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CREATIVE ADVENTURES IN PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Innovative Case Studies / Investor or Funder Welcoming is a small, personalized consulting service. We write and prepare materials specifically designed to engage charitable or social justice nonprofits and small for-profit businesses into the mysterious and unfolding world of double or triple bottom line funding and investment opportunities. IMPACT INVESTING. Socially responsible entrepreneurs of every stripe are trying hard to create operational models that seek to balance a healthy cash bottom line with strong and effective social, community or planetary improvements. Unfortunately, at this point, the profit side of this teeter-totter of possibilities remains weighted to the advantage of traditional business presumptions and activities, often downplaying and even disvaluing fairness, justice and empowerment elements. Which makes it very difficult for projects from the caring side to get their feet on the ground. seeks to equalize this reality by advocating aggressively on behalf of the public benefit values of innovation and success. Under the guidance and with inspiration from our founder, Allan Shore, we identify creative projects that offer other choices. We then seek to prepare business, investor or donor packages to put these ideas into the hands of of funders and investors who want to bring about profitable social, cultural, spiritual and economic change. The following pages provide very brief overviews of projects we are currently involved in. Each was selected to highlight the methods and presumptions of the project, and to indicate why it has potential for developing a new sense of economic viability. We have attempted to offer a fair representation of our work without violating disclosure or proprietary protections. Additional information is available about each project by turning to their online sites or by requesting permission and signing a release of more details. We generally operate under shared and open protections offered through the expectations of the Creative Commons. This is not an offer of securities. All information is provided for educational purposes only. To request more information or to receive a nondisclosure application, send a message to a designated email or write to 1 Sample Case Presentations of Innovations PROPRIETERY – Not an offer of Securities / Sept. 2010

Good Religion, Bad Religion – Digital Mapping Social Justice for the Faithful This newest of explorations centers on focusing attention on how computer linking/mapping and interactive gaming technologies can be utilized as a portal for interjecting social justice tools and tactics into the lives of caring progressive religious/spiritual followers. Extremist dominionist Christians—who believe strict endtimes prophecies—are widely seen as being instrumental in infiltrating numerous institutions, incorporating their versions of religious hegemony into American culture. This is forcing many people to view religion and faith-based support in a negative or bad light. For believers who ground their faiths in social justice precepts, these actions are seen as counterproductive and tend to drive people away from religious engagement. Our proposed RETRENDING SOCIAL JUSTICE RELIGION initiative seeks to change the direction of this trend as a step toward demonstrating how religious and progressive pluralism can be a foundation for education, entertainment and economic justice. has initiative this project in partnership with a leading nonprofit organization that represents the majority of California’s mainstream and progressive people of faith. This includes an amazing array of organizations and congregations that are highly pluralistic and reflect a broad spectrum of religious philosophies (including Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and others). The business model that underlies this partnership seeks to capitalize on contemporary trends toward making change happen and on highly public and Hollywood-oriented promotional opportunities that currently seek to generate income off of representations of “bad” religious presentations. Our branding and product inculcation actively seeks to change the dynamics regarding what the public sees as “good” and “bad” religious impacts and potentials. Doing so not only changes the nature of the “game of change,” but does so by opening new markets of millions of identified mainstream and progressive believers in religious followship. From a business/investor or charitable funder perspective, this project has several distinct operational elements, each with identifiable value-blending, socially responsible ROI possibilities. Key among the initial marketable elements are: The development of highly user friendly and flexible linking and mapping resources that both identify and interrelated progressive faith-based initiatives of all kinds; Integrative hand-held business and participatory applications that utilize the above network of connectivity to support and reinforce green and sustainable empowerment business actions from within the progressive faith-based community; and, Entertainment-centered gaming and social networking spin-off portals that have the ability to intelligently grow with the building of a momentum of progressive consumerism. is seeking initial funder or investment partnerships in the range of $250,000 to $500,000. Given that these efforts fall under 501c3 classifications, partial grants and monetary collaborations are viable as is one or more principal investment collaborations. Send a message to

Green Gold: Pairing nature’s sustainable gourmet riches with the verified golden investment potentials of a world of honeys and cheeses. Most people are unaware of two remarkable realities: First, that there really is an amazing diversity of types and flavors of both honeys and cheeses. There are more than 400 specialty and commercial cheeses and upwards of 2 Sample Case Presentations of Innovations PROPRIETERY – Not an offer of Securities / Sept. 2010

150 honeys—and that these artisanal gourmet products are currently on the fast track for consumer acceptance. Second, that across the eons—perhaps for as long as human have recorded their existence—honeys and cheeses have been directly tied to social, cultural, spiritual and economic success and advancement. Green Gold is the first book directed toward exploring honey and cheese pairing. And it was created specifically to start and build a technology community of enthusiasts who recognize the value of these foods as a starting point for bringing about a large array of healthier more natural food options. The book starts by introducing its readers to an overview of honeys and cheeses and the clear trends that demonstrate why both commodities are already garnering the attention of major food players. It then offers tasty tidbits about how to successfully pair honeys and cheeses using examples of and the language of pairing other gourmet partners—including by using the language and imagery of marrying wines and chocolates, whiskey and beer with cheeses and more. Only after capturing the readers’ attentions do Green Gold’s authors begin to unfold why the best brains in natural health care, business and even technological evolution are readily capturing the ideas of honey bees and artisanal cheese makers as we plan for a solid money future. Both honeys and cheeses are experiencing major economic revitalizations that belie current trends for reasons that directly related to why these commodities have been so important across the eons. The book reveals a number of important sector assessments that directly tie to why investors of all kinds should value these natural treasures. Among the most important are, The unfolding trend in gourmet appreciation for natural and local foods; The fact that hundreds of thousands of individuals (many with impressive business and technology backgrounds) are already exploring their business goals; and, Regional, US and international investor forces are already at play trying to formalize how they will capitalize on the riches of honeys and cheeses. Additional information about Green Gold can be found on our website, The book is for sale on this site. We anticipate having a fully interactive site available with the public release of the Green Gold book. Follow-up sites and investor materials will become more available as the business sectors and the food industry turn to these natural global treasures. This expansion of the gourmet markets is also seen as a portal for opening a number of other opportunities for digital publishing and participatory engagement associated with food politics and health care. Investor information can be obtained via

Nickel-a-Meal Food Industry Campaign Against Obesity ( The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable as to how much the food manufacturing and fast food industries are linked to the massively expanding and deadly obesity pandemic that is weighing down the world. Yet time and again the major players in this crisis turn first and foremost toward blaming the victims for eating too much and failing to exercise or take care of themselves. Even the most widely recognized of possible solutions— generally involving government support, such as Michele Obama’s campaign—take this approach, doing little to use the economic realities of America’s Fast Food Nations. There are few if any market-oriented approaches that promise to generate overall food sector change, and none that really address how one of the largest money-moving sectors could well be its own source of healthy 3 Sample Case Presentations of Innovations PROPRIETERY – Not an offer of Securities / Sept. 2010

solutions. Even remarkable new books and projects such as The Town that Food Saved ( and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution ( fail to address the need for major supplies of money to keep their initiatives on track for greater acceptance. is outlining how this can change by integrating the fast food (and many other restaurant) sectors and their money processing partners into an entirely different type of solution—one founded on community empowerment tactics. As we outline on our initial website,, the idea we believe will work seeks to encourage the most popular of food outlets to participate in creating a campaign that gathers an “extra nickel” with each purchase. These nickels would then be instantly and transparently be transferred by the banking or credit card/ATM services to regional public benefit nonprofit agencies such as community foundations. This money—estimated to be about 125,000,000 nickels each and every day in the US alone!— would then be used to incentivize a remarkable array of possibilities—and the smartest of for-profit businesses would have to learn to incorporate healthy food issues into their strategies to keep customers coming to their places … which would, of course, generate more money for the cause. Information is viewable at, or you can write to us at

Entertainment Justice – A Literary Voice in Social Justice Ever since Atari relinquished its command of the electronic gaming industry, America’s entertainment sector (which today encompasses literature, movies, games and other interactive domains) has moved with lightning bolt and laser precision toward better, faster and more dangerous and well-armed computer generated graphic worlds populated with militaristic and shoot-and-kill heroes and heroines. The only characters capable of saving the greater “us” and our world in these environments are creatures that use their own form of destructive justice to bring something called peace, no matter the route used to get there. Most blockbuster movies or best-selling stories garner commercial success and economic credibility because they latch themselves on to the richness of awesome weapons and cutting-edge spy tools. It’s not uncommon for these agents of justice to get their weapons from the very police or soldiers whose supposed compliance with bothersome rules and regulations causes them to be unable to adequately squash the bad guys. Heroes and heroines need better standards, and after decades of work, social justice people and organizations have tools to help really good heroic role models defeat any evil. Entertainment Justice strives to directly and purposefully derail this kind of thinking and the model of moral superiority it conveys. Ours is an approach for encouraging artists of all kinds to learn how to make protagonists who find comfort in their own fun and interactive worlds where their stories, scripts and plots reward true collaboration and empowerment—and most importantly that this new genre of advocacy in action offers media options that are downright entertaining. We accept that it is possible to develop a wide-variety of stories, plots and movie or gaming scripts that can use these tactics to showcase natural and real human heroism in exciting and even blockbusting ways. Young people communicate across virtual platforms and network as partners against the confines of adolescence; domestic violence survivors secret away other potential victims, often using relocation and re-identify strategies; homeless, hunger, environmental, pro-choice advocates of uncounted passions use guerilla missions of all kinds to protect the vulnerable against life’s unfairness. During 2011, we anticipate vitalizing the virtual universe to bring such models together in a way that can really give participatory media a new lease on cinematic and graphic missions that can put the Jane Bonds and Jason Bournes to shame! 4 Sample Case Presentations of Innovations PROPRIETERY – Not an offer of Securities / Sept. 2010


Here are short presentations of the project we are involved in the could well make the world of change happen and taste better!

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