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COLOR FROM THE CROW’S HERON’S NEST by Susan Peterson Station Manager

Of/By/For the People KMUN has always had its doors open and microphones on for all people. There are still while crossing the Young’s Bay Bridge on my gaps. In the coming months and years we are way to Clatsop Community College for a biology class I needed to finally obtain a bachelor’s going to do some special outreach, engaging the community by having small group chats and degree. I was flipping through radio stations and meeting with other nonprofits to find out how landed on a very soothing voice talking about we can address their needs. I hope we find YOU the ships in the Columbia River. I was hooked. Hooked on this station and the people who make there! If you want to reach out to me, please email me at it happen. It took a couple more years before I became a member and a few years later a front Finding out what is relevant to our communities desk volunteer. Then a dream came true when Ship Report creator and Station Manager, Joanne will unlock new paths to deep connections with people who don’t self-identify with KMUN or Rideout, hired me as the development director. who haven’t yet heard what they are looking for Nine years later, here I am honored to be in the on KMUN. Heron’s Nest. N 2005 I WAS enjoying the stunning view

I have a few ideas that I would like to offer now as the Station Manager to help the healthy progression of this vital community service. The topic of relevancy is high on the list. KMUN is radio by the people and for the people! After all, who knows the Lower Columbia-Pacific region better than the people who live here! We like to think that KMUN has been the voice of, by and for all the people for almost 40 years.

And a big welcome to all the soon-to-be listeners, programmers and volunteers! Looking to our future, Susan




But whose voice is missing? Is it yours? What COMMUNITY would you need to hear on KMUN to be represented? And are you able to join over 120 – WELCOMING TO THE COMMUNITY, people who are already sharing their voices? Radio SUPPORTIVE OF THE COMMUNITY classes have started again. You can find out how to be a programmer on the website ( It is our vision to empower residents by building sustainable and resilient communities. We can’t do that without YOU!




We are a full-service Italian deli offering fine meats and cheeses, ready to eat sandwiches, housemade pastas and sauces to cook at home, housemade sausages, desserts, European market items, and Italian wines. Stop in for a sandwich and a glass of wine, beer, or craft soda, and take something home for an easy dinner! Open Monday-Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-4 Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest products and specials @gaetanosmarketanddeli 1004 COMMERCIAL ST. ASTORIA

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Three Reasons to Celebrate

• The Museum’s 60th Anniversary • Return of the Restored Lightship • Opening of the Shipwrecks! exhibit





COLOR From the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors Appointees sought for Board vacancies By Alyssa Evans, Tillicum Foundation Board Member

As a Board member, I’ve been able to volunteer for KMUN in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of three years ago. Through our monthly meetings and collaboration, I’ve learned a great deal in the behind-the-scenes of how KMUN functions, from budgets to fundraising events.

HEN I HOSTED MY first live radio show, a rush of joy and excitement came over me. Sitting in the Tillicum House, a smile came to my face as I recited KMUN 91.9 FM’s top-of-the-hour legal ID: “You’re listening to Coast Community Radio, KMUN 91.9 FM…”

Being a Board member hasn’t only been a learning experience, though. It’s also been an opportunity for me to make a difference in the community. During my tenure, I’ve already helped make Board decisions, participated in the station’s strategic planning and more; all in an effort to help improve the station.

Those feelings of joy and excitement have stuck with me. In September, I will celebrate the third anniversary of my KMUN show, “Under the Radar.” Come November, I will also celebrate the end of my first year as a Board Member for the Tillicum Foundation, the governing body for KMUN and its sister programs under Coast Community Radio. Last fall, when I learned that the Board had open positions, I decided to run for one of the open positions. To my surprise, I was elected alongside my fellow board members Sturges Dorrance and Mick Mortlock; both of whom have led fascinating careers and have demonstrated a high level of care for their communities. The same can be said about the Board’s long term members Larry Scott, Todd Lippold and John Stevenson. Joining the Board has been a great learning opportunity. Over the past year, I’ve learned a great deal from my fellow Board members, the KMUN staff and others who care about KMUN.

Currently, the Board has four openings. We hope to appoint new members who care deeply about KMUN and its impact on our local coastal communities. Whether you are a longtime listener to KMUN, a donor or a volunteer, I hope that you consider applying to join the Board. We hope to fill these vacancies soon with a group of dedicated and thoughtful people who come from varying backgrounds. Below are some FAQs on what Board membership requires and looks like. If you are interested in applying to be a Board member, please feel welcome to contact the Board with any questions at We look forward to hearing from you. What is the Tillicum Foundation? The Tillicum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the Lower Continued on page 6


COLOR BW Coast Community Radio Staff STATION MANAGER



Troy Hill,



Larry Scott, Acting President (2023) John Stevenson, Treasurer (2022) Todd Lippold, Secretary (2022) Alyssa Evans (2023) Sturges Dorrance (2023) Mick Mortlock (2023) Bonnie Lively (2023)

Janet Fryberger, NEWS DEPARTMENT

Katie Frankowicz, OPERATIONS

Nevada Sowle Nyk Stephens BOOKKEEPING


Every 4th Wednesday at 3:30 pm on Zoom. Meeting links are listed at

Jennifer Rasmussen

The Tillicum Foundation mission is to serve the Lower Columbia Pacific Region through commercial-free community radio programs and services that enrich life by illuminating the role of the arts, promoting cultural and educational growth, and bringing focus to current issues of local and regional public interest while providing a forum for diverse and under-served groups.


Alex Appel


Sunset Empire Ham Radio Club Gray Haertig Michael Johnson David Klann Bryan Huber Michael D. Brown NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR

Dave Neys

The CURRENT program guide is a quarterly publication of Coast Community Radio. KMUN-FM, KTCB-FM and KCPB-FM are noncommercial community radio stations owned and operated by the TILLICUM FOUNDATION PO Box 269, Astoria, Oregon 97103 (503) 325-0010


KMUN’s Community Advisory Board has been restructured, and is currently recruiting members. For more information on the CAB’s purpose and qualifications, please contact Emma ( Quarterly CAB meetings are open to the public, and announced on KMUN.

Meeting and Event Notices Please submit event and meeting information at

Studios are located in Tillicum House at 1445 Exchange Street, Astoria, Ore. — Like us at KMUN 91.9 Coast Community Radio Follow us at @kmun91.9

The Tillicum Foundation is tax-exempt and all gifts, grants, and contributions to it are tax deductible to the extent of the law. KMUN broadcasts 5000 watts of power at 91.9MHz from its main transmitter on Megler Mountain, 250 watts at 89.3 from a translator located in Cannon Beach, and 10 watts at 104.3 from a translator in Wheeler and 91.3 from a translator serving Astoira’s south slope. KTCB broadcasts 400 watts of power at 89.5 MHz from Cape Meares, serving Tillamook County. Tillicum Foundation also operates a second program service. KCPB broadcasts at 400 watts from Megler Mountain at 90.9 MHz. COAST COMMUNITY RADIO



COLOR BW From the Tillicum Foundation... Continued from page 4

“We are looking to hear from you.”

Columbia Pacific Region through commercialfree community radio programs and services that enrich life by illuminating the role of the arts; promoting cultural and educational growth; and bringing focus to current issues of local and regional public interest while providing a forum for diverse and underserved groups. This mission is enacted through KMUN radio; its sister station KCPB; and the recent addition of the YouTube channel KMUNtv; collectively known as Coast Community Radio. What does the Board of Directors do? The Board of Directors is the governing body of Coast Community Radio responsible for fundraising, policymaking, and fiscal oversight. While the Board is responsible for hiring the general manager, it does not participate in the operation of the station, determine programming, or other duties carried out by the staff of the station. Annual strategic planning, in concert with the staff, determines the goals and direction of the organization. What are the qualifications for Board membership? Board members must be members in good standing of the Tillicum Foundation. While specific areas of expertise, e.g. legal, may be


useful to the Board they are not required; nor is experience in media. Rather, committed, enthusiastic individuals who support the mission of the Tillicum Foundation and want to see the station thrive are most valuable as Board members. What are my responsibilities as a Board member? Members are expected to attend all monthly meetings if at all possible. Most will also serve on one or more subcommittees. Board members are also ambassadors for the station and will participate in hosting events, for example. Fundraising is a major focus of Board membership, including, as appropriate, a personal financial commitment. What would be my role in fundraising? As noted, fundraising is an important, if not the most important duty of a Board member. This can take the form of one or more activities, beyond a personal financial commitment. Participation in fundraising events, help during semi-annual pledge drives, grant writing, and reaching out to potential new members and donors, are examples.

COLOR Something New By Astronemis Ray ORT ASTORIA HAS A new sign. After

much work, research, and community input, the new Fort Astoria sign was unveiled on May 7th with a dedication event.

Leading up to this, KMUN aired a 30 minute special program about the sign. Various community members involved with the process were interviewed to share their stories of how this new sign was made possible. You can hear the program by going to, then click Podcasts in the menu bar, then scroll down to Special Programs. You’ll hear why the sign was updated and how a re-write committee was formed to update the sign’s language. Located on 15th and Exchange St, it is where the original Fort Astoria once stood. Coincidentally, if you look out the window of the Tillicum House where KMUN broadcasts you can see the sign!

the mouth of the Columbia River. In 1811, New Yorker John Jacob Astor established the fur trading post “Astoria” in competition with British interests. Astor’s workforce included French Canadians, Hawaiians, African Americans, and Scots, many of whom adopted Chinook jargon to communicate with Native people. Encouraged by Chiefs Comcomly and Coboway, alliances were expanded through intermarriages between Lower Chinook and Clatsop women, and Astor’s employees. In 1813, Astoria was transferred to British control and renamed “Fort George.” The United States claimed joint ownership in 1818, and the British largely abandoned the fort in 1824. U.S. settlers claimed the land in the 1840s. The citizens of Astoria established this park in 1948 to commemorate its layered history. Today, the Lower Chinook and Clatsop people serve as a vital link to this site’s storied past.

Here is what the sign now says: For thousands of years, the Lower Chinook and Clatsop people guided a vast network of trade from





Get Your Weekends Back!

Clean • Repair • Replace



retired from the radio station in January.

Kathleen Morgain first came to KMUN in 2006, bringing her vast expertise in radio to the News Department. Joanne Rideout was hired by the News Department in 2002, and returned to News Director again in 2017, serving until retirement. She was also Station Manager from 2010 to 2017. To commemorate their immense contributions to KMUN, an award in Broadcasting Excellence was presented to Kathleen, and will be awarded annually to volunteers who exemplify high caliber broadcasting skills.

For Joanne, we created The Joanne Rideout Scenic Viewpoint, located at the Tillicum House’s large picture window looking out to the Columbia River. It was dedicated to her for nearly 20 years of education and entertainment in “all things maritime” during her 10 minute segment, The Columbia River Ship Report (M-F 8:49am). Like most community radio folk they could not let go totally. You can still hear them on the station; Kathleen is producing Willapa Nature Notes (Tues 8:42am & Sat 1:00pm) and Joanne continues to produce The Columbia River Ship Report. Thank you Kathleen and Joanne!





The New Normal T THE END OF summer in 2020, I saw to intensify under climate change, and summer

seaweed at low tide that looked like its ends had been dipped in bleach.

has become the strangest season.

Last year, I spent the summer weeks dreading what could come, unable to enjoy the warm, dry days, assuming the smoke was on its way. It never arrived; summer passed.

Later, I interviewed a researcher who specializes in the study of chemical interactions between living things and the ocean environment. He theorized that unnatural daytime darkness at the coast caused by smoke from wildfires inland had starved Now we approach another summer. It’s been a cold, wet, stormy welcome with little of spring’s the seaweed of sunlight. Over one million acres usual lightness to carry us. The garden is in burned in Oregon that year. shambles and the berries taste like water. Wildfires, extreme weather — all are anticipated

There’s Always Something Playing at The Liberty! Buy your tickets today! Online or at the Box Office.




Nothing beats live music, especially in a gorgeous theatre with amazing acoustics. At The Liberty, you’ll find everything from classical to country to cover bands, performed by local and regional groups who love music as much as you do.

With performances ranging from solo artists to large casts, The Liberty brings you an eclectic variety of theatrical experiences. Plays, musicals, readings, comedy and more await you at The Liberty, with perfect views from every seat in the house.

Our dancers will delight you. Whether it’s ballet, classical, modern, or jazz with a side of rumba, our talented performers from traveling and local troupes are sure to inspire and entertain.


The Liberty offers a wide range of children’s programs, including musicals, holiday shows and our very own Astoria School of Ballet, where local children learn, rehearse and perform live in The Liberty itself!

Downtown Astoria’s historic Liberty Theatre was made for music, dance, theatre, readings, film, comedy, children’s programs – and you! 1203 Commercial Street | Astoria, OR 97103 | 503.325.5922 |


COLOR BW Many thanks to these businesses for supporting Coast Community Radio via underwriting support and/or print ads in what you’re reading right now: The Current. With the pandemic, the state of politics and every new war, I think we’re becoming all too aware that there isn’t any such thing as “normal,” no universal standard of “when things were good” and we could live unbothered and carefree.

It’s all about support. When they support us, they are supporting the extensive programming we’re able to provide our listeners. Please show your support for them with your shopping decisions whenever possible. Andrea Mace, Realtor with Realty One Group Prestige

Liberty Theatre

With the shifting climate and the more extreme weather and wildfires that come with it, we are losing the illusion of normalcy a little more. The forces behind our weekly weather are vast and it’s hard to pin one extra rainy spring and start to summer to climate change, but it’s a reminder of all we don’t know and can’t control.

Arbor Care Tree Specialists Astoria Co-op Grocery

McMemamin’s Gearhart Hotel and Sand Trap Pub

The Astorian Newspaper

Monarch Muse Design and Frame

Astoria Real Estate

Nehalem County Recreation District

Bank of the Pacific

Northwest Lending Group

Bill’s Tavern/Warren House Pub

Ocean View Cremation and Burial Service

Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe

Old Town Framing

I don’t know what the answer is — I tend toward existential dread myself. Here’s an effort though: Recently, I was on assignment on the beach. It was a gray morning, much too early. Rain threatened. But instead, the clouds parted suddenly several times and sent spears of sunlight against the cliffs. Green flushes of growth glowed then and the water flashed. Even the dull brown rocks looked illuminated. An osprey passed overhead, feathers a little ruffled, shaking itself dry in mid-flight after a dive for fish — unsuccessful, but it was getting ready to try again.

Bridgewater Bistro

Oregon Hot Tub

Brim’s Farm and Garden

Peninsula Arts

Bree and Associates Real Estate Team

Phog Bounders Antique Mall

Buoy Beer Company

Purple Cow Toys

Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa

Reclamation Marketplace

Columbia Memorial Hospital

Rinehart Clinic

Columbia River Coffee Roaster

RiverSea Gallery

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Robert Freeman Architect

Crag Law Center

Salmonberry Saloon

Englund Marine and Industrial Supply

Seaside Attorneys

Finn Ware

Short Wave

Fort George Brewery And Public House

Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District

Gaetano’s Market and Deli

Thrivent Financial-Astoria

Gimre’s Shoes

Tillamook Air Museum

Good to Go

Twin Gables Inn

Haglund Kelly, LLP

The Wahkiakum County Eagle

Hearts of Space

Watershed Wellness


Wauna Credit Union

Imogen Gallery

Willapa Hills Audubon Society

Lum’s Auto Center

Lewis and Clark Bank

Reach our listeners and readers with your message. or 503.325.0010 COAST COMMUNITY RADIO


COLOR BW FROM THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM by Janet Fryberger Development Director


Community Radio Continues to Thrive HREE BILLION PEOPLE AROUND

the world listen to radio on a weekly basis. According to Nielsen’s Social Media report, radio is the medium of choice for 94 percent of people aged 35 to 49, and reaches 92% of adults in the US every week. And there’s reason to hope that the listening pool is still growing. National Public Media found more and more young people are tuning in. These numbers are a positive sign that radio remains ingrained in American life. One report indicated that radio’s share of listeners — anywhere from 90 to 94 percent, depending upon the age group — is higher than the shares of all other leading platforms, including televisions, smartphones, and computers. Dazzling and reassuring numbers, yes? Clearly radio is not dead, or even in poor health! But here’s something to think about: all these statistics were gathered to understand and manipulate advertising targets. When analysts discuss engagement and focus, they mean, “Is the listener ad-engaged?” (their term). The music programs, the news stories, the interviews, the TALK – they all serve to present the ads in commercial radio. Community radio’s mission is different: to serve the community, rather than profit from it. Locally owned and operated, community radio emerged as a direct contrast to mainstream media, embodying ideologies “based on noncommercial status, local involvement in program production, and democratically governed operating practices and processes.” Roughly 31% of radio listeners tune into community stations (CBAA, Australia)


Surveys of community station listeners found people value local information and news and like to hear local personalities and voices and music that is not available on other stations. The most common qualities community stations stressed about their listenership is that they are engaged, diverse, and loyal. Clearly, this is a relationship that relies on communication and support from both sides.For KMUN that means we will continue to keep you informed and entertained through volunteer voices in the Columbia Pacific region and beyond. For listeners, that support can look like: • Becoming a member (all donations come with a membership!) - mail in the form below or go to • Becoming a volunteer - be a programmer or help out at the front desk. • Donating your car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV ( • Supporting our Business Members and Underwriters. • Becoming a Business Member or Underwriter. • Asking your Human Resources Department for details about employee gift-matching programs. • Calling us (503-325-0010), writing us (PO Box 269 \ Astoria \ OR \ 97103), emailing us (

COLOR RADIO SOUNDS SWEETER WHEN YOU ARE A MEMBER! Mail this coupon to KMUN, PO Box 269 Astoria, OR 97103 Donate online at

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________ City/State/Zip _______________________ Phone_____________________________________ Email __________________________________________ I want to make a one time donation (check one): $50





Other $ _____________________

I want to be a sustainer! Please charge this amount monthly: $ _________

By card

By check (enclosed)

Card #________________________________ Name on Card________________________ Exp _____/______ CVV_____

(three-digit code on back of card)

Postal Mail

We are a 501(c)3, tax exempt organization. Donations are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law.

Send me additional information regarding:

Send me the Current via: Email

Please make checks payable to KMUN


Business Membership Volunteering Planned Giving



COLOR FROM THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM by Troy W. Hill Business Development Director

The Occasional Squeak Y GRANDMOTHER USED TO say

“the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” It was a phrase that I embraced from an early age and one that has served me well both personally and professionally. During a broadcast sales career spanning more than 30 years I’ve refined the intention. A squeaky wheel, after all, can be very irritating. As my job responsibilities shifted to management, I encouraged my sales team to be “professionally persistent” and “tactfully tenacious.” There is often a fine line between irritation and appreciation. Some people just need a little reminder now and again, an occasional squeak.

Coast Community Radio is where I will likely wrap up my life in sales. It is the quintessential culmination of a mantra I landed on more than a decade ago: utilize the power of broadcast media in a positive way. In the Seattle television world that meant finding non-traditional advertisers with meaningful messages. At KMUN/KTCB and KCPB it means any underwriter.

Underwriting with a non-profit station not only puts the message out there to a steadfastly loyal audience, it also garners a positive “halo effect.” An investment in Coast Community Radio is appreciated by our listeners. Simply put, support from HISTORY underwriters garners support from listeners. HISTORY HOUSING And whether it’s a big city or a small town, we (503) 842-1130 • 6030 Hangar Rd Tillamook, OR 97141 all are busy with our lives. A gentle nudge can • If you are an advertising decision-maker and be helpful. From Eugene (Go Ducks!) to Seattle already partner with us, thank you. If you’re ready to Wellington, New Zealand, and now Astoria, to fit us into your outreach and marketing plans, I have always found it rewarding when a squeak please zip me a note. Together, we gets the grease…when that gentle nudge gets can utilize the power of the North Coast’s most the “yes.” It is all the better when that “yes” popular radio station in a positive way. And I means business for non-profit community radio. promise not to be too squeaky. Walk-thru the Museum’s most bizarre-looking aircraft, its Mini-Guppy. This cargo aircraft from the 1960’s carried spacecraft for NASA, wrecked airplanes, and even starred in a Hollywood film!


(503) 842-1130 • 6030 Hangar Rd Tillamook, OR 97141 •


Come visit the unique experience of Hangar B • Unique Aircraft • Many Wartime Artifacts • Souvenirs & Gifts • Book Tours & Parties • Event Space Available Walk-thru the Museum’s most bizarre-looking aircraft, its Mini-Guppy. This cargo aircraft from the 1960’s carried spacecraft for NASA, wrecked airplanes, and even starred in a Hollywood film!



All housed in a wooden WWII Blimp hangar

COLOR Become a member today!


Antique Marketplace Michelle Liotta 503-836-3479

936 Commercial Street, Astoria Oregon 97103













Jazz hosts, brought to you by Program Director Emma Geddes. What do you do at KMUN, and how long have you been a volunteer?

What’s the most rewarding? Feedback from the listeners, great community connections, and lifelong friendships are important to me. Learning about jazz history and the freedom story it tells has been the most rewarding part of 40 years of programming.

I, along with many others, have been volunteering at the station for over 41 years. Before KMUN hit the airwaves in 1983, I helped promote and inform future listeners of the new experience that Community Radio was about to provide. I have been a Jazz Programmer for 39 years and 5 months.

Why is KMUN important to you?

What music/album/artist have you been excited about recently?

Catch Pam’s rendition of Evening Jazz on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6 - 8 PM on KMUN!

The grand experiment of jazz voice excites me. Currently, Cecile McLorin Salvant keeps it going with her recent recording, The Window. Clairdee’s A Love Letter to Lena also has my attention focusing on Lena Horne’s music, and her lifelong contribution to the Civil Rights movement.

Do you have what it takes to make Great Radio for your friends and neighbors? Send an email to or give us a call during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9 - 5) at 503-325-0010 to learn all about our current volunteer opportunities.

KMUN is important to me because it’s a Community Radio station – giving voice to local concerns and interests without the shadow of corporate definition. It also provides a format for volunteers to use their talents for the public good.

Our community’s offering of great live musical talent, both locals and imports, and KMUN’s promotion of this excites me. What’s the most challenging part of hosting your show? The time commitment, and keeping the programming fresh, are both challenging. I play a lot of mid-century jazz, but I also want listeners to be aware of current musicians and jazz trends.

Imogen Gallery

contemporary works

240 11th street, astoria, or • 5 0 3 . 4 6 8 . 0 6 2 0 mon – sat 11 to 5:30, sun 11 to 4 •







KMUN is your summer station.

526 Alameda Ave. (By Appointment) Astoria, OR 97103 503.827.4174

Give us a listen

Robert Freeman


Architecture Sustainability Planning Site Analysis Licensed in Oregon and Washington On Facebook and LinkedIn

Shoot for the Moon! Launching your legacy for

You can ensure that future generations can listen, learn, and understand the importance of independent community radio. Contact Susan about planned giving today! Call (503) 325-0010.

Coast Community Radio



COLOR BW A Sea of Change N THESE SHIP REPORT articles I like

to compare practices at sea with those on land, with the idea that we can all learn something from mariners, who have their own unique and effective ways of handling things.

by Joanne Rideout

“On ships at sea, weather changes, cargoes change. People change... Yet the ship sails on.” 22

This time I’d like to expand on the theme of change as a constant in our lives and how mariners handle that, and incorporate it into their lives. And how we on land, even here at KMUN, might benefit from their wisdom. Mariners at sea on cargo ships are accustomed to change. I’d say they even expect it, and are prepared to roll with the punches. They know this is a normal part of the changing patterns of life, and that to cling too much to what used to be is a losing game. On ships at sea, weather changes, cargoes change. People change. Crew members on one voyage may be different from the next. Captains relieve one another on ships, because everyone needs a break, so the same captain is not on board all the time. Mariners may arrive to find a different person in charge than the one who occupied that seat last time they were at sea. Yet the ship sails on. We see this on land too, but it seems to cause us more consternation when we see change happening. Instead of appreciating the changing patterns of life, we resist, maybe get angry, and generally dig in our heels for what was. If we’re smart, we realize that’s just how life is, and how it was meant to be.

I was fortunate for seven years to be KMUN’s captain – the land-based word is manager, but it’s the same thing. For those years, I was in charge. I am one of a fairly long list of people who at one time or another have filled that role for the station, either on a permanent or interim basis. The job is part of the range of important potential roles the station can offer to people who choose to get involved, along with staff member, board member, volunteer, and member/listener. After a couple of decades of kicking around KMUN, it seems clear to me that organizations have different needs at different times in their evolution. If they are fortunate, they draw a “captain” to them who is the right person for the time. KMUN has survived a few critical turning points in its evolution. I’ve been around for a few of them. During the time that I was at the helm of KMUN, looming fiscal troubles were paramount – and my job then was to take the seriously listing, leaking and ailing ship of KMUN in hand - and get her upright and seaworthy again. It was tough going but I managed it, with the help of many people. That was my turn at the helm.

After me came Graham Nystrom, the perfect person for the challenges that assailed the station during his tenure: ailing infrastructure, cash flow, and the massive challenge of the pandemic. He too, with lots of help, along with his many skills and talents as a person, addressed those challenges. KMUN survived, And while not all change is beneficial, it’s good and the station is much stronger for it. I would to be able to recognize positive change and venture to say that without him being there, embrace it. the perfect person at the right time, the station might not be here now. Continued on page 27



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Drop us a line. Tell us what you love about KMUN.

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“World’s Most Ethical Companies” and “Ethisphere” names and marks are registered trademarks of Ethisphere LLC. For details, visit Guarantees based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of Thrivent. Thrivent is the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Insurance products issued by Thrivent. Not available in all states. Securities and investment advisory services offered through Thrivent Investment Management Inc., a registered investment adviser, member FINRA and SIPC, and a subsidiary of Thrivent. Licensed agent\producer of Thrivent. Registered representative of Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Advisory services available through investment adviser representatives only. 31197C N7-21




KMUN Fall Pledge Drive

SEPT 9-16


Call for current dining options. 503.325.6777 l Open Daily l l 20 Basin St, Astoria OR

Providing expertise with estate planning, Business and nancial matters.

SEASIDE ATTORNEYS 842 Broadway, Seaside 503-738-6380

We are with YOU Every Step of the Way Greg Cross NMLS #222493

Jeany Birdeno NMLS #2184252

Experienced: Greg and Jeany have over 35 years combined experience in the mortgage industry and over 30 of those right here in Clatsop County. Experience does make a difference. Competitive: As a Mortgage Banker, we have access to many of the nation’s top lenders. This gives us very competitive pricing and a wide array of products for virtually every need. Local: Profits earned get spent right here in our community which benefits all of us. We also contribute funds to local schools and charities throughout the year.

Conventional • Jumbo FHA • VA • USDA Purchase and Refinancing A branch of Golden Empire Mortgage Inc. NMLS #1469420 Oregon ML #2891


Northwest Lending Group 1227 Commercial St., Astoria • 503-325-4116 24



10 Pier 1, Suite 308




We have the solutions to your art challenges Tues-Fri 11-5:30 Saturday 10-5 No appointment needed 503.325.5221 Downtown Astoria

Fr am ing ... ch ea pe rt ha na tan ko fg as .




COLOR BW Ship Report Continued from page 22 Now change has happened again, and Susan Peterson (formerly station development director) is now the captain at the helm of the good ship KMUN. She is another extremely capable person, whose skills and strengths fit the task at hand. It’s her turn to be the leader, and as her crew, we owe her the same support and allegiance that a good crew at sea gives to their ocean-going captain. In the end, like all of us, she’ll have her turn at the helm, make her own imprint on the place, and eventually, when the time is right, hand the wheel off to someone else, who will have their turn to bring just the right skillset to bear as needed. This is all just as it should be. That kind of change is beneficial, part of the deal and greatly needed. Because needs change with the times. In the meantime, the ship of KMUN will do what it has somehow always done: keep sailing on, prevailing through change, providing an important service to our community of listeners, growing stronger after setbacks. I’m grateful to have had my turn at the helm. Being able to serve the community in this way and in other roles I’ve had at the station as a staff member have been a defining feature in my life, in the best possible way.

“...the ship of KMUN will do what it has somehow always done: keep sailing on...”

I salute Susan for taking on this important role, a role that offers many challenges to all who accept it. I appreciate her commitment and willingness to assume this responsibility on behalf of us all. Thanks to her, we can keep on having fun, doing good and doing radio, knowing we’re in good hands. Aye, Aye, Captain! Steady on. We’re with you.

940 Astor, Suite B,





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Jeanine’s Jazz show, Albert’s Friday Folk, Fresh Air, All Things Considered - some top favorites, but we pretty much love all you offer each and every day. Thank you all so much! DANIEL

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KMUN Sustainer


KMUN remains a refuge of sanity in these chaotic times. I particularly enjoy having Retta Christie back on Tuesday evenings (Evening Jazz, 6-8pm) and usually plan my Saturdays around all the afternoon programming. I rarely miss the news and lately classical has become an early morning staple (M-F 6-8am.)

LOVE the Classic Rock show on Sunday afternoon. (1-3pm.)


Grayland, WA


Mercer Island, WA

My wife’s family has a beach home in Seaview, WA, built in 1882 by her great-grandfather. We visit several times a year and since discovering KMUN it is almost constantly playing on our stereo. JOHN

Leavenworth, WA



We just spent another few days at our friends’ home in Manzanita. One of the best parts was listening to KMUN, which we discovered–and now support–during our previous visit. I love your idiosyncratic, amazing little station. ROBERT

Woodland, WA

COLOR Mark Meadowlark in action with his show Caribbean Moon. Roots, rock, and dub, along with new, old, and possibly out of date reggae music for our mutual healing. Caribbean Moon airs every Friday from 6-8pm on KMUN.

KMUN Medley

Volunteer and Staff Gathering: Janet Fryberger, Susan Peterson, Joanne Rideout, Debbie Twombly, Lynn Hadley, Patty Marks, and Jerry Middaugh.

Volunteer and Staff Gathering: Liam Dunne (Sonic Sunspot), Janet Fryberger (SheBop/ BeatBack), and Bernie Burger (Stuck in the 60s).

Volunteer and Staff Gathering: Jazz hosts Pam Trenary (Tuesday nights) and Jeannine Grey (Wednesdays).

We Gotta Regatta! Tune in to KMUN 12-1pm on Saturday, August 13th: Todd and Bonnie will be bringing you live highlights from the parade throughout the first hour of Crossroads. It’s the next best thing to being there!

Legendary KMUN sibling duo Retta and Pierce Christie narrate a parade from the balcony of the downtown Astoria studio (circa mid-1980s).





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