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Rockstar Groups’s Panel of Mentors @ eOffice, London

Panel of Mentors: Paul Comyn, Norman Jackson and Paul Speers

26th AUG 2010

Networking @eOffice

One of the trendy, design-led conference rooms of eOffice London hosted the UK’s largest Entrepreneurial Mentoring Organization, Rockstar Group, and complimented their Panel of Mentor’s event with innovative, hi-tech interior and stimulating atmosphere. Accomplished guest mentors Paul Comyn, Norman Jackson and Paul Speers were welcomed with enthusiasm from the attending young entrepreneurs and startups, seeking expertise in core business areas. In his opening speech, Jonathan Pfahl, founder of Rockstar Group, confessed his true affiliation with rock music and his former dual life as a city banker at day and rockstar ‘wanna be’ at night. Following that, the attention was focused on Pier Paolo Mucelli, CEO of eOffice, who shared his inspiration to create this innovative serviced office brand. He gave a personal insight on the changing concepts of the workspace and integration of the current social media platforms. Continuing with valuable business incentives were the panel of mentors –Paul Comyn, Norman Jackson and Paul Speers. Their successful, long-term engagement in different professional spheres made them competent on all the challenging questions of the audience. The evening finished with networking over a glass of wine in eOffice’s artistic launch area, combining bold colours, trendy design and futuristic fish tanks. eOffice is new generation of flexible workplaces, offering the ultimate in office design, technology and innovation. Fully serviced offices, trendy meeting and conference rooms, and plenty of natural sunlight compliment the open plan interior of this state-of-the-art-networking hub. eOffice is primarily aimed at emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. eOffice London Soho located in London media-land is the ideal solution for professional in the media and technology industry.

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Rockstar Group's Panel of Mentors Event @ eOffice  
Rockstar Group's Panel of Mentors Event @ eOffice  

Rockstar Goup's Panel of Mentors Event took place in one of the trendy conference rooms of eOffice. Guest mentors were Paul Comyn, Norman J...