Levi, Jaydon

DATES TO REMEMBER: 2011 FAIR MEETING 2011 Preps Orientation sessions Year 6 Transition Program Day 3 CAMP DATES Gr3-6 School Council Swimming Book Club Due Back Working Bee Weeroona College Awards Evening Last AASC session BSSC Awards Evening Reports distributed Eaglehawk Secondary College Awards Evening Carols Night Grade 6 Graduation Evening Last day of Term 4 - 2.30pm finish Whole School Excursion

Thurs. 4th Nov. @ 2.30pm Tues 16th Nov, Thurs 18th Nov, Tues 23rd Nov. Thursday 11th November Monday 15th-Wed 17th November $185 Monday 25th October Wed-Friday 3rd—5th November Tues-Thurs 9th-11th November Friday 19th November Sunday 21st November 9am Tuesday 7th December Wednesday 8th December Wednesday 8th December Friday 10th December Tuesday 14th December Wednesday 15th December Thursday 16th December Friday 17th December DATE TO BE ADVISED

GARDENING KEYS Keys will be sent home to the Russell and In order to plan for 2011 it is important to have accurate Sacharuk families this week. student numbers. Therefore, if your child is not attending Next week’s gardening families are the Epsom next year please let us know as soon as possible. Sharma and Short families. Thank you for looking after our grounds. Dear Parents,

Staff are currently working on developing next years grade structures and we hope to have these available to you in the next few weeks.

If you have any requests regarding your child/children for next year please put these in writing and send them to school by Friday 19th November. No late letters will be accepted. Please note that these requests are for friendship groups only, not for teachers. Your input as a parent will be considered along with a range of other factors including equity of distribution, gender balance, academic ability, interpersonal development, attitude, behaviour and maturity, Please be aware that your request may not be able to be accommodated. Due to changes in the privacy laws the way in which grades have been published in the past can no longer be accommodated (i.e grade lists displayed in the multi purpose room). This year you will receive a letter informing you of your child’s grade and teacher for 2011. If you have any queries about this please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you Kerry McGuffie

Car Parking Thank you to everyone for making a huge effort to follow the parking arrangements and helping to make our school safe for students. Yesterday Andrew Smith from the City of Greater Bendigo came to observe the effectiveness of the current parking arrangements. You will notice that the council has put in new signage and the location of the disabled parking has been moved. It is important that everyone adheres to all parking signs, including the short term parking at the front of the school. This will help to keep the traffic flowing and the students safe. Thank you once again for your cooperation.

A big thank you to Mr Garry Lavars for cutting the grass in the staff car park and for tidying up after school yesterday. This has helped to make everything a lot tidier. Thanks again.

Office News Could the following people please come and see me in the Office :-Lucy Mathews, Narelle Beer, Tania Dwyer, Michelle Rusbridge, Tania Marshall and Kelly Wood. Thank you.

Subway Lunch Orders A reminder the children can order Subway for lunch on Friday. Lunch orders need to be at the Office Thursday morning.

School Banking Where have all the banking people gone? Student school banking is done on Tuesdays.

Tissues All classrooms are in desperate need of tissues. Could each family please bring in a box for your classroom. Active After School Communities A reminder that for this term Active After School Communities will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. This change of day is due to the coaches not being available on Thursdays.

Camp Costs This years camp to Anglesea for Grades 3-6 children is $185 and you are able to pay in instalments. If payment by the due date is an issue please come and see me in the Office. Thank you.

Remembrance Day Poppies are for sale in the office- 50c, $2 and $5.

Excursion Fees Our school year is quickly coming to an end and there is still some excursion money outstanding. I will send home family statements today. Please come and see me if you have any queries. Deanne Hendy THE NEXT FAIR MEETING WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY NOVEMBER 4TH @ 2.30 IN THE STAFFROOM. Please consider coming along to the meeting to help ease the huge workload of this fun community event.

Could it be asthma? Do you ever: Get short of breath when you are not exercising or at unexpected times? Find that your shortness of breath is seasonal, or that during some months or times of year your breathing is worse? Have cough or coughing spells even when you do not have a cold? Notice times when there is wheezing or whistling in your chest? Feel tightness in your chest when you are short of breath? Wake up at night with shortness of breath or wheeze? Notice wheeze, cough, or chest tightness in certain environments, such as hot/cold air, dusty places, or in certain homes? Wheeze when you exercise? If you experience any of the above ask your pharmacist or doctor about a lung health check. If you would like more information please call The Asthma Foundation of Victoria on 1800 645 130 or visit

Swimming Program – This Week & Next Week Our swimming program continues on the following dates –3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th November. Children have a 30 minute lesson between 1-1:30pm, 1.30-2pm or 2-2.30pm depending on which group they are in, at the YMCA Indoor Pool. All items of clothing need to be clearly labelled. Children require these items: Bathers towel plastic bag for wet items hairbrush (if required) change of underwear (if required) Parents are encouraged to come to the final session on Thursday, 11th November to view the program and your child’s progress. We urge parents to take your child/ren for further private swimming lessons to ensure they become safe and confident in the water. The school’s program is not enough. Eaglehawk Indoor Pool run regular swimming and water safety programs.

2011 TERM DATES Term 1—4th February (students start) - 8th April—Teachers begin Term 1 on 1st February Term 2—27th April to 1st July (25th April is Easter Monday—a public holiday, as well as ANZAC Day. 26th April is a publick holiday in lieu of ANZAC Day) Term 3—18th July to 23rd September Term 4-10th October to 22nd December Please note that schools are able to set a student free day in either Term 2 or Term 3.

Please remember to check the Notice board for various Community announcements.

BUSHFIRE SAFETY MEETING Thursday 18th November 2010 @ 7.15pm @ Epsom Primary School More information on Notice board.

Newsletter 36  

School newsletter

Newsletter 36  

School newsletter