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Total Gifts: $1,631,612 Chair: William R. Peelle, Jr. ’66

The prestigious Randolph Fairfax Society recognizes alumni, parents, and friends who contributed $5,000 or more this year.  The society is named in honor of Randolph Fairfax 1859, who exemplified the standards of honor, scholarship, and principle to which Episcopal High School students still aspire. We are grateful to these generous donors, who provided more than 63 percent of the total Roll Call through gifts equal to more than $1.6 million.




Mr.  and Mrs.  Tench Coxe ’76 Mr.  and Mrs. William S. Farish Mr.  and Mrs. William S. Farish, Jr. The Estate of Karl Bulow Hancock ’25 Mr.  and Mrs. Wayne J. Holman III ’53 Mr.  and Mrs. George W. Logan ’63 Mr.  and Mrs. John L.  Townsend III ’73 Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

Mr.  and Mrs.  Attison L.  Barnes III ’82 Dr.  and Mrs. Scott B.  Boyd Mr.  and Mrs. Robert W. Chambers III ’90 Dr.  and Mrs. Harte C. Crow ’52 Mr.  and Mrs. David Wyatt Dorman Mr.  and Mrs. John C. Glover ’81 Mr.  and Mrs. F. Robertson Hershey Mr.  and Mrs. Richard F. Kadlick Mr.  and Mrs. Frank A. Liddell III ’82 Mr.  Yi Wen Lu and Ms. Michelle Pan Mr.  and Mrs. Ransom C. Lummis ’80 Mr.  and Mrs. William R. Lummis ’47 Mr.  and Mrs. Robert E. Mason IV ’77 Mr.  and Mrs.  A. W. Downing Mears, Jr. ’71 Mr.  and Mrs. Curtis A. Mewbourne ’84 Mr.  and Mrs. William R. Peelle, Jr. ’66 Dr.  and Mrs. Richard N. Pierson III Mr.  and Mrs. Hugh B. Sanderford, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. Christopher B. Sarofim Mr.  and Mrs. James D. Simpson III ’59 Mr.  and Mrs. Howard W. Smith III ’76 The Spray Foundation, Inc. The Hon. Laurance B. V   anMeter ’76 Mr.  and Mrs. John R. Wickham Dr.  and Mrs. Henry A. Wise II ’55


Mr.  and Mrs. Lee S.  Ainslie III ’82 Mrs. Harold E.  Barrett Mr.  and Mrs. John Crosland, Jr. ’47 Mr. Louis DeJoy and The Hon.  Aldona Z. Wos Mr. James G. Kenan III Mrs. John A. Manfuso, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. David Martinelli John Philip Strubing ’93 Foundation Mr.  and Mrs.  Thomas R. Wall IV Mr.  and Mrs. R. Halsey Wise ’83 Benefactor

Mr.  and Mrs. John W.  Burress III ’54 Mr.  and Mrs. Richard A. Drucker Ms. Lauren S. Garcia The Moore Charatibale Foundation Mr.  and Mrs. C. Elis Olsson ’82 The Randleigh Foundation Trust Mr.  and Mrs. William D. Waxter III ’43 Mr. Edward I. Weisiger, Jr.

Founder • $50,000+

Fellow • $25,000+


Mr.  and Mrs. Weston M.  Andress Mr.  and Mrs.  A. Scott Andrews Mr.  and Mrs. Edward M.  Armfield, Jr. ’63 Mr.  and Mrs.  Thompson S.  Baker II Ms.  Agnes Rankin Beane

Benefactor • $15,000+

Sustainer • $10,000+

Patron • $5,000+

Mr.  and Mrs. John R.  Belk Mr. Lurner O.  Benton IV ’90 Mr.  and Mrs. L. O.  Benton III Mr.  and Mrs.  Alexander L.  Bolen ’86 Mr.  and Mrs. Scott C.  Bortz Mr.  and Mrs. Robert S.  Brandt Mr.  and Mrs.  Arthur H.  Bryant II ’60 Mr.  and Mrs. Harry Burn III ’62 Mr.  and Mrs.  Timothy B.  Burnett ’58 Mr.  and Mrs.  Benjamin R. Cadwalader ’40 Fuller E. Callaway Foundation The Hon.  and Mrs. W. Gaston Caperton III ’59 The Edward Langhorn Carrington 1914 Charitable Trust Mr.  and Mrs. James A. Cathcart III ’55 Mrs. Lynn P. Cochran-Schroder Mr.  and Mrs. Elwood B. Coley, Jr. ’73 Ms. Eleanor Wright Cooper ’06 Mr.  and Mrs. Joseph R. Daniel, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. Joshua P. Darden, Jr. ’54 Mr.  and Mrs. William H. deButts III ’76 Mr.  and Mrs. Robert B. Dunkin II ’89 Mr.  and Mrs. James K. Dunton ’55 Mrs.  Alma H. Edgerly Mr.  and Mrs.  Thomas C. Farnsworth III Mr.  and Mrs. Charles D. Fox IV ’71 Mr.  and Mrs. Clark D. Graninger ’86 Mr.  and Mrs. John W. Grant III ’45 Mr.  and Mrs. James A. Hardison III ’75 Mr.  and Mrs. Randolph C. Harrell Harrison Foundation Mr. Charles W.  and Dr. Dabney G. Hart ’45

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2011-12 EHS Annual Report  

2011-12 EHS Annual Report

2011-12 EHS Annual Report  

2011-12 EHS Annual Report