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URETHANE CEMENT FLOORING Urethane Cement-   Also  known  as  urethane  mortar  flooring,  or  urethane  slurries,  these  systems  provide  superior  resistance  to  thermal  cycling  when  compared  to  epoxy  and  vinyl  ester  coatings  in  addition to providing excellent long-lasting performance.

BREWERY SLOPED-TO-DRAIN FLOORING EP Floors  specializes  in  high  performance,  slope-to-drain  flooring  for  breweries,  micro  breweries,  and  brew  pubs.   Typical  areas  include  the  brewhouse  floors,  fermentation  areas,  and  taprooms.   Renovation  projects are our specialty !

PUMA-CRETE MD The Puma-Crete MD urethane flooring is a more flowable grade of  our cementitious urethane flooring, laid at 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick.  

A topcoat  of  two  component,  high  gloss  novolac  or  urethane  is  applied.  Texture  may  be  varied  from  smooth  to  very  rough,  depending on cleaning techniques, and slip resistance required.

Address: EP Floors Corp. 4 Springfield St. Fifth Floor,  Three Rivers,  Massachusetts 01080  United States

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Ucrete for brewery floors  

Food & beverage processing plants are under close scrutiny by regulators. In these plants, where cleanliness and purity are requisite, concr...

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