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100% ISO SUCCESS FOR EOS Quality, testing and certification are at the very core of our business, we are therefore proud to announce that the EOS team has successfully completed three quality badge audits with 100% success. The EOS team passed the five-day re-certification audit against ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, ISO14001:2015 environmental management systems and ISO45001:2018 health and safety management with no non-conformance issues or even any opportunities for improvement or areas of concern. EOS were also able to incorporate the SSIP Assessment into the audit which will allow the company to obtain Gold Membership of Constructionline. With EOS becoming part of Etex New Ways, there have been significant changes since the last full audit. We would therefore like to congratulate the EOS team for this outstanding achievement and acknowledge the work and dedication that went in to ensuring all procedures, records and management systems were in first-class order providing the auditors with all the necessary information to award EOS total compliance with zero non-conformances.

OUTSTANDING PRODUCT INNOVATION RECOGNISED BY OFFSITE JUDGES Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the Offsite Awards organisers announced record levels of entries. The judges declared that the standard was higher than ever and competition to be shortlisted was ‘fierce’. With 21 categories and over 200 entrants - EOS is proud to announce that our widely acclaimed Thrubuild® system range was ‘Highly Commended’ in the coveted Product Innovation category at a virtual Offsite Awards ceremony held in September. With a thirty-year warranty, our Thrubuild® system range delivers structures faster, with assured performance built in. Developed in collaboration with Etex brands – EOS, Siniat, and Promat, these fast-track solutions make use of the latest products, technical know-how and manufacturing excellence of the combined team.

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TAKING A SAFETY-FIRST APPROACH TO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT The team at EOS are supporting prominent rainscreen and facade manufacturer, BTS Facades and Fabrications to bring an innovative and high-performance complete walling solution to market. Taking a safety-first approach, the pioneering Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System (SF-FS) is a complete through-wall system incorporating an external rainscreen facade and internally protected using our innovative Thruwall® system.

60-MINUTE THRUWALL® SYSTEM FOR MEDIUM-RISE BUILDINGS Vantage SF-FS is internally protected by the groundbreaking 60-minute Thruwall® System ETW113




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KEY 01: External insulation: 100mm rock mineral wool (0.035 W/mK) 02: Sheathing: 1x 12.5mm Weather Defence


03: Framing: EOS light steel infill framing 04: Cavity insulation: Full-fill rock or glass mineral wool (0.035 W/mK) 05: Internal boards (inner): 1x 12.5mm dB board 06: Internal boards (outer): 1x 12.5mm dB board (for standard applications)

This system is believed to be the first in the UK to have successfully completed two large scale tests in accordance with the most recent BS8414-2:2020 standards. The Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System was recently tested by UKAS-accredited test laboratory Efectis UK and Ireland, and successfully conformed to all the stringent criteria for both internal and external spread of flame, as well as mechanical failure. Steve Thompson, Managing Director of EOS said: “Bringing our expertise in developing advanced steel framing solutions to the project team, the new Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System is protected by our groundbreaking Thruwall® system - developed in partnership with EOS and Etex.” Compliance with BS8414-2:2020 provides not only technical credibility but importantly for designers and specifiers – certified assurance is now a pre-requisite for many tender opportunities, giving the new Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System a commercial advantage. Mark Wiper, BTS’ Technical Manager, said: “Working collaboratively enables us to harness the collective intellect of industry-leading experts as well as deliver proven performance. This level of testing and collaboration gives customers confidence in our system knowledge and in our ability to bring projects to market.”


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WORD FROM THE MD Without doubt 2020 has presented many challenges and as we look back at the events of the past year, I am proud of what we have achieved in very difficult circumstances. Stringent safety measures have been put in place to protect both our team and customers. We have embraced new ways of working to ensure we maintain the highest levels of service and technical support. Our advanced manufacturing facility has operated throughout and we continue to push through to support the requirements of the construction industry particularly in the residential sector to meet the predicted post COVID-19 demand. Collaboration is crucial to our business success. We are founder members of the Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA) and I am delighted that our colleague from Etex has joined the steering committee to offer a much-valued supply chain perspective. Construction is competitive but the coming together of our sector is reaping benefits not only for those involved but for the construction industry as a whole. The LSFA has formed a working group dedicated to producing a Design Guide for steel framing systems. The design opportunities this versatile and proven method of construction brings to offsite developments is vast and the LSFA Design Guide touches on both the practical elements but also the immense possibilities of designing in light steel frame.

The UK leads the world in steel construction commercially, technically and in terms of quality. The industry has made dramatic improvements in technology, productivity and efficiency. According to research carried out by independent consultants Construction Markets – steel continues to be overwhelmingly the structural framing material of choice with their survey showing that steel now has a 72.5% share of the multi-storey office market and a 60.9% share in the ‘other multi-storey buildings’ which includes retail, education, leisure and healthcare sectors. We have built our reputation on always going beyond what is considered the norm, our team is here to help – so please do get in touch if you have a project where we can add value. We have not taken our ‘eye off the ball’ and have remained focused on bringing new and innovative systems to market whilst forging strong alliances to support our partners in reaching stretching objectives.

Steve Thompson Managing Director of EOS Part of Etex NW

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This inspirational enterprise not only provided much needed affordable homes but also created opportunities for those distant from the labour market to gain training, skills and sustained employment. EOS supported OSCO Homes in a groundbreaking development at Pennine Close in St Helens where offsite construction was used as the medium to provide prisoners with the skills and training needed to gain employment. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION The development consists of 10 houses built for affordable rent and is part of a significant investment in the area by the housing group Torus Developments. Improving levels of occupant safety together with increasing the quality and energy performance of the build was a key priority. Making use of the latest products, technical know-how and manufacturing excellence – fast-track steel framing systems provided the solution. Delivering crucial time and cost benefits – an offsite system approach ensured the outcomes were more predictable and repeatable, eradicating the risk of on-site variability. On this occasion the custom-made range of walling and flooring systems for the Pennine Close development were designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances in the EOS factory complete with M&E service channels and openings, then supplied as a complete kit of parts to the OSCO Homes factory. There an expert team led a group of low and multi-skilled operatives to assemble the panels including Weather Defence external sheathing and Rock Mineral Wool insulation with only the Siniat Frameboard internal boarding being installed onsite. All ancillary products and fixings were manufactured and supplied by EOS. The panels were then factory finished by the OSCO Homes team complete with doors, windows and a brick slip cladding system.

POSITIVE OUTCOMES Chris Bowen Managing Director for Torus Developments said: “We are embracing innovative ways to not only provide high quality housing, but to also help shape the communities we operate in. This project is very rewarding in that people who perhaps may have previously been left behind by the system are given a second opportunity, they learn a trade and significantly increase their prospects when they are released.”


Client: Torus Developments Main Contractor: OSCO Homes Architect: Walker Simpson Architects Structural Engineer: R Vint Engineering Installer: OSCO Homes Steel Framing Systems Supplier: EOS Materials / Type of System: SFS Panelised System




River Street Tower, Manchester is a £110 million development located next to Mancunian Way. The scheme encompasses 791 student bedrooms within a 32-storey building. Designed by award winning architects Simpson Haugh and Partners, the project brings high quality, affordable student accommodation to Manchester. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION The construction solution comprises a main frame concrete structure with light steel frame infill panels. The offsite manufactured pre-assembled panels were pre-boarded and insulated in EOS’s quality-controlled factory using light steel frames from EOS and Weather Defence boarding from Siniat as part of an Etex package. No cutting or hot works were required onsite which improved site safety. With so much work carried out offsite, the onsite construction schedule was reduced, and the build programme was relatively unaffected by adverse weather conditions. The pre-assembled panels were tested inside and outside with options for 60, 90- and 120-minutes fire resistance. Pre-assembly means that offsite manufactured elements are made ready to ship to site ahead of programme and can be exposed to the elements for 12 months prior to final finishes being applied.

POSITIVE OUTCOMES Early engagement with construction partners and BIM integration of the design was crucial to the success of the project. This collaborative approach ensured any additional studs were included for hanging items as well as allowing for brackets and the forming of all vent areas. Removing the pre-assembled SFS frames from the critical path eliminated risk. Fitting the pre-engineered frames from inside the building, removed the requirement for mast climbers for this stage of the build process. Installers were tethered to the building’s core to ensure a safe working environment. Removing cutting and forming on site allowed for a safer, quicker install with less costs and a rapid build process, with each floor being fed materials ready to be installed. The installation team were able to work two floors below the concrete forming. This offsite approach delivered a 30% saving on the installation programme.

Client: Downing Main Contractor: Downing Construction Architect: Simpson Haugh and Partners Structural Engineer: The Alan Johnston Partnership Installer: Alumet Steel Framing Systems Supplier: EOS Materials / Type of System: SFS Infill - Pre-Assembled Panels

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MANAGING RISK, QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE Improving levels of occupant safety together with increasing the quality of the build, is under the microscope. Risk, quality, time, costs and performance must be managed and controlled. The performance of building materials is under an unprecedented spotlight. Regulations tend to deal with individual products and how they perform in laboratory tests. Here, we at EOS consider material providers should have full-scale testing regimes that study the performance of products working together to see how they interact in ‘real’ circumstances, like under fire conditions or when exposed to wind and rain. Testing regimes vary greatly, some just concentrate on structural performance which is critically important but forms only part of the safety equation. Others are reverting to British Standards which are not as onerous testing method as BS EN Eurocodes. Our testing regimes are designed to ensure that when specifying our systems customers have complete peace of mind - knowing they have been subject to extensive fire, acoustic, weathering, airtightness and mechanical tests. Our Thrubuild® system range is an excellent example of our commitment to quality. All fire performances are results of testing to BS EN 1365-1 for walls and BS EN 1365-2 for floors. Systems are tested at their minimum dimensions for a safe ‘worst case’ performance. Loads applied during testing are selected to simulate representative stresses in accordance with the test standard. Acoustic performance has been estimated by modelling in Marshall Day Insul software, a validated and industry recognised tool which simulates results to ISO 10140-2. Accuracy is to +/- 3dB and ‘worst case’ assumptions have been made in generating results. The detailed structural design of the EOS system is carried out by qualified engineers in accordance with loadings to EN 1991-1 and building regulations, calculated to EN 1993-1-3 and EN 1993-1-5 and further relevant parts of the Eurocodes for robustness, stability and resistance – following guidance of SCI document P391 and P402. We are committed to technical competence and as part of Etex, we have some of the best fire experts in the UK within our team. They work closely with certification bodies to jointly design and develop robust technical solutions to meet the exacting demands of public and private sector developments.

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ADDING LONGEVITY TO THE SUSTAINABILITY DEBATE It is a fundamental of good design that buildings and structures should be safe and that measures to enhance their environmental performance should not compromise this essential requirement.

Buildings should not only be inherently safe but should also be constructed to last a long time and therefore be inherently sustainable. Buildings are responsible for almost half of the UK’s carbon emissions and around a third of its landfill waste. Net zero carbon targets and the drive for buildings that are ‘low carbon’ in operation present a huge challenge to the construction industry – a challenge which the steel construction sector is playing a major part in overcoming. Steel can be recycled or reused endlessly without detriment to its properties. This unique characteristic gives steel a high value at all stages of its life cycle. The recovery infrastructure for steel recycling is highly developed and extremely efficient and has been in place for decades. Current recovery rates from demolition sites in the UK are 99% for structural steelwork and 96% for all steel construction products – figures that far exceed those for any other construction material. Steel’s superior strength-to-weight ratio means a little steel goes a long way, giving architects complete flexibility to innovate and create new and exciting buildings. Low and zero carbon buildings as well as buildings with high BREEAM ratings are readily achievable using steel construction. When the cost of operating a building for 30 years can be four times greater than that of designing and constructing it, it is no surprise that those who own and maintain buildings are keen to find in-use savings. Now we have more sophisticated research available, the equation of ‘build them high build them cheap’ – simply does not stack up from an owner operator’s perspective. And this is why steel framing systems are favoured by the build-to-rent, education, healthcare and other public sector bodies. Safety, quality, and sustainability are at the very core of our organisation. We have the capability to meet the exacting demands of the construction industry and have invested in developing a range of tested and warrantied systems that are manufactured to stand the test of time and offer the highest safety and energy performance throughout the long lifecycle of the building.

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