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Who are we? Why are we here? What are we doing? Who are you? Official Magazine of the 2012 Leinster Regional Session of EYP Ireland

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Ciaran Hyland outlines the Session roles

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Eoin Mac Lochlann wonders what all this is about

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Kate Zejdlova gives you an idea of what's to come

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David Corish takes inspiration from the great explorers of fact and fiction


Sup Smelligats,

Welcome one and all to the 2012 Leinster Session of the European Youth Parliament. We, your Editors, have been flown in specially from the deep south (of Ireland) to help make this Session among the most entertaining in EYP history. For those of you wondering 'What am I doing here?', Who are these people?' and 'Why exactly am I spending my weekend in a school and not out at Wezz?', the answer is convoluted and probably not readily apparent. EYP is not the easiest of things to explain to those who never attended a Session; it is not for everyone, nor was it ever supposed to be. What it is, is a forum for those who wish to engage with the real topics of the day and come up with solutions that reflect their own views. Your Chairs will no doubt develop these points to a higher degree, so we are now going to leave them to it. Suffice to say the weekend will be highly stimulating for all of you and will leave you feeling that you have fulfilled your potential. Whilst the Chairs will look to assist you in the development of your ideas, our job occupies a slightly different niche within the EYP paradigm. The Journos, along with us your Editors, are here to try and make sure you enjoy this Session to the utmost. Over the course of the Session you will be receiving more newspapers, videos and other media than you can shake a well formed fist at: some serious, some less so, some (most) verging on the ridiculous. We hope you like them, and if you don't it was all O'Leary's idea anyway. Peace and Love, The Editors,


Ben & Eoin.

Who's who at the Session? People make an organisation; Ciaran Hyland takes you through the groups that make EYP run like a shoddily oiled piece of farm machinery. President

Presidents are the guide to any Session and set the weekend's theme. They chair General Assembly, making sure everything is kept nice and orderly. Being the Session president is a great honour for any EYPer. However it also marks the end of a journey. The Session at which an EYPer presides will be their last ever Session as an Official.


Chairs play a very important role in the Commitee room. They will ensure that by the end of Friday night everyone will have bonded as a group. Chairs ensure that every Delgate's voice is heard. They facilitate the Committee discussion and keep it in line with the topic. They will also be around at General Assembly to answer any questions.



The Journalists are mainly responsible for The Organisers ensure that everything runs writing this paper. They will be snooping around Committee rooms, taking note of smoothly over the course of the weekend. what everyone is getting up to. As well as that You probably wont see much of them. The Organisers are always running somewhere or the journalists are always playing games, so setting something up. They literally look after don’t be afraid to get involved. (Editors are like Journos but better looking everything from registering the delgates to the coffee breaks. They work really hard, so and better at life, ed.) give them some well-earned respect! Delegates

Thats you! Your role is to simply enjoy yourselves. Let yourself go! And most of all, get involved!


Why are we here? Eoin Mac Loachlann welcomes you to the

Leinster Session and gives you the tools you need to begin your exploration

EYP has its own distinct blend of the serious and the ridiculous, which gives it its unique identity. You will find yourself taking part in many different activities this evening which may seem unusual, or perhaps even pointless, yet tomorrow you will be debating important issues of the day, pertinent to Europe and beyond. The apparently contradictory nature of these two, the mad and the professional, are what make EYP wonderful. To attempt to delineate what an EYP Session is or does would be impossible, rather it is something that you yourself have to experience over this weekend. There is something uniquely attractive about EYP, which leaves a permanant mark on all who take part. Leinster 2012 is its own experience that you have the opportunity to live and explore. Over the next seventy two hours you will come to appreciate the quirky charm of EYP. An EYP Session can make a huge impression on a Delegate, and I say that from experience. It is a journey that can give you friends that you will have all


- Exploring EYP through college and possibly beyond. I do not mean numbers with which to fill your Facebook account, but rather true friends. It also offers you an opportunity to engage with issues that you may never have considered: foreign affairs, international trade, legislation. You may find that your Committee topic fascinates you and spurs an interest in that area. I urge you to make use of this opportunity, to speak up during Committee Work, to defend your beliefs and opinions and help to shape your resolution. This weekend is an opportunity to be heard, so make sure to speak. As you explore the world of EYP you will be surprised by what you find. I imagine that it will be nothing like what you may have expected. As you make your way, you’ll meet many new people, Delegates and Officials. The EYP journey can make a huge impact on you, but consider this caveat - this can only happen if you are willing to make an effort, to speak and engage. While it may sound like a clichÊ, EYP is quite unlike any other experience you will have had to date. Good luck exploring.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it - Pablo Picasso

What to expect from the Session

What is this weekend all about? Who are these people running the whole show? Kate Zejdlova gives an international perspective on what makes this organisation tick. The people: Commonly known as ‘EYPers’, they are all unique and different, yet somehow united. No satisfactory explanation has been given so far concerning the phenomenon of the various personalities perfectly fitting together, creating an extraordinary group of people which is very hard to abandon after just a few days spent together. The skills: It’s going to teach you a lot. The main aims are to learn to think independently, become confident about your opinions and be able to defend them; but you will also learn to make compromises, work in a team of various people and improve your negotiation and cooperation abilities. You don’t exactly need to seek a career in politics, you will always benefit from these skills in your everyday life. The experience: You’re going to do things you would never imagine yourself doing before. And they are very likely to become remarkable memories. You’ll work hard at this Session, but all work and no play is not what we’re about. Sessions are also about socialising and having fun, Saturday night is the ultimate opportunity to do that! Why not meet up with random strangers? Besides friends from other schools, you can also make friends among the internationals! The important thing is to stay positive and open-minded!

So, why not give EYP the chance to change your life?


Greatest Travellers Which one are you? The worlds’s greatest explorers and EYP? David Corish asks “What would Indy do?”, along with several other highly relevant questions guaranteed to make no difference to your life. Indiana Jones:

Colonel Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr., Ph.D. A serious name; a serious man. Indy is a college lecturer by day, but this explorer has been on his share of crusades. Has a thing for the ladies, has a thing for trouble, but most of all has a passion for the artefacts. Will travel the length of the world to find priceless objects and put where they belong, however Indy values friendship and loyalty over everything else. Often prefers to be alone, can be moody and really hates those snakes. He is smart enough to figure his way out of trouble, but not smart enough to stay out of trouble. Dora the Explorer:

If she were human, she'd be at or near the top of Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women. With her trademark purple backpack, wash-and-wear bob (perfect for the tropics) and monkey sidekick, Boots, Dora is a one of a kind Explorer. She knows her Spanish, isn’t afraid to ask for help and is even known to break into song upon her many travels. Don’t let her size fool you, she’ll often be seen leading the way. Dora isn't afraid to venture into unchartered territory in order to help her friends. However the question as to why someone so young is out and exploring the jungle has yet to be answered. She loves working with the rest of her team in her adventures trying to solve tough problems.


Captain Jack Sparrow:

Does he plan it all out? Or just make it up as he goes along. No one quite knows, but there is no denying that Jack’s got style. “You know that feeling you get when you’re standing in a high place… sudden urge to jump? I don’t have it” – Captain Jack shows self-confidence and the ability to take calculated risks. Is his mad? Or mad in craft? He walks with a slightly drunken swagger and is a trickster who uses wit and deceit to attain his goals. Preferring to end disputes verbally instead of by force. Sparrow claims to be a man of his word, and expresses surprise that people doubt his truthfulness, which is a common occurrence. Motto? ‘’Take all you can! Give nothing back!’’ He lacks morals, but gets the job done. Any problem can be solved with a bit of initiative and creativity... and possibly lying. Lara Croft:

Lara Croft is an archaeologist much in the same way that Indiana Jones is an archaeologist. A full on gun-toting action heroine, very well proportioned and athletic, she could give Indy a run for his money. This strong, independent, intelligent woman takes no bull from anyone. She has yet to fail at a task. Lara is an ambitious woman, who sets her goals high and doesn't let much stand in her way to achieve them.

Silent but cunning, appears as a lone wolf yet is a strong ally and can tackle any problem. Amelia Earhart:

This American heart-throb shot to fame in the 1920s. Independent, courageous, and brave: Earhart was once described as one ‘plucky American gal’. An iconic heroin for many, she is a free spirit who couldn’t be kept down. However, her most famous act was her greatest fail; she aimed too high and went too far. She crashed in the Pacific and her remains were never found. Strong, Independent and not afraid to challenge the ‘impossible’, when she sets her mind to it, she can do anything; except fly across the Pacific. Doctor Who:

This intergalactic Explorer is intelligent, funny, defiant and, yet, weird. He creates his own rulebook, before going ahead and breaking it. He has a fascination with everything in life and allows others to reach their potential. The Doctor is a good friend, handy with a screwdriver and can get himself, and his companions, out of any mess. However his arrogance can lead to a few too many regenerations. He is the kind of renegade that can often be seen as the Anti-Hero, but is he a hero at all?


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InPrint - Welcome Issue  

Welcome Issue of the official magazine of the 2012 Leinster Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament Ireland

InPrint - Welcome Issue  

Welcome Issue of the official magazine of the 2012 Leinster Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament Ireland