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EP Area Chairman Dear Tablers & Legs A lot has happened in the last 3 and a half months since our July conference hosted by Cradock 37. I have been very busy travelling and learning through these travels how different areas operate. I had the privilege to attend the following Round Table functions since our Winter Conference: - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd ASSCO Meeting hosted by Kirkwood 78 KZN Tri Area at Hebron Haven Hotel CVC Weekend hosted by Adelaide 194 Tri Area for STNOFS; Free State & Northern Cape at Tava Lingwe Game Lodge between Parys & Viljoenskroon. BMG 2019 – Bushveld; Mpumalanga & Gauteng Tri Area at Jubaweni Game Farm WP Area Conference hosted by Tableview 246 in Cape Town. Cradock 37 Official Visit PE West 142 Official Visit Grahamstown 11 Official Visit Port Alfred 177 Official Visit Adelaide 194 Special Meeting Grahamstown 11 Golf Day

I would like to thank all the special tablers and legs that accompanied me on these trips. Lots of fun was had and many memories was made. EP Area is currently generally in a good position. Concerns has been raised on an Exec level that the future for some clubs do not look so promising and we are busy putting plans in place to assist these clubs so that we avoid closing any more clubs in the future at all costs.


EP Area Chairman Our President, Alan Malan, and our Association Secretary, Wayne Stevenson, is still representing EP Area very well on the ARTSA Exec. We are extremely proud of them and all their achievements to date. Working through the articles submitted to our Trunk Tales Editor, Pienaar Allers, and Facebook it is noted that many clubs is making an impactful change to their communities and I applaud you for making a difference in your local community. Having been to many functions where ARTSA Vice President, Christo Bezuidenhout, addressed the meeting it is important that we keep on inspiring our tablers to become better. Better husbands, better fathers & better tablers. It is only very important that we need to respect our ladies so that the example we show is the correct one we want our children to follow. Stefan Grobler, running for ARTSA Vice President, could unfortunately not make our Spring conference as he already committed to attend the Round Table Theatre show in Pretoria. Stefan has been all over ARTSA promoting himself for the VP position. I believe he holds on the values and that he has the correct positive outlook for Round Table. He will be an excellent choice for ARTSA VP. Please follow Stefan through his campaign and if you also feel he is the right candidate please support him.


EP Area Chairman During this period, I also unfortunately lost my mom very unexpectedly. Thank you very much for all the message; phone calls and support shown. The Round Table family is very big, and I am proud to be part of it. To my council for continuing with your good work I thank you. You are a great bunch of guys and I could not have asked for a better council. Then to my family. They have not seen me often the last 3 months. If it was not for my Round Table trips, then it is business travelling. Ansie, thank you for continuing to make sure that our kids or sorted every day. I am truly grateful for all your sacrifices. Before we look again it is Xmas and the Induction Dinner circuit. Enjoy every day in table and make it count. See you soon on a Round Table function somewhere. YIT Marinus Rautenbach EP Area Chairman – 2019/20 Proud Algoa 108 Member



EP Vice Chairman Mr Area Chairman, Fellow Tablers and Table Legs What an honour it has been to serve this great Area as the Vice Chairman to date. I have been privileged to learn and work with an exec with a lot of table experience in years and portfolios held on Area level. Thank you, for helping me and also opening new doors of table that I would have missed out on. I was told that it would not be easy and they were right, it’s not easy. From all the travelling to getting all the relevant information from the Area to give feedback and report on. If I look back and listen to the Vice Chairman’s before me it looks like this is what they struggled with as well. So, no it’s not something special for me. Apart from all the “gatlek” and not so nice stuff there were some special moments in the year. In my previous report I mentioned that we need to travel to experience the real value of table. Well I tried to do it myself and with the help of our Area Chairman’s push at the right time I have attended quite a few out of Area conferences to date. I accompanied the Area Chairman to Hebron Haven for the KZN Tri-Area at the end of July. Myself, Marinus and Simon travelled by car and we met up with the National President Alan Malan and National Secretary Wayne & Liza Stevenson along the road.


EP Vice Chairman Mr Bhavesh Tikham met us at Hebron Haven. The road trip was special and a long drive from PE to Hebron Haven. The Friday night was all out fellowship with new and old friends. We attended all the meetings the next day for a welcome snack/drink and to listen to a few of the points raised in the respective Areas. The Saturday night was a great evening again and we left very early Sunday morning to get back home. The second out of Area conference that I attended was the BMG that was held at Jubaweni Game Farm at the end of September. Again, Eastern province was represented well at the conference with the following attending the weekend: National President Alan Malan,National Secretary Wayne and Liza Stevenson Area Chairman Marinus and Ansie Rautenbach ,Area Vice Chairman Johan and Vanessa Bruwer, Algoa 108 Chairman Simon and Rene Ward It was a fun weekend and the trip from the airport to Jubaweni took us more or less the same time as what it did to drive from PE to Hebron Haven. At the end it is about fellowship and along the road we had great fun with tablers that met from the Bushveld Area. The Friday night we had a good night with all the tablers that attended. By now most of the faces have become friends and I believe that is one of the small benefits of travelling. The Saturday we attended the opening meeting and also the different meetings that was held per Area.


EP Vice Chairman

The meetings ended just in time for us to watch the South African World Cup game. Saturday night we were treated again with a good party and we had to leave early the next morning. Kirkwood 78 had the privileged to host the 2nd ASSCO from 16-18 August. With the help of the Area Chairman Marinus Rautenbach, Kirkwood was able to host one of the best and most affordable ASSCO’s to date. It was an honour for us to host the 2nd ASSCO. The weekend was held at the Lookout and everything except the ladies tour took place at the venue. This allowed the Kirkwood tablers the opportunity to meet people from all over South Africa and Namibia. What a great weekend of fellowship it was for Kirkwood 78. Again I would like to make mention of Marinus Rautenbach who made this weekend possible and affordable for all the ASSCO members who attended. Marinus jy bly ‘n yster. So gepraat van yster - We had our EP Winter Conference in Cradock from 1214 July that was held at Derosie Lodge outside Cradock. Who else than Paul “YSTER” Maré to convene the conference? The conference was well attended with tablers from the Area and a special mention of our guests from National level: President – Alan Malan Vice President – Christo and Tes-Mari Bezuidenhout Secretary – Wayne and Liza Stevenson Thanks to Cradock 37 who hosted the event and made the Winter Conference worth while for all that attended. I think the fellowship between the tables in the area are getting stronger and stronger and you convened the perfect conference for the people to enjoy. Now that the conference is behind us I know you will focus on the membership challenge that I gave Cradock 37.


EP Vice Chairman

Next up was the CVC that was held in Adelaide from 6-8 September. This event was planned on the calender to be a day meeting only, but Adelaide 194 had other plans. They wanted a weekend of fellowship and that’s what they planned. They hosted tablers from the Friday to the Sunday. The bar is set for the next town to host a CVC.It was my first meeting that I had to run and apart from a few “bucket” breaks that I had to allow for myself I think we had a very good and constructive meeting. A few issues were raised and I believe they will be addressed at the Spring Conference.Thanks again Adelaide 194

We started the year at 89 members and to date we are on 102 members including the honorary members. With the current membership we will end the year with 91 members for the Area. I would like to thank all the members for what they are doing in the Eastern Province Area. You are really making a difference and giving Round Table the mileage that we need. Thanks for all the effort with all your projects to date. I am looking forward to the last part of our year and will carry on serving you the best I can. Looking forward to some great fellowship at the Spring Conference in Humansdorp. Yours in Table Johan Cheetah Bruwer EP Area Vice Chairman


EP Area Treasurer Pienaar, our Trunktales editor, is always on one's case for a report. Not sure whether he is more persistent with articles or reports, but be it as it may it is much easier to draft a report or article and send it through than to be on the receiving end of his disappointed expression as if you accidentally set his beard alight. In general, the finances of our tables look healthy with some very lucrative projects coming through. I am very impressed with the professionalism and detail of the reports and special thanks to Jacques Scheepers - Port Alfred 177, John Tom – Cradock 37, Stephan Lombard – Adelaide 194, Francois Calitz – Kirkwood 78, and Ernest Pretorius – PE West 142 for always submitting their reports timeously. Overall I receive quick feedback on queries and it has been a pleasure to deal with most table Treasurers this year for which I thank you. Well done Marinus on an excellent year thus far and to my fellow exec members thank you for all your hard work in making this area brilliant. Other than that it is very windy in Port Elizabeth today and I am starvin Marvin now which concludes my report. Looking forward to an awesome Spring Conference this weekend. YIT, Cornel Strydom EP Area Treasurer



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RTI Board Intro My name is Alexis van Dam, I started my Tabling career in The Netherlands with RT91 Voorschoten. Over 3 years ago I moved to Singapore, joined SRT1 to later co-found Singapore Round Table 3. Last year I worked together with Damian to later succeed him as Online Vision Manager in the RTI Board 20182019. I am looking forward to the second year of strengthening TABLER. WORLD further and inspiring Tablers all over the world to use it as their one stop shop for Tabling. YiT Alexis #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro I am happy to drive the communications effort of RTI for the coming year. We have great things planned - that revolve around one thing: get everybody the chance to learn about Round Table by sharing your projects and sharing your stories. Because this is ultimately what makes up the movement we call "Round Table" - and it is worth sharing! I am looking for support in this endeavor: - HQ Video Footage from your projects, fun & fellowship - Support for Social Media Accounts & Stories - Moderators for RTI Facebook Groups If you have ideas, stories, or are interested to support RTI, please get in touch! I am 34 years old and live in Cologne, Germany with my amazing wife and 2 kids. YiT Stephan #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI #WeilWirDasMachen


RTI Board Intro My name is Daniel Steffen, I am 36 years old and live together with my lovely wife in Ingolstadt (next to Munich), Germany. During the last five years I've been the Webmaster and IT-Admin of Round Table Germany. Now I would like to bring the experience I have gained to an international level. I am very much looking forward to the tasks ahead. In the coming year my primary goal is to centralize our international IT landscape and to further optimize our website. YIT, Daniel #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro I'm happy to support you as CSO within the next 12 months. For those, who don't know me: I am 37 years old and Tabler at RT133 Lippstadt-Soest/Germany. Within the last years, I had the opportunity to belong to the national board of RT Germany and now I'd like to use my experience to strengthen and sharpen community service on an international level. In the upcoming year, we want to develope the existing "RT cares" platform to a best practice and knowledge database for Tablers, coordinate 2-3 common worldwide hands-on activities and establish a worldwide network for Tablers in need. If there are question or if somebody has ideas and wants to contribute them, I'm happy to hear from you. YiT, Maxime #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro My name is Marc Germeshausen, I am 28 years old and live in Villach, Austria. I had the opportunity to join Round Table in 2011. Since then my journey brought me to various engagement in our wonderful association. It was wonderful to serve Round Table Austria as national PRO and IRO and my home club as chairman. I am very honored to serve our great organization as RTI Secretary for a second term. We were already shaped the future in the last year and I am happy to continue the path in the upcoming year. We want to continue updating the last guidelines and manuals as well as to define the roles in our new founded entities OVC and OVF. Quite a lot of people are asking me what is my profession. Since three years I am the director of an European organization so called Europahaus, where we are organizing different of educational events to inform the citizens about various topics regarding the continent of Europe as well about the European Union. Looking forward to meet you during the year around the world! YiT, Marc #OnFireForTabling #RTI #RoundTableInternational Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro I am Graham Cornelissen, currently 35 years old and I am a registered auditor and accountant by trade. My wife and I live in Pretoria, South Africa and we love to explore the sights and sounds of the world while travelling. We further enjoy spending time with friends and family. I joined Round Table at the end of 2016 and currently Table at Jukskei 217 close to our home. My role is to ensure that every euro that is spent is to the benefit of all members and to increase the transparency of our financial reporting. YiT, Graham #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro Dear all,My name is Tabler DK Singh, nickname Baba & DK and I was a born a tabler with addiction for traveling around the world to meet new table brothers.All of us Tablers have fire in the belly to do the impossible and I am proud, that this years' theme emphasize this: We are On Fire for Tabling! My goals as the RTI Vice-President are to integrate with the associations all over the world and to ensure our President's vision to become a reality, as well work together #SideBySide with our sister & brother organizations to make our movement stronger and bigger. YiT DK


RTI Board Intro My name is Sebastian Walter, I am 36 years old and live in Hamburg, Germany.I joined Round Table Hamburg St. Pauli 84 in 2006 and also had the opportunity to experience Tabling life in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates when I lived in the Middle East.I work as Business Development and Global Key Account Manager in the plastic packaging industry.One of my biggest hobbies apart from Tabling and travelling is playing basketball.I am very honored and humbled to serve our movement as RTI President 2019-2020. Some of the goals for next year are:1. Increase visibility of RT throughout the world by investing more time in public relations and branding2. Grow RT in a sustainable way, be it in existing associations or new ones3. Establish and promote global hands on community service activities and establish a global structure for Tabler Aid (a network to help Tablers in need)I am very much looking forward to meeting you somewhere around the globe. YiT Sebastian


RTI Board Intro I am Lmf Tr. Shrikant Saboo, a Tabler since 2009-2010. I started tabling with RT India, moved to UAE in 2014 and continued the journey with RT Arabian Gulf. My ambitions for the upcoming year lie within my region: AMI is the largest region by geographic area yet the smallest by number of Tablers. Tablers of AMI are most diverse in terms of language, ethnicity, culture; yet they are united by the spirit of tabling. In the focus in the upcoming year will be especially some events and projects like holding first ever international kids film festival (IKFF) throughout AMI region in Nov and Dec 2019 and Africa runs together for peace (ART 4 PEACE) Marathon run in march 2020 YiT Shrikant #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro I am Liviu Sacalov, 39 years old and I live in Galati, Romania. I am an economist and I am blessed with a beautiful family, that supports me in everything I do.  I am a Tabler since 2008, member of RT 12 Galati, Romania and proud past member of RT Romania National Board (Secretary, Vice-President, President and IRO).I am thoroughly motivated to share my accrued experience in RT Romania and RTI, to promote friendship and continue to cultivate “this sacred ground where we can express our feelings, borderless” ( the way as the founder of RT Romania was presenting me RT).For CEER, I will  concentrate on extension in east side of the region, on support smaller associations to develop and I will assist on strong Associations projects; to learn, to adopt, to adapt and improve ideas and projects in regional development. YIIT, Liviu Sacalov 


RTI Board Intro Dear all,I am Tr. Jayant Agrawal, a Tabler by heart and soul, a member of RT Nepal. Having served for four years in National Board of RT Nepal at different positions of Secretary, Vice-President, President and IRO, it was time for me move ahead. Thanks to support of all my fellow region Tablers, I got elected as ASPA Chairman 2019-20. Synergized Integrated Efforts with respect to fellowship, extension and projects will be the motto among the 10 member associations of ASPA in the coming year. YiT, Javant #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro I am Raffaele Giordani, from RT Italy. I joined the RT 29 Rovereto six years ago and the last past two years i had the honour to serve as national iro of round table italy. This was a great experience that put me in contact with all the associations in our big family.This year i am the chairman of the SEM Region, my target is expanding the region by charter new associations. Already we have very good prospect in spain and Albania. I will also continue with the region service project established last year. So keep tabling keep travelling and see you in the southern European and Mediterranean area!!! YiT, Raffaele #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


RTI Board Intro My name is Daniel Kristensen, a Danish guy living in Sweden, working in Norway, living together with an Austrian girl. I spend my time wporking with promotion product, teaching and Tattoo/ Piercing. This year I want to especially support and help the expansion areas in our region. I also want to connect and increase the communication between NEAR members and boards. YiT, Daniel #OnFireForTabling #RoundTableInternational #RTI Photo: Dominik Lenz Photography


Wink Preston Challenge Kirkwood 78

Algoa 108

Algoa 108 made the mistake of challenging Kirkwood 78 for the Wink Preston Trophy. Surely an act they will regret and carefully reconsider in the future. LOL. The event was hosted by Kirkwood and was held on the 7th of July on our Golfcourse. We decided that golf would be the challenge. We played the first hole after which we were tied. We took the best three scores from each team. On the second hole, a par three, Kirkwood took the lead with a definite win with three beautiful par’s. Algoa decided that two holes is enough and that the trophy belongs to Kirkwood. We also had a longest drive competition where Wayne Atwell from Kirkwood hit it far and straight, giving us yet another win. We finished the afternoon off with laughs and jokes next to the braais. We thank Algoa 108 for the challenge as it is always a pleasure having Simon Ward and his boys over for a braai. Till next time guys. Tablers that attended: Kirkwood: Algoa: Daneel Meiring Simon Ward Louis De Bruyn Marinus Rautenbach Johan Bruwer Mark Ward Christo Tolmay Paul Ferreira Regardt van der Merwe Michael Ward Ryno Lombard Warren Bigara Francois Calitz Wayne Atwell Willie Opperman Leo Vermaak Yours in Table Ryno Lombard


Wink Preston Challenge Kirkwood 78

Algoa 108


Kirkwood 78

Fellowship in July We had our monthly fellowship which was moved by Daneel Meiring to Willie Opperman, as seen in the photo. It was a pleasant evening full of deep discussion and hard loud laughter. Thank you for having us Willie. Now the suspense to see who is next. Attended:

Daneel Meiring Louis De Bruyn Ryno Lombard Wayne Atwell Willie Opperman Francois Calitz

Yours in Table Ryno Lombard EP Area, Kirkwood 78


Burger Evening Port Alfred Round Table 177 On the 27th of July 2019 we, Port Alfred Round Table 177, had a Burger evening at our clubhouse in Port Alfred. It was estimated we would have about 70 people attend the event, to our amazement just over 100 people arrived. As usual all Tablers and there wife’s knew what they had to do to make the evening a success. A lot of stories were shared around the fire and it was a wonderful evening generating a profit of R7 100.00 to further our aims and objects as Port Alfred 177. It is estimated that it took nothing less than 40 man hours to arrange, sell tickets and to run the successful event. I ,JP De Klerk, would like to give a big thank you to all of the Tablers and their wife’s for all there help and also to Pick n Pay Port Alfred and Wharf Street Fruit and Veg for their generosity to sponsoring us with ingredients. YIT JP De Klerk 084 882 2221 Secretary 177


Port Alfred Round Table 177

Burger Evening


Kariega River Cleanup 2019 Round Table Alex Kenton210 partnered with Sibuya Private Game Reserve to host an educational event for a few scholars from Klipfontein Primary. The event was focused on educating the youth on the importance of looking after your environment and reducing pollution. Since the whole community derives some sort of benefit from the two rivers in close proximity to Kenton on Sea the area was ideally suited for such an event. About 25 kids got the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a way that most people never do. Sibuya arranged scholar transport from the school in Klipfontein, which is in a small community near Bushmansrivermouth in the Eastern Cape. After the pickup and the completion of a few administrative procedures they departed for the slipway in Kenton on sea where the Sibuya game viewing boats were already waiting. Scholars were split in the two boats and proceeded up the river stopping at a few places along the way to pick up rubbish. Buco from Kenton on Sea also sponsored hats for the kids. We were blessed with a stunning day on the river. Cleaning the river happened all the way up to the Sibuya Private Game Reserve facilities where the kids were treated to hotdogs and other refreshments sponsored by Round Table and some of their members. After the some relaxing the kids were gathered and seated for an educational session with one of Sibuya’s Employees.


We wrapped up the educational session with the kids being split into groups of five to make some eco bricks. Where after everyone hopped on the boats again and were dropped off safely back at school. The Kids had the opportunity of seeing Rhinos up close against the river bank not to mention a few buck species as well as seeing a Fish Eagle catch right in front of their boat on the day. It was a truly fantastic initiative to be part of, one we hope to do on an annual basis. YIT, Jacques van Wyk

Round Table Alex/Kenton210 Chairman

Kariega River Cleanup 2019



Kariega River Cleanup 2019

Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider. Specialist Financial Planners employed by Old Mutual Personal Financial Advice License no. 703


Contact Marie van Wyk at 083 651 6939 or Jacques van Wyk 083 602 6761




Winter Conference – Cradock PE WEST 142 Travel I am certain that when Marinus chose dates and hosting tables for the various table events, he strategically chose the coldest place in the South African, or at least it felt like it, for the winter conference. Bliksem dit was koud! Arriving there dressed in my work kit, upon setting foot out of my car I soon realised that my current attire will lead to instant hypothermia and certain death within minutes. After dressing in all the clothes I have packed, I was ready for the festivities to commence. Friday evening was fun and eventful as usual and some of us socialised until the early hours of the morning, strategically forgetting that there is a meeting scheduled for the next morning. We witnessed some fascinating dance performances by various tablers. We were even treated to a chair dancing demonstration by one of the Kirkwood gents. Saturday morning was a bit of a slow start, as one would expect. The morning coffee helped to defrost the bodies and all stood outside to catch the morning rays like Dassies. The meeting commenced timeously as one would expect from our meticulous Area Chairman and all proceedings were finalised without fault. New prospective projects were discussed such as the HHH and TAT funds (next time you see Bhavesh ask him for further details of the HHH fund).

Winter Conference – Cradock PE WEST 142 Travel Later in the day most of the still awake tablers participated in the Steek-jou-dood competition. Tablers had to compete in an air rifle shoot-out, bokdrol spoeg and running event. Running is not really, never was, and should never be a table event and due to obvious reason, none of the competitors really finished the competition without bending some of the running rules. I am happy to report that PE West 142 & Kirkwood 78 won this event, seeing that Johan Bruwer and I were teammates. At the evening function PE West 142 won both travel wheels, for gents and ladies and we were honoured to take the trophies home. This conference was one of the best conferences I have attended in my table career and definitely sets the bar for future conferences. Thank you to the ladies and gents of Cradock 37 for hosting us. YIT, Cornel Strydom PE West 142 – Joe Tabler EP Area Treasurer


Project: Donor Evening Recipients 2018/2019 Project Conveners: Jono Davy 2018 Chairman The great work done by the Grahamstown 11 men and their partners culminated in a decision to donate R130 000 to various organisations around Grahamstown. These funds were a combination of proceeds from our highly successful 2018 Golf Day and a dividend payout from the Grahamstown Festival Foundation through the Village Green Fair committee, which was disbanded during the course of 2018. The process of selecting recipients would be based on an online voting system for all the Tablers and their partners. Jono Davy with the input from Tablers created a criteria list for which the applying organisations would fill in electronically/manually and submit. The advert was placed in the Grocotts newspaper in November 2018 for organisations around Grahamstown to apply for funding. Early December 2018 saw the closing of the applications and the beginning of the voting process by Tablers and their spouses. In January of 2019, the results of the voting process were tabulated and presented to the members. Please see below funds allocation table. This donor fund allocation process was conducted in a professional and fair manner to which all members were happy with the outcome. The majority of the payments to the various organisations have been paid out. A future date will be organized to officially do the handover of the donations and the media coverage necessary. We would like to Thank the former Grahamstown11 Chairman, Jono Davy for the tireless work he put in running this successful donor project. Report compiled by: Tafadzwa Dudu Nyakotyo (Grahamstown 11 PRO)



Kirkwood Legs Our lovely ladies can’t wait for their monthly get together without the men. Time to gossip it seems. Two legs that were done recently is at Carine Lombard and Anél Calitz, in July and August respectively. The ladies table just as hard us the men and enjoy it very much. We appreciate everything you do for us and really don’t mind babysitting the kids while you enjoy your legs night out. EP Area, Kirkwood 78 Ryno Lombard


Winter Knights 2019 Press Release 8th July 2019 “Nothing burns like the cold!” The 2019 edition of the Round Table Winter Knights project will be run by the Grahamstown Round Table 11 from 18th July to 18th August during ‘Mandela Month’. Since 2017, Grahamstown Round Table 11 and the Joza SAPS have collaborated to collect and distribute second-hand clothing, blankets, and non-perishable foods to vulnerable families and sections of the community living in poverty who are the most affected by the winter cold. On the 26th June, Mr Greg Wilmot (Chairman) and Dr Terence Bellingan (Secretary) met with the Joza SAPS Station Commander, Colonel M. L. Pika, to affirm their longstanding relationship and to make a commitment to the distribution of previously collected clothing and blankets. The first round of distribution will take place during July this year in sections of the community identified by SAPS staff and officers. The 2019 Winter Knights drive includes multiple ‘Collection Points’ located at local businesses and schools around Makhanda where members of the public can deliver any old and unused clothing for donation to the Winter Knights campaign. More details of this will be forthcoming through the press and social media. Picture: Grahamstown Round Table 11 Chairman, Greg Wilmot meets with Joza SAPS Station Commander, Colonel Pika to affirm the longstanding relationship and commitment to the Winter Knights collection drive


Magician entertains local Child Welfare staff and kids On Sunday 7th July 2019, renowned Magician and Illusionist, Stuart Lightbody, wowed an audience of children and staff from the Grahamstown branch of Child Welfare that included the Ikhaya Losizo Cluster Foster Home and the VESTA’s Club. In collaboration with the National Arts Festival office (NAF), the free show was arranged by Grahamstown Round Table 11 (RT11). The small event was held at the Princess Alice Hall where Stuart Lightbody’s sleight-of-hand and generous audience participation left the staff and children stunned and in awe. After the show, Grahamstown Round Table 11 provided drinks and snacks to the audience while Stuart Lightbody was swarmed by the young audience eager to see him do more tricks and illusions.


Magician entertains local Child Welfare staff and kids The NAF generously provided the venue hire, Technician support, and transport for the children free of charge. Special thanks for Ryan Bruton and Sanda Mankayi from the NAF office who supported the initiative. Grahamstown Round Table would like to thank Stuart Lightbody for the generosity of his time and efforts as well as the National Arts Festival office who supported the initiative to bring some fun and magic to young people’s lives. Picture 1: Magician and Illusionist Stuart Lightbody (Centre) is flanked by staff and children from Makhanda Child Welfare who enjoyed a free show organised and supported by the National Arts Festival, Rat & Parrot, and Grahamstown Round Table 11. Picture 2: Round Table members Duncan Ruck (left) and Grant Gordon (right) handout to the Child Welfare group following the performance by Magician and Illusionist, Stuart Lightbody.


Winter Knights

pg.44 pg.17

Winter Knights PE West 142 Winter nights is an annual national alliance project that we as Round table South Africa and Toyota SA have been doing for the last 3 years. This year as Chairman I took the role as convenor of this project and I was very fortunate with great contributions by my fellow tablers , general public, Debt Review Centre and The Car Guys in Port Elizabeth. This entire project including marketing ,sorting and distribution of clothing for the less fortunate took us about 2.5 man hours per tabler with an estimate total of 12 hours for the PE West 142 table. We started the project by letting the public know on Facebook that we have two collection points and got all our tablers to clean out the not so in FASHION clothes in there closets and donating it .


Winter Knights After about four weeks we got together with all our black bags, plastic bags, boxes and sorted it out into categories for kids, female and male. At the next meeting we decided to hand the clothes to PE CHILDRENS HOME, VISTARUS and Community Chest The best part of it, was the handing out of the clothing and the appreciation and thanks we got for just knowing we made some peoples winter a bit warmer Thanks to the public, tablers, legs and families that supported us in this project We were able to give out 25 black bags with a money value of about R12 500. Thanking you all YIT Riaan Janse van Rensburg Chairman PE WEST 142

pg.46 pg.17

Winter Knights


August Social Whats better than a fellowship or a legs night out? Definitely our monthly socials where everyone can be together, mom, dad and the kids. At our August social held by Spud and Adele Tolmay the following was present: Ryno and Carine Lombard Daneel and Karlien Meiring Leo and Yolandi Vermaak One of our 41ers, Conrad Bosman, also came for a quick visit, but was a bit scared to stay too long. Don’t know whether scared of us or his wife. EP Area, Kirkwood 78 Ryno Lombard


August Social


Fellowship in August We had our monthly fellowship which was moved by Willie Opperman to our friend of table Gunther Matzke, as seen in the photo. Louis de Bruyn read the AIMS which got the evening underway. Attended: Gunther Matzke Louis De Bruyn Regardt van der Merwe Sarel Pienaar Willie Opperman Francois Calitz Yours in Table Ryno Lombard EP Area, Kirkwood 78


On a very cold and rainy Saturday morning, Neef and I left PE to attend the ASSCO meeting held in Kirkwood. As usual we only had the very best intentions for the day and even took note pads and pens along for the extensive notes we were to make and revert to our table with. Upon arrival we knocked back a couple of coffees just to defrost and socialised with the other area chairmen, most of which looked rather pale for a Saturday morning. It is assumed that they either had jet-lag or might have had something less fresh on the plane. By that time most of the Kirkwood gents have not arrived at the meeting as apparently the “visitors” (Kirkwood tablers) kept them at the venue until very late the night before. The meeting commenced on time, as only our ARTSA president Mr Malan can manage to do, and the agenda started flowing, more like dripping, but there was progress. During this time Simon, Algoa 108, attempted to distract Neef and me with his very hospitable refreshment offerings. It was not easy ignoring the frequent requests, but we were there on a mission. Whilst Neef and I jotted down our detailed notes, the arc-eyed Daneel Meiring appeared. Soon after a break was called and that was the last, we saw the meeting. Neef and I eventually caved under the peer pressure and decided to board the gintrain. This was no ordinary train, but more like a Chinese bullet-train. The rest of the afternoon was spent laughing with tears rolling off our faces. Most of the stories cannot be remembered or repeated, but even though Neef and I failed miserably at completing the initial mission the newly revised fellowship mission was achieved with great success! It is days like this that build long-lasting friendships and ensure a “do you remember that day” conversation starter at the next table event. Thank you to Kirkwood for hosting the fun afternoon!

YIT, Cornel Strydom PE West 142 – Joe Tabler EP Area - Treasurer



Cradock 37 Shelter On the weekend of the 6th & 7th of April, we helped the Vukusebenze Shelter by serving a good plate of food and something to drink to people in need of a meal. We provided lunch for between 50 to 70 people. Everybody joined in, even the kids! The Elizebeth Jordaan Oldage Home’s kitchen made the food for us and we served it. This way we can support both the Oldage Home and the Shelter. Thank you to John Monde Tom and his wife for convening the project.

Yours in Table, Paul “Yster” Maré Chairman Cradock 37

pg.52 pg.17

Paintball Social Luckily, it is not all work and no play! On the 13th of April, Casper Potgieter and his family organized a great get-together. First we got rid of all our stress with a few rounds of PaintBall. Word from the Wise: Watch out for Jack Adam and his army! (Got the scars to prove it!) Next we had some Boere-Sports and then relaxed with a braai and a beer. Yours in Table, Paul “Yster” Maré Chairman Cradock 37



Watering Point The next day, the 28th of April, we assisted the Swaershoek Mountain Bike Race by manning a watering point. Water, Energade and a BarOne kept the cyclists going. We want to thank the organizing committee for donating R 5 000 towards helping Cradock 37 make a difference. Yours in Table, Paul “Yster” Maré Chairman Cradock 37


pg.54 pg.17

RAID INCOMING ! Grahamstown 11 sent over, three good old chaps to come inspect the health of their mullet. But they also had ulterior motives – they came to steal the chair!! The fact that it was actually their chair was not at all a good enough reason for them to plunder what was currently supporting the posterior of our honourable chairman! Steps will have to be taken… BTW, the Mullet is dead! Yours in Table, Paul “Yster” Maré Chairman Cradock 37

#37 pg.55


2019 On the 27th of April, we held our yearly Golf day at the very well prepared Cradock Golf Club. Supported by sponsorships from the businesses in town, we hosted 39 Golfers. With great weather and excellent greens, everyone had a great day! Congratulations to Johan de Jager for winning the day. Funds generated by the day will be used to assist the community of Cradock Yours in Table, Paul “Yster” Maré Chairman Cradock 37


37 Numbers Conference

With the assistance of Cradock 37, Jack Adam and I were very fortunate to attend this year’s 37 Numbers Conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on the weekend of the 7th to 9th of June. We started the trip by arriving in beautiful city of Paris on the 6th. We spent Thursday going up the Eiffel Tower and visiting various monuments, walking around till after 12! The next day we visited a local Police Office (Had to get an affidavit for a missing train ticket) and the Army Museum, which had some great suits of armour and weapons on display. We then travelled to Eindhoven 37. Here we were home hosted for the weekend by Robert and Heleen van Boldrik, who treated us like Royalty. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We spent the weekend with friends we met on previous conferences, as well as the friends we never met before! Friends from Alingsås (Sweden), Gembloux (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Bodō (Norway), Ravensburg (Germany), Avenches (Switzerland), Savonlinna (Finland) and of course Eindhoven (The Netherlands)! Language isn’t really a barrier after enough beer! Thank you Eindhoven for hosting a great Conference!! Orange Party, Bathtub Boats, Stadsbrowerij, Gala dinner, Champagne Tasting, Pizza in the Square, VR Experience, Sketch Night and of course tons of Fellowship!!!!


37 Numbers Conference

On the Monday, after a great breakfast and saying goodbye, we left with Remy van Schingen for Gembloux. We were taken on a tour of the beautiful town of Namur by Antoine Houtart. We spent the evening with some of the Gembloux 37 tablers and even had a braai! They spoke French, but luckily they also had great beer! Tuesday was spent in Cologne, Germany. With its fantastic Cathedral (Yes, the tower does have 533 steps!), Ancient Roman history and the Rein river, it was quite a day! The family that hosted him as an exchange student 21 years ago even met up with us, making it even more special. We spent the night in Bonn, at an old tabler from Ravensburg 37, Moritz Lßke. He treated us to great pasta and fantastic wine! On Wednesday, we travelled by train past beautiful rivers and lakes to Ravensburg, in Southern Germany. Florian Schindele was our host and showed us the historic Ravensburg. We met up with the Tablers and were treated to a visit to a beer brewery and some great local dishes that evening! The next day, Florian took us on an unplanned trip to Austria. Bregenz is a spectacular town on the eastern banks of Lake Constance. He took us up the Pfänderbahn (cable car) for some amazing views of Lake Constance and the Alps. After breakfast next to the lake, we said our farewells and travelled to Switzerland


37 Numbers Conference Arriving in Bern, we were picked up by Nic Weber (and more beer). He took us to see the Gruyères Castle and a factory were Gruyères cheese is made. Never in my life have I seen so much cheese! Later that evening we enjoyed some fellowship at Nic’s house with some Avenches Tablers. We were also introduced to a Swiss dish: Raclette. More Cheese!! NOMNOMNOM!! We spent the night at Beat Wolfisberg and his family. That Friday, Beat then took us on a tour of Switzerland. Avenches is a beautiful town steeped in history. It was established in 15 BC by the Helvetians. He showed us the Amphitheatre the Romans built in 130 AD , remains of the wall that surrounded the town and the castle that is still being used till this day as municipal offices. We then travelled back to Bern. We explored, had some great pie, and climbed another cathedral tower. And bought some Swiss Chocolate, of course! From here we travelled east, into the beautifully green and lush countryside. We saw fantastic lakes, waterfalls and glimpses of the Alps. But glimpses were not enough for Beat, so he took us up a funicular (a train that can travel up steep slopes using gears) to the top of a mountain from where we could view the Alps in all its glory – What a View!!


37 Numbers Conference

From there we travelled to Lucerne, another beautiful Swiss city. After a final beer, we said our goodbyes and got on a train to Zürich Airport. And so came an end to our European Adventure! On the way back, we spent two days in Dubai before flying back home. Though it was a very interesting experience seeing and going up the tallest building in the world, going on a desert safari with wild driving and even wilder belly dancing, seeing the ingenuity of manmade islands, and extremely expensive hotels, IT WAS EXTREMELY HOT! 42°C with 70% humidity nearly killed us! Note to everyone: Visit Dubai in the Winter! I would like to thank Cradock 37 for allowing Jack and myself to represent you at the 37 Numbers Conference. It was an experience I will never forget. To Jack, thanks for being a great travel partner. And congratulations on surviving my snoring!(Sorry!) To Stefan, thanks for helping me save and making sure the wheels didn’t come off back home. And to the Old & European friends, a heartfelt thanks for everything! Looking forward to hosting you in 2020! It’s Time For Africa!! Looking forward to seeing all this weekend for the Winter Conference hosted at Buffelshoek Dirosie Lodge! Yours in Table, Paul “Yster” Maré Chairman Cradock 37


KIRKWOOD 78 WILDSFEES 2019 This year’s Spar Kirkwood Wildsfees took place over the weekend of 28 to 30 June, once again on the school grounds of Hoërskool Kirkwood. As is customary by now, Round Table Kirkwood 78 organised and managed the beertent and other bars at the festival. For the first time in four years, the project was convened by current tablers, as our experienced convenor and already a 41er, Johnny Bosman eventually decided that he has done his bit. Daneel Meiring and I (Francois Calitz) reluctantly stepped forward to try and fill the massive void left by this legend. Don’t be fooled by the festival only officially being a weekend long, the work it takes to get to the weekend is by far much worse than the weekend itself. After all our meetings, conversations, WhatApps, calculations, organising and time spent setting up, the Castle Lagerville Beertent officially opened on Thursday 27 June at 18:00. This year we had four separate bars to manage during the festival: our main bar at the Castle Lagerville Beertent, the Flying Fish Flavour Fontein, a bar at the Wildsfees Auction the Friday morning and the Corona bar at the Wine Tent. Thursday evening, the only time the Kirkwood locals really have the Beertent all to themselves, is our customary test run. This gives us the opportunity to fine tune the workings of the tills, ticket offices and just get a feeling of what is to come. This also gives our newer members some background on how we run things and for Daneel and I, some good feedback on whether our planning was up to standard.


KIRKWOOD 78 WILDSFEES 2019 Friday morning, as every other morning of the festival, the bars and ticket offices open at 10:00. On Friday night we had Early B performing inside the beertent, and on Saturday night we had Jan Bloukaas do his thing inside the beertent. The rest of time we had DJ ET keeping the spirits high and the people dancing in the tent. Last round was called at 00:30 and the Beertent closed at 01:00, much to the dissatisfaction of some thirsty patrons, although some of them could not possibly still be thirsty… Normally around this time is when our (the Tablers behind the bar) entertainment start, as these thirsty patrons try and reason (with no success) with the massive bouncers as to why they want to stay a while longer. We have seen claims in the media that there were 30% more people through the gates, compared to last year. Although we can’t confirm this, we can confirm that the people were much thirstier than last year. Just to give some background on the scale of this event, on Friday night and Saturday night we had a total of 64 people working the nightshift between the 3 bars, which included barmen, ticket sales, labourers, supervisors and control. We obviously don’t have enough local tablers to handle all of this, so we get barmen from Port Elizabeth, willing locals, friends from wherever and tablers from everywhere to come and help out. We want to thank the following tables, who came to Kirkwood to help us out during this massive weekend: Algoa 108, Fort Beaufort 62, Kokstad 35, Port Alfred 177 and Zwartkops 195.


KIRKWOOD 78 WILDSFEES 2019 This year was once again a great event for us as Round Table Kirkwood 78, with a profit of Âą R 220 000 which will allow us to make a difference in the lives of many people in and around our community. We as Round Table Kirkwood 78, including our wives, other tablers and some 41ers, who effortlessly donated their precious time to our cause, spent a whopping 765 man-hours on this project. Although we had some tough times, ridiculous hours, late nights, early mornings and of course some tricky situations, I am very proud of the way we all pulled together on this project. Thank you to each and everyone who was willing to put in some time during this weekend, as convenors we really appreciate it. Thank you to Daneel Meiring as well, the amount of work you put in to this project was at times borderline crazy, I am sure AC Meiring Boerdery was very happy to have you back at work after the festival. It was not always fun, but we achieved what we set out to do, we managed to pull off a very successful event and now we look forward to the next one. Yours in Table

Francois Calitz Co-Convenor (Wildsfees 2019)


2nd ASSCO Hosted by Kirkwood 78 O what a weekend this was!Certainly one I don’t think anyone will soon forget.

It was EP Area’s turn to host the 2nd ASSCO for 2020 and our Area Chairman, Marinus Rautenbach, thought it a good idea to ask the Kirkwood 78 tablers to host it in Kirkwood. We were immediately up for the task, especially it being such a great honour to have our whole ASSCO committee here. After a couple of months of organizing, Marinus from the Port Elizabeth side and Johan Bruwer from our side, the weekend finally arrived. On Friday the members arrived by airplane and were driven to Kirkwood. Everyone was hosted at the Lookout and that meant no driving was necessary during the weekend.


2nd ASSCO Hosted by Kirkwood 78 Friday evening was a steak braai for our ASSCO members. The Kirkwood 78 boys started showing up at about 17:00 and the fires were lit and the music started playing. It was a fun night where everyone started to get to know each other. The steaks were started at about 20:00 while our ladies did their thing in the kitchen with the chips etc. Braaiing steak is a Kirkwood 78 speciality. The party went on for quite a while. On Saturday morning the meetings started at 08:00 and the ladies tour got on the way at about 08:30. For the ladies tour we took them to the Daniel Cheetah Breeding Farm. There were 21 ladies all together and to increase the festivities and keep everyone together we organized a 65 seater bus. Ryno Lombard was the bus driver with Willie Opperman as entertainer with the music and making sure no one sat with an empty glass. Christo Tolmay(Spud) also accompanied us. It was a fun experience for all the ladies and they all got to see and touch some of the big cats.


2nd ASSCO Hosted by Kirkwood 78

Meanwhile‌..the meetings were still going in full swing. Kirkwood 78 had a member inducted by our South African Round Table President, Alan Malan. Congratulations Leo Vermaak.

Saturday afternoon we watched the rugby and started with the potjiekos competition and that is where the fun started. There were 6 teams competing and everyone took their jobs seriously. It was a hard task for the judges, but in the end the best potjie won. Most went to bed a bit earlier than on Friday and after the Sunday morning breakfast and goodbyes everyone departed. A big shout out to Marinus who got sponsors for the event and also Johan for aiding with the arrangements. The whole weekend cost each member of ASSCO only R110. Ryno Lombard EP Area, Kirkwood 78


2nd ASSCO Hosted by Kirkwood 78


Beste Riaan, Ons by die Welwitschia selgroep wil net vir jou en julle lede BAIE dankie sê vir : 1) Julle belangstelling In die Swanepoel dogters – Mia, Adri en Nadia en jou besoek aan die familie by Place of Hope. Dit word hoog op prys gestel. Jou besoek het ook die mense meer hoop gegee! 2) Vir almal by RT PE West 142 vir julle finansiele by stand met Adri se skool geld vir 2019. As dit nie vir julle hulp was nie sou sy nie kon begin sool gaan het nie. Die kinders by Place of Hope lê ons baie na aan die hart en ons is baie dankbaar vir julle enorme hulp. Dra dit asseblief oor aan julle Voorsitter en lede. Groete, WELWITSCHIA’S



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Fellowship Kirkwood 78 had our monthly fellowship which was moved by Gunther Matske to Leo Vermaak, as seen in the photo. It was a pleasant evening full of deep discussion and hard loud laughter. Aims was read by Ryno Lombard. Thank you for having us Leo. It was one of the rare occasions where the victim had no idea that we were coming. Attended:Daneel MeiringJohan BruwerRyno LombardGunther Matske Leo VermaakFrancois CalitzConrad Bosman (41er)Francois Erasmus (41er) Yours in Table Ryno Lombard EP Area, Kirkwood 78


Kirkwood attend CVC Kirkwood 78 loves to travel and this year we have even more reason. Johan Bruwer, past chairman of Kirkwood 78 is currently the EP vice-chairman. On the weekend of the 6th of September it was the CVC. It was also the first area meeting where Johan lead the meeting. It was just obvious that some of us went with him for support. The CVC was hosted by Adelaide 194 in Adelaide at the rugby club. I must commend the Adelaide boys, it was a real good weekend with great food and company. Well done guys. After the Friday night festivities it was meeting time the Saturday morning. As it was a CVC, it was mostly training for new chairman and vices, but also for every portfolio. Very interesting for new members and there are always something you forget and is reminded of at these meetings. Well done to Johan Bruwer for running a very good meeting. Tablers that attended: Johan Bruwer,Daneel Meiring,Louis Du Bruyn,Ryno Lombard Leo Vermaak,Willie Opperman

EP, Kirkwood 78 Ryno Lombard



Kirkwood attend CVC

Round Table Algoa 108

STEAK EVENING Round Table Algoa 108 held their annual steak evening on 28th September 2019 at Eddie Macs VP Sports Club. The evening started off with our tablers ensuring a warm welcome to all of our guests at the door. The fires were lit outside on the balcony with a fantastic atmosphere and jumping castles supplied outside for the kid’s entertainment. As the night kicked off our ‘legs of 108’ were walking around selling apple sours and OBVIOUSLY Tequila which definitely seemed to get the party started. The food consisted of a 300g Rump steak, chips & salad which was mouthwatering. Thereafter we all hit the dance floor to show off our ultimate dance moves with Gavin ending up on the stage again. All our proceeds are going to Twinkle Little Star Care Home. A major thank you to the Algoa 108 team and also to all of our guests who made this event an amazing evening.


Algoa 108





So after having attended the BMG Tri-Area 2019 in the beautiful Bushveld, I was asked by one of my traveling tablers to write a report for our Trunktale magazine‌‌This got me thinking as to how exactly I got roped into attending BMG in the first place? A quick reminder of our earlier Tri-Area travels to KZN for their Winter Conference, got that penny dropping to the sound of a Winning Jackpot at the casino. Six gents standing around the bar counter in KZN, being hoaxed to sit in the corner which I was later told was the conversion seat. It is here tablers are encouraged to stand on the National Council as well as attend BMG, which I clearly obliged to my fellow tablers from the EP Area. Having all said that we were IN for BMG, we travelled the long road home by Car and with this we were all in agreement that we would fly to BMG as 13 hours straight in a vehicle after a great weekend of fellowship was not going to work being so fresh in our memory bank. So on arrival at home from KZN, some of us had some convincing to do with our better halves to be able to attend BMG with us, Johan having had to convince his wife that attending the BMG would be the best way to celebrate their Wedding anniversary and Vanessa would get to fly for hers. Was awesome to have our ladies join us and experience the hospitality first hand.


Come Friday morning the 27th of September, the likes of our EP Area Chairman, Marinus the Godfather, his wife Ansie………. Mr. JCB himself, Johan Cheetah Bruwer, Vlooi, Simon, Rene, Wayne and Leza boarded the plane at PE airport destined for BMG 2019. Bhavie ….. It was at this point where I can say you were missed, being the only member of our original tri-area gang not joining us and therefore having us remove the yellow dot of you from our profile pic. Having landed at OR Tambo Airport, we were shuttled to East Rand Toyota where we were to collect our Taxi that our ever trusting Godfather had arranged for us to travel with to the Bushveld, on route stopping off at the Head Quarters of JCB Kemach to collect a larger than life Coolerbox with some welcomed refreshments, suited for Kings & Queens. We made our way towards the Oppiplaas Restaurant where we met fellow tablers for an awesome brunch and a couple of cold one. From here we travelled through the congested streets of Pretoria as the N1 was sadly closed due to a fatal accident, making a pit stop at a charming little Padstal. Not long after this were we through the gates of Jubaweni watching the sun set over the bushveld. On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the organisers of the BMG, shown to our chalets where we dumped our bags and headed back to the Hard Core Hut for some ALLOUTFELLOWSHIP in our Table shirts.




Thanks Johan for making a plan to have Rene and my new area shirts brought through for BMG, it was very much appreciated bud! A fantastic evening was spent around the dinner tables, supporting the bar and getting to show off a couple of our John Travolta moves on the dance floor while the Hard Core Hut DJ smashed out his records of yesteryears Fortunately Saturday morning did not start off as any other Tri-Area have been too before. I Think this was possibly due to having pulled off more dance moves than MC Hammer the night before, but my guess would be that we had our more sensible wives with us acting as our Beerometer’s. Having been woken up by the chirps of the Bushveld birds, stunning sun rise and smell of the fresh air only available at Jubaweni, we headed down to the hardcore hut for a world class buffet breakfast fit for any tabler. From here we stood proud for our Aims & Objectives followed by an inspirational speech by an “elderly” 41’er giving us some valuable insight into his journey as a tabler. Watching our legs depart for their ladies tour just next door to us, the kegs of Gin & Pink Tonics lined the tables where our hesitant wives would enjoy a morning of creative art lessons. Passing by the stretch tent every now and then while on route to the various area meeting, our ladies creative sides seemed to start flowing, being encouraged by the cold refreshing Gin & Tonics bringing to life the Picasso’s and van Gogh’s.





Our gang from the EP area moved freely from one camp to another, where we listened in, created a little stir and enjoy a couple of fines from the ever so willing Sergeant’s. We got to watch a relatively easy Springbok game with a couple of diehard springbok supports / Tablers. From here we caught up with our ladies after their fantastic morning of creating master pieces in the Hard core hut for a couple of refreshments and lunch. Tummy full ……Eyes close they say, so we did exactly that. Heading back to our chalet’s for a little shut eye. Come 4pm we jumped into the Game Viewer fully kitted in our Springbok outfits for the eagerly awaited “Fancy Dress” that evening. What an amazing game drive out in the bushveld, seeing the Giraffe’s and plenty of wild buck all while having the African sun set in the back ground. From here we were dropped off at the Hard Core Hut for an evening of ALLOUTFELLOWSHIP, an amazing dinner and a couple of moves on the dance floor to make sure we did not exceed the baggage weigh in the next morning at the airport. A fantastic weekend was had by myself with my wife, Rene by my side. Her first experience of a Tri-Area and one that she will not forget for sure! An early morning meant an early evening…….. Well, that was the idea for some of us. “US” would not include Mr. Stephenson who took it upon himself to make sure the Hard Core Hut exceeded their projected forecast on Jagermeister! Thus leaving him rather fragile for our two hour bus trip back to the airport. Wayne my friend, you never disappoint, you are a Legend indeed!!




Thank you to ALL the organisers of the BMG, the Legs and the Tablers that made this an EPIC weekend for us from the Eastern Cape, this is why we Table. To the EP Gang that encouraged us to join for this trip, Baie Dankie…… definitely one for the memory bank and a possible 41’ers speech come next year. YIT Simon Ward Algoa 108 EP Area #ALLOUTCOMPASSION #ALLOUTFELLOWSHIP #ALLOUTROUNDTABLE






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Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252

Drought relief project

After we visited the Adelaide CVC conference, we had a glimpse of the terrible drought in Adelaide and the surrounding areas and we discussed this to length on her way back on what we can do to only try and make a difference for their situation they are in. With George Van Zyl taking this on and going the extra mile, it was his initiative to start the campaign for us to pay over R5000 to Adelaide Round Table to spread feed and water etc. in their area where they see it most needed and challenging all other Tables to see donate to this fund and this started trending on Facebook reaching over 13000 people and getting this circulated to all the right people. After our post exploding on social media, I received a call from one of our ex-Tabler’s Stephen Du Toit asking how he can assist to this project or help to make a change and he offered that he is going up to Adelaide in two weeks and if we can get a trailer and feed he will take it up for us to Adelaide free of charge.



Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252

Drought relief project

Immediately, we put the word out that we need feed or any donations, and within minutes, we received a phone call from one of our local farmers donating a bakkie and double axel trailer full of feed for us to take up to Adelaide, the farmer wants to stay anonymous at this stage, but we want to thank Stephen for his time and effort and also Jaco Zietsman from GWK Humansdorp who gave us the trailer for the weekend to use. This was handed over to Adelaide Round Table for distributing this feed and we want to thank all who were involved and doing their small bit to make a change. This will be a project near to our hearts and we will keep on putting in the effort to see this through. Yours in Table Wayne Stevenson



Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252

Music Trivia

On the 9th of August we had our first trial to a Steak and Music Trivia evening to raise funds for Stulting primary school in Humansdorp and our convenor for the project was non-other than Anton Du Preez our legend 41Êr and he is also on the governing body of the school which helped a lot with all the planning. With all our plans in place and proper steaks waiting to be prepared, everything fell into place and we had a total of 11 Tables sold for the evening and lots of prizes to be handed out. With organizing a music trivia, there is only one person you can ask to run this for you, and that is Jannie Katakouzinos, AKA DJ Kattie‌..this man really knows his way around music and making this a extraordinary event and fun for everyone and we want to thank Jannie for taking the time do this for our Table for free and putting all this effort into it, we really appreciate it.

pg.86 pg.17

Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252

Music Trivia

Everyone really enjoyed themselves and we had an awesome evening with all who participated and with all the sponsors which made this possible for us. The food was fantastic and our farmer/chef Gert Strydom really outdid himself with the cooking of the steaks that evening and we didn’t have one steak that came back for incorrect cooking of it. We also would like to thank all our ladies of Table which worked really hard to make this a success and all the effort they have put in to help us. After a wonderful night and lots of fellowship, we managed to raise enough funds to cover all our costs with the auction afterwards, to still handover R8000 to Stulting Primary School. We will certainly organize this project again, because it works really great and we can only go bigger and better in the future‌. Yours in Table Wayne Stevenson



Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252

Winter Knights

For our annual National Alliance Project Winter Knights this year, we approached it a little different this year and instead of doing it through the night at a designated area to collect blankets and clothes and being reliable of marketing to hope that people see it and drop it off, we approached the Fountains Mall in Jeffreysbay to see if we can get a spot on a Saturday morning in the middle of the mall to hand out pamphlets to collect items for this worthy cause to see if it will work, change is always a good thing‌. With this being said, this worked phenomenally, and we collected two bakkie loads full of clothing, blankets and non-perishable foods to distribute in our area and even had people giving us money to go buy non-perishable food which we thought would work best. After spending the day at the Fountains Mall, not only did we get a lot of donations in, our exposure was great and we had so many people asking us, what we do and how to become part of this, so this initiative works a lot better to be more out in the public view.



Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252

Winter Knights

We are proud to say that we did split the donations and we handed half of it out to the local CMR in Humansdorp which looks after poor families daily and they even said that this was godsend, seeing that they ran out of stock the previous day and the other half we distributed it to the Algoa Nissan “fillastealth” campaign for the Hankey children’s home which were in dire need of clothing and blankets and especially food, and they were ecstatic in receiving all this goodies. This project works great and we are glad to be part of it and to make a difference in our communities in the cold winter months. I will finish off with a quote from Winston Churchill: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give….. Yours in Table Wayne Stevenson



Winter Knights

Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252



Jeffreysbay/Humansdorp 252 pg.91


Zwartkops 195 “The leaders in Fellowship” To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations: This is the 1st aim/objective in our amazing organisation founder by Louis Marchesi in Norwhich in 1927 call Round Table. Not to say that this is the most important aim BUT there are so many different characters from so many walks of life and this organisation is rallying young men and changing their perspective and outlook on life, teaching them to be better members of society. In my opinion and don’t take my opinion to the bank as I have only been a tabler for 3 years, if you get the fellowship right within your table, the rest of the amazing duties we do for our communities will come naturally and easily.



“The leaders in Fellowship” Zwartkops 195 is putting a massive tick in the “fellowship box” as a Table. We have had 46 socials so far this year so far and there is still 3 months left of the year. With us being a close table and all getting on very well it is very easy to achieve great things in our community. Zwartkops 195 has had 9 successful projects so far this year and we have 4 left to go with our: 1. Opskop on the 6 October 2019 We are hosting a dance at the barn in green bushes feel free to join and put our fellowship to the test 2. Toyrun 24 November 2019 We are running the bar at the Toyrun and all proceeds will be donated to charity 3. Sinethemba Crèche Christmas Party Having a Christmas party for a home that we look after. I am really privileged to be a part of this legendary table and proud of our tablers/ table legs so far this year. We have had a very good balanced year, ticking the boxes in all categories. I look forward the rest of the year and know that we will smash the remaining projects and end it all off with a bang Yours in table Duncan Morris-G-Nome Zwarkops195 Proud Chairman 2019/2020


Zwartkops 195 pg.17

University Boat Races Round Table Alex/Kenton210 and Port Alfred177 collaborated in running the event. Varsity Boat Races, as it is affectionately known, is a very important event on Port Alfred's tourism calendar. Sandy Birch from the tourism office, reached out to Round Table to assist with the festival. This was due to the organisers pulling out of the event 3 weeks before it was set to start. Knowing how important this event is to Port Alfred, we did not hesitate to take the challenge on. The times lines were tight, but we managed to pull off the event. This was a team effort between Round Table Port Alfred 177 and Round Table Alex/Kenton 210. Due to the short notice in time frame we were not able to secure a liquor licence and had to rearrange the event a little to still make it happen. We also received a lot of support and assistance from the local community which we incredibly thankful for. This was a massive man-hour project with the total hour count in excess of 358hours of work put in to make the project happen.It was n special project to be part of and there were many Round Table Members that went above and beyond to make this event happen and if I could single out two gentlemen two thank in particular it would have to be Frikkie Coetzee and Eugene Catherine. We look forward to the 2020 edition and have a few special things planned for next time. YIT Jacques van Wyk Round Table Alex/Kenton 210 Chairman



University Boat Races

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Alex/Kenton210 The year has absolutely shot by and to be honest I cannot believe that we are now well into the last quarter of the year. Our Table has been part of a few events and projects over the last while and managed to make a difference where ever we were present. As most of you might know our Round Table members are scattered between Kenton on Sea and Alexandria, ironically none actually stay in any of the above mentioned towns, so logistically we have to plan a little better to accommodate as many people as possible. We partnered with Sibuya, a Private Game Reserve, to facilitate an educational field trip for learners of Kliptonfein Primary school. It was a very enjoyable event, where the kids learned about keeping our environment clean while also making their own Eco Bricks from the rubbish they collected. For most of these children it was the first time that they have ever been on a boat not to mention a game reserve of this nature. We were able to supply lunch at Sibuya, who were fantastic hosts. Round Table Alex/Kenton210 also built on our working relationship with Rotary Kenton on Sea by manning a hotdog stand at the annual SuperKids event. Over the same weekend we were also involved in the Annual Port Alfred ‘Varsity’ Boat races in conjunction with Round Table Port Alfred 177. This was a great example of two clubs coming together to not only save the event but also to work together on a project that could potentially be a much needed yearly capital injection for both our clubs. Next Year we will have the added responsibility of managing a Bar as well and we look forward to the challenge it brings. This event ended very close to 400 man-hours and we are very thankful to all involved who help make this project take place and remain in Port Alfred.



Alex/Kenton210 As we head towards the end of the year we will look to place focus on a few social events and team building. We will also look to follow our current National President, the man with more AKA names than his whole council put together, Alan Malan, around as he heads towards the end of his year in office. YIT Jacques Van Wyk Round Table Alex/Kenton210 Chairman2019/2020



Burger sales! Kirkwood 78 is a proud table that does everything full throttle. This however could not be done without the support of our very active ladies. They are truly the legs keeping this table up. They are always there when we need them most. This time the tablers were not dishing but taking orders from our lovely ladies. They decided to start a new project to raise funds from where they could do their own good. They were going to make burgers. It was off course a roaring success as the residents in Kirkwood know that the Round Table in their area ensures a great eat and does nothing half measure. It was a big team effort that already started at 08:00 the Friday morning. It was like a relay race; as soon as someone needs to go the next took over. All the men jumped in to braai the patties and the ladies sorted the buns, sauce and orders and before we knew it all 360 burgers were out. They even sold the 40 extra they bought just in case. We had amazing feedback from the burgers and had to promise that this was not the last time. Having to work at any of our fundraisers is always great fun. Great works girls, you make us proud! Yours in Table Ryno Lombard



Burger sales!



Round Table Golf Day

Date: 9 August 2019

Venue: Belmont Valley Golf Estate The Round Table Golf Day 2019 was held again at the Belmont valley Golf estate with this year’s theme the “Pink Lady” edition. The approach this year was to do things differently and also acknowledge the continued support of our annual sponsors. The day was themed the "Pink Lady" with a format; Four Ball Alliance; Scramble Drive with a twist! The day included a halfway meal and platter and additional entertainment for the kiddies with a jumping castle and play area. A drinks station on hole 13 sponsored by Savanna with some refreshments and a double-your-money competition formed part of the daytime festivies. The evening entertainment was capped off with the main charity auction. The Golf day is our annual main fundraising project, and as such most of our Tabler’s were up early setting up the venue, coordinating the players on the course as well as the brave few who took up the challenge of playing!



Round Table Golf Day

The main sponsor for this year’s event was Distell brands who donated stock and prizes to give away. The event would not have been a success without our amazing local sponsors who donated prizes and money towards the event. Most of our four-ball teams went home with a prize courtesy of our sponsors and is yet another way of us giving back to those supporters of our events. Tabler’s from around the Eastern Cape came in their numbers to support the event and we thank them for their support of our initiatives! The Pink Golf day raised just over R 70 000! Proceeds from the Pink Golf Day are directed towards our community-based activities, Public Benefit Organisations, and services pertinent to women from various sectors within our community.

A special thanks to the project convenors: Jono Bellingan, Caroline and Stuart Beer, Ryno van Rooyen and Duncan Ruck and all the other Tabler’s for their tireless work throughout the year in making this event a success. Below is the list of our sponsors we would like to thank as Round Table Grahamstown 11: Report compiled by Dudu Nyakotyo (PRO)





Round Table Golf Day

Hansa Pre-Fish 14-15 September 2019

The Hansa Pre - Fish River Canoe Marathon is normally two weeks before the Canoe Marathon were some paddlers try to improve their time and try to qualify for the big race. Every year we prepare hotdogs for the paddlers at Knutsford and the next day at the Canoe Clubhouse.

We started our weekend a little early were we setup our gazebo and banners before 10am right next to the river at Knutsford. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, race was delayed by almost two hours which means we were four hours early. And the convener was truly in the hotseat for letting his fellow tablers sit for four hours and do nothing, but the young tablers had some time to ask the older tablers about Table in general. I can say we did not waist time because of all the knowledge that were shared between tablers on the day a fruitful gathering. First paddlers arrived just before 14:00 and you could see the glow in my fellow tablers eyes as they start to prepare the food for the paddlers. We made around 130 hotdogs and everyone enjoyed it. Sunday we setup at the Canoe clubhouse and was done just before lunch, all paddlers was out of the water and received a well-prepared hotdog roll. Yet again a successful Pre-Fish and all the thanks go to fellow tablers and friends of table. YIT John “Monde” Tom



Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon The Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon attracts a lot of paddlers yearly on the first weekend of October, this year it was a week earlier to accommodate the schools. This is also when we have our biggest fund raiser for the year running the bar. Every year paddlers come from all over South Africa and even some international paddlers come to take on the white waters of the Fish River. The main event is split over two days with paddlers spending 2 to 3 hours on the water each day. There are a few weirs to contest and a few shoots to “shoot�. The total distance of the marathon is 81,9 km. A big tent is erected at the finish right next to the river. Luckily this is done for us. Main race is split into two days but our planning and work starts way ahead of this. Preparations were done in advance, stock ordered, help gathered and we were geared and more than ready for the big day. As usual the project starts with a safety meeting at our clubhouse with all the relevant parties. Registration for the event is done on Thursday at the tent at which time we welcome everyone with some cold beers.



Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon During the evening there is a “Gig rig” parked at the other end of the tent with live performances during the evening. Saturday is the final race and we start early to serve all the guest and locals who came to support the paddlers. The rugby match between South Africa and Namibia was watched before the awards ceremony. What a lovely view it was to see everyone sit to enjoy the rugby and this is when the spirit of Ubuntu can be witnessed in its fullest. We also celebrated the 40th birthday of fellow tabler Jack Adam on the day and we made sure that he enjoyed his last Canoe Marathon as a tabler. Sunday is cleanup day and again all tablers pitched in and we were done within a few hours after which a well-deserved afternoon nap was enjoyed. A big thanks to all my fellow tablers, friends of table as well as our 41’ers that helped to make this a successful project. Till next year! Cradock RT 37 Greetings



Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon



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