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Digital Portfolio Elizabeth Ponting (student Number: 0905890)

Contents: 1. Photoshoped Plan 2. Photoshoped Axonometric 3. 3D Studio Max Modelling 4. Photoshoped perpective Itterations 5. Final Photoshoped Perspective

Photoshoped Plans This was a subjective study of a self-selected site; in this case, a series of lakes. Photoshop was used to overlay shapes of the same colour, but various transparancies, to map sound intensity. The more opaque the colour, the greater the sound intensity.

In Detail: Three details of the drawing above, showing different effects of overlaying layers of different transparancies and content.

3D Studio Max: Parametric Generation of Stairs and Modelling

Photoshopped Perspectives Asked to produce a ‘simple perspective’ I began with a line drawing. This, seeming flat and uninspired, was then brought into Photoshop to add a few splashes of red. However, this simply created childishness about the drawing. Further work produced one more iteration, and then a final image. The transparency and gradient tool are key to producing these two images, as well as perspective distort. The aim was not to try and make the drawing something it wasn’t; it is a drawing. It was not, and never will be, a photograph. Using this sentiment allowed me to use Photoshop ‘simply’ whilst still including a lot of expression and detail of the space I was trying to represent.


Digital Portfolio  
Digital Portfolio  

Digital Portfolio: Elizabeth Ponting