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Achieving the Perfect Office

A Message From The CEO Hello, As you know, all software is not the same even though it may look so at first glance. I am sure you have heard of providers who have bought two, three or even four systems and are still not happy. The biggest reasons are that the software didn’t do what they needed and it was too hard to get the job done.

The Digital Office The Digital Office is a complete package of billing, scheduling, EHR and practice management comprising three main software components, each available separately so you can build up to a fully integrated system and also available as one package.

Both of my parents are healthcare practitioners and clear back in the 1980’s they started looking to computerize their office. They had the idea that computer software should be able to assist them in achieving the office they always wanted. Plus, they wanted their employees to be able 1 to spend more quality time dealing directly with patients without having to spend so much time on paperwork.

Documentor • SOAP, Eval and Narrative Notes available for Chiropractic, PT/OT/ ST, Acupuncture, Exercises, PI and more.

They asked me to investigate the existing software and find one that would work for them. After more than a year researching available software I found that they were like Swiss cheese - solid in some areas and full of holes in others. I concluded that in order to get a truly efficient system, I was going to have to build it and thus EON was born.

The Practice Solution

Decades later our client base continues to increase, contrary to any reports of a recession. We have created the most revolutionary documentation software product in the market today which, combined with our powerful billing system and our groundbreaking digital document management system, results in a truly digital office that has become the envy of everyone in the business.

• Practice Management, Scheduling & Billing, plus Digital Sign-In.

You do not become the leader by just shouting out that you are the leader. We were the first with an integrated appointment book, the first with inventory control, the first with itemized posting of insurance, the first to use a mouse, the first with a flow sensitive design, the first fully customizable note, the first insurance follow-up center and the list goes on and on. You become the leader by leading! What does all of this mean to you? It means we have thousands of people, just like you, using our software every day to make it easier to get more done and to make their practices more efficient. What more can you ask for in software?

Document Solution • Digital Xrays, Scans, Document Storage. Note: The certified EHR version requires all three components plus the EHR module.

Please go through the information contained in this booklet and the accompanying demonstration CD to see how The Digital Office can: reduce your overhead; increase your collections; and make it easier for you and your staff to get more done. Then, get home at night with the billing and notes complete! Warm regards,

Derek Greenwood, CEO - EON Systems, Inc.

This complete EHR ambulatory is 2011/2012 compliant and has been certified by an ONCATCB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health & Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments. Certification date: 10/25/2011.

Is Your Software Not Fully Integrated?

The Digital Office Is Fully Integrated!

Benefits • Appointment Scheduler viewable by Front Desk and Practitioner • Messages interchangeable between Front Desk and Practitioner • Fee slip can be automatically created out of notes and immediately available to front desk and billing personnel • Latest patient X-rays received are immediately available to practitioner for viewing and editing • Patient demographics, codes and insurance data are shared throughout The Digital Office saving reentry into more than one program.

Do you own a billing package from one vendor and a noting package from another one? Do the two programs have trouble talking to each other? Do they only share limited information between them? Are you tired of having to get technical support from two separate companies and pay two separate support contracts? Does one company just tell you that the problem is the other company and it never gets fixed? Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had to place one call to get the help you need? The Digital Office is the solution. The Digital Office is made up of The Practice Solution, Documentor, Document Solution, and Digital Sign-in Solution. All of these components are integrated at the data level. This means if you put information in one location it is automatically in all the locations. No more uploading, syncing or bridges to manage. For the first time a digital office exists that handles it all! Another advantage of The Digital Office over other software is that you can start off with just one component and build it up, module by module to a full digital office.

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • Introduction to The Digital Office

"We chose EON because of the flexibility of the software program, the electronic billing capabilities, the details of the documentation system, and a positive cost benefit analysis." C.R., PT, ST & OT Multi-Office Facility

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Is Documentation Causing You To Take Work Home? With Documentor, Notes Are Fast And Easy! In combination with a Tablet PC, Documentor is a giant leap beyond the current crop of “canned” note writers. With a tablet one can go from room to room without having to log in and out of a computer in each room. For the first time you can have the exact note you want out of a computerized system, not someone else’s canned note. You will never again have to stand in front of a judge, jury or auditor and try to explain why your notes are canned and the same as every other provider around. Documentor accomplishes this by being the first and only note writer that gives you the power to completely and totally customize the notes to your exact specification. Documentor comes fully loaded with notes, but you can even build your notes from scratch, if you are so inclined, and the best part is you don’t have to be a computer geek to do it! The unique feature about Documentor above other note-writing software is the fact that it shows your full note as you make your selections. The note is written in real time, without having to flip from window to window—an industry first.

Benefits • True randomization of text • Recreation of previous note (SALT-same as last treatment) • Fully customizable • Automatically sends CPT codes to The Practice Solution for billing • Optimized to work on a Tablet PC but will work on any Laptop or PC • Works on Windows® based computers including touch screens • Can pull information from past notes to put in the current note • Can draw on pictures • Patient Profile (sometimes called a dashboard) • Narratives and exams • Exercises, Personal Injury, Chiropractic, Multidiscipline, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Physical Therapy and other specialty notes available

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"I use some of your notes and have customized some myself. Anytime we add a new procedure or product, I can easily add it in with whatever wording that suits me. If I have to send something in to an insurance company or attorney, it's click and print and we're done." Dr. T.K., Chiropractor 3

• An Overview of Documentor • Creating SOAP Notes and Narratives • Electronic Fee Slip • How to Create a Custom Note

Don’t Want Canned Computerized Notes? Documentor Creates Fully Custom Notes!

Benefits • Remove options that you never use • Randomize any section, paragraph or phrase • Recreate notes while truly randomizing the text in the way you want • Arrange note and narratives in the sequence you choose • Create and amend any note, exam, report, evaluation, letter, or any document • Include any illustration or picture in your note including those you can write on • Include any test or assessment in your note templates • Automatically pick up patient demographics, diagnoses, codes, etc. into the notes • Additional note templates available for specialties and techniques, including: DC. PT, OT, ST, Acupuncture, Personal Injury and more.

See these Topics on Enclosed CD

When you purchase Documentor, an EON consultant reviews the available notes with you and guides you toward creating the perfect note for you. You remove anything that you will never use and re-sequence or add in any selections, text or images you want. The results are notes that are customized to the way you want them. Customizable Note Templates designed by practitioners for: • Chiropractic • Physical Therapy • Pediatrics • Occupational Therapy • Speech Therapy • Acupuncture • Personal Injury and more.

If you need to make any changes in the future, you have the know-how to do it yourself. You can also purchase customization to save yourself time or to create complex features you may not want to tackle.

What if you could take your attention off of insurance companies forcing you to document to the nth degree? What if there was a benefit that directly affected your offices viability and your bottom line? Documentor can achieve this and more. Imagine writing an initial evaluation in under a minute and daily notes in 20-30 seconds. When you are writing the note, the service CPT codes for the visit are plucked from it and automatically sent to the billing package, accurately telling the front desk how much to collect from the patient right at the time of the visit. For you, this means better notes done fast; far fewer errors in billing; better front desk collections; more accurate accounts receivable; far better interoffice communication and the ability to go home at night with the documentation complete.

• Introduction to The Digital Office • Documentor


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Not Getting Paid Everything You Should? With The Practice Solution You Can Get Paid! Do you spend a lot of time trying to figure out which insurance companies need to be called in order to get reimbursed? And then, does it take a long time to get services re-billed? With The Practice Solution’s exclusive Insurance Follow-up Center, collecting what you are owed and getting unpaid services re-billed has never been easier. The Insurance Follow-up Center has many advanced features that will ensure you get paid for each and every allowable service you perform. And talk about savings! You can save hundreds of hours a year because any service that needs re-billing is as easy as a single click of the mouse. With the Insurance Follow-up Center your time spent on call out will be reduced to a minimum and your productivity will soar. No more need for cumbersome billing logs, complicated accounts receivable reports and ledger searches! With the exclusive Insurance Follow-up Center, tracking bills and chasing up insurance companies has never been easier. The Insurance Follow-up Center will interactively tell you which insurance companies are holding on to your money and which patients you need to talk to them about. Then, when you have the insurance company on the phone, all the data you need is right in front of you. There is a place to write notes of the conversation so you never forget what was discussed. You can even enter a reminder message to contact the carrier if additional follow-up is needed.

Benefits • HIPAA compliant ANSI 837 direct electronic billing • Most clearing houses supported • Electronic Insurance Followup Center • Automated follow-up reminders • Hyper fast re-billing directly from the Insurance Followup Center • Bill different bill types with different forms at the same time • Fully Automatic Re-billing and Tracers • Line item posting of payments • Accurately calculate patient co-pays and deductibles • Many different A/R reports available • Collection statistics available

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • The Insurance Follow-up Center • How to Post Insurance Payments

"It only takes me two minutes to get my billing for the whole week done. :-)" Dr. G.L., Chiropractor 5

Is Your Billing Time Consuming And Error Prone? The Digital Office Delivers Fast And Accurate Billing!

Benefits • Electronic billing via nearly any clearinghouse • Direct to carrier electronic Billing via ANSI 837 format • Automatically applies modifiers • Detailed fee schedules • Automatic rebilling and tracing • Automatic adjust offs • Allowable amounts tracked • Exact patient and insurance portions for accurate collections • Intelligent billing so no one gets missed • Forms designer to allow customizing of all billing forms

The billing portion of The Digital Office is called The Practice Solution or TPS for short. TPS can take you to a whole new level of speed and accuracy in billing. With TPS you can bill electronically or on paper or both in the same billing batch. The Practice Solution also contains a very advanced yet easy to use Re-billing and Tracing system. Just answer a few questions on what you want re-billed and let the advanced billing engine in TPS do the rest. TPS can electronically bill direct to an Insurance Carrier using the ANSI 837 format or through one of many different clearing houses. Every billing will have a detailed breakdown of every bill created so you know exactly what you sent. Flags and messages can be set on patients for additional follow-up. Billing is super fast and easy so that you can get on to the job of collecting the money owed to you. Line item payment posting also allows re-billing and tracing to be a completely automatic process. This will give you confidence that your patients’ accounts are accurate and up to date.

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • Insurance Billing Made Easy • How to Post Insurance Payments • The Insurance Follow-up Center

If you are not sure where your money is or if your collection percentage is not to the level you want, then you need The Practice Solution in your office.


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Do Patients Drop Out Of Care Unnoticed?

Patient Management Is Second To None! Good patient management starts with good control. Just as your appointment book is the hub of activity in your office, a powerful automated appointment book is the central element of The Practice Solution. From the appointment book, all other areas of the software are just a click of the mouse away providing easy control. The electronic appointment book allows the user to schedule single or multiple appointments for a person, room, or a piece of equipment in any combination. The Practice Solution makes it possible to schedule future appointments with unequaled efficiency. What about the patient who doesn’t show or who escapes without a future appointment? There goes the control right out the window. The Practice Solution will come to the rescue with advanced messaging, recall reports and even reports that will tell you who left the office without a future appointment. In this new digital age, patient management can be vastly improved. And with built-in patient tracking systems you will never walk up to the front desk again and ask, “Hey, whatever happened to Irene?” Another facet of The Digital Office to save time, increase efficiency and save paper is letting the patient use technology to sign in, enter their subjective complaints and sign out again. Now available with The Practice Solution software. "My favorite feature is that I can switch back and forth to do billing, set appointments and enter payments all at the same time. Our old system did not do this and it drove me crazy." Elise, Office Manager


Benefits • On-screen messages • Color-coded appointment status • Multiple columns per practitioner • Set your own appointment lengths • Format your appointment book the way you want • Patient picture display • Rapidly turn to any day, month or year • Easily see appointments for a selected patient • Quickly find the next available appointment • Schedule recurring appointments with ease • Plus many other timesaving features

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • The Appointment Book and Front Desk – Parts 1 & 2 • Digital Sign-In Solution

Is Paperwork Clogging Up Your Office? With Document Solution You Can Go Paperless!

Benefits • • • •

• • •

• •

Send and receive faxes Send and receive emails Scan documents Store pictures in many different formats: DOC/ DOCX, PDF’s, JPG’s and many more Track routing of documents Edit images DICOM® Image Support (Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine) Convert faxes into emails and vice versa Store and view notes created with Documentor

Documentor and Document Solution are two components of The Digital Office that will enable you to go paperless. Documentor helps you create SOAP notes, narratives, HIPAA documents, home excercise sheets and just about any other kind of document fast and easily. Document Solution is your center for all kinds of electronic document storage including notes created in Documentor which are automatically stored by patient in Document Solution. Inside Document Solution you can handle all your emailing and faxing. You can scan documents and store electronic documents in over 18 different file formats. Document Solution can even store X-rays in their native DICOM format. This means you can read X-rays from a digital X-ray machine without having to convert them to a low resolution format. A paperless office is more streamlined, less stressful and highly efficient. In the future, all offices will run this way.

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • An Overview of Document Solution • An Overview of Documentor • Creating SOAP Notes and Narratives


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Can I Just Buy The Features I Need, Not Ones I Do Not Use? The Digital Office Grows With Your Practice! Each of the three components of The Digital Office can be purchased and operated individually. You can start with the documentation software (Documentor) and add the billing component (The Practice Solution) later. Or start with billing and add documentation later. Some of our competitors’ programs become cumbersome to use as you add more features and modules to them. Trying to add on a noting program from one vendor to a billing program from another vendor (or vice versa,) may be compatible, but inefficient in its use or transfer of the data from one program to another. You may need to re-enter data or add additional data in different parts of the programs making them more awkward to use. The Digital Office seamlessly integrates as you add new components. There are no workarounds to get it to do what you want. Whether you are starting up a new practice, have multiple offices that need to share the same database or multiple companies with a common billing office, The Digital Office is built to fit you. "We have a multidisciplinary clinic with multiple locations and providers. I have The Digital Office. It is not a small undertaking to make this kind of switch. It took effort, but I am running a paperless office just like they advertise!" Dr. R.P., Multidisciplinary Clinic 9

Benefits • Purchase only the components and modules you need • Add on new components and modules as you grow • Have a completely integrated system

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • Introduction Office • Introduction Solution • An Overview • An Overview Solution

to The Digital to The Practice of Documentor of Document

Is Your Software Cumbersome and Frustrating To Use? The Digital Office Makes It Easy To Get More Done!

Benefits • Fewer clicks for routine tasks • Logical sequence of actions • Integrated data between billing, documentation and document storage • No more menu hopping • Fast, efficient use of your time • A streamlined office

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • Introduction to The Digital Office • Introduction to The Practice Solution • An Overview of Documentor • An Overview of Document Solution

Computer programs are supposed to make your life and business simpler and more efficient. However, too often they make simple tasks more complex, or add more work, or force one to change one’s logical and simple office procedures. Flow Sensitive is our unique concept in computer software design. Our software programs follow the most efficient administrative flows. They don’t bother you with time-wasting menus. They get the job done in as few clicks as possible. Flow sensitive is what makes a program easy to use. No more hopping from screen to screen nor menu to menu to get the job done.

With other software, there is a lot of finding and clicking! With The Practice Solution, when a patient checks in at the front desk, a fee slip is automatically printed. Of course, if you use The Practice Solution with Documentor there is no need to even print the fee slip as Documentor sends an electronic fee slip to the front desk. Once the patient returns to the front desk, the services are entered or automatically posted from Documentor, the payment is entered and rescheduling occurs automatically in sequence, without ever having to “find” the patient again. With the flow sensitive design, this process can take as few as 8 to 10 clicks rather than 25 to 40 clicks with other software.

"I run a chiropractic office using EON Systems' software. We got up and running fast. Once learned, it is so quick to use that the front desk can easily concentrate on serving the customers, not battling with software. I save so much time!" J.V. Office Manager 10

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Does Changing Software Make You Feel Uneasy? We Make Changing Software Almost Enjoyable! Let’s face it, most people hate change. You want to implement a new procedure or a new system and the only person that seems to want it is the one who originates the bright idea. When changing to anything new, there is always a period of confusion. You are used to certain ways of doing things, even if things don’t work well or are laborious. Keeping one’s eyes on the reason for the change and having a good concept of those final benefits are necessary to alleviate those misgivings and annoyances during the process. At EON Systems, we are all too well aware of what you go

through during such a transition.

The key to success is training. You can implement the most wonderfully sophisticated systems that hold the promise of utopia, but without careful and correct training, they become behemoths that largely go under-utilized. With each software package, EON provides a free training period where a personal consultant guides you from start to finish and gives you the ability to utilize the system in the way that works best for your office. Add to that training videos, context-sensitive help manuals, the famous talking wizard and our exclusive workbooks, and you are all set for an almost enjoyable experience. We can even convert your patient demographics from your existing software package to help you reduce the amount of typing. 11

Benefits • Free one-on-one online training period • Conversion of previous software data available • Contextual help manual in each software package • Many helpful self-training tools

See these Topics on Enclosed CD • What kind of computer do I need? • Hardware Recommendations • Technical Support • How Will You Learn The Practice Solution

“If you are looking for an all-encompassing practice management software company to manage your practice, I recommend EON Systems, Inc. They have three truly remarkable integrated products that you can utilize effectively to grow your practice.” Dr. J.R.

Take your next step now! View the Demonstration CD to see the software in action The topics covered by the Demonstration CD are listed below. View the introduction and the videos of the software you are interested in. Make a note of any questions you have. Next, call EON Systems at (800) 955-6448 and ask to speak to a software consultant to get your questions answered and onto the fast track to a digital office.

1. Introduction to The Digital Office 2. The Practice Solution

a. Introduction to The Practice Solution

h. Patient Letters Made Easy

b. The Appointment Book & Front Desk: Part 1

i. Powerful Statistics and Graphing

c. The Appointment Book & Front Desk: Part 2

j. How Will You Learn The Practice Solution?

d. How The Practice Solution Manages Your k. How to Close Out Your Day Patients e. Insurance Billing Made Easy

l. Hardware and Support

f. How to Post Insurance Payments

m. Digital Sign-In Solution

g. The Insurance Follow-up Center

3. Documentor

a. An Overview of Documentor

d. Electronic Fee Slip

b. Creating SOAP Notes and Narratives

e. How to Create a Custom Note

c. Viewing Previous Documents

f. What kind of computer do I need?

4. Document Solution

a. An Overview of Document Solution

b. What kind of computer do I need?

5. Hardware Recommendations 6. Technical Support Call (800) 955-6448 and ask to speak to a software consultant NOTE: We update the demonstration CD from time to time. The videos on the CD show the software as it was available at the time of the CD production. Modifications and additions may have occured since that time as we are always advancing our software to aid the end-user. Your software consultant will be able to advise you of any major modifications or additions. Your purchase may be different to the demonstration on this CD. Š 2012 EON Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The Digital Office, The Practice Solution, Digital Sign-In Solution, Documentor, Document Solution and the EON Systems logo are trademarks owned by EON Systems, Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.


The Digital Office is made up of three distinct software solutions that can be used separately or combined to make a fully integrated “less-paper” office. It’s the EHR and billing solution that grows with you!


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The Digital Office  

Information package about EON Systems' EHR, billing, scheduling and practice management software.

The Digital Office  

Information package about EON Systems' EHR, billing, scheduling and practice management software.