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Building Community. Developing Skills. Enriching Lives.


Dear Friends, This has been an incredible year, unlike any I can recall. You, our donors, have been steadfast, helping with a little extra where possible, and stepping up to volunteer when funding fell short. The needs of the homeless community continue to grow and we have faced a number of challenges throughout the year. At the same time, we have accomplished a great deal and feel we have made a real difference in the lives of our clients and residents. Our two shelters, Next Door and the Sanctuary, run at capacity each night. We have a new program, the Shelter Treatment Access and Resource Team (START) that provides services to clients at multiple shelters in the City, helping stabilize their health care and living situations. This new model of service creates continuity as people move from shelter to shelter while waiting for permanent housing opportunities. This fall we dedicated our newest supportive housing site, Bishop Swing Community House. Completed earlier this summer, it is now home to 134 individuals who are formerly homeless, some moving in directly from our shelters. Each efficiency unit contains a mini-kitchen and full bath and is accessible or adaptable for persons with disabilities. When we began in 1983, we had 40 beds for people who were living on the streets of San Francisco. This year we helped over 6,000 individuals and families with shelter, housing and support services. We could not do this without the generous support of our donors. Please accept our heartfelt thank you and join us in celebrating the success that all of you have made possible. Sincerely,

Ken Reggio Executive Director

The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus and Executive Director, Ken Reggio Photo: JP Dobrin


Building Community

Bishop Swing Community House

Richard Day smiles big when asked how he likes Bishop Swing Community House, ECS’s newest supportive housing site. “When I got here, everything was just phenomenal. I couldn’t even imagine that it was going be this beautiful.” Richard applied for the Bishop Swing Community House while at Next Door Shelter. He says that he was staying at Next Door when he realized that he could change his way of life. “For 13, 14 years, I walked the streets by myself. I made some bad mistakes. But the people at Next Door loved me more than I loved myself. They were here for me.” At Next Door, Richard started volunteering in the shelter kitchen, and he’s still helping out there four mornings a week. “It’s an honor to give back to my community. It helps me.” He hopes that his diligence, coupled with the dozens of job applications he’s filled out, will pay off with employment in the same way his housing applications brought him to Bishop Swing Community House.

SU PPORTIVE HOUSING 1,159 men, women and children enjoyed their own home. 96% was the average housing retention rate for all nine sites.

Richard is one of 134 formerly homeless men and women residing at ECS’s new development. Each unit of the five-story, energy-efficient building is accessible or adaptable for people with disabilities and includes a mini-kitchen and full bath.

“It’s like family here. It’s a blessing.”

Richard and others express gratitude for the site’s wraparound support services, such as employment and benefits counseling, intensive case management, and mental health services. “ECS gave me a great opportunity to become a responsible individual and get back into society. This is my chance to move forward,” Richard adds. Although he loves his apartment and his new community, Richard doesn’t plan to stay forever. “Hopefully, by God’s grace I can move onto bigger and better things, but until then, I’m going to cherish it. It’s like family here. It’s a blessing.”

Bishop Swing Community House resident Richard Day Photo: JP Dobrin


Developing Skills SKILLS CENTER 414 formerly homeless students enrolled in adult education classes. 289 formerly homeless adults received employment counseling. 65 homeless adults participated in CHEFS culinary training.

From the time she was a little girl, Elaine had been told she couldn’t learn. Not realizing that she simply learned differently, Elaine believed it for many years. She laments the time she lost to self-destructive activities stemming from this false assessment. At the Skills Center, Elaine found out that she could study and improve her reading and writing skills. Elaine credits ECS’s Skills Center with providing her the personal attention and small group environment that enabled her to set the record straight and to succeed in learning. Her literacy teacher and fellow classmates at the Skills Center gave her “the courage and energy to pursue a job.” She wrote her resume and eventually found employment as a desk clerk. When the economy sank, Elaine was laid off like countless other Americans. Yet she’s back at the Skills Center three days a week and “eager to learn.” Her goal? To get her GED. With a confident smile, Elaine adds, “I have to prove to myself that I can.” By year’s end, Elaine had improved her writing by one grade level and made gains in her computer skills. The Skills Center facilitated 207 such gains in reading, writing and math skills last year. We helped students pass 149 GED tests and placed 234 people into vocational training, college classes, or jobs. Our CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Services) program instructed 65 homeless adults in culinary techniques to prepare them for jobs in the food services industry. We also helped CHEFS students locate housing, healthcare, recovery programs, and other essential services so that they could maintain employment and improve their quality of life.


A Skills Center Student’s Story

Skills Center Student, Elaine Buchanan Photo: JP Dobrin

“The Skills Center gave me the courage and energy to pursue a job.”

Enriching Lives

at the ECS Senior Center

When ECS Board member, Michael Coholan, wrote an announcement for St. Mary the Virgin’s church newsletter asking for volunteers, he wasn’t sure what kind of response he’d get. But within a week, a dozen families signed up to prepare brown bag lunches for homeless and low-income seniors at Canon Kip Senior Center. Michael reports that, “Sandwiches for Seniors has been great. The families find it fulfilling, enjoyable, and rewarding.” “I love the part of chatting with the guests and understanding more about their background. Some are homeless. Some are formerly homeless. Others are living in shelters. They’re terrific people. All have a story. And they’re all very appreciative.” Michael’s wife, Sheri, is equally enthusiastic about the program. “Our eight-year-old son counts out the paper bags and puts an orange and a napkin in each one. Involving our children helps them make the connection that service is part of our human responsibility.”

C A NON KIP SENIOR CENTER 1,059 seniors and adults with disabilities accessed services. Daytime programs were offered 365 days a year. 29,200 nutritious meals were served.

Like Michael and Sheri, congregants from various parishes are making meals for homeless or formerly homeless people at ECS programs. Over one hundred people from Grace Cathedral cook and serve meals for and with formerly homeless men and women at The Mentone and The Coast SRO hotels. The residents and parishioners get to know one another as they prepare the meals and sit down to eat them together. They break down barriers and build community. Like Sandwiches for Seniors at Canon Kip Senior Center, Dinner with Grace enriches the lives of volunteers and beneficiaries alike. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Mallory Hasick, at 487-3348.

“Sandwiches for Seniors has been great. The families find it fulfilling, enjoyable, and rewarding.” St. Ignatius Volunteers, Mara and Meghan O’Day, at the ECS Senior Center Photo: JP Dobrin


Sheltering People SH E LT E R S 4,780 homeless men and women obtained shelter at ECS. 223,200 meals were served to shelter residents. 444 people were placed in permanent housing, despite a tight housing market.

A Collaborative Safety Net

Difficult times bring people together. This past year, 1,146 people volunteered their time in our shelters, housing developments, and senior center. At ECS’s shelters alone, 152 volunteers painted, cleaned, cooked, led art and yoga workshops, and developed our new shelter libraries. We especially thank the employees from Banana Republic and Hands On Bay Area for painting The Sanctuary, and we applaud Emily Lyon for leading her twice weekly arts class. We express our gratitude to all those who donated time or resources to make our shelters safe havens in this time of economic crisis. Volunteers are essential to our work. They started the Sanctuary Shelter 27 years ago and help our staff maintain our year-round shelters today. In fiscal year 2008-09, ECS sheltered over 4,700 homeless men and women. The Sanctuary and Next Door supplied 480 beds daily, and the Interfaith Shelter added 80 nightly beds during the winter months. Shelter guests enjoyed two nutritious meals a day along with daily opportunities to shower and launder their clothes. Volunteers helped make all of this possible. Shelter guests also took advantage of our case management and behavioral health services, an area that we are expanding this year. Our team now coordinates with three additional shelters to facilitate mental health and substance abuse counseling.

Photo: Marcie Franich

In 2009, ECS was fortunate to receive a major grant from the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation for homeless prevention and emergency housing assistance. So far we have distributed 46 emergency housing grants to help homeless families and individuals secure or maintain housing. In addition, our shelter staff assisted 466 homeless men and women in finding housing in fiscal year 2008-2009. Emergency shelter is only part of our response to homelessness, but it remains an essential part.


Financials RE V E N U E BY S O U RC E F Y 2 0 0 9 *

Private Revenue $1.5M Program Income $2.7M Public Support $13.8M

EPISCOPAL COMMUNIT Y SERVICES BOARD OF DIREC TORS The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus – Chair Episcopal Bishop, Diocese of California

Pablo Wong – President Sr. Vice President, Fidelity National Financial

Sedge Dienst – Vice President Partner, KCA Partners

Ted Chambers – Secretary Attorney

EXP E N S E S BY P RO G R A M F Y 2 0 09

Yvonne Tatsuno – Treasurer

Housing 50%

Lisa Blakely – Senior Program Manager, Corporation for Supportive Housing The Rev. Paul A. Burrows - Rector, Church of the Advent of Christ the King Todd Clayter -Developer, Em Johnson Interest Michael Coholan - Principal, Hilltop Advisors, LLC Alan Fox - CFO, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital William M. Harris - CFO, Lurie Management LLC Christine Hoberg– Retired businesswoman Dr. Martin C. Jones - Program Coordinator, SF Sheriff’s Department Jenisel Jordan - Human Resource Manager, Proteolix, Inc. Frederic Knapp - Principal, Frederic Knapp Architect Fernando E. Lopez - Director of Operations, Colonial Life Kenneth J. Reggio - Executive Director, Episcopal Community Services

Shelters 30%

Skills Center 5% Senior Center 3% Admin 12%

(including fundraising)

*FY2009 unaudited revenue and expenses. *FY2009 audited financial statements available November 2009.

Assistant Controller, Blue Shield of California

of San Francisco

Richard Springwater – Springwater Investments, LLC Eric E. Wheatley - Admin Services Coordinator, SF Jazz LEADERSHIP Kenneth J. Reggio - Executive Director Karen G. Gruneisen - Associate Director Phil Clark - Director of Housing Development and Asset Management Melanie D. Johnson, MBA - Chief Financial Officer Lolita Kintanar, MSW - Director of Senior Services Viviana Martinez, MCHT - Director of Shelters David Medina S. - Director of Human Resources Lynn Nawahine - Director of Development Kevin Sharps - Director of Housing Lisa Stringer - Director of ECS Skills Center

Editor – Lana Dalberg, MFA Photography – Tarah Betinol, Marissa Carter, J.P. Dobrin, Marcie Franich, Mallory Hasick, Tom Tracy Photography Design – 01 Labs


A Community of Donors Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco thanks the following donors for their generous support. Gifts from the community constitute a vital resource for our programs and we are grateful for each and every one. These gifts and donations were received between July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009.

I N D I V I D UA L D O N AT I O N S Anonymous (19) Corinne W. Abel Andrea Acosta Samantha Acunto John R. & Barbara E. Addeo Miguel Aguilera Norma Ahern Mark Akeson Lilli Alberga Evi Altschuler Oktay Amiry Chana Anderson The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus & Sheila Andrus Luisa Antonio Paul A.W. & Donna Armstrong, Sr. Darcy Arnold Elizabeth Lawler Ashley Mitch Ashley Sung K. & Sophie Au Thomas Austin Patricia H. Axelrod Robin M. Azevedo Katherine Badriyeh The Rev. Lynn & Mr. Robert Baird Jim Baldwin Dorothy W. Banks Robert Barcus Anthony Bardo Stephen & Patricia Barulich Mr. Alec S. & Sharon B. Bash Amy Bayley, RSM Richard & Barbara Bechelli Elizabeth Beckett Barbara Benware Jack & Betty I. Bernstein Jack & JoAnn Bertges Michael Bettinger & Robert Goldstein JoeBen Bevirt Jeffrey V. Bialik Michael Bien & Jane E. Kahn L’Ann Bingham Hill Blackett, III & Elaine Bayus Lisa J. Blakely Michael & Gayle Blum


Linda F. Boggiano Judith Bolker, R.N., P.T. William Bonnell Christopher & Debora L. Booth Dione L. Bowers Katherine E. Boyd Pamela Boyes & Marty Beene Flo Braker Judith Branch & Chase Young Andrew P. Bridges & The Rev. J. Rebecca Lyman Marian Brischle Dr. Martin & Farron Brotman Bart & Michal Brownell Peter Brunner Barbara Bunting Anne Burke Thomas & Carol Burkhart Elizabeth S. Burnham The Rev. Paul Burrows & The Rev. Cn. Michael L. Barlowe Mary Elizabeth Burton Stephen & Adrienne Butler Elizabeth P. Byas Dr. John N. & Barbara Callander Brent Canada John N. & Phyllis Cardozo The Rev. Amos C. & Sally Jo Carey Dr. Kenneth J. & Antonina Carpenter

Linda Carucci Anne Casscells & Susan Ketcham Susan E. Caston & Mike Schweizer Linda Chafetz Park & Elizabeth G. Chamberlain Ted Chambers Kathleen P. & Elizabeth Chandler Robert Chang Kin Cheng Carol Childs Robert Chlebowski The Rev. Harry Chuck James D. Church William & Polly Clark Todd Clayter & Betsy ZoBell Johnny Cochran Sue Coholan Michael Coholan & Sheryl Barden Coholan Virginia M. Jensky Cohon Tina Colacino Alan M. Coleman Jordann Coleman Virginia P. Coleman Kathleen M. Colombo & Patrick Morton Elizabeth L. Colton Edward & Nancy Conner Walter T. Conway & Meredith M. Tennent Peter Cook Gregg Cook & Victor Rosario David D. & Margaret M. Cooke Hugh E. Cooney & Georgia N. Acker Heather R. Cooper & John L. Cooper III

John L. Corey William Countryman The Rev. Stuart P. Coxhead, Jr. William S. & Marjory Craig Paul & Valerie Crane Dorfman Mary B. & Harold Cranston Chris & Barbara Creed Brian Crisp Linda T. Cruz Michael Cuggino Nick D’Angelo Victoria S. DeAlba The Rev. & Mrs. James DeLange Tracy Dearman The Rev. Paul C. Deckenbach Peter & Wendy DeLuca Steve DeMartini Sedge & Karen Dienst Patricia Swig Dinner Betsy Dixon Rick Dobbs & Theresa Schreiber Debbie Doherty Beatriz Dominguez Armond Dorsey Kimberly Doughert Fred Doughty Brian & Kathleen Douglas Joan Downey Morris M. Doyle Dr. Richard A. & Dr. Nancy J. Bohannon Maria Drake Maria Duarte Emily Dunn Noreen Dunn Sean Eddy George E. & Jane Edsell Barbara Elbl, MFT Judith K. Elfstrom Donald T. & Janice Elliott Nicholas Elsishans & Christopher J. Hayes Timothy & Cornelia J. Enders Hector Esparza & Irene Minabe Courtenay Eversole Yvonne Farrell Alan Fisher Jim Fletcher Michael T. & Susie L. Foley Denise Desomer Cecil E. & Leah J. Forbes

Mr. Warner H. Schmalz, AIA Jim Foster Alan E. Fox & Diane M. Flynn Ronny Foxy James Fralin RoseAnne & Thomas J. Frank, Jr. Michael D. & Mary J. Franklin Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church Judith E. Friederici Alison C. Fuller The Rev. John M. Gallagher Jean Marie Garascia & Raphael Lopez Luis Garcia Jack D. Gardner Keith Geeslin & Priscilla Bakos Geeslin Terrence E. & Lay Beng Peh Gentle Peter Geraghty & Catherine Klumpp Kevin J. Gerber Judy L. Hunt Gerstle Capt. Charles B. & Dorothy C. Glass The Rev. Vanessa & Michael Glass Robert & Susan Glen Barbara A. & John W. Glynn, Jr. Kevin R. Gogin & Daniel W. McPherson Georgiana Green Jill F. Griffin Cynthia Grubb Karen Gruneisen & Guy Campisano, Jr. Linda L. Gustafson James W. Haas Blanca L. Haendler & Robert Cook Rose M. Hall John F. Hamilton & Carol Leonard Sam & Trudy Hamm Donald D. & Margaret B. Harger Julie Harris Philip & Rachel Harris William M. Harris Carla J. Hartley & Richard L. Miller Leonard J. Hartnett & Margaret Edie Hartnett William Hartnett & Burke M. Ray J. A. Harvey & Vicky Dimitratos Jean P. Hayes Frances R. Heagney & Patricia Spinelli Daniel Healy & Gerald Labuda Ann S. Hedges John B. Heintzen Stephen Heller & Dr. Therese Hickey Helen Jean Henke

Kathy E. Henry & Karen M. Hager Robert Herman & Susie Coliver James H. Hickman & Sara Lanza Hickman Marilyn Dobbs Higuera Richard N. Hill & Nancy Lundeen Jeffrey J. Ho Christine & Gregory Hoberg Vincent E. & Amanda Hoenigman Marjorie C. & Charles K. Hogle Catharine C. Holden Jonathan Hollander Sue Holman & Susan Weeks William S. & Elizabeth A. Hook John C. & Mary B. Hooper Thayer & Greer Hopkins, Jr. James C. Hormel Laura W. Howes George H. & Leslie Hume Mark Humphries Robert E. & Ann C. Hunter, Jr. Michael & Ana Im Carol James Herbert Jeong James Earl Jewell Barbara L. Johnson Edward A. Johnson & James Durfee Melanie & Kurt E. Johnson Claiborne Smith Jones Clay & Sarah Jones Lynn Jones Dr. Martin C. Jones Jenisel & Philip Jordan Lauren Kahn Bruce Kassel & Cheryl Kitchell Holly R. & W.H. Kaufman

Georgene & Hayes Keeler Daniel J. Herling Louis O. Kelso David D. & Maureen E. Kennedy Robert J. & Hester Y. Kenneth Jane Grant Kerr & H. Sinclair, Jr. Carolyn Kiernat Katherine King Ansel D. & Vivian L. Kinney Lolita C. Kintanar Kathryn A Kirkpatrick John & Amanda Hayne Kirkwood Leigh A. & Melissa Kirmsse David Maclaren Knapp & Pan Karaket Elise Knapp Frederic Knapp & Donald Currie Susan Knowles Igor & Lada Kocherovsky Susan Koo Guy & Victoria Kornblum Catherine Kortzeborn Brian & Audrey Kosch Jon Henry Kouba Hale & Madeline Kronenberg Kenneth B. & Marcia Kurtz Nancy Kux & Roger Kelly Nora Lam Albert E. Langlitz & Karen T. Metro David A. Lauer Judy Law & Oliver Theil James P. Lee & Beverly Y. Hashimoto Robert Lee & Janice M. Delfino Lee

Thomas A. Leffler Eric & Julie Legrand Henry LeMieux Gaye Lenahan Jerry & Marilyn Levine Ilene Levinson & Raymond E. Van Tijen Duncan Ley Wolfgang & Linda Liebelt Lori B. Liederman Janet Long Ernie & Alexa Lopez Fernando Lopez & Naomi Lempert Lopez Sheila Lopez Marjorie P. Love Wolfgang A. & Patricia B. Lusse Iver & Joan S. Lyche Jeffrey E. Lyon The Rev. Vincent Lyon, Jr. & Barbara Lyon The Rev. Vincent V. & Carolyn E. MacKenzie Bruce & Deborah B. MacLeod Alan & Kerstin Magary John Maley & Ana Regina Maley Francis & Delia Ann Mansell, Jr. Sandra Marilyn & Joss Eldrege Polly Marshall John & Kathleen Martin Viviana Martinez & Avishai Pearlson Clarence Mason Peter Mason Michael A. Mathes Irena Matijas Bernard Mayes Frank Maynard G. Edward & Susan McClammy, Jr. Archibald & Anne C. McClure Frederick W. McClure Alfredo & Sue McDonald Tom McDougle & Valli Thayer McDougle Margaret E. McEvilly Daniel T. McGarry & Courtney M. Cassinelli Julie A. McGee Cheryl McHale Sylvia C. McLaughlin Rev. Margaret W. Mealy David Medina S. & Steven Medina Merrill J. Meltz & Gennaro A. DeVito Victoria Merrell Eric & Jessica Metoyer Themistocles G. Michos Deborah L. Miller Howard J. & Eleanor W. Miller Jeffrey Miller Susan E. Miller & Jonathan E. Davis Eric Monterrosa Margaret Montgomery

Michelle Montz & Pamela Meyers Mrs. Albert Moorman Amy Lynn Moran Robert Morelli, Jr. Marlayne A. Morgan Denis D. & Mosgofian Bhushan & Blue Mudbharv Kevin M. Mullally Thomas J. Munn & Susan Patton Munn Mary Lu Murphy Regan Murphy & Helen Borgan Kathleen A. Murray & Arthur Perkins Matthew Murray & Diane Dempsey Murray Peter J. Musto Christopher Myers Howard J. & Vivian A. Naftzger Gregg & Ann Elizabeth Napoli John Napoli Lynn & Rick Nawahine Christian M. Nelson Peter Neuendorff Jane Newhall Beth C. Newman Nancy W. Newmeyer H. Turner & Sheila Newton Van Nguyen Moira Nichols Janice Nieder Jeffrey Nigh Daniel H. & Ann H. Nitzan P.J. & Martha Nora Robert V. & Janet B. Oakford Jan M. O’Brien & Craig Hartman Gary Ogburn Emily O’Keefe Barbara A. Oleksiw & Paul Morales Michael F. O’Neill Deborah J. Pacheco Mark Palcanis Sam Palmer & Suzanne Fowler Palmer Armando Palomino The Rev. Jason P. & Jan Parkin Rekha Patel Robert A. & Nancy J. Pease Bryan Peck Edith M. Peck & Kelly Wilkinson Frank & Charlotte Peck Helen Peck Joel T. Perlstein Kathryn Pither Kenneth & Kimberly Pitzer Cynthia S. & Harry W. Poett, III Mark E. Porter Ina L. Potter James Norwood Pratt

Bruce Prescott & Frances Hegeler David T. Price Rodney S. & Bev Price Sandra Price Richard R. Puryear Greg Quiroga Jeff & Kimberly Qvale Samia Rashed & Lucy Sam Pamela Rayburn Ken Reggio & Carol Schulte Belle A. & Godfrey O. Reggio, Jr. Glenn H. Reid & Frank S. Lanier The Hon. Charles B. & Barbara Renfrew Nathan & Katrina Rhoads Michael Rich Neville & Lila S. Rich Juan G. & Marilyn L. Richardson Edward A. & Marcella Jean Riegel Caryl Ritter & Roland Petersen Charles James & Gail Palmer Roberts Marion T. Robus Beverly J. Rockabrand James M. & Barbara J. Rockett Stanley F. Rodgers David & Kathy Romain The Rev. George C. L. & Darlene S. Ross Joyce Routson Kate Rowe Thomas B. & Cynthia B. Rudolph Teresa Ruter The Rev. Calvert & Roxann Rutherford Ryuzi Sakairi & Hideyuki Okamoto William & Ann Salyer Leslie V. Sanford Michael & Priya Sanger

Sherri Hayes Sawyer & Joseph Sawyer Gordon Schaeffer & J. Margaret Milton The Rev. Richard Schaper & The Rev. Anita Ostrom Stephanie Schipper Warren A. & Dorothy M. Schneider Jeanette M. Schuler Evan Scott L. Gregory Scott & Pamela Otstot The Rev. William Scott & Matt Chayt Edwin A. Seipp, Jr. Rita Semel Alex Senchak Theodore R. & Suzanne G. Seton Deborah Green Seymour Wylie R. & Judith W. Sheldon Alice Shiffman Elizabeth H. Shurtleff Rev. Susan J. & David W. Singer Birute Skurdenis Allison Smith Cherida Collins Smith Elinor Smith Thomas S. & Karen Smith Timothy & Ilia Smith Karen Smyda Barbara Solomon & Richard Barr Hibbs Cathy Spensley Richard Springwater & Jane Klion Michael & Margaret Stafford Tania W. Stepanian Charles & Tracy Stephenson


Garrett Wong & Edith Ho Wong Pablo & Khena Wong Michael M. & Heidi R. Would William P. Wreden, Jr. Anita P. Wright Francis Yiu Stephen L. Young Tavar Zawacki Valerie Zilla Barry Zorthian & Bret Davenport

I N - K I N D D O N AT I O N S

Sharon Sterling Loretta Stevens Karen Stiles Lesley Stiles Harriett Hills Stinson Richard Storrs Randy G. Street & Paul Daddona Jay D. Strickwerda John H. Stutesman Richard & Marcia Swain The Rt. Rev. William E. & Mary Swing Lucile J. Taber Yvonne L. Tatsuno & Gordon Leong Barry R. Taylor & John S. Inson Daniel Tellep Kenneth Thames & Joseph F. Dashiell, Jr. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Thomas Thompson Douglas R. Thorne Mary C. Tigh Katrina Tilds Frances M. Tittmann Larisa Troche Larry Troutman Todd & Teresa Trowbridge My Hien Truong & Cecilia M. Chung Estrella Uy Anita Van Buyten Raymond & Merry Anne Vignola Daniel G. Volkmann, Jr. Volunteers in Asia Fred Wagner Edwin A. Waite & Davidson Bidwell-Waite Albert W. Wald David Wang & Hong Jun Wang Ryan Ward Michael Brant Watson Richard C. & Carol M. Watts Randall S. & Bridget G. Weaver Dr. Samuel G. Weeks, D.D.S. Michael & Cristina Weir Elizabeth Welch Wallace E. & Virginia Wells Lawrence V. & Ann W. Wheat Eric E. Wheatley Stephen Wheeler Edward A. & Patricia P. White Fred Whitridge Gregory Willis Diane B. Wilsey Barbara Hixon Wilson Dave & Julie Wilson Donna G. Winslow Ann Witter Nona H. Wittlinger


01 Labs 4505 Meats Addis Creson Phil & Mary Albert Albi Hotel The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus & Sheila Andrus Argonaut Hotel Ken & Dena Aslanian-Williams David Basker Bay Bread Bay City Bike Rentals and Tours Beach Chalet Rev. Stephen Beal Laura Becker-Lewke Becca Berk Betty Zlatchin Catering Company

Bouchon Bistro Bourbon & Branch Rob Brodman California Canoe and Kayak Capricorn Coffees Casa Munras Hotel Chef Cynthia the Culinary Concierge Chez Panisse The Estate of Mrs. Alcy Christopher CozmoCard Culinary Institute of America at Greystone Deborah Culloden Adam Decker Diageo Disneyland Resort Ducca Ken Duncan George Emblom Estéban Restaurant Fairmont Farm Fresh to You Maria Farrow Mark Foose Foreign Cinema Robert Francis Frog Hollow Farm Jessica Garaway Karen Gruneisen & Guy Campisano, Jr. Marian Guintu Habitat International Harbor Court Hotel Jan Hartsough Havana Cuban Cuisine Hayes Street Grill

Rebecca Hershinger Hilton Chicago Home of Chicken and Waffles Hood & Strong, LLP Hotel Durant Hotel Nikko San Francisco Florence Hough Insalata’s Restaurant Integrative Spirituality Intersection for the Arts Gary Jensen Joie de Vivre Hospitality Clay Jones K & L Wine Merchants K. Doving Co. Emily Kao-Terrell Sy Kaufman Kelly Moore Paints King of Mushrooms Garry Koenigsberg Stephen Kramer Kuleto’s La Cocina Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, Inc. Lamplighters Music Theater Lark Creek Restaurant Group Larkspur Hotel Union Square Loomia Wendy Loomis Lurie Management LLC Majestic Fine Wines Mandarin Oriental Marin French Cheese Company/Rouge et Noir Market Square, San Francisco The Marsh McRoskey Airflex Mattress Co. Millennium Tom Miyake Monaco Hotel Nancy Kux Hien Nguyen Alan Nicholson nopa Martin Novoa Cassidy O’Connor Omni San Francisco Hotel Mark Palcanis Fran Peavey Megan L. Peck Perbacco Pat Pishney & Flo Tumolo The Plant Cafe Organic Plantronics Poleng Lounge Postrio Restaurant

Joseph & Robin Powell Pralines by Yvonne Prescott Hotel Ken Reggio & Carol Schulte The Renaissance Parc 55 Scott & Susanna Richter Ritz-Carlton Hotel RLW Analytics, Inc. Judith Robinson Vanessa Romero Roots Restaurant Ryan Scott 2 Go Catering Co. San Francisco Fire Department San Francisco Food Bank San Francisco Giants San Francisco Marriott San Francisco Symphony Sardine Factory Sean Seleque Sens Restaurant SF Performances Shanghai 1930 Marie Simmons Sloat Garden Center Southwest Airlines St. George Spirits, Inc. Stanford Court Serge Stepanov Jim Strain Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Foods Tante Marie’s Cooking School Taproot Foundation Teatro Zinzanni Thirsty Bear Tim Murphy Design Associates Chris Tocalino Tonic Bar Torani Italian Syrups Trader Joe’s Tributary White Water Tours Michael Urashka Urban Outfitters Gene Valla Villa Florence Hotel Walgreen’s Co. Lorna Walker Mari Zatman

CORPOR ATE, FOU N DAT I O N A N D INSTITUTIONAL S U P P O R T Anonymous (1) Acacia Capital Corporation

Adobe Foundation Advent Software Fund Archer & Pine, Inc Argosy Foundation Arkipelago Books AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Bernice M. Hemphill Charitable Trust Blue Shield Cares Cahill Contractors, Inc. California Pacific Medical Center California Wellness Foundation Caritas Management Corporation Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation Catholic Charities CYO CDM Foundation Central City Hospitality House Charles & Helen Schwab Foundation Chevron Humankind Corporation Chubb and Son, Inc. Cisco Systems Foundation Community Economics, Inc. The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Community Health Charities Community Thrift Store Dale Stancliff Endowment Fund Dauber Family Fund Dennis Lee & Janice Lea Carter Foundation Dodge and Cox Investment Managers East Bay Community Foundation The Edward E. Hills Fund Enterprise Green Communities

The Morris Stulsaft Foundation Morrison & Foerster Foundation Notre Dame High School OPEIU Local 3 (Office of Proffesional Employees International Union) Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund San Francisco Foundation San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee, Inc. Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Silicon Valley Community Foundation St. Anselm’s Episcopal Church The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation Stephen & Nancy Grand Philanthropic Fund The Swig Foundation Taproot Foundation True North Foundation Union Bank of California Foundation United Way - California Capital Region United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties United Way of Metropolitan Chicago United Way of the Bay Area Vitamin Cases Consumer Settlement Fund Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program Walter & Elise Haas Fund Washington Mutual Wells Fargo Foundation William G. Gilmore Foundation

In Honor of “My Son” Lynn S. Tepper In Honor of “the people that rise above” Tavar Zawacki

SANC TUARY SOCI E T Y Sanctuary Society recognizes donors who have generously included ECS in their estate plans.

In Memory of Maria Crotti Patricia H. Axelrod In Honor of Brandon Fine Adin Eichler

TRIBUTE GIFT LIST In Honor of Edward & Darlene “Kim” Allison Philip D. Allison In Memory of Canon Willam Barcus James Norwood Pratt In Memory of Karen Barcus Robert Barcus In Memory of Rhoda Bunnell Frances M. Tittman In Honor of Gabriela Chavez Randoph Quezada

Episcopal Charities Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church of St. Matthew Episcopal Diocese of California Episcopal Homes Foundation - Darby Betts Fund Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund Farese Family Foundation Federal Home Loan Bank - AHEAD Program Frances K. and Charles D. Field Foundation The Gap Foundation George Frederick Jewett Foundation George H. Sandy Foundation Goldfarb & Lipman LLP The Hal and John Smith Family Foundation Heffernan Insurance Herman Coliver Locus: Architecture Hilltop Advisors, LLC HomeBase Horizons Foundation - Live Oak Fund HRH Foundation James Boyd Fund Jewish Community Endowment Fund JP Morgan Chase Foundation Levi Strauss Foundation Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund Louis R. Lurie Foundation Macy’s McBean Family Foundation Merritt Community Capital Corporation Michael and Jeanie Casey Fund Microsoft Matching Gifts Program The Middle Passage Foundation Moody’s Foundation Matching Gifts Program

In Honor of Kelly Wilkinson Anthony H. Pasqua

In Memory of David Clausen Ms. Deborah J. Pacheco In Memory of Jo Marian Cochran Johnny Cochran

In Memory of Sam D. Freeman Anonymous In Honor of Carol Freidenberg Jennifer Dolin

Robert Anino Trust † Andrew M. Athan † Pansy Perkins Baker † Susannah Brenner Michael Coholan & Sheryl Barden Coholan Walter T. Conway, Jr. & Meredith M. Tennent Chris & Barbara Creed The Rev. Sarah A. Davis † Joy DeWeese-Wehen † Pam Ferraro † Charles Fuller David R. Gee † Elizabeth Gillespie † The Rev. Vanessa & Michael Glass E. Dixon Heise † Effiellen Jeffries †

In Honor of Stephen Gibbs & Molly Fuller Anne McCarten-Gibbs In Honor of Vanessa Glass My Hien Truong & Cecilia M. Chung In Memory of Richard F. Hall Rose M. Hall In Memory of Thomas J. Hayes Jean P. Hayes In Honor of Lauren Kahn Nancy A. Oliveira In Honor of Fernando Lopez Jason & Abby Porth In Memory of Rev. Boyd Lyon Vincent & Barbara Lyon In Honor of Sandra Marilyn Clarence Mason In Memory of Bobby Morton Kathleen M. Colombo & Patrick Morton In Honor of Lynn Nawahine Donald & Mary Young In Memory of Rev. Henry Ohlhoff Alan B. Porter

Jenisel & Philip Jordan Mary Heath Keesling † Frederic Knapp & Donald Currie Virginia McCormick Ella H. Medwin † Margaret Montgomery Robert McAlpin Moore † Sharon A. Moore & Geoffrey R. Paul † Betty Murphy † Ken Reggio & Carol Schulte Caryl Ritter & Roland Petersen Marcella Solem Tanabe Sanctuary Endowment Yvonne L. Tatsuno & Gordon Leong Frances Toby † Thelma E. Tucker Mrs. Leonard Watne Phyllis C. Wattis † Diana Whiteman † Pablo & Khena Wong Margaret Frances Wosser

In Memory of Diane Pirnik Virginia M. Jensky Cohon In Memory of Charles Price David T. Price In Honor of Ken Reggio James H. Hickman & Sara Lanza Hickman In Honor of Joshua Smith Jennifer Dolin

Please accept our apology for any errors or omissions and advise Megan Peck at (415) 487-3736 or of corrections.





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Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco helps homeless and very low-income people every day and every night obtain the housing, jobs, shelter and essential services each person needs to prevent and end homelessness. Episcopal Community Services operates the Sanctuary and Next Door shelters, provides services at nine supportive housing facilities, and runs the Canon Kip Senior Center and the Skills Center. Each year, more than 6,000 people receive services and support from ECS.

Building Community. Developing Skills. Enriching Lives.

Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco 165 8th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 487-3300

ECS Annual Report 2009  

2009 annual report for Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco

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