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Spring 2019

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Next Gen Rising The newest generation of ESA members is taking good works and friendship to a higher level.





Kim Kummer

2018-19 IC President

What a gift members of ESA have received

ESA members believe their only right is “the right

over the years from Adelia Prichard.

to be of service.” World War II opened the door

Thanks to her vision and persuasion, The National

continue to grow each year. St. Jude Children’s

What to Read Club developed into a close-knit

Research Hospital, adopted in 1972 as our first

organization of women who shared a purpose

international project, continues to see ESA

of continuing education, national fellowship, and

collegiate and community chapters creatively

social interchange.

raising money to help Danny’s dream. EasterSeals

As we celebrate 90 years of ESA, that same

was added as our second project, and with them,

determination and vision has enabled leadership to bring ESA where it is today. ESA…an organization of women and men, in communities and on college campuses, making a positive impact on the causes that matter. Education, Service, Association. There are many gifts we receive from ESA! Have you ever considered which one is the best? I know that is a loaded question and depends on the day. ESA‘s tradition lies in education. Developing confidence, competence, and networking opportunities is essential for everyone in this ever-changing world. From our early education that studied “Writings of Mankind” to today’s newly developed programs on an array of topics, ESA keeps members informed, engaged, and entertained. Leadership opportunities are readily available at the annual President’s Leadership each spring and through workshops and keynote

for ESA members, and our philanthropic efforts

we celebrate their 100 years of service. Memberdeveloped programs, such as Hope for Heroes, Warm Welcome Home, literacy, domestic violence intervention, and kid causes, allow chapter members to share their gifts where needed in their communities …Yes, service is the best part of ESA. The good people make ESA supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! Like many of you, I have ESA friends from coast to coast. Not just friends, but friends who have become family; people I call because I want to hear their voices, share joys and sorrows, and who I can’t wait to see at convention. Yes, each piece is important, but combined, ESA has it ALL! We are an amazing organization – one that’s continually changing to meet the needs of our members and one that I’m glad I joined. I hope you feel the same way. Remember to share the gift of ESA with others and pledge a new member. Can you

speakers at regional meetings and conventions.

imagine where ESA will be in another 90 years?

The first Young Leaders Elite Retreat, which was

I hope to see you all in Memphis, TN, at IC

held in fall 2018, brought nearly 20 ESA leaders

Convention this July as we celebrate 90 years!

under the age of 35 together for a weekend in

(Read more on page 8.)

Estes Park for team building, brainstorming, and s’mores … Hmmm, I think education is the best part.


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Our favorites What the ESA Executive Director enjoys

6 Membership guide Learn how you can use our new guide to create a happy, healthy, and successful chapter.

18 top St. Jude volunteer system bottom Collegiate ESA ESA gets an exclusive look Members take ESA Hearts St. Jude at the new system. fundraising to the next level.

7 | Membership – Change really can do you good See how the Zeta Epsilon chapter of Overland Park, KS, is embracing change and reaping rewards. 8 | IC Council – 2019 IC Convention It’s time to get excited for the IC Convention in Memphis. Find all the event details here.

9 | IC Candidates 15 | What’s Happening? 16 | St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

10 | Feature story – Next Gen Rising Let’s celebrate 90 years of ESA and the bright future we’ll have thanks to a new generation of members. 12 | ESA Foundation – My Career, My Next Step Grant Learn more about the new grant that helps individuals pursue careers in specialized fields. 13 | Leadership – Inspiration abounds at the State Presidents Leadership weekend ESA State Presidents discuss their biggest cheerleaders and other inspiring topics at the leadership conference. 20 | Iconic – ESA’s oldest chapter Learn about the legacy of the Alpha Beta chapter of Amarillo, TX. 21 | Founder’s Day – Celebrate 90 years of ESA with a new member The best way to celebrate our past is by pledging new members for our future.



Journey Magazine staff

Happy Birthday, ESA!

Publisher Charlotte Carloni

It has been 90 years since a group of

Editor Laurie Steele

women gathered together in Jacksonville, TX, to form Epsilon Sigma Alpha. From our beginnings as a reading group dedicated to covering the greatest works of the times to the vibrant organization we are today, the past 90 years have seen members of this organization make a tremendous mark in their communities and around the world. To adapt to the changing times, ESA has transformed into an organization of men and women who are passionate about making a difference while enjoying the friendships forged through common interest. ESA is a place for people to share the joy of service and to leave a legacy of compassion. In this edition of The Journey, you will enjoy articles that look back on our rich history and look forward toward this organization’s bright horizon. Read about the men and women who are shaping the future of ESA on pages 10 and 11, and enjoy

Contributing Writers Charlotte Carloni Kristin Hall Tracy Swanson Copyeditor Joellen Sarmast Graphic Designer Lizzie VandeSande

ESA Headquarters General information Executive Director (leadership, programming, training) Charlotte Carloni Membership Director (collegiate chapters, community chapters, new members) Tracy Swanson

stories from ESA’s oldest active chapter, Alpha Beta Chapter of Amarillo Texas on page 20.

Administrative Coordinators

On page 6, you will read about the new Chapter

Laurie Lindeken (member records, ESA Foundation)

Membership Guide, a comprehensive guide created to help chapters evaluate, discuss, and plan for their future to ensure they stay vibrant for years to come. It’s hard to know what the founding members of Epsilon Sigma Alpha envisioned for the

Deena Steele (member dues, ESA for St. Jude) Accountant (accounting, ESA Foundation) Doug Mills

organization when it was founded back in 1929, but it’s safe to say that they would be so proud of the incredible impact that ESA members have made in our world. The future of ESA is bright because of each and every one of you. Agapé,

Connect with us!

  @Epsilon_Sigma_Alpha  Search Epsilon Sigma Alpha International

Charlotte Carloni, ESA Executive Director

4 | SPRING 2019

 @ESATweets


Share your journey: submission guidelines To submit your ESA stories, follow these guidelines. Submission deadlines: • August 1 for the fall issue • February 1 for the spring issue How to send your submission: • Email and include “Journey” in the subject line. Please attach images rather than embedding them. • Historic images (particularly those for the Iconic section) can be mailed to ESA Headquarters: 363 West Drake Road, Suite 5 Fort Collins, Colorado 80526 Writing: We are happy to accept all submissions,

• .JPG, .PNG, or .PDF formats are accepted. • All images should be captioned, including your name, location, chapter name, description of what’s happening, and the full names of people in the photo (if less than 12). • Historical black-and-white images are welcome. • Submit via email or CD/DVD. • Do not send images smaller than 1000px on the image’s shortest edge. • Overly edited photos or collages will not be accepted. • Photos should be high resolution

but cannot guarantee publishing as

(300 dpi/ppi), in sharp focus, and

space is limited. You can find more ESA

have good lighting. ESA reserves

stories at

the right to manipulate photos for lighting and color.

Images: • All submissions should include images. We love action shots where we can see members having fun, learning, and growing.

• Learn how to take amazing photos with your smartphone through ESA’s partnership with Skillshare. Visit

• Digital photos are preferred. Note: Printed photographs will not be returned unless requested.



Introducing ESA’s Chapter Membership Guide ESA Headquarters has created this Chapter Membership Guide as a resource for all chapters to access ideas and information to ensure their chapter stays vibrant for many years to come. This first-of-its-kind document houses everything from a chapter member survey, to information on creating chapter goals, to ideas for engaging members. We hope our chapters will use this guide to evaluate themselves and establish goals for the years to come!

What’s in the Chapter Membership Guide? Survey The first step is to have every chapter member complete a chapter survey that has been created specifically for this guide. This survey lets members provide their thoughts on all aspects of the chapter and allows the chapter to pinpoint strengths and areas that need improvement.

Section 1: Evaluating your current chapter The goals of this section are for members to discuss their chapter and its events, how to further incorporate what members enjoy, and things that may need to change.

Section 2: Mapping the future of your chapter This section walks the chapter through goal setting – both

How to use the Chapter Membership Guide:

long and short term – and helps empower members to set

Our goal is for every chapter to dedicate at least one

the path to achieve these goals.

meeting before May 31, 2019, to discuss how they can

Section 3: Attracting new members This section dives into the process of attracting new members to your chapter, and also covers how chapters can mentor new chapters in their area.

Section 4: Keeping current members engaged and active Many chapters have concerns over members leaving or choosing MAL status. This section provides ideas on how

use the guide for the coming ESA year. We hope chapters will use this guide as a jumping-off point to work together to evaluate and invest in quality discussions to plan the direction they’d like to move in the future. This Chapter Membership Guide is just that – a guide. Read through and find the sections that are relevant to you. We hope this will be a fun, informative activity that includes all members of your chapter. We wish you great success. Please reach out with any questions!

a chapter can ensure the happiness and longevity of its current members.

Section 5: Resources Find everything you’ll need for the chapter, from merchandise to logos to educational materials.

6 | SPRING 2019

Access the guide and get started today! Questions? Contact Charlotte at


Change really can do you good

Zeta Epsilon is on a roll with a new focus on having a happy chapter and community centered projects. New members have been streaming in, revitalizing the chapter, and helping to make a greater difference in the Overland Park community. Chapter President Cindee Leong explains, “We are so

The chapter balances their hard work with fun, informal

proud to have been chosen Kansas’s outstanding chapter

social functions like happy hours and small group dinner

last year. The spirit of trying new things is really alive in our

parties Cindee hosts at her home with her husband Gordon.

chapter right now and we love it. We try something new, keep what works, and learn from and tweak what needs adjusting, but it’s the fact that we really love to have fun together that makes it all work and makes us outstanding.” Thirty-plus - year member Pat Josey agrees, “For a

Cindee shares, “Gordon and I hosted an exec dinner party to start the year and enjoyed it so much we decided to invite all our members to one. By the time the year is done, everyone will have been over for dinner, five at a time plus spouses. It’s been one of my very favorite things about the

long while, we had been on a path of doing things the

year, and our members have told me this too. No business

same way. A couple of years ago, we took a turn down

or agenda, just friends. We laughed so hard! We don’t talk

a different road and it’s really paying off. We got more

about ESA stuff AT ALL, just have a great time getting to

open-minded about who we could/should be. As we

know and enjoy one another as people.”

became more community-focused in our projects, the number of people who showed an interest increased, and we became more welcoming of people who were new to all of us, coming from these other places now and bringing those fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the chapter.” Zeta Epsilon focuses on giving all members a chance to play an active role in the chapter and to learn and grow. They have begun appointing new members as full co-chairs on their major committees and even gave scholarships to members to attend the Young Leaders Elite Retreat in Estes Park, CO. Cindee continues, “Once you get to DO things in ESA is when you get excited about it and want to stay with it. It’s worked really well, they’re really rolling up their sleeves and going for it, lots of new ideas!”

Zeta Epsilon has been delightfully surprised by all of the good and growth that has come their way recently. The shift in focus toward having a happy chapter and outward view on the Overland Park community has made all the difference. Pat concludes, “Everyone in our chapter is really embracing our more outward focus and the opportunities it’s bringing us. We have members of 50+ years who are so supportive of it. I encourage any chapter wanting to grow in size and happiness to discuss a broader openness to new activities and people from new places; it’s really made our experience so much richer.” Ready to help take your chapter to good new things? Get started on your path to chapter evaluation, brainstorming, and goal-setting with the ESA Chapter Membership Guide. JOURNEY MAGAZINE | 7


2019 IC Convention: Memphis, TN Merriment and Memories Memphis Style, July 17-21, 2019 Join ESA as we celebrate our 90th birthday this summer in Memphis, Tennessee. You will get a chance to go on a special tour of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and see up close the cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Music lovers can visit Graceland and take the Memphis Mojo tour that gives a taste of Memphis music from Beale Street to Sun Studios and much more in between. Sink your teeth into some Memphis-style BBQ, and try your luck on a casino excursion. You don’t want to miss this historic IC Convention. Come make memories with us.

Registration details All IC Convention forms can be found on our website, If you have any questions, please contact LeAnn Wray at IC Convention registration Full registration $250, deadline May 1, 2019 Tours You must book your tours before the convention. Visit our website for more information. Trivia Night on Thursday, July 18 Register and form a team before convention or join a team when you get there.

8 | SPRING 2019

Hotel reservations Sheraton Hotel Downtown, located directly across from the Convention Center. First night’s room and tax will be charged at time of reservation.

888.236.2427 Follow us on Facebook Stay up-to-date on all things related to the convention.


Candidates for IC office The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the ballot for the 2019-2020 International Council offices. Each candidate is qualified and meets the eligibility

Therefore, if a “Notice of Intent to Nominate” from the

requirements as stated in the International Council

floor is submitted in writing to the First Vice President 60

Bylaws. The official ballot, prepared from nomination

days prior to IC Convention, nominations will be accepted

forms submitted on or before November 15, 2018, will

from the floor at the 2019 IC Convention for the following

be presented at the IC Convention on July 19, 2019, in

offices: First Vice President/President Elect, Second Vice

Memphis, TN. In accordance with the IC Bylaws, there

President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian,

shall be a maximum of five candidates for each office.

and Workshop Coordinator.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT LeAnn Wray 19 years of service | Lambda Chi, Hamburg, MI I will continue to embrace the challenge of being an ESA IC Officer and will do it to the best of my ability. I will encourage others to begin their journey in ESA. I want to share the gift of ESA and being an IC Officer has truly been a gift. I cannot imagine my life without ESA!


SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Robin Bussey 25 years of service | Beta Sigma, Rock Hill, SC Serving as an IC Executive Board Member gives me the challenge to listen and learn from our members as to what they want and expect from our leadership. I will continue to learn from my peers to do the best of my ability as I strive to fulfill this goal. RECORDING SECRETARY Brenda Meyers 30 years of service | Beta Psi, Cincinnati, OH I have truly enjoyed serving on the IC Board and look forward to the future possibilities. There is much to do to help our organization grow, and I want to be a positive force. As Recording Secretary, my goal is to be timely and accurate to preserve our history. Gail Marchant 12 years of service | Alpha Beta, Winston, GA I possess the skills necessary to keep accurate and concise records of our International Council. I am willing to accept the honor of serving with integrity to help achieve the goals and ideals of ESA. Our organization is what we make it … thanks for making it great! CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Julene Donnay 36 years of service | Delta Mu, Minneapolis, MN As a Life Active Member of ESA, I stand firmly behind our mission of providing service to others. In my role as corresponding secretary, I will serve the incoming president and her entire board, fulfilling all my duties and assisting the new state presidents in their roles interacting with the IC Board. I look forward to sharing ESA’s mission and story with as many people as possible in 2019-2020.

Denise Holdaway 19 years of service | Theta Epsilon, Blytheville, AR For ESA to continue, we need new members to step up and run for office. I feel with my leadership skills, accountant training, ability to host events, and love of ESA, I have the background of qualities it takes to be a great IC Officer.

PARLIAMENTARIAN Chris York 21 years of service | Delta Xi, Portland, OR Being part of this organization has allowed me to push my limits and provided a place to develop new skills and get support for the changes that come with life. We have opportunities to make ESA a modern, inviting place where people can find friendship, support, and contribute to their communities. Malinda Remington 24 years of service | Rho Chi, Wesley Chapel, FL An ESA member for 24 years, my desire has always been to promote ESA ideals through committees and chairmanships at local, state, regional, and international levels. My objectives are to promote membership, unity, and a sense of involvement for all. Ideally, we will reach those objectives by working together as one caring, cohesive team. WORKSHOP COORDINATOR Lynda Edwards 38 years of service | Beta Nu, Prattville, AL ESA is my passion! We must grow by recruiting new members and spreading the word about our great organization. Why? Because future generations need to experience the same joy of membership and continue our philanthropic work. An officer has more opportunities for strategic planning to make it happen.



Birthday candles are being lit all over

the country for ESA’s 90th birthday.

Birthdays are a natural time to look back over our rich history of service and friendship, and this year, ESA members have much more to celebrate than just history. The future of ESA is bright thanks in part to the passionate young ESA members who are making their mark on our organization. Every generation hopes to find members of the next who share their passion, so they can pass on their knowledge. That’s exactly what established members like Royce Walker, Zeta Tau of Houston, TX, have been doing. Royce, a 48-year member, recently sponsored the Delta Psi chapter of Houston, TX, a chapter of up-and-coming young professionals. “We met them while working on St. Jude events in Houston and have been developing that connection ever since,” shares Royce. “We are so excited it has culminated in this new ESA chapter. Their schedules, lifestyles, and interests are different than ours and will take them in some great new directions. We wanted them to have their own chapter to create all that great stuff. I am having such a good time with them, their enthusiasm is contagious; they’re doing it their way, and I just love it.”

10 | SPRING 2019


“As incoming state president, I’m most excited about impacting ESA’s future. I intend to make things more fun and inspiring to grow ESA and attract younger generations while bridging the gap between the long-term members and younger ones. Change must happen for the organization we love to continuing growing, and I believe we can grow together. We need to see the wonder in the world and those around us so that we can change our perspective to seek things that are unfamiliar. Growth happens outside our comfort zone.” ASHLEY BROWN, AR

“I jumped into serving the Arkansas Executive Board without knowing what I was getting into. But I quickly started deepening relationships and forming life-long bonds that helped me grow as a person and a leader. After a year on the board, I wanted to continue serving ESA and become state president. I can’t imagine my life without the women whom I have built relationships with in ESA. Not only do they keep me on track as state president, but I am blessed to call them friends and sisters.” TRISH VILLINES, AR

“Our group includes previous friends and people we met through the ESA website. We are excited to have the support of great ESA mentors from other chapters and love that they’re giving us space to do things ‘our way’. I am from an ESA family, and it means a lot to me to continue this tradition. We’re looking forward to doing great things together.” JILL ALLEN, CA

“I am working to bring a community chapter to northwest Chicago because joining ESA in college gave me so many friends that I want another opportunity to expand my circle! I can’t wait to have an even bigger group of friends who love the values of ESA, St. Jude, and volunteering as much as I do!” JAMIE RIENDEAU, IL

“I feel loved and supported in ESA. Along with fellow member Melissa Diddle, I received a ‘registration scholarship’ from other Kansas ESA members to attend the ESA Young Leaders Elite Retreat in Estes Park last September. We feel very proud and privileged that our state and chapter invested in us that way. They were so happy and excited when Melissa recreated one of the Estes sessions at a chapter meeting. I think it’s all the great stuff we are always working on in ESA that is a magnet to other new members. If you’re having a ball, other people want to be a part.” AMANDA JOHNSON, KS

“During college, ESA was a big part of my life and kept me going during my time at East Carolina University. Through ESA I learned what it means to give back to something that is larger than yourself. I’m excited to be working with a group of recent grads from ESA collegiate chapters in NC to form a new community chapter in Eastern North Carolina. We welcome anyone who would like to join even if they were not in ESA during college. We have already had a service project for St. Jude and are excited about this new journey. We expect to charter in late spring. “ TAMARA GATLIN, NC

“I am so grateful for ESA and Delta Psi for giving me the opportunity to meet and bond with a group of ladies who are now my sisters; Delta Psi for life!” LEENA MENA, TX



New: My Career, My Next Step Grant The ESA Foundation is excited to announce a new grant aimed at opening up career paths in specialized fields that require trade credentials, certificates, and licenses. The My Career, My Next Step Grant, initiated by Su McDonell, ESA Oregon, and her family, provides funds to help

Scholarship impact

individuals get the credentials vital to establishing their careers and retaining skilled workers within businesses. The ESA Foundation is passionate about helping talented individuals reach their career goals – through traditional higher education, trade school, or special certifications. The ESA Foundation seeks to remove the financial barriers through scholarships and grants, and the My Career, My Next Step Grant is another wonderful avenue for the Foundation to provide that support. With a focus on helping veterans regain employment, the criteria for this grant identifies specific areas that qualify applicants for eligibility, such as individuals who are working toward certificates and licenses to further their careers or are seeking to strengthen their job opportunities through advanced training. If you are passionate about the ESA Foundation’s mission, there are many ways to provide support. If you don’t feel ready to start an endowment, consider supporting or developing a new grant. You can set the criteria and the value for your grant. For more information, contact Rosalie Griffith at



5,863 applicants






Take the Each One Reach One Challenge ESA Foundation Life Active memberships fund career enhancement grants that provide career training to individuals who want to take their careers to the next level through professional training. There’s still time for you to support this effort and take the challenge: 1. Become a ESA Foundation Life Active Member for a onetime fee of $500. Visit or call ESA Headquarters. 2. Share why your Life Active membership is important to you and invite a friend to join as an ESA Foundation Life Active member.

12 | SPRING 2019

Wanted: ESA Foundation Board of Directors Want to get more involved in the ESA Foundation? We want your nomination for the 2019-2022 term on the ESA Foundation Board of Directors. A nominee for director must hold an active membership in the ESA Foundation and be entitled to vote at the annual meeting. Any active member of the Foundation may nominate herself/ himself or any other active member for election to the board. The nomination form is available online at https:// or contact Judi York at


Inspiration abounds at the State Presidents Leadership weekend The snow in Denver, CO, couldn’t thaw the energy from the State Presidents Leadership weekend. Attendees worked to create new ideas that lit a spark

goals whatever those may be. Incoming state presidents

within them. They got a virtual tour of St. Jude’s brand-

learned how to be great leaders and cheerleaders from

new volunteer management system (read more on page

guest keynote speaker, Former ESA Executive Director

17). They dressed in their best 80s attire and even joined

BJ Clark. Members left inspired, thinking of those who

a drum circle.

mentored them and how they can do the same for others

Despite her broken leg and with crutches in tow, Executive

in their states.

Director Charlotte Carloni made an appearance to present

If you’re interested in getting inspired at an ESA event, visit

a new Chapter Membership Guide (read more on page 6) to see where you can

that will help chapters plan their future and achieve their

meet us next!

Who was my biggest cheerleader

“Elsie Vogler encouraged me to hold

“I can’t point to just one person who has

chapter appointments and board

been my biggest cheerleader. I have

positions. She was an awesome mentor

to say it has been many people…The

to me about ESA and many other things

one thing I always said about ESA is we

in my life. She was always a phone

encourage each other to be our best.

call away and was always there for

Whenever you have doubt or a problem

me. She would send me note cards of

there is always someone there to say

encouragement. Note cards and letters

you are doing great, you can do it. So in

that I still have today.”

the end we all can say, ‘Yes, I can do it!!’”



“I am fortunate enough to have been in two different chapters in my state. Each and every one of the members in those chapters have supported me in ESA and in my personal life. Angie Fairbanks has been especially helpful. Many times she has said, ‘It’s your year. Do things how you want to do them!’” CHERYL PUCKET, KS



Our favorites Here are a few of our executive director’s favorite things 1






This month I have the fun task of sharing some of my favorite things. A little bit of this, a little bit of that – I hope you can find something here that will spark your interest! Apps

talks to the founders about the journey from an idea to

1 Plant Nanny: If you’re like me, you know you should drink

a brand. My favorite episodes are Rent the Runway: Jenn Hyman;

a certain amount of water each day, but unless you make a

New Belgium Brewing Company: Kim Jordan; and Patagonia:

conscious effort, it’s hard to remember. Plant Nanny allows

Yvon Chouinard.

you to “plant” a cute little plant for you to water by drinking throughout the day. Each time you have a cup of water, log in, water your plant, and watch it grow! The app can also send notifications to remind you to take a drink. 2 Lyft: Did you know Lyft allows you to select a “round up and donate” option to donate to St. Jude? In the menu, select “Donate” and choose St. Jude. Each time you ride, the app automatically rounds your fare to the next dollar and donates the change to the kids!

Book 3 Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens: This novel tells the story of Kya Clark, a mysterious young girl who comes of age in the marshes of 1940s North Carolina after her family abandons her. The town refers to her as Marsh Girl, and when the town’s golden boy is killed, everyone suspects the Marsh Girl was involved. You will not want to put this one down!

New hobby 5 Embroidery: I picked up embroidery after I broke my leg a few months ago and was looking for something to do that wasn’t watching TV or staring at my phone. It is a fun, relaxing, and rewarding craft that anyone can do! (And I mean that sincerely, I am not a crafty person.) Check out beginner embroidery kits on Amazon – there are tons of fun patterns.

New ESA event 6 Let’s TACO ‘bout ESA: I hope you’ve seen our communications about this new event. What a fun, low-key, and simple way to introduce people to ESA. This event can be catered to your group – serve margaritas, hold a salsa-making competition, and have fun! Plus, you can’t say “no” to tacos. I love them so much we’re having a taco bar at our wedding! In the Fall 2019 Journey, we will cover favorite weekend


getaways. What’s the best “hidden gem” in your state, or

4 How I Built This with Guy Raz: This podcast dives into the

a place that you think your fellow ESAers would enjoy?

stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies and

Send your submissions, and a photo if you have one, to

14 | SPRING 2019


1 The Zeta Tau members of Colorado Springs, CO, held their first annual chili



cookoff on September 22, 2018. About 40 people attended, sampling 10 versions of delicious chili – some HOT and some a bit milder. 2 The Sigma Phi Chapter of Clermont, FL, held a bunco event to raise funds for St. Jude and local charities. They invited ESA members from neighboring cities and had a couple members, referred


to as Buncettes, act as servers so no one had to leave their table once the fun began. 3 Theta Alpha of San Angelo, TX, held a social and pledge tea, “Sharing Our Garden,” where Jo Ann Boulter, chapter vice president, installed their newest


member Jane Rider. The tea was held at the home of Tonita Williams. 4 In 1944, a handful of ladies formed the Alpha Kappa chapter in Tempe, AZ. The chapter was fortunate to have Ann Marie Carr, a founding member remain active until her passing in 2017. Five other ladies – Pat Ross, Elinor Reifschneider, Shirley Blanton,


Greta Campbell, and Shirley Albertson –

What’s happening?

have served Alpha Kappa for a combined total of 318 years. The dedication these ladies have demonstrated, along with graciously giving of their time, to support


ESA and the chapter’s causes reflects their outstanding characters. 5 Members of Sigma Rho in Loveland, CO, put their scissors to work, clipping coupons for military families stationed overseas. The chapter has sent three boxes of coupons totaling nearly $40,000 in savings. Learn how to hold a Troopon with your chapter at


6 Zeta Tau of Houston, TX, welcomed their newest member, Norrie Addams, who has a heart for service and fellowship. Pictured, left to right: Royce Walker, Norrie Addams, and Julie Walker Leith 7 In Largo, FL, the Omega Omega chapter’s educational theme is “Just For Fun.” Educational Director Karen Rafferty has suggested interesting topics to go with her theme. Here are some cards they made in one of their events.



A journey from St. Jude to ESA In September 2013, Kate Hermanson was a high school sophomore in the small town of Aledo, Illinois, when she had trouble breathing during her driving test for her permit. She was eventually referred to the St. Jude Midwest Affiliate hospital in Peoria, a 90-minute drive from home, for a suspected autoimmune disease or acute anemia.

became much closer from this experience too. I have three older brothers, and it was such a major part of all our lives that we just pulled together. “I was able to graduate on time with my class and enrolled at Bradley University in Peoria following graduation. I am majoring in nursing, inspired by the awesome nurses I worked with throughout my treatment. I heard about ESA at the chapter’s table during the activity fair, and decided to attend their welcome week bonfire, where I learned about the amazing connection between ESA and St. Jude. When I heard that and met the chapter members, I knew

A bone marrow biopsy instead revealed acute

I’d found my home at Bradley! I am the philanthropy chair

lymphoblastic leukemia. Kate and her family were given

for my chapter and was able to take chapter members to

the option of either spending six months at St. Jude

visit the hospital in Peoria so they can see firsthand what

Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, for

our efforts help do. I still go to the hospital every three

treatment or traveling 90 minutes each way, five to six

months for check-ups.

days per week, to the St. Jude Peoria affiliate to receive treatment. She and her family chose Peoria, which allowed them to stay together and live at home in Aledo despite the difficult treatment regimen and commute. “I ended up being allergic to a lot of the chemo treatments,” explains Kate. “I had to try six different ones. At first my treatments were five to six per week, then only three, then weekly. I took my last active treatment in January 2016. “Being able to stay at home made all the difference to me in my treatment. I have great friends who never let me be sad; they never let me dwell on it. My family actually

16 | SPRING 2019

“My favorite St. Jude event is the St. Jude Walk in September because the whole community of Peoria comes together in a really cool atmosphere. And we also just had an awesome chapter-sponsored dodgeball tournament on campus as part of our ESA Hearts St. Jude campaign in February. We’ve never done anything like that before, and it was great. ESA definitely opened up a lot of opportunities for me at Bradley, as well as gave me an outlet to support St. Jude more than I knew I could. I think the best part is that I’ve met my best friends through ESA.”


St. Jude announces new volunteer management system This news is hot off the press, just for ESA. St. Jude

members will become the experts who train other St. Jude

Children’s Research Hospital has been working to make

volunteers around the country on this new system.

volunteering an easy, consistent process across the

Online trainings on this system will occur later this year.

country. They have asked ESA as their most elite and devoted group of volunteers to help roll out this new system. This year, ESA will get an exclusive chance to use and help improve the web-based volunteer management system (VMS) to support volunteer activities for St. Jude. The new VMS will allow ESA members to create an online volunteer profile, track their hours volunteered, sign up for volunteer positions online, and much more. Because of our years of dedication, St. Jude hopes that ESA

Watch ESA emails for specific dates. Your regional ALSAC rep and incoming state presidents should also be able to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have. Are you ready to check it out? Visit https://volunteer. to look for volunteer opportunities. NOTE: You cannot currently create an account unless you are signing up for a volunteer position in your area.



ESA student chapters take ESA Hearts St. Jude fundraising to the next level with new innovations Every February, ESA collegiate chapters participate in the ESA Hearts St. Jude campaign, a month-long competition of events to raise funds for St. Jude kids. This year, Delta Zeta Chapter at George Washington University (Washington, DC) added a new app-based rally event, and Delta Chi at University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) layered on business partnerships to skyrocket their annual favorite 5K.

No More Cancer Rally Utilizing the “No More Cancer Rally” format that chapter representatives learned at the ALSAC/St. Jude Collegiate Leadership Conference in July, Delta Zeta chapter’s donations went through the roof. Chapter President Tracy Bettencourt explains, “The rally is kind of a pep rally/spirit event for the chapter. Sixty to seventy members got together in a room on a Sunday, wore costumes, had snacks, and used our computers and phones to Facetime, text, and call our friends and family and ask them to donate to St. Jude. It’s so fun when you’re all together and feeling the energy in the room. We used the special app St. Jude gave us, and everyone was given a series of competitive challenges that helped share the mission of St. Jude and inspire donations. Each point a member earned through challenges was an entry into the prize drawing at the end for a water bottle, pop sockets, and phone wallets. We had barely raised any money on our online ESA Hearts fundraising pages before the rally, and in a single hour that Sunday, we raised $4,000! The rally really went a long way in raising money while we were together but also in motivating people to keep going throughout the week; our ending total was more than $8,000. Chapter participation in the ESA Hearts pages really went up through the rally this year; we want to make it a tradition and grow it every year.” Collegiate Chapters interested in hosting a rally and accessing the app and other tools from St. Jude may contact ESA Headquarters at, put “No More Cancer Rally” in the subject line.

As seen on social media  Members of Alpha Chi at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville host their new “St. Jude Dude” pageant with entrants from other campus organizations for a talent round, spirit round, and raffle component, raising more than $2,000 for ESA Hearts St. Jude.

18 | SPRING 2019


5K race raises twice last year’s total through utilizing business sponsors Delta Chi chapter hosts a 5K race every year as an ESA Hearts St. Jude tradition. This year, a business sponsor campaign helped them raise more than $2,700 in donations and register 95 runners – both double last year’s totals. Sponsorship co-chairs Micaela Di Vico and Jorge Escobar Mata share, “We had two types of sponsors. Businesses that donated things like gift cards, bagels, and merchandise for the raffle prizes got their names on the event shirts and signage at the raffle tables at the start/finish. We also included a tiered system for larger donors of $50, $100, or $200, which included things like getting their logo and a link to their Facebook page on our event page as well as opportunities to speak about their business at a chapter meeting, Facebook Live advertising during the race, and their signs held at the finish line. To target businesses, in addition to leveraging our members’ connections, we used a map and made targets by street (34th Street, University Avenue, and so on). We chose locally owned businesses rather than corporate chains because it’s much easier to reach the decision-makers of local businesses. We called ahead for appointments, which was really important because once we actually got an appointment and went in person to speak with a manager, it was pretty easy to get them to make a donation of some kind, personal connections! We started with 200 prospective businesses and got over 50 donors. What we are most excited about is that now we have a database of donors in our area that we can reach out to again next year and invite to participate in other things our chapter is doing. It’s a real investment in our future success.” Collegiate chapters may request sponsorship materials shared by Delta Chi by contacting ESA Headquarters at

 Members of Beta Nu of LaSalle University (Philadelphia, PA) join in their campus-wide event to support the B+ Foundation for families coping with pediatric cancer.

 Members of Alpha Beta at Illinois  Members of Sigma Phi at University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) get a shout out from

State University (Normal, IL) raise more than $17,000 for Special Olympics at the Polar Plunge.

Easterseals South Carolina for their help preparing the holiday treats for clients. JOURNEY MAGAZINE | 19


Alpha Beta #0132: ESA’s oldest chapter Chartered on January 8, 1938, the Alpha Beta Chapter of Amarillo, TX, is ESA’s oldest active chapter. When Alpha Beta was chartered, ESA had only been in

We thank the current and past Alpha Beta members for

existence for nine years and was still largely considered a

leaving such a strong legacy in Amarillo and in ESA for the

reading club. In fact, the Alpha Beta chapter was chartered

past 80+ years. May you enjoy another 80 and beyond!

just a few months before ESA held its first National Convention in Kansas City, MO, where members elected the first set of national officers to the National Advisory Committee, now called the International Council. Alpha Beta #0132 has had a strong history in Texas over the last 80 years. Chapter members have served at the district and state levels, and most recently, Alpha Beta member Brenda O’Neill was elected the 2019-2020 Texas State President. The chapter has been a long-time supporter of a number of organizations, most notably March of Dimes (one of ESA’s first nationally recognized philanthropic projects), Georgia Manor Nursing Home, and

Alpha B eta – 1982

Children’s Miracle Network. Currently with 11 members with tenure ranging from 1 to 47 years, the chapter focuses on growing and bringing in younger members so they can continue their long legacy in their community. “We are very grateful to have a chapter that has lasted this long as we have seen members come and go over the years,” wrote Brenda. “Because of our legacy, we continue to work to make our chapter successful each and every day.” Flora Burns 1940-2018

eta – 2017 Alpha B

Remembering Flora

Flora Burns, 2000-2001 International Council President and 51-year member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, passed away on November 22, 2018. Anyone who knew Flora knew that her quick wit and sense of humor were second only to her love for this organization and her willingness to lend a hand to anyone. Flora’s theme as IC President was “Journey to Awaken the Light,” and she presided over ESA’s International Convention in Memphis, TN, home of her beloved St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Flora was instrumental in the success of the Norfolk, VA Dream Home campaign, and held the chairman position for more than a decade. She also had a deep passion for education and the ESA Foundation, sponsoring the BMW Hope Scholarship and serving as the namesake for the VSC Scholarship. Thank you for 18 years of dedication to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on

behalf unselfish of Epsilon Sigma Alpha “Flora’s giving was often unrecognized. Her generosity to her family, friends and even those who will never know her was boundless and unquestioned,” wrote Sue Foy, Virginia ESA member and close friend of Flora. Flora was a huge cheerleader in her home state of Virginia for members to strive to reach their goals. Lou Ann Wyer, incoming Virginia state president, wrote, “(Flora) saw the best in people and just made them want to be the best they could be.”

20 | SPRING 2019


Celebrate 90 years of ESA with a new member May 1 is ESA Founder’s Day, and this year is extra special. ESA is turning 90 years old! In keeping with ESA tradition,

and help make ESA’s next 90 years wonderful by expanding

we want to use Founder’s Day and the whole month of May

our circle of friendship and good works.

to sow the seeds that will ensure ESA will remain strong for another 90 years. Be sure to welcome Founder’s Day

Create a time capsule!

pledges as part of your celebrations.

ESA’s 90th birthday celebration includes ESA time capsules.

As a special thanks, when you sponsor a new member

On May 1, as part of your Founder’s Day celebration, ask

between March 1 and May 31, you and your new member

everyone to bring something to include in your chapter’s

will receive matching ESA RFID wallets – a great way to

ESA time capsule. Start thinking about what will go in yours

protect your valuables, generate conversation, and show

now. You’ll want to remember the seeds you’ve sown in

off your ESA pride. Whether you choose a friend across the

2019. Don’t forget to include photos of the “Class of 2019,”

street or across the country, invite someone to join today

including your Founder’s Day pledges and sponsors.

Social challenge: #ESAThenAndNow Between now and May 1, post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of yourself from when you joined ESA and a current photo of yourself enjoying your ESA activities. Include the following three things in your post for a chance to be featured on our national social media pages: • A message about why you love being a member of ESA • #ESAThenAndNow so we can easily see your post • This link so your friends can learn more about the gift that is ESA:




Clooing Fine Jewelry

�apter Suulies

Sale Items 22 | SPRING 2019

Official Jewelry


Jewel Pin $15

Full Crown Pin $149

Lamp of Learning $9

Gavel Guard $20

Year Dangle $7

Year Pin $20

Pallas Athene $12

First Pearl $10

Perfect Attendance Charm $10

Woman of the Year Charm $10

Officer Dangles $11

Life Active Dangle $7

�der Form

NEW ADDRESS! Mail to: The Greek Marketplace, PO Box 50281, Brooklyn NY 11205 Call Us: (847) 501-3941 Email Us: JOURNEY MAGAZINE | 23

Epsilon Sigma Alpha International 363 West Drake Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526

2019 IC Challenge: Walkin’ In Memphis This year the IC Challenge will be unforgettable, held on the campus of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. Members will be shuttled from the Sheraton Hotel to the Domino’s Event Center at St. Jude for an evening of celebration of the 47-year partnership between St. Jude and ESA. Attendees will enjoy St. Jude patient and hospital speakers before a short walk down memory lane to the front of the hospital, where we will recreate the historic Angel Walk picture from the 2001 IC Convention in Memphis, TN, with members posing in front of the hospital. Register at:


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Journey Magazine Spring 2019  

Journey Magazine Spring 2019