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Fiberglass is extremely strong and robust construction material that has layers of reinforced mat that experts separately saturate with catalyzed resin. In this post, FRP pipe manufacturers will share a guide in which they will tell how to make a FRP tube. This a DIY that you can perform at your place and make a FRP tube and use it for making pipes, boats, car bodies, and surfboards. FRP tubes are manufactured by applying fiberglass to a mandrel that has to be exact in diameter of the pipe needed. If you want thicker walls of the tube, you need to add more layers of mat. Things you will be required for this project:     

PVC pipe Cardboard 2 pipe stands Mold release wax Rags

           

FRP mat A pair of scissors Small bucket FRP resin Stir stick Catalyst Felt roller Air roller Rubber mallet Razor knife Metal scraper 100 Grit sandpaper

You need to set up the required diameter PVC pipe on the pipe stands. Make sure the pipe you take should have to be one foot longer than the final length of the tube you need. Place the pipe stands three inches from the pipe ends. Put cardboard over the ground underneath the PVC pipe to collect any excess resin. Coat the PVC pipe surface with mold release wax three times with the help of the foam applicator that comes with the wax. Let the wax set and dry. You can buff a little to make it shine using clean rag. Wrap the PVC pipe with a FRP mat and cut it using scissors to avoid overlapping at the seam. Using a first layer for a pattern, you need to cut the desired amount of layer for your PVC tube. Adding more layers will provide you thicker tube. Take a small bucket of the FRP resin and add catalyst. Make sure you wear your respirator before adding the catalyst to the resin. With the help of stick, stir the mixture well. Wet the PVC pipe surface with the resin mix with the help of felt roller. Apply the first FRP mat layer and use felt roller to saturate it with resin. When the whole layer gets wet, use an air roller and remove all the trapped air bubbles. You can repeat the process for every layer until the entire mat is over the PVC pipe. Insert a metal scrapper in between the fiberglass and PVC pipe and work it around the circumference until the FRP releases from the PVC. If you don’t allow FRP harden completely, it will damage the tube edge. FRP pipe manufacturers guide on making FRP tube is completed. You can try this at your place and share your experience.

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FRP Pipe Manufacturers Guide for Making a FRP Tube  

FRP pipe manufacturers will share a guide in which they will tell how to make a FRP tube. This a DIY that you can perform at your place and...

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