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Success in the machine tool industry – The market in this sector is characterised today by customer demand for innovative, flexible machine tools. Other challenges faced by manufacturers include parameters such as international statutory requirements, a lack of skilled labour and constantly increasing complexity. The answer to these challenges is to implement a modular machine design concept, world-class energy efficiency and a short time to market. With a clear focus on process integration and reliability across the entire value chain, you can achieve these goals.

Cover/picture: Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH

identify and take advantage of new trends Customers expect first-class systems Customers in the machine tool industry are demanding ever faster, high-precision machines that can handle the production of increasingly complex parts. At the same time, systems need to be compact and flexible, and ensure reliable communication in CAx-neutral data flows. Objectives are: Minimisation of downtime Easier, more user-friendly operation Faster conversion times Lower energy consumption Long service life while reducing maintenance costs Reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) In short: New machines are required to increase efficiency while reducing operating costs and maximising flexibility. The demand is not for single systems, but for manufacturing solutions.

Properly equipped As a machine tool manufacturer, you are also confronted with other challenges – increasing globalisation and mounting competitive pressures mean that your company needs to increase productivity, standardise the product portfolio, shorten development cycles and comply with a constantly growing number of standards and guidelines. Approaches to solving these problems include optimising your design and engineering and improving cooperation with other departments. Interdisciplinary approaches replace traditional processes, change engineering methods and offer considerable potential for optimisation. An enterprise-wide PLM strategy combines engineering with both product data management (PDM) and commercial systems, resulting in an exceptional increase in productivity.

A competent partner With its philosophy of 'efficient engineering', EPLAN Software & Service provides innovative and practical solutions for workflow optimisation in the machine tool sector. Everything is from one source – from software to training to consulting. Interdisciplinary – from mechanical to fluid and electrical engineering to PLC programming. Integrated – from order processing and manufacturing to service. The EPLAN solutions establish a uniform basis for all information and enable effective, interdisciplinary and parallel operations. Integration into the existing IT infrastructure, with interfaces to your ERP and PDM systems, produces a seamless, enterprise-wide workflow.

Engineering expertise in the machine tool industry has a name: It's called EPLAN Software & Service


Custom machines for individual customer As a machine tool manufacturer, you benefit from integrated processes thanks to EPLAN’s solutions, allowing you to rapidly bring customised, high-performance machines to market.








Laser cutting

Machine types at a glance Drills Hobbing machines Lathes Milling machines Laser cutting machines CNC machines Waterjet cutting machines Erosion machines Bending machines, and much more

Achieve the best possible productivity gains by optimising your entire value chain – from acquisition to delivery. For example, you can make significant savings in time and costs through fast and uncomplicated coordination between your sales and technical divisions. And within the engineering process itself, seamless

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EPLAN range of solutions – from acquisition to delivery

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The advantage is yours With our innovative, practical solutions and expert consulting services, we at EPLAN Software & Service accompany you on your path to a seamless end-to-end workflow.


Complex machines demand optimum Fast, high-precision machine tools require seamless, trouble-free interaction of all of their components. Interaction between all disciplines is critical, even during the development stage. With a unified database and the core functions for the various divisions, the EPLAN Platform ensures that your workflow is smooth and frictionless. Consistent data shortens development time and increases the quality of your engineering.

Electrical engineering Power drives Electrical control systems Safety engineering Machine monitoring Machine wiring PLC (digital/analogue)

CAD solution Design Sheet metal working


interaction of all disciplines Mechatronic Components

Control cabinet construction Control technology Mounting structures Enclosure climate control Enclosure wiring NC manufacturing and mounting

Fluid engineering Pneumatics Hydraulics Measurement and control

Cooling (workpiece/system)



Measurement systems and sensors for monitoring process parameters




Pricing Machine functions

ERP Offer/calculation Bill of materials

Mechanics 3D Models

CAx Fluid/Wiring diagrams Enclosure mounting

Customers expect custom machine tools that are tailored exactly to their needs. In contrast, manufacturers need to standardise their product portfolio and minimise the number of variants. That means that close coordination between sales and engineering plays a central role in your processes, because special requirements are the big unknown for engineering, design and costing. Create an integrated workflow and transparency for everyone involved, starting with a rule-based product configurator and secondary technical configuration, including automated documentation.

Bridging the gap: From sales to engineering A product configurator for your sales success Product diversity and the requirement for custom solutions necessitate a great deal of sales know-how in relation to the different versions and options for machine tools. With a rule-based product configurator, you can offer your sales people and partners: The ability to configure machines individually The security of knowing that only technically coordinated and saleable configurations are possible Automatic costing and fast and easy tender preparation The configurator works on the basis of the EPLAN Engineering Center (EEC). It allows you – together with our experienced team of EPLAN consultants – to define modular products using a modular process. Knowledge of the various possible product combinations is defined as a set of rules in the EEC. Reusing the individual functional modules then allows you to significantly reduce the number of variants.

Technical configuration and automated engineering Programming HW Code PLC Code

Integration between the EEC and the EPLAN Platform opens up a second, technically oriented layer of configuration and parameterisation to your engineers. The creation of all engineering documents can now be automated: Mechanical manufacturing and order BOMs Mechanical design drawings Hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams Wiring diagrams PLC programs Technical documentation

The advantages are obvious Less need for coordination between sales and engineering saves time Automated quotation costing takes the pressure off sales and provides reliable cost estimates Fast quotations and short time to market increase customer satisfaction Use of proven, error-free modules improves quality and minimises the cost of rework Reuse of defined components allows standardisation of the product portfolio and reduces costs


The fast track to success with integrated Two identical machines, with different documentation, for the same customer – in practice, it happens all the time. To blame are conventional structures, different levels of expertise and different work practices among different employees, and the strict separation of the engineering disciplines. Duplication of data, incorrect components, and differing representations of components result in the need for time-consuming reworking of documentation. Raise the quality and boost the speed of your engineering processes with an integrated workflow and a centralised base for your data.

Legacy data (technical and commercial data)

Navigation, searching, printing

engineering The beginning of a long friendship Profit from the master data at the EPLAN Data Portal, available to you with the EPLAN Platform for all disciplines including M-CAD, fluid and electrical engineering. Project your data across all media and make your design data seamlessly available across your entire enterprise through a powerful PDM system – thereby achieving time and cost savings throughout the value chain.

Seamless integration of engineering disciplines To get your project started quickly, the EPLAN Data Portal contains approximately 200,000 devices from many major component manufacturers. The components include standardised graphic characteristics in each of the disciplines and contain commercial information: In short, a comprehensive manufacturer database as the basis for a seamless engineering process. The various projection tasks can now be edited with the EPLAN Platform and your expert systems. For example, the fluid engineers could work with a hydraulic power unit within EPLAN Fluid. EPLAN Electric P8 then makes available all information relevant to electrical control of the unit, such as graphic characteristics or connection point descriptions. Changes, for example a change to an item number in the hydraulic schematic, are automatically included in the electrical schematic. You can then make the resulting design data available to the entire company with your PDM system. Thanks to integrated version control, all users have access to the current documentation – goodbye to manual revisions!

Standardisation and reorganisation as a productivity factor EPLAN's expert consultants identify your workflows and organisational structures, develop design guidelines to enable standardisation and guide you through the reorganisation process. The goal is a clear division of responsibilities for all involved – we say: "The CAE administrator takes care of the master data and standardisation, and the designer gets on with the engineering."

The benefits to you at a glance Integration of comprehensive supply data supports your supply chain management concept Unified database prevents duplication and mistakes, minimising potential errors and avoiding costly corrections The EPLAN Platform allows simultaneous processing of a project across all locations and countries, with everyone speaking their own language Less coordination work for everyone involved


Team players: Engineering and manufacturing Efficient manufacturing is a fundamental factor in your company's success. Exploiting the full capacity of your machinery and the precision of the manufacturing process are just as important as reliable delivery to your customers. At the same time, development cycles are getting shorter and time pressures intensify. The result? Data is incomplete when manufacturing starts. You can get over this hurdle with optimised manufacturing integration using 3D virtual prototyping and direct data transfer to NC machining centres and automated cable assembly systems.

Benefits at a glance Virtual 3D prototypes for optimum sizing and perfect use of space Custom-fit components and inclusion of the manufacturer's specifications ensure high quality Integration of NC manufacturing ensures high-precision machining, saving time and costly rework Early inclusion of production scheduling and mounting together with complete and accurate data combines to reduce the margin of error Smooth workflow minimises expenditure on coordination

Engineering Construction Wiring diagrams/Device lists

Production documentation/ Assembly documentation incl. Assembly drawing

Enclosure layout

NC data generation/ Production integration (Perforex, Steinhauer, DXF)

3D conductor routing (Komax, CADCabel, Lists) Cable harness


3D design of enclosures and mounting panels Create integrated, automated processes from engineering right through to manufacturing. With EPLAN Pro Panel, the EPLAN Platform integrates your production scheduling and mounting perfectly into the product development and manufacturing process. The system supports the development of 3D virtual prototypes. For both electrical and fluid power components, all existing projected components in the schematic or in the mounting layout can be easily positioned on the mounting panel or in the enclosure. Dynamic collision detection and the inclusion of the manufacturer's installation instructions improve quality whilst saving you a great deal of time.

Seamless integration with NC manufacturing For machining, dedicated drill patterns and templates which are passed directly to NC machining centres are created. Special interfaces allow EPLAN data to be read directly into the machine controller, for example for Steinhauer eCAB and Kiessling Perforex. On top of that, the neutral DXF format allows you to integrate almost any NC-based drilling and machining centre into the workflow.

Wiring made easy EPLAN Pro Panel provides you with all the information you need for perfect wiring. The 3D mounting layout and the information from the wiring diagram provide the basis for virtual wiring of the enclosure. You can find fabrication data such as conductor length, termination details, bundling and labelling at the push of a button. Interfaces allow you to pass this information on to automated cable assembly systems including for example Komax, Schleuniger or Metzner Cable Center.

The opportunities for securing your company's success are many, but they all have one thing in common: The improvement of process integration and reliability across the entire value chain. Understand and take advantage of this potential. Get a competitive edge and establish yourself as a first-class provider and trendsetter in the market.

A competent partner Your customers want machines that are faster, more complex, more precise and more customised. With increasing international competition and the need for standardisation, that means that you are faced with the big challenge of examining and improving your processes. We at EPLAN Software & Service guide you in this process and lead you to success. During our many years working together with customers in the machine tool industry, we have amassed extensive experience with regard to typical working practices, processes, potential for conflict and the specific needs of the market. We're ready to share that knowledge with you to find the right solution for your company.

Security for the future Sustained success means future-proof solutions and partners. For more than 25 years, we have been monitoring developments and trends in the engineering sector. All our efforts are focused on achieving long-term added value for our customers. As a part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, we can benefit from the strength and the size of the famous group. Around the world, we offer you the necessary stability and security for your investments – now and in the future.

EPLAN – some impressive facts Founded 1984 Member of the Friedhelm Loh Group 50 distribution and service centres worldwide 550 EPLAN employees and 200 employees with partners Over 80,000 users


EPLAN – Your partner for machine building


You can trust us too Well-known customers from a wide range of sectors in the machine tool industry speak for themselves Turning Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH (Machine tools) . EMAG Salach . HAMUEL Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG . Hermle AG . INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG . MAG Boehringer Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Forming LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH . Schuler Pressen GmbH & Co. KG . Walter Neff GmbH

Milling Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH . GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG . GLEASONPFAUTER GMBH . EiMa Maschinenbau GmbH . DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH . Klingelnberg GmbH . Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH

Bending/Stamping Burkhardt GmbH . Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik

Grinding Alfred H. Schütte . Blohm Jung GmbH . Carl Benzinger GmbH . Diskus Werke Schleiftechnik GmbH . Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbH . Geibel & Hotz GmbH . KAPP GmbH . NILES Werkzeugmaschine GmbH . Overbeck GmbH

Erosion MAKINO Europe GmbH

Compression moulding Walter Neff GmbH . UNITECH-Maschinen GmbH

Cutting Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH . VOLLMER WERKE

Drilling ELHA-Maschinenbau Liemke KG . Gehring Technologies GmbH . IXION GmbH & Co. KG . SAMAG Saalfelder Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Measuring Walter Maschinenbau GmbH

Dyeing/Drying A. Monforts Werkzeugmaschinen

Clearing Forst Technologie . Maschinenfabrik FRÖMAG

And much more...



efficient engineering

Our customers work around the world – and so do we EPLAN has seven branches in Germany and representatives in over 50 countries around the world, so is always around wherever you need advice. Over 25,000 customers have trusted us with more than 80,000 installations. Rely on a partner with consistent focus on practicality, extensive experience, individual service and an international presence. EPLAN Software & Service, part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, represents continuity and security of investment.

EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG An der alten Ziegelei 2 40789 Monheim am Rhein . Germany Phone: +49 2173 3964-0 Fax: +49 2173 3964-25 . Design/

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