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Horticultural & Crafts Society

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Teas and refreshments will be available in the Village Hall from 2.45pm




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Horticultural & Crafts Society


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Centenary Showguide





Well, we’ve made it: we may not be getting a telegram (or digital equivalent) from H.M. The Queen, but for our Society to have survived to its 100th Show is a great achievement.





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191al & C raf 9 9 –201

Notice of intended entries to be brought to the Village Hall on Wednesday 7th August from 6.30pm - 8pm


our Committee have been thinking and preparing hard over the last few months, determined to bring you a Show worthy of the occasion. We certainly hope that all our Members, and lots of our supporters, friends and visitors, will enter at least one Class to help us make this the Greatest Show. Whilst we have avoided adding “centenary” to all the changeable categories, there are opportunities to exercise your imaginations with this theme. As with most of our other events this year, there will be a display of items from our archive: this will be the biggest of all, using the space available to us in the School, so do allow plenty of time to visit the Show this year. Committee members were very sad to hear that Tony Riley had passed away suddenly last autumn. Another villager who was heavily involved in village life in various roles, Tony was a long-term supporter of the Society and our annual Show. Also, the Society lost another long-term supporter, Pamela Sharpe. Her love of gardening was passed on to her daughter, Caroline, who was on the Committee for a time. It’s great to see that sort of inspiration. Our sincere condolences to both families. As well as the Show, there is a varied programme of events for this year, with plenty more still to come: look out for posters and emails. Do come and join us on August 11th: it’s really YOUR Show, please join in and give some of the “regulars” a run for their money! You will be so welcome. Deborah Davenport Show Co-ordinator 

July & August 2019


Horticultural & Crafts Society

Here’s what you need to do Wednesday 7th August (between 6.30 pm and 8.00 pm) at the Village Hall Registering entries for the show l Notice of individual entries for the Show must be given into the Society using the entry form on page 14 of this Show Schedule. l One entry form per person (no joint entries please) with the correct entry fee. l Adults pay 25p per entry (5 for £1.00) and for Juniors (under 16) there is no charge.

Please note it is important to check the Show Rules, Guide for Exhibitors and Easton Top Vase/Top Tray Rules in the Show Schedule before entering and exhibiting any items in the Show to avoid entries being disqualified.

Show Day Sunday 11th August (between 8.30 am and 11.00 am) – Putting entries into the Show on Show day l Exhibitors must collect their Entry Tickets from the Show Office at the School. l Late entries, using the Show Entry Form, will only be accepted up to 10a.m on Show Day. l Items being entered into the Show must be displayed in the correct sections and Class areas (according to their Entry Tickets) by 11.00am at the latest. Committee Members will be available at the Show Office and around the venues to advise on the correct location of entries in the School Hall, Marquee and Village Hall. l Between 11.30am and 1.30pm independent judges will assess all Show exhibits and award scores, places and trophies.


Programme of Events 2.30pm Show opens 2.45pm Teas available in village hall 4.30pm Collection of exhibits and sale of surplus exhibits 4.45pm Presentation of cups and awards (time subject to change)

Centenary Showguide Vegetables, Flowers and Fruits Burghley Cup and Shield: Best dish of potatoes in Show Classes 1, 2 and 27 – Judge’s choice Easton Silver Bowl: Highest number of points in all open onion, runner bean and beetroot Classes Ibbotson Shield: Best collection of vegetables, Class 28 Frank Ford Trophy: Best potatoes grown by an Easton Resident in Classes 1, 2 and 27 – Judge’s choice 1. Potatoes, any colour (5) 2. Largest potato, any colour 3. Cucumber (1) 4. Parsnips (4) max 15cm tops 5. French beans (9) 6. Courgettes (3) 7. Largest vegetable marrow 8. Cabbage (1) 9a. Tomatoes (standard or large) (6) 9b. Tomatoes (cherry type – will be tasted and judged for flavour) (6) 10. Carrots (5) max 15cm top 11. Runner Beans (5) 12. Beetroot (4) 13. Pea Pods (5) 14. Shallots (9), tops tied over, bulb clean 15. Onions (5), no onion to exceed 500 grams trimmed 16. Onions (5), over 500 grams up to 1Kg trimmed 17. Longest Runner Bean (1) 18. Leeks (3) 19a. Any other Vegetable not listed in Schedule 19b. Disaster Corner – anything that did not turn out as planned – least likely to win anything!

July & August 2019

Following Classes 20-31 inclusive are for Easton Residents only: 20. Runner beans (5) 21. Beetroot (4) 22. Onions (5), no onion to exceed 500 grams trimmed 23. Shallots (9), tops tied over, bulb clean 24. Longest Runner Bean 25. Carrots (5) max 15cm top 26a. Tomatoes (standard or large) (6) 26b. Tomatoes (cherry type – will be tasted and judged for flavour (6) 27. Potatoes, any colour (5) 28. Box mixed vegetables min 3 types, max 7 types 29. Any other vegetable not listed in schedule 30. Vase of Sweet Peas 31. Vase of Dahlias

Flowers Flower Classes can be staged in Society vases or any suitable container for the exhibit shown, except for Dahlias, which must be in Society vases only (Class 31 excepted). Easton Show Cup: Best flower exhibit in Show Classes 30 – 50 (not floral art) – Judge’s choice Easton Show Jubilee Trophy: Highest number of points gained in all Dahlia Classes 31, 43-47 Freeman’s Cup: Best pot plant in Show Classes 51-53 – Judge’s choice Markham Trophy: Highest number of points in flower Classes 30, 32 – 42 excluding Dahlias and floral art Hallwood Trophy: Best entry of Dahlias by an Easton resident W.H. Tillson Trophy: Best Show Sweet Peas from an Easton resident 5

Horticultural & Crafts Society 32. Roses 6 blooms (same variety or mixed) 33. Floribunda Roses, 3 clusters (same variety) 34. Mixed annual flowers 35. Best Specimen of a single flower, no spikes or sprays 36. Arrangement of Nasturtiums 37. Spray Chrysanthemums 38. 3 separate vases of flowers (different kind in each vase) L S Duncombe Trophy (moveable trophy awarded) 39. Mixed Sweet Peas 40. Gladioli (3 Spikes) 41. Asters (6) 42. Mixed perennial flowers 43. Dahlias, Large or Giant (1). No size limit 44. Dahlias, Medium (3) any type, bloom size not to exceed 220 mm 45. Dahlias, Small (3) any type, bloom size not to exceed 120 mm 46. Dahlias, Miniature (3) any type, bloom size not to exceed 115 mm 47. Vase of Dahlias 48. Pot or planter of Herbs (minimum 3 types, not 3 varieties of the same herb) 49. Patio or miniature rose in a pot (outdoor grown) 50. Pot or planter of Annuals 51. Pot plant Fuchsia 52. Chilli Pepper plant in a pot 53. Foliage pot plant 54. Flowering pot plant

Fruit 55. Basket of mixed fruit (minimum 3 types, maximum 7) 56. Dish of Dessert Apples (6) 57. Dish of Cooking Apples (6) 58. Dish of Pears (6) 59. Dish of soft fruit (min 6) 60. Dish of plums (6) 6

Easton Rules Top Tray and Top Vase 61. Easton Rules Top Tray – see detailed rules on page 12 62. Easton Rules Top Vase–see detailed rules on page 10/11

Eggs Half dozen fresh eggs: Points will be awarded for consistency of size, colour and shell. All eggs must come from birds owned and cared for by the exhibitor. The Committee reserves the right to inspect birds. 63. Eggs (exhibitors should label which type of bird laid the eggs (e.g. chicken)

Photography Malcolm Morrison Trophy: Highest number of points in photography Classes Perkins Bowl: Best Junior photography entry - Judge’s choice l Photography should be in colour (except class 68) l Max size 17cms x 12cms, can be digital or film but digital enhancement not allowed except for Class 66 l Photographs may be mounted on plain card, with border not exceeding 1cm all round 64. Pet Study 65. Easton’s Peace Garden / Labyrinth 66. Digitally-enhanced photo of a flower (e.g. filters, add-ins, etc.) 67. “Caught in Action” 68. Black and white photo, with the theme “water” 69. A Quartet of 4 photos with a connecting theme 70. Family

Centenary Showguide Art Committee Cup: Best entry in art section 71. Painting, any medium, mounted but framing not necessary The Mary Francis Tray (moveable trophy awarded) 72. Pen/pencil drawing, mounted but framing not necessary

Handicrafts Handicrafts Cup: Highest number of points in Classes 73-79 Gill Steemson Memorial Award: Best Handicraft exhibit - Judge’s choice 73.  An item from up-cycled plastic Phil Perkins Award (moveable trophy awarded) 74. A decorated match box (any size) 75. An item made from wood, stone or clay 76. Vegetable Art – an artwork made out of vegetables and/or any plant material 77. A brooch (embellishment allowed) 78. Pom-pom bunting (max. 1m in length) 79. Any other crafts not listed above

Cookery Easton Show Cookery Cup: Highest number of points in cookery Classes 80—90 80. Jar of jam or jelly (see Rule 10) 81. Jar of Pickle (any, e.g. onions, walnuts) or Piccalilli (see Rule 10) must be more than 3 months old 82. Jar of marmalade (see Rule 10) 83. Jar of Chutney (see Rule 10) 84. Flapjack* (5 pieces) 85. Plain scones* (no fluted edges) (5) 86. Fatless sponge* (jam filling allowed but no decoration) Hooson Memorial Award (moveable trophy awarded) July & August 2019

87. Chocolate brownies* (no cherries, nuts, etc.) (5) 88. 1919 savoury tea-time treat*, with the recipe 89. Savoury pasties* baked by a gentleman (3) Prentice Trophy (moveable trophy awarded) 90. Flatbreads* (e.g. naan, tortilla, pitta) (5) * Must be covered with transparent film. All baked items must be cold.

Drinks Section See Rules 10 and 12 91. Bottle of home-made wine or spirits – Any 92. Bottle of home-made beer or cider 93. Bottle of home-made cordial (elderflower, etc.)

Floral Art Easton Cup: Best entry in floral art. Judge’s choice Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Bowl: Highest number of points gained in floral art Classes 94-98 94. An informal jug of garden flowers and shrubs (other plant material allowed) 95. Minimalist arrangement - Ikebana 96. An arrangement on the theme “100” 97. Floral Greeting Card – fresh flowers in a card arrangement 98. Floral display in an eggshell

Juniors (Children up to 16 years of age) Sandra Watson Memorial Award: will be judged from Classes 99 - 102. 99. A painting or picture enhanced by adding leaves, twigs and grasses (max. A4 size) 7

Horticultural & Crafts Society 100. A model made from a kit (e.g. Meccano, Lego, beading etc.) 101. A home-made puppet (e.g. finger, glove, string, papier mache) 102. An enhanced selfie photo (e.g. Snapchat) 103. A miniature garden (max. size A4) 104. Confectionary / sweets (10 pieces, maximum 3 varieties) 105. Decorated biscuits in the shape of 100

Garford School Challenge Instead of the Challenge of previous years, this year we are hosting the Sybil Hance Poetry Prize. The Committee have agreed that there should be a topic for the poem, and it is simply “100” – anything to do with the number one hundred. There is no minimum or maximum word count, or poem style. If you would like to submit an entry, please use the Entry Form and tick box 106.

The Inter-Society Challenge Cup This is an invitation-only competition: the entry is to be made up of any 3 items out of the 8 main Classes (Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Photography, Art, Handicrafts, Cookery and Drinks) to constitute an entry. Each element marked out of 20 and 20 points for Presentation giving a total of 80. Maximum size of overall entry space is 75cm by 75cm. A Cup and prize money will be awarded.

Other Cups and Awards Challenge Cup: Highest number of points in Show. Society Members Trophy: Most points by a Society member. Parish Council Shield: Most points in Show by an Easton resident. 8

Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Tray: Highest number of points gained by a lady excluding floral art. Banksian Medal: Presented by the RHS for the largest amount of prize money in horticultural Classes (not floral art). Winners from previous 2 years are not eligible (2018 Jo Milnes & David Stewardson, 2017 Marion Cutforth). Diplomas: 1) Most points gained in all open section Vegetable Classes 2) Best entry of 3 separate vases of flowers. 3) Most points gained in onion classes 14-16 Floral art: Best Entry in Class 96 Certificates: Best Entry in Class 97

Points and prize money Points will be awarded as follows in assessing cup winners: 1st = 4 points 2nd = 3 points 3rd = 2 points Prize Money apart from those noted below, will be 1st = £1.00 2nd = 75p 3rd = 50p Classes 61 and 62 £10.00 Voucher to each winner Class 50 £5.00 Wothorpe Nurseries voucher to the winner Classes 94 and 96 £5.00 Stamford Garden Centre voucher to each winner

Centenary Showguide Easton Rules Top Vase Competition Rules 1. The Top Vase class is for a vase of mixed flowering stems taken from a minimum of two different kinds of plants. Please note that it is two different KINDS of plants, two varieties of the same plant are NOT two kinds. 2. The display will be judged out of a total of 35 points, split into: 25 points for the colour, form, condition, quality and freshness of the flowers on display and 10 points for the overall presentation and effect of the flowers in the vase. The vase will be viewed from all directions. Judging of the flowers should be to the normal rules used for other classes. 3. Stems used in the display must be showing flowers only; no seed heads or berries will be allowed. The vase can be any shape and size and made from any material, but must be in proportion to the display. No marks are awarded for the vase itself. 4. No accessories such as bows and additional foliage will be allowed. Foliage, which is growing naturally from the flowering stem and is still attached to that stem, is allowed. 5. Packing material - including Oasis - to keep the stems in place is allowed. 6. The winner of the Garden News Top Vase class will receive an Easton HS certificate plus a ÂŁ10 voucher. Notes for exhibitors and judges l Flowering stems can be taken from ANY flowing plant. The different kinds of plants need to be taken from different genera. For instance, pinks, carnations and Sweet Williams - which are all dianthus - would not be classed as July & August 2019

different kinds. Only fresh, home-grown flowers can be used in the vase. No dried or silk flowers are allowed. A vase, by definition, is any vessel that can be used to hold cut flowers and which is taller than it is wide at its widest point. The Top Vase class is open for anyone to enter and is not intended purely for growers who regularly display single species classes at shows. l Judges should use their discretion when judging the Top Vase class, bearing in mind that the entries may come from inexperienced exhibitors. Judges and exhibitors should note that the display has to be viewed all round. The points awarded should be clearly marked by the judges on each exhibitor's card. Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the show officials.

Easton Rules Top Tray Competition Rules 1. The Top Tray class is for a collection of three types of vegetables taken from classes 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 15. Exhibitors should provide the same number of examples as per the Schedule except in class 8 where 2 examples should be provided. Each type of vegetable will be judged out of a total of 20 points. This is split into three sections as follows: 7 points for size, shape and colour; 7 Points for condition; 6 points for uniformity. The overall mark will therefore be out of a total of 60. 2. All vegetables are to be displayed for effect. The vegetables must be displayed within an area measuring 45cm by 60 cm (18x 24in), without bending any part 9

Horticultural & Crafts Society of them. No part of any exhibit may exceed the size of the tray. A tray or board measuring 45cm by 60 cm (18x24in) can be used to display the vegetables, or the area can simply be marked on the staging. Where a tray has a lip or edge, it is the internal measurements that must not exceed 45cm by 60cm (18x24in). 3. A black cloth is permitted, and the tray may be painted. Parsley is allowed for garnishing but no other foliage or accessories, such as plates, sand, rings etc will be allowed. 4. The winner of the Top Tray class will receive an Easton HS certificate plus a £10 voucher. Notes for exhibitors and judges l Carrots and parsnips must have foliage trimmed back to 15cm (6”). l Peas and Beans must be displayed with some stalk attached. Tomatoes must be displayed with calyces (the green flower bud case). Judges may handle exhibits, open pods etc to check for quality. l The tray, board or staging must not be cut or mutilated in any way at all - such as cutting holes for standing onions in. l Judges should use their discretion when judging the Top Tray class, remembering that entries may come from inexperienced exhibitors. The points awarded should be clearly marked by the judges on each exhibitor's card. Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the Show officials.

General Show Rules 1. Entry Forms must be submitted and Entry Fees paid to the Society at the Village 10

Hall on the Wednesday evening before the Show. Late entries may be made, at the discretion of the Show Group Co-ordinator, up to 10.30 m on Show Day. 2. All exhibits must be staged, as required by the Schedule, in the space allocated by the Show stewards between 8.30 am and 11.15am on Show Day. Show stewards may move exhibits at their discretion. Exhibits that are incorrectly staged or without the correct label will be disqualified subject to the Judge’s discretion. 3. Judging of horticultural exhibits will be in accordance with RHS rules and floral art in accordance with the NAFAS Handbook of Schedule definitions, latest edition unless specified in the Schedule – the Schedule will take precedence over any external conditions and rules. 4. Exhibitors must have grown all the flower, vegetable and fruit entries themselves with the exception of the items used in the Floral Art classes and class 76 vegetable art. Photography, art, handicrafts, cookery and drink exhibits must be the work of the named exhibitor. 5. All pot plant exhibits must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least 2 months. 6. Exhibitors must provide their own staging materials e.g. plates and vases etc. unless otherwise specified in the Schedule. 7. Exhibitors can enter more than one exhibit in the same class except for classes 28, 61 and 62 where only one entry per exhibitor may be made. 8. Where exhibitors enter more than 2 exhibits in the same class they will be restricted to a maximum of 2 prizes in that class irrespective of the number or quality of their exhibits e.g. exhibitors will not be able to receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in

Centenary Showguide the same class. 9. In those cookery classes where “no decoration” is stated, e.g. Victoria/coffee sandwich, the use of icing sugar as a covering is specifically prohibited. 10. The containers, labels and lids of all jams and preserve jars and bottles must not display “brand” names. 11. An exhibit or its staging must not be capable of identifying the name of the exhibitor e.g. a signature on artwork. Any identifying marks must be covered before an item is entered into the Show otherwise it will be disqualified. If this is noticed before judging commences the Committee reserves the right to cover such marks to allow the item to be judged. 12. Entries in the wine and spirits classes should be in glass bottles with flanged corks (like the ones in sherry or port bottles). 13. The Judges’ decisions are final subject to a formal protest in relation to a judging decision which must be made to the Show Co-ordinator by 3.15 pm on Show day with a deposit of £5 which will be returned if the protest is upheld. 14. By entering exhibits in the Show exhibitors agree to the following conditions: l The gardens or plots of flower, fruit and vegetable exhibitors may be inspected by representatives of the Society Committee. l Entries in the cookery and drinks classes may be cut and/or tasted by the Judges. l Entries into the vegetable classes may be cut by the Judges. l All exhibits and staging materials entered into the Show are done so at the Exhibitor’s own risk – the Society will not be responsible for loss or damage such articles. July & August 2019

l Exhibitors are responsible for the safekeeping and condition of cups and trophies that are awarded to them and undertake to confirm their address and telephone number prior to their acceptance. Changes to contact details must be notified to the Show Coordinator and trophies and cups must be returned back to the Society in good condition to an address and date as notified by the Committee.

Guide for exhibitors 1. Entries must be notified to the Society using the Show entry form and entry fees paid before exhibits can be put into the Show (See ENTERING THE SHOW & THE JUDGING OF ENTRIES for details). Make sure you confirm on the entry form whether you are an Easton Resident, current Member of the Society or a Junior below the age of 16 years. 2. Read the GENERAL SHOW RULES. 3. Carefully read the information in this Show Schedule describing each Class and Competition. Exhibits will be disqualified if they do not conform to what is being judged – pay particular attention to requirements that specify: l The item(s) being entered. l Exactly what the entry is or used for – if there is any doubt please ask a member of the Committee l Numbers of articles that have to be entered for a single entry in a class – not more or less l The way the entry should be presentede.g. the cleaning of vegetables and trimming of foliage where specified; mounting of art and photographs; plates; containers l Weight – this could be a maximum, 11

Horticultural & Crafts Society minimum or exact weight l Size – the maximum height and length as specified for the entry itself e.g. photographs or associated presentation materials l The materials used – particularly craftwork items l The ingredients to be used – particularly cookery and drinks l Anything else that may be specified l The person exhibiting the entry where specified. l Age – junior classes may only be entered by children younger than 16 years old l Where resident – certain classes can only be entered by current Easton resident. 4. Exhibitors of VEGETABLES and FRUIT should take note that the quality of their exhibits will be mainly assessed according to the following criteria: l Condition: Clean, fresh and tender for vegetables and ripe and firm for fruit; even in shape, unblemished and retaining bloom and/or stalks (where appropriate) l Size: Larger than average but good quality l Colour: Lustrous and attractive natural colour with polishing for fruit l Uniformity: alike in size, shape and colour 5. Exhibitors of FLOWERS and ORNAMENTAL PLANTS should take note that the quality of their exhibits will be mainly assessed according to the following criteria: l Condition: Fully developed with healthy flowers/foliage that are disease free and unblemished l Size: Larger than average but within limits of any specified range l Colour: Bright, not faded or uneven l Uniformity: Alike in age, size and form 6. Please note the meaning of a number 12

of terms used in the flower and vegetable sections: l Accessory (Floral Art) is anything which is added to plant material in an exhibit. l Minimalist arrangement is a free form of ikebana-type arrangement. l Drape is fabric of any type staged behind or in association with an exhibit. Artificial grass may not be used as a drape. Drapes are not accessories and may be used unless prohibited by the Show Schedule. l Foliage is bracts, leaves and unopened buds not showing petal colour. Cereals and heads of grass are acceptable at any stage of their development. l Kind is intended in the Schedule as the classification of flowers and vegetables for Show purposes e.g. dahlias, chrysanthemums and roses are examples of “kinds” of flowers. 7. Bring your exhibits to the Show Office at the School on the Sunday morning of Show Day after 8.30 am. Entries must be displayed in the correct location for that Class of exhibit before 11.00 am with the entrance tickets collected from the Show Office. 8. After the Show opens at 2.30 pm check if any of your exhibits has won a prize. If you have won prize money (1st, 2nd or 3rd) or if you have been awarded a cup or trophy: prize money must be collected from the office after 5.00 pm. Please wait for the end of the Show and receive any trophies in the presentation at 4.45 pm. 9. Remove all your exhibits, presentation/ staging materials and winners’ cards between 4.30 pm and 4.45 pm. After 5.30 pm the Society will dispose of any materials left in the School, Marquee and Village Hall.

Centenary Showguide Sponsors

Society Officers and Committee

The Society is very grateful to everyone who sponsors the show. Sponsors for 2019 are as follows: Mr & Mrs W Bulman Mr & Mrs A Minter Mr E Cameron Mr & Mrs A Missin Mr V Clarke Mr G Munton Mr & Mrs P Cutforth Mr & Mrs T Nicol Mr & Mrs R Cutforth Mr A Perna Mrs A Fawcett Mr & Mrs A Greasley Mr & Mrs W Proudlock Mrs C Ruff Mr & Mrs S Harris Mrs J Scott Mr & Mrs J Hayden Ms C Thompson Mrs B Livoc Mr J Mason Mr & Mrs P Washington

President: Miss M Cutforth Honorary Vice-Presidents: Dr A Fawcett E J F Cameron Mrs J C Cutforth H G Smith J D Watson Chairman: Mrs J Forster Vice Chairman: Miss D Davenport Show Co-ordinator: Miss D Davenport Treasurer: Miss L Strain Secretary: Mrs D Sharpe Membership Secretary: Mrs C Lawson Committee: W Bulman, K Rawson, F Reeve, G Woodman, C Rawlinson, M Martin, A Missin, G McGill, S Hayden.

July & August 2019


Entry Form Please fill in your entry form with your name, address, telephone number and email address. Email address will be used for Horticultural and Craft Society communications only. Tick if you are a junior (under 16). Tick if you are a member. Then fill in the number of entries that you are entering into each class, then the total of entries at the bottom and then enter the entry fee total. Name: Tel: Address: Email:

Member: Y n N n Junior: Y n N n

Class No. of Class No. of Class No. of Class No. of Class No. of Class No. of No. entries No. entries No. entries No. entries No. entries No. entries 1





















































































31 50























Total no. Entries:

Total entry fee: £

(25p/class: 5 for £1.00: Juniors free)









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191al & C raf 9 9 –201

There have been many reminders of our Centenary around the village during the year. The Centenary Collection Challenge has attracted 20 entries and will be judged before the show with the winner announced on the day. Our Centenary Tubs also brought some extra floral cheer, particularly in the spring with a fantastic show of Tulips. How many did you see? The children's Easter Craft day along with the Choctastic Cafe was a great success too and the most recent event was the trip to the Chatsworth Flower Show, slightly damp and chilly weather didn't get in the way of this fantastic day out.

Centenary Barrels - did you see them around the village? Another new feature in News & Views has been our Desert Island Plant series. We have had the Rose from Marion Cutforth, the Bluebell from Sue Chappell and here is the latest from the Village Store's Jag Dhillon.

Desert Island Plant A special plant, grown as a crop and known worldwide is what Jag Dhillon has chosen as her Desert Island plant. It is the cotton plant – Gossypium in the mallow family Malvaceae. It brings back memories of her childhood, growing up on her parents July & August 2019

farm in the Punjab (as did Bant). Cotton was grown extensively and also wheat. Jag would be involved in picking the bolls as a girl and she has fond memories of the competition amongst her friends to pick the most and be first to fill her basket which she carried on her back.


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Easton On The Hill Horticultural & Crafts Society Centenary Show Guide  

Celebrating 100 years, the Society's Show takes place on August 11th. Here is all you need to enter.

Easton On The Hill Horticultural & Crafts Society Centenary Show Guide  

Celebrating 100 years, the Society's Show takes place on August 11th. Here is all you need to enter.