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handcrafted tiles

~ luxury glass mosaics ~ crackled glass stoneware ~

Winslow Wall Fire Wrought Metals, Pewter field tiles, large ogee, and Mediterranean Seashore Glass Mosaics

Since no two tiles are alike, each installation is your own original art . . .

Heritage Unglazed Handcrafted by skilled artisans employing old-world techniques, the tiles in the Heritage Collections reflect warm character, charm and dignity. Style and durability make this collection the perfect answer for floors, patios and walls.

Antigua (full range)

Antigua Light

Epro Cotta


Warm, wide range of colors that replicate the look of antique, handmade brick. Installation shown includes optional Earth Products Natural Accents — real leaves pressed into the tile and fired.

An American handcrafted terracotta with all the same character and charm of aged European cotta.

Visually sorted lighter shades of Antigua (full range).

The traditional, pleasing light to dark ranges of an old-fashioned red brick floor.

Epro Tile • no two tiles alike • each installation an original 1

Heritage Unglazed

. . . varying tones, modulating textures and rich hues, are your personal palett e . . .

Heritage Glazed

5Sunroom :: Cinnamon Spice and Caribbean Blue hexagon

6 Wall and Flowers :: Lloyd Buff, Lafayette Moss and Antique Gold liner

. . . helping you create your own distinctive vision in ceramic tile . . .

Heritage Glazed Old-world authentic craftsmanship ~ the main characteristic of Heritage Glazed tile. Perfect in homes with historic appeal as well as a striking accent to contemporary architectural designs. Complete versatility, indoors or out, floors, walls or countertops.

Saddle Brown

Military Blue

Legend Black

Lafayette Moss

Potomac Blue

Cypress Green

Colonial Brick

Lloyd Buff

Birch White

Epro Tile • no two tiles alike • each installation an original 4


5Kitchen :: Biminy Beige

6Unglazed Epro Cotta :: Worthington Diamond Border, Legend Black, Biminy Beige, Emerald Green, Biminy Beige pencil liner

. . . express your creativity . . .


From the ocean’s edge ~ mystifying, soft, subtle colors. Enhanced by the modulating texture of sand, Sandtone tiles are a true treasure for any residential or commercial setting, inside and out ~ Including twelve of natures’s most enchanting colors to complement any room ~ see last page for maintenance.



Celery Green

Magellan Blue

Caribbean Blue


Biminy Beige


Valley Wine

Winter White


Cinnamon Spice

Epro Tile • no two tiles alike • each installation an original 6

Winslow Wall A colorful masterpiece of expressive, creative, artistic tile. As beautiful as an original watercolor, an enhancement for any interior wall. A wonderful palette of fifteen soft-hued and opaque colors accented with numerous decorative borders.

White Mist

Creme Mist


Fire Wrought Metals Three unique handcrafted metallic finishes create a versatile ability to use reflective surfaces


Turquoise Mist

Apricot Mist


Sky Blue




Celery Mist

Emerald Mist

Antique Gold

Caribbean Mist



Crackle Gold

Epro Tile • no two tiles alike • each installation an original 7

6Range Surround :: Fire Wrought Metal, Pewter

5Winslow Wall ::

Glassic Wheat, Epro Compatibles Creme Mist blend

5Mediterranean Glass - Seafoam, Antique Gold pencil liners,

Winslow Celery Mist

6Glassic tile - Kristen, Sage &


Glassic Like gems from deep within the earth’s crust, Glassic tiles shimmer & sparkle as light enters and refracts in endless variations. Glassic, crackled glass, fused to high fired stoneware, available in 21 radiant colors in 4 standard sizes. Add custom multi-colored decoratives and liners to create an installation as unique as you.








4 x 4 Emerald Rose






Nautical 2 x 2 Coffee & Amber







Moody 1 x 1 blend of Marine, Sky & Ocean

Twilight: color - Sky & Marine - 1 x 8 Infinity: color - Crystal & Wheat - 2 x 8 Motion: color - Smoke & Hops - 11/8 x 8 Hope: color - Smoke, Hops, & Sage -15/8 x 8 Potential: color - Sage & Citrine - 11/8 x 8

Peace: color - Canyon & Amber - 7/8 x 8 Universe: color - Canyon & Crystal - 2 x 8

Rhomboids 2 x 41/8

Connection: color - Caribbean & Emerald - 7/8 x 8 Sassy 2 x 2 Allyssa 2 x 2 Veronica: color - Wheat & Amber - 2 x 8

Panee: color - Coffee - 1 x 8 Skylar: Canyon & Crystal

Julia: Wheat, Sage, & Khaki

Complete: Amber & Wheat

Kristen: Sage & Smoke

Eternal: Sky & Ocean

Summer: Smoke & Wheat

Minor surface and shade variations from samples and within shipped lots are to be expected. These variations provide the unique character which sets Glassic tiles apart from the mechanical appearance of other mass-produced products. Glassic available in 1” x 1”, 2” x 2”, 4” x 4”, and 2 x 41/8” rhomboids. Half pieces available in 2”x2”, 4”x4” and Rhomboids. Epro Compatibles - custom Epro tile in the same sizes as Glassic tile, are available to blend with Glassic tile. Specify Epro Compatibles when ordering a blend. See Trim Page for details. Epro Tile • no two tiles alike • each installation an original 10

Mediterranean Glass Mosaics Glass mosaic blends designed to complement the many color choices in the Epro Tile line. Whether used alone as a spectacular feature element or as an exciting accent with other products, these incredible mosaics will enliven any surface. Mediterranean mosaics are handmade - each one is unique & one-of-a-kind

11/4” x 11/4” x 7/8” Sheet = 53/8 ” x 53/8 ” - 16 pcs.


3/4” x 3/4” x 1/4” Sheet = 81/4” x 81/4” - 81 pcs.


Listello - sterling (999/1000 platinum) sheet mounted strips - 17/8” x 73/4” x 7/16”


Listello - gold (24k) -sheet mounted strips sheet mounted strips - 17/8 x 73/4 x 7/16”

11/4” x 11/4” x 7/8” Sheet = 53/8” x 53/8” - 56 pcs.



individual 11/4” gold & sterling pcs. available

individual 1/2” pcs. of all rhomboid colors available

MetroMosaics The ancient technique of melting blown glass in cell-furnaces from a unique company in Italy brings back the transparencies and color reflections of stained glass mosaics. The one-of-a-kind irregular characteristics highlight the hand craftsmanship. 11 colors, including 3 iridescents and 2 precious metals, these mosaics are custom blended for their vibrancy. MetroMosaics are ideal used alone or as an exciting accent. 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/8” - Sheet size is 12” x 12” • 484 pcs.

Crystal Gold

Crystal Silver

Rose Quartz Metallic

Copper Metallic

Black Opal Metallic







Epro Tile • no two tiles alike • each installation an original 12

Tile, Trim & Decorative Sizes 6TILE

6 Winslow Wall and Fire Wrought Metal

:: Heritage Unglazed, Heritage Glazed, Sandstone

Rectangle 25/8’’ x 8’’ 3’’ x 6’’ 4’’ x 8’’ 6’’ x 12’’

Hexagon 4’’ 6’’ 12’’

Square 2’’ x 2’’ 3’’ x 3’’ 4’’ x 4’’ 6’’ x 6’’ 8’’ x 8’’ 12’’ x 12’’

Pentagon 6’’ 8’’ 12’’

Octagon 6’’ 8’’ 12’’


Valencia 83/4’’ x 121/4’’


Winslow Deco 2’’ x 6’’

Square 2’’ x 2’’ 3’’ x 3’’ 4’’ x 4’’ 6’’ x 6’’

Rectangle 3’’ x 6’’

Octagon 6’’

Winslow Deco 2’’ x 2’’ 3’’ x 3’’ 4’’ x 4’’ 6’’ x 6’’

Pentagon 6’’


:: All Collections *not available in Fire Wrought Metal

Earth Products - Natural Accents

Specify custom size Epro Compatibles to blend with Glassic tiles.

(Heritage Unglazed only)

Bullnose & Bullnose Corner 2’’x 2’’ 3’’x 3’’ 3’’x 6’’ 4’’x 4’’ 6’’x 6’’ 4’’x 8’’ 8’’x 8’’ 6’’x 12’’ 12’’x 12’’ Real leaves carefully pressed into moist clay, then fired to form a lasting, true impression of nature. Leaf varieties may vary due to changes of the season.

4’’ x 4’’ x 6’’ x 8’’ x 12’’ x


4’’ 8’’ 6’’ 8’’ 12’’

6’’ V-Cap 21/8’’x 3’’x 6’’

Cove Base* 4’’x 8’’

4’’ V-Cap 21/8’’x 3’’x 4’’

V-Cap Corner thinset

Cove Base Corner* 4’’x 8’’ (R or L, R shown)

Square 2’’ x 2’’, 4’’ x 4’’

V-Cap Corner mudset

Rhomboid 2” x 41/8”

BORDERS :: All Collections

3’’ x 8’’

Worthington Square Border & Dot (available in one color, two colors and/or three colors)

2’’ x 2’’ Contemporary Box (one color, two colors) 13/4’’ x 6’’

Bar Liner 1’’ x 6’’

Quarter Round 13/8’’ x 6’’

Aztec Swirl 11/2’’ x 6’’

Herringbone Feather 1’’ x 6’’

Triangle 3’’, 4’’, 6’’

3’’ x 8’’

Worthington 2’’ x 2’’ Diamond Border & Dot (available in one color, two colors and/or three colors)

Diamond Grid (one color, two colors) 21/4’’ x 6’’

Newton 17/8’’ x 6’’

Ogee 25/8’’ x 6’’

Small Ogee 13/4’’ x 6’’

Royal Cord 17/8’’ x 6’’

Pencil Liner 7/8’’ x 6’’

Tech Notes Because our tile is handcrafted, it is not possible to install Epro Tile with the precision normally practiced with machine made tile. In fact, your installation, non-uniform appearance, surface imperfections, or fingerprints will contribute to the warmth, charm, and character created exclusively with the use of Epro products. Epro tiles are nominally sized; means a 6’’ x 6’’ tile will be 55/8’’ x 55/8’’ design size, all tiles sold assuming a 3/8’’ grout joint. Because of the handcrafted nature of our tiles, all dimensions given are approximate. Installation Installation techniques for Epro tiles are much the same as those used in standard practice with quarry tile. Specifications for every situation can be found in the Handbook of Ceramic Tile Installation published by the Tile Council of North America. For additional slip and/or wear resistance on Epro tiles, an optional abrasive finish is available. Ordering Most Epro tiles are packaged 10 square feet to the carton including a 3/8 inch grout joint. Trim and decorative tiles are packaged per piece. Maintenance Regular cleaning is easy, just sweep regularly and damp mop as necessary, using warm water and a neutral cleaner. To clean stubborn spots or grout joints, use a stiff natural bristle brush. Maintenance guides are available for individual products from your local Epro Tile dealer. Note: The unique nature of the Sandstone Collection colors are such that we recommend a minimum of two thorough coats of Aqua Mix, Sealer’s Choice Gold 15, or an equivalent. Important: In regularly wet areas, such as showers, it is common for some Sandstone tiles to darken and lighten as they become wet and then dry. In cooking areas, around a stove on counters and backsplashes, cooking oil splatters should be cleaned up as soon as possible, as oils may permanently darken some tiles. It is suggested that you reseal these areas of Sandstone tiles periodically to help maintain their resistance to liquid penetration. Still, some spotting from liquid penetration is possible.

LEED & Green Information We are proud of the way we treat the environment by using clays sourced within 100 miles of our facility that are then minimally processed from their natural state through to the finished product. This fact may aid in LEEDS points awarded for regionally manufactured materials. (LEED Categories 5.1 &/or 5.2) Ceramic tiles by their very nature are inert, non-combustible, non-toxic and are completely free of any volatile organic compounds. Further, ceramic tiles allow for the use of low VOC adhesives & grouts that will not reduce indoor environmental air quality. We recycle a waste product of coal-fired electricity production into the body of many of our unglazed tiles. Additionally, we reclaim our own liquid waste glaze residue and our scrap clay and put it back into our clay body, which makes our already dense clay body all the more durable. Heat captured from our kilns is used to dry our tiles prior to firing, as well as heat much of our plant during cooler months. These measures not only help maintain the environment, but eliminate several items from the waste stream. Even our off grade tiles are stacked in our yard and picked over endlessly by residential and commercial users alike to create their own individual masterpieces so they never end up in a landfill. The recycled use of post-industrial materials in our tiles, the low impact manufacturing methods we use, products we make with abundant, local raw materials, and the reclamation of much of our own waste help us achieve our goal to help keep our environment clean and safe. Epro Tile conforms to ANSI 137.1 as Special Purpose Tile. Our tiles are produced, graded and packed to our stated specifications. When requested by the purchaser prior to production, a Master Grade Certificate may be issued certifying compliance with properties mutually agreed upon by purchaser and Epro Tile.

Since 1963, Epro Tile has been dedicated to preserving the heritage, beauty and utility of handcrafted ceramic tile. Today, Epro Tile is one of America’s premier manufacturers of authentic handcrafted tile, offering a complete product line that features an impressive array of sizes, colors, and special effects. • The preferred choice of interior designers and discriminating homeowners, Epro Tile can be found in the finer homes of America, walkway’s of exclusive shopping centers, aisles of quaint restaurants as well as in celebrity swimming pools. Epro Tile complements classic as well as contemporary environments, adding character that no machine can duplicate. The possibilities are infinite: the only limit is your imagination. • Since Epro tiles are made by hand, no two tiles are exactly alike. Therefore your project will be an authentic original creation reflecting your personal tastes and appreciation for high standards, meticulous quality and hand craftsmanship.

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Epro also offers the Country Home Collection...

...Seasons in Ceramics - soft, matte glazes

Unglazed Earth Products - Natural Accents made with hand selected natural leaves are carefully pressed into moist clay and fired to form a lasting, true impression of nature.

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Epro Tile Brochure  
Epro Tile Brochure  

Epro Tile is a manufacturer of handmade ceramic tile, luxury glass mosaics & crackled glass stoneware.