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Epigram Books is an independent publisher based in Singapore. It began as a division of multiple awardwinning communications design firm Epigram but registered as a separate entity in July 2011 to champion Singaporean literature. It is best known for the middle-grade series, The Diary of Amos Lee, which has sold nearly 200,000 copies worldwide, including India, China, Indonesia and Slovakia. Other landmark publications include translations of Cultural Medallion-winners’ works and new editions of out-of-print classic Singaporean novels. Besides literary fiction, Epigram Books publishes children’s picture books, poetry, plays, graphic novels and cookbooks. Another imprint, Wee Editions, was recently launched to support local designers, photographers and artists through a unique series of compact coffee-table books.

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A cookbook by the plusixfive supper club team which teaches you how to make Singaporean hawker favourites out of your own kitchen. PLUSIXFIVE A Singaporean Supper Club Cookbook Goz Lee and Friends

978981 0759063 Paperback, 256pp 190 x 250mm S $44.90 UK £20.00 US $35.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Lamenting the lack of good Singaporean food in London (Singapore fried noodles doesn’t count), Goz Lee started the plusixfive supper club out of his onebedroom flat in Islington, determined to showcase his country’s cooking to hungry Londoners. Since its founding, plusixfive has taken the London supper-club world by storm, regularly selling out its monthly dinners and counting among its guests celebrity chefs, food critics, bloggers and television stars. Features over 50 recipes with full-colour photos.

Cookbook   SUPERLEAD

“...they have put Singaporean food on the world map.” — Hsueh Yun Tan, food editor, The Straits Times “I met a lot of interesting people…but Goz stood out. I always knew the Chinese were mad about food, but this passionate guy embraced cooking and eating equally.” — Ben Greeno, head chef, Momofuku Seiobo (Sydney) “The company was as interesting as the food being served out of the tiny kitchen…The whole experience was a real eye opener, something that took us out of our comfort zone and threw us in at the deep end.” — Donal Skehan, food author and TV presenter “I went to one of the first plusixfive nights and was amazed, not just because the food was cooked in a domestic kitchen, but also because it was cooked by a guy who worked ridiculous hours every day of the week…the food always impressed me, either because it was new to me or because it was simply better than other versions I’d had.” — James Lowe, founder of the Young Turks collective “The atmosphere at Goz’s dinners resembles that of a college reunion at a friend’s house which is just big enough to fit everyone cosily…There’s something about great food and the stories behind the food that make even the strangest strangers become peas in a pod.” — Sandia Chang and James Knappett, co-owners, Bubbledogs& (UK) “Goz’s cooking makes your tastebuds excited and your belly distended; you just won’t be able to stop eating it. Much like Goz himself, it’s sexy stuff.” — Lizzie Mabbott, Hollow Legs blog

Goz Lee spent most of his childhood in Singapore watching his grandma cook all kinds of Hainanese goodies, from chicken rice to pear soups. In 2011, he started plusixfive, a Singaporean supper club, which was an early pioneer of the Southeast Asian supper club movement in London. A full-time lawyer by day, he is now based in Hong Kong, where he continues to expand plusixfive’s ventures abroad. This is his first book. Designer Shu Han Lee is a chef for plusixfive and a writer, photographer and illustrator for her popular food blog Mummy, I Can Cook! She has been named one of the best British food bloggers by The Sunday Times (UK) and has also contributed to foodie publications like Cereal, Great British Chefs, Crumbs and Flavour.




“Direct and bold, yet breathtaking in its fragile beauty.” — Gerrie Lim, author of Inside the Outsider

The Last Lesson of Mrs de Souza Cyril Wong One last time and on her birthday, Rose de Souza is returning to school to give a final lesson to her classroom of secondary school boys before retiring from her long teaching career. What ensues is an unexpected confession in which she recounts the tragic and traumatic story of Amir, a student from her past who overturned the way she saw herself as a teacher, and changed her life forever. This stunning first novel from awardwinning poet Cyril Wong, is a tour de force, an exceptional examination of the power of choice and the unreliability of memory.

978981 0762322 Paperback, 160pp 130 X 200mm S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

fiction   SUPERLEAD

A soon-to-retire teacher reflects on her long career, and discovers a truth that will completely overturn her perceptions. “An unsentimental yet moving narrative, a sobering alternative to Dead Poets Society and To Sir, With Love. With its deep probing look at the teaching profession, it unveils a rich array of themes—homosexual awakening, human actions and consequences, the individual in conflict with society, and most compellingly, the nature of perhaps the most noble and difficult of vocations.” — Boey Kim Cheng , author of Clear Brightness “Cyril Wong tells a simple and stylish coming-out tale that is shaped like a bullet and aimed at the heart of liberal self-righteousness. Under it all, this is also an age-old story of the child who learns a last lesson about trust and the ‘good adult’ whom life is not done rebuking. Do not give this book to an unsuspecting retiring teacher— unless he or she utterly deserves it.” — Gwee Li Sui, literary critic, poet, and graphic novelist “Wong pulls the rug from under us but leaves us still standing, albeit transported . . . to a new vantage point and offered a different perspective.” — Dr K. K. Seet “[A] talented writer who can write whatever he wants, with daring and originality.” — O Thiam Chin, The Jakarta Post “Wong tries to provoke a different perspective on life, tackling how people accept its so-called truths and established principles.” — TODAY

Cyril Wong is the Singapore Literature Prize-winning author of poetry collections such as Unmarked Treasure, Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light and Satori Blues, as well as a collection of strange short fiction called Let Me Tell You Something About That Night. A past recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award for Literature, he completed his doctoral degree in English Literature at the National University of Singapore in 2012.



SUPERLEAD  fiction

“An honest and endearing story. I enjoyed it thoroughly because I could see myself and my kids behaving in the exact same way.” — Jane Ng, correspondent, The Sunday Times

The Good, the Bad and the PSLE Monica Lim To succeed in life, you must top your class, get Band One for school tests, and obtain four A stars for the Primary School Leaving Examination. Or at least, that is the world according to Ling, a typical Singaporean mum who has made it her goal in life to help her children succeed in school. Ling’s older daughter, April, has all the makings of a model student and looks set to ace the Primary Six national exams. In the meantime, Ling’s younger son, Noah, is free-spirited and more interested in canteen food than what goes on in class.

978981 0765996 Paperback, 208pp 130 x 200mm S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

This (almost) kiasu mum records her journey diary-style, describing hilarious episodes involving crazy worksheets, assessment book overload and jittery parent-teacher meetings. Ling’s humorous take on surviving Singapore schools will have you laughing and give you serious food for thought, all at the same time! Monica Lim writes for a living and has a blog where many of the stories in this book first appeared. She lives in a typical Singaporean neighbourhood with her two teenage children, one husband, his mother and no dog. Her son has a pet snail that is slimy and disgusting. This is her first work of fiction.

fiction   SUPERLEAD

“Jason Erik Lundberg has done an outstanding job of choosing stories you will want to return to for years to come!” — Gwee Li Sui, author and illustrator of Myth of the Stone

The Epigram Books Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories Volume One

Edited by Jason Erik Lundberg

978981 0762346 Paperback, 288pp 225mm x 153mm S $24.90 UK £12.99 US $19.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

The Epigram Books Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume One curates the finest short fiction from Singaporean writers published in 2011 and 2012. This ground-breaking and unique anthology showcases stories that examine various facets of the human condition and the truths that we tell ourselves in order to exist in the everyday. The styles are as varied as the authors, and no two pieces are alike. Here are twenty unique and breathtaking literary insights into the Singaporean psyche, which examine what it means to live in this particular part of the world at this particular time. Jason Erik Lundberg, series editor, was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has lived in Singapore since 2007. He is the author of a dozen books, including the new collection Strange Mammals; he is also the founding editor of LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction, editor of Fish Eats Lion (2012), and co-editor of A Field Guide to Surreal Botany (2008) and Scattered, Covered, Smothered (2004).



SUPERLEAD  fiction

“Amanda Lee Koe is mesmerising. One of the finest writers in her generation.” — Daren Shiau, author of Heartland

Ministry of Moral Panic Amanda Lee Koe Heartfelt and sexy, the stories of Amanda Lee Koe encompass a skewed world fraught with prestige anxiety, moral relativism, sexual frankness, and the improbable necessity of human connection. Told in strikingly original prose, these are tales that plough, relentlessly, the possibilities of understanding Singapore and her denizens discursively, off-centre. Ministry of Moral Panic is an extraordinary debut collection and the introduction of a revelatory new voice. Amanda Lee Koe is a 2013 honorary fellow at the International Writing Program, University of Iowa. Her short fiction has been published in anthologies, magazines and literary journals from Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and the United States.

978981 0757328 Paperback, 224pp 130 X 200mm S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

fiction   SUPERLEAD

“Gregory Nalpon wrote from the margins about a Singapore in the throes of great change.” — Robert Yeo, author of The Adventures of Holden Heng

The Wayang at Eight Milestone Stories & Essays Gregory Nalpon Edited by Angus Whitehead This long overdue collection gathers together sixteen of the lateGregory Nalpon’s short stories, eleven of his essays, and a selection of his sketches of life in coffee shops, hawker stalls and samshu shops. Through his writing, Nalpon poignantly records a lost, rich world: the colourful, exciting and sometimes perilous Singapore of half a century ago.

978981 0764579 Paperback, 208pp 130 x 200mm S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Gregory Nalpon was born in 1938 in Singapore. After attending St Joseph’s Institution, he energetically embarked on a variety of peripatetic careers: disc jockey, journalist, trade unionist and ‘gentleman of leisure’. These assorted vocations took him from Singapore to Sarawak, Northern Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.



SUPERLEAD  fiction

A masterful tale of success and failure by Cultural Medallion-winner Isa Kamari and beautifully translated by Alfian Sa’at The Tower Isa Kamari Translated from the Malay by Alfian Sa’at From Isa Kamari comes a masterful tale of success and failure, which has been translated for the first time into English by Alfian Sa’at, his debut work of translation. A successful architect visits the new skyscraper he designed. As he climbs the tower with Ilham, his clerk of works, he reflects upon his life and spiritual journey in an increasingly materialistic world. Memories of a dark past plague him as he struggles to reach the top, which are woven into the narrative as a series of fables and elliptical digressions, mirroring his own increasingly fractured state of mind.

978981 0767822 Paperback, 160pp 153 X 225mm S $17.90 UK £10.99 US $17.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Isa Kamari has written eight novels in Malay, many of which have been translated into English. He has also published collections of poems, short stories and plays. Alfian Sa’at is the resident playwright of Wild Rice a theatre company in Singapore, and the recipient of numerous awards for his plays, poetry and short stories.


A graphic novel on the iconic Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) train that ran between Singapore and Malaysia for almost 80 years. The Last Kereta Koh Hong Teng In The Last Kereta, Dr Lai Chee Kien, an architecture professor at the National University of Singapore, leads a group of railway enthusiasts on a walking tour that highlights lesser-known details of the KTM railway and Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. As passengers from all walks of life gather for a final ride on the last kereta (Malay for “carriage”) to depart the station, the railway’s crucial role in their subtly intertwined lives becomes apparent.

978981 0769192 Paperback, 240pp 170 x 255mm S $18.90 UK £8.99 US $14.90 Rights: World Out in March 2014

Koh Hong Teng is a comic artist and painter based in Singapore. His works include a two-volume graphic novel adaptation of Gone Case by Dave Chua and Ten Sticks and One Rice (Epigram Books), written by Oh Yong Hwee. He was supported by the Singapore National Arts Council’s Arts Creation Fund for The Last Kereta.





Graphic Novels   SUPERLEAD

“To find this book is like discovering a four-leaf clover in the grass. Reading Myth made me realise the Muses do not discriminate among nationalities when they strike.” — Wena Poon, author of Alex y Robert Myth of the Stone 20th Anniversary Edition Gwee Li Sui Gwee Li Sui’s Myth of the Stone, first published in 1993, is an endearing tale of one unlikely hero’s journey through an unfamiliar landscape. This 20th anniversary edition of Singapore’s first full-length graphic novel in English comes with improved art and bonus features.

978981 0766160 Paperback, 128pp 170 x 255mm S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Gwee Li Sui is a literary critic, poet and graphic artist from Singapore. He wrote Myth of the Stone in 1993 and published a volume of humorous verse, Who Wants to Buy a Book of Poems?, in 1998. He obtained his doctorate for work on eighteenthcentury European literature from Queen Mary, University of London, in 2003 and was a full-time university lecturer until 2009. He has written on a wide range of subjects from literature to religion to philosophy and is also the editor of Sharing Borders: Studies in Contemporary SingaporeMalaysian Literature II (2009), Telltale: Eleven Stories (2010) and Man/Born/Free: Writings on the Human Spirit from Singapore (2011).



SUPERLEAD  Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels   SUPERLEAD

Join the hapless “Date King” as he searches for love in Singapore, in this hilarious new comics series. Date King 2: Mating Season Adrian Teo and Ken Foo Date King’s lifelong rival, the notorious Buaya King, has reappeared—just in time for Mating Season. Along with a merry cast of fellow single colleagues, the two go head-to-head in a bid to emerge the ultimate dating champion of the year! Adrian Teo is a third generation chicken rice seller towkay kia (boss’s son). He enjoys taking long walks at the beach, reading Jane Austen novels and making muffins to feed stray dogs and cats. Ken Foo is a comic artist and illustrator well known for his personal hygiene. He is also the author of graphic novel Freedom Love Forever, and children’s book Little Disturbed Darby & the Melancholy Monsters. 978981 0769215 Paperback, 96pp 152 x 214mm S $9.90 UK £5.99 US $8.00 Rights: World Out in February 2014

Date King 1: Singapore Dating 978981 0766054 S $9.90 UK £5.99 US $8.00 Rights: World



SUPERLEAD  Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels   SUPERLEAD

Eisner-nominated artist Sonny Liew pays homage to the unjustly overlooked works of local comics pioneer Charlie Chan Hock Chye. The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye Sonny Liew The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is a biography showcasing the life and work of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, a pioneering but largely forgotten comic artist in Singapore. With a career spanning more than five decades, from pre-independent Singapore through its three Prime Ministers, Chan’s work reflects the country’s changing political and economic environment. Containing Chan’s original illustrations, painting and sketches, this is a groundbreaking work and labour of love aimed at recapturing the portrait of an artist, whose deep passion for comics and country is given a fitting tribute by awardwinning comic artist Sonny Liew. 978981 0731069 Paperback, 288pp 170 x 255mm S $24.90 UK £11.99 US $19.90 Rights: World Out in April 2014

Sonny Liew is a comic artist, painter and illustrator whose work includes titles for DC Vertigo, Marvel Comics, Image Comics and First Second Books. He has received Eisner nominations for his art on Wonderland (Disney) and for spearheading Liquid City (Image Comics). His Malinky Robot series is a Xeric grant recipient and he received the Singapore National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 2010.





An acclaimed editorial cartoonist relooks a watershed political event, its players and its impact, 25 years on.

978981 0779276 Paperback, 128 pp 152 x 214mm S $18.90 UK ÂŁ9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World Out in May 2014

Tiananmen 25th Anniversary Special Edition Morgan Chua This collection of editorial cartoons, first published in 1989, has been updated to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests and the international response they provoked. Morgan Chua is a cartoonist best known for his work at the Far Eastern Economic Review, where he started as an editorial artist and rose up to creative director. His publications include Tiananmen (1989), My Singapore (2000, 2008) and In Memory of Madam Kwa Geok Choo 1920-2010 (2011).




“An astonishing and stunning story: a timeless fable which would appeal to readers of all ages. ”  — Chief Examiner, Royal Commonwealth Society

The Rock and the Bird Chew Chia Shao Wei There once was a rock which stood alone amidst a stretch of sand. For a long time it knew nothing except the lapping waves of the sea. When one day a noisy bird came to rest on the rock, the lives of both became inextricably entwined and changed forever. The Rock and the Bird is an unforgettable story about friendship, loss and mortality that will appeal to readers of all ages. Chew Chia Shao Wei began her freshman year at Harvard University in 2013. She wrote this story for the Royal Commonwealth Society essay competition in 2009. It won a gold award.

978981 0755553  Hardcover, 48pp  170 x 220mm  S $16.90  UK £6.99  US $11.90  Rights: World Out in November2013


The adventures of two seven-year-old boys growing up in Singapore in the 1970s. The Very Solid Adventures of Handsome Hock and Champion Poh Phua San San The Very Solid Adventures of Handsome Hock and Champion Poh is a collection of childhood stories told in rhyme about two boys who grew up in Singapore in the 1970s. Handsome Hock and Champion Poh live in the same block of HDB flats in Toa Payoh. They are curious and adventurous seven-year-olds, who become best friends after their first meeting. Always full of energy, they get up to all sorts of mischief and have awesome adventures.

978981 0755850 Paperback, 80pp 150 x 215mm S $17.90 UK £7.99 US $9.99 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Phua San San is the Associate Director of Internal Communications at KPMG, where she edits the firm’s weekly internal newsletter, circulated to more than 2,000 employees. She is also the illustrator of I Don’t Want Mei Mei Anymore!




We’ve all heard of Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood. Now make way for Goh Bee Lock, Swee Ping and Goh Bee Lock and the Three Boars K.F. Seetoh

978981 0760168 Paperback, 32pp 260 x 210mm S $16.90 UK £6.99 US $12.90 Rights: World Out in February 2014

In Goh Bee Lock and the Three Boars, a playful girl named Bee Lock stumbles upon three pigs in a forest. While the normal reaction would be to turn your heels and run as fast as you can to safety, let’s see what this feisty Singaporean girl does, turning this popular fairy tale on its head with a surprising local twist! You won’t want to miss how obsessed foodie K.F. Seetoh has reimagined this classic story! K.F. Seetoh is the creator of makansutra, which began as a food guide, but is now a business that involves themedconcept food courts, TV food shows, events and web and mobile content apps.

Swee Ping, the Beauty Janice Koh

978981 0732776 Paperback, 32pp 260 x 210mm S $16.90 UK £6.99 US $12.90 Rights: World Out in February 2014

In Swee Ping, the Beauty, Janice Koh adapts the play Oi! Sleeping Beauty by Jonathan Lim and turns it into a hilarious local picture book. Swee Ping is a beautiful girl who has been cursed to sleep for 100 years. When she wakes, she cannot recognise her island home any more and sets about to remind everyone of the good old days. Will she succeed? Janice Koh is a nominated Member of Parliament, and a stage and TV actress. She most recently played the role of the mother in the popular TV series, The Diary of Amos Lee, and is well-known for her role as ambitious lawyer Angela Ang in the critically acclaimed TV drama, The Pupil.


Little Red, the freshest characters to emerge from Epigram Books’ groundbreaking series of popular fairy tales with a local twist! Hansel and Girl Girl Adrian Pang

978981 0731816 Paperback, 32pp 260 x 210mm S $16.90 UK £6.99 US $12.90 Rights: World

In Hansel and Girl Girl, a brother and sister live in an Ang Mo Kio HDB flat with their stepmother who thinks them a nuisance. She keeps sending them out on errands, hoping they would get lost and never return. And one day, they really do not come home! World-renowned artist Milenko Prvacki teams up with respected thespian Adrian Pang to create a heartwarming Singaporean fairy tale. Adrian Pang is the Artistic Director of Pangdemonium, a theatre company.

Out in February 2014

Little Red in the Hood Glen Goei

978981 0732233 Paperback, 32pp 260 x 210mm S$16.90 UK £6.99 US $12.90 Rights: World Out in February 2014

In Little Red in the Hood, Glen Goei turns the tables on the original fairy tale and writes about a little girl who falls sick and her grandmother setting out to visit her. But this is not your normal grandmother—it is a Singaporean grandmother, feisty and strong, equipped with governmentsponsored lifelong learning skills, like kickboxing! Together, Little Red and Grandma will charm you with this role reversal story. Glen Goei is the award-winning actor-producer-director who is currently the Associate Artistic Director of the theatre company Wild Rice.




A well-loved character returns for new adventures in THE TRAVEL DIARIES OF AMOS LEE. First stop: Taipei, Taiwan! The Travel Diaries of Amos Lee: Lost in Taipei Adeline Foo Singapore’s favourite toilet diarist is back! And this time, he’s reporting from much more far-flung locales. Narrated with humour and honesty by bestselling author Adeline Foo and brought to life by Stephanie Wong’s cheerful illustrations, The Travel Diaries of Amos Lee series will see a well-loved character embark on brand new adventures around the world. In Lost in Taipei, Amos Lee is headed to Taiwan on a school trip to study Chinese. But when he gets lost in the big, bustling capital city, he must navigate the skyscrapers, markets and crowded streets by himself.

978981 0778729 Paperback, 128pp 140 x 215mm S $12.90 UK £6.99 US $9.90 Rights: World Out in February 2014

Will Amos make it from Taipei 101 to “Chinese 101” in time? Read his travel diary to find out! Adeline Foo is a graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia and a mother of three.


THE DIARY OF AMOS LEE series is an international bestseller, with nearly 200,000 copies sold in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, India and Slovakia. The Diary of Amos Lee: Lights, Camera, Superstar! Adeline Foo Amos’ toilet diaries are stolen and published, and he is mortified until he realises he could become really famous. However, when a director offers to adapt his diaries into a TV show, Amos is bypassed for the lead character’s role! How will he get back at them to become Singapore’s most famous toilet diarist? 978981 0735180 Paperback, 164pp 140 x 215mm November 2012

S $12.90 UK £6.99 US $9.90 Rights: World, except China and India.

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7th Printing

7th Printing

Activity Book

The Diary of Amos Lee: I Sit, I Write, I Flush!

The Diary of Amos Lee: Girls, Guts and Glory!

The Diary of Amos Lee: I’m Twelve, I’m Tough, I Tweet!

The Diary of Amos Lee: Your D.I.Y. Toilet Diary to Fame!

978981 0824846 S $12.90 UK £6.99 US $9.90 Rights: World, except China, India, Indonesia and Slovakia.

978981 0726782 S $12.90 UK £6.99 US $9.90 Rights: World, except China, India and Indonesia.

978981 0871321 S $12.90 UK £6.99 US $9.90 Rights: World, except China, India and Indonesia.

978981 0707576 S $9.90 UK £5.99 US $7.90 Rights: World

2th Printing

2th Printing

Whoopie Lee: The Big Spell Off

Whoopie Lee: Almost Famous

978981 0747800 S $8.90 UK £5.99 US $6.90 Rights: World

978981 0884130 S $8.90 UK £5.99 US $6.90 Rights: World




“A promising adventure series with Super Sleuth Sherlock Sam! His never-give-up attitude to solving mysteries will keep readers glued till the last page.” — Adeline Foo, author of The Diary of Amos Lee

Sherlock Sam and the Alien Encounter on Pulau Ubin A. J. Low When weird things happen while camping on Pulau Ubin, Sherlock Sam is convinced that aliens are to blame! Eager to investigate, Sherlock Sam and his not-so-eager robot Watson journey into the wilderness and discover a mystery that’s out of this world. Will these close encounters get the better of Singapore’s Greatest Kid Detective, or will he prove to be a higher life form? A.J. Low is the husband-and-wife team of Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low-Jimenez. Adan Jimenez has co-written a children’s book, Twisted Journeys #22: Hero City, published in the US. Felicia LowJimenez was born and raised in Singapore and works in the book industry. 978981 0766740 Paperback, 144pp 140 x 215mm S $9.90 UK £4.99 US $7.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

A National Library of Singapore S.U.R.E. Campaign Ambassador


SHERLOCK SAM encounters an alien in his latest adventure! “I am looking forward to seeing more of Sherlock. Keep these books coming!” — Daphne Lee, children’s book columnist at The Star “Hooray for Sherlock Sam! Simply awesome! This book is super fun, with adorable art and charming characters.” — Evonne Tsang, author of Twisted Journeys #12: Kung Fu Masters “An intriguing tale which will keep young readers eager to find out what happens next.” — Clara Chow, My Paper

“Sherlock Sam and Watson are set to become one of Singapore’s favourite detective duos! Watson’s deadpan oneliners had me laughing out loud.” — Emily Lim, awardwinning author of Prince Bear & Pauper Bear “If a genius kid and his robot sidekick solving mysteries presses any of your buttons, Sherlock Sam will be the find of the year for you. (This is) one of the sharpest, funniest books you’ll read all year.” — Hal Johnson, author of Immortal Lycanthropes

Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong

Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning

Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah

978981 0747503 S $9.90 UK £4.99 US $7.90 Rights: World

978981 0751296 S $9.90 UK £4.99 US $7.90 Rights: World

978981 0758899 S $9.90 UK £4.99 US $7.90 Rights: World




Epigram Books launches a new series about a boy with superhero dreams, a mysterious girl from the future and   how they time warp through history to avert disaster!

Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim Psst! Pay attention: eleven-year-old Danny is about to start his secret life. And you’re not allowed to tell anyone, or who knows what will happen? A mysterious time   warp is already messing Singapore up.   Big time. But don’t worry. Danny is about to transform into Danger Dan--the only boy superhero who can save us all! In Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind, Danger Dan has to race against time to ensure the merlion doesn’t end up with orchids around its head! Sounds easy? Not when you see the odds he’s facing…

978981 0778439  Paperback, 128pp  140 x 215mm  S $10.90  UK £4.99  US $7.90  Rights: World Out in January 2014

Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim are a mother-anddaughter writing team. Monica Lim is the mother and Lesley-Anne Tan is the daughter, although sometimes their roles seem reversed. Lesley-Anne eats her veggies and occasionally has to force Monica to do the same. She’s weird that way. (“No, I’m not!” says Lesley-Anne). Monica runs her own writing business, has a blog on education, and published a book in October 2013 entitled The Good, the Bad and the PSLE. Lesley-Anne is still in school so she mostly writes essays and papers, which isn’t quite as fun.





“If Alfred Hitchcock’s Three Investigators were reincarnated as Singaporeans, they’d be the Triple Nine Sleuths.” — The Sunday Times Dangerous Message Maranna Chan In Dangerous Message, who would have thought that a wrongly sent SMS could lead to so much mystery? Before you can say, “The Triple Nine Sleuths are back!”, Corey, Colton and Stacey find themselves neckdeep in their latest adventure, this time involving Stacey disguising herself, Colton planning an elaborate stakeout, and Corey using her secret abilities to help crack the case!

978981 0767976 Paperback, 128pp 130 x 200mm S $10.90 UK £5.50 US $8.90 Rights: World Out in November 2013

A National Library of Singapore S.U.R.E. Campaign Ambassador

Maranna Chan is a full-time mystery writer with a background in education, having taught children of various ages, ranging from preschoolers to secondary school students. Maranna enjoys studying human behaviour and figuring out the personality types of those around her. A wife, and a mother to a young child and two hamsters, Maranna loves staying up late to watch back-toback episodes of her favourite criminal investigation television series. That, she justifies, is for research.


Meet the TRIPLE NINE SLEUTHS as they solve a series of intriguing mysteries, facing danger and shadowy suspects along the way. “A fascinating and entertaining mystery!” — Shermay Loh, Moonbeam Children’s Book Award winner for Archibald and the Black Knight’s Ring “If only I’d had characters like the Triple Nine Sleuths to inspire me when I was a kid.” — Daphne Lee, children’s book columnist at The Star “An entertaining detective story with charming characters.” — Dave Chua, Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award winner for Gone Case “An immediate hit!” — Eugene Tay, founder of Monsters Under the Bed

“A fun adventure brimming with delicious local flavour.” — Emily Lim, awardwinning author of Prince Bear & Pauper Bear “Full of non-stop thrills, suspense and humour. A truly gripping mystery!” — Jessica Alejandro, author of The Singapore Kid and Extraordinary Losers “I love this book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys curling up on the sofa with a great mystery. I couldn’t put it down once I got started. When I finally finished the last chapter, I was hungry for more. I can’t wait to read what happens next!” — Angela Wan, Primary Six, Ai Tong School

Dangerous Limelight

Dangerous Despair

Dangerous Island

Dangerous Schemes

978981 0714604 S $10.90 UK £5.50 US $8.90 Rights: World

978981 0754549 S $10.90 UK £5.50 US $8.90 Rights: World

978981 0757441 S $10.90 UK £5.50 US $8.90 Rights: World

978981 0757779 S $10.90 UK £5.50 US $8.90 Rights: World




“…full of emotion, happiness, sadness, anger, laughter and hope. A pleasure to read.” — Sue Levene, former registered general nurse, Barnes Hospital, Cheadle

Nurse Molly Returns Katherine Soh Following a glorious period of independence overseas, Molly Goh returns to Singapore ready to start the next chapter of her life—as staff nurse at the National General Hospital. Will she find a bright and boundless future? The man of her dreams? Perfect job satisfaction? Or the bombardment of bossy supervisors, quirky bureaucratic rules and bad first dates? Nurse Molly has returned. But can she survive? Katherine Soh graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) degree from the University of Manchester on a Public Service Commission scholarship. Her works have been published in Connect Savannah, and The Secret Attic under the byline of Katherine Rachel.

978981 0755591 Paperback, 192pp 200 x 130mm May 2013 S $22.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World


“A sensitive portrait of the eccentric characters of a kampung and their sometimes funny, sometimes tragic lives.” — Alfian Sa’at, author of Malay Sketches Confrontation Mohamed Latiff Mohamed Translated from the Malay by Shafiq Selamat Adi loves his life in the kampung: climbing the ancient banyan tree, watching ten-cent movies with his friends, and fetching worms for his neighbour, the village bomoh. The residents of Kampung Pak Buyung may not have many material goods, but their simple lives are happy. However, looming on the horizon are political upheaval, race riots, gang wars and the Konfrontasi with Indonesia. Mohamed Latiff Mohamed brilliantly dramatises the period of uncertainty and change in the years leading up to Singapore’s merger with Malaya.

978981 0755577 Paperback, 192pp 153 X 225mm May 2013 S $24.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

Mohamed Latiff Mohamed is one of the most prolific writers to come after the first generation of writers in the Singapore Malay literary scene. His many accolades include the Montblanc-NUS Centre for the Arts Literary Award (1998), the SEA Write Award (2002), the Tun Seri Lanang Award (2003), the National Arts Council Special Recognition Award (2009), and the Singapore Literature Prize in 2004, 2006 and 2008.




The CULTURAL MEDALLION series pairs winners of Singapore’s highest arts award with some of the finest translators working in the field today. Durians Are Not the Only Fruit Notes from the Tropics Wong Yoon Wah Translated from the Chinese by Jeremy Tiang

978981 0766702 Paperback, 208pp 153 X 225mm S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

In this mix of memoir, lyric essay and nature writing, Wong Yoon Wah evokes the beauty and seduction of the tropical rainforest and rubber plantations of his childhood in Malaya. He examines what surrounds us: the fruits we grow, the food we eat, the trees and animals that thrive in our midst. Along the way, we gain fascinating insights: how thunder tea rice acquired its name; how early settlers used the rain tree to tell time; how the behaviour of ants can tell us when a monsoon is about to arrive. Both personal and informative, this selection of Wong’s essays is a stunning re-addition to the creative non-fiction landscape. Wong Yoon Wah grew up on a rubber plantation against the tumultuous backdrop of the Malayan Emergency and spent most of his childhood in a New Village set up by the British. He is a writer, poet and scholar specialising in comparative and post-colonial Chinese literature. Jeremy Tiang is the translator of novels by Zhang Yueran and Su Wei-chen. In 2011, he represented Singapore at the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program.


Wong Yoon Wah evokes the seduction of the tropical landscape in his essays; while Chew Kok Chang delivers a humorous collection of travelogues and mini-fiction. Other Cities, Other Lives Chew Kok Chang Translated from the Chinese by Shelly Bryant In Other Cities, Other Lives, travelogues are populated with swindlers and enterprising tour guides, where nothing is as it seems. Closer to home, stories capture husbands, wives and children struggling with upheaval in the family. Told in the elegant, spare style of a Chinese scholar, Chew’s micro-fiction reflects the voice of his generation, living through a time of immense change in the region. This is the first collection of his writing to be translated into English.

978981 0766726 Paperback, 216pp 153 X 225mm S $17.90 UK £9.99 US $17.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Chew Kok Chang has published more than one hundred works, including poetry, novellas, short stories, essays and children’s books. Shelly Bryant is the translator of Sheng Keyi’s Northern Girls, which was long-listed for the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize.




Under the Bed, Confusion Wong Meng Voon Translated from the Chinese by Howard Goldblatt With sarcastic wit, magic realism and satire, Wong Meng Voon’s collection of mini-fiction exposes the city’s underbelly and gives readers darkly humorous yet philosophical insights into Singaporeans. Wong Meng Voon has published eleven collections of short stories and mini-fiction. Howard Goldblatt has translated many of 2012 Nobel Laureate Mo Yan’s novels.

978981 0736613 Paperback, 160pp 153 x 225mm October 2012

S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $14.90 Rights: World

Penghulu Suratman Markasan Translated from the Malay by Solehah Ishak A powerful meditation on loss, Penghulu is a portrait of a village headman forced to relocate to a high-rise flat. This poignant novel sheds light on the untold struggles of Singapore’s Malay minority due to rapid urbanisation. Suratman Markasan has received the S.E.A. Write Award and the Montblanc-NUS Centre for the Arts Literary Award. Solehah Ishak has translated more than 30 Malay plays into the English language. 978981 0735357 Paperback, 256pp 153 x 225mm October 2012

S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $14.90 Rights: World


Flowers at Dawn Singai Ma Elangkannan Translated from the Tamil by A. R. Venkatachalapathy In this stirring novel of war, family and love, Singai Ma Elangkannan explores the captivating story of India’s struggle for independence through the lens of one Singaporean man’s political and sexual awakening. Singai Ma Elangkannan was the first Tamil writer to win the S.E.A Write Award. A.R. Venkatachalapathy is published widely, both in English and Tamil, on the social, cultural and interllectual history of colonial Tamil Nadu.

978981 0735364 Paperback, 184pp 153 x 225mm October 2012

S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $14.90 Rights: World

Teaching Cats to Jump Hoops You Jin Translated from the Chinese by Sylvia Li-chun Lin Funny and heartwarming, this collection of short stories explores issues like failed relationships, delinquency and the pressure of school and society. You Jin’s insightful portrayals are based on her experience as a teacher of 29 years. You Jin has published 157 books to date and was awarded the Singapore Chinese Literary Award. Sylvia Li–chun Lin is the co–translator of the 2010 Man Asian Literary Prize-winning novel, Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu.

978981 0736576 Paperback, 168pp 153 x 225mm October 2012

S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $14.90 Rights: World




SINGAPORE CLASSICS is a series of unforgettable out-of-print novels by Singapore’s best writers, re-published for a new generation of readers. Son of Singapore Tan Kok Seng A publishing sensation in the 1970s and 1980s, Son of Singapore traces the extraordinary upbringing of an Everyman. As a Teochew farm boy coming of age during the Japanese Occupation, Tan Kok Seng enters the “university of the world” at only 15, becoming a coolie at the Orchard Road market. On his rounds to the homes of the “Red Hairs”, he befriends a group of Chinese dialect-speaking Caucasians who inspire him to improve himself beyond his humble roots. Tan Kok Seng is the well-known author of a trilogy of books based on his life: Son of Singapore, Man of Malaysia and Eye on the World. His fourth book is a novel, originally published as Three Sisters of Sz, by Heinemann Asia in 1979. 978981 0768324 Paperback, 192pp 130 x 200mm S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World Out in January 2014

“…very much a quiet force in the world of Singapore writing.” — The Straits Times


Tan Kok Seng’s bestselling autobiographies SON OF SINGAPORE and MAN OF MALAYSIA are now back in print. Man of Malaysia Tan Kok Seng In this revealing sequel to his bestselling autobiography Son of Singapore, Tan Kok Seng finds himself in Malaysia as a British diplomat’s chauffeur. While driving luminaries like author Han Suyin around, Tan falls in love with Heung, a servant girl with dark brown eyes. Despite parental objections, they marry and have a child in secret. When he is laid off, Tan’s comfortable life suddenly collapses. To support his family, he must take on a variety of jobs, including working as a soap salesman, egg seller and extra on a William Holden film, manoeuvring through unethical bosses, corrupt policemen and violent villagers. 978981 0768348 Paperback, 208pp 130 x 200mm S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World Out in January 2014

“Tan Kok Seng epitomises the resilient spirit of a young nation. [He] is to be congratulated for a very sincere and frank autobiography.” — The Straits Echo





978981 0726881 Paperback, 228pp 130 x 200 mm September 2012 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

978981 0726850 Paperback, 264pp 130 x 200 mm September 2012 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

Three Sisters of Sze

Ricky Star

Tan Kok Seng

In Ricky Star, Lim Thean Soo’s titular protagonist strives for career and financial success at the expense of everyone else, including his family. At first triumphant, Ricky is forced to reckon with his past misdeeds and indiscretions.

Set in Penang, Malaysia, the wellheeled Sze family, initially loving, disintegrates as the parents become increasingly selfabsorbed. Their three children, of Western and Chinese education, are forced to think for themselves.

Lim Thean Soo

978981 0726867 Paperback, 328pp 130 x 200 mm September 2012 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

Green Is the Colour

Scorpion Orchid

Lloyd Fernando

An exciting first novel set in preindependence Singapore. Scorpion Orchid follows the lives of four young men— a Malay, Eurasian, a Chinese and a Tamil—against a backdrop of racial violence and political factions struggling for dominance.

In the long shadow of Malaysia’s 1969 racial riots, Yun Ming and Siti Sara fall in love. They are from different ethnicities and faiths, and are also married to different people. How do they fight to stay together?

Lloyd Fernando

978981 0899332 Paperback, 196pp 130 x 200 mm September 2011 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World


The Scholar and the Dragon

The Adventures of Holden Heng

Stella Kon

978981 0899318 Paperback, 256pp 130 x 200 mm September 2011 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

978981 0899325 Paperback, 128pp 130 x 200 mm September 2011 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

As good as historical fiction gets—The Scholar and the Dragon immerses the reader in the Singapore of the 1910s, when overseas Chinese fought for revolution to bring down the Qing Dynasty. Stella Kon’s tale is spellbinding, with twists and turns, and the feel of an epic movie.

Robert Yeo

978981 0899349 Paperback, 224pp 130 x 200 mm September 2011 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

Holden Heng is the not-so-lucky-in-love protagonist of this comic realist novel documenting the social changes of the Lion City in the 1970s. Robert Yeo presents an immensely entertaining story of a typical Singaporean man’s escapades with three very different women. Will he ever find true love?

Glass Cathedral

The Immolation

Andrew Koh

Goh Poh Seng

Glass Cathedral’s sensitive depiction of homosexuality in conservative Singapore is a landmark in local literature. This novella was part of a small wave of gay and lesbian–themed drama and fiction that appeared in Singapore during the early 1990s.

Goh Poh Seng takes on larger-than-life themes in his most ambitious novel, set in post-war Vietnam. In The Immolation, Goh’s take on issues of national identity, war and self-discovery has contemporary relevance not just to Asian readers, but an international audience.

978981 0899356 Paperback, 288pp 130 x 200 mm September 2011 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90 Rights: World




A Singapore Literature Prize-winning collection from a master of mini-fiction, translated by Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Li-Chun Lin. The Earnest Mask Xi Ni Er Translated from the Chinese by Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Li-chun Lin Set against the backdrop of Singapore’s rapid development from the 1980s to the early 2000s, the stories in this Singapore Literature Prize-winning collection peel back the veneer of official history, revealing flashes of the personal stories buried beneath. Xi Ni Er has published eight books including the fiction collection The Unbearable Heaviness of Life. Howard Goldblatt has translated many of 2012 Nobel Laureate Mo Yan’s novels. Sylvia Li–chun Lin is co–translator of the 2010 Man Asian Literary Prize-winning novel, Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu.

978981 0736590 Paperback, 208pp 153 X 225mm October 2012 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $14.90 Rights: World


A collection of short stories and radio plays by one of Singapore’s founding fathers. The Short Stories and Radio Plays of S. Rajaratnam Edited by Irene Ng Fourteen literary works that shine a new light on one of Singapore’s most eloquent and farsighted leaders—the late S. Rajaratnam. The seven short stories, which he wrote in London in the 1940s, were praised by George Orwell and published in collections alongside some of the most distinguished writers in the world. S. Rajaratnam was one of the founding fathers of independent Singapore, serving as Singapore’s first minister of culture and the longest-serving foreign minister. Irene Ng is the author of The Singapore Lion: A Biography of S. Rajaratnam, the first volume of S. Rajaratnam’s biography.

978981 0894306 Hardcover with jacket S $27.90 UK £13.99 US $22.90 978981 0878481 Paperback S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 152 x 225mm, 288pp July 2011 Rights: World




The FROM STAGE TO PRINT series highlights Singaporean plays—hot off their productions, from classics to contemporary favourites.

Mimi Fan

Model Citizens

Fear of Writing

Lim Chor Pee

Haresh Sharma

Tan Tarn How

978981 0714598 Paperback, 128pp 145 x 210mm April 2012 S $13.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World

978981 0714611 Paperback, 96pp 145 x 210mm April 2012 S $13.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World

978981 0714529 Paperback, 128pp 145 x 210mm April 2012 S $13.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World


Those Who Can’t, Teach

Everything but the Brain

Jean Tay 978981 0840174 Paperback, 128pp 145 x 210mm May 2010 S $13.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World

Haresh Sharma 978981 0855109 Paperback, 108pp 145 x 210mm May 2010 S $13.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World

Jean Tay 978981 0855116 Paperback, 128pp 145 x 210mm May 2010 S $13.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World


The PLAYWRIGHT’S OMNIBUS series is a careerencompassing collection of the finest dramatists to have entered the canon of Singaporean literature.

Six Plays

Student Plays

Eight Plays

Desmond Sim

Desmond Sim

Ovidia Yu

978981 0756895 Paperback, 304pp 145 x 210mm May 2013 S $24.90 UK £12.99 US $20.00 Rights: World

978981 0756918 Paperback, 240pp 145 x 210mm May 2013 S $16.90 UK £7.99 US $13.90 Rights: World

978981 0884680 Paperback, 416pp 145 x 210mm October 2011 S $26.90 UK £12.99 US $20.00 Rights: World

Four Plays

Six Plays

Chong Tze Chien

Tan Tarn How

978981 0884956 Paperback, 192pp 145 x 210mm July 2011 S $24.90 UK £12.99 US $20.00 Rights: World

978981 0879778 Paperback, 384pp 145 x 210mm March 2011 S $25.90 UK £12.99 US $20.00 Rights: World




The SINGAPORE PIONEER POETS series is a showcase of the best works by local literary giants, featuring new and previously unpublished poems.

The Best of Edwin Thumboo

The Best of Kirpal Singh

The Best of Robert Yeo

This collection of over 150 poems, personally selected by Thumboo and featuring previously unpublished work, celebrates the landmark contribution he has made to Singaporean literature.

Features poems handpicked by the poet himself, including the seminal works “They Say” and “Creative Thinking” as well as many previously unpublished poems.

Features over 100 poems personally selected by Yeo, including some of his uncollected poems and the libretto, “Kannagi”, which is being published for the first time.

Edwin Thumboo has been involved in Singapore’s literary development since 1951. He is one of the country’s most distinguished poets.

Kirpal Singh is an internationally-recognised scholar and poet. He is involved in conceptualising and promoting creativity in Singapore’s undergraduate education system.

Robert Yeo is a poet, playwright, novelist and librettist. A pioneer of Singaporean literature, he now teaches creative writing at Singapore Management University.

978981 0718398 Paperback, 225pp 153 x 226mm July 2012 S $21.90 UK £10.99 US $18.00 Rights: World

978981 0718411 Paperback, 225pp 153 x 226mm July 2012 S $21.90 UK £10.99 US $18.00 Rights: World

978981 0718404 Paperback, 225pp 153 x 226mm July 2012 S $21.90 UK £10.99 US $18.00 Rights: World


After six long years, award-winning poet Boey Kim Cheng returns with a new collection of poetry that examines the shifting ground between memory and imagination. Clear Brightness Boey Kim Cheng In poems that shuttle between Singapore and Australia, critically-acclaimed poet Boey Kim Cheng seeks to establish a new sense of self and home on the shifting ground between memory and imagination. A noodle maker in Melbourne triggers connective threads to the poet’s birthplace. A childhood train crossing over the JohorSingapore Causeway evokes the dislocating experience of interstitial existence. After six long years, one of Singapore’s greatest modern voices returns with a work of profound insight and erudition. Boey Kim Cheng is an award-winning poet who was born in Singapore and migrated to Australia in 1997. He is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Newcastle, Australia. 978981 0741822 Paperback, 64pp 148 x 210mm November 2012 S $19.90 UK £9.99 US $15.90 Rights: World

“The best post-1965 English-language poet in the republic today.” — Shirley Geok-Lin Lim, author of Among the White Moon Faces





Will Eisner Comic Industry Award BEST SHORT STORY 2013 Nominee Monsters, Miracles & Mayonnaise drewscape What would you do if a monster were to slip out of your sleeve one day? Or if the water in your water bottle suddenly turns into Ribena? And what if you find that the only way to get what you desperately desire is to risk your very life? Monsters, Miracles & Mayonnaise is a collection of short comic stories by drewscape, where tales of unexpected encounters with strange beings from another world sit alongside amusing anecdotes based on bewildering real-life encounters and childhood memories. Imaginative and whimsical, this collection will surprise and amuse even the most cynical reader. 978981 0731090 Paperback, 176pp 152 x 214mm November 2012 S $18.90 UK ÂŁ9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World

Selected Title 2013

drewscape is an illustrator from Singapore. He illustrates and draws storyboards for advertising agencies as well as for magazines. He enjoys creating comics purely for fun and to share stories with friends. He is also the illustrator of the Sherlock Sam series by A.J. Low.





“A simple tale brought to the next level by [Xiao Yan’s] raw talent…there are many visual standouts in the book.” — Nicholas Yong, The Sunday Times The Girl Under the Bed Dave Chua and Xiao Yan During Hungry Ghost Month, the gates of hell open and out pour the dead spirits. Jingli, a Secondary One student, discovers a ghost named Xiaomei sleeping under her bed. The two develop a friendship and, together with Weizhong, a boy training to be a medium, they set out to solve the mystery of Xiaomei’s haunting. Set in modern-day Singapore, The Girl Under the Bed is a tale that will thrill readers, while sending chills down their spine.

978981 0731106 Paperback, 192pp 152 x 214mm April 2013 S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World

Dave Chua lives in Bedok, Singapore. His first novel, Gone Case, received a Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award in 1996. Chua’s latest book, The Beating and Other Stories, was longlisted for the 2012 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Prize. Xiao Yan is studying at the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. Her drawings and paintings of absurdist chaos and mayhem can be found on The Girl Under the Bed is her first full-length graphic novel.





“Hilarious!” — Lat, acclaimed Malaysian cartoonist Scenegapore miel A character who looks suspiciously like the author takes a walk through time, visiting the key milestones of Singapore’s history— from the myth of a prince from Palembang spotting a lion, to Raffles’ founding of Singapore, up to the present day. Join in this humorous historical tour which offers a unique perspective on education, health, food, politics, National Service, public transport, foreign talent, technology and other subjects close to the Singaporean heart.

978981 0731076 Paperback, 128pp 152 x 214mm November 2012 S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World

miel is a journalist-cartoonist-visual artist with The Straits Times, Singapore’s foremost English language daily. His cartoons are syndicated by the Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate and CagleCartoons. His cartoons have been published in the International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Newsweek, Asiaweek, Washington Post, Japan Times and South China Morning Post. miel is also a member of the prestigious National Cartoonists Society in the US.




Ten Sticks: “Incredibly moving and rejuvenating … It has been a while since a book left me sobbing in the middle of the night.” — Akshita Nanda, The Straits Times Ten Sticks and One Rice Oh Yong Hwee and Koh Hong Teng Illegal bookie. Secret society member. Street hawker. Neo Hock Seng is all of these, and more. As Singapore transforms from a village town to a cosmopolitan city, Hock Seng struggles to make sense of life and eke out a living for his family, even as he finds his old ways and values increasingly challenged.

978981 0731083 Paperback, 128pp 152 x 214mm November 2012 S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $14.90 Rights: World

Oh Yong Hwee is the CEO and creative director of Patroids Creative Works, a Singapore-based creative agency. He enjoys the challenge of conceptualising ideas that blend creativity and technology, and has won awards and accolades on local, regional and international stages. Koh Hong Teng is a comic artist and painter. He published the graphic novels Gone Case Book 1 and 2 with writer Dave Chua in 2010 and 2011 respectively. His next graphic novel The Last Kereta is forthcoming from Epigram Books.


A boy has a fantastic adventure with a robot! The Robot in My Playground Pauline Loh Illustrated by Alvin Tan Lucas loves robots. Especially the robot in the playground near his new house. How he wishes that the robot would come to life, and one night, after a big storm, he does! Somehow, the lightning recharged the robot’s battery, so when Lucas comes to him after the storm, the two of them have fun playing all night. Lucas and his new robot friend forge a friendship that will have a deep impact on Lucas, for years to come. 978981 0755836 Paperback, 32pp 210 x 260mm S$14.90 UK £6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Pauline Loh is an award-winning children’s book author, who has been writing professionally for more than two decades. A former journalist, she was the first runner-up in the 2012 Scholastic Asian Book Award for The Locked Up Boy, and is the author of the bilingual children’s picture book, Grandma’s Eightieth Birthday. Her book, The Little Red Helicopter, was a result of the First Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative award, which Pauline won in 2009. Avina Tan is an aspiring young artist who is taking a risk by embarking on a career strictly to do with illustrations and illustrations only. During leisure time, she is a picky glutton, enjoys psychopathic documentaries, tap-dancing and zumba with friends, and loves meeting people from all walks of life.




Three siblings visit the S.E.A. Aquarium and encounter a sad manta ray. Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di: At the S.E.A. Aquarium David Seow Illustrated by Soefara Jafney “Where is our brother, Di-Di-Di?”   Sam, Sebbie can’t find their brother at the S.E.A. Aquarium. Where can he be? They can’t believe their eyes when they see someone swimming with a big manta ray. Goodness, is that really Di-Di-Di? Join the siblings in their fantastic underwater adventure as they help a lonely manta ray make friends. David Seow is a well-known children’s book writer and a staple on the Singapore literary scene. He is an award-winning children’s book author of twentythree children’s books.  Soefara Jafney is a freelance illustrator and art director who has mainly worked in advertising.   The Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di series of books are her first children’s books.

978981 0765972  Paperback, 32pp  210 x 260mm  S $14.90   UK £6.99  US $11.90  Rights: World Out in October 2013

Sam, Sebbie and DI-Di-Di : At the Night Safari 978981 0765958  S $14.90   UK £6.99  US $11.90   Rights: World


BO BO AND CHA CHA welcome an old friend to their new home for Chinese New Year!

bo bo Cha Cha aND

aNd the NEw yEar GIft

Bo Bo and Cha Cha and the New Year Gift Jason Erik Lundberg Illustrated by Patrick Yee It’s Chinese New Year, and Bo Bo and Cha Cha’s good friend, Kevin, has come from China to celebrate with the pandas. Everyone is excited to meet him, but Kevin is not very nice to them! It finally takes a little orangutan to show Kevin how to be a good guest and an even better friend.

Jason ErIk LuNdberg ILLustrated by PatrIck yEe 978981 0767099 Paperback, 32pp 210 x 260mm S $14.90 UK £6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World

Jason Erik Lundberg‘s A New Home for Bo Bo and Cha Cha was nominated for the Crystal Kite Member Choice Award and the 2013 Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award. Patrick Yee is an award-winning illustrator of more than 100 children’s books.

Out in January 2014

A New Home for Bo Bo and Cha Cha

Bo Bo and Cha Cha’s Big Day Out

978981 0739980 S $14.90 UK £6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World

978981 0755508 S $14.90 UK £6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World




In this cheerful tale about fitting in and acceptance, Tibby, a black-and-orange striped rabbit changes the minds of other rabbits after he shows them what he’s really made of. EMILY LIM AND JADE FANG

Tibby, the Tiger-Bunny Emily Lim Illustrated by Jade Fang


Tibby, the


illustrated by

Emily Lim

978981 0758349 Paperback, 32pp 210 x 260mm S $14.90 UK £6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World Out in October 2013

Jade Fang

Poor Tibby! All he ever wanted was some friends to play with, but the other rabbits thought he was too strange. After all, he had orange and black stripes and could roar like a tiger. But he also had long floppy ears and could hop like a bunny. Was he a tiger or a bunny? No one knew, until the day Tibby showed everyone just how much of a tiger--and a rabbit—he really was. Emily Lim is an award-winning children’s book author. She won three Independent Publisher Book Awards for her books, Prince Bear and Pauper Bear, Just Teddy, and Bunny Finds The Right Stuff. Jade Fang hails from Malaysia and studied at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She is currently based in Singapore.


The inimitable Justice Bao reiterates that honesty is the best policy in this story about a greedy merchant and a poor woodcutter. Justice Bao and the Case of the Missing Coins Catherine Khoo Illustrated by Chen Ziyue Renowned for his wisdom and sense of fairness, Justice Bao was a high-ranking magistrate during the Song dynasty in ancient China. In The Case of the Missing Coins, Justice Bao has to decide what to do when a merchant accuses a woodcutter of stealing his money. Should he take the word of the well-dressed merchant or believe the shabby woodcutter who can barely speak for himself? This is the first in a series of books on lost Asian Legends.

978981 0758103 Paperback, 32pp 210 x 260mm June 2013 S $14.90 UK ÂŁ6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World

Catherine Khoo is a veteran author, editor and publisher. She is the founder and director of Janus Education, Singapore’s first boutique publisher of imprints for under-18s, by under-18s. Chen Ziyue, also known as Angeline Chen, is an illustrator and designer whose works have appeared on posters, book covers and in art shows. She is currently based in Sarasota, Florida, USA.




Singapore’s former president warns against playing pranks in this cautionary tale—there will always be someone waiting to return the favour! The Crane and the Crab SR Nathan Illustrated by Anngee Neo A long, long time ago in a kampong, there was a pond with plenty of fish. But the pond soon begins to dry up, and a watchful and greedy crane has an idea: he fools the fish into thinking that he will bring them to a large, sparkling lake. In the meantime, a crab who has been watching the crane has plans of his own… Nathan’s retelling of this wonderful folktale has a timeless message that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. 978981 0735906 Paperback, 32pp 210 x 260mm June 2013 S $14.90 UK £6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World

SR Nathan served as president of Singapore from 1999 to 2011. He is currently a distinguished senior fellow at the Singapore Management University’s School of Social Sciences. Anngee Neo has illustrated a children’s book titled Pura the Cat.


The Nightingale Who Couldn’t Sing Angie Featherstone Illustrated by Stephanie Wong When a young bird flies away from her family because she can’t seem to sing, she learns that there’s something more important than singing well. 978981 0726188 Paperback, 32pp 210 x 260mm September 2012 S $14.90 UK £8.99 US $11.90

Where’s Grandma? Farrer Park Ann Peters Illustrated by Lydia Yang

Edmund Lim Illustrated by Tan Zi Xi

Twenty rhyming verses about characters, scenes and places from the author’s Singapore childhood in the 1950s.

A little boy recounts how his Grandma first started to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and incidents that happen after her illness turns for the worse.

978981 0716769 Paperback, 48pp 175 x 290mm June 2012 S $17.90 UK £8.99 US $13.90

978981 0720780 Hardcover, 32pp 210 x 280mm May 2012 S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $15.90

Selected Title 2013




ARCHIBALD is a series of fast-paced mystery adventure novels set in 19th-century England; full of twists and turns, thrills and spills. Archibald and the Black Knight’s Ring SherMay Loh A secret file stolen and a brother framed —Lord Archibald’s summer is turning out to be an adventure he didn’t bargain for. As Archie sets out to find the real thief, he stumbles upon an even bigger mystery. Friendships are tested, promises are broken and when lives are threatened, Archie must race against time to uncover the truth about a Black Knight who was killed seven years ago—and left his ring behind. SherMay Loh‘s Archibald series both won the prestigious Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (Bronze and Gold) in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

978981 0714604 Paperback, 288pp 130 x 200mm May 2012 S $12.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World

Archibald and the Blue Blood Conspiracy 978981 0881665 S $12.90 UK £6.99 US $10.90 Rights: World


A true account of a teenager living through her best friend’s suicide. Letters to Aly Surviving My BFF’s Suicide Lee-Ann How do you survive your best friend’s suicide? Alyessa jumps to her death two days after her 16th birthday. Her best friend Lee-Ann blames the tragedy on her failure to answer Aly’s last phone call. Haunted by what-ifs, stressed out by the looming ‘O’-Levels, and troubled by fraught relationships with her parents and on-off boyfriend Nate, Lee-Ann begins to contemplate suicide too. In Lee-Ann’s searingly honest diary entries, she exposes the wound of having a loved one gone too soon. This true account of a teenager’s journey reveals anger and despair at its most raw, and eventually hope as she begins the slow and painful recovery to live again. 978981 0768119 Paperback, 148pp 135 x 210mm, S $14.90 UK £6.99 US $11.90 Rights: World Out in September 2013

Lee-Ann is the pseudonym of the author, who is currently in her final year of junior college.




A touching biography of the life of Iskandar Ismail, one of Singapore’s foremost maestros. Iskandar Ismail The Music Man Monica Gwee Iskandar Ismail has dedicated his life to pushing the boundaries and realising the possibilities of Singaporean music, even as he has stayed resolutely behind the scenes. For the first time, get a rare insight into the man widely recognised as one of Singapore’s foremost maestros. Composed of in-depth interviews and never-beforeseen photographs, Iskandar Ismail: The Music Man delves into the triumphant, challenging but always tuneful journey of this Cultural Medallion recipient. 978981 0768881 Hardback, 128pp 190 x 240mm S $24.90 UK £11.99 US $19.90 Rights: World Out in July 2013


Twenty-five women write intensely personal stories and poems about their life experiences. Sushi and Tapas Bite-size Personal Stories from Women Around the World Edited by Pepukaye Bardouille and Neo Gim Huay Welcome to the wonderful world of Sushi and Tapas. Sample a feast of writing from around the world. From China to America, Europe to Africa, 25 women write, delighting and shocking you with their reallife experiences.

978981 0728182 Paperback, 268pp 128 x 198mm August 2012 S $18.90 UK £9.99 US $15.90 Rights: World

Pepukaye Bardouille was born in Dominica, and spent her formative years in Zambia and England. She has worked across all continents as a management consultant and with international development agencies on corporate strategy, access to energy and sustainability issues. Neo Gim Huay was an international management consultant and has worked in Lagos where she was both challenged and enriched by the dynamism and complexities of Nigeria a living. Neo lives in Singapore.

“This book celebrates the tenacity and unhindered spirit found in all women around the world today. You will be inspired by many of the stories within.” — Chan Heng Chee, Singapore’s ambassador-at-large




A wild Malaysian travelogue across every state—and more, by an insider. Malaysia Bagus! Travels Through My Homeland Sharon Cheah Not many of us can claim to have pounded the streets of Kuala Lumpur as part of a 21-kilometre run, fallen off Mount Murud, Sarawak’s tallest mountain (and survived!), or sailed down the Linggi River in Negeri Sembilan in search of crocodiles. But Sharon Cheah can! And that’s only scratching the surface of her whirlwind tour of Malaysia. This was a journey that spanned five years as Cheah, a Malaysian journalist, set the goal of visiting every state in East and West Malaysia, to really get to know her homeland.

978981 0724146 Paperback, 256pp 135 x 210mm, July 2012 S $22.90 UK £10.99 US $18.90 Rights: World

Sharon Cheah was born and bred in Penang, Malaysia, and majored in history in North Carolina in the US. She returned to Penang and worked as a sub-editor in the local newspaper, The Star. A recipient of a chevening scholarship from the UK government, Sharon joined The Business Times in Singapore in 2000, writing features with the byline Cheah Ui-Hoon.

“A series of vignettes which are as entertaining as they are illuminating.” — Tony Fernandes, AirAsia CEO


An imprint featuring works by Singaporean designers, photographers and artists in compact coffee table books. Cocks

Our Gurkhas

Singapore Through Their Eyes

Ernest Goh A former photographer for The Straits Times, Ernest Goh is creative director of The Animal Book Co.

978981 0756260 Hardcover, 96pp 125 x 175mm August 2013 S $24.90 UK £12.00 US $20.00 Rights: Singapore and Malaysia only

978981 0783607 Hardback, 160pp 125 x 175mm May 2012 S $24.90 UK £12.00 US $20.00 Rights: World

Zakaria Zainal

978981 0730260 Hardback, 96pp 125 x 175mm August 2012 S $24.90 UK £12.00 US $20.00 Rights: World

Zakaria Zainal has worked as a reporter and photojournalist in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Singapore.

The Fish Book

100 Singaporeans

Ernest Goh

Wesley Loh Kar-Wai

978981 0731205 Hardback, 116pp 125 x 175mm March 2013 S $24.90 UK £12.00 US $20.00 Rights: World

Wesley Loh Kar-Wai is the principal photographer and owner of Memphis West Pictures. He won the Eternal Discovery Prize at the 2012 ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu photography awards.




A series capturing SINGAPORE NEIGHBOURHOODS by the Singapore chaptor of the illustration co-operative, Urban Sketches of landmarks and daily life, accompanied by heartfelt anecdotes. We Love Katong Urban Sketchers Singapore Directly facing Singapore’s seafront, the eastern neighbourhood of Katong has long inspired fierce pride and loyalty in its residents. Largely developed on reclaimed land, this former enclave of the Eurasian and Peranakan communities continues to brim with rich heritage. In We Love Katong, the artists from Urban Sketchers Singapore capture the conserved architecture, mouth-watering cuisine and fascinating confluence of cultures in this celebrated neighbourhood. 978981 0766078 Paperback, 96pp 125 x 175mm S $12.90 UK £5.99 US $9.90 Rights: World Out in January 2014

Urban Sketchers Singapore is an informal group of artists who draw the places they visit, capturing what they see from direct observation on location.


We Love Queenstown

We Love Ghim Moh

We Love Hougang

978981 0766016 Paperback, 96pp 125 x 175mm S $12.90 UK £5.99 US $9.90 Rights: World

978981 0778217 Paperback, 96pp 125 x 175mm S $12.90 UK £5.99 US $9.90 Rights: World

978981 0778231 Paperback, 96pp 125 x 175mm S $12.90 UK £5.99 US $9.90 Rights: World

Out in September 2013

Out in March 2014

Out in May 2014

We Love Bedok

We Love Tiong Bahru

We Love Toa Payoh

987981 0754327 Paperback, 148pp 125 x 175mm April 2013 S $12.90 UK £5.99 US $9.90 Rights: World

978981 0736255 Paperback, 96pp 125 x 175mm February 2013 S $12.90 UK £5.99 US $9.90 Rights: World

978981 0736231 Paperback, 196pp 125 x 175mm November 2012 S $12.90 UK £5.99 US $9.90 Rights: World




A REVISED AND UPDATED edition of Dr Leslie Tay’s bestselling guide to Singapore’s hawker food. Only the Best! The ieatishootipost Guide to Singapore’s Shiokest Hawker Food Dr. Leslie Tay From Bedok to Beo Crescent, Jalan Sultan to Joo Chiat, celebrity food blogger Dr. Leslie Tay and his merry band of ieat foodies have spread out across the island in search of the most drool-worthy hawker food Singapore has to offer.

978981 0778323 Paperback, 304pp 130 x 178mm S $15.90 UK £7.99 US $12.90 Rights: World Out in April 2014

Their quest for hawker food paradise, plus Dr. Tay’s stunning food photographs, is documented in this blogbuster, capturing more than half a decade’s worth of eating, shooting and posting. This is Singapore’s ultimate insider’s guide to hawker food -the only one you’ll ever need or want! Dr. Leslie Tay is the winner of Asia Pacific’s Best Food Blog Award. His first book, The End of Char Kway Teow and Other Hawker Mysteries, is a national bestseller and won the Best Food Literature Award for Singapore at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2011.


A companionable cookbook of easy-to-prepare Singaporean recipes. Mum’s Not Cooking! Favourite Singaporean Recipes for the Near Clueless or Plain Lazy Denise Fletcher Denise Fletcher devotes her culinary experience to creating the essential book of Singaporean food favourites as friendly, convenient recipes. Recognising that you may not easily obtain ‘authentic’ ingredients if you’re based overseas, Denise suggests substitutes to help you approximate that taste for home. Thumb through this book and search for a recipe that will comfort and satisfy you. Denise Fletcher is a former restaurant owner and runs the popular food blog Singapore Shiok! 978981 0897321 Flexi-bound, 160pp 148 x 210mm June 2012 S $20.90 UK £9.99 US $ 16.90 Rights: World




The award-winning HERITAGE COOKBOOK series showcases the best of Singapore’s major cuisines through authentic family recipes. Uncle Lau’s Teochew Recipes Lau Chiap Khai and Tan Lee Leng Featuring over 80 authentic family recipes, this book includes many little-known traditional Teochew dishes— some even exclusive to the author’s family, such as Ho Pung and Sio Bee. Tan Lee Leng is a food consultant, food writer, chef, food stylist and a formally trained potter. Her father, affectionately known by friends and family as Uncle Lau, handed down their family’s recipes to her in the hopes that she preserve their heritage. 978981 0716165 Flexi-bound, 118pp 125 x 220mm April 2012

S $22.90 UK £11.99 US $18.90 Rights: World

Madam Krishnan’s South Indian Recipes Ambrose Krishnan and Padma Krishnan The recipes in this book are mainly from Madam Krishnan’s repertoire of recipes. Also included are some recipes that her daughter, Padma, has modified and improved to give the traditional recipes a new twist. Madam Krishnan’s family hail from Pondicherry, a French colony in South India. Her husband’s family is from Kerala, South India and she had to learn Keralite cooking to please her in-laws’ palate. This book is compiled by her daughter, Padma Krishnan. 978981 0897352 Flexi-bound, 180pp 125 x 220mm September 2011

S $22.90 UK £11.99 US $18.90 Rights: World


Robin’s Eurasian Recipes

Madam Choy’s Cantonese Recipes

Irene’s Peranakan Recipes

Robin Pereira and Quentin Pereira

Choy Wai Yuen and Lulin Reutens

Irene Yeo and Elaine Yeo

As executive chef and owner of Quentin’s—the Eurasian Restaurant, Quentin Pereira carries on his father’s legacy. This book is a collection of his dad’s well-guarded secret recipes.

To Madam Choy, cooking is more art than science; nothing is measured and every ingredient is added by instinct. After 50 years of tasting and trying, she has more than 90 recipes from her Chinese dialect group ready to share here.

Robin Pereira took to cooking after his father and brother were killed in action. The dishes he prepared were passed on to him by his mother, Charlotte, who along with her sisters catered for Eurasian weddings. This book is compiled by his son, Quentin Pereira. 978981 0842741 Flexi-bound, 148pp 125 x 220mm November 2009 S $22.90 UK £11.99 US $18.90 Rights: World

Madam Choy has been collecting Cantonese recipes from newspapers and magazines over the last 50 years. This book is compiled with the help of her daughter, Lulin Reutens. 978981 0594022 Flexi-bound, 138pp 125 x 220mm January 2008 S $22.90 UK £11.99 US $18.90 Rights: World

Peranakan (or Nyonya) cuisine combines the best of Chinese, Malay and other Asian influences to offer a unique fusion of exotic food. It also includes a wide range of desserts that are popular in the region. Irene Yeo was born to a quintessentially Teochew family, and married into a traditional Peranakan family. This book is compiled by her daughter Elaine Yeo. 978981 0570155 Flexi-bound, 160pp 125 x 220mm December 2006 S $22.90 UK £11.99 US $18.90 Rights: World




Epigram NOTBOOKS say who you really are. Let our NOTBOOKS be your witty companions, perfect for scribbles and sketches. Available in 30 colours and designs, and in a handy size, they ensure you’ll always have the right accessory for your lifestyle. TEN NEW TITLES!






































A6 (148 x 105mm) 128 blank pages Matt hardcover. Flexi-bound and threadsewn. S $9.90 UK £4.99 US $7.50


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