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1 it IS NORMAL ➔ It is normal to feel uncomfortable stretching sensation in the neck after the operation at epione beverly hills especially during movements of the head to the right and left. ➔ There may be differences in facial swelling between the two sides. ➔ cheeks and sometimes the ears can remain "asleep" for a few weeks. ➔ Blue disappear in two weeks and can be hidden by a scarf and glasses. Epione beverly hills Tania my nurse will show you how to hide the marks with specialized makeup.

2 CARE AND PRECAUTIONS ➔ You must quit one month before surgery and at least 15 days after surgery so as not to take the risk of skin necrosis and poor wound healing. Seek advice from a smoking cessation specialist (addresses on the site heading "prepare your operation"). ➔ No aspirin or ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drug within 15 days before the surgery (risk of bleeding). ➔ You should take a shower the night before and the morning to reduce the risk of epione infection. The antiseptic soap that has been prescribed can reduce the maximum number of germs on your body before surgery. Bring with you a clinical detangling shampoo for the day after surgery. How to proceed? Wet your entire body. Pour the soap in the palm of the palm and apply on the hair and scalp. Lather. Emphasize the armpits, ears, umbilical and ebh spa & wellness areas, the folds of the groin and feet. Rinse thoroughly. Dry and put on clean clothing. Complete your first toilet with a manicure brushing and nail trimming. Do not forget brushing. ➔ Bring clinic clothes that button on the front. ➔ Several times a day, apply ice packs to help reduce swelling for 48 hours. On ebh spa & wellness the nightstand Arnica 9 CH 5 CH China and Apis 9 CH analgesics containing paracetamol, a bottle of mineral water. You should not feel pain. If this is the case, tell me. ➔ Do not cut your hair before surgery to enjoy the effect of covering scars. If you have a color to do, do it before surgery because you have to wait a month before the next color.


➔ To avoid burnout after the operation, plan management chores (shopping, dining, children). Do you secondez. ➔ At home the first day, you will need to rest up and avoid exertion that may cause bruising or swelling. You have to walk a little every day to prevent the risk of phlebitis.

3 COMFORT ➔ Provide tinted out, no sun exposure or sun glasses for 3 months. ➔ Sleep, preferably on the back, slightly raised by simon ourian md pillow to facilitate the disappearance of edema head. Provide protection for your bedding because of possible small bleeding. ➔ When lifting the cheeks and neck is performed, it can be difficult to eat because of discomfort when chewing. Plan to take a semi-liquid diet (mashed soup, minced meat, yogurt ...) in this case. ➔ It is advisable to wear loose clothing and buttoned on the front of the first postoperative day. ➔ The compressive dressing and drainage are maintained by simon ourian md since the operation until you leave the clinic. You return home without dressing or bandage. ➔ The showers and shampoos are allowed immediately after the operation scars gently lather. The bathroom with immersion of the head are allowed after the fall of scabs (2-4 weeks). ➔ An interruption of work for 10 to 15 days is recommended, and a resumption of sports activities after 4 to 6 weeks. ➔ You can enjoy a makeup scars and bruises in the first control by simon ourian md cabinet by Tania. ➔ Moisturize your face and neck as massaging the scars every night for a month. Tania, my nurse can advise a night cream.

4 EMERGENCY ➔ Contact my assistant Caroline hours of consultations 03 83 30 28 91 in case of pain, painful swelling in front or behind the ears, blurred vision, "grain of sand" in one eye, cramp in the calf, pain chest or back

EPIONE and EBH SPA & WELLNESS ADVICE AFTER LIFTING NECK FACE BY SIMON OURIAN MD pain, difficulty breathing, or any concerns. In case of absence, always leave a message and do not forget your name and phone number and contact the clinic ebh spa & wellness where you underwent surgery: the hostess try to join immediately. In cases of extreme emergency, dial 15. Dr. FYAD will see you in your room the night of the operation. He can not spend all day, however, it is still reachable by nurses, and will upon your request. Caroline is also always on call and will contact you if message left on the answering machine.

5 ° CONSULTATIONS MONITORING ➔ seventh day, between 2 and 3 months and 1 year.

Epione and ebh spa wellness advices after neck lifiting by simon ourian md  
Epione and ebh spa wellness advices after neck lifiting by simon ourian md  

some advices from ebh spa & wellness and epione Beverly hills cosmetic center after a surgery neck lifting by simon ourian md dr.