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Summer 2017


Holy Habits

Read Through the Bible in a Year Have you ever tried to read the Bible from start to finish in one year? Have you ever wanted to embark on such a journey? Well, two members of EPC, Carol and May, accomplished this “bucket list item” in 2016 and they lived to tell about it! Carol and May used a book called Daily Walk Through the Bible they purchased at the local Christian bookstore. What they found most helpful were study helps at the beginning of each day’s reading and being accountable to one another. They would ask, “Did you do your reading?” and check in with each other from time to time. Carol and May also had a desire to know the story of the Bible better, and they have both grown in that knowledge and understanding. Carol even remarked that the daily habit of reading scripture was so much a part of her life she even read while on vacation! Today, many of us want quick, easy and cheap solutions, like we get with most anything else in our lives. But knowledge of scripture and integrating scripture into our lives is not quick, easy and cheap. We must invest ourselves, our time and our discipline. When we are spoon-fed, there is no integration, our faith can just snap, and it doesn’t sustain us through tough times. This is what we want to happen here at EPC. You can attend Equipping the Saints or Wednesday evening Bible study. You can join a Sunday school class, the Men’s Breakfast Bible study, or a Women’s Circle. Holy Habits certainly can change your life!


Nathan’s Valentines

In January 2017, the members of EPW’s FROG (Fully Rely On God) Circle decided to collect Valentine’s cards and small gifts for a young boy named Nathan who has been diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. Nathan and his family live next door to one of our church members and the ladies have been praying for his recovery for several months. Recognizing a great opportunity to share Christian love and offer support and joy, they invited other Circles to participate in this act of service. Additionally, they brought it up in their Sunday school classes and one church member even took it to his workplace thereby including hundreds of people in this project! There was such an amazing outpouring of love for this little boy. This seemingly small gesture led to more than 1000 cards, pieces of candy, stuffed animals, other toys, and homemade cookies for Nathan and his family. Overwhelmed by the gifts, Nathan’s father said they read every single card and delivered the good news that a recent MRI showed that his tumor has become smaller. Please keep praying for young Nathan and his family!

A Bead and a Prayer


In March, 18 people attended a Prayer Bead workshop at EPC led by Kathy Lyles and Christie Gravely. Both children and adults made their own sets of prayer beads and then joined in a “Full Circle” prayer using the cross and each bead as prayer prompts. Many of you may be wondering: What are prayer beads? Why are they used? and Are they Presbyterian? The very word “bead” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word bede, which means “prayer”. Prayer is essential to the Christian life. Our souls cannot live without connection to the very source of our being—just as our bodies cannot live without oxygen. Sustaining our connection to God demands that we attend to prayer with mind, body, and soul. Yet, so many of us find it so difficult to keep our minds and bodies focused for very long. Think how quickly we can grow impatient: waiting on an internet search to pull up links, waiting on a stop-light to turn green, standing in line at the grocery store with ice cream melting in the cart. Being still and paying attention to God isn’t easy; but Christians throughout the centuries have found tools that help us enter the place of quietness and peace where we can commune with God, such as prayer beads. The earliest recorded use of prayer tools comes from the Old Testament. Following God’s instructions in Numbers 15:38-41 and Deuteronomy 22:12, the Israelites tied fringe from their robes into knots, called tzitzit. There was an art to tying these special knots which aided the people of God in remembering the Lord’s blessings upon them and His commandments. Prayer beads work in the same fashion. They can help us find our way back to God. Like the fringe of the Jews, prayer beads serve as a visual cue reminding us to pray and give us something tangible to grasp as we follow the path of the beads, around the circle and back. The Catholic church has always used prayer beads—called the Rosary—as tools for prayer. The Protestant prayer bead set is modeled after the Catholic Rosary, but has different symbols and suggestions for prayers. The Protestant format is in the picture to the right.

First Grade Worship Education by Ginna Lister


Beginning in January, five 1st graders; Caroline Stuckey, Brinkley Mueller, Anna Kate and Molly Sanders and Quinn Miller, joined with me each Sunday during the 9:00 am Service to learn what worship means, how we worship and why we do the things we do in preparation for them sitting through the entire service at the end of our 10 weeks together. We learned the essentials of worship like: the Gloria Patri, the Doxology, and the Lord’s Prayer. We also learned when to stand, sit, pray, and sing together. You might wonder why we welcome children into worship at such a young age when it is possible that they can’t fully grasp all that is going on. The truth is, they learn just by being there. They learn that they are part of the body of Christ and are welcomed there by sitting side by side by folks of all ages. They learn the importance of ritual by saying and praying the same things week after week. They learn as they look around and see the sacred symbols of cup, plate, table, Bible, cross and font. In Christianity Today, pastor Daniel Darling wrote this article titled: Boring Church Services Saved My Life where he said, God changed my life using routine worship services in which I sang hymns I didn’t quite understand and heard messages I didn’t quite grasp…. Because somewhere in your congregation are children singing words they don’t know, listening to Scripture they don’t understand, and fighting sleep during a sermon that doesn’t hold their interest. They don’t realize it yet, but the Spirit God is pressing the gospel message, through yet another “boring” church service, deep within their hearts.

This is what some of our parents had to say: Brinkley has a greater understanding of our worship services. He is so proud to follow along with the bulletin and gained confidence and excitement after he completed this class. He is doing great sitting in church and continues to ask great questions as he grows his faith. Thank you for all you do for the children in our church! Cassie Mueller, mother of Brinkley Molly & Anna Kate loved the classes you led to teach them about staying and participating in worship services. Their favorite part was learning the songs (Gloria Patri & the Doxology) and the Lord's Prayer. Our bedtime routine took a whole lot longer each night, as they had to take turns singing each song by themselves and then saying the Lord's Prayer! This past Sunday they were really proud when a church member sitting in front of us complemented them on how well they said the Lord's Prayer! Stacy Sanders, mother of Molly & Anna Kate

Children’s Musical by Robert Norris

On May 3, we closed out our Wonderful Wednesday season with a classic musical presented by our children’s choir — “It’s Cool in the Furnace.” Some things never grow old and never go out of fashion -- some things remain "cool" forever. Bible stories are timeless, and this tale of a godly young man named Daniel (Ezekiel Cruz), his three friends, Shadrach (Addie Sanders), Meshach

(Abigail Norris), and Abednego (Margaret Bishop), and a fiery furnace is about as cool as it gets. “It’s Cool in the Furnace” has been presented for over 40 years! The musical, by Buryl Red and Grace Hawthorne presents the story with humor, action, and spiritual heart. King Nebuchadnezzar (Mia Prins) captures the three Hebrew boys, along with many other Jews in Jerusalem, and brings them to Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar builds a huge statue of himself and demands that all

inhabitants of the land worship it. Those who don’t will be thrown into the fiery furnace, therefore everyone complies. Well, not everyone. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednago tell Nebuchadnezzar that they will not worship anyone except God, so the king ordered them thrown into the furnace. Even though the furnace is heated seven times hotter than normal, the three boys did not get burned at all. In fact, they begin to dance and praise God because “It’s Cool in the Furnace.”

Nebuchadnezzar finally takes down his statue and acknowledges that the Hebrew God is the God of gods and Lord of lords. Next time you’re facing troubles, put on your shades, trust in God and just be Coooool!

NONAGENARIANSby Wilma HONORED AT LUNCHEON Shealy The Congregational Care Committee hosted a luncheon on Saturday, April 29, at noon to honor the members of Easley Presbyterian Church who are ninety years old and above. Each nonagenarian was allowed to invite a guest. The luncheon was held in the Blue Room. Valet parking was provided by Mitch Greene and Wayne Prins. Our church is fortunate to have twenty-two members who fit in this category. Those appearing in the front from left to right seated are Kitty Garber, Chris Christopherson, and Rusty Ritter and those standing are Caroline Johnson, Bill Robinson, Jack Brock, John Moore, Frances Blakely, Hubert Bowick, Evelyn Watkins, Betty Melton, and Mary Ellen Layfield. Those not able to attend are Eleanor Barker, Kay Cowan, Dardie Dilly, Bill Ford, Virginia Gower, Deedie Hancock, Gladys Jamison, Ellen McDaniel, Jim Stuckey, and Harold Williams. Roger Levesque provided the entertainment. After the lunch, cake was served and each honoree was given a gift. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.




his year’s Youth Sunday theme was hope. Eight high school seniors presented meditations on Romans 5:1-8, speaking on how God has given them hope in the good times and in the bad. Many of the other youth helped lead worship through prayer, confession, and liturgy. The youth orchestra, hand bells, and choir provided the music for the ser vice. It was a Sunday to rejoice in the grace and goodness of God. A time to reflect on the baptismal vows of raising and loving children through their life in the church. This was best summarized in one Senior’s reflection, “I may not know what college brings next year, but I am able to rest easy and comfor tably walk the path of life knowing that no matter what I do, Jesus loves me.”

EPCHigh @ Mini Montreat by Thomas Clanton

The Mini-Montreat youth conference was organized and hosted by the Presbyterian Youth Council of the Foothills Presbytery. Andy CastoWaters was the keynote speaker and the music leader was our very own Ali Riehm! Our High School youth, chaperoned by Pam Dillon, Scott Wilbanks, and Dennis Latham, joined other high school groups from other Foothills Presbytery churches. Clayton Graham, a high school senior, says he always enjoys this retreat. “MiniMontreat is one of my favorite weekends all year. It gives me a chance to connect with God and friends.�

EPCMiddle @ Bonclarken by Thomas Clanton

In April EPCMiddle took a short retreat to Bonclarken Conference Center in Flat Rock, NC to learn more about the spiritual life. 26 middle school students and 5 adult volunteers spent Friday night learning how our occupations and preoccupations turn our attentions away from God. We learned that God calls us to put away the many things to focus on the one thing. Our main verse was Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.� The next morning, we learned about spiritual gifts and took an assessment to understand where we can best use them. That afternoon we had time to ride the zip line and the giant swing on the Bonclarken high ropes course! We had a great time connecting with God through nature, scripture, and prayer.

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Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2017!

This Spring Easley Presbyterian welcomed 16 new confirmands into the church. These confirmands completed a 30 week course where they learned about the Bible, church history, theology, church polity, and spiritual disciplines. Each confirmand had a mentor who helped guide them through the year. At the end of the course each confirmand, with the help of their mentors, presented their statement of faith to the session. Each statement was unique and spoke about how each confirmand had experienced God in their life and how they will trust in Him for the future. Congratulations to the confirmation class of 2017!

Valerie Valerie Brock: Brock: Valerie Brock: Valerie Brock: “My “My faith faith is a is tree. atree. tree. The The “Myisfaith is aThe The “My faith a my tree. seed seed ofof of my faith faith was was seed my faith was seed planted of planted my faith was years years agoago by planted years byby planted years ago byago my my family… family… Looking Looking my family… Looking my family… Looking back back I’ve I’ve realized realized that that back I’ve realized that backconfirmation I’ve realized that confirmation allows allows me me confirmation allows me confirmation allows me totoexplore toexplore explore Jesus Jesus Christ Christ Jesus Christ to explore Jesus Christ more more deeply. deeply. I Ihope I hope tototo more deeply. hope morecontinue deeply. Itohope to continue grow togrow grow ininmy inmymy continue to continue towhile grow inkeeping my mymy faith faith while keeping faith while keeping my faith roots while keeping myfirmly.” roots planted planted firmly.” roots planted firmly.” roots planted firmly.”

Victoria Victoria Rose Rose Brock: Brock: Victoria Rose Brock: Victoria Rose Brock: “Jesus “Jesus tells tells ususus totohelp tohelp help “Jesus tells “Jesuspeople tells us towhen help people when they’re they’re people when they’re people when they’re hungry, hungry, and and give give them them hungry, and give them hungry, and give something something tothem drink todrink drink ifif if something to something tothirsty… drink if Jesus they’re they’re thirsty… Jesus they’re thirsty… Jesus they’re thirsty… Jesus says says when when we we do do this this says when we do this says when weothers, do this for for others, we we are are for others, we are for others, wedoing are really really doing this this for doing this forfor reallyreally doingHim.” this for Him.” Him.” Him.”

Katherine Katherine Graham: Graham: Leighton Leighton Gravely: Gravely: Katherine Graham: Leighton Gravely: Katherine Graham: Gravely: “I“I“I do do believe believe that that God God isis is Leighton “There “There is a is quote a quote by Ann Ann do believe that God “There is a quote byby Ann “I dothe believe that and God is that “There is a quote by Ann the Creator, Creator, and that Voskamp Voskamp that that pretty pretty much much the Creator, and thathe hehe Voskamp that pretty much the Creator, and that he that pretty much loves loves me very very much. much. Voskamp sums sums up up my faith. faith. She She says, says, loves meme very much. sums up mymy faith. She says, loves me very much. sums‘We up my faith. She says, Even Even if I if sin, I sin, I know I know he he ‘We will will never never really really reflect reflect if II know sin, I know he ‘We will never really reflect Evenwill ifEven I sin, he never really reflect will be there there totolove tolove love me. me.‘We will the the image image ofofChrist ofChrist Christ ininthe inthe the bebe there me. the image will bewill there to love me. the world image of Christ in thereally I have I have had had so so many many world ––unless –unless unless we we really see see I had have had so many Hailey Gantt: Hailey Gantt: world we really see Elizabeth Goodwin: Elizabeth Goodwin: I have so many worldthe – unless we really see questions questions and and religious religious the image image of God of God inin everyineveryeveryquestions and religious “Ibelieve believe thatthe the Trinity “Iquestions that Trinity is is the“Iimage the image of God “Ibelieve believe that Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ and religious ofThis God inapplies everythoughts thoughts throughout throughout my one.’ one.’ This applies to tomy thoughts throughout mymy is ismy theFather, Father, Son, andHoly Holy the Son, and one.’ This applies tomy my Savior who died on Savior who died onmy thoughts throughout my one.’ This applies to my life, life, but but I know I know it has it has faith faith because because I believe Isins. believe that that life, but I know it has Ghost. II believe that Ghost. I believe that thethe faith because I believe that the cross for my I also the cross for my sins. I also life, but know it has because I has believe that made made my my faith faith better, better, faithbelieve everyone everyone has God God in them in them made my faith better, Gospel is the word of God. Gospel is the word of God. everyone has God in them that the gospel tells believe has thatGod the in gospel tells made my faithand better, everyone them stronger, stronger, and deeper.” deeper.” but but you you need faith faith to see to see it.” it.” stronger, and deeper.” I believe Jesusdied died on I stronger, believe Jesus on thethe butthe but you need faith see it.” the story ofJesus’s Jesus’s death story ofneed death and deeper.” you need faith to see to it.” crossforforour oursins, sins,and andmost most cross andresurrection. resurrection.Being Beinga a and I believeI am I ama a ofofallallI believe memberatatEPC EPChelps helpsmeme member Christian.” Christian.” becauseI am I amsurrounded surroundedbyby because peoplewho whowant wanttotohelp help people eachother othergrow growinintheir their each faithwith withGod.” God.” faith

Gavin Coats: Gavin Coats: Will Will Byrd: Byrd: Gavin Coats: Will Byrd: Hail Gavin Coats: Will Byrd: “I“I “I beli “I“I believe that God sent “Jesus died for “Jesus died for ususus sososo “I believe that God sent bebt “Jesus died for believe thatsent God sent “I believe “Jesus died for usnot so “I believe that God the the FF Jesus Christ to die for our that we do have to that we do not have to Jesus Christ to die for our the that we do not have to Jesus Christ to die for our the Father do not have tofor Jesus Christ toand die forspread ourthethe that we Gho G sins sins and to spread to pay pay the the price price for our our Gh sinstoand to spread the pay the for price our Ghost. Ib sinsword and the price ourfor Gospe Go word ofofspread Christ. ofChrist. Christ. I Ibelieve I believe pay thesins. sins. Due Due to this tothis this Gosp word believe sins. Due to Gospel is word ofthat Christ. I was believe Due togift, this I Ibeli I bt that Jesus Jesus was sent sent here here tototo sins. precious precious gift, we have have bel that Jesus was sent here precious gift, wewe have I believe that Jesus was sent here to precious gift, we have croJf show show usus us how how toBrock: live. tolive. live. After After eternal eternal life life through through Valerie Valerie cross show how toBrock: After eternal life through Victoria Victoria Rose Rose Brock: Brock: crosscross for ou showgoing us how to live. After eternal life through ofof going through through this process process Christ. Christ. Because Because I Ito know I help know “My “My faith faith isisthis athis atree. tree. The The through process Christ. Because know “Jesus “Jesus tells tells usus to help “ba of all I going going through this process Christ. Because I know ofofseed Confirmation, of Confirmation, I Iwas have I have that that Jesus Jesus lived lived and and died died seed ofofmy myfaith faith was Confirmation, have that Jesus lived and died people people when when they’re they’re JeJ Ch of Confirmation, Iput have lived and died decided decided totoput toput my my faith faith inininthat Jesus for for me, me, and and was was raised raised planted planted years years ago ago by by decided my faith for me, and was raised hungry, hungry, and and give give them them decided to Jesus putJesus my faith in for me, and was raised Christ.” Christ.” from from the the dead, dead, can I can my myfamily… family… Looking Looking Christ.” from the dead, Idrink can something something totoIdrink ifif w Jesus Jesus Christ.” from the dead, Ithat can proudly proudly say say that I Iam IJesus am aa a back backI’ve I’verealized realizedthat that proudly say that am they’re they’re thirsty… thirsty… Jesus tha th proudly sayChristian.” that I am a Christian.” confirmation confirmationallows allowsme me Christian.” says says when whenwe wedo dothis this shs Christian.” totoexplore exploreJesus JesusChrist Christ for forothers, others,we weare are go g more moredeeply. deeply.I Ihope hopetoto really reallydoing doingthis thisfor for o continue continuetotogrow growininmy my Him.” Him.” de d faith faithwhile whilekeeping keepingmy my roots rootsplanted plantedfirmly.” firmly.”

Gretchen Lewis: Gretchen Lewis: Zach McAlister: Zach McAlister: Gretchen Lewis: Zach McAlister: Ben Gretchen Lewis: “The “T “Hardships through my Zach McAlister: “Hardships through my “Th “Lord, you are “Lord, you are “Hardships through my “Lord, you are “Thewith rela “Hardships through my “Lord, you are wi 14 years in life have 14 years in life have with important tomeme important totome 14 years in life have important withme God 14 years in life have important to me me be taught me that I can taught me that I Ican me b because you make me because you make me taught me that can because you make me me becaus taught mepray that I can because you make me feelin fe always pray and God will always and God will feel whole. You are my whole. You are my always pray and God will whole. You are my feeling of always pray and God There will You areand myand someo som always answer. There always answer. isis is whole. someo Shepherd I am Shepherd always answer. There Shepherd andI Iam am someone Ic always answer. There is Shepherd and I am anyth an Katherine Katherine Graham: Graham: always that one little sign always that one little sign anyt Leighton Gravely: Leighton Gravely: your sheep, you died your sheep, you died always that one little sign your sheep, you died anything I always that one little sign your sheep, you died Christ Chr “I “I do dobelieve believe that that God God ishe letting me know that letting me know that he isis is Chris “There “There isisand aIaquote quote by by Ann Ann Christ for me I will live for me and will live letting me know that he for me and I will live died letting meCreator, know that hethat is he andfor I will live accep acc the the Creator, and and that he for me there.” there.” accep Voskamp Voskamp that that pretty prettymuch much accepts you.” you.” there.” forfor you.” me there.” for you.” loves loves me mevery verymuch. much. sums sums up upmy myfaith. faith.She Shesays, says, Even EvenififI Isin, sin,I Iknow knowhe he ‘We ‘Wewill willnever neverreally reallyreflect reflect will willbe bethere theretotolove loveme. me. the theimage imageofofChrist Christininthe the I Ihave havehad hadsosomany many world world––unless unlesswe wereally reallysee see questions questionsand andreligious religious the theimage imageofofGod Godinineveryeverythoughts thoughtsthroughout throughoutmy my one.’ one.’This Thisapplies appliestotomy my life, life,but butI Iknow knowitithas has faith faithbecause becauseI Ibelieve believethat that made mademy myfaith faithbetter, better, everyone everyonehas hasGod Godininthem them stronger, stronger,and anddeeper.” deeper.” but butyou youneed needfaith faithtotosee seeit.” it.”

nk k ifif esus esus this this re re for for

ely: ly: yy Ann Ann y much much ee says, says, reflect reflect in in the the ally ally see see everyeveryto o my my ve ve that that nn them them see see it.” it.”

Gospel isGospel Gospel the word is is the the of God. word word of of God. God.believe that word of Christ. word word of ofIChrist. Christ. believeII believe believe sins. Duesins. sins. to this Due Due to to this this believe believe the that that gospel the thetells gospel gospel tells tells believe believe died Jesus Jesus on the died died on on the thethe storythe that Jesus that that was Jesus Jesus sentwas was heresent sent to here here to topreciousprecious precious gift, we have gift, gift, we we have have I believeIIJesus theofstory story Jesus’s of of Jesus’s Jesus’s death death death cross our sins, for for our our andsins, sins, mostand and most mostand resurrection. show us show how showtous uslive. how howAfter to to live. live. After After eternal life eternal eternal through life life through through cross forcross and and resurrection. resurrection. Being aBeing Being aa of all I believe of of all all IIIbelieve believe am a II am am aa member member going through going going through this through process this this process process Christ. Because Christ. Christ. Because Because I know II know know member at EPC at athelps EPC EPCme helps helps me me Christian.” Christian.” Christian.” of Confirmation, of of Confirmation, Confirmation, I have II have havethat Jesus that that lived Jesus Jesus andlived lived diedand and died died because because because I am surrounded II am am surrounded surrounded by by by decided decided to decided put myto tofaith put put my my in faith faith in infor me, and for for me, was me, and and raised was was raised raised people people who peoplewant who whotowant want help to to help help Jesus Christ.” Jesus Jesus Christ.” Christ.” from thefrom from dead,the the I can dead, dead, II can can each other each each grow other otheringrow grow theirin in their their proudly proudly say proudly that say Isay amthat that a II am am aa faith withfaith faith God.” with with God.” God.” Christian.” Christian.” Christian.”




Gretchen Gretchen Gretchen Lewis: Lewis: Lewis: Zach McAlister: Zach Zach McAlister: McAlister: “Hardships “Hardships through my my “Lord, you “Hardships through through my “Lord, are you “Lord, you are are 14 years in in life life have have important 14 years14 in years life have important to me to important to me me taught taught me that II can can because because taught me that Ime canthat you makeyou memake because you make me me always always pray and God will willwhole. You always pray andpray Godand willGod whole. are You my whole. You are are my my always always answer. answer. There is isShepherdShepherd always answer. There is There and I amand Shepherd and II am am always always that one little sign sign always that one that littleone signlittle your sheep, your sheep, diedyou youryou sheep, you died died letting letting me know know that he he is is letting me knowme that he isthat for me and for willand liveII will forIme me and will live live there.” there.” there.” for you.”for for you.” you.”

Ben Mitchell: Ben Ben Mitchell: Mitchell: AugustaAugusta Augusta Roach: Roach: Roach: “The relationship “The “The relationship relationship I have II have have “I believe “I believe Jesus that was Jesus “Ithat believe that Jesus was was with Godwith with is important God God is is important important to to to sent down sent from down heaven from sent down from heaven heaven me because me me because because he gives he he megives gives a me me aa and was and trulywas a man truly aa man and was trulywithout man without without Anna Katherine Syracuse: Lauren Stover: feeling offeeling feeling comfort of of comfort and comfort is and and is is sin. He died sin. on died on sin. He Hethe diedcross, on the the cross, cross, “The Gospel tells us about “Even the I someonesomeone someone I can talkII before can to canabout talk talk to totime about about Anna Katherine Syracuse: Lauren Stover: was buried, was buried, roseand again rose again wasand buried, and rose again first walkII believe or talk I Jesus’s life and how he died anythinganything anything I“Even want.could Ibefore IIbelieve want. want. believe to save“The me to and all me and all those to save save methose and allus those Gospel tells about the time I always felt aand comforting forwho ourinbelieve sins soGod’s that when we Christ died Christ Christ for could died my diedsins for for my my sins sins and andI who believe him. in him. God’s who believe in him. God’s first walk or talk Jesus’s life and how he died presence like someone die we will go to heaven. accepts me accepts accepts for who me me I for for am.” who who I I am.” am.” sacrifice sacrifice of hissins only of Son only Son sacrifice ofsohis his only Son we always felt a comforting for our that when was protecting me. Fromshows his This is good news because shows deep and deep abiding and abiding shows his deep and abiding presence likeon someone die wehis will gotry toour heaven. that moment I called love to although we all best me love and to all me and hisall of love togood meof and allbecause of his his was protecting me. From This is news that presence the Holy topeople.” live sin people.” free, only God is people.” that moment I called although try our best Spirit and hisonlove that perfect. So,we weall needed Jesus that presence live sin only protected the me.”Holy totocome andfree, rescue us God from is Spirit and his love that perfect. So, Jesus ourselves so we thatneeded even after protected me.” to come from death weand canrescue be withus him and love himsoeternally asafter he ourselves that even loves death we canus.” be with him

and love himChurch: eternally as he Confirmation Class at Easley Presbyterian Confirmation Class at Easley Presbyterian Church: loves us.”

Meets during the the Sunday school hourhour for 30 Meets during Sunday school forweeks 30 weeks Lessons are are taught in three units: Lessons taught in three units:

Lauren Stover: Anna Katherine Syracuse: Anna Katherine Syracuse: Lauren Stover: “Even before the the timetime I I “The Gospel tellstells us about “The Gospel us about “Even before firstfirst could walkwalk or talk I I Jesus’s life life andand howhow he died could or talk Jesus’s he died always felt felt a comforting sinssins so that when we we always a comforting for our for our so that when presence likelike someone die die we will go to presence someone we will goheaven. to heaven. waswas protecting me. me. From is good news because protecting From ThisThis is good news because thatthat moment on Ion called we all bestbest moment I called although although we try all our try our thatthat presence the the HolyHoly to live sin free, onlyonly GodGod is is presence to live sin free, Spirit andand his love thatthat perfect. So, So, we needed Jesus Spirit his love perfect. we needed Jesus protected me.” to come andand rescue us from protected me.” to come rescue us from ourselves so that eveneven afterafter ourselves so that death we can be with himhim death we can be with andand lovelove himhim eternally as he eternally as he loves us.”us.” loves

UnitUnit 1: Our Foundation: the the Bible andand Church History 1: Our Foundation: Bible Church History UnitUnit 2: Confessing our Faith: What We Believe 2: Confessing our Faith: What We Believe Sydney Thompson: UnitUnit 3: The Christian Life:Life: HowHow We We LiveLive Christian “I3:amThe a Christian because I believe Topics covered in the lessons include: TheThe Trinity, Topics covered inthat the lessons include:Luke Trinity, Willis: Sydney Thompson: Jesus died on the cross Providence, Humanity and Sin, the Person and Works Providence, Humanity and Sin, the Person and Works of “Dear HeavenlyofFather, “I am to get rid aofChristian our sins, and Christ, Justification, Sanctification, and many more. I believe you sacrificed Christ, Justification, Sanctification, and many more. because I believe that will forgive our sins Willis: yourselfLuke for our sins and Jesus died onlike theisGod cross today. I feel Each confirmand a mentor from the Each confirmand assigned is isassigned a “Dear mentor from Heavenly Father, that you are the the only to always get rid there of ourwatching sins, and congregation. congregation. person who can truly I believe you sacrificed overforgive me, keeping me will our sins forgive. Your son sins Jesusand yourself for our safe. I plan to God be awith I feel like is with The confirmand meets his his or her mentor during today. The confirmand meets or her Christ shows meduring thatonly you thatmentor you are the disciple of God through always there watching fourfour organized evening lessons, unorganized fellowship organized evening lessons, unorganized fellowship would do anything for person who can truly prayer, choices, andme how over me, keeping time, and during the the process offorgive. writing me .faith ” son time, and during process of writing faithJesus Your I treat others.” safe. I plan to be a statements. statements. Christ shows me that you disciple of God through

would do anything for me.” of

prayer, choices, and how The writing of faith statements is the finalfinal process of The writing of faith statements is the process I treat others.” confirmation. confirmation.

Each confirmand, withwith the the helphelp of his Each confirmand, of

or her mentor, his or her mentor, articulates what he or she believes about God, the the articulates what he or she believes about God, church, and the gospel. church, and the gospel.

They present these statements to the Session andand thenthen They present these statements to the Session

are are received as members of Easley Presbyterian Church. received as members of Easley Presbyterian Church.

Sydney Thompson: Sydney Thompson: “I am a Christian “I am a Christian because I believe thatthat because I believe Jesus dieddied on the cross Jesus on the cross to get rid of sins,sins, andand to get ridour of our willwill forgive our our sinssins forgive today. I feel likelike GodGod is is today. I feel always there watching always there watching

Luke Willis: Luke Willis: “Dear Heavenly Father, “Dear Heavenly Father, I believe youyou sacrificed I believe sacrificed yourself for our sinssins andand yourself for our thatthat youyou are are the the onlyonly person who can truly

A special thank youyou to the mentors whowho worked withwith A special thank to the mentors worked andand supported these students all year: supported these students all year: KelliKelli Burnett, Floride Caldwell, Thomas Clanton, Burnett, Floride Caldwell, Thomas Clanton, Zane Coats, Phil Darity, Pam Dillon, Mimi Edwards, Zane Coats, Phil Darity, Pam Dillon, Mimi Edwards, TerriTerri French, RickRick Gantt, MegMeg Jewell, Avannah Lewis, French, Gantt, Jewell, Avannah Lewis, Angela Lucas, Monty Oxendine, Ruth Rice, Angela Lucas, Monty Oxendine, Ruth Rice,



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Welcome New Members!

Thomas Phifer

Sue McGibeny

105 Wild Wing Ct Easley, SC 29642 803-389-8993

405 Terilyn Ct Greenville, SC 29611 770-377-4870

Josh & Megan Ritchie Peri

216 South B Street Easley, SC 29640 864-979-5618/864-639-9097


The Sacrament of Baptism was administered to Paul Harris Young on February 5, 2017. He is the son of Will and Ellen Young, the brother of Arlo, and the grandson of Paul and Pat Cook.

The Sacrament of Baptism was administered to Rhodes Christine Sheehan on April 9, 2017. She is the daughter of Coley and Kinsey Sheehan and the granddaughter of John and Karen Cooper.

The Sacrament of Baptism was administered to Lilly Burch Griese on March 12, 2017. She is the daughter of Bill and Joanna Griese and the sister of Emma Kate.

Congratulations! Congratulations to

Congratulations to

Megan Heil & Will Revson

Dottie Grantham & Gene Johnston

married on March 4, 2017

married on April 20, 2017

Dear friends of EPC, I wanted to drop a note of thanks to you for all of the acts of kindness you showed to me during my hospital stay and recovery. I appreciate all of the cards, calls, texts, emails and the hearfelt prayers. I am so blessed to have such a great group of friends! I cherish each of you. Blessings, Jonene Garrett

I would like to thank the church family for the cards, calls, hugs, and prayers after the death of my father. They meant so much to me and my family. It is so wonderful to belong to such a caring church family. Chuck Dawkins

On behalf of the Kairos team, I want to thank everyone who made cookies for our Kairos Weekend. A special thanks goes out to the youth who participated in the very successful Cookie Bake. I understand all of you were an important part of making things happen. I was unable to attend the weekend this time, but Sandy Hagood said all went well, and there were plenty of cookies for everyone at McCormick Correctional. Thank you again. In the Love of Christ, Tracy Barnes

You can be a vbs hero by volunteering and/or supporting any of our mission projects!

5th Grade UCM Mission Backpack M p roj e c t adness Ten Thousand Villages During the week of VBS, we will be collecting back packs, school supplies and even monetary donations for the United Christian Ministries Backpack Project. These backpacks enable more children in Pickens County to get off on the right foot when school starts back in August. 5th Grade Mission Madness will collect canned goods for UCM as part of their service projects for the week. Also, you can shop for fair-trade items during VBS week in the Ten Thousand Villages Shop located in the gym at FUMC.


Adult Sunday School Combined Classes in the Fellowship Hall June: Villains of the Bible led by Rev. Doug Vaughn Description: The class will look at some of the more notorious figures in the Bible. Titles include: The Good Book and Bad Characters, Some Wicked Women, Some Malicious Men and A Minor Character of Some Importance Rev. Doug Vaughn is a native of Virginia and was educated at Hampden-Sydney College , BA; Union Presbyterian Seminary, Master of Divinity; Columbia Theological Seminary, Master of Theology; San Francisco Theological Seminary, Doctor of the Science of Theology. Doug served as Pastor of Presbyterian churches in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas. On retirement, he was elected Pastor Emeritus of First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC. Doug is married to Martha, a visual artist and art educator. Doug and Martha have a son who lives in Taylors, SC.

July: The History of Christianity in America led by John DuBose Description: This four-week Sunday school class will explore the story of Christianity in America from early colonialism to the present day. In this class, we will attempt to understand how the church's past has informed its present. With that understanding, we will hopefully come away with a clearer view of God's call for the future of the church. John is a lifelong member of Easley Presbyterian Church. He is pursuing his M.Div. at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte under the care of EPC and Foothills Presbytery. He also works at GE in Greenville and lives with his wife, April, in Powdersville.

August: Life Together in Christian Community led by Rev. Joseph Gaston Description: This will be a three week exploration entitled “Life Together in Christian Community.” “Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ,” according to the Lutheran pastor, theologian and martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We will draw upon Bonhoeffer’s classic book, Life Together, which describes the gift of unique fellowship forged in an underground seminary during the Nazi years in Germany. Bonhoeffer offers practical advice on how life together in Christ can be sustained in families and groups through Scripture and spiritual practices. Life Together has been described as “bread for all who are hungry for the real life of Christian fellowship.” Joseph Gaston began last July as the Chaplain of the Foothills Retirement Community of Easley. As a child of a farm and the historic Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church in Chester County, SC, he describes himself as an “old farm boy pastor.” He has been a member of Foothills Presbytery for 12 years, having previously served as Associate Pastor at John Knox Presbyterian Church in Greenville. Joseph and his wife Karen are graduates of Clemson University, the parents of two adult children, and the grandparents of Emma Kate and anticipate the birth of their second grandchild in October. He is grateful for the long standing and significant partnership between Easley Presbyterian and the Foothills Community.

Summer Sunday School for Children: The Jesus Storybook Bible EPC. . . where Sunday School Never goes on vacation but, Summer Sunday School will look a bit different this year for the children. All ages (current K3-5th grades) will meet in the large room beside Ms. Ginna’s office. Here children will be introduced to an Old Testament story each week using a DVD clip from the Jesus Storybook Bible. After this introduction, children will break up into classes to get into the Bible story of the day. Now, we know that just because EPC doesn’t go on vacation, doesn’t mean that you don’t, so we are offering these beautifully crafted and illustrated Bibles for sale for families to read along on the Sundays you miss. The Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to discover the one who is at the center of God’s great rescue story -- Jesus. From Noah to Moses to King David, every story whispers his name. Bibles will be on sale in Ginna’s office during the week and on Sundays for $9 each. Consider adding this wonderful family Bible to your family’s summer reading list!

WELCOME EPC SUMMER INTERN! Hello everyone! I'm Sarah Shetley, a sophomore at Presbyterian College majoring in Christian Education and minoring in English and Sociology. I am honored and excited to join you all at Easley Presbyterian this summer in your ministry. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity. I can't wait to get to know you all and see what this summer has in store!

Sarah’s first Sunday will be May 21, 2017!

The Preschool @ EPC 2016-2017 Recap: “The Preschool” has a fresh new “look” as well as a new colorful logo this year! We have been busy with our children learning through Music Class, Chapel time, Computer PALS, Spanish, Arts and Crafts, Circle Time and Zoo Phonics! Currently we are up to 27 Spanish vocabulary words! It’s just amazing! The Preschool had so many fun events this year such as: Fire Truck Day, a costume Halloween Party & Trunk or Treat, Picture Day, Family Thanksgiving Feast & Program, PJ’s and Pancakes Lunch, Christmas Program with Santa, EPCK Sunday, Valentine’s Day parties, Dr. Seuss Spirit Week, and our Easter Egg Hunt and Chick- Fil- A lunch party!

As we wrap up the school year the end of May, we look forward to our 5 Summer camps. Please sign your child up by May 19th! They must be K-1 thru K-4 completed. The camps are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-1:00, and are $65 per session. Please bring a bag lunch. The dates are:

1. Carnival Week – June 13 & 15 2. Sweet summertime Treats- June 20 & 22 3. Bugs ’n Butterflies- July 11- 13 4. Christmas in July- July 25 & 27 5. Princesses & Pirates- August 8 & 10.

We are still enrolling for the 2017-2018 school year! Classes are filling up, so be sure to register your child to guarantee their spot for Fall! Contact Jen Willey, Preschool Director @ 859-0737 or Also, visit The Preschool on Facebook!

Amazing Grays Coming up this Summer... • May 18 - Pontoon Boat Ride & Lunch • June 15 - Carl Sandburg Home & Lunch @ Seasons • July 20 - Easley Area Museum with Chad Stewart • August 10- Flat Rock Playhouse

Amazing Grays

The Amazing Grays group enjoyed a tour of the Museum of the Cherokee in March and Clemson’s Botanical Gardens in April.

PW Easter Egg Tree for Thornwell Children’s Home Many thanks to all who donated to the Egg Tree for Thornwell Children’s Home. We were overwhelmed by your loving and generous response! The items have been delivered to Thornwell and will certainly help them equip several of their community programs as well as meet the needs of the children at Thornwell. Special thanks to Marcia Humbert and Carolyn Brice for all their dedication to the project.

Birthday Parties One of the missions of Easley Presbyterian Women is to celebrate the birthdays of the residents at Fleetwood Rehab & Healthcare Center in Easley. EPW circles take turns delivering snacks, lemonade, and birthday cards each month. Thank you to these ladies who help spread joy each month!

SUMMER SIZZLE 2017 • May 21, 11:00 am - Graduate Recognition • June 4-8, 5:30-8:30 pm - Vacation Bible School • June 11-16 - EPCMiddle Mission Trip to Asheville, NC • June 14, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Tubing in Helen, GA - 3rd-5th graders • June 20, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm - Crafts & Cones - K5-2nd graders • June 21, 10:00 am- 12:00 pm - Preschool Water Day • June 25-30 - EPCHigh Mission Trip to Washington, DC • June 26-29, 9:30 am- 12:00 pm - Basketball Camp - K4-7th graders • July 3-6 -


• July 9-14 - EPC week @ • July 12, 1:30-5:00 pm - Glazed in Clemson - K5-5th graders • July 9-15 - EPCHigh to Montreat • July 14, 7:00-9:00 pm - Family Pool Party @ YMCA • July 17-21, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm - Sprout Day Camp - K5-2nd graders • July 26, 5:30-7:30 pm - Preschool PJ Party • July 27- Mystery Destination! K5-5th graders • July 31-Aug 4, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm - SOAR Day Camp - 3rd-5th graders • August 7-11 - Arts Camp @ Easley First Baptist Church • August 12 - Movin’ On Up Day @ the Lake - Rising 6th graders only • August 27, 3:00-7:00 pm Rally Day @ Arran Farms Visit for more information and to sign up

The Vine Summer 2017  
The Vine Summer 2017