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T H E 2 0 1 3 -1 4 F I R S T S E m E S T E R n E w S MacroeconoMics class Meets World leaders The Upper School Macroeconomics Class, team taught by Head of School Steve Hickman and Upper School Head Fletcher Carr, had the extraordinary opportunity to attend the Stephens CEO Summit at the Capital Hotel on October 3, 2013. This is the second year that the class has been invited to attend this meeting of global leaders and thinkers who gather in Little Rock each year to discuss major economic trends and issues. As part of the course’s focus on better understanding of the broader economic indicators that drive the world economy, the class watched presentations by former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, former British Prime Minister John Major, and Pulitzer Prize-winning energy expert Daniel Yergin. All three addressed the current efforts at sustaining the global recovery, America’s growing energy industry, and the prospects for China, the European Union, and the Middle East. At the end of the morning sessions, the students were treated to the arrival of both Secretary Rice and Prime Minister Major. The two proceeded to spend 25 minutes with our 13 students, discussing their own educations and the ways in which they had each worked to develop their interests and talents. Photo (l to r) Mr. Warren Stephens, President, Episcopal Collegiate School Foundation Board of Directors; Jane Ann Fortenberry, kindergaren teacher; and Mrs. Harriet C. Stephens, member, Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors

Jane ann Fortenberry receives inaugural Jackson t. stephens loWer school Faculty aWard

In all, the morning provided an incredible supplement to the day-to-day classwork of the course. We thank the Stephens family for providing our young people with this incredible learning opportunity.

The culmination of Episcopal’s first school-wide Convocation was the announcement by Warren Stephens, President of the Episcopal Collegiate School Foundation Board of Directors, of another first. Mr. Stephens announced the establishment of a new award, the Jackson T. Stephens Outstanding Lower School Faculty Award. “Due to the great success of the Episcopal Collegiate Lower School, our family is pleased to establish this award in honor of our Lower School faculty,” he said. Mr. Stephens went on to describe the award’s first recipient, Kindergarten Teacher Jane Ann Fortenberry, as “a master teacher who engages every child in the learning process. “Her zest for teaching and nurturing young students is matched only by her enthusiasm for life. Her reputation as a strong, yet loving, educator and her belief in the mission of Episcopal Collegiate School has added to the strength of the Lower School’s reputation and its success in its early years.”

episcopal opens school year With First ever convocation service

Photo: (l to r, standing) William McCastlain, Mary Hannah Madigan, Spencer Pevahouse, Shelby Powers, Clayton Cunningham, Walker Jones, Kindley Wasson; (l to r, sitting) Condoleeza Rice and John Major

eight seniors recognized in national Merit scholarship coMpetition Out of a class of 61, eight Episcopal Collegiate School seniors (approx. 12% of the class) were honored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation for their performance in the nation’s foremost academic competition.

Episcopal Collegiate School formally marked the opening of the 2013-14 school year with a school-wide Convocation Service, the first in the School’s history. Students in grades K-12 and faculty and staff gathered in the Championship Gym at 9 a.m. on September 11 to hear inspiring messages from Bishop Larry Benfield and Chaplain John Childress. All students were offered the sacrament of Holy Communion in the Episcopal tradition. This gathering of the Episcopal Collegiate community was a wonderful start to the year and is a tradition that the school plans to continue. Convocation 2014 is scheduled for early September.

Forty-tWo students earn advanced placeMent honors Based on their performance on Advanced Placement (AP) Exams taken in May 2013, 42 of our current and recently-graduated students received 44 AP Awards. Ten of these students were named AP Scholars with Distinction and two, Mimi Ederle ‘13 and Sonia Helen Pascale ‘13, were named National AP Scholars after scoring at least a four out of five on all exams and receiving a four or higher on at least eight exams.

Photo (l to r, sitting) Miller Wilbourn, Max Goldberg, Colin Clemmons and Jacob Dowell; (l to r, standing) Nicholas Simmons, Wyatt Davis, Ned Curran and Ben Winter

Seven seniors were named National Merit Semifinalists; Colin Clemmons, Ned Curran, Wyatt Davis, Jacob Dowell, Max Goldberg, Miller Wilbourn and Ben Winter. One student, Nicholas Simmons, was named a National Achievement Semifinalist. Congratulations to these outstanding students on this achievement.

Crossing Borders: episcopal students travel the World in search oF lear Hannah Hooper is a junior at Episcopal Collegiate School, but her classroom is 1,800 miles away–in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Hooper is just one of a growing number of Episcopal Collegiate students who are participating in what some in education call “engaged learning” – hands-on learning through student exchange programs, overseas homestays, and summer travel trips. Trinidad, France, Eastern Europe, England, Spain, Italy and Greece are just some of the destinations of Episcopal students and faculty since 2005. Currently, a summer trip to Eastern Europe, led by Dr. Bruce Hall, is planned for summer 2014, as well as a tour of Washington, D.C. led by Middle School History Teacher Lara Beard. For Hooper, the experience has been life changing and has given her insight into what it really means to be an American. “Being here in Costa Rica has renewed my appreciation for many things that are, in general, more readily available or abundant in the U.S., ranging from the more material (hot water, ovens, internet) to the more profound (higher-paying jobs, diversity of ethnicities, religions, and worldviews). “At the same time, this year has led me to appreciate many things about Costa Rica that the U.S. lacks; for example, the incredibly beautiful and diverse flora and fauna, the abundance of a national reserve area, and the respect of the general public for the environment,” said Hooper. “Also, it’s generally a more relaxed atmosphere. “ Hooper will return to the U.S. on May 10. Her mother, Episcopal Science Teacher Dr. Suzanne Wilmoth and father, Director of College Guidance Phil Hooper, are counting the days. Dr. Wilmoth is quite a globetrotter herself. This past summer, she led 12 Episcopal students on a two-week scientific learning expedition to Trinidad to study leatherback sea turtles. Coordinated through EarthWatch, the adventure involved patrolling a six-mile stretch of the tiny Carribbean island in search of the critically-endangered creatures. The trip coincided with the end of the leatherback nesting season, so the students were able to study the unique body structure of the leatherbacks, observe their hatchlings, and plant trackers so that scientists could keep up with them. On a typical day, students canvassed the beaches from about 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. The rest of the group’s time was spent exploring the rainforest and its exotic creatures, eating fresh fruits from the trees, and taking in the beautiful unspoiled scenery.

ben Winter achieves top act score Ben Winter, son of Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Winter and an Episcopal senior, earned a top composite score of 36 on the ACT test. Nationally, on average, less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earn the top score. Among test takers in the high school graduating class of 2013, only 1,162 of more than 1.8 million students earned a composite score of 36.

Hannah Hooper (above) and Brooke Davis (left) explore the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.

On the other side of the globe, Senior Delia Wade was just returning to the U.S. after spending the school year with a host family in Caen, France (a region in Normandy). Wade says the adventure was as intellectually challenging as anything she had experienced in a traditional classroom. Even with three years of French under her belt, a complete immersion in a new country tested her language and social skills. “At the beginning of my stay, I could hardly speak at all,” said Wade. “I had great foundations in the language from Episcopal, yet it was hard to understand because everyone spoke so fast. Making new friends is easy at first because everyone is interested in U.S. culture and people. However, after a few weeks, it became harder to maintain friendships and engage in conversations on a deeper level. I worked very hard at this, and I would say that around Christmas time I felt very comfortable with everyone. Overall, this was very challenging.” Wade’s exchange program was coordinated through the American Field Service. Senior Brooke Davis spent 10 days in Costa Rica last summer thanks to a scholarship awarded by the National Spanish Honor Society. To win the Bertie Green Travel Award, Davis had to write an essay and record a five-minute video of herself speaking to her teacher entirely in Spanish. Davis was one of only 20 students nationwide to receive the award.

episcopal sWeeps student congress 2013 With 15 aWards A delegation of Episcopal Upper School students attended Student Congress 2013, a two-day mock legislative session that concluded Nov. 12 at the Arkansas State Capitol. The experience was an immersion in the legislative process.

Winter is a National Merit Semifinalist, Captain of the School’s All-State Quiz Bowl Team, and a member of the Honor Council. He is President of the National Honor Society, the National French Honor Society, and placed in the top five in the state on the National French Exam. He achieved the state’s 3rd highest score on the Pre-Calculus exam and the school’s highest score on the American Council for Teachers of Mathematics exam (ACTM). He has won numerous 1st and 2nd place awards in Student Congress. “Ben is an outstanding student,” said Head of School Steve Hickman. “He possesses a keen intellect and an insatiable intellectual curiosity. Quite simply, he loves to learn. It is not a surprise that he scored as well as he did. Ben’s recognition for this significant achievement is well deserved and we are very proud of him.”

chesscats continue Winning streak The Middle School Chess Team was successful in defending their 1st place title at the Little Rock School District Chess Tournament this fall. With only a few tournaments to go, the Cats hope to hold onto their 1st place position through the grand championship in February 2014! Congratulations to team members Henry Traylor, Taylor and Caleb Dworkin, Kobi Greer, Luke Jackson, George Rector, Adrian Rogers, Robert Shannon, Christeon Smith and Leigh Tunno.

Photo (l to r, front): Liza Hill, Susan Tucker, Adrianne Owings, Megan Bellfield, Alan May and Martene Mourning; (back, l to r) Houston Downes, Cogan Wade, Gus Powers and Hunt Cummins.

First-time competitor Alan May was given the prestigious Mary Ingalls Award, named for the founding teacher who started the competition 45 years ago. Senior Houston Downes was named the Highest Scoring Delegate and Best Overall Floor Delegate in House II. His bill to add a personal finance class to the Arkansas high school curriculum was voted Best Bill in House II. Other awards for the Episcopal team were: Overall Best Delegation - 2nd place Best Delegation House I - 3rd place

Excellent in Parliamentary Procedure Hunt Cummins and Gus Powers

Best Bill 3rd place House II - Ben Winter

Superior in Parliamentary Procedure Alan May, Adrianne Owings, Houston Downes, and Ben Winter

Best Delegate for Episcopal - Houston Downes

Excellent in Floor Debate - Gus Powers

Superior in Committee - Hunt Cummins, Houston Downes, Adrianne Owings, Alan May, Gus Powers, and Ben Winter

Superior in Floor Debate Hunt Cummins, Alan May, Adrianne Owings, Houston Downes, and Ben Winter

Excellent in Caucus - Gus Powers

Superior Page - Megan Bellfield, Liza Hill, and Cogan Wade

Best Delegation House II - 1st place

Superior in Caucus - Houston Downes, Adrianne Owings, Alan May, and Ben Winter


rning and adventure

Amber Raneem Alley Class Treasurer College of the Holy Cross Caitlin Sarah Allison University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Katherine Ann Bowen University of Arkansas Trinidad at Fayetteville Kelsey Erin Brass Grinnell College Katherine Bailey Brown University of Mississippi

Traveling with the other 19 winners, Davis stayed in mostly family-owned hotels where she enjoyed authentic local cuisine and had “the best-tasting coffee I have ever had.” She spent her days horseback riding through the mountains, zip lining, kayaking Lake Arenal near the Poas’ Volcano, and enjoying the secluded undisturbed beaches in the Manuel Antonio National Park. In addition to the improvement in her Spanish fluency and the lasting impact on her worldview, Hooper says the experience of navigating a foreign culture has done wonders for her confidence. “Being thrown into a sea of newness--new people, new language, new culture--one is forced to overcome any shyness or insecurity and assume a confident attitude in order to improve, connect, and just have a pleasant experience. I already went into this a not very easily embarrassed person, but I think I’m now just a hands-down expert at laughing at myself and embracing my embarrassing mistakes rather than letting them bother me!” French Teacher Natalie Luer says, “studying abroad is an endlessly enriching experience for young people. Not only are they exposed to many new sights and experiences, but they also have the opportunity to take in the cultural aspects of how different people live. Studying abroad certainly has the capacity to change someone’s life.” Luer led her first trip to France last summer with 10 Episcopal students. The trip was sponsored by Vistas in Education.

Jackson Taylor Rawlings University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Mareece Dior Griffin University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Logan Nolan Ray Southern Illinois University in Carbondale

Global C lassroom

Taylor Elizabeth Barton University of Arkansas at Fayetteville England Margaret Anne Beetstra France Washington University Spain in St. Louis

Photo left: Delia Wade at Belle Isle near Caen, France where she lived with a local family last year. Photo right: Students examine a leatherback sea turtle while on beach patrol with EarthWatch in Trinidad.

Anne Morley Gonzalez Class Vice President Yale University

Jack Andrew Bunce Arkansas State University Erin Elizabeth Campbell University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Michael Brandon Hairston Austin Reinhart Schoessel University of Arkansas Oklahoma State University at Fayetteville Eastern EuropeMary Scarlett Sherwood Devin Lenard Hall University of Arkansas Williams Baptist College at Fayetteville Greece Cindy Lillian Henriquez Kelly Ellen Singer University of the Ozarks University of Arkansas at Little Rock Laura Katherine Hildebrand Hendrix College Robert Jeffrey Staten, Jr. University of Louisiana at Lafayette Zana Lovell Horne University of Arkansas Jordan Thomas Stepka at Fayetteville University of Tulsa Del’Juan Tavaviqus Jackson University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Kristen Roselie Kent Class Secretary University of Arkansas ever, the value of at Fayetteville

Matthew Howard Stewart Hendrix College Steele Strauss College of Charleston Kendal Alan Strayhorn

With the world more interconnected than these global Universitylearning of Arkansas Teneal LaVette Charles at Fayetteville opportunities is almost impossible to quantify. Episcopal students are naturally Henderson State University Mary Caitlin Mahaffy Samuel Edward curious about the world around them. We are proud to see our students and Thoma Southern Methodist University Chelsey Breanne Copas University of Illinois faculty take advantageUniversity of these opportunities that are clearly helping them of Central Arkansas Jack Edwin McCoy at Urbana-Champaign develop into more mature, culturally-aware people. University of Arkansas Claude Chapman Cousins, Jr. University of Arkansas at Fayetteville James Jackson Dowden Texas Christian University James Rogers Eubanks University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

at Fayetteville

Sarah Elizabeth Throckmorton Elizabethtown College

Elizabeth Grace McDonough Class President Vanderbilt University

Howard Moose Turney, Jr. Hampden-Sydney College

Jeffrey Jackson McIntyre Duquesne University Olivia Cates Patton University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Maddie Warwick Vollers Loyola University Chicago Anna Elizabeth Wilbourn Georgetown University Claire Alle Worley University of Mississippi

CLASS OF 2012 HIgHLIgHTS • The Class of 2012 with 44 students will enroll in 28 different colleges and universities across 15 states. • 31 students representing 70% of the class, generated merit-based scholarship offers with one and four-year values totaling just over $3,390,000. Photo left, above: Episcopal students at the Eiffel Tower on a group tour of France, Summer 2013.

• The Class of 2012 contributed over 6,000 hours of community service during their four years in Upper School.

CHOIR RECOgnITIOn christMas at episcopal school launches neW social Media initiativeORCHESTRA And Episcopal Collegiate’s orchestra won Sweepstakes and celebrated Superior Christmas through Episcopal Collegiate School While our website and weekly e-newsletters will continue to be the (1) ratings at the Region I Concert Contest in March. Abby cherished traditions that brought a deep sense of peace to primary ways that we will communicate school news, parents and concertmaster, selectedbusy holiday and exam our community during was an always students may have noticed an increase in our use of social media,Harkins, violinist and orchestra which a first for events, the Lower season.Orchestra, One of the mostis anticipated specifically on Facebook and Twitter. We hope that you enjoy theas a member of the All-State Episcopal Collegiate. Kiril Laskarov, orchestra director, was parents and extendSchool Christmas Program, brought variety of news and updates you are seeing on our social media pages. named as conductor of the Arkansas Symphony Prelude ed family to campus. Lower School families delighted in When you see something that interests you or that your friends on Orchestra. Mr. Laskarov participated in the final concert of the preschool through 1st grade performances of “Letters social media would benefit from, please “LIKE” that post and “SHARE” it! the symphony’s season along with two students: Cole Hartsell and Love,” and the 2nd through 5th grade’s “Little Fir’s As current parents and students, you are the most important ambassadors for Episcopal in (far right), violinist, and Owen Hadden, cellist. Our Upper School Concert Choir received Superior ratings at the Vision” and “While Shepherd’s Watched.” Both programs the broader community. We appreciate your help in getting the word out about the Regional Choral Performance Assessment, which allowed the choir to perform at the State Choral Performance Assessment. were written and directed by Karen Clark, Lower School wonderful things that are happening at Episcopal Collegiate School! The Concert Choir earned Excellent ratings at the State Assessment, placing in the top Photo: five performance groups Ramsey Jennings is “T for Tree”in in their the Choir and Drama Director. “LettersPerformance and Love” Christmas Program classification. The Middle School Chorus earned a Superior Rating at the Regional Choral Assessment.

Handcrafted ornaments made by Lower School students adorned the School’s traditional

episcopal legocat teaM takes 2nd place in state Jesse Tree. This tree is representative of Jesus’ family tree and gets its name from Jesse, the SupERIOR ACCOLAdES FOR BROAdCAST coMpetition father of King David. The ornaments, made by students, tell of Jesus’ ancestors and the JOuRnALISm STudEnTS events leading up to Jesus’ birth. Episcopal’s 5th and 6th grade LegoCat Team competed in the FIRST Lego

Scholasticexams Press Association (ASPA) League State Tournament held at Arkansas State University on Jan. 4. At the 2012 Arkansas Although were foremost on thecontest, minds of Middle and Upper School students, they too Episcopal Collegiate’s enjoyed student-produced magazine, The LegoCats earned 2nd place out of breaks fromnews studies to hear “ECTV the Christmas story beautifully told through scripture News,” earned a Superior award in music the General 30 teams in robot programming. Of 64 readings and duringExcellence the Dec. 12 “Lessons and Carols” Chapel Service. category. ECTV was also honored with the All-Arkansas award, robotics teams in the state, only the top “In some ways, the superheated which is the highest distinction a broadcast program can receive 30 competed in the FIRST Lego League State atmosphere seemed to distill Episcopal from ASPA. The staff also earned five Superior awards and three Tournament. to its best essence, whether through a Best of ASPA awards for their stories. Staff members pictured (left Congratulations to LegoCats team members beautiful collaboration, during the Lessons to right) are Clayton Cunningham, Turner Kennedy, Steele Strauss, Brennen Beck, Jackson Fite, James Fite, and Ned Carols service, between our choral Ben Winter, Mareece Griffin, Austin Schoessel, Katie Mowery, Sheffield Spence, Curran, Ellie McDonough and, Luke Jackson, Olivia Jackson, Ty Lazzari, horizontal, Michael Hairston. Other staff members include Hans Braunfisch, Jackson Bridges, Jamesa Eubanks, groups and our orchestra, reading Emily Richard, Ben Richard, George Rector, William McCastlain, Madison Moody, Carly Roberts, Amanda Russell, Robert Staten,stories and Claire Worley. of Christmas by our seniors to Adrian Rogers, Mason Walsh, Worth Wilsey, their Kindergarten buddies, or with the and Faculty Sponsor Christian Rogers. wRESTLIng poignant tree trimming tradition by the Class of 2014,” saidinUpper School Head The Episcopal Collegiate wrestling team won 10th place the state Food drive donations Fletcher Carr. competition this year. Excellent performances by two of our team members

break 10,000!

brought them medals: sophomore Will Griffin (left) captured 3rd place In all the festivities, a focus on giving to and junior Jason Giordano (right) placed 4th.

For the 15th year, Episcopal those in need was present. Students Collegiate School sponsored the continued Episcopal’s long-standing ArCANsas Food Drive to benefit the tradition of collecting hats, mittens and Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Food scarves for St. Francis House, a local wILdCAT BASEBALL Bank. As always, students campus-wide homeless shelter. baseball player Robert Staten (right) will compete for a starting position as an outfielder this took the challenge seriously, andSenior in these Photo (l to r): Justin Gooseberry and Russ McDonough load the first of 10,000 cans for Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Food Bank. offensive category two short weeks leading up to fall at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Robert holds 13 of the 14 all-time Visit the online Media Gallery at the state of Arkansas for more photos from Thanksgiving, collected more than 10,000 items! The Food Drive is one ofrecords the at Episcopal Collegiate. He ranks 9th (.552) and 10th (.550) all-time for single-season batting average, ranks 6th (.496) all-time in the state of Arkansas career batting School’s oldest traditions, beginning in 1998 when the School was housed at the theinChristamas Program. average, and ranks 4th all-time in the state of Arkansas for single game RBI’s (7)! church while the Jackson T. Stephens campus was being built.

orchestra’s First classics in Jeans concert a hit

Fall play, the diviners, WoWs episcopal audiences

The Episcopal Collegiate Orchestra delighted Middle and Upper School students with performances of popular music at their first Classics in Jeans Concert on Nov. 6. Dressed in blue jeans, the orchestra performed the theme from the hit movie Star Wars, written by John Williams, and Sinfonia by Handel. Soloists were Kristin Barnes and Cole Hartsell.

The Episcopal Collegiate Theatre Department brought the story of a struggling small town to the stage, Nov. 14 – 16 in The Diviners.

“Classics in Jeans is a new way of presenting classical music with musicians and audiences ‘dressing down,’ ” said Orchestra Director Kiril Laskarov. “It’s a concept developed by many professional symphonies and chamber orchestras designed to break down the barriers between audiences and musicians.”

Set during the Great Depression, Jim Leonard’s play was performed in spectacular fashion by a cast of 21 students, especially Colin Clemmons as C.C. Showers and Matthew Paskey as Buddy Layman. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, and Theatre Director James Mainard-O’Connell on an outstanding performance.

Wildcat druMMers have busy Fall Performances by Episcopal percussion students were at an all-time high this fall. Intermediate and advanced percussion students performed at more than eight community events, including a lunch-time concert for UAMS patients and families, a half-time show at the first Hendrix College football game, a concert at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, a pre-concert tailgate show before the Arkansas Symphony’s Beethoven and Blue Jeans Concert, and a performance at the Heights Third Thursday event. Episcopal drummers managed to maintain their campus performance schedule at home football games and chapel despite their many gigs around town. Congratulations to Mr. Saoud and all of our Episcopal percussionists! Photo: Julia Landfair shows Kirby Owens how to use the African shekeres during hands-on a chapel performance.

episcopal shoWcases Quinn teaching gardens at First “art in the garden” event On Nov. 14, the Visual Arts faculty, English teachers, and Spanish and French faculty collaborated on an event in the Lower School’s Quinn Teaching Gardens and Outdoor Classroom. The purpose of the event, called Art in the Garden, was to showcase the garden as a gathering place for the school community as well as the artistic, musical, and literary talents of students from each division. While listening to harp music played by Katie Doderer ‘16 and violin music played by Kristin Barnes ‘14, parents, students, faculty, and administrators admired ceramic garden sculptures that had been created by 5th Grade art students, Art 6, and Foundations of Art students, as well as the Upper School sculpture class. Lower School students Jett Lasiter ’24 and Riley Brady ‘23 read original poems, as did Middle School student Hailey Tucker ’19. Upper School students Imane Alexander ‘14 and Ashton Brass ‘14 read works of American poets. Maria Jose Brenes Morera ‘16 read a poem by Pablo Neruda in Spanish, while Delia Wade ’14 read one by Pierre de Ronsard in French. Father John Childress closed the reading with a prayer. It was a beautiful, crisp fall evening; even the moon cooperated, appearing over the trees and behind the readers.

episcopal artists Make their Mark at thea paves the Way A creative group of Middle and Upper School students spent a beautiful Saturday morning, Sept. 14, creating an elaborate chalk mural as part of the 8th Annual THEA Paves the Way sidewalk chalk art event. Episcopal joined hundreds of young artists, teachers Photo (from left): Students with Arkansas First Lady Ginger Beebe and THEA founders and families from around Linda and Paul Leopoulos at the 8th Annual THEA Paves the Way sidewalk chalk art event at the Clinton Library. Central Arkansas in creating an amazing display of original chalk art along the sidewalks of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

eight Make all-region choir Episcopal Collegiate voices once again distinguished themselves with a large group of students earning spots in the Central Arkansas Junior and Senior High All-Region Photo (l to r, front) Adrianne Owings, Jameson Miller , Serena Hanson, and Jessalyn Hoskyn; (back, l to r): Lee Tucker, Katharine Edwards, Susan Tucker and Colin Clemmons. Choirs. In Junior High, Jessalyn Hoskyn, Lee Tucker, Katharine Edwards and Serena Hanson made All-Region Choir, many of them competing against hundreds of other singers. Congratulations also to Susan Tucker, Colin Clemmons, Adrianne Owings, and Jameson Miller who earned spots in the Senior High All-Region Choir.

March 15, 2014 Spring Live and Silent Auction benefitting faculty professional development. 7 to 9 p.m. Upper SchooL Dining hALL

Cocktails and Appetizers Live and Silent Auction Visit the parents section of to order tickets online.

All the lucky people will be there! JACkSOn T. STEpHEnS CAmpuS | 1701 CAnTRELL Rd. | LITTLE ROCk, AR 72201 | EpISCOpALCOLLEgIATE.ORg



Episcopal collEgiatE in action



















10 11


11 12

PICTURED FROM TOP: 1. WELCOME BACK: Daron Hall ’06, Mary Lou Entzminger, and Jaron Fells ’08 enjoy catching up at Alumni Night Jan. 7. 2. HARVARD: Andrew Flesher ’10 kicks in this first game as the new starting kicker for the Harvard Crimson. 3. IN THE PINK: Jr. High Cheer with pink pom-poms and bows to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 4. WILDCATS FOR THE CURE: Episcopal fielded one of its largest teams ever in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Oct. 21. 5-6. HALLOWEEN: Kitty Kat Astronaut and Captain America were just a few of the celebrities that showed up in the Lower School on Halloween. 7. OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: 5th graders learned about the third world on a visit to the Heifer International Global Village. 8. CHAPEL SKIT: The 6th graders delighted us this semester with several great performances of biblical stories. 9-11. WILDCAT ROUND-UP: Lower School families celebrated the new season at the Annual Fall Festival. 12-15. SPIRIT WEEK: Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl – we saw them all during Homecoming Spirit Week! 16. PRINCESS: Homecoming Princess Anna Caroline Strickland and her mother, Lynn. 17. ALUMNI HOOPS: A great turnout for the Alumni Faculty Basketball Game. 18. NO. 1 WILDCAT RETIRES: Foundation Executive Director Cathy Mayton gets a serenade from the Episcopal Orchestra at her retirement party. 19. MIDSHIPMAN ROWELL: Jacob Rowell ’13, currently in his first year at the U.S. Naval Academy, celebrates the holidays with Claire Worley ‘12 and his parents. 20. BUDDIES: Seniors Koby Strayhorn and Clayton Cunningham with Kindergarten buddy Noah Drennan. 21. SENIOR MOMENT: A happy moment after a Senior friend’s Chapel Talk.

fall 2013 atHletic HigHligHtS Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis

State Champions with multiple players named All-State

Boys’ Golf

State Runners-up with two golfers named All-State

Girls’ Golf

Conference Champions


Advanced to state playoffs with two players named All-State

Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Finished 7th in state meet with two runners named All-State (photo, l to r): Alisha Duvall, Kennedy Brown, Francesca Giuliano, Stephany Li, María José Brenes, Celeste Jennings, Mary Hannah Madigan, Anna Caroline Strickland, and Katie Hadden.


Advanced to Final Eight in state playoffs with two players named All-State

Spirit Week and Homecoming Spirit Week and Homecoming passed in a colorful blur, with costumed students, pep rallies, and the always exciting presentation of the Homecoming Court. Students enjoyed dressing in costume and Superhero/Villian Day was a particular favorite. The varsity football team played one of the best games in the program’s history, beating the second-ranked team in the state in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd of students, families, and alumni. The Homecoming Dance on Saturday night was a terrific spectacle of Upper School students decked out in their best—always one of the most fun weeks at Episcopal!

noland and poWerS earn all-State croSS country HonorS: BoyS’ and girlS’ teamS finiSH 7tH in State meet Senior Connor Noland and Junior Shelby Powers finished in the top ten of their respective races, leading their teams to 7th place finishes in the 3A State Cross Country Meet. Because of their top ten performances, Noland (3rd place) and Powers (11th place) earned All-State honors. Several Wildcat runners ran personal bests in the state meet, including Sally Barnes, Theresa Janosky, Gracie Kreth, Adrianne Owings, Will Goodson, Max Goldberg, Alan May, and Blake Russell.

VolleyBall team adVanceS to State playoffS: BarneS and daViS named all-State Led by Seniors Kristen Barnes, Brooke Davis, Megan Drew, Hannah Maxwell, Caroline Stebbins and Delia Wade, the Wildcat Volleyball Team finished 3rd in the conference and advanced to the state playoffs. Barnes and Davis were named to the All-State and All-Conference teams and Davis was also selected for the All-State Tournament team. This was Davis’ fourth time to be named to the All-State team. She is the first Episcopal volleyball player to achieve that distinction. footBall team adVanceS to elite eigHt in State playoffS The varsity football team finished its most successful fall campaign since 2005, posting a 10-2 record, finishing 2nd in the Conference, and advancing to the Elite Eight in the state playoffs. The team had several signature wins, including a 25-19 Homecoming win over then second-ranked Barton and playoff victories over Fordyce and Prescott. Several members of the team received post-season honors. Seniors John William Henderson and William Pollock were named to the 3A All-State and 5 3A All-Conference Teams. Teammates Nick Becton, John Michael Ekdahl, Allie Freeman, Cori Gooseberry, Justin Gooseberry, William McCastlain and Douglas Munson were also named to the All-Conference Team.

BoyS’ and girlS’ tenniS teamS croWned State cHampionS The boys’ and girls’ tennis teams captured the 3A State Championship titles, continuing the School’s outstanding tennis tradition. On the boys’ side of the bracket, Senior Connor Noland won the singles title with Freshman Jack Nolan finishing as the runner-up. Juniors Kihwan Yoo and Scotty Nichols took the doubles title for the second consecutive year. The girls were led by Senior Laura Lanier, who was competing in her fourth state tournament. Laura teamed with Junior Elsie Pugh to capture the doubles title, besting teammates Madeline Tabor and Mary Claire Patton in the finals. Meredith Headlee took the singles title over fellow Wildcat Claire Seale. Lanier completes her distinguished playing career with three doubles titles, one singles title and four state team titles. Named to the All-State teams were Headlee, Lanier, Patton, Pugh, Seale, Tabor, Noland, Nolan, Nichols, and Yoo.

BoyS’ golf team finiSHeS 2nd in State: girlS claim conference cHampionSHip Despite losing three seniors from the 2012 State Championship team, the boys’ golf team completed another outstanding season by capturing the Conference Championship and by finishing second in the 3A State Golf Tournament. Led by senior William Pollock, the team lost in a sudden-death playoff. Pollock and Douglas Munson earned All-State honors. Senior Thomas Rose and Freshman Preston Pitts contributed significantly to the team’s runner-up finish. The girls’ team completed its most successful season in a few years by capturing the Conference Championship and by finishing 6th in the State Tournament. Conference Medalist Sydney Morgan led the Wildcats along with teammates Grace Ann Boudreaux and Abby Graham.

Individual highlights included Freeman’s 101 receptions which led the state. He also gained 1,639 yards and scored 13 TDs. Becton hauled in 78 passes and scored 14 TDs. Defensively, Henderson recorded 18 tackles-for-loss and eight sacks. Pollock had eight interceptions and Justin Gooseberry made 103 tackles. McCastlain had three blocked kicks, three interceptions, three fumble recoveries, and four forced fumbles.

pollock and marSH garner State recognitionS Senior William Pollock put together the most successful season by a quarterback in the School’s history. Pollock recorded 294 completions (64%), throwing for 3,641 yards and 34 touchdowns. In recognition of his outstanding season, Pollock was named a finalist for the 2013 Farm Bureau/Hooten’s Arkansas Football 3A Offensive Player of the Year. Head Coach Richie Marsh received three prestigious post-season honors, recognizing the Wildcats’ outstanding season. Coach Marsh was named a finalist for the 2013 Farm Bureau/Hooten’s Arkansas Football Coach of the Year. Coach Marsh was also named as the 2013 Simmons First 3A Football Coach of the Year, and the All-Metro Coach of the Year. In winning these awards, Coach Marsh was praised for attracting more students to the football program and for his commitment to academic excellence and character development.

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2013-14 First Semester News, Digital Edition

Episcopal Collegiate School  

2013-14 First Semester News, Digital Edition