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SUMMER 2010 Supporting dignity and independence

What itâ€&#x;s like to be a male community carer

Where your money goes All Seasonsâ€&#x; role as part of a Community Interest Company

Sunshine soups

Delicious recipes plus advice on maintaining blood sugar levels

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Poems from an All Seasons service user





elcome to All Seasons first quarterly “Choice” magazine. All Seasons is passionate and committed to providing quality

care to enable you or your loved one to remain at home for as long as possible.

This magazine will provide you with information on where your money goes (p8), plus seasonal hints and tips for the garden (p12), two quick and easy recipes (p15) and your chance to win with a summer word search (on the back page). Did you know that we have received the highest possible rating by Care Quality Commission inspectors? We strive to always provide you with the best possible service and most suitable care. We want you to be involved in the design of our service. If you are interested in shaping the future of All Seasons then please see page 11 for details of how to join a Service User Forum. This publication is our way of saying thank you for choosing our service and to show we are a caring company built on integrity and values. All that‟s left for me to say is that I hope you enjoy the many features of our brand new publication and fingers crossed for some sunshine and your chosen team‟s performance in the World Cup, for me it‟s England so, COME ON ENGLAND! David Stone - Registered Manager P.S. We would love to hear if you like the new magazine, so please send us your thoughts, plus any of your stories, tips and ideas - contact details are on the back page.


“The work is very varied and it is a great feeling knowing I‟ve helped someone get ready for their day” Christopher Bedford is a 27 year old Care Worker with All Seasons and is currently one of only a handful of male carers working within the local community. Iconic figures like Florence Nightingale

stigma attached to men working directly in the

unwittingly created a long held stereotype that

care sector. This is strange considering that

nursing and care are the exclusive domains of

empathy, commitment, patience and a good

women. Male community care workers can be

sense of humour are the most vital elements

discriminated against. Chris Bedford is an

required by an effective care worker and these

example of how a male community care worker characteristics are just as prevalent and is just as equipped for the role as a female. This

developed in men as they are in women.

view is a surprising form of reverse

At the age of 20, having finished school and not

discrimination, given that nowadays few would

knowing what he wanted to do next, it is ironic

question the validity of a female doctor or

that Chris was pointed in the direction of social

dentist. A vocational professional should be

care by a couple of male friends who were

assessed by their abilities and performance, not

working in a care home for children with special

their gender.

needs. They told Chris that the work was

In a recent report, the Royal College of

interesting, challenging and very rewarding, so

Physicians suggested that the introduction of a

he decided to find out for himself.

new genre of staff called „Health Practitioners‟

Chris has been a community care worker for 6

would address the lack of men coming into the

years now and much prefers working in the

profession. Currently men account for only

local community to being in a residential home

10% of nursing staff and barely 3% of community environment as “the work is more varied and it care workers, a sign that there is still a strong 4

is a great feeling knowing I‟ve helped someone


get ready for their day when they couldnâ€&#x;t do it

worked her way up from entry level is now the

on their own.�

registered manager of the domiciliary care

Chris is planning a lifelong career in social care.

facility where Chris originally trained, and his

Having fully qualified to NVQ level 3, he is now

brother is now also a fully qualified care worker.

concentrating on his continued professional development through direct care work

Chris is an inspirational care worker who

experience. In a few yearsâ€&#x; time he would like

perfectly illustrates the vital role that men have

to move up to co-ordinator level and ultimately

to play in providing high quality care to the

move across into management, knowing that he


has learnt the job from the ground up and is able to provide understanding, support and

What do you think?

encouragement to his clients and colleagues.

Write to us with your opinions and

Subsequent to Chris becoming a care worker

experiences (contact details on back page).

his mother was attracted to the job and having


I Can’t Remember

My poor mind is filled with

Just a line to say I‟m living


That I‟m not among the dead

Have I put my food away

Mrs V James for

Though I‟m getting more

Or have I just come to take

providing us with this


some out?

And mixed up in my head

Then there are times when it is

I got used to my arthritis



To my dentures I‟m resigned.

With my night cap on my head

Please send us your poems

I can manage my bifocals

I don‟t know if I‟m retiring

and thoughts and we will try

But God I miss my mind.

Or just getting out of bed.

Thank you to All Seasons service user

thought provoking

to publish as many as possible. But sometimes I can‟t remember

So if it‟s my turn to write you There‟s no need for getting

When I stand at the foot of the sore I may think that I have written stairs. If I must go up for something

And don‟t want to be a bore.

Or have I just come down from So, remember that I love you And wish that you were here there? And before the fridge so often

But now it‟s nearly mail time So I must say good-bye dear. There I stand beside the mailbox With face so very red. Instead of mailing you my letter I had opened it instead. Mrs V James


Where your money goes Through using All Seasons you are helping to fund local community based projects All Seasons forms part of Enterprising Opportunities, a

Maria Cursons with service user Miss Sheila Ayre. Maria is a Development Manager and Care Ambassador for All Seasons. As part of her role she promotes careers in Social Care to schools.

Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is a type of legal

operate for the benefit of local following visions and values:

status created by the

communities rather than

Government in 2005 to

personal profit.

encourage organisations to

Enterprising Opportunities provides employment, work

KET’s vision “Improving Lives” KET’s values

skills and training opportunities “KET is a socially responsible through its operating arms, All organisation that supports the Seasons and Learn to Care, our individual” in-house training company. 100% of our excess income Rosie McCartney-Samples, admin assistant for All Seasons receiving training from Chris Abraham, Learn to Care 8

is gift-aided to the local charity Kent Enterprise Trust (KET) which boasts the

KET’s mission “Enabling people to overcome individual challenges through training, support and real opportunities”

Volunteers at Hambrook Marshes, a community resource and an area of biodiversity on the outskirts of and mission through projects Canterbury. More volunteers are always welcome, such as Hambrook Marshes; contact Adam on 01227 844476 for further information. KET achieves its vision, values

Hambrook Marshes is set in the floodplain of the Great Stour just outside Canterbury. It is a site of Special Conservation Interest and borders a Local Nature Reserve. Hambrook Marshes is maintained by KET working in conjunction with over 50 volunteers of varying horticultural experience and knowledge, from professional through to the very inexperienced. Throughout

the past 12 months the

Marshes and various groups

volunteers have provided over

such as Kent Refugee Action

1000 hours of labour and

Network & Kent Council for

support which is very much

Addiction play a key part in the

appreciated. The general

siteâ€&#x;s management.

public, Friends of Hambrook

Appleseed is another KET project. It provides a community based professional gardening service whilst also offering training, work experience and personal development opportunities to enable people to overcome individual challenges in the work place. Trainees learn skills in horticulture while also gaining a sense of purpose and

Appleseed volunteer, Nikki Sharp, with his helper Lisa Stock 9


Social Care Brokerage a free service designed to help you Who can use the service? This service is free and is available to anybody who has been offered a personal budget by Kent Adult Social Services (KASS) following a community care assessment of their needs and their financial position. How can it help me?

“a little help can make a big difference”

It can help you by creating a plan and actions that enable you to find the best way to use your personal budget, to help create the kind of life that you want to lead. What will a Social Care Broker do?

What is a Social Care Broker? 

The Social Care Broker‟s role is to help you plan any support and changes to your life. 

You may choose for the Broker to be closely involved in preparing and presenting your support plan for approval. Alternatively, you may choose for the Broker to only be involved in part of that process.

What you want to do needs to be agreed when the Broker first starts working for you.

  

 

Get to know you and the life you want to live. Help you to make choices about the support you want (but the broker will not make decisions on your behalf). Find community resources, services and help with sourcing equipment. Work with service agencies to provide the right help for you. Help with finding employment, housing support or further education. Help you pursue hobbies and interests. Help you prepare the support plan including costing, writing and presenting it for approval. Help you implement your support plan.

call us on 01227 844465 to see how we can assist you 10

How else can All Seasons help you? You are receiving this magazine as you

Service User Group Forum

are already a valued All Seasons service

Your opinions are important to us. You are

user. However, you may be interested in

the experts and we are here to listen.

some of the other services we can

Through listening and learning we can shape


the way All Seasons delivers care.

Our wide range of services includes: Accompaniment to outings, appointments

Would you be interested in joining a Forum

and social events, e.g. theatre trips, cricket.

Group to strongly influence the way All

Domestic help including shopping, bill

Seasons delivers its service? If so we would be

payment and dog walking

very interested to hear from you as your views

Double-handed care packages

matter and we want to be able to respond to

Overnight care

your needs and wishes.

Dementia care

Meal preparation

This is a new initiative and we need as much

Laundry service

help as possible to get this started. Please


register your interest with us and we will

Palliative care

contact you with details of a local group.

Personal care

Respite care

For further information or to register your

Some of these services are new to us. However, our staff have been fully trained to ensure you continue to receive the highest possible





additional services with head office on 01227 265899.


interest please contact Maria Nicholls on 01227 844495 or e-mail Help us to help you

Challenge Chrissi

Summer survival tips for your garden For me the most important tip is check round your garden daily, preferably with a glass of wine in hand, looking at what‟s growing well and what needs some attention as the old saying goes “a stitch in time saves nine”. Then prioritise the “chores” and relax and enjoy as gardening even with problems can be fun. With the warm weather and recent rainfall weed seedlings are germinating rapidly so hoe them out

Chrissi Martin, KET Co-ordinator is a wealth of gardening knowledge. It‟s a bold statement but what she doesn't know about gardening probably is not worth knowing.

now. If you hoe the weeds out now, weeding

If you have any questions, need advice or have been trying to identify a mystery flower then either call, e-mail or write in and she will help.

water evaporation in drought situations.

Go on, challenge Chrissi. Contact details are on the back page.

becomes less of a chore later in the summer when you want to relax in the garden. Hoeing also breaks up the top layer of soil allowing water to get to the roots quickly but also reduces Remember to dead head your summer annuals as this will prolong the flowering season, all the time you don‟t allow the plant to set seed it will continue to produce flowers. Dead heading of Azaleas and Rhododendrons is also very important as this allows flower bud to develop for next year. Try to mow your lawn regularly as it is easier to mow and less waste to compost in one go also broad leaf weeds are discouraged with regular mowing. Even better if you can leave an area to become a wild meadow you only have to mow that twice per year.


Summer - the perfect time to enjoy your garden


“Do you get those sugar highs and lows? If so you may need to keep an eye on your carbohydrate and sugar. Here are some simple ways of maintaining your blood sugar levels for longer.” Add protein whenever you have carbohydrate

Sophie Murray is a Project and Development Manager for Enterprising Opportunities. Sophie is in the final stages of completing a degree in Nutrition.

If you are having cereal, add in seeds,

to help regulate it. The difference can be

crushed nuts and/or fruit. So many are

amazing. Here are some suggestions:

high in sugar too and make you feel even

If you are having snacks try choosing mixed seeds or bananas.

more hungry a short time after eating it. 

Soups complement sandwiches perfectly,

If you are having toast, make sure to add a

and if you are anything like me, a nice

protein spread to it (peanut butter, cashew

simple one to make is more appealing than

nut butter is good).

lots of fine chopping, peeling, sieving, slow

Choose a sandwich with a good source of

cooking and faffing about!!

protein such as chicken, tuna or cheese salad. And if you want that fibre content

On the following page are two soups that

for healthy digestion then wholemeal bread always seem to get the thumbs up, even from is a better option. I am not a big fan of

my husband, who vowed he would not eat

ham as it has empty nutritional content and vegetarian food especially lentils!! often contains a lot of salt and nitrites. In one country they were even talking about putting a government health warning on it!! 14

Red Pepper and Lime Soup

Red Lentil and Tomato Soup

Ingredients: 3 Red peppers


Lime zest and juice from 2 limes

(if you are

Tin organic or 1 lb fresh tomatoes

hesitant about

2 crushed garlic cloves garlic

lentils, these are the small ones that are very

4 chopped spring onions

mild – you probably won‟t even taste them)

½ tin haricot beans (optional) – (these are

1 lb tomatoes,

baked beans without the sauce!)

1 cup raw red lentils

1 pint chicken or vegetable stock (Gallo organic 1 tsp asofoteida (yellow powder in the spices is the make I tend to use)

section of the supermarket)


½ tsp cumin


2. 3.

Shallow fry red pepper in a knob of butter 1 tsp mustard seeds and a splash of water, with the spring

4 cloves crushed garlic,

onion, garlic and fresh tomatoes.

1 lemon

When softened after a few minutes, add in 1 large onion 1 pint of stock

½ marrow (optional)

Simmer for 20 minutes and a few minutes

1 pint water of vegetable stock (Gallo organic)

from the end grate in the lime zest and


squeeze in the juice


Fry the onion in a little butter with a


Use a hand blender until smooth

splash of water and add spices and


Add in haricot beans

garlic. 2.

After 3-4 minutes add the tomato and put a lid on for a few minutes. Add lentils and stock


Cook for 1 ½ hours and squeeze lemon juice into the mixture



Use a hand blender until smooth

All Seasons 1 The Links, Herne Bay Kent, CT6 7GQ 01227 265899

Summer Search Find the following words in the grid below, complete the slip and send it back for your chance to win a £10 high street voucher. Best of Luck!                      

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Find the words to the left of the grid in our summer word search.

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