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Thistle Hills

Thistle Hills, modeled on the Thistle Farms program out of Nashville, seeks to address the complex range of factors that result from the trauma of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

“We're approaching it holistically, assisting with every area of the person's life,” says Rev. Sherry Deets, rector of Episcopal Church of the Trinity.

That includes a requirement to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting daily, intensive outpatient therapy for the trauma they have suffered, as well as group therapy in the home for social skills and issues such as anger management. 

The program also will help the women further their education by getting their GED or taking classes, or perhaps learning a trade. Eventually, they will be expected to get a part-time job and learn how to save money, with Thistle Hills matching their savings up to a certain amount.

How You Can Help

In addition to volunteers, Thistle Hills also remains in need of financial support, and is accepting donations on their website: www.thistlehills.org/donate.