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EPLAN Integration Consistent engineering – only possible with transparent and uniform data management that covers all disciplines. In order to accelerate product development from the design to the production stage, the Vault-EPLAN Integration builds bridges between electrical, fluid and mechanical engineering.

Mechanical data from for example, AutoCAD® Mechanical and Inventor® can now be managed together with electrical and fluid engineering data from EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid and EPLAN PPE. The file organization becomes more efficient, expensive errors can be avoided; iterative work as well as release cycles can be executed faster.

Reliable storage of the EPLAN projects The Vault PDM system records and manages all the project data in a central structure. The project data from EPLAN is available in parallel to the M-CAD design data on the Vault server. Thanks to the user rights management in Vault all the project data can be accessed in one secure, central location and is protected against unauthorized access.

Direct storage of EPLAN projects in Vault If you want to import existing EPLAN project data, then simply check in the project that is opened in EPLAN. Vault carries out a backup and creates a PDF preview.

Header data management The new interface not only realizes the mechatronical data storage of neighboring disciplines. It also ensures the exchange of data between PDM systems and CAx systems. For example the header data of EPLAN projects are managed in Vault. You can therefore be sure that the header data in the EPLAN Electric P8 document is up-to-date at all times. They can be configured freely and are identical in both systems.

Own document types Vault opens an EPLAN project directly with the corresponding EPLAN Platform application.

Central parts management With the EPLAN interface Vault displays the parts created in EPLAN. It is therefore possible to display bills of materials in Vault independently of EPLAN. All the parts information such as the part number, supplier, manufacturer as well as the bill-ofmaterials information is available for all departments.

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CREATION and management of design data Bills of materials Vault shines with its simple and well-structured management of all the project data – for example characteristics lists and structure bills of materials. The former helps in the systematic classification of components and component groups into superordinate classes. The information becomes transparent; the diversity of variants in the company becomes clearer. This results in faster high quality designing using established standards. The transfer of structured bills of materials with a higher-level function/mounting location structure is new.

Viewing EPLAN projects The EPLAN projects are viewed in Vault with the integrated pdf viewer. The familiar navigation possibilities of the viewer are available: Page navigation, cross-references and component jumps. Allowing a Vault user to view projects even without an EPLAN installation.

System requirements The Vault-EPLAN Integration is available for:

Vault Professional 2011 EPLAN Electric P8 Professional Version 2.0 EPLAN Electric P8 Select Version 2.0 EPLAN Fluid Version 2.0 EPLAN PPE Version 2.0 Vault-EPLAN Integration supports SQL-Server parts databases and is available for the following languages: German, English and Spanish. The language of the interface must agree with the language of the expert systems.

The Vault-EPLAN Integration is available for â‚Ź 950 plus VAT: Implementation A preceding workshop and customized implementation are required.

DIGITAL prototyping

with PDM solutions from EPLAN & Autodesk Vault-EPLAN Integration – features and advantages at a glance Secure storage and management of EPLAN projects in Vault Data is easy to find, organize, copy and reuse Storage of existing EPLAN projects in Vault Checking projects in and out of EPLAN Management of the attributed data is bi directional between EPLAN and Vault EPLAN projects can also be opened from within the Vault client Revision control: The functions for releasing and tracking file versions reduces the frequency of errors throughout the entire design process Scalable solution: Thanks to replication, it is possible to synchronize the project data among distributed workgroups within the enterprise Bidirectional interface to synchronize parts data Parts management using Vault – you can display parts and bills of materials in Vault independently of EPLAN Transfer of structured bills of materials with a higher-level function/mounting location structure Creation and management of parts lists in Vault: direct access to standard functions such as characteristics lists and structure bills of materials The EPLAN projects are viewed in Vault in PDF format: Every Vault user can view the data without having an EPLAN license

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EPLAN Integration Autodesk Vault  

EPLAN Integration Autodesk Vault