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girls just want to have fun!

Hey girls! Whether your personal style evolves over time or changes by the minute, we’ve got you covered. Transforming from classic chic to trendy pop to rockstar glam is a snap! From glittering jewels and sparkling timepieces to fabulous handbags, we have everything you need to shine on every occasion, and for every one of your fashionable personalities. Join our new style icon, superstar Gaile Lai, as she explores some of her favorite personas, and discover our hottest must-have looks for the season!

meet me in the front row! When it’s fashion week, you know the “It” girls will be clad in Folli Follie, front and center at all the hottest shows. What’s your style strategy for stealing the spotlight? No matter which personality you love to be, jewels and accessories from these fun collections can flawlessly complete your look. With killer combos, vibrant colors and lots of sparkle, all eyes will be on you in no time.

Classy Gaile feels chic in...


Luxe, unique, glam: Meet one of our most premium, limited-edition and exclusive collections, consisting of decadent designs with mixed Greek and eastern influences. The K Vintage Collection’s ethnic tassels add stylish volume and retro flavor with a combination of silver-plating and black crystal stones. Clasp on a K Vintage piece as a showstopping finishing touch for any chic ensemble! JEWELS Silver plated necklace and bracelets with vintage references.

k vintage ColleCtion

K VINtaGE aCCESSORIES Feeling tempted by the retro-chic spirit? You won’t be able to resist the K Vintage Accessories Collection, whose handbags and wallets provide unique flair to any modern look with rounded structure, silver hardware, and the exclusive K Vintage tassel. Snag one of these luxe pieces, and get ready to turn heads all day and night!

HaNDBaG Small satchel, available in white, orange and mustard color.

HaNDBaG Large satchel, available in white, orange and mustard color.

WaLLEt Large foldable wallets available in white, orange and mustard color.

Rock Gaile just can’t get enough of...

the happy nugget collection Playful, bold, bubbly: Our happiest collection will cheerfully lead you through every day with excitement. The Happy Nugget collection combines full metallic shapes with so-now enamel flowers in adorable pop-art creations that will brighten your mood in an instant! Wear your Happy Nuggets for a fresh, fun addition to your already rocking personal style, and feel amazing all day, every day! JEWELS Silver and rose gold plated necklaces, earrings and rings with white enamel.

happy nugget collection

HAPPY NUGGET ACCESSORIES To make your days soar even higher, meet the newest additions to the Happy Nugget Accessories Collection. Their fun quilted shape is paired with leather handles and enamel-flowered hardware, creating irresistible pieces of pop-art excitement that come in 2 brand new brights: Passion Red and Ocean Blue. With so many happy style possibilities, we dare you to pick just one!

HANDBAGS Small satchel available in blue, white and red.

wallets Envelope wallet available in blue, white and red.

happy nugget collection

Friendly, fun, flirty: Your smiling look will not be complete without a special timepiece guiding you through each moment! The Happy Nugget Watch Collection combines the distinctive joyous flowers with a crystal dial and two rows of elegant crystal stones around the bezel. Each minute you glance at your Happy Nugget watch will be a reminder to spread happiness, love and great style as the bubbly fashionista you are! WATCHES Stainless Steel and S.S. rose gold plated watches with crystal stones and leather straps.

Trendy Gaile always sparkles in...

the reflections collection

Sparkle, radiate, reflect: Are you ready to discover your new favorite jewels? The Reflections Collection uses endless metallic facets in a prismatic design to bounce light all around you. Whether worn as single pieces by day or in combination for a fancy occasion, the many faceted surfaces create unique special effects that never cease to illuminate. The Reflections Collection will not only complete any super stylish look, but will unceasingly emphasize your glittering persona. JEWELS Silver and rose gold plated necklaces and rings.

refleCtions ColleCtion

REFLECtIONS aCCESSORIES A bag mirrors your personality, and if you are a bright, easy-going, free-spirited fashionista, you deserve one that reflects just as much sparkle as you. Meet the Reflections Accessory Collection, crafted in all-weather materials and essential colors. With a prismatic Reflections charm and the flexibility of an extra printed tote inside, these roomy, stylish pieces will take you everywhere your day goes with eye-catching style.

HaNDBaGS Large and small shopping bags with extra printed tote inside, available in five colors.

WaLLEtS Foldable and zip around wallets available in six colors.

there’s always time for brunch! Are you ready to share your latest style finds? Every Folli Follie girl knows that brunch is one more opportunity to show off a hot look. In these stylish collections, you can find even more beautiful jewels and accessories to outfit all of your most fashionable personalities. There’s no better way to break up a fun day of shopping. Keep it gorgeous girls, the weekend has only just begun!

minimalistiC ColleCtion

Trendy Gaile keeps it simple with...

the minimalistiC ColleCtion Pure, bold, iconic: Every trendsetter knows that there comes a time when less is more. The Minimalistic watch collection impresses with streamlined forms and monochromatic shades rarely seen in a timepiece. Round stainless steel cases embrace sparkling dials of crystal stones, while extra slim patent leather straps allow the face to simply shine. For an effortless look, allow the Minimalistic collection’s strong, glittering shapes to impart maximum style! WatCHES Rose gold and black plated stainless steel watches combined with a big variety of dials and leather straps. Available in 3 different sizes.

Trendy Gaile mixes it up with...

the match & dazzle collection Radiant, colorful, exciting: Are you ready to get creative? The Match & Dazzle Collection embraces your vivid imagination by offering jewels in a wide variety of fun colors that can be mixed and matched any way that you like. Each day, feel inspired to select a fresh combination of pieces and to add charms and beads that allow your radiant personality to shine through. The Match & Dazzle collection’s endless combinations of looks let you be the unpredictable, exciting, and ever-changing trendsetter that you have always envisioned! JEWELS Silver plated necklace, beads, bangles and rings with multicolor crystal stones.

match & dazzle COLLECTION

JEWELS Silver plated necklace, beads and hoop earrings with multicolor crystal stones.

match & dazzle COLLECTION

JEWELS Silver plated rings with multicolor crystal stones.


Rock Gaile keeps it glam with...

the beauty collection

Beautiful, mysterious, intriguing: Meet one of the most stunning timepieces you will ever wear! The Beauty Collection artfully combines a prismatic crystal case with a shimmering mother-of-pearl parquetry pattern surrounding the dial, made with the finest quality and craftsmanship. Its four luscious jewel-toned colors offer unique ways to integrate this gorgeous piece into your most rocking ensembles. The Beauty Collection’s multi-faceted, deep beauty will further enhance your own qualities of seductive allure. Watches Stainless steel mineral watches available in 4 colors with leather strap.

Rock Gaile gets carried away with...

the square refleCtions ColleCtion Some of your most best looks will demand an accessory that has structure and finesse in perfect balance. The Square Reflections Accessories Collection transforms prismatic facets into a shimmering quilted facade, crowned with a glittering jewel for an extra luxe feel. With one of these enviable items by your side, no one will miss your unique style.

HaNDBaGS Large and medium trunk bags easily combined with zip around small and large wallets, available in 6 colors.

square reflections COLLECTION

heart4heart ColleCtion

Classy Gaile is head over heels for...

the heart4heart ColleCtion

Live, love, behold: Some jewels are special symbols of the things we cherish. The Heart4Heart Collection features a unique heart clover made of sparkling crystal stones that prismatically reflect and shine light in the same way as true love! Featuring an invisible magnetic design, the necklace can be worn as a clover or a row of hearts, and the other items beautifully complement it with passionate splendor. The glamourous, stylish pieces of the Heart4Heart Collection make a sweet, lovely reminder of the special love in every fashionista’s life. JEWELS Rose gold plated necklace, set of 3 rings and earrings with clear crystal stones. WatCH Stainless steel rose gold plated watch with crystal stones on the dial and silky leather strap.

girl talk in the powder room Folli Follie girls can’t wait for a glamourous getaway to the ladies’ lounge. Fun secrets and juicy gossip intermix with style tips and making sure that all your jewels are looking perfectly gorgeous. No matter what ensemble strikes your fancy, every fashionista can find exactly what she needs in these exquisite collections. Looking beautiful girls!

Rock Gaile loves to show off...

the flowerball ColleCtion Sparkle, inspire, shine: Sometimes our accessories are the best pick-me-up. The Flowerball Collection’s silver-plated design features iconic spring shapes highlighted by white crystal stones and white enamel. These playful jewels give a layered, sparkling impression while appearing weightless. The Flowerball Collection will not only help you steal the spotlight, but will bring you the happiness of spring time all year.

flowerball ColleCtion

JEWELS Silver plated necklaces, bracelet and ring with crystal stones and white enamel.

FLOWERBALL collection

FLOWERBALL HANDBAG For even more fun style infusions of spring, meet the Flowerball Accessories Collection. Its cute design blossoms from its gathered drawstring structure, creating a unique shape by your side. With two lengths of handles and super bright colors, this will be the bag that makes you happy year-round! HANDBAG Small pouch available in 3 colors.

Classy Gaile feels elegant in...

THE elements COLLECTION Fresh, modern, timeless: Some jewels can truly complete any look. The Elements Collection is a perfect combination of urban-chic and iconic shapes in stunning, pure colors. Each piece relates subtly to one another to create a look that is both cohesive and compelling. The Elements Collection can take every fashionista all the way from the work day to the evening affair with unique and effortless style. JEWELS Silver plated rings & rose gold plated earrings and bracelet with clear and white crystal stones. Watch Stainless steel rose gold plated watch with crystal stones and white ceramic bracelet.


Elements Tote If you have been looking for the super-stylish bag that will go everywhere and hold everything, search no more and snag an Elements Tote. Its minimal, chic design makes a maximum bold statement with any look you can imagine. With a cute mini-wallet and great colors, its the new essential for the modern, busy fashionista on the go! HANDBAG Large tote bag with extra inner pouch available in 3 colors.


JEWELS Rose gold plated bracelets with clear and white crystal stones.

BONDING collection

Trendy Gaile wants every color of...

The bonding Collection Dream, share, inspire: Tell your fashionable friends how special they are. The Bonding Collection uses two of our most meaningful designs - the love of Heart4Heart’s crystal clover and the happiness of Flower Ball’s signature flower. The resulting bracelets are split by colorful, bohemian-chic braided leather and a bangle-esque silver side, all clasped by one of the featured jewels. Snag enough colors for the multi-faceted personalities of you and all of your most stylish pals to match, layer, and cherish forever!

JEWELS Silver plated bracelets with multicolor crystal stones and white enamel.

Trendy Gaile feels stylish in...

the signature collection

Hip, bold, colorful: Get ready for a dose of expressive urban style. Our new Signature Collection borrows some of our favorite motifs in silver and rose gold plating, and then candy-coats them in gorgeous glossy resin to form bulky, statement-making bangles and rings. With varying widths and a variety of eye-catching colors, they are the perfect new jewel to layer and combine with your favorite looks. This does of beautiful pop flair will be your latest must-have!



JEWELS Multicolor resin bangles with silver and rose gold plated motifs.

the front row is all we know! A Folli Follie girl never has to worry about being snapped in the same look twice. There are so many gorgeous options of jewels and accessories, that a fresh style is instantly possible. With collections like these, you can break out your inner rock star, be the trendsetter you are, and polish yourself to perfection in the blink of an eye. Forget the catwalk girls, and smile for the paparazzi!

stardust ColleCtion

Rock Gaile is always fashionably late in...

the stardust ColleCtion

Sparkle, glitter, illuminate: Sometimes a little star powder is needed to turn up the volume of your night. The Stardust Collection creates a trail of shimmering crystal stones that follow your every movement like a sprinkling of fairy dust. Adding one of these glamorous, stylish pieces to your look will make you feel that anything is possible. The Stardust Collection ensures that even the already attention-getting stylista will steal the dreamy stares of everyone she encounters, just like the moon and stars in the sky. WatCHES Stainless Steel and S.S. rose gold plated watches with crystal stones and leather strap.

JEWELS Rose gold and silver plated necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with clear crystal stones.

stardust collection

Trendy Gaile stays ahead of the game with...

the classic chic collection

cl assic chic collection

Timeless, striking, beautiful: The Classic Chic collection’s iconic watches are menswear-inspired but designed with feminine flair. The chunky style is a fresh take on classic form, combining Roman numerals and inset dials with ceramic and metallic finishes. The modern stylista’s looks are ever-changing, but a Classic Chic watch will be the perfect piece to truly stand the test of time. WATCHES Stainless steel and rose gold plated S.S. chronograph with ceramic bezel and bracelet available in 2 colors: black and white ceramic.

Classy Gaile feels like a star in...

the dream girls ColleCtion Beautiful, romantic, dreamy: this collection is set to accompany you through perfect days of reverie and wonder! The Dream Girls collection is inspired by the romances and daydreams that intermingle with every fashionista’s real life. Each gorgeous jewel is crafted in pure white enamel with silver touches, providing pretty sun-ray shapes to brighten every look. When you wear the Dream Girls collection, you embody it’s free-spirited energy, striking the classic balance between fantasy and reality.

dream girls ColleCtion

JEWELS Silver plated necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings with white enamel. WatCH Stainless steel plated automatic watch with white ceramic bezel and bracelet.

dream girls ColleCtion

L & m SHOPPER Available in white and green respectively

WaLLEt WItH PRINtS Large zip around wallet in yellow and red

m HOBO Available in white, green and beige

m SHOPPER WItH PRINtS Available in White and Green

DREam GIRLS aCCESSORIES Discover the Dream Girls accessories collection, created for the most posh fashionistas. Each piece has a special charm and exquisite detail, but maintains its dreamy qualities with voluminous, pop-art shapes and super cute, trendsetting prints and colors. Pour all of your hopes and emotions into a Dream Girls accessory, and let it accompany you for all of your most beautiful adventures.

water champ collection

Trendy Gaile is always a winner with...

the water champ collection

Bold, strong, dynamic: Stylishly active men and women everywhere need the perfect accessory to always be ready for an adventure. The unisex Water Champ Collection features a sporty design and exclusive features such as water resistance and luminous silicon hands. Wherever your quest takes you, you will never be abandoned by this essential timepiece. Select the Water Champ color that suits your style, and awaken the true champion with you. WATCHES Stainless steel black plated watches (water resistant 10 ATM) with rubber strap available in vivid color combinations.

Behind the Scenes of the Campaign!

An excited team came together to produce the 2011 campaign for Folli Follie over three fabulous days in Paris. At the center of it all was supermodel Gaile Lai, the new global ambassador of the brand, who was thrilled to be taking on the role. She portrayed three different characters in three different and complex sets, making nine head-to-toe changes of hair, makeup, and wardrobe, with plenty of trials in between. The sets took her through a typical day in the life of a true fashionista: hot runway shows, a gossip-filled brunches, and the essential mirror touch-ups. She loved that Folli Follie gives women the opportunity to express every facet of their style and personality by changing up their jewels and accessories, with endless options to suit every taste. She confided to us that out of the three characters, she was feeling very glam rock at the time! Her non-stop spontaneous and fun-loving attitude proved to be a perfect match for the playful, free spirit of the brand. Gaile and Folli Follie hope that the campaign will inspire women around the world to explore all of their stylish personas and to be just as fun, dazzling, and multi-faceted as the glamorous jewels, watches and accessories!



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Folli Follie 2011 Catalogue  

Folli Follie offers women the opportunity to express every facet of their style and personality by changing up their jewels and accessories,...