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For those of you who are not familiar with this

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4 Identifying novel naturallyoccurring chemical scaffolds as potential inhibitors of Poly(ADPribose) polymerase (PARP)

6 Synthesis and characterization of chloroquine click derivatives with potential antimalarial activity

8 Overview on Targeted Drug Delivery In Treatment of Brain Tumour

12 Pharmacists And Patients Perceptions Over Deprescribing In Albania

14 Pleiotrophin And Midkine As Biomarkers And Possible Drug Targets In Dementias

Dear readers,

In front of you is the newest EPSA Students’ Scientific Publication of this academic year – Volume 8bEdition 1. For those of you who are not familiar with this project, ESSP allows students to publish their research abstract, improve their writing skils and get feedback by professionals from the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) who review each abstract.

I am very happy to present you five abstracts from various fields of pharmaceutical sciences. By reading the abstracts, you can see how amazing research projects are doing students around Europe. It was a great pleasure to collaborate with such talented students who are brave enough to submit their abstracts. Thank you very much, I have learned a lot by reading your abstracts.

I want to thank EUFEPS for their collaboration and the hard work they have put into this edition, supporting this project and setting it on a high professional level. Also I would like to thank the EPSA Team especially to the Public Relations Department and the Educational Departmen for the hard work, effort and everything they have done to make this ESSP edition possible and great as it is.

Yours in science,

Ognjen Ivetić, Science Coordinator 2020/2021

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