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Learning English Education System Conference & Expo February 2013 Istanbul, Turkey

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Excellent Practice in English Schools focuses on Excellent Class teaching and learning strategies effectively raising attainment and a ​chievement levels in England. Our conference involving educational professionals sharing excellent educational practice from England. Based on latest research relating to best practice initiatives and developments. This World Class School Improvement Conference is your opportunity to gain excellent guidance and advice and share excellent policy and practice to support driving school improvement in your own school. Educational leaders and educational ministers from around the world will be attending to share best policy and practice around the globe. The Excellent Practice in English Schools will provide the opportunity for academics and professionals from various education related fields from all over the world to come together and learn from each other - to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.



Excellent Practise in English Schools

The conference will consist of a series of:  Presentation sessions based around educational system in England. Sessions will take the form of key note speakers, presentations, group debates, poster and video presentations, panel discussions and an opening and closing plenary.  Multi-presentations sessions involving short presentations followed by a question and answer sessions.  Poster Sessions - discover innovative projects and new technologies to assist you and your school. Poster presentations will combine text and graphics to highlight unique ideas and case studies from England and the world of international education.


 World café sessions offering the opportunity to interact with presenters in smaller groups. Table discussions exploring educational perspectives from the session topics.  Discussions on the challenges and opportunities in global networking.  Interactive,engaging Workshops-half day workshops–parallel sessions practical solutions to commonly faced issues in English schools.  Learning in the 21st century in England.  Drawing together different cultures, nationalities and best practice from England and around the world.


ISTANBUL CONFERENCE This Conference will support you to:

 Understand what is required to achieve World Class standards What defines World Class standards?  Support your school journey to World Class status  Explore the benefits of the English Educational System offering students World Class education.  Share excellent educational practice that already exists around in England and around the world.  Raise attainment and accelerate rates of progress by sharing excellent policy and practice from England and around the world.

 Know the countries around the world that benefit from World Class self-evaluation, monitoring, tracking and evaluation tools.  Understand what is missing in the educational systems of low performing countries around the world



Excellent Practise in English Schools

What does it take to make your school World Class?  Know how the UK fare against world - wide competition.  Understand what a World Class Education system means.  Support you to drive World Class school improvement.  Support your school to monitor and track the performance and progress of pupils against English standards – bench marking and comparing performance against World Class measures to demonstrate improving standards.  Support you to make informed decisions relating to English education experiences and opportunities in line with 21st century needs.


 Explore ways to motivate and engage students and staff using English creative and innovative approaches.  Help you make accurate judgements succeed global competition with models of Educational Excellence.  Help create a best practice climate for progress and achievement in line with English education system.  Explore ‘Teaching and Learning’ strategies and techniques from England that demonstrate World Class achievement and progress.  Explore what great teachers do in English classrooms -developing excellence in the classroom.  Support your Senior Management Team to take account of World Class educational policy and practice.



What does it take to make your school World Class?  Share world - wide student, staff and parent perceptions.  Key challenges to reaching World Class status.  Explore World-wide educational resources, activities and interventions to drive school improvement.  Provide invaluable support and guidance on building an excellent bank of resources to impact on the Overall Effectiveness of your school.  Expert guidance and essential information to support educational professionals in your

school reach World class standards.  Share the latest information and educational developments from countries around the world relating to School Improvement based on current research and initiatives develop Turkey, UK/Global Partnerships.  The Excellent Practice in English Schools will also support you in investigating performance differences between pupils of different background, gender, pupils with special needs, those with English/ Turkish as an additional language.

What you will learn:  English strategy to support excellence and drive school improvement across whole school, cohorts,

pupil groups and subject effectiveness.  Using English/World Class



Excellent Practise in English Schools What you will learn:

 English strategy to support excellence and drive school improvement across whole school, cohorts, pupil groups and subject effectiveness.  Using English/World Class Models of Excellence to support School Improvement - sustaining success in the 21st Century.  English/World Class Self - Evaluation (SWOT analysis) linked to Models of Educational Excellence.  Identifying underachievement and exploring English strategy for driving improvement.  Identifying vulnerable groups and exploring English strategy for driving improvement.  Identifying barriers to learning and exploring English strategy for improvement.  English teaching and planning – excellent policy and practice  Investigating English subject performance  English CPD training strategies, policy and practice  Discover the latest educational developments in England  Key Performance Indicators demonstrating educational excellence in England  The Best Educational Policy and Practice from England


After the conference, all presentations and posters will be published on the conference website.

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EPES Istanbul 2013