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Editorial Public school, from everyone, for everyone Strikes and demonstrations are not going to stop. By: Verónica Bravo Andrés Since the beginning of the school year, there have been several strikes and demonstrations to complain about the cuts done in public education in Madrid. Lots of people are against these cuts, which affect not only the teachers but also the students; and they have come out to the streets to complain. The cuts consist mainly of leaving more than 3000 teachers without work, adding more hours to the teachers, changing the work schedules, raising the number of students per class and raising the tuitions of public university. All these changes affect to the level of education and the accessibility to education for people with little means. Now, as the number of teachers has decreased, when a teacher takes a sick leave, there is no one to substitute her/him. Other inconveniences include a decrease in educational school trips.

Picture of the demonstrations slogan

Picture of a demonstration in Madrid

The last strike was the 22nd of May of this year. This protest consists not only of a strike. Each of the days that there is a strike in all the high schools in the morning, there is a demonstration in the centre of Madrid in the afternoon. In the last demonstration you could see that, even this started in September, there were still more than a hundred thousand people complaining about the cuts, by wearing green T-shirts, carrying banners and shouting sentences like “Education is not a expenditure, is an investment.” In conclusion, all these people have complained and as they have demonstrated, they are not going to stop. When we thought that this was going to end and it was not going to continue in 2012, more demonstrations and strikes came to prove that people are not happy with the situation, and that they want to fight for their right of learning.


Poverty for the weakest According to the last United Nations report, three in every ten children lives below the poverty line in Spain By: Alba Nájera Escudero

The UN committee of children’s rights has published that 26% of children live in poverty in Spain. Very alarmed about the situation the UN claims for an urgent change to fix poverty. More than 2.2 million people under eighteen live in families that cannot cover the minimum charges for food. Most of these recently impoverished families belonged to the middle-class until recently and they sometimes could treat themselves to something.

their failure, but they are forgetting their nation, which is composed of each and every citizen who needs their help.

Everyone knows that the current crisis has deteriorated the world’s economy, and in every country there are different situations all based upon similar troubles. Politicians are always talking about how to improve banking for the states’ recovery. However, they are not on the right path. They are too worried about banks and big companies to avoid

Children are the most vulnerable of all, and they are shouting not because parents have punished them or because they have fallen off their bikes. They are screaming for help to survive.

WAKE UP! Spain is considered a rich country with a respectable welfare state. We all have the same rights and duties. It does not matter how filled our pocket is with money.


AN EXCHANGE  TO  REMEMBER   ‘’I  will  never  forget  it’’   By: Alvaro Sánchez García A few weeks ago, 19 students of 3º year, participated in an exchange with some students from the Netherlands. In the first few days after we met, whilst we were still getting to know each other we made a lot of good friends. We shared opinions, hobbies and things about each of our lives. My partner was like me in all the aspects and I liked this a lot. Some days we only did activities outside school, but other days, for example Friday all of us went to the Parque Europa. We enjoyed the park a lot doing activities like a laser labyrinth. The weekend Dutch students were with their Spanish families.

I think that this is an experience that I will never forget because not all the people have opportunities like this and we have to take advantage of this opportunity. I think that when we are older, we are going to remember this experience and we can tell it to our children. I’m looking forward to going there. In conclusion, this exchange was a good way of making friends, learning about other countries’ cultures and knowing other cities.

On Monday we went to Toledo to see the historic value of this city. We spent the day there seeing monuments and learning about other cultures.

This image shows both countries’ flags united.


An amazing experience It was the experience of my life By: Eduardo Bordón Osorio I had the opportunity to visit New York during the Global Classroom Project. All New York is like a film, all that you have seen on the TV, now comes real. We visited some of the most emblematic and famous places: such as the Empire State Building, in which we were very lucky. We were there, at day and at night and it was really amazing to see all those giant buildings.

One of the funniest and most Enjoyable things, was the Party on the boat, on the Hudson River. We had a lot of fun, and we got to see the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and all other Amazing buildings lit up with Lights.

Also we visited Times Square, that looks like a miniature Hollywood. There were all the famous musicals, and one thing that I liked a lot, was the restaurant, called Bubba Gump, shrimp company based off of the film Forrest Gump.

Everything was like it is on TV, but instead of being a dream, it was real. We were really there! All of those memories will always be in our minds.


SKI TRIP TO ANDORRA Last March students from Manuel de Falla high school had the opportunity to go to Andorra for a ski trip. By: David Menchén Ferrera The student’s trip to Andorra was a fun experience that took six hours. They were listening to music, singing and talking about how the trip would be. The teachers who were with them were Felipe Catalina, Alberto Caballero and Julio Cesar Vega. They talked to them, helped with whatever the students needed, and even joked around with them. They also told the students the number of stops and how long they would have to eat. When they arrived to the hotel, Magic Canilla, the teachers distributed the rooms and the keys. Some of the students didn’t like the rooms, but they went to their friends’ rooms. They had many experiences there like going to the Irish pub at the night, playing the futbolin, going to the swimming pool, meeting up to go to breakfast and dinner, and having little parties in the rooms. All this helped the students meet each other from the three classes, 3ºESO, 4ºESO or Bachillerato. The next few days, they woke up very early to go to breakfast. Then they went to rent their ski equipment, and finally they had to catch the bus to the slopes. When they arrived to the slopes they dressed in ski clothes and took the chairlift to go up the mountain. On the top they went in groups and had

ski instruction lessons with their monitors. After the lessons they had free time to practice and hang out with their friends. Finally, they had lunch on the slopes, took another lesson and then returned to the hotel where they waited for dinner. At night they went to the Irish pub or to other rooms and then to the bed.

The station where the students spent a lot of good times One special day they went to one of Andorra’s spa called Caldea. There they went to the pools, jacuzzis, and saunas. They also saw the light show in the center. In the end they took a photo of themselves inside the spa. At the end of the trip they went to a little disco where they could dance and drink. They even watched the champion’s league football match. Everyone enjoyed the party a lot. That’s when they knew that it was the end, but they were happy because they met a lot of people.


Global Classroom, an incredible experience Manuel de Falla students participated in global classrooms conference in Madrid By: Mario Muñoz Roldan The global classroom programme is an experience in which students learn about the United Nations model in their school. Each student is a member of a country´s delegation and has to research some facts about that country and debate about one topic with other delegations. Once they come to an agreement, the have to write a resolution. This process is practiced at school for 6 months (from October to March). Then the best 22 students compete in a regional conference with 9 more schools. At the beginning it seems harder and more difficult than it really is. The first day, our teacher told us not

to be shy. We had to do our best because it counts 50% of the final mark of Geography. Moreover, she also told us that the best student of our school would take a trip to the United States and that was what really motivated most of us. On the one hand, we learned speaking, listening and writing skills in the debates, speeches, and the papers we had to do. We also learned how to negotiate using parliamentary procedure, but the most important is that everything was in English. In my opinion, Global Classrooms was a great experience and I would recommend it to all students.

Manuel de Falla students who participated in the conference.


GLOBAL CLASSROOMS   By: Elena de Petronila Rodríguez Global Classrooms started as a Project and finished as an experience and an opportunity for us to participate in a real conference. On the one hand the students that went to the conference have been working from the beginning of the project to the end. So they reward was attending the conference. Some students won awards like “BEST DELEGATION” “BEST POSITION PATER” and others didn´t but everyone had an important learning experience. On the other hand, there are the people that didn´t attend the conference. Some worked hard, but there weren´t enough places for them. Other people, didn´t work so they made bad marks. In conclusion Global Classroom has made a way of changing ideas, meeting people, working hard and open our minds.



WHAT IS GLOBAL CLASSROOMS? Global Classrooms model UN is a project in which some bilingual high schools of Madrid participate.

Global Classrooms logo

THE GLOBAL CLASSROOMS CONSITS IN: Students from 3º of the ESO of the participating high schools represents a country in groups and have to work on a problem, for example Sports for peace and development or democratic governance. With this topic, they have to look for solutions and ideas for solving or improving the problem. Alter that, the students have to take an exam related to global classrooms and the ones that pass it with a good mark and who have worked hard, go to the conference.

THE CONFERENCE: At the conference, they distribute the countries into comities. In those there are some different countries of different schools. The first thing they do at the conference is the roll call, that consist of calling all the countries to see if they are present or not. Then the countries read their opening speech. After that, they debate and make resolutions and vote them. When the conference finishes, all the students go to the Madrid Assembly where the awards are given. Among the people that have been awarded, the teacher chooses 2 people of each school. These 2 people go to an interview at the US Embassy where they decide who wins. The winner goes to the New York City headquarters of the UN.


BILINGUAL PROJECT The importance of the bilingual project in the public education system By: Irene Sánchez Pérez different terms, like the literary circle of a novel in English classes.

The experience of the bilingual project in IES Manuel de Falla is very good and most of them are proud of the school. Some of the people have come from bilingual schools and others haven´t, so for some it is easier and for others it is a new experience. This project allows them to take several subjects in English such as Biology, Geography, History and Arts. In addition they have one daily hour in English. This facilitates people to increase their English level, their vocabulary and ability express in a second language. Thanks to this project students meet native speakers, such as the teacher assistants, who make their classes more entertaining, knowing their culture and learning how to understand different English accents.

BIOLOGY INTERACTIVE GROUPS IN THE SCIENCE´S LAB Students learn that they can coexist with people of other nationalities. Some of them are chosen by their teacher to shows the high school to native people, explaining them each part of the school and what they do in each room, class and breaks. This project is influential in their academic and personal education. Most of the students hope to continue their studies with this project because English ensures you a better future.

Through this project students can also participate in other types of activities like Global Classroom and international exchange, two of the best experiences. Also, they do interactive groups with higher-level students and among themselves for




Janna Levin  shares  her  knowledge  with   fifteen-­‐year-­‐old  students     By: Maria Herrera Garcia Janna Levin is a professor of Physics and Astronomy at Barnard College in New York City.

Her scientific research consists of the early universe, Chaos, and black holes. She has written some books that have won many prices. Her most famous is ‘A madman Dreams of turning machines’. She holds a B.A. in Physics and Astronomy with a concentration in Philosophy. We had the pleasure of meeting her through a videoconference at US Embassy in Madrid. She told us

about her life and theories on the universe which she believes is finite, she concluded that black holes produce sound and she also talked about the effort you have to make in order to succeed in life. Then, we asked her questions about her life and research such as: Does fiction start when science finishes? So that when she can’t explain things with science, she starts inventing things with fiction. She answered that she wants to explain what science means for her also in her fiction books. I learnt that disciplines such as science, philosophy and arts are related and we should not classify people into one of them, Science can also be creative, and the clue to success is hard work.


COSLADA FESTIVALS   By: Nuria Contreras Gómez Coslada celebrates the local parties the second weekend of June the festivals in honour of “ La Virgen del Amor Hermoso”. The weekend before the celebrations, they begin building the different attractions, regional houses for the associations and sports organizations at the fair. During all the parties the people meet to enjoy the different attractions and to see the fireworks.

Parties programme 2012.

Other activities:

The fair of Coslada at night

o During the weekend we celebrate bullfights, but not the least years. o Also there are concerts by different singers on the football field in ‘La Vía’. When the concerts finish, the disco continuous. o There are also sports competitions for young and old people.


THE INTERNATIONAL CRISIS “An enemy for millions of people” By: Maria Mudarra Granados Nowadays the whole world, from America to Asia, is exposed to a big crisis. There are many reasons for it, but the most important one is how badly the governments of some powerful countries are managing the situation, which is damaging to many others. However, this phenomenon doesn’t equally affect all the countries. There are some countries that actually haven’t noticed the crisis, but unfortunately these are few. Some countries are facing horrible

situations, and the main victims are the citizens; in Spain, one of the most affected countries, while the politicians are keeping their high salaries, more than 5 million people don’t have a job. Increases in the prices of electricity, gas, mortgages and other basic things are leaving thousands of people without a house to live in. Few countries are living like in past years, but in some ways their economy is affected by the high influx of money that other countries require to survive as best as possible, and

these non-affected countries are administrating. An example is Holland that is not affected by the crisis but is now giving monetary help to Spain along with other EU countries. In conclusion, it can be said that this issue is causing lots of people to lose their jobs and live in bad conditions, in respect to the high quality of life lived these last years. However it’s also making some rich people earn more money. The people have to face the situation and live with it as naturally as they can.

A man asking for money in the street, his home because of the international crisis


EMMA’S PERSONAL INTERVIEW “A brief interview of Emma, a teacher assistant” By: Elsa Jiménez de la Calle I interview Emma, a teacher assistant from Scotland that’s comes to Madrid this year for the first time, to teach more English for the pupils of our high school with other teacher from America like Paige… Now I saw you the questions of the pupils from 3 E.S.O A of bilingual program. -­‐ What do you thing about our English? I think that it’s really good English What do you think about our culture? I think that Spanish culture is better than French culture, I like Spanish culture. -­‐

What is your favorite Spanish food? I like tortilla and patatas bravas…


What things can you tell us about the students in Scotland? Well, in some schools the students wear uniforms but in others they don’t and they are more like in Spain.


Do you know something in Spanish? Yes, but I think that I can improve. -What happened exactly when you arrive to Spain? A lot of people were waiting for me and I arrived with my mother. -What are the negative factors of arrive to Spain? The first days I have a little bit of homesick  



Paige is from Texas, United States. She came to Spain because it is an incredible professional and cultural experience to work in a foreign country. She is learning Spanish and the bilingual school is probably the most important thing because she wants to help the bilingual education in Texas because she thinks it’s important. She loves Spanish culture. For example she enjoys that in spring and summer afternoons everyone comes out of their house to sit out on terraces and is very social. She likes Spanish people because they are always live on a farm with cows and this is completely new for her. When she arrived to Spain and she was at the airport she was very overwhelmed because all the Spanish people around her were talking very loudly and she didn’t know the language well In the year she has faced several problems like communicating with people. For her, looking for a flat or taking the bus, going to the supermarket, making money transfers has been a learning experience. The first days she was homesick. She thinks that she spent a good year here, in Spain, however she has problems with communication, but problems normally appears. She says that our pronunciation has improved so much since the first day.


The ace of the sky The best fighter jet in the world in the RIAT 2010 shows us extreme maneuvers that defy gravity. By: Vladut Grecu Eurofighter Typhoon at Riat 2010

Yesterday at RIAT 2010, the moment arrived all the public was waiting for, from children to adults: the Eurofighter Typhoon. The Eurofighter is the most advanced fighter jet in Europe and according to experts, the best in the world. It is produced in Europe in different countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. This miracle of technology is capable to act in the worst-case scenario during an armed conflict. In the 21st century, it is essential to provide aerial support in war, and this aircraft is what most air forces in the world would like to have in their arsenal. It is maneuverable, fast and efficient. It can break the sound barrier twice thanks to the two engines that provide over 20.200 lbs. of thrust used to lift in the air a metal bird of 23.500kg. It has an auto cannon of 27 mm and it can carry three external fuel tanks, which provide a flight of over 3706 km. The radar can detect and target several enemies that are more than 400 km. and the plane itself knows if it´s being followed by a missile or even pointed before the missile is launched thanks to its advanced computer system.

Its 12 anchorage points provide space that can carry laser guided bombs, GPS guided bombs, or missiles. The AIM-120 AMRAAM is the most powerful weapon. It stands for Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile. This type of missile can be launched from the Eurofighter and the missile itself follows the heat of the target thanks to an infrared sensor more than 37 km away. Every day technology improves, especially military technology, but it hasn´t improved so much as the technology the Eurofighter has. It is definitely true that this fighter jet owns the skies.


An “A” grade for Rock Star Games The return of the saga Max Payne has been incredible for the shooter`s fans. It is obtaining spectacular sales. By: Pablo Navarro Jimenez Max Payne 3 is a shooter videogame in third person in which the player assumes the role of its principal character. In that videogame, the action occurs in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Max tries to let go of his problem and he starts a new life working as security officer to protect a wealthy industrialist and his family in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Max must fight to save his customers and clears his name once and for all. Our character must get rid of the demons that have tortured him during this time. We must take into account all the progress made in comparison with other games of the saga. The use of “Bullet Time” and shooting circumstances are adapted to each time. At the same time the amazing design of the weapons, characters and sceneries transforms the game into a real history

In conclusion, Max Payne 3 is a revelation of future videogames. Rock Star created the best shooter third person videogame. All the consumers have been satisfied with the new improvements. According to most of the interviews, 97% of people that buy the game are really satisfied.


Apple introduces New iPhone 4S • Picking up  where  amazing  left  off   By: Sergio Paredes Fernandez Apple has introduced the new iPhone 4S, a phone very similar in design to the previous model of the American company “Apple”. Its main innovation is in the interior: The A5 dual-core processor, the same used in the iPad 2, delivers even more power. It also includes the 8MP iSight camera with all new optics that also shoots 1080p HD. Finally Apple fans can get the long-awaited smartphone. The prices vary from $199 to $399 and the capacity from 16GB to 64GB

The new iPhone has a reduced weight with only 140 grams

The new 3,5” display includes the retina display which improves four times the pixels with richer and more vibrant colors. It is the sharpest, most vibrant highestresolution phone screen ever.


The camera has an LED flash and face detection in still images. The battery is built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with and a standby time of 200 hours.


NBA PLAYOFFS Oklahoma City Thunder is the favorite to the Champions By: Pablo Velázquez García The NBA playoffs are in motion in USA. They are currently playing the conference final of East and West. Boston-Heat is the first match, then Thunder-Spurs. The winner of the series of each conference will play the finals. Many people accuse LeBron James of being a player who scores large numbers in the regular season but when the playoffs start he levels off. LeBron has proven the contrary: in the first series, he never lost a series, never lost the first series. He was the 5th player of NBA of all times that never lost in the first series, but he has never won an NBA ring. In the matches (the two best players in the world, LeBron and Kevin Durant), will come face to face. For many years the NBA finals have been a deciding factor in the title of the best player in the world. The last time was in 1987 with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson at t5he head of Celtics and Lakers. It can be said that even 25 years ago an NBA finals didn´t decide who is the best player in the world. In conclusion, the form of the Oklahoma City Thunder is good so I think That OKC will win the NBA because the performance of K. Durant, R. Westbrook and Serge Ibaka will help a lot on the finals.


ONE POINT TO START Without 9 at the beginning Spain takes a draw in its first match in the Euro Cup. By: Pedro Jiménez Hoya Finally neither Negredo nor Torres, Del Bosque chose to play without 9. Cesc Fábregas occupied that false position; some more advanced of his position entering by the back like has sometimes done in the FC Barcelona in any time. The Spanish sides rose by the bands, Sergio Busquets played more advanced and this prevented Spain to pass the ball in the center of the field, Italy was eating up the Spanish terrain and they didn´t let us to easily get to the area, although any time that we did a good arrival the Italians rapidly retreated and closed any hollow in which Iniesta, Xavi or Silva could enter. In each occasion that Spain did Italy recovered the ball and went out looking for the counterattack, on more than one occasion Casillas saved us, and also must be said that the Spain´s defense was very fast, Jordi Alba and Ramos took several balls that would put in a bind to Iker. On the other hand, in the offensive part of Italy, Spain noticed the Motta attacks and later the Di Natale ones after having entered the field in substitution of Balotelli, this change gave freshness to the Italian attack. Moreover was Di Natale who scored the goal that made Spain nervous. The goal reaction was fast, only 4 minutes after the Italian goal Cesc tied after a great pass from Silva.

Advanced the second part Del Bosque changed to Silva by Navas, in this manner Spain enter better by the band, but missing an auctioneer that finished the plays made by Navas did, that must be Llorente, but the elected was Fernando Torres, which gave more speed and occasions for the Spanish attack. Finally the result was a draw, 1 to 1, a good result that leaves Spain with many possibilities of pass to quarterfinals.


Diets, new diseases and technology in hospitals By: Alejandro Berdud Gracia Nowadays-new diseases and more illnesses like obesity or bulimia and anorexia mark our society. Diets can have solutions but we need more technology improvements in hospitals. The most common problems in teenagers nowadays are skin cancer that is produced because sun exposure and this is very dangerous because can produce dead. It is in the skin and is very simple to exterminate it. The most important and not only in teenagers is the obesity, a lot of people have obesity nowadays, and this is cause because we eat a lot. Stress and a lot of fast food can be the reason. Finally, smoking and alcohol that is in teenagers because they don´t now the possible consequences and

the companies staff then selling to they and doing bad advertising. The new and most common diseases are: HEPATITIS; FLU, affects mainly children and elders and is very contagious; LIVER DISEASES, toxins go to the liver and this affects the liver; DENTAL CARIES, we eat a lot of product with sugar; DIABETES, can destroy important organs; AIDS, more dangerous virus or CANCER. This diseases and the necessity of humans to improve made hospitals machines the first thing to improve. The new idea is to put robots in the operator rooms in order to do better operations and more exact.

This is an example of obesity that is very bad for he circulatory system and others things.


Rock in Rio Madrid 2010 A big music festival with a lot of music artists comes to Madrid By: Victor Monje Gualda Rock in Rio is the second festival that will be celebrate in the square of Arganda del Rey. Rock in Rio is an event that originated in Brazil. It´s a series of music festivals held in three cities: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lisbon, Portugal and Madrid, Spain. In 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be the fourth city. The shows are always organized by Brazilian entrepreneur Roberto Medina. Rock in Rio is one of the largest music festivals in the world. In the last festival in Madrid 304.000 peoples came there to see some artists like Rihanna, Metallica, Bon Jovi, John Mayer, David Guetta, Shakira and Calle 13.

We asked people about the festival and they replied that it was a fantastic event. With a lot a famous of artists and the concert was very well organized. I think that the best concert was Bon Jovi. He sang new songs as well as the classic songs. Most people attended the Shakira concert.


MUSIC FESTIVAL: BOAFEST By: Adrian Pascual Folgado The last week I went to a music festival in Rivas Vaciamadrid. On the 12 of May It was one of the most important rap festivals in Spain, with a lot of brilliant Rap artists like: Rayden, Xhelazz, LCDM, H En Plata, Shariff, Crew Cuervos, CPV, Swan Fyahbwoy. At the concert there were people of different ages, but normally the most common are people between 12 and 20 years. Everyone was very anxious because Swan Fyahbwoy debuted his new album: Extremedly Flameable, and CPV also his new album with a lot of new and variety songs. The people´s opinions during the shows were very different. One said: “It was the best festival in years” other´s complained that the prices of merchandising, CD´s and tickets are very expensive. The festival has a very good organization, the shows start on time and were very controlled by the police, and also there were a few incidents. Although the prices of CD´s, drinks and food were very high, the people really loved the concert. When one artist said something to the audience everyone responded very well.


This summer 2012 there are a lot of amazing new trends. By: Paula Garcia Here are some of the most popular: The warm colours are very trendy this summer. The colours like warm yellow, pink, blue and all these colours are very used in dresses, t-shirts and skirts. In this photo there is an example of a dress of blue colour with a flower pattern, full of colours like orange, pink, yellow...

The flower print is another trend that is very used by young girls, usually in dresses t-shirts and also in swimsuit. Also this year neon colours are the most common in the shops, these colours are more striking and are going to be the most popular among teenagers. And on the top of the new trends the lace is the most sold clothes in the shops. The t-shirts with flowers of lace and shorts with details of lace are very popular.


Daily Horoscope “Taurus Horoscope” By: Jorge Blanco Gómez FRONT: Daily Horoscope: -Aries -Taurus -Gemini -Leo -Virgo -Libra -Scorpio -Sagittarius -Capricorn -Aquarius -Pisces

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 Element: Earth. Pole: Negative. Ruling planet: Venus. Body part: Neck, cervical, back. Key phrase: I have. Color: Green:

*Read the Taurus zodiac prediction for today. Taurus natives are earthy, reliable and practical. They reach for a goal and go for it will all their might. They are patient and can withstand the hardest blows in life. They love to live well and comfortably. They have a great tendency to earthy pleasures like love food, they live gourmet. Taurus is reliable, hard working and selfassured. They love beauty and all the aesthetic. They are ethical and consistent in what they undertake. They are quiet, not easily opened-hearted and they are often very difficult to know what they are thinking.

They are very loyal to their friends and family, very peaceful in the way of relating to others and they use humor to communicate. They are very affective with the few people that form their environment. The down side has many features especially that Taurus is stubborn. In other planes are very materialistic and malicious, they also act in a sort of slow motion which makes them seem very deliberate. They are very gluttonous and are possessive of people and objects. Professions: agriculture, livestock breeding, grower and everything that has to do with nature.

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