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FREELANCE Darfo, Italy - BIM specialist | 3D modeler | Visual Artist

09.2008 - NOW

GHITTI ENGINEERING Darfo, Italy - BIM specialist | 3D modeler | Visual Artist

10.2015 - 04.2016

ProAP Lda Lisboa, Portugal - Intern


POLITECNICO DI MILANO Professional postgraduate degree (Level II) in BIM manager


UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI BRESCIA Master degree in Architectural Engineering



Erasmus program grant for Lisboa internship

AWARDS 05.2018






Piancamuno, Italy - Architectural competition - 3rd Prize

Iseo, Italy - Architectural competition - 3rd Prize

Bucharest, Romania - Short listed selected project

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openBIM-oriented design for a precast wooden house Milano, Italy | Postgraduate specialization degree Thesis 2018

A innovative proposal for a shared school campus, beating heart of an entire city Follonica, Italy | Architectural competition 2017

A retrofit intervention for the Ciudad de Vacaciones of Santiago de Compostela Brescia, Italy | Master degree Thesis 2016

Proposal for the new Fado Museum of the portuguese capital Lisboa, Portugal | Architectural competition 2016

Some of my works as a 3D and ArchViz consultant Visual Art works collection 2017-2018

AND JUST BIM FOR ALL Private House | Personal project Milano, Italy | Postgraduate specialization degree Thesis 110/110 with honors 2018

The Thesis tries to investigate the problems and the most practical aspects related to the BIM methodology applied to architectural modeling through authoring software. This exemplary case study was analyzed to test the advantages that a BIM workflow can bring. The choice of a prefabricated wood construction technique forced to adopt an attitude of solution of doubts and problems already in the design phase with the aim of reducing, as much as possible, errors and delays in the work phase. This attitude fits perfectly with the approach and the BIM theory, even if it is a small-scale artifact and not a great work (small BIM vs big BIM). The approach started from a very low concept phase with LOD (LOD 100) up to an executive architectural detail (LOD 350). Passing through all the various canonical phases of the project, I tried, as much as possible, to communicate and interface with the prefabricating company selected through deliverables directly extracted from the digital model and the Project Information Model itself. In the final phase, export tests were carried out in an interoperable environment, using a Common Data Environment platform, to analyze the management through IFC neutral format of the information contained in a rather detailed model. Final experiments were based on the sharing of material usable by the client as an experience of Virtual Reality.

Nemetschek Allplan | Nemetschek BIMplus | Trimble SketchUp | Maxon Cinema 4D | Abvent Twinmotion

Volumetric view 01

With the 3D modelling engine inside Allplan it was easy to create a volumetric concept of the house, to try understanding the size and the shape desired, dividing the main spaces typologically. With this powerful tool was also possible, since the beginning, to think about the terrain and the garden arrangement despite the low intial LOD. Volumetric view 02

Top view - Insertion into the neighborhood 8

Every object and every stratigrafic package was created separately and saved inside the office library, reducing to minimum errors or issues derived from a loss of information. Some of the furniture were modelled inside the authoring, while others were imported from Sketchup’s 3D warehouse, thanks to the high level of exchange that Allplan has. All the objects contain custom info (materials, manufacturer, cost) and geometry adaptable to drawing scale.

Smart objects and stratigraphic packages

Absonometrical section

Node and connection 3D details 9

Structural evolution

Architectural section

Frontal view - Project deliverable 10

All the deliverables were produced inside Allplan, set as updatable associative views. Reaching the LOD 350, the whole model was exported to Twinmotion and put inside a real-time rendering and VR-ready environment, in order to create some videos and virtual images of the project.

3D model - LOD 350

Rendering image 11

SHARING IS (S)COOL Secondary school Team: Enzo Pasqua, Lorenzo Patti, Raffaele Ghitti Follonica, Italy | Architectural competition 2016

The idea borns from the need of two schools in Follonica to create a new campus inside the city. The challenge was to think a building that housed the academic part but at the same time could be seen as sharing spaces accessible to the population and members of both schools. The different nature of the two institutes, musical and scientific, can thus become a reason for social and experiential enrichment of the various classes. The common areas have been designed to host concerts and assemblies not necessarily related to school activities. The green outside, in connection with the existing big park in front, and the gym allow to concentrate sports activities and meeting places for the entire population of Follonica. The shape of the building tries to mantain the perfect orientation of every single block, in order to have a perfect natural light inside both the classes and the laboratories on the ground floor.

Nemetschek Allplan | Maxon Cinema 4D + Vray | Therm | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign

Project Masterplan

Rendering of the project insert into the existing environment 14

The main entrance was thinked to be well connected with the Follonica urban tissue, expecially in relation to the green park in front, trying to create a building accessible for everyone with every means of transport. The use of the policarbonate facade have both an aesthetic and an technical aim. The walls, in fact, allow the light to filter inside keeping the interior spaces at the same time, during every season.

Rendering image of the entrance




Diagrammatic scheme of the project layers

Section of the entrance hall

Trasversal section and frontal main view of the school 16





3D model of the wall packages


RE-COVERING SANTIAGO Retrofit intervention | Personal project Monte do Gozo landscape project: ProAP Lda Team: Patrizia Rizzo, Mara Airoldi, Ana Margarida Henriques, Enzo Pasqua Brescia, Italy | Specialization degree Thesis EAM for the Best Diploma Projects 2017 - Selected project 2016 The intervention area is the urban park of Monte do Gozo, located on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). In the heart of the park there is the Ciudad de Vacaciones, a pilgrim residence, inaugurated in 1993 for the Jacobean Jubilee and equipped to accommodate up to 3,000 guests per night. Starting from the recent park redevelopment project, after an analysis of the existing facility it was decided to propose a retrofitting solution that could considerably improve the performance of the buildings. The choice was to don’t touch the interior and functional layout of the rooms in each residential blocks and work exclusively on the envelope, mitigating the major environmental and energy quality problems that a structure of this size may have. The incorrect solar exposure of the blocks and “energy-hungry” materials led to the idea of introducing a modular steel structure that could be adapted to the shape of the ground and to allow proper shielding of buildings by solar irradiation. A customizable “skin” is attached to this, which mitigates the visual impact of the buildings. The re-use of walkable roofs has green impact on the area by returning the natural space subtracted from the complex. Moreover the modularity of the single-released concept allows to intervene locally or over the entire residence by offering a dynamic proposal, variable for all kind of budgets.

Nemetschek Allplan | Autodesk AutoCAD | Trimble SketchUP | Maxon Cinema 4D + Vray Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign

The definition of a park structure and a pragmatic structure with basic services and furnishings, stems from the need to transform Monte do Gozo into an attractive area at 360 degrees, both from a religious point of view and from a merely recreational one.

Galizia map

Monte do Gozo Masterplan

Diagrams relative to project paths, tree disposition and programmatic areas inside the park 20

Top view of the retrofit project placed on a single block

Solar panels

Walkable green rooftop

Eternal cladding: - Fabric - Metal - Wood

Steel structure

Envelope improvements

Absnomoetrical scheme of the ntervention steps 21

The proposed structure is intentionally set in a modular way to try to adapt as much as possible and be replicable. It was also decided to introduce the possibility of variations in the coating, which could be compatible with each other but which at the same time created a sort of colored patchwork that would break the grayness of the existing. The coating, obviously, as well as for aesthetics, is designed to solve the problems of shading of buildings and to create covered connections between the various areas, making it as homogeneous and bound as possible. As main coatings, four types have been defined according to the material: - Cover in wooden slats - Lining in metal plates - Coating in old recovery doors - Fabric covering


Perspective section of the intervention project

longitudinal view with different cladding proposals 23

MIND THE GAP Fado Museum Team: Enzo Pasqua, Davide Maccioni, Zineb Zerouali, Claudia La Piana Lisboa, Portugal | Architectural competition 2016

Fado is a popular urban music, a poem that can be seen and heard. It is sung in the squares, in the narrow alleys of Alfama, in small restaurants, is sung for people. The Fado Museum must be a place that contains history, memory and identity, this ancient tradition, but at the same time you can live as a public space: because Fado lives in the street. The area of the ​​ competition is located in Campo di Santa Clara, a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, and besides being a site from which you can enjoy a fascinating view of the Tejo and the picturesque Alfama, is also the center of Feira da Ladra , the largest flea market in Lisbon: an expanse of stalls, some cafés on the sides and an ancient covered market in the center. We tried to create a space of aggregation, which could be lived in its entirety, imposing ourselves as dictat not to deprive the city of one of its great attractions: to make more functions coexist, keep the atmosphere of the feira and recreate a suitable Fado. A volume that does not distort the urban space that surrounds it, but that is part of it, trying to get a concentrate of 360 ° experience of what Lisbon can offer.

Nemetschek Allplan | Rhinoceros | Cinema4D+Vray | Sketchup Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign

Project Masterplan

Feira da Ladra


POI and connections

Public circulation

Public square 26

Diagrams - Concept explanation

Ground floor

1st floor The area is triangular and arranged on a vertical drop of more than eight meters. For this reason the building is inserted into the lot and structure it like a large ramp, which allows to overcome the steep slope introducing new, more usable ones. We took advantage of the slope in our favor and contrasted through the building itself. The volume is wrapped enclosing a square and all the coverage is feasible and available for the stalls of the feira. The entire surface is used 100% as a public space. We have created a square that recalls the sensory experience of the Alfama in the heart of the building, why not repeat this effect in the outdoor area?

2nd floor

Rendering of the exterior miradouro - ramp 27

Roof\Public space\Miradouro

Public green+Square

Restaurant Dance lab WC Singing lab Warehouse and technical area

Rendering of the internal museum area

Ramp Stairs Auditorium


Museum area

Project layers

Absonometrical section 28

The museum consists of two levels one of which is a double height - and is designed with a continuous resumption of visit, along which all objects, volumes and spaces hanging from the ceiling. The entrance is in the highest part of the lot and leads us, through a green space, to the reception - above which are above the offices, reachable through a staircase. Continuing well the exhibition is the dining area, a double height, which can be reached from inside, when the museum is open, both from the outside, when it is closed, thanks to the presence of a direct access from the square: which best place to enjoy Fado’s performance while sipping a drink?


IN MEDIO STAT VIRTUAL Visual art projects Personal projects Darfo , Italy | Archviz works 2017-2018

A brief collection of my work as an architectural visualizer developed in the last two years. The type of models and renderings vary from the details to the large spaces, trying to improve the style and the needs of the client.

Maxon Cinema 4D | Vray | Nemetschek Allplan | Marvelous designer | Adobe Photoshop

Portuguese bathroom - Archviz 6 days classes by Angelo Ferretti 32

Buon appetito - Visualization project using 3D scanned food for a restaurant client These works are the result of the experience following the ArchViz 6 Days course held by the visual artist Angelo Ferretti and turn out to be a mix of personal tests and some freelance works carried out from March 2017 to today. The passion for the virtual world and for photography still brings me to try to improve myself more and more day after day, image after image.


House with a view - Interior rendering image of a house in the north of Italy

Chilling out with Zach - A furniture project for a friend 34

Corridor games - Internal view for an architectural competition

Morning coffee - Internal view of a bar in Brescia 35

Relax into the park - Exterior view of Cascina Parco Gallo in Brescia

External view of the Piancamuno school 36

External view for a wooden house architectural competition

External night view of Cascina Parco Gallo in Brescia 37


ARCHITECTURE & VISUALIZATION +39 3463266095 pasqua.enzo


My upgraded Architecture and Visualization Portfolio


My upgraded Architecture and Visualization Portfolio