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Extramarital Affair Marital affairs have been in existence since time immemorial in every society. In the present culture, it has become a norm and considered an added point to boost one’s self esteem and virility. From the ethical and moral angle, an extramarital affair is like a serpent choking life out of a happy union. Extramarital affairs have caused millions of families to break down to the deterrent of their lives and children. The bond of marriage snaps when marital affairs come along. So destructive is this kind of affair that most of the time, recovery is impossible. The lives of many couples have been destroyed making them sink into depression. It can be the saddest experience. What makes an extramarital affair so emotionally devastating is that: 1. It is clearly a betrayal and broken trust; 2. It causes jealousy, deep emotional shock, and mental disturbance; 3. It results in humiliation and despair; and 4. It makes the sexual act a giant tormenter that won’t disappear. Since marriage is a sacred trust there should be no room for any extramarital affair. In this state, there is no peace of mind only guilt and mental anguish. And there is no clear answer why? One finger points to drinking as the culprit of extramarital affairs. But is the effect of alcohol expected to accomplish? To fog the mind to facilitate the act or does it awakened an underlying problem originating from childhood. It is difficult to identify the exact reason for the act. The grieved partner of an unfaithful spouse feels humiliated. Their self-esteem has been shattered. Communication is broken so there is no way to solve the problem. Their closeness is dissolved and their relation can never be the same again. Maybe time will heal all wounds but it takes years and the scars will always remain. Other couples hold on to their relationship because of a flickering glow of love or saving it for the sake of the kids. But there will always be a strain between them. Visit To Catch A Cheating Spouse Or Partner 

In many instances, one partner will feel something amiss but cannot clearly communicate with the partner. There will be a gap between them. What is needed is openness and constant communication. Talk openly and be honest to express your feelings and needs. If couples love each other they will find a way to satisfy these feelings and needs. Loving is a two-way street, when you love you will also be loved in return. Communication is also two-way; communicate and you will receive a reply. Conducting an extramarital affair is not a way to satisfy your needs. This happens when the partner ceases to listen and ignores any problem hoping it will go away. As time goes on, the problems get more and more serious until it is beyond any solution. Do not take your partner for granted; be a good listener and talker at the same time. Every couple must make an effort to avoid the enticement of the marital affair; something can be done like the following: Make an effort to resolve every marital dispute: Do not allow it to continue overnight; it must be settled immediately. By making they stay for a while will worsen the problem creating a wedge that will keep the couple apart. When issues remain unsettled, home becomes an unpleasant place so the partner would rather stay away and be open to temptation. Do not talk about your domestic problem outside your home. Your spouse should only be your confidante. Envious people might misinterpret your confidences and complicate matters. Your friends might even challenge you to start an affair to relieve your domestic distress. Try to make your marriage interesting: create a happy and an interesting place to be, rather than looking for where to find love, interest, peace and care. Improve your relationship by being more interesting. Learn to play, to flirt and do marvelous things with your spouse. Go for a stroll often, enjoy a movie and have a date and see interesting sites. These increases closeness and minimizes the lure of the outside. Avoid the company with the opposite sex as it might create sexual attraction. Minimize being alone with the opposite sex especially in the office or anywhere else.

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Make yourself physically attractive and fun to be with. Admire and compliment your partner so he/she will feel confident and appreciated. When you are attractive to each other, temptation to stray is nil. If you and your partner would like to preserve the bond of you marriage, then you have to exert extra effort not to be led into the temptation of an extramarital affair.

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Extramarital Affair  

It is difficult to identify the exact reason for the act. The grieved partner of an unfaithful spouse feels humiliated. Their self-esteem ha...

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