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Meet the EPSA Team 2019/2020

What is new in EPSA?

Young Healthcare Professionals: Knowledge and attitudes towards vaccination

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Table of Contents


Internal Affairs Meet the EPSA Team 2019/2020............................................................................................ 6 1st Team 2019/2020 Meeting.................................................................................................. 8 Member of the Year ............................................................................................................... 10 EPSA Liaison Secretary of the Year......................................................................................... 11 NIMP of the Year ................................................................................................................... 12 42nd EPSA Annual Congress ................................................................................................ 13 21st EPSA Summer University ............................................................................................... 14 Upcoming EPSA Events ........................................................................................................ 16 Meet the Alumni Advisory Board 2019/2020........................................................................... 18

Education One Year of LLeaP................................................................................................................ 20 EPSA Science Blog.............................................................................................................. 21 HPV Public Health Campaign.............................................................................................. 22 EPSA Science Excursion - One of the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies... 23 10th Anniversary of EPSA Training Project........................................................................... 24 11th EPSA Science Day Winners......................................................................................... 26 What is new in EPSA?.......................................................................................................... 27 Guardians of the Elements - 14th Generation of EPSA Trainers............................................ 28 Educational Outcomes Competition..................................................................................... 29

External Relations European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)................................................................ 31 About Mentoring Project..................................................................................................... 32 EPSA Individual Mobility Project - the first step towards professional career........................ 33 Young Healthcare Professionals - knowledge and attitudes towards vaccination................. 34 External Representations.................................................................................................... 36

Do you want to know more about EPSA?........................................................................... 38 Map of Europe.................................................................................................................... 40 Executive Contacts............................................................................................................. 42


Internal Affairs

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Editor’s words Dear readers, It is a great honour to present you the first edition of EPSA Newsletter for the mandate 2019/2020. Whilst compiling this edition, I aimed to show you the real EPSA, as well as it’s true aims, vision and mission, the wide spectrum of projects and activities, and the tremendous opportunities it offers. As ever in July, after three hard-working months of the handover period, the freshly elected EPSA Team has taken over! With the first Team Meeting starts a new mandate, and at the beginning of this publication, you will have the opportunity to meet the EPSA Team 2019/2020 and familiarise yourself with their positions and responsibilities. Right after you discover the magic of the first Team Meeting, you will enter into the vast array of EPSA projects. In order to fulfil my aims and show you the true EPSA, this Newsletter edition consists of three main sections: 1. Internal Affairs - in which the EPSA Team, EPSA Members and Events as well as EPSA’s right hand when it comes to making important decisions - the Alumni Advisory Board were presented, 2. Educational - which describes EPSA educational projects including LLeaP, Science projects, Public Health Campaigns and the marvellous training project, and 3. External Relations - which shows the latest EPSA activities on a European level and gives you an insight in EPSA mobility projects, external representations and professional world. Last but certainly not least, this edition ends with the Map of Europe and inspirational stories about projects and activities EPSA Members have done on a local level. Finally, I would like to sincerely thank everyone - my EPSA teammates 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, the great Liaison Secretary family, external writers, as well as the hard-working Editorial Board Members - who all contributed to making this edition as glorious as it is! Until the next edition. Sanja Aleksić Vice President of Public Relations 2019/2020

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Internal Affairs


Presidential words Dear readers, It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you in reading our first edition of EPSA Newsletter for the mandate 2019/2020. The EPSA Team 2019/2020 recently started their mandate 3 months ago and I can tell you that they have already been working hard in achieving their goals for this term. You can read more about our projects that have happened so far or will happen in the upcoming months, our representation to Members’ and External Events and last but not least, we are excited to present you articles written by our Partners organisation - EMSA and respected Members in which you can find out more about their work too. I hope you will find the content interesting and it will inspire you in your work as well as to be even more active in EPSA. Who knows, maybe one day you will be advocating for EPSA as a representative from our Members or as a Team Member. If you are interested in stepping up your soft skills game then the Training Projects awaits and maybe you can become an EPSA Trainer. If you want to know more about all of those and other EPSA opportunities, you are welcome to visit our EPSA Website, whose address you can find at the end of the publication. I would like to thank the Public Relations Department which put great efforts, together with the rest of the Team, EPSA Alumni and EPSA Partners in polishing this publication, which I hope you will enjoy reading. Special thanks go to the Public Relations Subcommittee for their work in assisting in the finalisation of the Newsletter. I sincerely hope to meet many of you dear Pharmaceutical Students from all around Europe, at any one of our EPSA Events, maybe even at the 16 th EPSA Autumn Assembly in Poreč, Croatia where this Publication will be disseminated for the first time. Mihai Nițoiu EPSA President 2019-2020


Internal Affairs

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Meet the EPSA

Mihai Nițoiu

Mina Grguri

Kamber Çelik

Bernardo Marinheiro




Vice President of Internal Affairs

Eva Shannon Schiffrer Immediate Past President

Duarte Pinto

Anne Smit


Events Coordinator

Zafer Çolak

Nejc Klopčič

Parliamentary Council Member

Alumni Coordinator

Janine Nijhuis Audit Committee Member

Mihai Ioniță Parliamentary Council Member

Marin Tušinec Chairperson of the 16th EPSA Autumn Assembly Reception Committee

Nicolas Koslowski Audit Committee Member

Sid Ahmed Ameziane Chairperson of the 43rd EPSA Annual Congress Reception Committee

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

Internal Affairs


Team 2019/2020

Marko Ocokoljić

Sanja Aleksić

Vice President of Education

Vice President of Public Relations

Stefan Grgić Educational Affairs Coordinator

Paulina Kruk

Tilen Kozole

Vice President of External Relations

Vice President of European Affairs

Mija Kavčič

Era Gruda

Daniela Stoyanova

Social Media Coordinator

Central IMP Coordinator

Policy Affairs Coordinator

Anja Jeriha

Ciprian Alexandru Chiriță

Neža Rogelj Meljo

IT Coordinator

Professional Affairs Coordinator

Grant Coordinator

Josef Kunrt

Miracle Ita Udokang

Crișan-Lucian Cîmpeanu

Science Coordinator

Publications Coordinator

Mobility Coordinator

Ana Ivanuša

Mihaela Giuvelea-Tilici

Training Coordinator

Design Coordinator

Michael Vranken Public Health & Social Services Coordinator


Internal Affairs

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

1st EPSA Team 2019/2020 Meeting Throughout the mandate, the EPSA Team comes together six times to discuss EPSA’s projects, activities, and work. These meetings are called - Team Meetings. From the 13th until the 15th of July, the EPSA Team came together in Ljubljana, Slovenia to attend the 1st Team Meeting of the mandate 2019/2020. We officially took over our positions and opened the door to a new mandate with a highly motivated team of 30 unique individuals, from every corner of Europe. During the first day, we focused on the Administrative Department, Neutrals and Internal Affairs Department. The way we aim to direct and guide EPSA as well as our members, events and Alumni were discussed and planned. We ended the day with personality tests and games so we

could get to know each other better and improve our team dynamics. The second day was for the Public Relations, Educational and European Affairs Departments. On this very busy and intense day, we had a chance to go through our plans for the image of EPSA, as well as the plans for our educational activities and Projects, and our stand at European level. The third and last day of the Team Meeting was dedicated to the External Department and to the evaluation of the handover period and recommendations for the future. We enjoyed our meals together as a Team at the Team Meeting venue and managed to take some nice EPSA Team pictures. This led to a lot of laughter, joking around and relaxing from the work environment felt during the discussions of our portfolios.

By the end of the Team Meeting, we also managed to have a sightseeing tour around Ljubljana, guided by Eva Shannon Schiffrer, our Immediate Past President, who made sure the city of Ljubljana and Slovenia were introduced to our Team. Team Meetings bring a lot of work, ideas and goals, but also bring the Team closer together as well as those who attend the Team Meeting from the members’ side.

Bernardo Marinheiro Vice President of Internal Affairs 2019/2020

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

Internal Affairs


The first EPSA Team Meeting for the mandate 2019/2020 was full of excitement and fruitful discussions. We conclude some chapters from previous mandates and we opened new ones, that we will work upon this next year. As time passed by, we became even stronger as a team, we got to know each other and I am happy to say that I can not wait to see what my wonderful Team will deliver to the pharmaceutical world in the next few months to come.

Mihai Nițoiu President 2019/2020

Spending three days with these amazing people with whom you are sharing the same passion and enthusiasm towards pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, is a great way to kick off with the EPSA mandate! The 1st EPSA Team Meeting is the place where the experience and guidance of the previous team intertwine with the creativity and fresh perspective of the new one! A lot of amazing ideas are shared, which lead to very interesting discussions, yet keeping in mind the values EPSA cherishes the most, and we as the EPSA Team as well.

Stefan Grgić Educational Affairs Coordinator 2019/2020

First Team Meeting helped us summarize all of the work done in the previous mandate and set new goals for the next year. We had a chance to get to know the new Team better, understand how to communicate efficiently. I am sure with such motivated and open-minded characters we will have a lot of fun working together in the upcoming months! Paulina Kruk Vice President of External Relations 2019/2020

The 1st Team Meeting was something I had been looking forward to since I was elected. It was an overwhelming and eye-opening experience but knowing I will have the opportunity to work within a team of 31 hard-working and inspiring people gave me so much more motivation for the mandate ahead. I am excited about the challenges and adventures EPSA has in store for us.

Era Gruda Central IMP Coordinator 2019/2020


Internal Affairs

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Member of the Year - ANEPF It is an honour for ANEPF to receive the prize for the best association of the year at the EPSA Annual Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria. ANEPF, the national association of pharmacy students, was founded in 1968 and currently represents 33,000 students from 24 faculties of pharmacy in France. In each of these faculties, there is a local association with an international activities manager responsible for coordinating and implementing EPSA’s projects on the local level with the help of the LS. In recent years, students’ interest in EPSA has grown, in particular through more active participation in international events and mobility projects like Twinnet - each year more than 15 Twinnets are made with ANEPF. In correlation to this expansion of Twinnet is students’ demand for EPSA Training Project, which appeals enormously to students. Many of them are waiting for the next TNTs to become EPSA Trainers. At the national level, ANEPF is strongly engaged with government authorities and advocates to improve pharmacy studies in France but also to defend the profession of pharmacist. ANEPF is also involved in the implementation of the law ma santé 2022 initiated by the government and intended to reform the French health system Besides, every year, the ANEPF carries out numerous public health campaigns, through its Medication label, and raises public awareness on subjects such as vaccination, addictions, digital health issues etc. Besides, ANEPF organises more than a dozen events throughout the year, during which international workshops are always organized. This award is a source of pride not only for ANEPF, its network but also for the 24 International officers who have worked hard over the past year to set up the various projects in their faculties. I would like to congratulate them and thank them for their investment and thank the EPSA team for their support and this award. Maeva Olga D’almeida ANEPF Liaison Secretary 2019/2020

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

Internal Affairs


EPSA Liaison Secretary of the Year 2018/2019 The Annual Congress 2018 in Baarlo, the Netherlands was my first EPSA experience. Since this event, I fell in love with the enthusiasm of everyone involved in EPSA. All the GA sessions were amazing - as EPSA members we must keep contributing to the future of EPSA by taking part in important discussions. In 2018 I became the LS of the K.N.P.S.V., this was the start of an amazing year! Being the main communication between EPSA and Dutch students is a fantastic job to have. As LS, I was representing all the Dutch students during the GA and was showing them all the amazing opportunities EPSA has. I loved working with all the other LSs and want to thank everyone for the last mandate! Let’s keep exchanging ideas and bring the EPSA spirit to even more pharmaceutical students! Jannine Nijhuis K.N.P.S.V. Liaison Secretary 2018/2019

EPSA Liaison Secretaries The EPSA Liaison Secretaries are elected or appointed by Member Associations and their main task is to ensure the implementation of EPSA projects at a local level and establish the connection between the executive of the National Association and EPSA Executive. Liaison Secretaries are Official Delegates at General Assemblies.


Internal Affairs

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

NIMP of the Year It is a great honour being awarded ”NIMP of the year” for the second year in a row. I have been a part of the EPSA IMP board since 2016 as NIMP for NoPSA, Norway and I am thrilled to continue being part of it as EPSA Central IMP Coordinator for the mandate 2019-2020. I have great faith in the Individual Mobility Project. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds and how it is going to further develop while keeping in mind the mission of IMP ” Provide new opportunities for mobility and professional training for European pharmaceutical students abroad”. I also have great faith in the team of NIMPs I am going to work with this mandate. They are young, ambitious, hard-working and their enthusiasm is contagious. I hope to get to know all of them better and inspire them as much as they inspire me. I am all the way dedicated to the mission, vision and goal of IMP and I want to heartily thank EPSA for awarding me ”NIMP of the year 18/19”. Cheers to a great journey ahead!

Era Gruda NIMP of the Year 2018/2019 EPSA Central IMP 2019/2020

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

Internal Affairs


42nd EPSA Annual Congress It’s already a few months ago now, that about 300 enthusiastic pharmaceutical students arrived in Sofia for the 42nd Annual Congress. For some of us, the event started a bit earlier with the fifth Team Meeting or the Next Generation Training which took place from Friday to Sunday. On Monday the event really started with a beautiful opening ceremony! The next day it was time for the symposia about noncommunicable diseases. A lot of interesting talks and great discussion were held during this symposium but also during the other workshops, trainings and the General Assembly (GA). The social program which included a Harry Potter themed evening provided all the ingredients to meet new people and build new friendships. I think we can all conclude that this was a successful event where a lot of new knowledge was obtained, new skills were mastered, new friendships were made, and the beauty of Bulgaria was experienced. To conclude, I want to thank the Reception Committee and the previous EPSA team for this great event! It was #SOgood, #SOfiable and we will see each other #SOsoon! Anne Smit Events Coordinator 2019/2020



European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

21st EPSA Summer University

At the beginning of July, it was time for 120 pharmaceutical students to travel to Slovenia for the 16th EPSA Summer University. I believe most of us travelled to Ljubljana to take the bus provided by the Reception Committee (RC) to PortoroĹž. This was either a good way to rest a bit from travelling or to visit the lovely city of Ljubljana. Besides the regular workshops and training that were organised during this event, we had the opportunity to visit Piran for a treasure hunt and sightseeing and also went to Krka to experience the work in a pharmaceutical company, visited Postojna Cave and raised public awareness about the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) by performing a Public Health Campaign. I want to personally thank the Reception Committee (RC) and everybody who contributed to this event for making it such a great experience. There is no better way to spend your summer than with your Pharmacy friends. I hope all of you enjoyed the event and I will see you around Europe!

Anne Smit Events Coordinator 2019/2020

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online


It was a great honour to host this year’s 21st EPSA Summer University 2019, which took place between the 16th to 21st July 2019 in Portorož, Slovenia. This annual EPSA project gives pharmaceutical students from all over Europe an insight into current and innovative pharmaceutical topics. The event offered a relaxing atmosphere and was accompanied by a quality education program. This year’s title “Joining Forces with other professionals for better health care” featured various workshops and soft skills trainings, which were focused on interprofessional Collaboration and Education. We also carried out a Public Health Campaign on HPV, where we set a stand on the beach of Portorož. During the Science Excursion, we visited the Slovenian generic pharmaceutical company Krka and later stopped at Postojna Cave. The atmosphere in Portorož was great and we have to thank the best participants, speakers, Trainers, and co-organisers who helped us create a fun and educational pharmaceutical week on the sunny side of the Alps!

Eva Velimirovič Chairperson of 21st EPSA Summer University Reception Committee




European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Upcoming EPSA Events: Save the date! The fact that you are reading this newsletter means you are probably attending the 16th EPSA Autumn Assembly in Poreč, Croatia. A very big and warm welcome at this event, I am sure you are going to have a great time here. After this event, it’s my honour to warmly welcome you to our upcoming events. These will include the Annual Reception in

Brussels, Belgium followed by the 43rd EPSA Annual Congress in Lyon, France, the 22nd EPSA Summer University in Bucharest, Romania and 17th EPSA Autumn Assembly in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are considering joining us on one of these events but still have some questions, do not hesitate to ask anyone from the Team or the respected Reception

Committee. We are very happy to answer all the questions you might have. For now, I wish you all the best during this event and I hope to #CROnnect with you.

Anne Smit EPSA Events Coordinator 2019/2020


Internal Affairs

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Meet the EPSA Alumni Advisory Board 2019/2020 Have you heard about the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB)? It is a group of 6 active EPSA Alumni, that provide counsel to the current EPSA Executive and by extension the whole EPSA Team in times of need. Wondering who is a part of the AAB? What they have done in EPSA in the past years or what kind of input we can get from each of them? Meet the mysterious six, EPSA AAB of 2019/2020!

Nejc Klopčič Alumni Coordinator 2019/2020

Alumni Advisory Board 2019/2020

Svetlana SvetlanaKolundžić Kolundži

Catarina Nobre

Raluca Radu

Patrick Jongeleen

Nilhan Uzman

Diogo Piedade

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

Internal Affairs


Catarina Nobre My name is Catarina Nobre and I work in Institutional Affairs, at the National Association of Pharmacies (ANF), in Lisbon. It is something like a Portuguese EPSA for grown-ups, representing community pharmacies. My EPSA adventure started as a regular participant in the AC 2013, in Catania. From that, I started to be more and more involved and even became part of the RC of Summer University 2015. Afterwards, I was happy to be elected as Treasurer for the mandate of 2014-2015 and 2014-2016. In April 2016 I was elected as EPSA President and led an amazing group of people for one year: The EPSA Team 2016-2017. I truly believe in EPSA’s mission and it is impressive to see how much I have grown as a person and a professional while I was an active member. It will never be possible to be thankful enough for what this association gave me, so I hope I am giving back a bit by helping and advising the new EPSA Team as an AAB member.

Raluca Radu

Svetlana Kolundžić

My name is Raluca Radu and I currently live in London where I work as the Regulatory Intelligence and Symposium Lead for TOPRA (The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs). Before joining TOPRA, I worked in the European Medicines Agency as a Trainee in the SME Office and the Public Engagement Department, which is where I found my interest in Regulatory Affairs. As like many others, I started in EPSA as a Liaison Secretary back in 2013, then moved on to becoming part of the team first as Educational Affairs Coordinator and later on as Vice President of Education, during which time I was also an EPSA intern for EAHP. Over the course of this year, I hope to be able to put to use the knowledge and new perspectives that I gained during these past few years to help the association grow, as well as be a useful resource, especially in the field of education which still remains one of the areas I am most passionate about promoting personal development.

My engagement in EPSA started with the Twinnet Project in 2010, where I was one of the participants and in 2011 when I was a coordinator of the project in my local association in Belgrade. The year after I took the role of Liaison Secretary for NAPSer, Serbia. I joined EPSA team as Parliamentarian for the mandate 2013/2014 and next mandate I was elected as President. Even after completing my official positions with the one of Immediate Past President in the mandate 2015/2016, I am glad to be able to still contribute to the work of EPSA as part of Alumni Advisory board member for the third year now. I currently work in the pharmaceutical industry in marketing, and it’s needless to say how my everyday job is eased thanks to skills gained in EPSA. I hope I can pass on some of my professional experience and advice to current and future EPSA teams. I am also very much looking forward to seeing how EPSA is shaping future leaders of healthcare.

Nilhan Uzman My name is Nilhan Uzman and I am a pharmacist trained in Turkey. I work as the Lead for Education Policy and Implementation at the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). I worked as MUPSA LS for 2 years, during which I reactivated my MUPSA’s EPSA membership in 2010. EPSA suddenly became my lifestyle! It is absolutely true to say “EPSA opens many doors.” EPSA gave me a great state of mind, many friends for life, excellent professional and personal skills. I joined the EPSA team as PCM member during 2010-2011 mandate and worked with a brilliant and super fun team. #EPSALove! I have been connected to EPSA in the past years as Alumna, and now as a member of AAB, I will bring my international professional advocacy perspective and network to support EPSA in its endeavours!

Diogo Piedade My name is Diogo Piedade and I am Health Economics Advisor for Medicines for Europe situated in Brussels. I started my EPSA journey by becoming an EPSA Trainer in 2014. Soon after, I became a Training Events member of the Trainers’ Board and was appointed as Training Coordinator during the 2016 Annual Congress in Helsinki. Later that year, I moved to Brussels to represent EPSA as one of EPSA’s Permanent Officers. I got a great jumpstart in my professional life thanks to EPSA and since then I have further developed my skills and knowledge base. As such, I decided that now was the time to give back and applied to join the Alumni Advisory Board. I hope to contribute to EPSA and this years’ EPSA Team with my Brussels experience and insight, supporting the expansion of EPSA’s efforts on advocacy with the EU Institutions and other relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, I intend to provide valuable input to the EPSA Team in matters related to EPSA’s work in trying to fulfil its mission “to actively engage at student and professional level, bringing pharmacy, knowledge and students together while promoting personal development.”

Patrick Jongeleen My name is Patrick Jongeleen and I’m working as a Medical Sales Representative in the Netherlands, where I graduated with my MSc in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University. Due to my involvement, I have extensive experience in youth and students’ organisations both on a national and European level. I started my EPSA career as the Dutch EPSA Liaison Secretary from 2015 to 2016. At the Annual Congress of 2016 in Helsinki, I was elected as Treasurer within the Executive and at the Annual Congress of 2017 in Kranjska Gora, I was elected as Vice President of External Relations within the Executive of EPSA. Being part of various professional teams has given me the opportunity to increase my sense of responsibility and critical thinking, as well as to increase my professionalism. Furthermore, it has given me great insight into the organisation behind EPSA. With these skills, knowledge, and experience, I hope to contribute as an Alumni Advisory Board member this upcoming year.



European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

One Year of LLeaP As the Educational Affairs Coordinator, I am very passionate and enthusiastic about every project in my portfolio, and I am very passionate when it comes to explaining how great these projects are. Out of all the projects in the Educational Affairs Coordinator’s portfolio, LLeaP has its own story to tell. The main aim of LLeaP is to nurture the lifelong learning mindset of our LLeaP Members by sharing knowledge acquired through many events, projects and activities attended. These can be organised by EPSA or EPSA Member Associations, or even by a third party, which left a very distinct and unique educational impression to our LLeaP Members. To create their lifelong learning mindset, our LLeaP Members have been filling the LLeaP Submission Forms, which serves as the tool of documenting their own lifelong learning experience. Their understanding of the topic, the applicability of the knowledge acquired, and most importantly it serves as their lifelong learning diary.

When opportunity does not knock, build a door! The duty of the Educational Affairs Coordinator in this ongoing process is to provide guidance and suggestions to our LLeaP Members and to ensure that our LLeaP Members get the most benefit out of the platform. This is by keeping in mind that everything they learn can be rewarded only if they answer the questions with specific examples and explanations. This has been the driving force that keeps LLeaP moving! However, what is happening with LLeaP now? A year after the official launch, LLeaP has more than 400 members and roughly 30 medals whose artistic designs kept our LLeaP Members motivated Around 130 submission forms are filled out and more than 50 certificates are issued, but it never would have occurred to me that LLeaP would have been such a tremendous success! However, there is a lot more to be done and this is only just the beginning! The knowledge of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences is increasing every single moment, while the new technological achievements and novel therapeutic opportunities are being implemented in the healthcare system daily. As the pharmacists of tomorrow we need to be aware of this, and be a part of the change. So, take a LLeaP of faith, and start (or continue) your lifelong learning journey! Stefan Grgić Educational Affairs Coordinator 2019/2020

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online



EPSA Science Blog Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a scientist? Have you ever had difficult questions about how drugs work? Or are you just interested in a certain topic and want to share your knowledge with others? Say no more! For all of you, young researchers and science enthusiasts, there is a place you should visit. And that is EPSA Science Blog!

Scientists say!

EPSA Science Blog is the newest addition to the science projects, where you can find all that your heart desires. Every week you will be able to find a new article in one of four sections focused on every aspect of the science world. In “Scientists say” section you will read interviews with professionals, indepth analysis and opinions of scientists, answers to your questions and behind-the-scenes articles by PhD students. For interesting news, fun side of science and thought-provoking articles you should head to the section “Did you know?”. If you want to get better in the art of writing abstracts or scientific presentation, read a report from last Science Excursion or about the research of other pharmaceutical students go to the “Let’s Science!” section of the Blog. With the changed EPSA Science! Monthly form there’s just so much that we can’t fit into the issues. For extra article elaborating on a chosen topic from the respective issue as well as the link to the connected Science! Monthly there is a special section for that too.

Did you know?

Let’s science!

EPSA Science! Monthly

But you want more, you want to share your passion, you want to let the world see and learn about stuff you live for. Even for you, there’s a place. Just click “Help us!” section on the Blog and you will find possibilities how to submit your articles. You can also use this place to leave us feedback or post a question for professionals to answer. What are you waiting for? Just head to the website of the EPSA Science Blog and start reading. And don’t forget to share the link with your like-minded friends. Let’s spread knowledge and passion for science together! Josef Kunrt Science Coordinator 2019/2020

Help us!



European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

HPV Public Health Campaign HPV, short for human papillomavirus, was covered during the Public Health Campaign at the 21st Summer University 2019 in Portorož, Slovenia. This virus influences the health of both men and women, inducing several cancers for both genders. The HPV vaccination is a safe way to decrease the chances of getting cancer through this virus. Safety studies were conducted in several countries such as Japan, Denmark and Ireland to give a few examples. All the studies showed positive results via a decrease in the occurrence of various cancers and warts. Though HPV is a hazard to health, no actual treatment exists for the disease except for cervical cancer screening. Vaccination is possible, but not yet implemented in most parts of the European Union. Both men and women can be affected by the virus and thus vaccination for both genders is recommended. Yet due to political, cultural and social influences, vaccination is only recommended for women to prevent cervical cancer. Thus gender equality and raising awareness for other illnesses such as penile cancer and genital warts needs to be highlighted. Vaccination is possible between the ages of 9 and 45. This Public Health campaign was linked to a live campaign in the city of Portorož, where the general public was informed with flyers, condoms, posters and bean bags. We hope that now, you will have a more clear look at the HPV vaccine and why it is important for both men and women to be vaccinated for this virus. Michael Vranken Public Health and Social Services Coordinator 2019/2020

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online



Science Excursion at Krka - One of the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies During the 21st EPSA Summer University in Portorož, Slovenia, participants had an opportunity to attend the EPSA Science Excursion held at the Slovenian generic pharmaceutical company - KRKA. In headquarters of Krka in Novo Mesto, students firstly went for a guided tour which included a brief history of Krka, explanation of the word facilities and different job opportunities and last, but not least, a look at the real-life production and packaging of medicines. After that, the lecture with the title “What it takes to turn ideas into progress in the generic industry” was held. Participants got to know that Krka is producing a wide range of medicines for treating the most common illnesses of our time. Its medicines are used to treat more than 45 million patients every day in over 70 markets.

Krka’s basic line of business is the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products, and animal health products. As an innovative generic pharmaceutical company, Krka has an innovation-driven development strategy, uses hi-tech scientific equipment in the production of generic and new medicinal products and conducts preclinical and clinical studies. During the tour and the lecture, the topic of advanced pharmaceutical formulations and quality control were tackled. Since the main topic of the Summer University was an interprofessional collaboration, Krka also presented to the participants how many different professions are working together in the company and how they - as one of the leading Slovenian pharmaceutical companies, continue a good collaboration and communication within a team. Between and after the tour and lecture, participants had a chance (if they didn’t run to the tables to get a taste of some delicious Slovenian food) to network with Krka pharmacists. Špela Bohinec Educational Programme Officer of 21st EPSA Summer University Reception Committee



European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

10th Anniversary of the EPSA Training Project The Training Project started in 2009 intending to provide soft skills training to pharmacy students across Europe. Seeing that EPSA could be really important vehicles for this and how important soft skills are to a complete health professional, Louise Winnecke, Vice President of Education of the mandate 2008/2009, started conceptualizing what would officially become in the following year the EPSA Training Project. Louise, together with some other Trainers, decided to participate in another associations’ Training New Trainers (TNT) event, becoming the first EPSA Trainer. She also became the first Training Coordinator in the following mandate. The Training Project has become a very important pillar for soft skills education since, gaining consistency, knowledge transfer mechanisms and great reputation amongst the interdisciplinary Training Community. Throughout the years, the EPSA Training Project maintained several partnerships with other organisations that allowed the development of the Project, namely Zero Generation (with YTA is a great, solid source of Trainers with experience training with people from other backgrounds), ESTIEM (with whom we had many TNTs and shared generations), IVSA (our Training Project is the “Godfather” of theirs, as we guided them in the beginning, shared their first TNT and mentored their first Trainers), EMSA, among others.

Sara Torgal EPSA Trainer Senior

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online



EPSA Training Coordinators Louise Winnecke Jensen (Denmark) 2009/2010

Tiia Metiäinen (Finland) 2011/2012

2010/2011 Inka Heikkinen (Finland)

Monica Luca (Romania) 2013/2014

2012/2013 Sandra Hočevar (Slovenia)

My very first contact with the EPSA Training Project was true love at first sight. For 10 years already, EPSA is advocating and Training our students on soft skills. Being a Trainer changed my life, and now that we are entering in a second decade I am more than passionate to see the further impact and innovative approach.

Marko Ocokoljić Vice President of Education 2019/2020

Sara Torgal (Portugal) 2015/2016

2014/2015 Ognjen Jakasanovski (Macedonia)

Bernardo Marinheiro (Portugal) 2017/2019

2016/2017 Diogo Piedade (Portugal)

2019/2020 Ana Ivanuša (Slovenia)



European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

11th EPSA Science Day Winners Josef Kunrt “Evaluation of various Topoisomerase II inhibitors with regard to ANT-induced DNA damage” 1. Please, tell us a little bit more about yourself. My name is Josef Kunrt and I am currently studying the fifth year at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralové, Charles University, Czech Republic. My journey with this research started during my third year of studies and I’ve been involved in it since then. 2.Tell us a bit more about your research and its significance. I am part of the Molecular and Cellular Toxicology Group, more specifically in one of its research branches focused on anticancer drug-induced cardiotoxicity and cardioprotection. Anthracyclines are widely known for damaging cardiac muscle as one of its side effects. One possible mechanism of action is through poisoning myocardial specific variant of enzyme topoisomerase II and introducing double-stranded breaks to DNA, thus damaging the cells. Cardioprotective drugs might work through inhibiting this enzyme and preventing the damage. Therefore, my goals were to assess the DNA damage and to find out if selected TOP II inhibitors influence anthracycline-induced DNA damage in HL60 leukemic cells. The long game of this research is to find new drugs to prevent cardiotoxicity of anthracyclines in cancer patients. 3. In your opinion, what is the benefit of participating in the EPSA Science Day and what advice do you have for students undertaking research in the future? EPSA Science Day is an amazing opportunity to show other students your research, why it matters and get the much-needed feedback by the jury consisted of professionals in the field of pharmaceutical science. In the process you will gain more knowledge about making presentations, presenting scientific research and other soft-skills crucial for researchers. I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in participating next Josef Kunrt 11th EPSA Science Day Oral Presentation Winner

Adam Majcher “Total synthesis and study of human 6-hydroxyceramides in model lipid membranes” 1. Please, tell us a little bit more about yourself. My name is Adam Majcher and I am a fifth-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University, Czech Republic. Besides my studies, I am a member of Skin Barrier Research Group under the supervision of Professor Katerina Vavrova PharmD, PhD. I started conducting my research project in 2016 as an undergraduate student. In regards to EPA, I am currently actively engaged as EPSA trainer. 2.Tell us a bit more about your research and its significance. Our research group is focusing on studying biophysics and synthesis of molecules naturally occurring in the stratum corneum, a part of human skin, and studies its functions. My work is focused on the synthesis and biophysical evaluation of one very specific family of ceramides called H-Ceramides. Although their function or biosynthesis is unknown, various studies showed a relationship between lower concentrations of H-Cer and illnesses such as atopic dermatitis. Unfortunately, these very specific molecules are not commercially available. Therefore, the aims of my work were exploring 3. In your opinion, what is the benefit of participating in the EPSA Science Day and what advice do you have for students undertaking research in the future? I would definitely recommend to anybody who is conducting any research project. It is a great opportunity to show the world the importance of your research, and science in general. Additionally, it is an opportunity for young scientists/students to evaluate the soft skills necessary for a successful project. Finally, there is never enough evaluation and thinking about the purpose and importance of your work. Adam Majcher 11th EPSA Science Day Poster Presentation Winner

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online



What is new in EPSA? Symposium: Powered by Young Professionals During the 42nd EPSA Annual Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria, EPSA gave an opportunity to young pharmacists and students to take a lead during the symposium and share their achievements, experiences and thoughts on various fields. We had three amazing students at our symposium, from Portugal, Norway and Czech Republic presenting their research to 300 students all over Europe. Furthermore, they had a chance to contribute to a panel discussion and showcase to their colleagues that students do have extensive knowledge of various healthcare matters and further they expressed their opinions on current happenings. Symposium: Powered by Young Professionals is an opportunity for young students researchers, PhD students to share their experiences and motivate other students to continuously educate themselves and be confident and willing to share this knowledge with others. Furthermore, this opportunity will be given to the participants of the next EPSA Autumn Assembly in Poreč, Croatia, and EPSA Annual Congress in Lyon, France. Therefore, do not hesitate to step out of the comfort zone and grow! Just follow our social media channels,

RxEPSA I believe that 2019 is a year full of innovations for EPSA since we reintroduced several projects and activities. Here, the RxEPSA is listed as well. This activity happened during the 42nd EPSA Annual Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria. EPSA Members had a chance to apply and share their personal stories and challenges they faced throughout their lives. With seven various stories, participants had a chance to outline how everyone has battles to fight. The stories were delivered on topics such as living with an HIV and an impact it has on one’s life and the impact of sports on childhood. Participants mentioned how EPSA succeeded to change the life of a single person. One of the stories also covered the impact of moving to another country for the sake of studies and the impact racism can have on one’s life. The overall outcome was very inspiring and motivational, by showcasing how strong and confident people can be. Therefore, if you are willing to be part of RxEPSA, you can either apply to share a story or listen to a story. Follow EPSA social media channels and be sure to not miss the registration forms for the 43rd EPSA Annual Congress in Lyon, France.

Marko Ocokoljić Vice President of Education 2019/2020



European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Guardians of the Elements - The 14th Generation of EPSA Trainers Training New Trainers (TNT) is an EPSA Event focused on finding and educating future EPSA Soft Skills Trainers. It is challenging, not just for the trainers delivering them but also for the participants future trainers. The topics discussed during the TNT challenge both trainers and participants to think in a completely new way and outside of the box. The latest EPSA TNT was held in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. Through the event, EPSA gained 15 amazingly motivated Trainers, who already started delivering and sharing their newly gained knowledge. The motivation and passion for trainings, sharing knowledge and changing mindset of pharmaceutical students across Europe are in the definition of the 14th EPSA Trainers Generation. The Guardians of the Elements, as they call their generation, overcame every obstacle during the TNT and grew into amazing Trainers. Ana Ivanuša EPSA Training Coordinator 2019/2020

“In 10 days my life changed. I discovered a new amazing family which taught me that everything is possible if you unleash your creativity and never stop believing in yourself.”

Andreea Iordache EPSA Trainer Candidate

“Being surrounded by 14 fellow Trainees and 4 Trainers boosted my creativity and passion. This event is only the beginning. I cannot wait to deliver soft skills trainings with these marvellous co-Trainers/family.”

Claudia van Lier EPSA Trainer Candidate

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online



Educational Outcomes Competition

As I had a hard time choosing between the different workshops and trainings during the registration period, the Educational Outcomes were the ideal way to add value and contribute to the Educational Booklet. This way I tried to give others insight into what the workshops were like. Kassandra Devos VFSO, Belgium

EPSA events can be a little crazy – so many new experiences, friends and so much knowledge. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to absorb it all. By sharing the educational outcomes, not only does it become easier to digest everything you have learnt, but it also allows your peers to see what you get up to and how awesome EPSA congresses are.

Sally Sosnicka BPSA, The United Kingdom As I always take notes of sessions I attend, I decided to send them all in to help EPSA complete the outcomes. At an EPSA event, it is impossible to attend all the sessions, therefore the Educational Outcomes booklet is a great way to share the knowledge that was delivered during the educational program! Clara Mayunga K.N.P.S.V., The Netherlands

Educational Outcomes Booklet After each event, EPSA publishes an Educational Outcomes Booklet to share the knowledge gained during the event with the public. Students that were not able to attend the event will learn about the topics discussed there and students that have attended the event will learn about the parallel sessions they were unable to attend. The booklet is also shared with external parties interested in EPSA’s activities and the educational programme we have organised. The booklet is shared through the EPSA website and with all Liaison Secretaries to distribute among the students. It is also shared upon request, so if you are interested in receiving it, contact the EPSA Vice President of Education via email vp.education@epsa-onlie.org.


External Relations

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

External Relations


The European Medical Students’ Association The European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation representing medical students from more than 30 European countries. EMSA empowers medical students by advocating within the European Medical Organisations in Brussels. The organisation is recognized by and collaborates with the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the United Nations. EMSA is, differently to other organisations such as EPSA, organised in a Faculty Member Organisation (FMO) system with more than 110 full members. This means that various faculties from across Europe can join the association and receive individual voting rights in the general assembly. The idea behind this system is to bridge the gap between the local and European levels of advocacy. A big focus of EMSA lies in its local, national, and international projects, which are regrouped in six thematic pillars: Medical Education, Medical Ethics and Human Rights, Health Policy, Public Health, Medical Science, and European Integration and Culture. Each pillar is headed by a director that coordinates its efforts in all member countries and organises the socalled pillar sessions during EMSA assemblies, which take place twice a year and regroup more than 250 motivated medical students for thematic discussions, project fairs, workshops, trainings, and high-level symposia on current topics of relevance in Europe. In the heart of Europe, Brussels, EMSA is represented with two full-time interns at the Standing Committee of European Doctors and the European Union of Medical Specialists, allowing the association to take part in various stakeholder meetings and make the voice of its members heard to Europe’s decision-makers. EMSA is a member of the European Healthcare Students Associations Summit (EHSAS) along with EPSA, the European Dental Students Association (EDSA), and the European Federation of Psychology Students Associations (EFPSA). This platform provides a forum for discussion and planning of joint projects involving the main organisations representing healthcare students in Europe. In June 2018, EHSAS organised a policy event in the European Parliament on the topic of Interprofessional Education with more than 100 participants. In January the group met in Brussels to discuss the next steps in the collaboration, which include the organisation of a follow-up policy event in 2020, as well as the gathering of best practices of Interprofessional Education. EMSA has a multitude of opportunities for EPSA members to get involved, such as: Interprofessional twinning exchanges between EPSA and EMSA: a short exchange to get to know the curricula and student life of your future healthcare colleagues; possibilities to get involved in the joint Student Taskforce for the conference of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE); involvement in the Student Task Force of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM) with their next meeting happening in Milan in 2020. Be on the lookout for more information regarding your involvement in EMSA and EHSAS. Together we can create an interprofessional network that will positively shape the future of healthcare collaboration. Find more information on EMSA here: https://emsa-europe.eu/

Julian Liebaert

EMSA European Institutions Liaison Officer


External Relations

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

About Mentoring Project If we were to define “Mentoring”, it would be “a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person”. Its origins are surprisingly old and the first time we have heard about this word was in Homer’s Odyssey, where goddess Athena takes on the appearance of an old man in order to guide young Telemachus in his time of difficulty. As the years have gone by, people started to realise the importance of this act and implemented it in their companies, with tremendous results. Employees can now count on a person to guide them, answer their questions and be there for them in times of mental crisis or lack of inspiration. People realised that in this modern age, with the fast and continuous development, they couldn’t just know it all, like Newton or Pythagoras. Nowadays it is hard to understand everything that is happening around us unless we are 24/7 connected with all current news and discoveries. Taking all of this into consideration, people realised that they need help and who could help you more than someone who has already been in your shoes, gathered experience and knowledge and succeeded in the field where you also want to succeed. EPSA understands the need for a mentor in a young pharmaceutical students’ life. I assume you all have been (or still are) at that point in life when you don’t really know what you want your life to look like after you graduate. In most cases, the pharmacy school fails to provide us with the necessary career guidance that might help us access our desired field in the pharmaceutical sector. In some cases, it also fails to even mention us all the career opportunities that we might have. This is why EPSA created the Mentoring Project for the pharmaceutical students that we represent. The aim of this project is to provide career guidance for pharmaceutical students, through a 6-month opportunity of having a mentor in your field of interest. The Mentor will provide you with advice, support, ideas and will overall help you get a clearer vision of the pharmaceutical sector. Also, he/she will constantly give you feedback to help you realise which skills and further education will be needed for you to become a competitive professional. Alongside this, the Mentoring Project comes with an intrinsic educational programme, which consists of activities such as Chats with Professionals for mentees, Case Studies, Challenges or Competitions that will foster the professional and personal development of the mentees. Furthermore, this project offers a substantial networking opportunity, throughout a group of mentees who have a lot of things in common, the most important one having the desire to become successful professionals. To briefly conclude, this project offers you a mix of valuable assets that will boost your knowledge, understanding and problem solving Ciprian Alexandru Chiriță

Professional Affairs Coordinator 2019/2020

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

External Relations


EPSA Individual Mobility Project - the first step towards professional career Have you ever been considering applying for an IMP placement? Just do it. - I did. I am grateful to my past self for that one winter evening when I told myself: “It doesn’t hurt to try”. So I applied. At that time, I was also involved in the EPSA Mentoring Project as a mentee, an amazing platform connecting pharmacy students and professionals, motivating them to be proactive and broadening their knowledge on the whole pharmacy world. Whether you are determined to dive into a specific topic or have no idea what you would like to do after graduation, the project allows students to explore many possible paths for their development and can help with the start of their careers. Without any doubt, that’s what Mentoring project, and after IMP, did for me. Time passed by and I received an email for a video interview invitation. Recording video responses to the IMP Coordinator’s questions was the most stressful part of the whole application process, but it was very helpful in preparation for the next step – an online interview with two Fresenius Kabi employees, during which – without any time constraints I could explain my background and motivation, as well as get to know the history of the company and its collaboration with EPSA. Two months after the interview the life-changing experience began. From the very beginning of the internship, I was involved in diverse projects and activities, where pharmaceutical background and knowledge is highly appreciated. This way I could contribute to the development of Fresenius Kabi products, an increase in the quality of hospital pharmacists’ work, and eventually – and most importantly improvement of patient care. IMP gives the opportunity not only for professional but also for personal growth. Moving abroad on my own, joining the multi-cultural team and working full-time in a foreign language might have seemed both scary and exciting at the beginning of this journey, but the support I have been receiving from my supervisor is priceless. Being an intern in the pharmaceutical industry requires a high degree of personal responsibility, however, it is rewarded with the possibility of advancing your knowledge and building valuable practical experience on what we learn at the university. Give yourself this chance! Zuzanna Deszcz

EPSA IMP Trainee in Fresenius Kabi

Individual Mobility Project The EPSA Individual Mobility Project exists to bridge a gap between pharmacy students/recent graduates and companies/ institutions, with a mission to provide new career opportunities. Check out the latest career opportunities here!


External Relations

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Young Healthcare Professionals – knowledge and attitudes towards vaccination In the current European landscape of vaccination, we have been facing declining coverage, problems with supply shortages and growing vaccine hesitancy. Those issues are manifested in numerous avoidable measles outbreaks amongst children and undermined influenza vaccination rates have sunk below the agreed objective of 75% for the elderly. We can inevitably see the importance of delivering such training to students as future healthcare professionals who are soon to meet the challenges of the dynamic healthcare systems in Europe. Therefore in 2018, EPSA and MSD Vaccines started collaborating to emphasise the important role of pharmacists in vaccination to increase medicines access and coverage across Europe as well as trust in them. With this strategic alliance, EPSA aims to equip pharmaceutical students with the much-needed tools and provide them with evidencebased knowledge on new developments in the field of vaccination to ultimately increase awareness and availability. Community pharmacists are one of the most accessible healthcare professionals. As of 2016, it was estimated that 46 million European citizens visit pharmacies daily, which represents almost 10% of people living in the European Union (EU). Community pharmacists face a great number of patients daily - among others also the healthy population that would normally not encounter a doctor, thus also being involved in self-care of the general public. That being said, EPSA wants to inform the students to be better aware of the nature of hesitant populations’ concerns and be ready to inform, educate and advocate on the benefits of vaccination. To achieve such goals, EPSA and MSD have arranged various initiatives such as workshops, panel discussions, surveys, public health campaigns to be carried out and topic-related webinars. Have a look at the next pages on the results of the research done so far!

Keynotes from the Interprofessional Panel Discussion The interprofessional panel discussion took place during 21st EPSA Summer University on the topic “Creating a sustainable ecosystem for vaccination through interprofessional collaboration: What is the role of the pharmacist?” The outcomes of the panel were obtained thanks to input provided by 4 speakers – assist. prof. Nena Kopčavar Guček, MD; Andreja Čufar, MPharm, PhD; Era Gruda, Pharmaceutical Student and Jaka Šikonja, Medical Student.

“Across Europe, the furthering of the pharmacists’ role in immunisation has triggered conflict with doctors, arguing it is not pharmacists’ competence.”

“During the panel discussion, it became clear that students provide an excellent opportunity to foster and further enhance future interprofessional collaboration, as they have great willingness to share knowledge and skills between each other to ensure, among other healthcare challenges, greater vaccine uptake across Europe.”

“Students are a great beginning

point for interprofessional education that develops into interprofessional collaboration. European countries should share their national plans and best practices in order to increase vaccination rates.”

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

External Relations


Keynotes from the Interprofessional Panel Discussion In order to measure the knowledge and attitudes of pharmaceutical students towards vaccination, at the beginning of 2019 EPSA and MSD have launched an online questionnaire. A total of 501 EPSA Members completed the online survey on vaccination. The obtained data were divided into two groups according to the country of residence of pharmaceutical students: Eastern European Students (EES) and Western European Students. 31% (156) of respondents were from eastern European countries and 69% (365) were from western European countries.

9.78% Reimbursement and funding of vaccines/ vaccination programme

3.57% AMR and Vaccination

Figure 2. The least represented topics related to the vaccination and immunisation in the faculties curricula.





Figure 1. Response rates of students from Eastern European Countries (EEC) and Western European Countries (WEC).

The most represented topics related to the vaccination and immunisation in the faculties curricula were epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases (394, 78.64%) and vaccine mechanisms of action and composition (392, 78.25%), while the topics were reimbursement and funding of vaccines/vaccination programme (49, 9.78%) and AMR and vaccination (68, 3.57%), according to the respondents, were the least represented in the faculties curricula.

Figure 3. Eastern European Countries (EEC) and Western European Countries (WEC) students’ opinion on what vaccination-related role pharmacists’ should have in their countries.


The identified knowledge gaps and strong preference from pharmaceutical students to be an integral part of delivering vaccination programmes imply recommendations to introduce extensive specialised immunisation training in the Pharmaceutical Curricula across Europe. As future healthcare professionals and healthcare policy leaders, students are key in enlarging the role of pharmacists in vaccination services.

References: 1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6024996/ 2. An overview of current pharmacy impact on immunisation. A global report 2016, FIP.


External Relations

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

EPSA External Representation: A focus on collaboration 33rd EFPSA Congress in Grenaa, Denmark, 7th - 14th of April 2019 The EFPSA (European Federation of Psychology Students’ Association) Congress is the largest EFPSA Event, organised and hosted by students on behalf of EFPSA, gathering over 350 psychology students from 33 European countries/regions. The theme of the 33rd edition of Congress is ‘A Search For Happiness’. It was beneficial for EPSA to be present at the EFPSA Congress and observe the different structure and ways of functioning our partner students’ association has! I believe there are many joint possibilities which EPSA can explore together with psychology students such as work on Public Health Initiatives – a field which is very developed in EFPSA. Through our attendance, we will work to bring those topics closer to EPSA members next year.

European Youth Forum Council of Members, in Brussels, Belgium 12th - 13th of April 2019 The Council of Members of the European Youth Forum defines the policies, vision and direction of the platform, based on the guidelines set by the General Assembly. It is a space for exchange, cooperation and networking amongst the different members of the Youth Forum. EPSA was present at the Council of Members that gathered over 100 members and had the opportunity to network with them and discuss common advocacy topics, educational points of view and ideas for the development of youth in Europe.

65th IPSF Congress in Kigali, Rwanda 30th of July - 8th of August 2019 EPSA was present at the 65th International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) Congress in Kigali, Rwanda. During the event, EPSA had the opportunity to take an active role in the IPSF General Assemblies and represent the interests of European Pharmaceutical Students, deliver a workshop on topic “Professional Development: traditional and innovative approach” and participate in the great educational programme.

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

External Relations


60th GIRP Annual Meeting and Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, 26th – 28th of May 2019 The European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP) has been a long-time partner of EPSA and once again granted us with a spot at their Annual Meeting and Conference. This gave EPSA a first-hand insight into supply chain’s development with new digital technologies, making sure the medicine is delivered at the right amount, place and time - from the production site to a pharmacy.

EIPG Symposium and General Assembly in Budapest, Hungary, 24th-26th of May 2019

All members of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG) are called to a General Assembly at least once a year, in one of the member countries chosen by the Bureau. Each Full Member sends a delegation consisting of up to three people. The General Assembly decides on the Annual Report and the accounts for the financial year, future EIPG strategy or policy, the amount of annual fees, terms and conditions for reimbursing expenses incurred by members, new membership applications, and the appointment or reappointment of members of the Bureau. During the EIPG (European Industrial Pharmacists Group) Symposium, EPSA was awarded the Presidential Award for our contribution and worthwhile collaboration. We presented recent EPSA developments during the General Assembly to members of the Bureau and EIPG partners. Additionally, we could in future present EPSA members‘ opinion in Working Groups which focus on the presence of industry subjects in Curriculum. Results of those discussions will be valued content for EIPG advocacy work.

55th AESGP Annual Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, 4th -6th of June 2019 The AESGP Annual Meeting is an international conference on the consumer healthcare industry established by the AESGP (Association of the European Self-Medication Industry). It is organised every year in order to bring together stakeholders from the consumer health industry, partner organisations, and policymakers, as well as to provide others with the opportunity to meet professionals from the industry and engage in discussions with healthcare stakeholders and policymakers. By being present at this meeting, EPSA met and connected with the highlevel professionals and gained insight into the new developments and freshly established goals of self-medication industry. Once more, word on EPSA has been spread among leaders and policymakers from the consumer health industry.


Internal Affairs

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Map of Europe 1. Every January AFÖP invites all international students to the Ball of Pharmacy. For a whole weekend we show pharmaceutical students the best of the Austrian culture: ice skating in front of the town hall, traditional Austrian dinner, waltz dancing lessons and feeling like royalty in the Imperial Hofburg Palace – this is a once in a lifetime experience. AFÖP, Austria

3. During April 2019, NECiFarm, an APEF Member from Algarve, held the “7th Mitosis: Science to the South”. This project gives future university students an opportunity to do a scientific internship at the University Research Center. The ultimate goal of this project is to promote interest in science among young students. APEF, Portugal

2. At the end of September, ANEPF had its first General Assembly of the new academic year in Reims, bringing together about 400 students, the opportunity to train the local associations in the performance of their duties for their mandate. We also trained our local LSs in their new missions and helped them prepare their Twinnets and other international activities. Finally, in terms of advocacy, ANEPF has started working with French instances and government on e-health and digitalisation in the pharmaceutical sector. ANEPF, France

4. asep continued its health campaign, pitting drug abuse in the center of the campaign during the summer. In addition, at the beginning of September, a weekend with a walk in the mountains will be organised in order to get the students of the different universities to know each other and to promote the different goals of asep. asep, Switzerland

5. BPhD Germany‘s good practice is to represent the students at their local pharmacy chambers as well as at the national level. Therefore our representatives travel to many general assemblies and meet with the stakeholders. One of our recent and most significant achievements has been our “PharmaWeekend”, which is very similar to the summer university: a continuous educational event taking place on one weekend and investigating a special healthcare topic. This year‘s topic was vaccinations and was greatly appreciated by the full event BPhD, Germany

8. CPSA won the Rector’s Award for our newly founded Facebook page and web portal Recipe. “Recipe” has been CPSA’s printed publication for many years, but with the introduction of new platforms and the articles written on a weekly basis, it now reaches a wider audience. In June CPSA celebrated its 25th birthday. CPSA, Croatia

9. Out of CzPSA‘s numerous successful (inter)national projects, the most recent one has been the 9-day Training new Trainers involving 14 participants from all around Europe. Accordingly, to the four experienced soft-skill trainers, the topic of this fun & educational event in Hradec Králové that took place from 26th of July until 3rd of August were The Four elements – water, earth, wind and fire. CzPSA, Czech Republic

11. We organised a Trainers on Tour in May. EPSA Trainers, David and Stefan, delivered three trainings for our students. We also co-organised an all-day seminar on Pharmacy Management entitled “Think differently, start today”. Finally, in collaboration with Athens Dental Students’ Association (ADSA) we held our second annual “Dental Run”, a themed run for dental hygiene. GPSF, Greece

6. At the beginning of last university year we participated in a Twinnet with SPSA Slovakia. We also organised Paediatric academy and Gastro academy and were part of AIDS Awareness Campaign together with AMSB (Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria). BPhSa, Bulgaria

7. BPSA conducted a survey and published a response to the GPhC’s consultation on changes to MPharm education in the UK, creating our stance and representing our members’ views. Business into Practice was a successful pilot conference; it gave students the opportunity to learn more about the business side of pharmacy. BPSA, The United Kingdom

10. Each summer, FASFR welcomes its students to InterPractis+. Derived from a classic exchange concept, the idea behind this project is to provide participants with the opportunity to do their 2 weeks of practice in a different academic center. InterPractis+ covers fields such as Clinical or Hospital Pharmacy, Industry and even Research. This project strongly impacts the personal and professional development of future pharmacists and benefits from continuous positive feedback. FASFR, Romania

12. K.N.P.S.V. the Netherlands is organizing a Twinnet with VFSO Belgium in October. At the beginning of October, the Belgian students are visiting Utrecht. And at the end of October, we are travelling to Antwerp to see what the Belgian culture is like. We are really looking forward to it! K.N.P.S.V., The Netherlands

www.epsa-online.org | @EPSA_Online

Internal Affairs

13. Every spring NAPSer team organizes an event called “NAPSer picnic”. This year, the event took place on the riverside of Danube during May. Founders of association along with present members were there to spend some time together and have fun. After the picnic, we were all motivated to improve ourselves and with that also our family called NAPSer. For the second time, NAPSer had the privilege to organize an interprofessional Twinnet. This time our partner was Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The Twinnet was a perfect opportunity for us to meet foreign medical students and to exchange knowledge. During 5 days many lifetime friendships were made and students could realise how important an interprofessional collaboration is for all healthcare students. NAPSer, Serbia

17 16

15. SPSA Slovakia organizes Carrier days of pharmacists during the week of pharmaceutical education in March. The main domains are the educational symposium and the exhibition of pharmaceutical companies. Our new project is called “Drop full of information” and it’s aims are gaining practical skills in the field of biochemical measurements and raising awareness amongst students about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. SPSA, Slovakia

16. SOP participated in Twinnet after many years. The students had a great experience visiting Porto in April, and we are excited to host the Portuguese students in September. SOP, Denmark

10. This spring SSFB Romania started the fight with smoking through the campaign TobacControl. We organized an open conference at our university, we held presentations about the bad effects of tobacco in schools and we went to the center of Bucharest to test people’s level of intoxication with CO2. We had the honour to take part in the ‘Global Forum on Human Rights and a Tobacco-Free World’ as volunteers, but the biggest accomplishment was to reach thousands of people with our short video isplayed in the most crowded metro station from Bucharest. “Be smart, don’t start!” SSFB, Romania

3. UBIPharma has been organizing its first Twinnet. Our students are going to travel to Marseille in the first week of September and we are going to receive the french students the week after. We are highly motivated for this experience and we hope to learn and have a lot of fun with our Twinnet‘s partner. UBIPharma, Portugal

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14. This summer, from the 10th until the 14th of July, PPSA Poland had the pleasure to be the host of EuRS (1st European Regional Symposium of IPSF). This international event took place in our capital city – Warsaw. Now we’re awaiting our biggest event on the national level - the National Congress which will happen between the 19th and 22nd of September in Poznań. PPSA, Poland



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17. TÜRS hosted the 4th Baltic Pharmaceutical Students’ Seminar (BPSS) on the 18 and19th of May. As in previous years, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish students gathered to exchange ideas, network and have fun! See you all next year in Latvia for the 5th BPSS! TÜRS, Estonia

9. Plastic ocean - The screening of the film in cooperation with the Greenpeace Czech Republic was accessible not only to our students but to all those who are interested in the environment. Antibiotic day - an awareness campaign to raise public awareness of the risks of frequent use of antibiotics.Mobility d ays - this year we also presented the possibility for students of going abroad, such as SEP (students exchange program), Erasmus and Twinnet. There was a presentation about EPSAs Autumn Assembly, Annual Reception, Annual Congress, Summer University, etc. Day BENU - this day was full .of lectures and workshops organized by BENU (chain of pharmacies). Students gained a lot of knowledge and tried out how to communicate correctly with the patients. USF, Czech Republic

18. In March, VFSO Belgium celebrated its 5-year existence by organising a gala night for all Flemish pharmacy students. We also organised the 3rd edition of the Pharma Career Day, where all questions from pharmacy students regarding future prospects were answered. Coming up? Two Twinnets between Ghent-Belgrade and Antwerp-Utrecht this fall!. VFSO, Belgium

19. Apart from the successful EPSA Summer University in Portorož, ŠSSFD has also organized a Twinnet exchange with students from Besançon, France this spring. At the beginning of April, we have held two weeks of soft skills trainings, as part of the EPSA Training week initiative. At the moment we are working on the jubilee 80th edition of our own students’ publication named Špatula and for this special anniversary, we would like to have it as much internationally oriented as possible. ŠSSFD. Slovenia


European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

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