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Engaging heart, mind & spirit. Saints know what matters.

You can know everything in the world, but if you don’t know what matters, then nothing does. At St. Paul’s Episcopal School, we know what matters. We remain true to our pillars and create exceptional intellectual, artistic, spiritual and athletic opportunities. We provide a rich educational experience within a warm and diverse community dedicated to the values we teach: character, scholarship, creativity, and above all, love. At St. Paul’s, children participate in a vibrant program where they reach new academic heights, make lifelong friendships, and discover new things about themselves and the world around them. St. Paul’s is not just an education; it is an engaging, close-knit community that becomes a part of your family and your life.

Our Mission St. Paul’s Episcopal School is committed to providing the highest quality college preparatory education in a Christian environment. Through a variety of experiences and activities, we encourage individual growth and achievement. By example, the St. Paul’s community fosters respect, integrity, responsibility, service, tolerance and the highest moral standards to prepare the whole person for a changing and challenging future. Our Values St. Paul’s Episcopal School is grounded in the belief that, in any given situation, it knows what matters. With the four pillars of academics, arts, athletics and spirituality as the foundation, the St. Paul’s experience educates and inspires its graduates to become compassionate leaders in a complex world.

St. Paul’s Episcopal School

Pat Frazer and Family

Ben Stimpson and Family

Dear friends of St. Paul’s, This is a very exciting time for St. Paul’s Episcopal School. Our students continue to win awards and accolades in academics, athletics and the arts. Our students are also recognized for their compassion, kindness and hard work. To continue providing the opportunities that our students deserve, we must improve our facilities to meet long standing needs and to prepare for the future. The school has carefully studied our needs and has developed an outstanding plan to address the most important ones. This brochure details our primary needs and our plans to address them. To accomplish these improvements, St. Paul’s has launched an $8.5 million comprehensive campaign, Something Different Something More. At the forefront of our facility needs is an upgraded cafeteria which will be housed in our new Student Commons Building. This building will also house an innovations lab, which will provide a space for collaborative learning with advanced technology, and new and

improved space for our community service program, counseling services, and admissions office. Common areas will also be designed for faculty and students to learn, study and teach. The estimated cost of the new building is $5.5 million. The St. Paul’s endowment is critical to the continued success and vitality of the school. Our goal is to increase the endowment by $1 million, guaranteeing the resources necessary for future commitments made by St. Paul’s. The endowment funds are vital to the future of St. Paul’s, as they link past, current, and future generations.

A letter from the Campaign Co-Chairs

Over the next five years, our goal is to have $2 million of this campaign allocated for Saints’ Fund, our annual giving fund, that covers operating expenses not covered by tuition. As with all private schools, this fund enables St. Paul’s to provide the unique learning experience we expect. Donors may commit now to their annual Saints’ Fund gifts over a five year period, allowing St. Paul’s to plan for future growth with secured funding.

Please review this brochure and consider the importance of this campaign to the future of St. Paul’s. The time is now for Something Different Something More. As campaign chairs, we have pledged our support and hope that you will, too. Sincerely, PAT FRAZER & BEN STIMPSON Campaign Co-Chairs

Know What Matters

St. Paul’s Episcopal School

Our vision for this comprehensive campaign is exciting and ambitious. However, we want to make it a reality for our students, teachers and families as soon as possible. Based on assessments, our immediate needs are to provide additional and upgraded facilities in order to honor our commitment to our students and their families. Along with facility upgrades, we must plan for our financial future with the endowment, should we face an economic downturn, as we did a few years ago. Additionally, our annual fund, Saints’ Fund, must continue to grow to support our operating needs. To maintain our competitive edge among independent schools in the region and provide a superior environment for teaching and learning, we know we cannot maintain the status quo. Rather, we must move forward with optimism and determination to accomplish the following goals: • Align our facilities with the vision of the school • Secure our future by increasing our endowment • Meet our immediate financial needs through Saints’ Fund

Goal 1:

Goal 2:

Goal 3:

Align our facilities with the vision of the school.

Secure our future by increasing our endowment.

Meet our immediate financial needs through Saints’ Fund.

Over the last decades, St. Paul’s has largely focused our resources on enhancing our curriculum and retaining talented faculty. With this accomplishment, we shift our focus to facility needs. The results of the master plan focus groups indicate that we need to concentrate on building and renovating our facilities. We have added space as needed, but now we have an even greater need for a Student Commons Building. The proposed facility will be an integral part of our students’ daily lives while on campus.

It is no secret that St. Paul’s School lacks the robust endowment as compared to our competitors. By increasing our endowment, we will be better equipped to provide additional resources for our students and secure the future of our school.

Until our endowment increases enough to cover the deficit of operating expenses not covered by tuition, we must continue to rely on the support of Saints’ Fund. Each year, we see an outpouring of support from alumni, grandparents, parents and friends of the school. We continue to see an increase in this support that meets the immediate needs of the school. We cannot plan for the future by strictly relying on these funds; however, we cannot survive the present without them.

Our goal is $5.5 million.

Know What Matters

Our goal is $1 million.

Our goal for the next five years is $2 million.

The making of something more. One vision. Three goals.

Building more than a building. Building a connected community.

St. Paul’s Episcopal School This is more than a world class campus: It’s a community. Students come to St. Paul’s Episcopal School from all walks of life. At St. Paul’s, they will learn an essential lesson: how to create a community among a diversity of thoughts and cultural perspectives. Our campus must be designed to bring people together in ways that will lead to conversation, interaction and participation: the building blocks of community. Investing in a world class Student Commons Building will lead to dramatic new ways of thinking and learning. The proposed facility will be an integral part of our students’ daily lives while on campus. Each day we integrate twenty-first century learning techniques in the classroom. Students are equipped with laptops and tablets in order to engage in interactive learning. To better facilitate this style of learning the new facility will provide an innovations lab where students will continue interactive learning while embracing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) learning. This program represents an interdisciplinary approach to learning where academic concepts are coupled with realworld problem solving skills. Other amenities planned for the Student Commons Building include an improved cafeteria which will be able to accommodate larger lunch waves, a centrally located space for our community service program and a larger space for direct access to our counseling services, Dean of Students Office and Admissions Office. This Student Commons Building will meet many current needs and become a focal and gathering place for our future.

Know What Matters

St. Paul’s Episcopal School

Moving forward, what will it take to ensure that St. Paul’s offers Something Different Something More? With our Something Different Something More comprehensive campaign, St. Paul’s will continue to plan for our future by ensuring that our endowment is growing by adding income-producing resources to assure financial flexibility. The average endowment for an independent school in the southeast is $10 million, while St. Paul’s endowment is only 2.3 million dollars. Clearly our endowment needs to grow. Income from our endowment will help with program enhancements, salaries for faculty and staff and campus improvements without putting undue pressure on tuition.

Know What Matters

Educating for tomorrow. Educating for forever.

Every gift matters. Every year.

St. Paul’s Episcopal School Finally, the Something Different Something More comprehensive campaign will ensure that our immediate needs are met by securing commitments to our annual giving program, Saints’ Fund. This fund provides the resources necessary to continue the development of our faculty’s passion and the success of our students. All independent schools rely on philanthropy as tuition alone cannot provide the incredible learning environment that is expected. Tuition ensures that St. Paul’s provides excellence in all areas of the educational experience; Saints’ Fund ensures that St. Paul’s can turn excellent into extraordinary. Gifts to our Saints’ Fund will help St. Paul’s continue providing the best and most innovative education in the Southeast and help support the projects that make our school extraordinary. The Something Different Something More comprehensive campaign allows St. Paul’s to plan for its immediate operating needs by securing commitments to Saints’ Fund over the next five years. The Saints’ Fund is the primary source through which one can provide immediate impact to today’s students and faculty.

Know What Matters

How can you make a difference? This comprehensive campaign is the most ambitious school-wide effort in St. Paul’s history. With generous support from our families, alumni and friends, we can make it happen. Your contribution will benefit students, teachers and families for generations to come, and it will help us create more opportunities available on our campus. Creating Something Different Something More at St. Paul’s depends on your support. Join Us.

Want to learn more? To learn more about Something Different Something More, the comprehensive campaign for St. Paul’s Episcopal School, please contact our Development Office at: 251-380-0408 or




Something Different Something More