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Global Entrepreneurship Week – OpenSoho @ eOffice

Speed Networking @ eOffice

16th NOV 2010

90sec mini pitch

London, SOHO – eOffice London organized its first Speed Networking event in collaboration with London Speed Networking and its founder Jim Hewitt. The initiative brought 30 people, all from different industries, interested in creating new contacts and expanding their existing database. Public Relations professional, finance broker, solicitor, business coach, web designer and property investor are just a few of the professions that got the one to one opportunity for a 90sec pitch. The concise mini presentation stimulated the participants to extract the most valuable characteristics and initiatives of their business or profession and present them in an engaging and interesting way to every new person sitting on the opposite chair. The irreplaceable benefit of leaving with 29 new contacts is what makes Speed Networking a valuable initiative for every professional with an ambition for a business expansion. The buzz, in the specially set eOffice conference room, added energy and vibe to the atmosphere of this business initiative leaving all the attendees with plenty of ideas, collaboration opportunities as well as many business cards and established contacts for future reference.

eOffice is new generation of flexible workplaces, offering the ultimate in office design, technology and innovation. Fully serviced offices, trendy meeting and conference rooms, and plenty of natural sunlight compliment the open plan interior of this state-of-the-artnetworking hub. eOffice is primarily aimed at emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. eOffice London Soho located in London media-land is the ideal solution for professional in the media and technology industry.

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