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Initial Proposals: We recognise, and indeed support, the academic independence of EFiM and all unit directors. However, given the case outlined in our Core Argument: Where has all the money gone? we feel justified in demanding more resources be put in to teaching. Following discussions with students, course reps have put together the following initial proposals by year. These are indications that we hope to form the basis of a discussion with School, and may be subject to change following recommendations from students and staff. We emphasise that these initial proposals form only a part of our demand for more resources towards teaching across all years and units in the School. In particular, this includes an improvement of the quantity and quality of contact hours. Further, all our demands are over and above what is currently in place, not as a substitute. First Year: For all first year core units, that is to say Micro, Macro and both QM1 and QM2: 1.

Weekly tutorials consisting of no more than 12 students


Work taken in and marked weekly for all core units That is to say, everyone receives their work marked in full and returned on a weekly basis. Not at random and returned after some weeks as is currently the case.

Second Year: 1.

More of our work marked – across the board In Intermediate Microeconomics, for instance, all exercises should be taken in more frequently and marked in full.


More tutorials – without cuts elsewhere In Intermediate Macroeconomics, for instance, tutorials should be re-introduced but not at the expense of other teaching resources, such as exercise lectures.

Third Year: Current final year students are the first year paying the increased tuition fees. In the face of the increased fees paid by students these proposals seem both reasonable and conservative. We acknowledge that in some courses these provisions are already in place but these are attributable to the personal decisions of specific staff. We therefore propose these measures be introduced across the board for all final year EFiM units. 1.

More revision lectures in all final year units during the summer term These should be over and above the number of lectures already planned. The majority of lecture courses have by this time finished and scheduling should therefore not be an issue. We propose a minimum of 4 revision lectures per final year unit.


More office hours in the summer term These should be over and above the office hours already provided. We propose 1 extra hour per week for all final year unit directors.


The Document Presented to Bristol University