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Alexander Abeoky

The last live creature and the last quantum in the Universe

The last live creature and the last quantum in the Universe If in the Universe there could be only one live creature left, that creature will possess the knowledge with love - How to make the last remain quantum as a "friendly" one.

Hello! I am the last remain creature in the whole Universe. And now I will tell you the story “how the last live being lives there in the Universe�. I am holding now the latest substance in the Universe, a matter particle – a quantum. Years and years ago there in this Universe lived my brothers. They were engaged in the same work as I do now - they found a last remain the smallest particle in the whole Space-Time, in this Universe, and then they were holding that. Now in this Universe anything more doesn't remain than. The all last particles have been used. My brothers used them for relocation or for jump into another Parallel World. By the time a force of my quantum started to be weaken. It can't give me enough energy for life already. Well then, the time to change the quantum has come! I should change the quantum, so it could move me to another Parallel Space, in the other Universe. There I will meet my brothers again.

We are the last creatures in the Universe, and we are called as Lasttones. Because we live in those Universes only, where no another live creatures could live.

And when we make relocation, we appear in other nearly empty Universe. In that new Universe we start to search again for that, what else would be possible to use for life - the smallest particles of a matter. By the knowledge of LOVE any quantum becomes as a friend to us. So, when the quantum will become "friendly", then it is possible to ask it to open a “door” in the other Parallel World. I will start to make it now. I will show you, what the power of love could do… … Well, that should be ready now. Averting looks ok. See you soon, friends! .. In another Parallel World!

The last live creature and the last quantum in the Universe