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The Epistle 2014

Blessed Endurance Welcome to The Epistle Magazine—a special

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publication of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. We appreciate the wonderful suggestions from members to share more personal stories and information in The Epistle about the broad happenings at the church. We have done that with this issue. All praise is given to God. As we close 2013 and move into 2014, we reflect on the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us as a family of Christian believers. For Nineteenth Street Baptist Church, 2014 will be a mighty time of celebration as we honor our 175th anniversary on August 29, 2014. We have leaned on God for the strength to create a rich legacy from the time of slavery to a time that will extend beyond what we could possibly imagine. The theme for this publication is “Blessed Endurance.” It is based on a powerful sermon that Pastor Derrick Harkins gave to the congregation on October 27, 2013. Central to that sermon is the reference: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” {2 Timothy 4:7 (NIV)}. The articles in this issue demonstrate our endurance as faithbased believers in Christ, doing God’s work. The articles were lovingly prepared and submitted by members throughout our congregation. Thank you for sharing about the work of the church and your walk with Christ and one another. All are invited to participate in The Epistle. If you would like to submit an article for a future issue of this magazine, contact Kim Haney-Brown, Editor. We hope this issue inspires you!

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Pastor’s Corner

The Epistle


Transformation, Endurance, and Hope By: Pastor Derrick Harkins We are called to live a transformational life that inspires us to breakthrough boundaries outside the norm and beyond what is generally expected of us. As we approach our 175th anniversary in 2014 as one of the oldest African American churches in the District of Columbia, Nineteenth Street Baptist Church stands as a beacon of endurance. We have leaned on the strength of God to carry us through this earthly journey. We will continue to lean on God in our faith-driven journey with Jesus Christ. As a people driven by faith, we strive to make ourselves available to the fullness of the gospel. Our journey as “Pastor and People” has been a mighty journey indeed. Isaiah was the great prophet that spoke of the people being freed from Israel (see Isaiah 55:1-9). Essentially, Isaiah says the best of what is offered by God comes freely. I can bear witness to the fact that there is no limitation to what God has to offer, because God always restores and replenishes no matter where we are in life. The good news is that there is abundance without limitation, love without limitation, joy without limitation, and the list goes into infinity.

My hope for this year is first and foremost, God’s continued blessings and care for each of you. The “uncertainties” of a new year always provide a lesson in continuing faith and trust. As we celebrate and reflect upon our rich legacy during 2014, I hope it spurs us on to do even greater things as we address issues that call for our voice and action. From local to global, from education to health, from prison reform to poverty, the Gospel points us toward being engaged in the world around us. Along with a number of these important priorities, I look forward to our church making a deep commitment to enriching the lives of children and youth, both within our church family and far beyond. We can’t look back at our history without being excited about our future, because God is at the center of both.



The Epistle 2014 Message from the Editor Moses—A Man of Extraordinary Endurance

The Hebrew prophet Moses figures prominently in the Bible. He was a man of great endurance who faced hurdles of insurmountable magnitude and depth. Yet, his faith in God propelled him to do God’s will. Who is this magnificent man of strength I asked during one of my travels to Egypt? After an inspiring pilgrimage in the Holy Land of Israel in 2004, I traveled to Mount Sinai (or "Mount Moses"), a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. It is the most accepted identification of the biblical Mount Sinai, i.e., the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. At the time, I was studying the life of Moses and meditating on Exodus 31:18: “When the LORD finished speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him the two tablets of the covenant law, the tablets of stone inscribed by the finger of God.” {NIV}

Kim’s Pilgrimage in Mount Sinai Region of Egypt

Traveling to Mount Sinai, we crossed the border into the Sinai region of Egypt from the southern tip of Israel, the city of Eilat. We began the morning by visiting St. Catherine’s Monastery at the base of Mount Sinai, some 4000 feet above sea level. After the monastery, I climbed the rest of the way to the summit of Mount Sinai where we had a special time of prayer and dedication. The experience was profound. Amongst many deep meditations from the trip, Isaiah 26:4 continues to ring loudly to me and I hope it does for you: “Trust in the LORD always, for the LORD GOD is the eternal Rock.” {NLT} I wish you a spiritually prosperous 2014. 

Kim preparing to hear a sermon on Mount Sinai


Kim’s travel on Mount Sinai


The Epistle

Ministry Updates


His Homeless Ministry and the Food Pantry Passing a fellow brother or sister on the street with a raised hand for food or shelter compels many of us to stop and give something from the heart, whether it involves money, food, or a prayer. According to D.C. Hunger Solutions, “One in eight District households is struggling against hunger, and while the nation's federal nutrition programs have a wide reach in Washington, D.C., too many adults and children continue to slip through the nutrition safety net.” In terms of homelessness, the National Alliance to End Homelessness reports 610,042 people experience homelessness on any given night in the United States. These statistics and our love for mankind call us into action. Nineteenth Street Baptist Church is doing its part through "His Homeless Ministry" and the “Food Pantry Ministry.” Once each month, members and volunteers of His Homeless Ministry gather at the church to prepare food and care packages for our homeless brothers and sisters. His Homeless Ministry normally distributes meals to about 240 people per month. Active spiritual ministry takes place in parks and shelters in downtown D.C. The Food Pantry serves 100 plus meals per month to needy families. Make a difference and volunteer. We encourage you to join either ministry for this joyful time of spreading God’s love and His Word. Contact the church office (202) 829-2773: • His Homeless Ministry—Deacon Sandra LeSesne; or • Food Pantry—Deacon Larry Holland.

Deacon Sandra LeSesne providing food

Deacon Roosevelt Johnson ministering in D.C. park

Helping our Brothers and Sisters in need



The Ministry EpistleUpdates 2014 Global Missions Ministry (GMM) at Work By: Phillis W. Cooke, Ministry Leader

Ongoing missionary work continues on an international scale for Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. This article features missionary outreach efforts in Burkina Faso, West Africa, Jamaica, and Nicaragua.

Burkina Faso -West Africa Nineteenth Street Baptist Church (NSBC) was honored in West Africa in a ceremony in Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso, on October 5, 2013. The report from the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program and the Evangelical Church EESIM notes: “With praise, gratitude and love that because of the partnership and support of NSBC, the OVC Program was able to give school kits and books to a large number of children.” The ceremony was attended by dignitaries from the province who acknowledged the initiative with NSBC and “its importance especially as these are times when some parents do not have the means to buy school supplies for their children.” The report continues in part: “We want this report to clearly tell you (NSBC) and let you know that your actions are saving because ‘nowadays’ giving a book to a child during the school year is a total blessing and relief. Recipients ask us to convey their gratitude to you until one day that God allows you to see them face to face. On behalf of the staff of the OVC program and all beneficiaries we thank you. May the Lord grant you His graces and blessings. The Coordinator, NADIEBA Namoussa.” 6

Pastor Lamoudi distributing school kits to children

See the GMM bulletin board at NSBC and our church website for further details and pictures from this ceremony. We continue our monthly financial contribution to the OVC Program. We praise God for using us, and we are humbled and grateful. We thank the OVC program and Pastor Lamoudi for this great honor and blessing.

Pastor Lamoudi distributing school books to children

The Epistle Continued… In another program, we are helping to build a well in Burkina Faso that was initiated through GMM by the students, parents, administrators, and staff of Highland Park Christian Academy. This well will serve hundreds of people in an area that has no clean source for water. The support of our congregation and friends is needed to get clean water to God’s people in need. We continue working with our fellow servants of God in Burkina toward the day, in God’s time, we will go to Burkina Faso.

Land where the well will be dug. Photo taken by Phillis Cooke

Jamaica GMM is in ongoing contact with our counterparts in Jamaica via our Team Leader, Rev. Robin Turner. Our objective is to attend to our present ministries there and expand into Yallahs, Jamaica. The advance trip will take place as Christ guides us in His time. If you have not yet viewed the informative and moving video from Rev. Vanya Grant in Yallahs, please do so on our church website. You will be blessed.


Ministry Updates

 Global Missions 


The Epistle 2014 Ministry Updates

 Global Missions  Continued…

Nicaragua In August 2013, an initial meeting was held in Washington, D.C. with missionaries from Nicaragua and GMM Missionaries. Deaconess Pearl Sudduth serves as Team Leader. They were able to share the joy of God’s love and make an initial assessment of needs. The advance trip to Bluefields, Nicaragua will be made in the future with God’s direction. We rejoice at this initial gathering. Deacon Sandra LeSesne and Deaconess Pearl Sudduth with missionaries from Nicaragua

Missionary Training GMM sponsored its first missionary training program at NSBC in June 2013. Participants learned what is needed spiritually, emotionally, physically, individually and as a team to serve God as a short-term missionary. Our Training Committee, Deacon Johnnieque Love, and Rev. Robin Turner, put together informative, spirit-filled training sessions and brought in a very knowledgeable facilitator as well. We are grateful for this training opportunity and pray God’s guidance for us to have others.

Some of the GMM missions training participants


The Epistle



GMM Fundraising Committee planned and implemented an evening at the circus in March 2013, a bazaar and bake sale in July at our Annual Block Party, and sale of mini desserts in August 2013. Their hard work is very much appreciated and advances our ability to serve globally.

Make a special contribution for the OVC Program in Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso. The need is always great for food, soap, and the most basic needs to live. Your gift will allow the children to eat this holiday season, people living with HIV/AIDS to get medication, allow widows to survive. Make your check to NSBC. Be SURE to write “GMM-OVC” in the memo.  Make a special contribution to our ongoing ministry at Bounty Hall Primary School in Trelawny, Jamaica. There, we have established a library at the school through the efforts of Deaconess Pearl Sudduth. It is the only library that exists for the whole region. Help us continue to support the school, the eager-to-learn children, and the people of Bounty Hall. Make your check to NSBC. Be SURE to write “GMM- Jamaica” in the memo. 

Opportunities to Join in the Great Commission: Go Ye Therefore… (Matthew 28:19-20) Make a Donation and Give a Gift of Hope, Health, and God’s Holy Word

General contributions are always welcome. Just write Global Missions Ministry in the memo. We continue our on-going program: “Your Change Can Change Lives.” 

Help dig the well in Burkina Faso! Through the “From the Heart” program of Highland Park Christian Academy where our own Deaconess E. Louise White is principal, this project was launched in GMM with their initial $500 donation. The well will cost approximately $5,000, and we are far from our goal. There is no source of clean water for the hundreds upon hundreds of villagers that will be serviced by the well. As our Burkinabe associate, Honorine, says, “I will tell them about Jesus as I give them water from the well.” Make your check to NSBC. Be SURE to write “GMM-Well” in the memo.

Please join us in continual prayer for the Global Missions Ministry, its leaders, and members as we are guided by our Lord. Pray too for the people of the nations who we share God’s love and who so richly bless us. 


Ministry Updates

 Global Missions 


TheMinistry Epistle 2014 Updates Attend the Theater with Progressive Adults By: Judith Neeley and Ann Saunders

On a recent fall evening, members of the


Progressive Adults and their guests were dancing in their seats to the extraordinary vocal talents of Dianne Reeves at the Strathmore Music Center. In center seats on the first few rows of the orchestra, they were totally engulfed in the beautiful jazz sounds.

Saturday, March 15, 2014, 2:00 p.m. - Ethel Barrymore Theater, New York City “A Raisin In the Sun,” starring Denzel Washington and Diahann Carroll -- $250.00, includes Chartered Coach, Theater and Dinner (DEPOSIT REQUIRED NOW).

All of the wonderful cultural events sponsored by the Progressive Adults benefit the church’s Love Pal Program. Our goal is to provide every undergraduate college student, who is a member of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church and who has applied to be a member of the Love Pal Program, with a bi-monthly monetary token during the school year. The monetary token and supportive communication are forwarded to the student by their assigned volunteer Love Pal, as an expression of love from our church family. The program has been successful for more than 20 years. God has richly blessed the Love Pal Program. With your continued prayers and support, we look forward to having many more years of sharing God’s love with our young people. In an effort to sustain this wonderful program, the Progressive Adults have planned a season of events that we can enjoy with our church family and our friends. We hope that you will participate and enjoy with us several, if not all, of these blessings.

Smokey Joe’s CafÉ

Friday, May 2, 2014, 8:00 p.m., Arena Stage -“Smokey Joe’s Café,” the longest running musical revue in Broadway history, showcasing nearly 40 popular musical hits: Ticket: $70.00. AND, as a thank you to Nineteenth Street Baptist Church for choosing Arena Stage for our fundraising events, the theater has provided us with discounted tickets or coupons for: “The Tallest Tree in the Forest,” a true story of Paul Robeson - January 10, 2014 thru February 16, 2014. Contact Ann Saunders (church office) for ticket information. 

“A Note of Appreciation from Student” "Hello Church Family, My college experience has been amazing. I have learned a lot in and out of the classrooms, and I learned a lot about myself. It has been one of the greatest experiences I have had to date. And it has been great to have the support of the love pals behind me for the entire four years. I would not be where I am today if God had not blessed me with such love, prayer, and support from such a wonderful church family. Thank you!" Cora Lightfoot.


Ministry Updates

The Epistle

Men’s Fellowship Full of Food and Fun By: Rev. Dr. I. Benni Singleton

If you were not there, you should have been! You missed an afternoon that was funfilled, food filling, fruitful, and yes faithful. This might summarize the recent summer outing for the men in fellowship held recently at the “summer recluse” of Brother and Sister Joe and Pearl Sudduth. The men enjoyed themselves in this country atmosphere of outdoor grilling of ribs, burgers, chicken, and hotdogs. The social gathering was fun-filled with a variety of conversational topics. Yet, many of the men of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church were missed. We look forward to more of our members becoming actively involved in the Men’s Club of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church.

The “Men’s Club” is comprised of individuals interested in uniting socially and want to be involved in the domestic interests of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. Domestic interests include those housekeeping needs and upkeep of the physical plant, interior and exterior (examples include small jobs of gardening, painting, etc.). We invite you to get involved with the Men’s Club. Contacts: Brothers Joe Sudduth, Michael Bonner, Howard Smith, or Ron Taylor.

Enjoying a time of great fellowship

We played games, including horse-shoe skills. There were individuals and small group discussions regarding a variety of topics, not all church-related, yet enlightening, interesting and often humorous and inspiring social issues, as well as a focus on church activities. The men, including laymen and ministers, enjoyed the afternoon of social fellowship in a very relaxed atmosphere. This was an informative emotional afternoon for the brothers in Christ who established new contacts and relationships as they got to know each other.




The On Epistle the Horizon2014 in 2014  Planning Committee for 175th Anniversary Celebration  Nineteenth Street Baptist Church August 29, 2014 will mark 175 years in faithful service and humble obedience to God in Nineteenth Street Baptist Church’s walk with Christ. We are excited about this amazing passage of undying love for God and one another as a church family. A time to celebrate our faith-driven walk with the Lord is upon us. As one of the oldest African American churches in D.C., we give praise to the Almighty. Pastor Derrick Harkins has appointed Fred Leftrict as Chair and Linda Leftrict as Co-chair of the 175th Anniversary Planning Steering Committee. Kim Haney-Brown has been asked to lead communications, which include media relations, print design, and outreach to the congregation and community. Dwayne Brown will advise in the area of public relations. The full Steering Committee has been formed and will reach out to others to help plan celebratory events centered on the 175th Anniversary of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. This will truly be a joyous celebration for all!

 Project Raise the Roof 

Building Fund Campaign Addressing the urgent capital repair and improvement needs of our buildings is of primary importance to Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. We are blessed that the Buildings and Blessings Capital Campaign allowed us to restore the church façade in 2013. Now, we must replace the sanctuary roof. With a new roof currently estimated to cost $300,000 to $350,000, your contributions are still needed, more now than ever. To that end, the church launched the new Building Fund in 2013 to address the ongoing capital repair and improvement needs of the church. Its kickoff fundraiser, Project Raise the Roof, puts the focus on our current urgent need. God loves a cheerful giver. Support the New Building Fund Campaign to Replace the Sanctuary Roof. Support Project Raise the Roof. For more information, contact church office: Donza Poole, Campaign Chair Trustee Chair, Thomas Montague


On the Horizon in 2014

The Epistle


 Future Search  By: Deborah Heard

In the year 2025, Nineteenth Street Baptist Church will be even stronger than it is today, with a variety of dynamic ministries that lift up the Lord, the congregation and the community in surprising ways. To envision and plan for that future, the church held a planning meeting in the Wyatt A. James Fellowship Hall in November 2013. The meeting, titled “Nineteenth Street Baptist Church 2025: Honoring Our History, Forging Our Future,” was led by Brother Charles Hall and included 45 members of the church who represented a variety of organizations and experiences. After three days of discussions and exercises, the group identified nine areas to focus on: Capital Improvements, Institutional Development, Enhanced Music Ministry, Operations, Outreach Ministries, Spiritual Growth, Targeted Programs for Adults, Technology, and Youth Ministry. Volunteers then agreed to see that the church reaches agreed-upon goals. All members are encouraged to join in this effort. Detailed information will be available in the church office and at Contact: Charles Hall, Steering Committee Chair

 Communications Ministry  Work is currently underway to lay the foundational structure for the newly formed Communications Ministry at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. The Communications Ministry provides the framework for sharing information about the wide array of activities Nineteenth Street Baptist Church engages in as a result of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Ministry assists the church in coordination of internal and external communications. The Ministry is comprised of a variety of media through which information and messages are strategically coordinated and communicated to the church family, local community, and global outreach. This includes the website, Epistle magazine and newsletter, technology support during worship service, church bulletin, brochures, print, audio-visual media sources, social networks, church branding, public relations, and marketing. The Strategy Team consists of Pastor Derrick Harkins, Fred Leftrict, Larry Holland, Roman Holton and Kim Haney-Brown. Opportunities to join the Communications Ministry Working Groups will be solicited in 2014. Contact: Kim Haney-Brown, Director of Communications Ministry


The On Epistle the Business2014 Front Buildings and Blessings Capital Campaign (BBCC) Ends on High Note: Lays Groundwork for the Future By: Kim Haney-Brown, Virginia Lee, Donza Poole

The Buildings and Blessings Capital Campaign (BBCC) came to a successful close on June 30, 2013, leaving our church with much to be thankful for and even more to celebrate. In this expression of gratitude, we, the BBCC Committee, pay special tribute to the united efforts of our church leadership, devoted members, volunteers, and friends whose dedication and support were instrumental in making the campaign a success. In 2011, our church charted an ambitious course to raise $650,000 to achieve four important goals in two years: restoration of the church façade, replacement of the church roof, restoration of the Jones-Handy House, and establishment of a capital reserve fund. While we did not achieve all that we set out to do financially, the overall success of the campaign has proven to be a lasting benefit to our church community, both to the church’s physical plant and to the church spiritually.

Through your generous and faithful support of the BBCC’s efforts, we were able to raise over $366,000 and begin addressing some of the church’s most pressing capital improvement needs. We raised these funds using a multi-faceted stewardship campaign, consisting of pledge payments, contributions, and special event fundraisers. The amount raised through the BBCC allowed the church to pay for the façade restoration at a cost of $295,301. We are also pleased to report that $64,580 remains in the BBCC account after all expenses. These funds have been transferred to the church’s newly formed “Raise the Roof Project” Building Fund. Please be mindful that there is still much to be done, and the need for an ongoing commitment to our capital improvement goals remains urgent. Additional information about the new “Raise the Roof Project” is in this edition of The Epistle. The BBCC Committee owes a special debt of gratitude to each donor who made a pledge commitment to the campaign. Many of our pledge donors contributed far more than their stated pledge commitment over the life of the campaign. Still others continued making pledge payments after the campaign ended in June 2013. Indeed, well over half the funds raised by the BBCC came from pledge donors. So, to all of you who contributed to the BBCC’s success, in whatever way, at whatever level – please know how much we appreciate your support and how honored we were to be in service with you. 


The Epistle


By: Donza Poole

Hosting an evening of smooth jazz, the Buildings and Blessings Capital Campaign presented the last of its signature benefit concerts — “Jazz for a Cause.” The capstone event featured Nineteenth Street’s own Marcus Johnson and helped closeout the twoyear campaign on a high energy note in June 2013. International jazz keyboardist and entrepreneur Marcus Johnson played songs influenced by everything from hip hop and local D.C. culture, to a recent trip to Latin America. Johnson was joined by drummer, Jason Jones, and bass player, David Dyson. Together, they filled the sanctuary with Johnson’s signature sound and left the audience hoping for more at the concert’s end. Johnson said of the experience that it was awesome to see people “come in on a Saturday and work together to glorify a different kind of talent in the right kind of place.” Johnson, who grew up in the church, clearly felt at home during the concert. Noting that members don’t see him much on Sunday anymore, he took a break from playing during the concert and opened up the floor for questions. Johnson talked about everything from his entrepreneurial ventures (his Flo wines are sold in some 2000 stores), the inspiration for his songs, how his father, Deacon Roosevelt Johnson, encouraged him to become a musician, and the joy of being a dad himself, to how he balanced law school studies at Georgetown with his love for the keyboard. Johnson also interspersed the concert with reflections on God, saying at one point that his fingers sometimes play things he doesn’t know, and when that happens, he knows it comes from the Master. Musician and entrepreneur Marcus Johnson said, “I’m not in the music business. I’m in the making your life better business.” On Saturday, June 22, 2013, Johnson succeeded in doing just that for the BBCC concert-goers – making life better with music and Nineteenth Baptist Church one step closer to meeting its campaign goals.  15

On the Business Front

Marcus Johnson Brings Jazz to the Cause at BBCC Finale

The On Epistle the Business2014 Front Making a Difference with Sister Julia Clark : Closing the Achievement Gap

Dr. Julia Clark

Nineteenth Street Baptist Church is proud of the stellar work that Sister Julia Clark is accomplishing on the education front. Dr. Clark is the editor of a new book entitled: “Closing the Achievement Gap from an International Perspective: Transforming STEM for Effective Education.” The publisher is Springer ( The book analyzes and celebrates efforts at closing the gap in academic achievement in students in the United States and several countries around the world. More specifically, the book: Links the United States with other countries rich and poor in solving an education problem of global significance; Presents strategies and models for fostering improvement, with a focus on school-related variables adversely affecting outcomes for poor and students of color; Concentrates on closing the achievement gap with immediate attention to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

students and their more wealthy counterparts. At each grade level, racial disparities on an array of achievement variables demonstrate a wide gap in performance, especially in mathematics and science, particularly among disadvantaged minorities from urban and rural communities. These disparities start as early as kindergarten, persisting across grades, and in most cases widen over time.

One of the most troubling problems facing education in the schools today is the achievement gap—the observed disparity on a number of educational measures in academic performance between different groups of students, especially groups defined by race/ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. In the United States, achievement gap is typically used to describe the disparity in test scores between minorities, usually between (1) Blacks and Hispanics and (2) their White and Asian peers. Similar gaps exist more broadly between high-poverty


Dr. Clark says there is no excuse for the achievement gaps that persist among poor and students of color in schools today. All students can succeed at high levels, regardless of race, ethnicity and economic background if provided with the right opportunities. The book is about understanding what factors selected countries have applied to promote progress and what factors contribute to progress in the closing of achievement gaps. It is about creating opportunities for all students.

Prestigious Membership Dr. Julia Clark was recently elected for membership in the intellectual prestigious Cosmos Club based on her accomplishments and contributions in science education. Election to membership in the Cosmos Club honors persons deemed to have done meritorious original work in science, literature, or the arts, or recognized as distinguished in a learned profession or in public service. Congratulations Dr. Clark! 

The Epistle


On the Business Front  Church Business Meetings  Let Your Voice Be Heard! Play an active role in the business of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. Let your voice be heard at the quarterly Church Business Meetings. These meetings are held in January, April, July and October, unless otherwise announced. Church Business Meetings in 2014 are: Monday, January 27, 2014 - 7:00 p.m. Election of officers and other business April Meeting – Date to be announced Friday, July 18, 2014 - 7:00 p.m. Friday, October 17, 2014 - 7:00 p.m. Nomination of candidates for Church offices Pastor Derrick Harkins presides over the Business Meetings. It is important to get a quorum of attendance so that we can carry on with the business of the Lord and the church. Pressing areas of discussion are the Jones-Handy House, capital improvements, and church operations.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Mark the Church Business Meetings on your calendar and attend. We’d love to see you there.


The Epistle Gift of Christ2014 To God Alone the Glory: Handel’s “Messiah”  Another Masterpiece Production by the Music Ministry 

Approximately 70 voices strong, God was truly worshipped in the majestic singing of Handel’s “Messiah” at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church this Christmas season. Under the visionary leadership of Music Ministry Director David Griffiths, the Mass Choir of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church was joined by Trinity Episcopal Chancel Choir; the Sanctuary Choir of Columbia Community Center of Seventh-Day Adventists; our Dear Friends from the community; and Central State University Chorus under the direction of Jeremy Winston. This diverse, yet blended choir, performed Part 1 of George Frideric Handel's epic masterpiece, “Messiah” on December 14, 2013. Jeremy Winston served as Conductor for the overall performance. Complemented by an orchestra of strings, horns and various instruments, the concert featured operatic performances by: Pamela Simonson, Soprano; Lori Bryan, Alto; Artrell Allen, Bass; and Our Minister of Music, David Griffiths, Baritone.

As one choir member stated, “No other music captures harmony like that of Handel's “Messiah.” Music Director Griffiths said he brought these beautiful voices together “to

and work together to make music that glorifies our creator, we have a chance to demonstrate our discipleship.” Handel’s “Messiah” is often performed by artists throughout the world during Easter and Christmas. Handel’s “Messiah” has been described as an interpretation of Jesus Christ's nativity, passion, resurrection and ascension into heaven.

It took Handel 24 days to compose the “Messiah.” There are three parts to this masterpiece. At the end of Handel’s manuscript, he wrote the letters "SDG"— Soli Deo Gloria, "To God alone the glory." David said his vision for the Music Ministry of the church is “to provide ways of engaging our artistic gifts that give God greater glory and transform us into His image by keeping our minds stayed on Him.”

uplift the congregation and the community from our daily struggles to a moment where we magnify all that is our Messiah in this moving musical tribute. The Word of God tells us in John 13:35 ‘By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.’ By creating a context where people from different communities, cultures, and faith traditions come together

Images from the glorious performance of Handel’s “Messiah” at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church are depicted on the following page. 


The Epistle

Music Conductor Jeremy Winston

David Griffiths (far left)

Collage of Sections of the Choir


Gift of Christ

Handel’s “Messiah”


The Member EpistleSpotlight 2014

Faith in Action  Shirley France  By: Virginia Lee

Members see her once a month as the director of the Kandlelite Children’s Choir at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church, capturing the best of our children’s gifts in song. But there is much more to the life and times of Sister Shirley France. There is a love for children in all she does. Shirley hails from Axton, Virginia, just outside of Martinsville, and grew up working on the family’s fourth generation tobacco farm that raised “everything but salt and pepper.” During her formative years, Shirley and her brothers, sister, and parents were very active in their home church and Sunday school. Shirley sang in church choir and at one time served as Sunday School secretary. This upbringing propelled Shirley into a lifetime of service to others. Shirley’s love for music grew from being born into a musical family that appreciated the sound of music. Her father played piano and still plays for choirs at the age of 88. Growing up, she often sang with her older brother in musical programs. Her daughter says Shirley can always be found humming a tune. She gets this from her mother who told her that “there is nothing like a good song for the soul.” Shirley attended Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia, and graduated with a degree in business in 1974. After graduation, Shirley moved to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area to work for then C&P Telephone of Maryland. She held numerous positions of responsibility which honed her professional skills and taught her the value of networking. She retired from Verizon in 2002 after 28 years of service. Shirley joined Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in 1981 after having received that warm welcome from “God’s Gate Keeper,” the late Brother James Littlejohn. Her wonderful work with children actually started as supervisor of the church nursery where she served for 13 years. Shirley has been a director of the Kandlelite Choir, except for two years, since it was officially launched as a church ministry in 1988. It has given her a natural outlet for her …continued on next page… 20

The Epistle Continued…. love of music. She has provided a positive social experience for children - ages 3-12. Her uncanny ability to make people, especially children, feel at ease allows her to accomplish things out of the ordinary for a

Shirley directing Kandlelite Choir

children’s director. Her musical arrangements are chosen to help the children develop their singing within a range suitable for young voices while reinforcing basic reading skills, encouraging good stage presence, developing an ear for what sounds right and basic choral skills. They learn lessons they will remember long after their choir days are over. She makes the music easy and fun to sing. The fast pace keeps the children engaged so their enthusiasm will be captured in their performance. Shirley has always wanted to teach. Children have always been her passion. She became a substitute teacher following her retirement and has been a classroom substitute teacher for over 10 years and is currently a long-term substitute teacher in kindergarten.

Shirley’s stewardship does not stop with her children’s work in the church. She is a member of the Gospel Choir. She was a member of the Mother’s Guild, works with the Youth Ministry to develop programs of interest for teens such as oratory contests, and served on the Trustee Board for nine years. During that time she served as Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair. She has also served as Church Treasurer, Assistant Church Treasurer and on the Budget Committee. She has also coordinated church-wide retreats, couples workshops and the First Fridays Ministry. Shirley has always been one who truly enjoys all that life has to offer. She is an avid sports enthusiast. Over the years, she has enjoyed downhill skiing, softball, golf, biking, bowling, walking, and tennis. Her early fear of flying did not stop her from developing a vast travelogue of countries to which she has visited, including Peru, South America, South Africa, China, Japan, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Venice. Her favorite country is Japan with its beautiful people and beautiful countryside. One thing that might surprise you to learn about Shirley is that she can harvest tobacco, having planted, strung it, “housed” it, and bundled it so the golden brown leaves would show well when packed for sell at the market. She is true to her roots. A life lesson Shirley continues to draw from is when and how to say no. She is learning that she can’t do it all. Life is really more enjoyable when you can convince others to join in doing the things you like to do. 

“…God is with you in all that you do.” (Genesis 21:22) 21

Member Spotlight

 Shirley France 


The Member EpistleSpotlight 2014

Faith in Action  Elvinese Wyche  By: Virginia Lee

One is immediately struck by the uniqueness of her first name—Elvinese. Sister Wyche’s father, the late Deacon Elvin Smith, wanted his first born to be a son named after him. Since the first born was a girl, her mother, the late Lucile G. Smith, added “ese” to Elvin, making it a girl’s name and calling her Elvinese.

In 1998, our church was busy welcoming a new pastor with a young family. Sunday School Superintendent Margie Thomas recognized the need for a full-time nursery during church service. She knew just the person to fill that position. Elvinese Wyche was an elementary teacher of 33 years in the Alexandria Public School System and a natural for this caring role. Her passion for children was well known in the church. She has been on duty in the nursery for 15 years, only taking off for planned vacation.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, the older of two siblings, the younger being Deaconess Cathy Nunn, Elvinese’s family moved to Washington, D.C. as a military family stationed at Ft. Belvior. They joined Nineteenth Street Baptist Church when she was eight years old. She has been an active member of the church for over 50 years. Elvinese followed in the footsteps of her late father and mother in giving service to her church. Elvinese’s father, Deacon Elvin Smith, was a faithful steward who served selflessly on the Board of Deacons for 17 years. A plaque honoring his years of service hangs on the wall outside the Deacons Conference room at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. Elvinese’s mother worked tirelessly as the Superintendent of Vacation Bible School for two weeks over 30 long hot summers. The Vacation Bible School staff today still provides the children arts and crafts, bible study lessons, a closing exercise for the parents and a day trip to King’s Dominion. Since the passing of her mother, Elvinese shares the duties of Superintendent of Vacation Bible School with Deaconess Catherine Cheatham.

Elvinese greets her charges each Sunday, infant to 10 years old, with a warm smile, gentle hug and calm demeanor, assuring their parents that they are in good hands. The Sunday morning attendance in the nursery has ranged from 5 to 20 children. She has received help from teens in the church seeking community service credit for their work with her in the nursery. Elvinese would like to recognize Averie Gale for her conscientiousness in helping care for the little ones. …continued on next page… 22

The Epistle


 Elvinese Wyche  Continued…. The nursery is open before the start of the morning service and closes after the last parent has picked up his or her little one. She has established a nurturing, funloving, and flexible space suitable for a young child’s needs. They learn early on how to share their toys with others and to develop listening skills needed for reading. Elvinese also provides them with healthy snacks.

Elvinese is interested in the continued growth of youth programs at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. Her hope is that these children will get their start in the nursery. The time Elvinese Wyche gives to the nursery is beyond measure. Her commitment to giving the best of her service is without question. Children in her care have been and continue to be the future of the church.

When not in the nursery Elvinese can be found sitting in the balcony. She retired after a 48-year teaching career in the Alexandria Public School System in June 2013, leaving behind her beloved third graders.

The next time you see Elvinese, greet her with a smile and give her a big hug!!! 

Elvinese (left) in service of others

“…God is with you in all that you do.” (Genesis 21:22) 23

Member Spotlight

Elvinese has three daughters: Woodell, Roquell, and Shanell (all having grown up in the church) and two grandsons, Tyus and Jaxon. Elvinese’s 11-year-old grandson Tyus spent his early years in the nursery and now sings with the Kandlelite Choir. Elvinese’s main interest these days is babysitting three days a week, her newest grandson of three months, Jaxon. She also enjoys spending time with Tyus and keeping up with his busy schedule of activities.

TheSharing Epistle 2014 Our Good News The Passion of Dancing: Ballerina Shannon Harkins

Washington Ballet’s production of Septime Webre’s The Nutcracker. I was eager to see this performance and decided to attend the ballet on December 5, 2013. After all, Shannon would be performing. I had just completed reading a feature story in The Washington Post on December 1, which detailed the rarity of African American ballerinas in the performing arts. The Washington Post had featured Shannon Harkins in the article. Like many members at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church,

By: Kim Haney-Brown

The historical Warner Theater hosts some of the finest theatrical productions and musical performances in the nation’s capital. During this holiday season, Shannon Harkins would grace the stage at the Warner Theater in The

I was proud to read about Shannon’s many accomplishments as a ballet dancer. Shannon Harkins shines as a role model for other boys and girls interested in pursuing studies in ballet. In the words of Shannon: “I love being on stage and performing with professional dancers. I love the gracefulness of ballet, and the beauty of dancing on pointe. I feel energized and happiest when I’m on stage.” Soft flickers of the light indicated that the show at the Warner Theater was about to begin. I quickly took my seat. The audience was full of good cheer. The curtains opened and the ballet unfolded in an enchanting manner, befitting the holiday season. Shannon performed beautifully—gracefully flowing through the movements with ease. From costume change to costume change, Shannon mastered the choreography and performed her respective part with elegance and a bright smile.

Shannon Harkins

…continued on next page… 24

The Epistle

2014 Sharing Our Good News

The Passion of Dancing Continued… Shannon is the daughter of Pastor Derrick Harkins and First Lady Juli Harkins. It is delightful to see the unbreakable bond of mother and daughter during Sunday worship service, listening and supporting Pastor Harkins in his delivery of a God-inspired sermon. Shannon is 13 years old and has been dancing since she was five. This is Shannon’s eighth year at The Washington School of Ballet and seventh year in its production of The Nutcracker. When I asked Shannon what advice she would give to a teenager who may be interested in ballet or another type of dance but is afraid to try, she said: “It’s never too late to start ballet. It’s always good to try new things. Go for it because you could discover a new passion.” To this I say: “Brava” Shannon, keep working toward your dream and inspiring others!

Shannon Harkins

Congratulations Ballerina Sabrina Sellers Sabrina Sellers, the 19-year-old granddaughter of Sister Evelyn Sellers, performed with the Joffrey Ballet Chicago in its premiere of "La Bayadere: The Temple Dancer." Sabrina, a California native, just started her second year in the Joffrey Academy of Dance Chicago Trainee Program.

Sabrina Sellers


TheMeet Epistle Our New2014 Members Let’s Rejoice and Welcome Our New Members to Our Christian Family! Joined April 2013 – December 2013

Brothers Ja’Shaun and Jalon

Ja’Shaun Coe Jalon Slayton

“I joined the church so I could give myself to God.”

“I joined the church because I want to live a good life with God.”

Monique Marcelle Wiley Crawford “I joined to further my Christian experience in church and support my husband, Chris Crawford, a minister at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church.”

Sabrina Heman-Ackah We joyfully welcome Sabrina to our church family.


Meet Our New Members

The Epistle


Dante Pope Our newest member, Dante Pope, hails from his hometown of Chicago. He is a drummer and has quickly garnered the respect of the D.C. jazz community. Dante blends his gospel roots with a soulful swing that has entertained Washingtonians for the past several years. You can see Dante on Sundays at NSBC in the drummer cage.

Rachael Osbourne “I had attended other churches and kept coming back to Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. The people were warm. I joined the church because of Pastor Harkins’ delivery of the word. I feel connected.”

Emmanuelle St. Jean “After attending NSBC for a little over a year, I thought it was time to formalize my relationship with the church because I found the church leaders and members to exemplify what Christ sought the most from believers: love. The love for God and one another is evident in all that the church does.”


The Celebrating Epistle 2014 Fellowship “Heavenly Sounds “ Sponsored by Jarvis Memorial Club By: Gloria Tisdale

What inspiration and anointing graced and enthused the crowd in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, October 13, 2013, as the Jarvis Memorial Club presented: “The Heavenly Sounds of vocalists Tami Hayes, Donald Rankin, and Renaire E. Rivers, Sr.” For many guests and members, this concert was a special treat in that Tami’s sisters also performed with her. Other special guests included instrumentalists, singers from St. Philips Episcopal Church; Zion Church of Glenarden, Maryland; Resurrection Baptist Church, liturgical dancer Monique Brown; and poet writer/performer Paula Mathis. The program gave us a variety of uplifting and encouraging songs, ranging from traditional hymns to modern day gospel. The Club, known as the “Love Club,” was established by Deacon Henry Jarvis in 1902 and serves Nineteenth Street Baptist Church by being a system of support for our ministerial staff. Its members also give their time, talent, and treasure supporting the church’s other ministries. The group meets on the fourth Sunday after church service in March, June, September and December. All persons interested in serving God through this ministry are invited to join. Please contact Deaconess Mozelle Watkins or its members for any information or to join. 


Jarvis President Mozelle Watkins (seated) with Deaconess Eleanor Banks

Brother Donald Rankin

Sister Tami Hayes (left center) and sisters

Brother Renaire E. Rivers, Sr. with mother (left) and sister


The 35rd Annual Prayer Breakfast, sponsored by the Evangelism Committee, was held on Saturday, October 5, 2013, featuring our associate minister Rev. Edward Turner as our speaker of the morning, along with Rev. Robin Turner serving as our mistress of ceremonies. The morning was filled with prayer by members and guests, invigorating praise and worship by Sister Tami Hayes and a scrumptious, filling meal prepared by Deacon Joe Sudduth with his great team of cooks and assistants. The theme was: “The Answered Prayer … God Said I’ve Got This!” Rev. Turner preached a powerful message based on John 14:12-14. We were assured that when we go to God in prayer, He will move on our behalf to bring glory to the Father. We encourage you to study this wonderful promise of God. The Evangelism Committee welcomes church members to join them in helping spread God’s messages of salvation and love, an obligation which each Christian is commissioned to do. If you are interested in joining, please contact Evangelism Committee chair Janice Hinton or any of its other members. Meetings are held on the third Sunday after church worship service in the Board Room.

Rev. Edward Turner’s message: “God Said I’ve Got This!”

Several Evangelism Committee Members


Celebrating Fellowship

The Epistle Evangelism Committee Holds 35th Annual Prayer Breakfast

The Celebrating Epistle 2014 Fellowship

Summer Block Party

all the day’s activities. Some even participated in the entertainment which included Mt. Zion Baptist Church Young Adult Choir, performances by Silent Praise -- a Mime group, demos of health and fitness Zumba and Capoeira (martial arts originating in Brazil), a Brazilian Samba dance, and group line dances.

By: Brenda Tolbert

Giving all praise and glory to God, the day had finally arrived. Volunteers from Nineteenth Street, our sister church, Zion Baptist Church, and many other family and friends, joined forces to create an awesome Block Party. Tents were hoisted. Balloons swayed in the hot summer breeze. Hot dogs and hamburgers were sizzling on the grill. Fish was frying. Kids could hardly wait for the sweet tasting cotton candy and cool tasting snow cones. Huge bowls of mouthwatering fruit lined the serving tables for all to partake. Coolers were filled to the brim with water and soft drinks to quench the thirst. It was Saturday, July 20, 2013, the day where family, friends, neighbors, and passersby joined Nineteenth Street for its annual community-wide block party.

The centerpiece of the block party was the Health Initiative where various vendors provided “free” screening for diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, as well as literature and educational information on dental care, prostate cancer, women’s cancers, and HIV/AIDS, to name a few. We were also blessed to have members of the D.C. fire department. What a treat!

All ages were welcomed. There were games, moon bounce, face painting, pony rides, an expansive bazaar of goods and bake sale, a water-misting tent, music and lots of entertainment. Attendees enjoyed

Health Screening

On behalf of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church and the Block Party Committee, we extend appreciation to all who gave of their time, talent, and treasures to make the community block party a resounding success. Special thanks are also extended to our supporters: Backyard Amusements, CVS Pharmacy, Industrial Bank, Giant Foods, Walmart, and Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Ward 4. Praise Be To God for all His Blessings. We look forward to another Summer Block Party in 2014.

Summertime Fun!



The Epistle

Youth Beat


NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin Visits Nineteenth Street Baptist Church By: Trustee Dwayne Brown

The Men’s Ministry proudly hosted a visit from twice-flown space shuttle Astronaut Leland Melvin. Held in the Fellowship Hall on November 22, 2013, the evening event was open to the entire church membership, area schools and churches, and the community. Entitled “Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers,” attendees left with renewed inspiration that if they dare to dream, they can achieve anything. The Fellowship Hall was filled with boys, girls, and families. All listened intently to Melvin’s life story of once playing in the NFL, but after being injured, having a back up plan. Through pictures he told several personal stories and explained how he studied and worked very hard while also overcoming many challenges to achieve his dream of becoming a NASA astronaut. He showed the fascinated audience videos of his time in space and also expressed the importance of faith and God in his life.

Astronaut Melvin on International Space Station

Melvin took time to talk personally with everyone and take individual photos. Attendees were given NASA bags containing items about space and a 2014 science calendar. Melvin told the audience how much he enjoyed the fellowship and that he looks forward to attending a future Sunday worship service.

Manhood Training Ministry

Astronaut Leland Melvin

The Manhood Training Ministry seeks to guide and teach young boys (ages 9 – 16) as they make the journey from boyhood to strong Christian manhood. The boys along with the coaches meet on alternating Friday evenings 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. during the school year. For more details, visit the church website or contact Deacons Fred Leftrict or Howard Smith (church office 202-829-2773). 31


The Epistle Youth Beat2014 A Three-Ring Circus By: Jonathan Woolridge Member of Global Missions Ministry

The circus is not just for children. As the Global Missions Ministry sought to expand its outreach beyond the church, the ministry collected donations from people of all ages and backgrounds. Global Missions received a collection of tickets to “Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus,” and for a small sum members could attend with their family and friends. The guests included not only families with small children, but young professionals seeking an enjoyable night of death defying stunts, exotic animals from the far corners of the world, snow cones, and memorabilia reminiscent of their own childhood.

“It was magical to see even the most serious of people walking and talking with mouths covered in powdered sugar and lips dyed in purple food coloring from funnel cakes and snow cones,” said one guest. Another guest summarized the night as an epic opportunity to see people test the limits of their strength and fear all while making it entertaining for everyone to enjoy. This guest stated: “The bright lights, soaring acrobats, majestic horses, playful elephants, and ferocious tigers served as a reminder that even in the technologically driven and computer-generated world that we live in, there is still a part of us that delights in seeing the soaring and unbelievable feats that man (and his fellow creatures) can accomplish with little more than a tightrope, some props, a little smoke and mirrors, and maybe some well-applied face paint. And to top it off, who wouldn't be happy to be so entertained while holding a veritable cornucopia of rainbow cotton candy in hand.”

David Griffiths and son David Stephanie Thomas and son Justin

Through our efforts and outreach, we showed the meaning of love thy neighbor. What made the night magical was the grouping of people from all ages and backgrounds who came specifically to give to others—people they may never meet. Our neighbors stretch farther than the members of our church, our friends, and family. We are all brothers and sisters. Our efforts that night showed that our church and the members who make it, truly understand this fact. 


The Epistle

Youth Beat


All God’s Daughters Kick-off Provides A Good Time For All Psalm 139:4 By: Edith Bullard-Britt

Newly introduced God’s Daughters, a program spearheaded by the Women’s Ministry, held its kickoff session on Friday, December 6, in the Sisterhood Room. The inaugural program, “Learning to Love Ourselves: Creating A Positive Self-Image,” was an evening filled with self-discovery, creating wearable art, and sharing affirmations about all the reasons we, as women and girls, feel good about ourselves. The participants were also given a daily journal and asked to write down five positive things they experience every day. God’s Daughters provides spiritual development and access to a strong cadre of mentors to help girls and young women grow to their fullest potential.

Minister Lorise opening the kick-off session God's Daughters is open to all girls between the ages of 6-18. After an “Opening Devotional” with all of the girls that attend, girls are then broken into groups of 6-12 year olds, 13-15 year olds and 16-18 year olds for age appropriate programming on the evenings topic. If you have questions about the program from 6 -18 year olds, please contact Minister Lorise White-Wolfe or Sister Edith Bullard-Britt. Additional God’s Daughters activities are being planned for young women over the age of 18. Deacon Johnnieque Love, Deacon Sandra LeSesne and Rev. Robin Turner are leading these activities. More information will be shared with the congregation.

Mentees designing tee-shirts

Mentee presenting tee-shirt Mentee designing tee-shirt


The Epistle 2014Series Christian Literature Enhancing Your Daily Walk with the Lord through Devotional Literature By: Deacon Johnnieque Love

This article is the beginning of a series that will explore Christian literature and how it impacts our knowledge of God’s Word and strengthens the development of a daily spirit-filled walk. Our first article will explore Christian literature called devotional literature. Devotional literature is religious writing that is neither doctrinal nor theological, but designed to be read for personal edification and spiritual growth. It is literature that supports and provides direction through one’s alone time in worship and praise of our Heavenly Father. Although there are many publications in this area of Christian literature, many times it might be difficult to make a selection and/or know where to begin. Here are a few recommendations for reading and strengthening your relationship with the Lord and I hope you will enjoy.

“Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence,” by Sarah Young (2004) When I think of the hymn “O For A Closer Walk with God,“ I think of this powerful devotional book written by Missionary Sarah Young. This book brings you closer to Christ and transforms your time with Him from monologue to a dialogue supported by scripture. The writings make it possible for the reader to hear Jesus’ voice and become increasingly aware of His presence each day. Whether you need a lifeline in your discouragement and hurt or are longing for a close intimate relationship with the Lord, you will delight in this devotional book. …continued on next page… 34

Christian Literature Series Literature

The Epistle


power as a child of God. According to one of our members who has read this devotional, it is a book on wisdom for all people, especially students and young people learning to live on their own. It helps them assess their relationships and hopefully avoid unhealthy relationships and bad choices.


“I Lift Up My Soul: Devotions to Start Your Day with God,” by Dr. Charles F. Stanley (2010) The sun rises, the day begins, and the world begins clamoring for your time. But the whisper of God calls you to be with Him―and it's the best part of your day. Dr. Charles Stanley has been teaching the Word of God for 40 years. His hallmark is how he lovingly and reverently explains the wonders of Christ's Good News. In “I Lift Up My Soul,” Dr. Stanley's inspirational gems―are filled with personal wisdom and words of encouragement.


“Right People, Right Place, Right Plan,” by Jentezen Franklin (April 18, 2008) Jentezen Franklin reveals how you can tap into your supernatural gift of the spiritual discernment and identify the promptings of the Holy Spirit to fulfill your purpose as a child of God. This devotional is a 30-day journey of discerning the voice of God. Our Heavenly Father has bestowed the incredible gift of discernment into the heart of every believer. He has provided you with an internal compass to help guide your family, your finances, and every other aspect of your life. This is a must–read for every man or woman seeking a deeper understanding of him– or herself and their 35

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