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Books, Books, & More

BOOKS! “Our libraries can never, ever have enough books!” Ms.Neesvig, Ms.Cromwell, Mrs.Curtis, Mrs.Ware Episcopal Collegiate Librarians

LOWER SCHOOL Braunfisch-Stella Boyle Smith Library Ms. Meredith Neesvig, Librarian Favorite Books of our Students: - The Amulet Series - Fly Guy - DragonBreath - Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets - Piggie and Elephant Books

Lower School Current Collection – 11,269 Books Goal of Lower School Collection – 12,000 Books Fun Fact - Over 16,204 books have been checked out of the LS library since August!

MIDDLE SCHOOL Erwin Library Mrs. Sandra Curtis, Librarian Favorite Books of our Students: - The Ascendance Trilogy - The Homelanders - The Maze Runner - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Alex Rider

Middle School Current Collection – 7,309 Books Goal of Middle School Collection – 10,000 Books Fun Fact - MS Students are divided into four houses that compete for points. Students can earn points for their houses through voluntary reading. Students read over 1,000 books last year for house points!

UPPER SCHOOL Simpson Library Mrs. Marlene Ware, Librarian Favorite Books of our Students: - The Fault in our Stars - Thirteen Reasons Why - Catching Fire - An Abundance of Katherines - Animal Farm: a fairy story

Upper School Current Collection – 7,500 Books Goal of Upper School Collection – 12,000 Books Fun Fact - The US Library sponsors the Harry Potter Club with over 55 members. They read books, meet monthly, plan campouts, and host the Yule Ball.

Dear Episcopal Collegiate Families and Friends, People often express an interest in making a gift to honor the accomplishments of students, faculty, family members, friends, and classmates. A book is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone. A book is a lasting honorarium, or memorial, which will benefit many students throughout the years. All three libraries need books and reference materials which support Episcopal Collegiate’s curriculum. Books range in cost for fiction and some non-fiction from $40.00 - $50.00 to upwards of $50.00 - $250.00 for special reference books. Our libraries constitute a major element in preparing our students for study and life beyond the gates of the Jackson T. Stephens Campus. Your gift of a book will become a vital part of our collection. Honor those who are important to you and share the gift of knowledge through a donation to purchase a book. Your honoree will receive a card notifying him or her of your thoughtful gift. A bookplate is placed in the front of the book showing the name of the honoree and the donor. Share the gift of knowledge by purchasing a book today, and help us continue to expand our library collections for many years to come.

Sincerely, Stephen D. Hickman Head of School

ECS 2013 Library Appeal  

ECS 2013 Library Appeal

ECS 2013 Library Appeal  

ECS 2013 Library Appeal