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Yummyburger and Grill The best place of hamburger’s in Honduras You may find us on Col. Florencia Norte, Boulevard Suyapa at side of Saint Mary’s Episcopal School. Come and visit us from 8: 00 a.m. until 2: 00 a.m. We have the best burgers at midnight and it would include you extra French fries free. We have a variety of hamburgers, side dishes and delicious desserts, all by an economic price. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Our Vision Is to help people not to think that junk food is always bad, because if you cook better it will not be bad. Our Mission Is to promote to the world a healthy diet that does not have artificial products, better natural products such as vegetables and meats in care to prevent some type of disease.

Our foundation Was to promote food in a healthy way with natural products, and bring to your table the best hamburger dish you have tried in your life. How we think to make our own business? It was a simple day when we were talking about a project for the SMES technological fair, we were looking for ideas and we think about a hamburgers restaurant, it was difficult to named it and some minutes later we tell, why we don’t call it Yummyburger and Grill? And that’s how we make our business.

From our foundation we have been growing and evolving, because we work hard to get the best and put Yummyburger and Grill on the top of all.

Main Workers

 Daniel López  Stephanie Argueta  Allana Gamez Support Workers  Suzethz Fonseca     

Editing Workers Luis Rapalo Dean Padgett Alejandro Zuniga Stalin Flores Josue Delcid All we have been working to improve our business and made it grow and be the best.

People Opinion

“My opinion is that is a great business, and have a variety of delicious food, and it’s interesting because children of only 12 years old can made a great work.” -Karen Fonseca

“They were delicious” -Keller Valera

“I like it, you got all very nice” -Sofia Castillo

“It’s very nice and complex” -Carlos Figueroa

“They were delicious and soft” -Anni Artica

“The business began at the technology fair, the work have been so organize and that’s how they won first place, I congrat you, because every work at final got a prize.” -Lesly Valeriano

“It’s a very interesting project and also how children about 12 years old like the idea of cook to have a base on future on family, social work and made by themselves a little business.” -Lourdes Valeriano

Remember “Love can wait, but hunger does not”. Always work hard to make the best of you, because you need to show your feelings for always be on the top of all.

Life is difficult but if you work in group and all help you need to be sure that it would be the best.


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