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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Your Holistic Community Guide in WA Hypnotizing yourself a new life by richard Bach tHe ultimate medicine by peter fenner a feminine emergence by isira rising aBove depression by robert reeves Kindling tHe flame of true Knowledge by stephen denham 3 montH astrological moon calendar lift - out

Beyond Religion

The 14th dalai lama of Tibet Australian Visit in June 2013

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Trust is divine design invites real transformaE C Ktion.AEvery N Kjoy A presents: andR every bump in life ever you ys about is recognised as the divine matrix 2 designed to grow and evolve, not our personally goal is to awaken at a time .BY . . JAAN JERABEk butone thecommunity whole that e divine. just you From journey you are. Things were not always going well for and the list goes on. But behind all the Imperfection is the invitation to me. I was always emotionally stuck, of these is the experience/mis-interto manirealise the perfection that is always, full of anxiety and riddled with physi- pretation that we are not beingEditors loved, ow life’s already here. cal ailments, not to mention broke and and Welcome all these coreto beliefs are whatEarth! we the New Actually, where you can: never able to achieve the abundance What decided to rationalize in our mind why is this deep mystery that pulses What is it? Sky is an this bodynot … this that breathes ence It is our true nature, always forever of love & money “I knew I deserved”. through we were experiencing our parents ur fulllife spiritual potential through each breath … this that feels here, always forever present … simply inspiring lovethe gifts everysome feeling? What is thismore vast I life was constantly in my head, because through love... are than rationseeing, knowing and being in this totally toofsee within the challenges of daily Sunday January 2013 s p i r i t u a l and unimaginable force that brings 6 unimaginable way. d in love mantra that can bring more love and I constantly tried to escape the emo- life, alizations were thingsComewebackwere consciousnessand and awareness beautiful joy to This … honour This teacher. Her 1.00 4.00 pm to all that it courses through? What is pm … it’s what you really are, erything tional trauma stuck in my body and this told over and over such been as “You are always have e that our thoughts call “me”? And incisive insight and always will be. Release the could this vast, infinite deeply or “known” bstacle, allow this unimaginaheart, so it was less painful to stay how a naughty/ badandboy” someandwere with with like-minded people r spiritual combined experiences impersonal presence even be hinted at ble unknown to be your constant “felt a “me”? What in my intellect. (Yes, poor intellectu- asthings weis this? psychically picked upIt’son “I forever now … reality”. always, eng aging wfortothe bringan greater meaning and purpose into your Looking out, as far as the eye can welcome to the New 19 The Power of Prayer Astrology g to theAwakening als... it is true) MyPsychic thinking would see wish I had notcananotherBeach daugh-Earth! presence, and as far as a theson, inner eye Brighton with Nicole Cody imagine … it’s all this same “one”. Life A Random Walk? Why would youto wanther World In My so Guest inful ex-4 Is add power and 9 magnetism run 24/7. I literally25 The used tospeaker think ter”Cnr if your dad was inclined that way Looking in, asThe far backGrand as we dare toParade 20 The Call of Crystals Princess Street elf to a greater understanding laws We exist in& eternity by Rodney Jones to fine of tunethe to thehighest Crystal Ball Rodney Jones look … it’s here … vast, unfathomthe book Love’s By er, it is an message. Author ofmoon? Dreaming we are caught in time. Kim Murray much that there were would able, or infinite, “I wish I had a girl after first withtimes ElisabethI Jensen Brighton - embody lemy - infinity Sands 5 The Ultimate Medicine eternal, breathtakingly We by Iris Detenhoff New York, USA Alchemy, Sky’ s focus is on the 21 Karmic Ties all night because my mind cognise, with Peter Fenner, PHD incomprehensible. we darethought to call not sleep boy” as myAndmum herself... Yetto dream we are confined in space. Sydney By Garry Gilfoy this “me”? 23 ASTROLOGY: November transformative power of love. She is regulars vitation,5 A Feminine Emergence would be so active. I lived in constant we whaty that goes Thisknow deep myster peerthrough s What a our trick …par2012-January 2013 22 Not Pregnant? psychologist and spiritual coach with by aIsira 13 TOOLS FOR HEALTHY through these eyes limits itself into our What a Illusion this is. with Clair Hennekam hyper having inner thinking ents’mindmind whenan we are reallyMaster young. Fertility vigilance and the Aura never as a thought, idea, an LIVING her consultancy in Sydney where she By Rachelle Terry Timeless Now orthisforWemore ofTo “me”register and for mosttherapist/healer/faciliof us, but per-6 The purposefullyinformation, limit peace. Depression14 would come and image Theunchallenged job of the by offers Sky Shaynecourses Innes Moon Calendar and private sessions. goes until the day we die. And confound ourselves Prosperity 23 Operation Starlight 02 9212 2100ofor uality of What happens if thiscall that go, addictions would come and go. tator is to help youflows become So weaware may experience 21 A-Z Classifieds She also runs retreats in the Promised Your Opportunity To 10 Abundance is your through all form, including “me” and What is beyond experience. emailpart pt the in-Growth IHelp would systematically sabotage thiswhat unconscious of your thinking The World! 26 In Brief - REVIEWS my “you”, happens if this is explored Natural State Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen … unmasked? Where will it lead us? the flame of with Dr. Andrew Powell Love callsof … your freedom7 Kindling 24 relationships Are you Ready to if I finally got the partner process –“I”that governs 98% in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Presented by ECKANKAR Australia Ltd. ABN 24 054 115 589, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR. Copyright © 2012 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved. I don’t know. will never know We prick up our ears true knowledge the ‘New Age’ An is Ancient Healing the truth of this foreverness, this e of the withJapan Our hearts open terms ECK, EK,an MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL and VAIRAGI, among others,was are trademarks PO Box 2000, Chanhassen MN 55317-2000 IRelase wanted, that whenofIECKANKAR, was not decision making onthatUSA an unconscious and theECKANKAR, UK,10 Sky awakener. StephenThe Denham Ascension Drama? sits at the heart of all of existence. In Practise Working And we listen. es. Trust8 12Her Kaveeta & Suniel invitation awaken to your By the search to know intelDays of Christmas is toWithin chasing unsuitable par tners/love abandoning level AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, help the Community lectually, we venture into new territory, If we open up enough with Geraldine Moran thereby, fulfill your 24 interests. Awaken The Inner h exactly true nature and, 18 Do You See What I see? I was a mess. you discharge pain into uncharted waters wherethe percep-emotional It all turns upside down and outside in. Goddess and Living in 8 Artpurpose. Therapy-Meaning by Jayne Morris tion shifts from thinking and feeling to For sessions or details of And we “see” what can’t be seen may trip, and Healing I waswithyour average human being. formless that sensing keeps… that part of your thought Harmony the ‘All the instantaneous And “hear” what can’t be heard. call 0417 288 642 or visit www. The That Is’ of what is before we begin Glenda Needs way, but byevents And feel is beyond feeling’s grasp. only thing that really made a dif- awareness process alive and running thewhatshow. Health & to think about it. This takes place before By Jessica Dao 9 Hypnotizing Yourself takesemotional hold of it … it’s energy profoundly literally ference was emotional release work. time The keeps Eternity breathes wellbeing a New Life present yet ungraspable, unreachable, Infinity awakens Why emotional release work? it alive with and in charge of your 11 Rising Above by Richard Bach untouchable our minds. And life isreality... witnessed as Itself. But it can be “seen” … it can be Depression Aware, awake and alive … On our journey of wholeness, “known” The painful emotions associated with 20 A Pirate’s Model … In fact, it’s always already Fully alive forever now. with Robert Reeves by Stephen Chong always already knowing … not experiencour healing, there are 4 main seeing, these core beliefs and 12 Weight Loss and water without any content. When the conundrum 22 The Journey into our By Dr. Sang Whang It’s a love felt senseissue that feels before it’s equivalent stages we have to go through in ing is the of Of this Master Illusion Subconscious-the felt, seen before it’s seen, known before Is seen through Next Step in our order to resolve our “Core Life it’sanknown electro-magnetic … it’s “seen the moment energy We are atcharge risk of realising Truth. Healing Spiritual Journey you look, free the moment it’s seen…” Ah … what a joyously empty surprise! Issue”FEATURE issue. I deliberately say every thatmoment. has to be discharged through 18 Measuring Conscious 24 The Authentic Self So what is This? This it deep, “issue” because have great crying/wailing outvast,to discharge the Evolution - Part 3 by Sue Christiansen A NEW YEAR -singular A NEW YOU - PageI 16 mystery of being at play here? With love, Leo Drioli and Enza Vita with Ohlara found that no matter what we grief aspect, screaming/punching/ are trying to deal with, whether it kicking it out to discharge the anger is dysfunctional relationship pat- aspect and shaking in fear & terror to terns, oroflack of brighten relationships. discharge the fear aspect. If you do Disclaimer Would copies Innerself Contact Us inspires & uplifts Statement of Purpose The opinions expressed by writers in up your local bookstore, coffee shop, Advertising: 1800 451 317 its staff are dedicatedthis to and only uncover Whether ithangout? is family issues,InnerSelf life andnot go through InnerSelf are not necessarily those of co-op, or other General Enquiries: (08) 8396 6752 helping readers live richer, fuller, and more Your Holistic Community Guide in NSW the publishers. Advice istononspecific and Send us an e-mail at innerselfnewspaper@ purpose issues, money issues, the belief aspect and then “decide responsible lives. We work to do this by Email: readers are advised to seek professional with your suggestions about and resources Address: PO Box 146 , Highbury 5089 health issues, depressionproviding is- inspiration move on, forgiveforyourself and oryour advice for personal health problems. where the newspaper should be available wellness, personal growth, and spirituality WEB: (including city and state), and we’ll physical do sues, theanxiety issues, parents” you are in “la la land” and and by providing information to empower Publisher’s note INNERSELF NEWSPAPER is independently our best to get InnerSelf into your area. choices forwonder the natural and social health issues...whatever thepositive iswill why down the road you The InnerSelf editorial team are working published by InnerSelf © 2012/13 environment. consciously to keep sexist Advertising sue is, it actually ALL stems from are still experiencing suffering, strug- language out Beyond Religion of its pages, but sometimes this is not Readership Deadlines for Display & Classifieds Writing for Innerself The 14th dalai lama of Tibet FREE your “Core Wounding” or two in gle and unnecessary stress in life. 297,000 Advertising: Australian Visit in June 2013 We expect stories to offer something of possible due to material having been old sources making it Feb-Apr issue: 4 Jan 2013 some2013 cases. If youandare undertaking a therapy value to our readers to carry no extracted from Volume 24 - Issue 4 Distribution difficult and sometimes impossible to get May-July 2013 issue: 5 April 2013 “advertorial hook”. Advertisers are given The2013universe actually made that does not have as a goal the dispermission to alter copy. We apologise if We have 5 different versions of Innerself Aug-Oct issue: 5 July 2013 no special consideration with regard any such language does offend Newspaper in NSW, VIC, WA, QLD and SA NovJan 2013/14 issue: 4 Oct 2013 to acceptance of editorial expression submissions. from the system anyone. it rather simple for us, our poor charging/ Proudly and free copies of InnerSelf are circulated Decisions are based solely on content minds have made it complicated your built up emotional pain - your at 2,000 selected distribution points Subscriptions serving the needs and editorial preferences; advertising Follow Us nationally in health food stores, bookshops Subscribe to InnerSelf (if you want it thereof) is not a factor. community and we segregate the areashistory of (or lack anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame, libraries, markets, and Expos and Festivals posted) for $12 for 4 issues by sending Before submitting an article please request since 1988 ourdetails lives towhen in fact all theadifyou are wasting your money and around Australia. For a distribution point your innerselfnewspaper@ copy of ourthen “Editorial Guidelines”. near you, email us with your details. ferent areas of our lives will be you are wasting your time. symptoms/expressions of the Many therapists mean well, and one thing that runs us and uses genuinely desire to help you and up our lives - our unconscious want to see you get better, but if your


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Our goal is to awaken one community at a time...


our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

HyPnotIzIng yourself a new lIfe by richard Bach tHe ultImate medIcIne by Peter fenner a femInIne emergence by Isira

rIsIng aBoVe dePressIon by robert reeves

KIndlIng tHe flame of true Knowledge by stephen denham

3 montH astrologIcal moon calendar lIft - out

Volume 24 - Issue 4 Publishing since 1988

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Dalai Lama draws huge response from Australians

Within hours of tickets going on sale for the Dalai Lama’s 2013 Public Talks and Teachings in Australia, thousands of his fans and followers had snapped up their opportunity for premium seating on a buy now pay later basis. The response, akin to a rush on hot seats to see a global rock star, was 12 months ahead of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s arrival. But it was no surprise for Dalai Lama in Australia Ltd, the organisation managing the 2013 visit.

“People all over the world seem to know instinctively, that just a moment spent in his presence is a precious opportunity, often deemed life-changing. When the Dalai Lama visits, people from all walks of life want to see him,” said DLIA General Manager Lynn Bain. “In countries around the world people travel far and wide to hear the Dalai Lama speak, or just to catch a glimpse of His Holiness as he passes by. In Australia, there is a sincere response to his message

of love, compassion, tolerance and wisdom.” As the manager of the Dalai Lama’s last four Australian visits, Ms Bain well understands the massive logistics required to accommodate audiences of up to 10,000 who typically attend a two hour public talk, or the 5000 who in 2011 took up every seat in the house at a Teaching with the Dalai Lama held over a long weekend in Melbourne. “We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to His Holiness. Our

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

job, quite simply, is to make it possible for as many people who wish to see the Dalai Lama, to do so,” she said. On the Dalai Lama’s last Australian visit, a collective audience of 65,000 attended the public talks and teachings in four cities, with a fur ther 110,000 listening in or watching online. To accommodate even greater last minute public interest, DLIA erected large overflow screens in parks and public spaces such as Melbourne’s Federation

Square. The organisation expects the same level of interest when the much admired 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso touches down next June, for a 10 day whirlwind visit. Under the secular theme “Beyond Religion - the benefits of living ethically”, he will address large scale audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and for the first time Darwin. Preparations for the visit are already underway in conjunction with the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin Convention Centres. Revered around the world as a man of peace, the Dalai Lama will speak at six major DLIA events as well as the ‘Young Minds’ Conference in association with the St James Ethics Centre and Good Start Early Learning Centre in Sydney. He will also address the ‘Happiness & Its Causes’ Conference, being held for the first time in Melbourne. Over two and a half days in Sydney he will also give a rare teaching based on one of his personal favourite texts,”The Jewel Lamp”: A Praise of Bodhicitta” written by Khunu Rinpoche. Khunu Rinpoche is said to have been an extraordinary, realized saint, a living master of Dzogchen meditation, who even the Dalai Lama went to for instruction. He was revered by Tibetan Buddhists because his life embodied the spiritual practice of compassion. Among his many students, the Dalai Lama regards this Teaching as one of his favorite texts.

Next year, Australians will be able to hear it for themselves via a rare opportunity to be in the presence of His Holiness and to receive this amazing teaching directly from him. The Teaching will be conducted in five parts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre over the 14th-16th June weekend. “His Holiness has three main reasons for visiting Australia - promotion of positive human values, promotion of inter-religious harmony and the welfare worldwide of the people of Tibet, ” said Ms Bain. “To date over 25,000 Australians have participated in Teachings provided by His Holiness and many are likely to want to do so again. To be in his presence and learn directly from him, is a very powerful experience indeed.” His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama will be nearing 78 years old when he visits Australia next year. It will be his 9th visit by invitation since 1982. The Dalai Lama was this year awarded the world’s prestigious Templeton Prize at a ceremony in St Paul’s Cathedral in London. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2007.

To book tickets or for further information about the 2013 Australian visit, including times, dates and ticket prices go to

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .


Is it time to remember You came E C K A N K Awhy R presents:

as a father and teacher, musician about life as a journey guided by E Cand KA N KTheAanswers, R presents: author. the love a divine hand and now exist within that I seek, are found in my daily life. God’s Sound and Light. So may you. When I changed my consciousness, The greatest of the spiritual travelI changed my life! I discovered a ers was once a seeker, perhaps like you. And what is there to gain? profound truth about life. A certainty of direction in life-and Nothing in life happens to me. Everything in life happens for me. love.” Wow. This changed my life. It A seminar where you meantcan: that all of life’s experiences, Rodney Jones Explore your full spiritual potential and failures, the h a s b e e n a the successes ember of Learn how to see thepains giftsand within thelife, challenges of dailymlife joys of the many small ECKANKAR for Discover a beautiful details mantrathat thatmake can bring more love and joy up the fabric of more than 30 into your life daily life are happening for me. I years. He has Discuss your spiritual experiences with like-minded people found that there is this hand of Di- tr av eled the Find out how to bring greater meaning and purpose into your vine Spirit that is present, guiding world speaking life a b o u t t h e Guest speaker and nudging me to take Cnr T Open yourself to a greater understanding of another the highestteachings laws of ECKANKAR. Jones He has spiritual step. That is what all the been a speaker, ledRodney of life workshops, and New York, USA events of life are teaching me. Life is roundtables, at major ECKANKAR lived in the presence of divine love. seminars, and has written many There are tools that can help the a r t i c l e s a n d p o e m s f o r ECK To r sincere seeker, discover and know publications. Rodney is a professor of music at The Juilliard School in truth for themselves and live a life NYC and a jazz guitarist who worked of rich purpose filled with spiritual with Jaki Byard, Chico Hamilton, Dizzy Presented by ECKANKAR Australia Ltd. ABN 24 054 115 589, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR. Copyright © 2012 ECKANKAR. All r adventure. The terms ECKANKAR, ECK, EK, MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL and VAIRAGI, among others, are trademarks of ECKANKAR, Box 2000, Chanhass Gillespie, and Lena Horne, as wellPOas In his book, Is Life A Random a bandleader. For more information about Rodney Walk, Harold Klemp writes: “The spiritual travelers of ECK Jones visit or (Spirit) roam the cosmic worlds. email on Dreams, Past Lives, Soul Travel, They discovered their own proof Coincidences, Synchronicities, Intuition, Philosophy, Self Help, and myriad more topics. Is there anything that explains and unifies all of the many ways that man looks Rodney Jones will be the guest speaker to discover the purpose and meanand workshop facilitator at the seminar ing of life? I found in Eckankar the distilled essence of truth and a “Is it time to remember way to answer these questions for myself. Eckankar offers spiritual why you came on Earth?” tools to discover and know truth 6 January 2013 - 1-4 pm for one’s self, based upon spiritual experience and realizing truth for Novotel Brighton Beach, Sydney myself. I could make conscious conFor more info call 02 9212 2100 tact with the Light and Sound of God, Divine Spirit, and experience or email truth, love and Spiritual Freedom for myself, all the while living my life

Change Your Conscious

Change Yo


By Rodney Jones What is the meaning of life? Are there any answers out there for me? God, where are you? Have you asked these questions? If you have, you are like me and countless others. You want to know the “Why” of life. Why do things happen? What does it all mean? Does my life matter? That was me and this is my story of finding answers to those profound questions that man has asked since the dawn of time. I remember as a boy of seven watching two spiders fight to the death. After some time one of the spiders lay still. I remember thinking to myself, “He was alive and now he is dead. Is that all that life is?” It was a moment in eternity for

Is Life A Random Walk? me, a moment that set me off in search of answers that man has asked since the beginning of his time on earth. Who am I? What does life mean? What lies beyond death? Does my life have a purpose? I grew up as a nor mal child, laughing, playing, going to school etc., but in the back of my mind, in the depths of my heart was the knowing echo, “Is this all there is? What does it all mean?” Perhaps you have had one such moment or many such moments. Many people have. My moment led me on a “mouse hunt” for truth. I was looking for something that seemed just beyond my grasp. I wanted to know truth.

I wanted to find God. I wanted to know, “Is life a random walk?” Years later I would read a book of the same name by Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, Religion of the Light and Sound of God. In it, he would write: “So what do you think? Is life just a random walk? Is your spiritual life at the mercy of chance? Or is our life a spiritual path in line with some natural order or rhythm…?” - Harold Klemp, Is Life a Random Walk? I have spent a life exploring the way that people discover truth – the way that people know God. The bookstores are filled with volumes from great religious thinkers, books

Is it time to remember You came to Earth? E C K A N K Awhy R presents:

E C K A N K A R presents:

Change Your Consciousness

Change Your Life...


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seminar where you can:

Explore your full spiritual potential Learn how to see the gifts within the challenges of daily life Discover a beautiful mantra that can bring more love and joy into your life Discuss your spiritual experiences with like-minded people Find out how to bring greater meaning and purpose into your life Open yourself to a greater understanding of the highest laws of life

Sunday 6 January 2013 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm


Guest speaker Rodney Jones New York, USA

Brighton Beach

Cnr The Grand Parade & Princess Street Brighton - le - Sands Sydney To register or for more information, call 02 9212 2100 or email

Presented by ECKANKAR Australia Ltd. ABN 24 054 115 589, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR. Copyright © 2012 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved. The terms ECKANKAR, ECK, EK, MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL and VAIRAGI, among others, are trademarks of ECKANKAR, PO Box 2000, Chanhassen MN 55317-2000 USA


RadiantMIND with Peter Fenner, PHD


THE HEALING POWER OF NONDUAL AWARENESS Ultimately all suffering results from a difference between “what we experience” and “what we want.” Whenever these differ we suffer. When the difference is dissolved we experience peace and freedom. The power of nondual awareness lies in the possibility of experiencing ourselves as a centerless field of awareness, were we are no longer the victim of our preferences. When we rest in awareness, we discover we have everything we could possibly want, because we need nothing. We see that we never need more than what we have. No matter who we are, what we have and don’t have, the present moment always takes care of itself. Here we are right now, for example, me writing this, you reading it. There is nothing we need to add to this, or take away from it. We can’t change the moment anyway. If you don’t have time to finish this, no problem, you move on. If you do, you continue in a relaxed and easy way. Hundreds of thousands of masters in Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism and other mystical traditions have shown us that what we all strive for—a state of real and lasting fulfillment—is achievable. Furthermore, through their lives and teachings they provide a model for our own evolution.

The healing power of nondual awareness

The experience of the nondual awareness takes us outside the cycle of reactive responses and emotions by connecting us with the nature of our mind as pure, unstructured awareness. When we rest in this experience, we are intimately connected with everything within and around us, yet beyond being disturbed in any way. We come home to ourselves in a totally natural and uncontrived way. In the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism this experience is called indestructibility. At the same time that we fully accept our finite and conditioned existence, the quality of our experience can’t be damaged or degraded by the presence of any thought, feeling, or sensation. In Buddhism the experience of nondual awareness is called the “ultimate medicine.” Other types of medicine—like therapy—have limitations. They work for some people, some of the time. The ultimate medicine is universally healing. Every mind touched by the experience of its unconditioned nature moves closer to the experience of real freedom and liberation. Sometimes the experience may gently encourage us to acknowledge our higher potential. In other instances it may produce a radical reorientation of our experience of reality. The more time we spend resting in our ultimate nature, the more familiar we become with “this.” When opportunities arise to let go of our preoccupations and daily concerns, we find ourselves moving effortlessly and without resistance into a more open and expanded way of being.

Impossible to create “lack”

The experience of nondual awareness heals us in two ways. First, it relieves us of the need to “fix things up.” It offers us a profound experience of clarity and contentment—of being in total harmony with ourselves and the world. In Buddhism this is called “going beyond loss or gain.” In this state of consciousness everything is present exactly as it is, but we find it impossible to construe that anything is missing. We’ve moved beyond the familiar cycle of having problems and finding solutions. This experience is “priceless,” not because we’re attached to its value, but because nothing can increase or enhance our fulfilment.

Reconditioning our body-mind

The other way in which nondual awareness heals is by restructuring our thought-patterns so that we become increasingly open to the ultimate state of awareness. We become less reactive and defensive—and so better able to release our fears and insecurities. In this way, the effects of the experience percolate through the layers of our conditioning long after we’ve finished resting in the state itself.

The Yoga Tradition of Buddhism describes this process as the “transformation of the structural foundations of our being.” Through contact with an unstained stream of pure being, the energies and mechanisms that condition our present and future existence lose their power to distort our experience and cause suffering. Other nondual traditions describe how the experience of the unconditioned mind infuses the conditioned mind like a sweet perfume or a soothing breeze. It’s impossible to predict how this healing will unfold. It occurs at its own pace and rhythm, sometimes smooth and gentle, at other times rough or abrupt. The unconditioned mind doesn’t discriminate in terms of “how” healing occurs—it doesn’t generate a plan or strategy because it exists beyond such conceptual formulations. The healing that occurs can’t be controlled in a mechanical way. Each of us is infinitely complex and our path to full spiritual evolution is unique and often mysterious. Healing is a function of staying open and accepting reality with equanimity and trust. Peter Fenner, Ph.D. Peter is a leader in the Western adaptation of Buddhist wisdom. He was a celibate monk in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions for 9 years. He has a Ph.D. in the philosophical psychology of Mahayana Buddhism and has held teaching positions at Universities in Australia and USA. His recent books include: Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditional Awareness, Radiant Mind: Teaching and Practices to Awakening Unconditioned Awareness (7 CD set), The Edge of Certainty: Paradoxes on the Buddhist Path.

Peter is the creator the 10-month Nondual Teaching and Therapist Training (www. and 9 month Radiant Mind Course ( The 9-month Radiant Mind Course will be offered in Melbourne in 2013 with 3 workshops at St. Hilda’s College, Parkville, March 9-11, July 26-28 and December 6-8. For Details contact Michael Anderson Tel: 0419 370 338 Email:

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

By Isira

A Feminine Emergence

You, me and every other thing in the universe is made of the same stuff. Energy. Everything we are, everything we experience, express and do is the result of a dynamic play of energies. Within our humanness is the dynamic of two fundamental polar energies: masculine and feminine. Like positive and negative currents - their interaction is at the very core of all life force - the spark of life. This dynamic interaction is constantly in play, within each of us as man or woman, within the play between the sexes, and in the dynamics of our collective human consciousness. This dynamic balance and shift within and between our feminine and masculine energies also plays a deeply significant role in our journey of awakening. In general, male energies are those of structure, direction, penetration, individuation and order, whereas female energies are those of flow, receptivity, embrace, inclusion and transformation. It is relevant to acknowledge that, at this time in our human journey, we are currently most immersed in masculine energies of perception, behaviour and systems - systems which are born out of an extreme attachment to structure - hence the chronic issue of materialism on the planet. However we are now in a window of profound change. The orientation of energies are shifting towards the more feminine cycle. This means we are bearing witness to a great amount of transformation and the call to awaken the heart to our feminine essence - that which is flowing, uniting, merging, and yes - transforming. This is one of the reasons there is a greater number of women in our world who embody and deliver enlightened awareness to the planet. Although feminine and masculine energies are present within both men and women, each energy respectively is (most usually) more prominent in the embodied form. It is therefore more natural for a woman to be deeply in tune with qualities that are receptive, unifying and of oneness. This is even evident in her biological make up - the capacity to hold within her a new life. It is why many masters have indicated that - contrary to sociological opinions (especially held by patriarchal authority) - women are often times much closer or receptive to awakened states than men. In the past 2000 years the spiritual journey has been driven largely by structured concepts and beliefs. Spiritually we have seen a dominance of male authorities in the spiritual and religious domains. However we are shifting into a phase of deconstruction. Along with this is a shedding, and hence a deeper opening, allowing humanity to move into the experiential phase based on the awakening of the heart - feeling - and therefore into a different level of consciousness which is no longer about concept or structure but about presence. It is well documented that the journey of awakening

Peter Fenner, PHD, will be in Australia in 2013, offering the Radiant Mind Course® Experience the space where you are Awake and Totally Complete. Learn how to return to this space by yourself.

Peter Fenner, PHD, author of Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditional Awareness, The Edge of Certainty: Dilemmas on the Buddhist Path, and The Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy will be in Australia in 2013 and he will be offering the Radiant Mind Course® He can be contacted at For more info visit and

entails an opening into the cosmic life flow; Shakti or kundalini - that which is feminine source energy. Ultimately this opens the way for the individual to dissolve learned structures (beliefs, attachments and concepts) to re-unite with the Self as the oceanic presence: that which is vast, eternal, boundless and all united. It is the power and presence of our very essential being - and that which has the capacity to lead us into the totality Continued on page 6

singing hu just 20 minutes a day can bring more Love, Freedom and Wisdom into your life

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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

A Feminine Emergence Continued from page 5

of love - the awakened presence of self that is ONE with all. This feminine energy contains vast power. In its initial stages it appears destructive as it breaks down all that was systematized and structured, in preparation for the gestation of new life. From the dark crevices and folds of the unconscious realms, a light emerges and carries us into the crystalised state of wholeness and a flow of beingness - that which is untethered, all accepting, centred, open and embracing. It is the femine energy within each of us that opens the way for this light. It is the opening of the emotive self through the heart cosmic centre. Dissolving the barriers of our human heart centre is the most significant aspect of this passage. There are many conditions that must be surrendered in order to let into that which truly is. It is the feminine energy that allows us to shed our skin - to die to the old self - and to do so both powerfully and gently. For this cosmic force of hers is both transmutative and loving. Isira is a presence of unconditional love and compassion a power that inspires, uplifts a n d c h a n ge s lives. As a self-realised master of enlightenment, she is here to help us all to awaken to create a world of love, peace and well-being. Through her consultations, programs and books including “A Journey of Awakening” Isira answers our questions and supports us in our own awakening.

THE TIMELESS NOW By Sky Shayne Innes At The Heart of the Slow Movement. When I first heard of “the slow movement” it felt a little like the sighting of the longed for rain clouds in a drought. Just the words brought such a relaxation and such a remembrance of time experienced in a very different way. With further investigation came the feeling of huge relief that there were sane voices out there recognising that our speedy lives were not just becoming increasingly uncomfortable but acutely harmful. We have long been familiar with work pressure but nowadays everything is fast. Yes, we have to work faster and harder but we also have to eat faster, get there quicker without breaking the speed limit, and think faster processing enormous amounts of information from the internet, television, podcasts and social media. Our phones are never off, or away. We text frantically to say we are running late, while driving and looking out for that take away coffee to pick us up in the frenzy of a jam packed day. Indeed, trying to squeeze more and more into less and less time has become a lifestyle and a goal, reflecting success, accomplishment and being a winner. Underneath the rush, there is the letdown. Our health suffers. We can’t sleep, taking staggering amounts of medication to get to sleep. Parenting, friendships, intimacy and leisure are affected because we can no longer relax and be present. I was told a funny sad little story about a 3 year old daughter who hid her mother’s mobile so that her bedtime

story would not be interrupted, or abandoned. At a global level we can see how the fast lane has harmed us with its fast food, fast growth economy, fast manufacturing and production regardless of the cost to the planet, other species, the land and the ocean. The pace and stress of our

6 world today feels relentless. Under pressure in all areas of our lives, the slow movement reflects a timely shift. From slow food to slow sex, there are now movements for slow education and reading, slow health and medicine, slow cities and travel, slow parenting and education, and I have also heard of slow blogging! Astonishingly, this is even showing up in the workplace where some organisations are helping their staff to balance their time on the job and off, and creating email and phone free periods. The slow movement is not so

much about being slow but about finding a balance between fast and slow. “Much easier said than done”, I hear you say. “How do we create more time for slow in already crammed days?” Perhaps we need to ask a different question. The words of Alber t Einstein come to mind. “Perfection of means and confusion of ends seem to characterise our age.” Perhaps we need to ask a question about purpose, about why we are here and what do we want? Going faster, having more - more

things, more success, more experiences - seems to be imploding and burning us out in a blur of motion like the proverbial hamster, running in the wheel of life for its life, and going nowhere. Many people are asking these questions and many people are making changes reflecting their answers. Many have moved out of the cities, left high-pressured jobs and focused on the things they value in life. Even so, the habit of busyness creeps into beach houses and country homes, bringing different pressures and stresses. The experi-

7 know that we have all the time in the world to be happy and have fun. We learn that outside of time there is an abundance hard to describe but rich for the picking. Inexplicably, we learn that the fast pace slows us up and the timely pace gets us there in perfect time. At the hear t of the slow movement is the wisdom of timelessness, the balance between doing and being, and the harmony of “seeming to a divine purpose.” In other words you don’t have to do anything to slow down. You just have to be present in the timeless now. Drop into the silence of your heart and in an instant you are present to the timeless. Sk y is an inspiring spiritual t e a c h e r. H e r incisive insight combined with an engaging presence, add power and magnetism to her message. Author of the book Love’s Alchemy, Sky’s focus is on the transformative power of love. She is a psychologist and spiritual coach with her consultancy in Sydney where she offers courses and private sessions. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Japan and the UK, Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 0417 288 642 or visit

selfRemembering with Stephen Denham

Kindling the flame of true knowledge

Being busy is nothing new. “Beware the barrenness of a busy life” warned Socrates, who was born around 470BC. The term “rat race” has also been with us since the 1930s, originating from images of a lab rat trying to escape a maze or a wheel with a lot of useless, selfdefeating activity. The rat race existed long before we had personal computers, or anything resembling the sophisticated, tiny yet powerful communications devices so prevalent in today’s lifestyle. In the past it was associated with a hectic working life, with the physical burden of having too much to do. These days, however, it has become more of an inner phenomenon. Today’s rat race is mental, a rush of thoughts, images and associations, all mixed in with hopes and motivations, fears and anxieties. Information feeds this rat race going on in our minds on two levels – first, by bombarding us with an overload of options and choices; and second, by conditioning us to speed itself. The accessibility 24/7 of information via computer monitors, laptops, mobile phones, pads, tablets and television screens has conditioned us to instant gratifica-

tion generally, including areas of life where such an expectation is at best naïve, at worst dysfunctional. Today we are accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it - that is, immediately, and we grow increasingly intolerant of anything less. Socrates also said “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Knowledge is qualitatively different to information. So perhaps we need to put some things right in our inner life before we can be ready to receive real knowledge, particularly if we have been filling our minds with junk food for some time. In 2012, there is no shortage of ways and means available to wean ourselves off this addiction to information. Meditative practices, breath awareness and self-observation techniques show us how to cultivate inner space and stillness in the midst of the busy-ness and ceaseless activity of day-to-day life. Armenian mystic George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1866-1949) was a master of understanding the difference between information and knowledge. He identified the roadblock to realising one’s God-like potential as a “waking sleep”, caused in large part by an imbalance in the

different parts or centres that make up a human being – the physical, emotional and intellectual. According to Gurdjieff, most people were one dimensional in the sense that their behaviour was essentially weighted toward only one of these three centres. The difficulty was that for an intellectual type, or a primarily emotional or physical type, incoming life experience and impressions were siphoned in one direction only and so not able to nourish one’s all round, balanced development as a human being – that is to say, the person did not have a level of awareness able to receive real knowledge. Gurdjieff’s teaching - “the work” as it came to be known - was thus an attempt to awaken the dormant faculties of his students using awareness exercises, music, dance, physically demanding tasks; all designed to administer the “shocks” he claimed were necessary to stimulate a state of “self-remembering”, the first step in acquiring a higher level of consciousness. Gurdjieff ’s book “Belzebub’s tales to his grandson” was written specifically to be difficult or even impossible to be absorbed as information. For this book, Gurdjieff invented a vocabulary of long, unwieldy expressions and names that were not to be found in any dictionary. The aim was to thwart or shock the mind’s habitual comprehension of the written word and - through the effort required to read and understand the book - stimulate an enhanced state of awareness. Here the medium truly was the message:

don’t assimilate this as you do everything else, mechanically in your sleep, but make the effort and break through into something new. Gurdjieff’s teaching speaks to us today as we attempt to deal with the tsunami of information that assaults our senses 24/7 without limitation of time or space. In an age dominated by information, the only sanctuary is the result of deliberate, conscious effor ts. The natural buffers of the past when a less sophisticated technology gave us protection by default have all but disappeared. Information seeks us out today, as much or even more so than we seek it ourselves. But information can never be a substitute for knowledge. Real knowledge enriches the human spirit; it is evolutionary for us as human beings. Information on the other hand is simply the raw material, a means to an end. By learning to cultivate inner stillness, self-remembering and the right level of being or consciousness, we can transform information into knowledge; turn water into wine. We can gradually withdraw from the barren busy-ness of our inner rat race, empty our vessels of useless information - and cultivate the flame of true knowledge. Steve Denham (www.stevedenham. com) is the author of the book ‘A Plate of Eggs’ published in 2011 by Zeus ( Since 1982 he has been a member of the Sydney-based group Leonis ( dedicated to bringing the benefits of stillness to everyday life.

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ence of life, still unfulfilled, shatters the dreams and brings us up against the harsh reality of 3rd dimensional existence. Mor e wor ds fr om Einstein. “Strange is our situation here upon this ear th. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose.” To recognise and realise the Divine is our purpose. Within this recognition, this realisation, this enlightenment, this deep knowing of what is infinite and eternal, is our guidance. It charts a path through time and change, highlights what is important and what is not, what serves our growth and evolution and what leaves us trapped in overwhelm and misguided intention. This timeless realm is neither fast nor slow. It de-clutters the mind of all such concepts, distilling thought to wisdom. The frenzy of busyness is stripped down to the essence of being, reminding us of who we truly are, and in this very remembrance, so our purpose is fulfilled. In this age of enormous change it is vital to focus on what does not change, what does not come and go. This timeless realm transcends the 3rd dimension freeing the mind from the stuff of time. By learning to live in this timeless realm of deep knowing, we find a peace of mind that brings clarity and focus. We find fulfilment in the project well done and the smell of rain on dry earth. We become more expressive and creative because we

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .



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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

LIFE Harmony with Geraldine Moran

12 Days of Christmas I don’t know about you but as I am walking around the shops at the moment Christmas is already upon us. I see the shopping aisles in supermarkets filled with Christmas puddings, shor tbread, and rum balls. I realise that we are almost ready to celebrate another New Year and set about making some changes and promises to ourselves – or is that just me. I also know that the festive season can be a very stressful and draining time for many people. We rush around to finish work before the break. We don’t have enough hours in the day to get our work done and the shopping and prepare for visits. For some it can be an extremely lonely time of year if they aren’t connected to or don’t have significant people in their lives. Whatever our situation, what can we do to get us through the challenges of the season and lead us into the New Year sparkling and ready for action? I have put together a few suggestions based on that well known carol – ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas”, hope you enjoy the suggestions and just wanted to wish you and your families a very happy and safe festive season. One Journal in which to write: A

journal can be used for many things. You can make notes about what you need to buy for the silly season. A journal allows you to write down things which may be troubling you, or it can be a place for you to write down your deepest and most profound thoughts. A journal can be used for you to write down what you are grateful for each and every day. Why not write your successes each day, you will be surprised how they add up. The more you use a journal and access it, the more you are able to see patterns in your life, whatever form they may take. If you haven’t ever kept a journal, give it a go. Even if it is just to write down that you don’t have time to think, you’ll feel better for acknowledging that situation. Two Good Books: lose yourself in reading a novel or an inspirational story. It makes you feel better and takes you away from worrying what you have or haven’t done. Read something that you wouldn’t normally read and you never know, you find a new idea in the pages that you read. Three Juggling Balls: juggling is a great way to get both sides of your brain communicating. It is very

relaxing and also helps with getting your arms toned. The more you try it, the more fun you find yourself having and it is a great thing for children to do to help with their brain development. Four Random Acts of Kindness for yourself: We often spend so much of our time looking out for others that we forget about ourselves. Promise yourself and follow through with 4 things that really make your heart sing. What is it that you enjoy or that you would do for someone else. Just this time make sure that you do that for yourself. You will be surprised at how you feel. Five Deep Breaths: We often forget to breathe deeply using our diaphragm. When we do this we oxygenate our brain and reduce stress hormones like cortisol. Try taking five deep breaths three times a day and give yourself a pat on the back for the new clarity you have. Six Drinks or Skypes with Friends: How often do we say we should catch up, maybe in the New Year. Why not set aside a time and meet your friends for a drink or set up a Skype call with friends around Australia or around the globe. You will thank yourself and so will they. Have fun and remember the essence of life and love as you talk about your lives. Eight Glasses of Water: Try to drink these every day and keep hydrated no matter what you are doing. Your body will thank you. Nine Affirmations: Try writing down these affirmations in a page of your journal and read each day. You

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8 will find that it makes the season that much easier and your subconscious will help you lock in those affirmations. Ten Lines of Love: Write a poem or a short piece of prose for a loved one. It is such a special thing for someone that you love. They will treasure it. Find out how you might be able to get it specially printed or engraved. Eleven Smiles a Day: Smiling is a great thing to do. People are often so busy that they forget to smile. When we smile we exercise the muscles in our face, but we also allow our brain to acknowledge that we are happy. Smile at someone and watch their face change. Twelve Minutes of Downtime: Allow yourself at least 12 minutes a day to relax. Whatever way you do that, find the time and take a load off your brain. Things get put back in perspective and you might just enjoy the silly season again. Geraldine is the principal of Oz Spectrum Success Coaching and provides coaching in: • Work/life harmony, to set you for success • Home/life harmony -parent/teen coaching; • Small group work and workshops. • M.I.R.A.C.L.E. leadership. Geraldine has written a book that suggests 7 things we can do to bring us the life that we dream. Why not take the time to look at your Mindset, acknowledge the Infinite intelligence around you, Recognise your successes, have an Attitude of gratitude, Centre, observe the Limitless power of love and light and achieve Emotional mastery. Ph: 4032 5520 or 0438466029 E:

Art Therapy – Meaning and Healing BY glenda needs As an Ar t Therapist, one of my most privileged experiences is in witnessing the journey of a client from the initial visual representations of darkness and despair, to the blossoming imagery of positive outcome, even when circumstances have not yet or cannot be changed. Creating this positive imagery frequently enhances the quality of life for the client. It is often easy to forget that anything we wish for, we must first imagine! Art Therapy enables a vivid imagining of a positive outcome and often gives great hope for the future. The art can play many important roles. Tremendous value is found in the client’s mastery of, and sense of separation from, the problem as a result of externalising the internal story. Once the client creates the im-

age, he or she can see it outside of themselves, maintaining the problem as something not intrinsically part of them, but existing as a separate entity. This alone can ease the psychic pressure, removing shame from ‘my failing’ to a sense of valiant battle with the ‘something’ that has taken up temporary residence within him or her. Once on the page/canvas/other medium, the therapist can further enhance this by referring to the objects, images and people as marks on a page, a colour, shape or emotion separate from the client. This provides enormous safety for the client where he or she does not need to talk about or reveal details of the issue, merely his or her relationship with and manipulation of the objects on the page. A client may be more inclined to explore deeper,

9 or to look at other ways of being, without the fear of judgement by the therapist. Art Therapy also facilitates a window to the unconscious. In an Art Therapy client centred model, the therapist maintains the belief in the client as his or her own best healer - that he or she has the capacity within them to find new ways of being or knowing about themselves and their world. In this model, it is important to create opportunities for healing to appear from within. Although occasional psycho-education can be valuable, it is preferable that the client seeks out and finds new pathways for healing from their own resources. This model may not be the best for a therapist who is seeking repeat custom, but it is certainly the most empowering model for the individual client who will develop an awareness of their own capacity for self directed healing. Thus it is important to uncover new resources that the client possesses. Once the problem as it is known is fully expressed on the page, the Art Therapist can help make this story temporarily unknown. The therapist then assists the client to find new information from the stores of sensory material and knowledge to which the situation has not previously been directed. The unconscious can present material that may or may not be useful. This information can be interpreted by the client, tested and ‘tried on’ for a good fit. The new information can then be integrated into a new picture, until the insights achieved can be integrated and internalised. Art Therapy also allows expression and nuance of sensory expression that often cannot be achieved through words alone. Many grieving parents have told me what the pain is ‘like’. ‘I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus’, ‘I feel numb’, ‘I feel like there is a hole in my chest’. None of these statements actually have any substance in reality. Most people haven’t been run over by a bus to use this as a measure of pain. There is no physical numbness in grief, nor an actual hole in the chest. These expressions are approximations of the extent of sensory and emotional pain - the only words that may come close to expressing the extent of these feelings. Art Therapy can enable a person to express this pain using colour, shape, images, distance, proximity, size, depth, and symbol to name a few, along with actions such as tearing, folding, burning and cutting that add further sensory depth to the expression of the emotion. A client can feel truly heard when the art expresses a much fuller picture of the situation, including those elements for which they have few or no words to describe. This is an excerpt from Glenda Needs’ new book, ‘Ar t Therapy: Foundation and Form.’ Contact the Ikon Institute of Australia if you would like to buy a copy. Glenda Needs is the Head of Art therapy at the Ikon Institute of Australia. If you would like to know more about the remarkably rewarding industry of Art Therapy, contact Ikon for a free information pack on our Advanced Diplomas in Transpersonal Ar t Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling, and Diplomas in Counselling and Youth Work. Email or Call (08) 8350 9753

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Hypnotizing Yourself a New Life by Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull & Illusions He bought a sandwich at the Marianna airpor t, and a pint of milk. After the airplane was fueled, truck driven away, he sat on the ground under the wing and unwrapped the sandwich. I know how it works. I can change whatever seems to be whenever I want to change it. What shall I change, what suggestions shall I give myself, shall I accept, take them for truth in my trance and watch the world shift around me? He opened the Jacksonville sectional chart, colored pattern-green low elevations and empty-blue Gulf of Mexico. He took the pen from his sleeve pocket, poised it over the blue.

What Do You Want To See Come True?

If I were hypnotizing me, he thought, what suggestions would I want to see come true around me? He wrote, neat printed letters, on the map: Everything that happens around me shall work out for the good of all concerned. People shall be as kind to me as I am to them. Coincidence shall lead me to others who bring lessons for me to learn, and for whom I have lessons to give, as well. I shall not lack for whatever I need to become the person I choose to be. I shall remember that I created this world, that I can change and improve it by my own suggestion

BY Iris Detenhoff,

whenever I wish. Time and again shall I see confirmation that my world is changing just as I’ve planned it to change, and I’ll find changes better than I’ve imagined. Answers to every question shall come to me in some clear way including quick and unexpected, and from within. He lifted the pen, read what he had written. Sure enough, he thought, not a bad start. If I were my hypnotist, I’d like me to make those suggestions.

What is it about the art of timing?

Anything You’d Care To Add?

Then he did a strange thing. He closed his eyes and imagined an advanced spirit there with him that moment, under the wing of the airplane. “Is there anything,” he whispered, “you’d care to add?” As though the pen had come to life in his hand and was writing by itself, in larger, bolder strokes than his own: I am a perfect expression of perfect Life, here and now. Every day I am learning more of my true nature and of the power I’ve been given over the world of appearances. I am deeply grateful, on my journey, for the parenting and guidance of my highest self. Then it was still. While the pen moved, he felt as though he were standing in a science museum close by some giant van de Graaf generator, electrics coursing through his

Why would you want to fine tune to the moon?

body, his hair tingling. When the words stopped, the energy faded. Whoa, he thought, what was that? He laughed at himself. That’s the answer to, Is there anything you’d care to add?

Answers Exist Before the Question is Asked

Unaware, for it was deep in his subconscious, the response: Answers exist before you ask your question. If slow is necessar y, please make that clear in your request. He unfolded from under the wing, the world feeling not quite the same as it had a minute ago. He did not catch the significance of the strange word parenting, he did not remember to thank whoever it was that had done the writing.

A former USAF pilot, gypsy barnstormer and airplane mechanic, Richard Bach is the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, One, The Bridge Across Forever, and numerous other books. Most of his books have been semi-autobiographical, using actual or fictionalized events from his life to illustrate his philosophy. In 1970, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a story about a seagull who flew for the love of flying rather than merely to catch food, broke all hardcover sales records since Gone with the Wind. It sold more than 1,000,000 copies in 1972 alone. A second book, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, published in 1977, tells the story of the narrator’s encounter with a modern-day messiah who has decided to quit. Visit his website at This article was excerpted from the book: Hypnotizing Maria: A Story by Richard Bach.

We all have noticed how simple chores like cleaning windows, some days have better results than on other days. When it is no big deal, we just move on to the next window or thing to do. Whereas on other days, the harder we try the worse it gets. Same for fishing, sometimes the fish bite better. The successful and clued-in fisherman determines the best fishing times by the sun and moon rise and those guys who go out in a boat, prefer to do so with the outgoing tide, using less fuel or paddle power. Giving it time, they could do without either. Many gardeners and farmers use the moon phases for planting, watering and fertilizing. For herbalists and nutritionists the moon plays an interesting and important role in harvesting times, preserving and administering herbs and nutrients. When harvesting timber, you also can determine the best time of the year to harvest and dry your trees and produce durable and first grade building or furniture timber. Valuable instruments like violins have been built with wood, which has been harvested at the right time! As the fishermen and gardeners say: It’s easy and it works! Once you get the idea, experimenting with the moon phases becomes fun and tuning in second nature. Effectively it means saving time, effort and resources.

How does it work?

While the moon is going around the earth, it has a gravitational pull on water (moisture and fluids). This means, it actually pulls on the oceans (tides), rivers and lakes. In humans it has a subtle influence on blood, lymphatic and cerebral fluids and in plants, the moon’s gravitation pulls on the sap. As the moon moves around the earth in roughly one month, 28.5

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days, it makes nearly 13 rotations around the ear th per year. Each moon cycle starts at the new moon. At this moment, the moon is conjunct with the sun and for just one day, it rises and sets with the sun. Therefore we can’t see it at night or day. While the moon is waxing for two weeks until it is full moon, we from earth here, see it getting fuller. On a cellular level everything is in absorption mode in the two weeks leading up to full moon. Gardeners and farmers obser ve seeds readily absorbing moisture from its surrounding until full moon, when they sprout. We humans too, tend to absorb and retain fluids, absorb more nutrients and put on pounds. If you breathe in deeply and count up to 14 (days of waxing until full moon) your internal pressure is getting very high. When you are ready to burst, you let go and exhale. Reducing the internal pressure – count again to 14 (days of waning moon until new moon) and you feel the vacuum that is being created before you are forced to breath in again, starting a new cycle. Absorbing and releasing energy, moisture, nutrients and information is the main mechanism behind the workings of the moon. This is how the moon influences our weather, atmosphere, waters, all growth and decay cycles and emotions. The moon position in the zodiac also helps you fur ther fine tune many diverse activities. Once we realize this, we can tune into this natural and always reccurring cycle and lead a healthy life style in harmony with nature. I r i s D e t e n h o f f, the author and publisher of the Moontime Diary, started her working life as a general nurse in Munich before she migrated to Australia in 1987. Her love of nature, interest in health, astrology, building and anthroposophy lead Iris to compile and publish a yearly almanac whichthe Moontime Diary turns out to be. Currently Iris is translating the book: ‘Ich sah Dich wachsen” by Prof. Erwin Thoma, from German into English. In his book, Erwin brings forth his grandfather’s knowledge about managing forests, harvesting trees and building with timber by the moon. Erwin himself has tested and trialed those traditional ways and collected scientific data which is supporting his grandfather’s ways of doing things. Absolutely fascinating! Iris is available for organized talks. For inquiries please contact: info@ or call 02 6684 2770

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

money Mindset with Dr Andrew Powell

Abundance Is Your Natural State That statement might seem hard to believe if you have been experiencing lack and struggle, but it’s true. In fact we are infinite beings living in an abundant universe. Everything is available to us and there really is no lack of anything. The only thing holding us back from expressing our natural state of abundance are the self-sabotaging limiting beliefs, distorted perceptions and unresolved patterns of emotional reaction that unconsciously drive us. We have all been programmed throughout life with subconscious beliefs that are generally not even questioned, we simply accept them as “the way things are”. Many of us have patterns of beliefs that tell us things like“Life is hard” “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” “If it wasn’t difficult then I didn’t really earn it” “You have to wor k hard and struggle to get what you want” There is a deeply ingrained belief in our society that anything really worth doing has to be hard, difficult and usually long and complicated as

well. We feel we have to “earn” the result we want, so we subconsciously put up roadblocks and make life difficult for ourselves, just so we can struggle to overcome them to satisfy our desire to feel like we “earned it”. Only then can we accept the reward and feel good about it. Society fully encourages this skewed point of view – we are trained to be good workers, not to recognise the magnificence of who we are already and our natural state of abundance. I used to think that living a truly abundant life was another goal just like any other- something you had to work toward… a destination. However, along the way I have realised that abundance is not something we have to learn to do- we don’t need to struggle, strive, study or constantly seek… abundance is already our true nature. It’s simply a matter of allowing it to be expressed in our lives. I once heard Dr.Scott Walker, the developer of Neuro Emotional Technique(NET) say “Success is not a process of accumulation. Success is a process of shedding”.

He was exactly right. What he was talking about was shedding the limiting beliefs and old emotional patterns that keep us locked in to our current reality. They affect us on all levels, and nowhere is it more true than with our finances and the level of wealth we allow to manifest in our lives. The problem is that many of these beliefs are deeply ingrained in the subconscious and unless we are very present and observing ourselves closely we often don’t even realise they are there. We move through life automatically reacting to them without even knowing why we feel the way we do, or why the same results seem to keep playing out again and again in our lives. What we need is a reliable method that gets results when it comes to uncovering and dissolving these limiting patterns and replacing them with more empowering, consciously chosen beliefs. This is the fastest way I have found to manifest our natural state of abundance. I have seen it time and time again with clients and with myself- as these old patterns fall away things just seem to shift in your life. I have had clients receive unexpected bonuses, win raffles, receive unexplained or

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Dr. Andrew Powell

Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Speaker & Author of “The Money Is In The Mindset”

10 unasked-for discounts, sell a business that had been unsold on the market for 3 years… it’s amazing how things just seem to start falling into place when you change what you are willing to receive. The technique that I have found to have the most profound and consistent impact is called the LifeLine Technique™. It’s a combination of over 15 different healing systems which uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to hone in on the exact blockages that are preventing you from living your life intentionally. The results I have observed with this technique have been lasting and sometimes dramatic. There are not just changes in the way you feel on the inside, there are observable results that will manifest in your life… things that other people will start to notice. It never fails to amaze me how exactly “reality” manages to mirror our beliefs back to us. When you change your beliefs at this deep level your external reality has to change to mirror your new beliefs… that’s simply how it works. If you’d like to manifest more abundance in your life, ask yourself “What do I really believe about money?” Write down everything that comes to you. Be as thorough as possible. If you find that you don’t like some of what you’ve written, or that you’d like to change some of it, consciously set a new intention for how you’re going to live instead. Whenever you are in a situation when that old belief pattern is triggered choose to react from your new belief instead, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel. It will get easier. Be gentle with yourself if you sometimes still find yourself reacting to the old pattern. Simply commit to choosing differently the next time and move on. Until next time, have fun manifesting more of your natural state of abundance. Dr. Andrew Powell is a Chiropractor & Kinesiologist at Hills Spinal Health in Castle Hill, NSW. He is also the author of “The Money Is In The Mindset- The 7 Subconscious Keys To A Profitable Practice” and the creator of the Money Mindset Mastery Program, a unique system for transforming your relationship to money and attracting more abundance into your life. You can join Dr. Andr e w on a FREE webinar where you can experience The LifeLine Technique™ li v e by r e gistering at www. webinar

An Ancient Healing Practise Working Within the Community

Over the last 20 years Sydney based Qigong Master Simon Blow has been working with many community based programs helping people to release stress, increase health and develop spiritual perception and awareness. He presented the following paper at a World Medical Qigong Conference in Beijing, China May 2004. Overview: The problem of addiction is a huge one causing breakdown of family and community structure, disruption to work, crime and civil disorder. Research suggests causes lie in childhood abuse, parental alcoholism and neglect, resulting in a downward spiral of low self-esteem, powerlessness, violence and self-harm. Addicts are therefore often individuals in a state of extreme imbalance, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When they decide to address their substance abuse, changing themselves, their attitudes and habits, is a struggle. The ancient practice of Qigong has long been known in China and increasingly in the west as a means of increasing health and well-being. Since 1992 Qigong Master Simon Blow has been leading classes in Ba Duan Jin Standing Form Qigong in several drug rehabilitation groups in Sydney, Australia. The practice of Qigong as taught by Simon Blow utilises the elements of self-healing and balance of the internal energy with the external environment. The results suggest that the practice of Qigong gives beneficial aid to recovering addicts in gaining relaxation skills, body awareness and confidence as well as lessening frustration and regaining balance of body and mind. The survey was taken continuously over six months from June to December 2003 after each 45-minute class of Qigong, held twice weekly, in a residential, drug rehabilitation group. We Help Ourselves (WHOS), is a drug-free therapeutic programme lasting three months incorporating the fostering of personal growth and life skills with a view to participants returning to the community. The context of these Qigong classes is therefore a therapeutic one of groupwork, counselling, support and education,

stress management and relapse prevention. Two groups of males and females were surveyed over two consecutive three-month periods with the intention of a qualitative assessment based on subjective evaluation on whether their on-going Qigong practice was helping in their recovery. Results: Of a total of 634 surveys over this period, 89% found an overall benefit. Specific qualities were measured 85% said they felt stronger physically. 86% said they were able to accept others more and 87% felt that their self-acceptance had increased. 88% felt the practice of Qigong enabled them to concentrate better and felt more confident and better able to control anxiety. 88% felt they were deepening spiritually. 89% felt stronger emotionally and less frustrated. 90% felt Qigong practice was an impor tant routine and that they were more aware of Qi. 92% felt Qigong was an important part of their recovery. 93% said they felt more peaceful since learning Qigong and that their future would be a better one. 95% felt Qigong helped them to be calm and relaxed. A few comments from par ticipants: ‘I can concentrate more on the days we practise.’ ‘I feel that I can relax and get to sleep a lot easier and I know what my body is telling me. Thank you.’ ‘It makes me feel good about myself.’ ‘I look forward to the classes and talk to my friends about it. I find myself easy to be with on the day I do it. I feel my body in a way I never have before.’ The first step to changing oneself is awareness. In helping these par ticipants become more aware of themselves and their bodies, as well as in helping them relax and become less stressed about the emotions they are discovering, the practice of Qigong is demonstrably a method for helping people change. It is a significant aid to this rehabilitation programme. For more info www.simonblowqigong. com or call (02) 9559 8153


yourNaturopath with Robert Reeves Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Rising Above Depression

There’s an abundance of people being diagnosed with depression each day. Therefore, we need to look at natural ways to elevate our mood and lift us out of this debilitating condition. Depression brings with it a poor outlook on life. Everything becomes challenging and feels as though it requires too much work. Soon we see people pulling away from friends and social situations. This creates a feeling of being alone and isolated. This is the perfect place for the ego voice to contain you. The term ‘ego voice’ can be explained as the devil image sitting on your shoulder. Rest assured there’s a loving angel sitting on the other side to balance you out. The ego voice is that voice which constantly says something’s wrong with you. It tells you that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, or wealthy enough. Let’s shine light on this darkness! Through this article you’ll be provided with steps you can take to rise above depression.

Connect to the love around you

Let’s start by eliminating the feeling of isolation. Remember that

in truth you’re never alone. Your loving angels are standing by your side. Connecting with your angels is simple. Close your eyes for just a moment. Take several deep breaths and ask your angels for help. You needn’t use any fancy words, or prayers, as your thoughts are all that they need. Your angels first need your permission to help. It’s important to remember to ask for assistance daily.This way they can step in and guide you. Organise gatherings with compassionate friends. This may take you out of your comfor t zone but it’s important to your healing. When you’re walking down the road with people by your side it suddenly becomes much easier.

Natural Support

Herbal medicines can increase feel good hormones and clear feelings of depression. You might suspect to read about St John’s Wort, however I’ve chosen to omit this herb. Whilst wonderful, it’s almost an article in itself and needs proper cautions attached to it. Instead I’m going to introduce you to Siberian Ginseng. This herb lifts your mood through greater clarity. It clears

away mental fog giving you the opportunity to think clearly and positively. Siberian Ginseng increases your energy levels. This helps you find motivation to complete needed tasks. Motivation is a key factor in pushing through depression. If you feel low, or that things are too hard, you’ll never take the first step. This wonderful herbal healer gives you the power to take that first step confidently and courageously. Check with your local Naturopath, or Herbalist to find out the best dosage for you. Mother Nature provides us with useful tools to rise above depression. Herbal medicines are some of the more obvious options, yet flowers and crystals can heal too. Consider working with uplifting and high vibrational flowers such as gardenia, orange lilies, and sunflowers. These flowers are a gentle guiding hand to the path of happiness and peace. Purchase them for your garden, or to have within your home. Simply looking at the images of these flowers can help. As you work with these flowers you’ll find true laughter returning to your life. Collect crystals of aventurine and carnelian to help you release old energies. Carry these stones with you during the day as a way to remind yourself that Heaven is on your side.

Nervous system nutrition

From a nutritional perspective your body may be craving B vitamins and Zinc. B vitamins are like taxi drivers taking you from point A to point B. Taking a good quality

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . multivitamin that’s rich in B vitamins can release you from feelings of sadness. They are excellent if you experience anxiety too. Zinc is responsible for hundreds of reactions in the body. So, if you’re low in zinc those reactions cannot perform properly. If you’re zinc deficient you may notice changes in appetite and taste. People often become fussy eaters and hover around a few select foods. Zinc coats your nervous system and repairs the weakness caused from years of stress. Again, check for an appropriate dosage from a professional first. Vibrational essences can serve as a wonderful support throughout the day. These are generally liquids that are taken in drops under the

tongue. They can be carried with you through the day and taken when you feel stressed, emotional, or fearful. They work on an energetic level rather than a physical one. They aim to treat the cause of those lower emotions and lift you through them. Sometimes a few drops of vitality can help lighten the darkness within your mind. There are a number of essences available including flowers, crystals and angels, to name a few.

Focus on a positive outcome

You can rise above depression. You’ve more strength within you than you realise. This is the strength that’s kept you going. Take this as a

sign from above that you’re being helped. It’s assurance that you’re moving in the right direction. All of the preceding information is meant as a guide only and is not meant to replace proper medical care. Please speak with your health care professional before undertaking any of the above mentioned advice. Robert Reeves is a Naturopath and best-selling author of Flower Therapy. He blends herbal medicine with his psychic abilities to help his clients reach their utmost potential. He gives self-help workshops, and runs a successful naturaltherapies clinic. Phone: 1300 668 772 Web: au Facebook: RobertReevesNaturopath

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In this handy book, Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves give in-depth information about 88 flowers, illustrated with gorgeous, full-color photographs, with

detailed information about the flowers’ energetic and healing properties. (See review on page 26) If you would like to be in the draw to win one of these special signed copies, please email your name address and phone number to : InnerSelf Flower Therapy Competition,

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Weight Loss and Water by Dr Sang Whang When I first published “Reverse Aging” in 1990, little was known about the alkaline-acid balance. The only concept that people were familiar with was alkaline food and acid food. Drinking alkaline water was considered to be a hoax because the stomach is acidic and would neutralize alkaline water. We’ve come a long way in twenty years. Today we know that alkaline-acid balancing is carried out in the blood by an alkaline buffer (bicarbonate) and an acid buffer (carbonic acid). As we age, we lose bicarbonate in the blood causing alkaline-acid imbalance, especially after 45 years of age. Alkaline-acid balancing means to replenish diminishing bicarbonate in the blood. It is not balancing pH values of the blood. If the artery blood pH value goes down in proportion with the bicarbonate diminishing, we would all

be dead after 55 years of age. In spite of the diminishing bicarbonate in the blood after 45 years of age, the body plays amazing sur vival tricks to maintain pH values and extend life. The price that the body pays to extend life are old age diseases such as osteoporosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, lipids, clogged artery, heart attacks, cancer, etc.

Weight Loss and Water

When we talk about weight loss, we often talk about the number of calories in food. We believe the fewer calories consumed, the less weight gained. It’s the same with drinks: diet drinks are preferred over regular (higher-calorie) drinks when it comes to weight loss. Consumption of diet soda today is skyrocketing because of this. Everyday drinking water can help

remove weight more than diet soda can, because although club soda may have no calories, it is highly acidic and has low pH. Plain drinking water has a higher level of pH which stimulates a unique process in the stomach. Stomach cells work to keep the stomach acidic for the breaking down of food. When high pH water enters the stomach, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid to bring the pH level back down (see diagram, Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology by Frederic H. Martini, page 881). A byproduct of this chemical reaction is bicarbonate, which increases the blood’s bicarbonate level, and this bicarbonate dissolves excess acid (i.e. cholesterol and/or fatty acid) in the body. When we drink club soda or any carbonated drinks, our stomach does not produce any hydrochloric acid, and as a result, our blood does not receive any bicarbonate. If drinking regular water can melt away excess acid, can you imagine what drinking alkaline water can do? Regarding weight loss, what is commonly taught is to burn off fat, but there is a way to neutralize and melt it away. Alkaline buffer (bicarbonate) reduces fat cleanly and easily. Dr. Sang Whang is a successful inventor, scientist, a n d e n g i n e e r. Mr. W hang has discovered a new theory of aging and reverse aging. He explains the health and aging processes in layman terms in his book, Reverse Aging, regarded as the original scientific thesis of the new theory of aging.

12 Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine CRICOS 01768k

What’s the Worst Thing You Can Do if You Can’t Fall Asleep?

A large volume of historical evidence indicates humans used to sleep in two four-hour intervals, with about an hour or two of wakefulness between the first and second sleep. Those waking night time hours were oftentimes used for quiet contemplation and introspection, in addition to more active pastimes like making love. Today, many don’t take the time to contemplate their life and dreams anymore, which can increase anxiety, stress and depression. Sleep is the outcome of an interaction between two classes of variables: sleepiness and “noise.” The most common forms of “noise” making sleep elusive are “cognitive popcorn,” light, and the wrong temperature An estimated six to 10 percent of US adults used some sor t of hypnotic sleeping pill in 2010. But, as evidenced by a new study, using prescription sleeping pills can increase your risk of certain cancers—such as esophagus, lymphoma, lung, colon and prostate cancers—as well as increase your risk of premature death nearly fourfold

NTIS 5143

Your New Professional Health Care Career: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Enrol into Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM) 2013 New semester commences on 18th Feb 2013 Open day: 17 Nov 2012 from 10am to 2pm

Delivering practical courses: Bachelor Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine (double modalities of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) Accredited by TEQSA Approved by AUSTUDY, Recognized by major Health Funds

◊ 28 years since establishment with graduates successfully practicing nationally and abroad with employment rate over 90% ◊ TCM national registration on 1 July 2012 ◊ Government support TCM & WM integrated medical centre will be opening in North Sydney ◊ Hospitals can invite registered practitioner to treat patients ◊ Limited seat for international students

We are in the city: Level 5, 545 Kent St., Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: 02 92612289 • Email: Web: www.

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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Tools for Healthy Living

A bowl full of noodles may seem like an unlikely health and weight-loss aid, but our ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles can help you lose weight by keeping you full longer and improve your health. Made of a soluble dietary glucomann fibre, scientifically proven to make you

feel full faster, they can be helpful as part of any weight loss, low carb diet program or weight management. The glucomann fibre has also has been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol and high blood sugar which can prevent hear t disease and diabetes, to aid the digestive

Zero Slim & Healthy Chicken Noodles Ingredients (serves 4)

• 2 packets (200g each) Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles. Rinsed well. • 2 tsp olive oil • 2 (about 350g) single chicken breast fillets, thinly sliced across the grain • 1 brown onion, cut into thin wedges • 2 carrots, peeled, cut into batons • 1 red capsicum, halved, deseeded, thinly sliced • 2 celery sticks, ends trimmed, thinly sliced diagonally • 200g green beans, topped, halved diagonally • 125g pkt baby corn, halved lengthways • 4cm-piece fresh ginger, peeled, cut into matchsticks • 2 garlic cloves, crushed • 2 tbs water • 1 bunch baby bokchoy, leaves separated, washed, shredded • 60ml (1/4 cup) dark soy sauce • 60ml (1/4 cup) sweet chilli sauce

system and assisting with elimination and the prevention of constipation and diverticulosis. And with only 5 calories per serve, you can eat Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles every day without gaining weight and improve your health at the same time. If you’re on a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low GI, fat free, sugar free or detox diet, ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles is the perfect alternative. ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with diabetes, as well as people with wheat intolerance or allergies to gluten or soy. Just add ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles to your meals instead of noodles or pasta. Preparation Method 1. Rinse the noodles. Drain. 2. Heat the oil in a pan or wok over high heat. Add the chicken and stirfry for 2 minutes or until just cooked. Transfer to a plate. 3. Add the onion, carrot, capsicum, celery, beans, corn, ginger and garlic to the wok and stir-fry for 2 minutes. Add water and bokchoy and cook, covered, for 1-2 minutes or until beans are bright green and tender crisp. 4. Add the noodles, chicken, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce and toss until well combined and heated through. Divide among serving plates and serve immediately.

Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles is available from selected health food stores (see our website for details) and online from

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Chakra Balance Essence To cleanse and balance the Chakra system

Attention Frustrated Mums!

There is an epidemic of 30 and 40 something mothers who aren’t having a good time. As we get older we need more personal space, and finding space and time can feel impossible when coping with the everyday demands of running a family. Unaddressed, Mums are becoming sick, depressed, anxious and angry. The whole family then creates patterns of dealing with each other’s frustration, and everyone can end up feeling isolated, lonely and disconnected. I help frustrated Mums manifest genuine peace, personal space and time out so the whole family can be happy! A happy wife, a happy life!

To find out more call Zoe Davis on 0401 318 593 or go to www. and download your FREE report 9 Simple Steps to Change Your Life.

This is a great everyday formula for the healer and the psychic. It helps to keep all of your chakras in balance and helps to remove any negative energies. It brings about a sense of balance and makes sure that you find balance in all aspects of your life for example work, rest, and play. It is an excellent pick me up for when you are beginning to lose motivation and drive, bringing you back to a positive state where you are able to enjoy life again and continue your important role as a helper. 30ml - $16 For more essences visit

Turmeric holds key to halting Alzheimer's

Scientists have discovered that the powdery curry spice, turmeric has a compound curcumin which may help fight Alzheimer's and dementia. They're conducting a clinical trial at a retirement village by giving 100 residents curcumin supplements to see if it can clear the build up of a toxic protein on the part of the brain associated with memory and learning.

The Dangers of that Hot Steamy Shower

Recent studies link excessive chlorine exposure to breast, kidney (renal) and bladder cancers. It can cause dry irritated skin, acne and hair damage as well. Chlorine is vaporized when heated. As you shower you inhale and absorb these vapors through your lungs and skin; these chemicals go directly into your blood stream! The new zazen Water Shower Filter range reduces 99% of chlorine and many other heavy metals, creating a healthier showering experience. Protect against the aging and damaging effects of these chemicals by choosing an easy to install zazen Shower Filter today! For more information, please visit our website or alternatively you can email us at or call 1300 78 24 25.

Kuvings Silent Juicer

This versatile Multi-Purpose Kuvings Juicer is the perfect juicer for your daily juicing needs. If you want to extract the most juice yield from your produce then this is the best juicer for you. Because it operates at a very slow speed , you are assured that you only get the highest quality and quantity of juice. Slow speed juicers like the Kuvings Juicer don’t destroy the essential vitamins and minerals in the juice because it doesn’t cause heat build-up during the extraction process. Kuvings masticating juicers are known to be silent juicers. Compared to centrifugal juicers, the Kuvings Multi-Purpose is significantly quieter to operate. You don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone while they sleep as you prepare a glass of your favorite fresh juice. Whether you want to juice fresh fruits or leafy greens, the Kuvings Silent Juicer can do it for you. And not only that, because of its different (8) nozzles, you can use the same juicer to grind coffee, mince herbs, extrude pasta and make soy milk with ease! Truly this makes the Kuvings Multi-Purpose Masticating Juicer a true all-rounder. For details phone 02 9798 0586 or visit

Angelic Divine Universal Healing


Allow the love and light of God to shine Within

Sound, Colour & our Crystal Healing goal is to• Chakra awaken & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual Guidance • Past Life Release • Shaman Healing • Distance Healing through Phone and Internet

one community at a time . . .

Goddess and Angel Retreat 9-11 November 2012 details on website All healings assisted by angels, goddesses and ascended masters

Pina Di Ghionno

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Healing for the Body and Soul for those seeking inner peace and harmony, healing treatments that benefit both physically and spiritually. Chinese Acupressure • Energy • Remedial Massage Tibetan Bowl Therapy • Reiki • Crystals • Angel Guides

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Faithe Spiritual Gifted Psychics Love and Relationships Specialist CREDIT CARDS/PAYPAL ($4.50 per min Incl GST) Phone 0468 395 111 / Overseas +61 468 395 111 Call:1902 256 004 ($5.45 per min. Incl GST. Higher Pay/Mob Telads) Faithe will give guidance and insight into your lover’s heart, relationships, career or counselling. î Love & Relationships î Family & Friends î Career î Counselling î

InnerSelf•november - January 2012/13

Moon Calendar noveMber



1 MC News travels quickly and it pays to be attentive. 2 3 M D An emotional connection with a person or matter dominates. 4 5 6 M E Humility will often achieve better results than arrogance. 7 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon E Time to resolve outstanding matters as the time will soon be right to move on to new projects. Make the time to do so as this will be a good test of your commitment to a new direction but also demonstrate a willingness to learn from what has occurred. 8 M F Taking a critical perspective can be productive as long as there are alternatives. 9 10 M G Maintaining good relations is important but not at the expense of personal objectives or opinions. 11 12 M H Beware of overreactions as emotions are heightened. 13 14 Solar Eclipse ] New Moon H M enters I The New Moon brings with it sensitivity and also frustrations as information seems to be confused and mixed messages abound. As the Moon moves into Sagittarius big plans beckon however bide your time before taking anything on as the lack of clarity will only make matters worse. This is a time of undertaking new responsibilities and if this is done with awareness and commitment the result is both joy and success. 15 16 M J A hands-on approach is called for as new start to unfold. 17 18 M K Be objective and think outside the square. 19 20 21 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon K M enters L The challenge now is to produce the first results of recent actions. The emphasis to maintain objectivity and focus on goals has to be tempered with intuition. Ensure there is some flexibility to plans in order to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. 22 Sun enters I Inspiring and energetic, Sagittarians love to see the ‘big picture’ 23 M A Take action and accept the challenges that are presented. 24 25 M B Be practical about what can and cannot be achieved. 26 27 28 M C Do not be tempted to rely on gossip or rumour. 29 … Full Moon C Lunar Eclipse The Full Moon highlights the importance of responsibilities and this may take the form of undertaking study or developing or accessing reliable sources of information. The commitment necessary to do this can bring about feelings of success and accomplishment. 30 A bird’s eye view of the situation will help you see things not presently apparent.

1 M D Take the time to gauge others’ feelings before taking action. 2 3 M E Acknowledgement is important especially for what has been realised. 4 5 M F Doing the right thing by yourself and all concerned is important now. 6 7 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon F The build-up has been intense and the expectations high, however outcomes may be either disappointing or minimal. A testing period where integrity will be pitted against results. For many the question will be, “does the end justify the means?” 8 M G Be prepared to stand up for what you believe regardless of others. 9 10 M H Be upfront in all dealings and avoid underhanded or secretive actions. 11 12 M I Enthusiasm and inspiration spur things along. 13 ] New Moon I The New Moon in Sagittarius promises much especially a new beginning for many. Keep an open mind and look beyond the obvious because the present moment will yield the unexpected and the unusual. There is also a very distinct sense that what occurs is meant to be. 14 M J Take control of matters at hand but avoid being autocratic. 15 16 M K Be prepared to take some risks and you may be surprised by the outcome. 17 18 M L Compassion and sensitivity can break down seemingly insurmountable barriers. 19 20 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon L M enters A Trust your intuition as new endeavours take shape and as the Moon changes sign later today, take the actions required. The challenges presented suggest that a mix of enterprise and know-how ensures success. 21 Sun enters J Pragmatic, responsible and authoritative are the hallmarks of Capricorn 22 23 M B Be flexible and increase options. 24 25 MC Be prepared to act on information as it is received. 26 27 28 M D … Full Moon D The promise of the past few weeks finds expression with the Full Moon and emotions run high. There may be those who take advantage of the situation and play on sensitivities. The challenge is to rise above them and pursue the goals in spite of the hardship or opposition which may be encountered. 29 30 M E Take pride in what has been achieved to date. 31

1 2 M F Process and order provide the structure for successful outcomes. 3 4 M G Cooperation can achieve much but maintain the integrity of intention. 5 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon G Time to assess what has been achieved especially as there may still a sense that not everything has been realised. There is still some time to finalise matters but do not leave it too long. Be prepared to discard what has not worked and capitalise on achievements. 6 M H The intensity of emotions may catch you off-guard. 7 8 M I A bird’s eye view of the situation will help you see things not presently apparent. 9 10 M J Be prepared to take a hands-on approach. 11 12 ] New Moon J M enters K The first New Moon of the year brings with it a controlled optimism however do what is necessary to get things moving. The obstacles and challenges will continue but with increased experience these will be met as a matter of course. As the Moon changes sign later today, a greater objectivity can result. 13 14 M L As emotions are heightened, be careful to maintain boundaries. 15 16 17 M A Be prepared to defend your actions but do not let yourself be vulnerable. 18 19 M A ‡ 1st Quarter Menters B The challenges of the last few weeks may take its toll on some. Take steps to minimise both physical and emotional strains as these may impact on decisions which will need to be made soon. With the Moon moving into Taurus, be practical about these matters. 20 Sun enters K Objective, inquisitive and independent characterise the Aquarian. 21 22 M C Avoid rumour and innuendo as it will only be a distraction. 23 24 M D Emotional bonds with loved ones dominate now. 25 26 27 ME … Full Moon E The Full Moon highlights the need to maintain focus on the matters at hand. There may be persons or situations that undermine confidence or isolate you. Do not let these distract you but instead work your way around them. Let actions speak louder than words. 28 29 M F Make sure you look after the details as these ensure a good outcome. 30 31 M G Cooperation and compromise can achieve much.

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A Guide To The ZodiAC SiGnS A Aries – fire B Taurus – earth C Gemini – air D Cancer – water E Leo – fire F Virgo – earth

G Libra – air H Scorpio – water I Sagittarius – fire J Capricorn – earth K Aquarius – air L Pisces – water

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These are generic interpretations for each of the zodiac signs. For a more personal interpretation, astrological consultations are available by appointment on

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Touching Nature’s Heart

discern our “Moon” birthday simply by looking at the phase of the Moon. Every month, each and every one of us resonates to that aspect of the Sun-Moon relationship that is imprinted in our psyches. This describes the basic capacity of the person to relate to life generally. In order to find the lunation phase you are born under, you can consult an almanac for the year and find out what the Moon phase nearest to when you were born. Dane Rudhyar, a famous astrologer developed the theory of phases and used it to develop the eight lunation types of personality which we will be discussed in a series of short articles over the coming issues.

“To live interwoven, sourcing energy sparks of knowing and healing, integrating all aspects of self, and flowing in and out of the heart beat of life attuned to the divine, this is the gift nature offers us.” Interwoven themes carry through this book: Turning to nature for clarity and balance. Taking grief, loss or confusion to nature’s embrace. Expanding into your own wisdom, divinity and soul connection through Oneness with nature. Messages received from the spirit and intelligence of nature. Being present, alert and attentive to nature’s beauty and diversity, her order and her wildness. Being held by the ever present, steadying life force.

A NEW MooN occurs when the Moon is less than 45 degrees ahead of the Sun. For a period of three and a half days every month, there is a New Moon and all births during this period will have a New Moon in their chart.

“She has been my teacher. She has sent me pink mists and blue moons, rainbow clouds and blue-sky rains. She reminds me not to limit my reality; she invites me to enter hers.”

Living a soul-centred life, enfolded in nature’s loving embrace.

“Nature has been my dearest friend, my stalwart companion, my inspiration and rueful comforter. I drink her beauty and feed from her energy. I polarise my body between the radiant light of her stars and her rich humus depths. She stills me and centres me and reminds me of my vastness, my wholeness, my capacity to heal.

Margaret Wilson is an artist, healer and Intuitive who has been aware of a mystical connection to nature and the healing capacities of nature since childhood. Her life journey has been spiritually rich and challengingly diverse. She lives in her owner-built stone home, surrounded by gardens, in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.


Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer. She is co- principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers astrological education for the beginner and the professional. Mari is a Council Member of the Astrological Guild of Educators International and is a founding member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers. For information telephone 8563 9182 or 0421 326 001 or email:

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and Directory 0487 0487 356 356 001 001

These pages carry the energy of loving moments shared with the life force and spirit of the natural world. Composed of lyrical prose, precise descriptive passages, and over fifty evocative photographs, they gently guide you to look for the gems embedded in your own experiences with life and with nature. They uplift your heart with their beauty, and engage you with the loving intelligence of nature.

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Margaret Wilson

Lunar phases occur as a result of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. This cyclic relationship produces the lunar cycle and everyone is born at a particular point in this cycle. A birth can be labelled as a “first quarter” “full moon” or “balsamic”. The lunar phase a person is born in refers to the relationship between the person’s Sun (the sense of self) with their Moon (their emotional expression and security). Therefore, the lunar phase that a person is born in can reflect how that person deals with life - the nature of the energy and their attitude to life and how they deal with it. The lunation cycle is a visible symbol of our place in the larger cycle of life. Without a calendar, we cannot accurately pinpoint our day of birth, however, we can easily

Gentle, perceptive, delightful. A beautiful book of healing and inspiration.


LunAr PhASeS And PerSonALiTy TyPeS

A book to guide and inspire.


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Health - Home - Gardening - Astrology Traditional Knowledge & New Age The Moon Diary for all your Planning Needs

Moontime 2013 Diary Available Now In Your New Age Book and Health Foodstores & online:


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A New Year - A New You

A one day Mini-seminar on

It’s a brand new year, so why not make it a brand new you to match? We’ve got the retreats, the courses, the workshops, and the products and services to set up goals for the new year, reinvigorate old ones and to get you feeling fresh, clear, inspired and invigorated. ISIS MYSTERY SCHOOL

Learn neural tension tests and become like an electrician of the human body and test the nerve circuits of the sciatic, median and other nerves for superior results. • Cost $110 - Venues at Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Adelaide • Free 1 hour demonstration on Musculoskeletal therapy prior to mini-seminar

The Academy offering integrated training



Isis Mystery School is based in Adelaide & we offer courses for all levels of students seeking to study Energy & Spiritual Healing & Development to transform their lives in 2013. Our unique Isis Lotus & Angel Miracles Courses are taught throughout Australia & Asia by both The Principal Elisabeth Jensen plus Authorised Teachers. Elisabeth is a former Registered Nurse & also teaches special Therapeutic Touch healing courses for use in Hospitals & Aged Care Facilities by Nurses. For a totally transformed & new you we recommend Isis Sacred Journey to Egypt 2013! Web: or Phone: 1300558075

Sydney Institute of Chinese Medicine

Make your enquires today for our integrated course. Enrollments are going on now for 2013. Ph. 07 3359 8523 For centuries, Chinese treatments have assisted in the relief of many

ailments, from headache and back pain... to stress, fatigue, skin disorders, infertility and much more. $4.3 billion has been spent by Australian last financial year on complementary medicine including rapidly developing Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine also offers a Bachelor Degree course of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, eligible for government recognized national health care profession registration, which may significantly change your career. The open day will be on 17 November, and the course beginning on 18th February 2013. The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine is open 6 days a week, Level 5, 545 Kent Street in the city. Make an appointment on 9261 2289. Or, find out more about their education courses at:

Healing with Jasmine Wei

Jasmine Wei comes from a traditional Chinese background where family spiritual belief systems, the use of Qi energy and the knowledge of Traditional Chinese

medicine have been passed down through the generations. As a practising Buddhist for more than 20 years and a Buddhist Meditation teacher, Jasmine has trained with wise Chinese masters in Reflexology techniques and Qi release, and is certified in several massage therapies, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Tibetan Bowl (sound) therapy, NLP, TFT Algorithms, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Therapy and Orion-Theta Therapy. As a medium, Jasmine offers Spirit Guidance and Counselling and reads Tarot and Spirit Oracle/ Angel Cards. Jasmine is extensively qualified, highly skilled and an intuitively gifted natural healer. Phone 0420 900 200. Visit www.

Become a practitioner with great diagnostic skills

A few years ago, A one day a chiropr actor, Mini-seminar made a star tling discover y. This led to an integration of the body’s soft tissue and the skeleton. Greatneural diagnostic Learn tension advantages tests and become like of thecome human body test the nerve circu have from thisand merger. Intemedianmeans and other forlooksuperior resul gration thatnerves you are • Cost $110 - Venues at Sydney, Newcastl ing at the body with different eyes. Brisbane and Adelaide Myopractic now demonstration uses the skeleton’s • Free 1 hour on Musculosk position asprior a measurement of the therapy to mini-seminar success or failure of the treatment.

How to make your weight loss New Year’s resolution stick

The Academy offering integrated training




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Sound, Colour & Crystal Healing • Chakra & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing 16 Life Release • • Spiritual Guidance • Past Shaman Healing • Distance Healing through Phone and Internet Myopractic training is provided by the Academy of Integrated Therapies; The Advanced Diploma of musculoskeletal therapy course is nationally recognized, patterned on the health industry’s training presents: package. For a free download of 8 tips for a healtthier body, go to Ph (07)3359 8523 info@aoit.

Awhy R

Angelic Divine Universal Healing

Pina Di Ghionno is a sound healer who specializes in Soul Healing through divine language in her Soul Songs, songs spontaneously created and sung as a healing for

You came to Earth?


Change Your Life... Do you remember why you came back to Earth?

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Eckankar teaches that each person is Soul, a par ticleSunday 6 January 2013 of God sent into 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm the lower worlds (including earth) to gain spiritual experience. Purified by the spiritual Brighton Beach Guest speaker exercises, Soul comes into contact Cnr The Grand Parade & Princess Street Rodney Jones with the Holy Spirit. Soul’s goal is Brighton - le - Sands New York, USAin this lifetime, afspiritual freedom Sydney ter which Soul becomes a Co-worker with God, both here and in the next To register or for more information, world. Karma and reincarnation are call 02 9212 2100 or primary beliefs. The Australian ECK Seminar email is annualCopyright event©that will be All held artered Affiliatean of ECKANKAR. 2012 ECKANKAR. rightsin reserved. ong others, areSydney trademarks in of ECKANKAR, Box 2000, Chanhassen MN 55317-2000 USA 2013. POParticipants of the seminar may benefit from: •discussing spiritual experiences with like-minded people •listening to a lively discussion on the benefits of changing their life by changing their consciousness •exploring their full spiritual potential •learning how to see the gifts within the challenges of daily life •discovering a beautiful mantra – HU, that brings more love and joy into life •finding out how to bring greater meaning and purpose into life •a greater understanding of the highest laws of life. The Australian ECK Seminar will be held at: The Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach, The Grand Parade, Brighton-le-Sands NSW. On Sunday, 6 January 2013, 1.00-4.00pm. Special guest speaker will be renowned jazz guitarist Rodney Jones, who teaches at The Juilliard School in New York and has worked with Jaki Byard, Chico Hamilton, Dizzy Gillespie and Lena Horne. For more details about Rodney Jones visit and more info about Eckankar visit or phone (02) 9212 2100.




Ikon Institute has been running in Australia for 20 years and is the leading provider of Art Therapy and Tr anspersonal Counselling. The Ikon Institute of SA is dedicated to the growth and development of the humanistic helping professions. Ikon’s Diploma courses and workshops have a strong focus on the incorporation of spiritual and existential concerns within therapy. Diplomas include: Art Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling, Youth Work and Counselling. The Institute has number of leading trainers in their fields who offer a vibrant and well informed approach. Email or call (08)83509753 / 0439016763 for a free information pack

Pina Di Ghionno

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Goddess Angel Retreat her c lients. and individual going directly to the Soul, 2012 what’s holding T his 9-11 power-November to reveal precisely onclient website f u l h e adetails l i n g the back, empowering them All healings assisted cuts straight to deal withbytheangels, cause directly and goddesses and ascended through the effortlessly. c o n s c i o u s - masters Pina also works with singing ness ofPh:the0414 bowls and 629 other sound healing 295 Appointments & Gift Shop

tools, together with Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Isis Healing. She works closely with the Angels, Goddesses and Ascended Masters who oversee every healing. Pina will be on stage at the Body Mind Psychic Expo giving demon-

strations of her sound healing work and Soul Songs. Goddess and Angel Retreat November 9-11, 2012 details on website.

For bookings and further information phone 0414 295 629 or visit www.

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DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE??? BY Jaynie Morris Being involved in the Direct Sales industry for over 25 years, both Corporately and as a Distributor, I have witnessed some amazing changes….for the better! Like most of us, my first introduction to the industry was in the ‘70’s with lots of ‘fluffy promises’. Many years later my next encounter was when I joined the Senior Management Team of a multi-national Direct Sales Company. (I hadn’t realized that my attending Tupperware, Bessemer and Nutrimetics parties previously were actual participation in the industry… how ignorant I was). Discovering the ‘power’ of the industry, the potential it offers for life enhancement and fur thering my experience in the USA was the most significant contribution to my business career. I can’t believe the ‘wasted’ years in mainstream business…working for others-trading time for money only…all for a mediocre pay cheque and no actual job security. The ideas and concepts we have all produced over the years for other peoples businesses to assist with THEIR growth and wealth… where is our royalty cheque?? However…today…’Do you see what I see???’…there is an overwhelming increase of people from the professional sector of the community, people who would not normally look at Direct Sales/Network Marketing as an opportunity, entering the industry! Years ago I believe it would be correct to state that most of the

people involved in the industry were homemakers, women at home with children supplementing their husbands income without compromising their family life by working at home (I wish I had seen the opportunity clearly, being a single mother with 2 sons who needed to go into daycare whilst I went to my J.O.B.) Only a few years ago there was an increase in the number of men becoming involved. Many were the husbands of the wives already involved who realized the benefit of supporting them and working with them in order to increase the income supplementation potential! And then it happened…the results were clear for all to see. People were actually achieving the goals Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies were stating they could if they worked with their systems. People were becoming more openly receptive to the opportunities presented to them as a real alternative to the ‘pressures’ and ‘stresses’ they were experiencing in their daily life which were rapidly mounting! The ‘Home Based Business’ Model had come of age Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies were fine tuning and improving their Business Compensation Plans and the information was getting into the Boardrooms of mainstream companies. Professional people quickly understood how these opportunities and their plans could ‘dovetail’ with what they were already doing! And then they came…


The Doctors…The Lawyers… plan or indeed when they joined The Accountants…The Naturo- their company! paths…The Financial Analysts… Network Marketing companies The Executives, both male and fe- of today are embracing the rapidly male…University Students – yes advancing technological advances they are excited to learn there is a and utilizing them to benefit both better ‘life model’ for financial free- the company and Distributors alike. dom available…and more! The plethora of communication Because they saw it! mediums available and their ease They saw clearly that if they don’t of use by all, has significantly placed attend patients; if they don’t rep- the industry in a far more credible resent in court; if they have to stop and accepted position in the marpracticing their profession for what- ketplace as opposed to its percepever reason…they don’t eat! tion in the ‘70’s. With each day, new They also saw that they did not ideas and support systems are deneed to go back to College or Uni- veloped and it is great to sometimes versity for another 5-7 years and see other industries duplicating invest an enor mous amount of them for themselves!!! tuition fees, in order to become a Home-based businesses are on ‘specialist’ in Direct Sales/Network the rise…with 67% of Small BusiMarketing. ness actually being ‘home based’ They quickly identified that their which is exciting. choices in companies were outYes, this empowering industry standing, for they found that what- has changed a lot since I first sat in ever their ‘passion’ in products, room in front of a Health,someone’s Wealth living & Happiness…. Youincan start TODAY! there would be a company supplying ‘whiteboard’ the ‘70’s them with a marketing plan No they matter where you are… what has happened in your life… you can ‘re-start’ everything TODAY! could work with. Jaynie Morris has At the core of personal change is your health… That’s right, if for any reason we have solutions o vthate rwill inspire 3 0 youy eanda set r syou on your path to optimum health and wellness. they are unable to continue their experience in the Discovering the ‘options’ for wealth creation… health,wealth whatever that will fulfill in your life…we have & profession they saw that there were solutions that will excite you and leadarena you to happiness your long yearned for lifestyle. many professional business publicain Direct Sales She We all deserve great happiness…we have tions, books, tapes and seminars is an Entrepreneur, solutions and resources which will assist your new ‘design’ of joy and fun…after which they could subscribe toinand International all that is what life is all about! attend, in order to increase their Keynote Speaker, author and Contact us today to find out how you can start on the simple motivational trainer. Empowering knowledge and experience…they and easy process of achieving all educating others on the simple this…from theand comfort of your were used to this professional ofown suphome. steps to achieving the awareness and por t and were delighted to find it We provide training; mentoring ‘tools’ to create an amazing life is programmes; personal development available. advice and tools; recommendations on her passion.Jaynie can be heard on home based opportunities; health And the most amazing change I business radio & lifestyle resources and as muchpart more. of ‘Mel Dee’s A TEAM have seen…the breaking down of PowerFM’ For further information c n t a c t J a y n•iPhone: e a0400 t 880j a274y n i e @ the Corporate ‘Pyramid’…the pow- Email: Mobile 0400 880 er of Network Marketing is creating JAYMOR 274 and go to her Facebook Page a new paradigm rapidly amongst us, and ‘like’ to receive regular updates one where everyone is benefiting andidhttps://www.f ace book. from everyone’s efforts, day after com/#!/pages/Jaymor/8775357035 day…week after week…regardless of where they are in the marketing

Health, Wealth & Happiness…. You can start TODAY! No matter where you are… what has happened in your life… you can ‘re-start’ everything TODAY! At the core of personal change is your health… we have solutions that will inspire you and set you on your path to optimum health and wellness. Discovering the ‘options’ for wealth creation… whatever that will fulfill in your life…we have solutions that will excite you and lead you to your long yearned for lifestyle. We all deserve great happiness…we have solutions and resources which will assist in your new ‘design’ of joy and fun…after all that is what life is all about! Contact us today to find out how you can start on the simple and easy process of achieving all of this…from the comfort of your own home. We provide training; mentoring programmes; personal development advice and tools; recommendations on home based business opportunities; health & lifestyle resources and much more.

Your Ascension with Ohlara

Measuring Conscious Evolution - Part 3

Measuring the Chakras and DNA

The Platinum Alchemy delineation system measures DNA from 1 to 5000 plus strand consciousness. This measurement is used to determine one’s personal frequency and personal potential. The divisions and measurements allow Platinum Alchemy Energy Healers to understand what level of awareness healing is taking place and to provide specific treatments and suppor t to assist the healing process.

Understanding Your Own Ascension Process

A Platinum Alchemy Soul Blueprint reading and healing can provide an empowering support to lift you from dis-ease or a life sentence. By understanding the deeper karmic forces at play each can evolve to their highest potential. Clearing and healing our karma supports the conscious evolution of the planet and all beings. The message of the Platinum Ray Elohim and the Arcturian Light Council. “When you help yourself you help all others’.

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Platinum Alchemy Healing in Action

This is an example of Platinum Alchemy Healing (The PATH) with a soul blueprint reading measuring

Divine Feminine Platinum Ray Priestess Program

“Ohlara takes complex spiritual information from the Elohim and breaks it down for you to understand with ease”

Join Ohlara in 2013 this program is ONLY offered every 3yrs “Ohlara is before her time,.. The Platinum Alchemy Priestess Program is truly amazing it will accelerate your personal evolution”


The Ultimate Personal Development, Energy Management & Healing Program for Todays Leaders Discover your Lemurian Connections Truths about the Spiritual Initiation Path Meet the Platinum Elohim & Angels Meet the Ancient Earth Mother Enter the New Healing Temples Accelerate Your Light-body Healing Abilities Open & Clear the way for Your Life Purpose 12 month program To see if your ready, register your interest on-line for more information

Email: • Phone: 0400 880 274


JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE:!/pages/Jaymor/8775357035 Include the code: INSSUMMER when emailing or ‘like’ our Jaymor page and include the code in COMMENTS and be in the running for our monthly ‘giveaway’ of a Health & Nutrition Pack including products!

personal conscious evolution, clearing energy pathways and karma allowing freedom, healing, love, joy and peace to return. A young woman came for healing who was ending a relationship with her husband and the father of her children. He suffered from alcoholism and bipolar illness. She had given her life over to trying to keep the relationship for the sake of her children. After being hurt many times by her husband’s unexpected behaviors she made a decision to finally end the relationship. She felt alone, there was nothing to distract her from herself and she felt out of balance, empty and wanted to know where she should go from here? She wanted to trust her intuition and was learning to follow her guidance. A recent event with her husband had bought her to deeper understanding within and she was now ready to listen and follow her guidance. Her soul was calling for help. She wanted healing but didn’t know what she should have. Connecting to her soul I recommended the following in her healing session 1) A Platinum Alchemy Soul blueprint reading of her chakra system reveal karmic imbalance, and receive soul guidance on how to heal them. 2) Platinum Alchemy hands onhealing techniques ‘Chakra Evolu-

Ohlara, teacher & healer to teachers and healers

PureBalance Inner Wisdom Academy

Accredited Training Provider

18 tion Healing’ to clear her chakras so she can quickly find balance and reboot herself and a Platinum Alchemy technique to clear the mind and balance the brain chemistry. When someone is exposed to the energy of mental illness it also distorts his or her energy so clearing is essential to enable clarity and soul reconnection.

The Platinum Alchemy Soul Blueprint Reading

Part 1.Measuring chakras back and front to revealchakra imbalances. Back of the body chakras represent the past. Solar Plexus Chakra- This showed she was not wanting to look at the past and was pushing the past back to spirit to prevent any feeling or thoughts surfacing. Throat Chakra- Revealed repressive masculine energy sitting in her mental and spiritual bodies blocking her full light. Front of the body chakras represent the future. Heart Chakra - The energy of her heart was totally repressed and past experiences with men were affecting her perception on all levels. Third Eye Chakra- Was masked with masculine energies and/or unresolved anger created from the past. Crown Chakra - She was disconnected from her source light. She would continue to ask for guidance from others and not trust herself because she could not receive guidance. Part 2.Measuring conscious evolution. Her current personal vibration was 12 DNA strand consciousness showing her need to be worshipped or worship others was ready to be transcended. Her soul was ready to embody all 7 rays and support her soul purpose. The energy block causing problems was on 10th DNA strand consciousness, ‘the Magician Initiation’. When cleared she will be able to transform her thoughts from lower vibrations to higher vibrations. e.g. feelings of emotional pain. Any karma surrounding karmic emotional ties will be cleared in the process so she can transform her thoughts to move forward into her soul purpose. Part 3.The personal healing map- The Intention - she wanted to feel calm, confident and to be able to trust

her intuition and guidance so she could make confident choices for herself. She also wanted to be happy on her own and learn to truly love herself. Her soul revealed four chakras that required further healing and clearing to fully obtain this: 1) Third eye chakra 2) Base of the neck 3) Earth star chakra 4) The throat chakra

The Hands on Healing Session

Chakra Evolution Healing - Clearing, charging and balancing her chakra system was completed using Platinum Ray Alchemy and Chakra Evolution healing oils. Head Treatment - Energy points on the head and face were cleared, energized and balanced with Platinum Alchemy and integration of healing rays.

A Huge Shift in Consciousness

After the treatment she said she felt very light in her body and free whilst she was very aware, grounded and awake. She left transformed and very happy with herself.

On completion of the session her energy was remeasured.The graph shows the drastic change in her DNA awareness after her healing session. Ohlara is available for DNA Soul Blueprint readings and healings and in 2013 will be running the Platinum Ray Priestess program for healers and light workers. To contact Ohlara for more details phone 0423 157 982 email: www.purebalance.

GEOCLENSE A simple solution for all electromagnetic radiation in your home.

State of the Art Ionic Resonance Technology designed to balance... WI FI Proven Technology Digital TVs that harmonizes all EMR. Feel the difference! Dirty Electricity Geopathic Stress Microwave Emissions Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Emissions from Substations & Towers...

Developed and manufactured in Australia by Phone: (03) 9775 4122 Sick Building Syndrome Consultants Research and Education

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

SoulConnection with nicole cody

The Power of Prayer

Do you know that your thoughts have great effect on the world around you? Thought is vibration, and vibration sends its resonance out through the Universe in invisible waves, having never-ending repercussions like ripples in a pond. Vibration is directed by your thoughts to contain certain energetic patterns that are then left to unfold within the Universe. It is therefore true that what you think, consciously or unconsciously, is what you will attract to you, and create in your life. Low vibration thought forms are dense, they move slowly, and they attract similar vibrations to them. Like always attracts like. Low vibrations function at a third and four th dimensional level. How often have you had a bad day that has only gotten worse as your mood darkens? Examples of low vibrational thoughts are: • Anger • Resentment • Worry • Self loathing • Fear • Disgust • Name calling • Cursing/Swearing • Depression • Sarcasm • Criticism • Negativity • Pessimism • Lack If you think negative thoughts about yourself or your situation, you unwittingly program your body with a resonance of low vibration. This causes a slowing and thickening of your energy, side effects of which may be: impaired immunity, physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances, loss of vitality and energy, negativity, depression and lowered self esteem. You begin to attract more of the same. If you direct low vibrational thoughts to others, via the spoken word, or even just a thought you hold in your head, you impact upon their aura and physicality in a negative way. This begins to de-stabilise and de-structure their molecular physicality, often with disastrous effects. And yes, if you have thought a negative thought about someone else, it has the same impact upon you! Whether you believe that you are a ‘sensitive’ soul or not, being around other people who are in any other way negative or ‘low vibration’ will begin to affect you. It is important to choose your friends, work environment, and relationships wisely. Move away from disruptions, aggression and so on, if at all possible. So, what does that have to do with the power of prayer? You hold within you the ability to positively influence vibration, affecting the people and situations around you, including yourself. Prayer is simply the co-creative act of working with the higher energies of the Universe, in order to raise vibration, and send these positive vibrations out into the Universe where they will be guided by your intent to uplift those in your thoughts.

** Please under stand that begging and pleading for change from an unseen higher entity, or berating a higher energy for having ‘done’ cer tain things to you or others, does not enable you to manifest the positive powers of prayer. Prayer is a loving, positive and generous act of faith, that implies expectation of positive outcomes, or for which there is no attachment to outcome at all! There needs to be no feeling of desperation, futility, or helplessness. The outcome of true prayer is always that you will feel humble, peaceful, connected and ‘heard’. The burden will be lifted from your shoulders – your physical third dimensional reality - and taken to the fifth dimensional reality where Universal energies are re-organised to begin the co-creation process, as directed by your thought forms or vibrations. Prayer is the antidote to lower forms of vibration. It allows us to take our place as rightful cocreators of the Universe, where we need to have awareness, accountability and responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Prayer uses positive thought forms and vibrations, which include: • Love • Forgiveness • Acceptance • Enthusiasm • Gratitude • Joy • Happiness • Peace • Abundance • Compassion Follow these simple guidelines for effective prayer: 1. Become calm and centred. 2. If you are very upset, ask your Guides and Angels to calm and connect you with their love and guidance. 3. Feel gratitude for the good in your life. 4. If you are praying for yourself, visualise white Light around you, and state your intent clearly and with heartfelt energy. 5. If your prayer is for someone else, visualise them, surround them with white Light, and develop a strong heart connection between you. 6. Talk from your heart, expressing positive thought forms and vibrations. 7. If you’re not sure how to start, you may like to begin with the words “Divine Spirit that flows through all, and is connected to all, hear me as I call to me now xxxxxx for the Highest Good of All. 8. Visualise what you are calling to you as if it had already happened. 9. Give thanks, feel an openness and lightness in your heart, finish with “Amen” or “And it is so”. 10. Let go of the outcome, stop worrying, and trust! Nicole Cody is a channel, metaphysical teacher and Soul Guide. For more info contact 07 3256 0815, www.nicolecody. com or come visit her blog www.

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

by Kim Murray


The Call of Crystals

These days most of us have at least a couple of Crystals or tumbled stones lying around the house somewhere. Some of us have our homes filled with them. Whether you just thought they were pretty rocks that someone gave you, or whether you are obsessed and have an ever-growing collection (like me!), there’s no doubt that the popularity of Crystals has become very widespread indeed. Not that long ago it would have seemed odd to have Crystals lying around, but these days it is quite common – it seems we have all been drawn in by the call of Crystals. Crystals are stunning gifts from nature which hold beauty, mystery and captivate us with their allure. But are they just pretty rocks or do they really do something? I have been teaching people how to work with Crystals for many years now, and it’s always interesting to hear how many people star t out with the thought that they are pretty rocks, then just by having them around begin to realise that they feel better for it, and then their curiosity is aroused and they want to know more. For thousands of years we have used Crystals in our lives, ranging from jewellery to currency, healing tools to meditation tools, and we were once very adept at working with Crystals.

With the advent of mainstream science and medicine, it seemed we forgot our skills with natural healing, not just with Crystals, but also with herbs, aromatherapy and many other natural modalities. In recent years, we have been slowly finding our way back to these natural healing modalities as part of our search for a way to get back in control of our own healing process again. Working with Crystals is a wonderful way to put that power back in our own hands, and into our own body once again, giving us a safe and easy method for boosting our own healing abilities. The healing that Crystals provides us with is not just physical either, they help us to rebalance our bodies emotionally and spiritually as well. And in spite of the fact that it may seem a bit “airy-fairy” to those who do not understand Crystals, the truth is that they actually work in a much more scientific way than people realise. So what is it that has drawn us back to these natural healing ways and why are we now rediscovering our fascination with Crystals? For some people, it is an instinctive attraction, but for most people, we have all become tired of pumping chemicals into our bodies and feeling helpless in being able to “fix” ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with toxins – they are

in the air, in our food as additives and preser vatives, we medicate for every little thing and it becomes overwhelming to our systems. Often when we face illness, the treatment is worse than the disease and we are growing tired of being victims of what is supposed to be helping us. Crystals have put the healing power back in our own hands. With no side-effects, the only danger they present is if you drop a big heavy one on your foot! So this means we have been able to have a “play” with them, get a feel for them and see how the affect us, without risking anything. They don’t have any contra-indications with the mainstream treatments we may be having to undergo, so we can just add them into our lives easily and safely. Many of the physical ailments we suffer from have an emotional cause behind them, triggering them and re-triggering them. So whilst we can treat the physical symptoms with medicine, we do not always get to the root cause, which then means the problem can come back again later. When we incorporate Crystals, they can get to the root cause, allowing us to develop an awareness of an issue that we may not have even thought was bothering us. Then we realise, this issue has actually gotten to us more than we have

A Pirate’s Model

By Stephen Chong

acknowledged – particularly given we live such busy lives, we tend to bury the emotional issues and just try to get on with things. This leads to a myriad of issues getting suppressed and building up inside us. Crystals allow for these issues to gently come to our awareness, so that they may be dealt with and released, and therefore preventing the physical symptoms from returning. The human body is designed to heal itself, and by learning how to work with Crystals, you are taking back control of your body’s healing process again, regaining control of your health and well-being. For more information on learning how to use Crystals and the science behind how they work, course information is listed on my web site: w w w.

The interesting thing about relationships is that, for the vast majority of us, they contain a major source of the conflict, agitation, anger and annoyance we find within our daily lives. Mind you, they also contain the sweet elixir of love, companionship and sharing that betokens a king’s ransom of enjoyable experiences. Effective and open communication and a healthy dose of respect for one another are the cornerstones of a highly pleasurable relationship with a life partner, a child, sibling or parent. Yet, it is certain that each relationship will contain moments of agitation and differences of opinion. Poland (2008) depicts a model of effective communication in the following diagram.I like to call it the “pirate model”, by virtue of the R’s that it contains.

The Model “SIX R’s” (Un)Reserved acceptance ______________(no scoreboard) Request __________________________(eg, toilet seat) Reaction _________________________(eg land mines) Stop here --------------------------------------------------------------------------R_______________________________Repress R ______________________________Resentment R ______________________________Rejection The portion of this model above the lineindicates that we should enter into discussions with our partner/child/parent with unreserved acceptance. This suggests it is important not to keep a tally (or a scoreboard) of things that they have done in the past. Rather, we should treat each issue at hand without any reference to previous misdemeanours, mal-events or previously unresolved matters. The request is the ‘Can you?’ request that we get a thousand times a day. ‘Can you take out the garbage? Can you remove your dirty shoes before walking on the carpet? Can you make your bed? For God’s sake, can you put the toilet seat down?’ Mind you, these examples only relate to the home environment. Try adding in the workplace and all of its demands, such as, “Can you get this done by tomorrow?” The reaction is our considered response to the request that has been received … it’s called a ‘landmine’. For example, ‘I am sick of you telling me to put the toilet seat down. If I want to leave it up, I’ll leave it up. You put it down.’ … and so it goes. These sorts of interactions and conflicts are quite common, are they not? The key to this “pirate” model of communication, however, is that it is importantto ensure that our conflicts remain above the line, principally because if they do not, they will produce the factors below the line. If we walk away from an issue with it unresolved, it can turn into repression. Then, too much repressed and unresolved emotion can manifest as resentment. Excessive amounts of resentment can then turn into rejection, i.e. a complete breakdown in the relationship, including separation*. *Footnote: I must tell you that a (family lawyer) client of mine said to me, after I had explained this model to her, “You have forgotten one ‘R’ at the end.” “What’s that?” l said. ‘ … Revenge,’ she replied. Conflict, as we all know, is very normal, but generally not natural, and certainly not comfortable. When, therefore, we are confronted with an issue or problem in a relationship, with a loved one, and particularly with a child, the most positive question we can ask ourselves is, “What would love do next?” This question will catapult our thinking and feelings into a deep consideration, through the prism of love and respect for the other. It will also hasten the removal of any anger or malice that could arise when we are ‘fired up’. … but perhaps we better let a story tell the story: An elderly couple were sitting on a park bench. The old man was feeding the pigeons with handfuls of bread he had brought along for the cause. His wife of many years was by his side, knitting a sweater for her grandchild, and the clickety-clack of the needles made a constant accompaniment to the sound of the birds as they chirped merrily going about their labours. Most of the time was spent in silence, both partners replete with love and full of contentment. Then, all of sudden, a ball came flying across the park after an errant kick from one of the children at play. The ball came rolling towards the old couple, scattering the pigeons, and managed to roll under their feet. Can I have my ball back please mister?’ came the earnest plea from the young child who had kicked the ball. ‘Sure, son,’ said the old man as he bent down to pick up the ball. ‘Here,’ said the old man as he hurled it with all his might back to the young lad. ‘Thank you,’ the boy replied. ‘You’re welcome,’ said the old man. Then after a minute or two, the old lady said to her husband, ‘You know dear, that experience with the child’s ball reminds me of our relationship together over all of these years.’

20 The old man looked at his wife with a quizzical expression on his face. “What on earth do you mean, dear?’ said the old man. ‘Well, you know, over the many years of our union, we have dealt with a few cur ve balls in our life, haven’t we dear?’ ‘We certainly have!’ ‘And we’ve managed to wor k through them together, by talking things through and working with one another, haven’t we dear?’ ‘We certainly have!’ ‘We’ve also managed to treat ourselves and others with respect and kindness, just like you did with the young child, haven’t we dear?’ ‘Yes, we certainly have.’ ‘Over the years, we’ve managed to provide for our family and share what we’ve got with others, don’t you think dear? ‘Yes, my love, but do you think these are the reasons why we’ve stayed together all of these years?’ asked the man of his wife. ‘Oh yes, these are some of the reasons, but not the main one.’ ‘Huh? Not the main one! Are there other things more impor tant than these?’ ‘Well, you know dear,’ said the old lady, ‘there has not been a day gone by, in all of the years we have been together, that I have not said, ‘Thank God you are here.’ The old man merely smiled and planted a kiss upon his wife’s wrinkled cheek. mob: 0414 438 909

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Karmic Ties

by Garry Gilfoy

I’d like to share an experience of invisible relationships - of death and ongoing life that remains bittersweet after many years - in the hope that it might contribute toward more mindful living. My closest friend during my early years in Nova Scotia was the girl next store, Peggy. She was the fifth of six children and I was the second of three. We were the same age. Our fathers were friends who grew up together and went to war together. As my own daughter has recently obser ved during a visit there, Canadians are obsessed with the weather. It’s true. In my childhood we revelled in the extremes and felt very connected to nature. This is what Peggy and I had experienced so strongly together. I look back with some degree of certainty that we were two innocent young things playing among nature spirits. Fast-forward to adulthood. My father had died young, but when Peggy’s father was terminally ill, I wrote him a letter from Australia, where I had moved. This reconnected Peggy and me after many years. In those days of snail mail we became diligent penpals, having shared our formative years in ways which we now fully appreciated. She lamented her new family life in Fort McMurray, Alberta, describing it as a wasteland with not a tree visible from her house. When Peggy’s father finally died, I

knew the moment it happened. I had a dream in which he burst through a door, full of life with a huge beaming smile on his face. I woke up knowing he had just died. Sure enough that was soon confirmed. Not many years later our mothers, still living next door to each other, both developed terminal cancer. During this time Peggy went home every summer, as did I. Our timing didn’t overlap, however, until the third of these visits. It was great catching up. She was resolved that she would not return to live in the west, a brave move for her in terms of family and employment given that her husband had lucrative work there and they were raising two sons. Peggy fulfilled her promise to herself and remained in her beloved Nova Scotia. Just a few months later, however, I received a phone call in the middle of the night. She had been killed instantly in a head-on car crash along with one of her two boys. Her husband and surviving son were both critically injured. I was devastated. Lacking any further possibility of sleep, I wrote a long letter to Peggy’s mother that night. The day the letter arrived in Canada was the day her mother also died. The family was wracked with grief, as you can imagine. So much so, in fact, that Peggy soon visited me in my sleep to ask that they let her move on. She insisted that all

THEBIGPICTURE Insights from the Spiritual World by Garry Gilfoy

Built around the extraordinary stories of seven people who have been unwitting visitors to the spiritual world, The BIG Picture examines the themes of reincarnation, the relationship between karma and destiny, the divide between religion and spirituality, humanity’s task in creation, and the emergence of a new Western spirituality to lead us into the next stage of the evolution of consciousness. In The BIG Picture, author Garry Gilfoy discloses his own spiritual experiences and also tells the stories of others, such as Joy, who was sent back from the realm of spirit without her husband after a horrific crash; Trish, who ‘died’ numerous times before learning to visit her cosmic classroom at will; Helen, who relived a holocaust nightmare before her eyes opened onto ancient Egypt; and Keely, who was miraculously saved by a familiar figure, the Watcher. Readers will discover a new lens through which to view the world. “Garry Gilfoy has created a book that could not be more timely” Grady Harp (Top 50 Hall of Fame reviewer) “The Big Picture will captivate its audience from the first word till the last” Reader Review (Amazon)

“What an extraordinary set of experiences by this group of people!” Reader Review (Amazon)

Regardless of where you fall on the “spiritual” spectrum, The Big Picture: Insights From The Spiritual World, written by Garry Gilfoy is a fascinating read and begs you to question your own beliefs and open your heart and mind to what is real, possible, and plausible. Debbie Friend, blogcritics

Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-46207-107-4 Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository or through the author’s website at

A-z Classifieds Business Opportunities was well where she was, except that the family’s grief was holding her back. So I wrote a letter to Peggy’s next sister up, Clare, to let her know of the visitation and Peggy’s’s need to move on. It was soon my mother’s turn. She was clairvoyant throughout the whole of her life. It was not something she advertised, remaining a devout Anglican until death. It seems I got a shred of her gift through my dreaming, and her own depar ture was another instance of this. I had a dream in which I walked into a large room where she was reclining on a beautiful chaise longue. We had a great catch-up. When I was leaving I said, “I’ll see you later mum”. She looked at me with love and said, in no uncertain terms, “No you won’t”. I understood she was telling me she would be leaving. I went back for a great big hug before departing. The next morning I received a phone call to say her kidneys had failed. She and my sister had recently been to visit us in Australia after the bir th of our first child. Because of that and other, more practical reasons, I decided not to go home for the funeral. I was also sure that she would pay me a visit very soon. But she didn’t. In fact she visited my sister in a dream to say she was trying to find her way to Australia but couldn’t. I soon regretted missing the funeral and I felt my mother’s absence. But before long, Clare, Peggy’s older sister, wrote a letter to me saying she had a ‘very real’ dream in which her own parents were showing my mother how to find her way through the spiritual world! That was comfor ting. They were still looking out for each other. There is a wee postscript to this story. Years later my sister’s stepson was studying on the opposite coast of Nova Scotia. The whole family was very impressed with a young man who was also studying there, who would go considerably out of his way twice every week to pick up and drop off her stepson. It was many months before my sister learned that this young man was Peggy’s surviving son…Looking after each other in perpetuity. PPS… When I wrote this article I shared it with Clare and their eldest sister Brenda who lives in Toronto. This was Brenda’s reply: Thank you for posting this Garry - I was in Rome when our brother called me to tell me of Peggy’s death and I flew on first flight to NS - during my first sleep at home I was greeted by Peggy who wanted to show me where she was and to let me know that she was fine... The wheel of karma turns. The veil is not so thick. All is well. Garry Gilfoy is the author of The BIG Picture: Insights from the Spiritual World www.garrygilfoy. com

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The Journey into our Subconscious – the Next Step in our Spiritual Journey We live in a very challenging and exciting time when human consciousness is attempting to absorb a huge influx of information that is designed to draw it towards the light. Historically; the main principles that Religion has focused on include spiritual rules or laws and self-control or discipline of the conscious mind. If we were to look at the fundamental concepts of religions we would see common denominators in the themes threaded thoughout their teachings. The themes also focus on the expression of love, honoring their God and adhering to the laws of the religion .The ‘new age’ movement was born during the middle of the last century and it added a new focus which was based on self-awareness and positive thinking. All of these activities involve our conscious mind. There has been a lot of positivity and good that have come from both of these movements. We have a wealth of information on spiritual concepts that involve the conscious mind. The next logical step is to apply those same principles to our subconscious mind. Therefore; we need methods to be able to expose the subconscious mind along with the thought patterns and outcomes that it creates. Welcome to the next challenge of our spiritual journey. Mastering the subconscious has the potential to create a quantum leap in our spiritual journey through the third dimension. Why? Because our mind and our thoughts not only create our future but they also have a huge affect on our vibration and spiritual evolution. Most of those thoughts are happening at the subconscious level. Much of our karma is generated at the subconscious level as well. According to Delores Cannon’s research; Karma is a third dimension experience and we need to clear it before we can move on to the higher planes. It has the ability to keep us in the third dimension. It makes sense that we need to tackle this relatively new frontier of understanding the subconscious. Both; Religion and the New Age Movement have given us a great base from which to tackle this next step of our spiritual journey. The

exploration of this area has also been made possible partly due to the information provided by the research in science on how the brain and mind operate. It has given us a new understanding of why and how we can control our thought patterns. Quantum Physics has introduced a more flexible and subjective approach to scientific research and is helping to bridge the gaping hole that has existed between science and religion for centuries. It is very sad that the two powerful influences which have contributed so much to human consciousness are in such conflict. We could say that religion has laid out some great ground rules and concepts – now science has helped us with a practical knowledge of how and why we can apply these rules and concepts. Religion does not need to be threatened by scientific research. There are so many religious teachings that have been confirmed by science. E.g. science has provided us with information to help us understand how the universal (the Creator’s) laws and principles work. Understanding energy has helped us understand how the Creator can be the ‘Alpha and the Omega- the beginning and the end’ and how It can be everywhere at once. It has also given practical understanding to some of the great sayings. Here are two of them; ‘As it is above, so it is below’ (through understanding the ‘hologram effect’) ‘What you sow you shall reap’ (understanding energy and its cycles) It also helps us comprehend how ‘God is in everything’, also, why and how our Creator feels our pain and our joy. Much of this understanding comes with the amazing research, particularly in quantum physics, on the understanding of energy and how energy works. The fact that everything is made up of energy and therefore everything can connect with everything else adds a new dimension to the workings of the Creator and the Universe. Some scientific research is now measuring localized and global levels of human consciousness. See ‘Global Coherence Initiative’.

php The mind continuously generates energy in the form of thought. Once a thought is created, it lasts forever. It is easy to see that our thoughts must have some sort of an effect on all other energy even if this effect is minuscule and almost immeasurable. Even so, our thoughts are creating effects and most of our thoughts are happening at subconscious level. It makes sense that we need to be able to access the subconscious if we want to control the thoughts that it is generating. The subconscious is a very exciting and rewarding area to explore. Healing the negatives found in these sublime thought patterns can have a huge effect on all aspects of our consciousness. These patter ns manifest in our conscious life and therefore we can expose them by studying what we are experiencing in our day to day living. Thanks to religion, the new age movement and science for providing us with the knowledge and tools to help us conquer our negative subconscious thought patterns. You will find more information on my website including exercises regarding; exploring the subconscious. David Lane www.spiritone. info David Lane’ s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now includes many other understandings drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we are all individuals who have come to tread our own unique spiritual path. David’s first book called ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ is about how we spiritually evolve and how to monitor our journey and is available online. David has also developed an on-line course on ‘practical spiritual evolution’.

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Not Pregnant? Fertility and the Aura.

By Rachelle Terry

You’re not falling pregnant. You are both keen, ready and excited. Your medical tests are flawless, you have religiously charted your temperature and read Pregnancy 101. In fact, short of practicing Zulu tribal fertility rituals, you have tried everything. Why then, are you still not hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet? Issues around conception and fertility can be deeply painful and frustrating for both partners. I’ve had several distressed clients who have sought my help with these matters. A peep into their respective auras has revealed a few insights into the patterns which gave rise to the problem. Oh, and, you should probably know, I got a few women pregnant. With the help of their partners or donors, that is. Elizabeth had an imbalance of red energy in her aura. This showed me that her yang energy was in overdrive. Coinciding with this was a pattern of disempowerment in her partner, which is often indicated by a loss of energy in the solar plexus and navel area. The reason for this imbalance in Elizabeth was that from a young age she had carried the responsibility of her family. Elizabeth’s mother suffered from a debilitating mental illness. As a result of this early experience she found it very difficult to ask for support from the men in her life. In this and similar cases I’ve found that when I infuse the frequencies needed to help them to

reach out for and accept support, the Yin energy is restored and balanced. Their partners respond very positively to finally being asked for the support, which they had been trying to provide all along. A very different but equally common pattern I see in the energy field is some type of internal conflict or dilemma. Internal conflict creates division, chaos and fog in the auric field. It sometimes even appears as a line down the centre of the body. In turn, life can be blocked in moving in the desired direction. There may be impasses, delays and frustrations. My client, Sarah and her husband were wanting to start a family. Despite both of their medical checks being clear and a year of trying, nothing was happening. Sarah had a foggy, white energy pattern in her aura, along with pattern, which I commonly see where there is disembodiment. To describe how this pattern appears, it actually looks as if someone is out of his or her body – imagine having double vision and seeing two versions of a person, one slightly to the side or above the other. This pattern gave Sarah a sense of vagueness, a habit of daydreaming and a difficulty in being fully present in her interactions with her husband (despite her deep love for her him and strong desire to start a family). In her first session, I cut the ties from previous relationships, and brought her into the “here and

now”. Once I had cleared the feeling of confusion, the next pattern appeared (which was the pattern which gave rise to the first one) - a fear of repeating her mother’s mistake of choosing the “wrong” man. Sarah’s mother experienced a sense of entrapment in an unhappy, abusive marriage. As a result, her mother defaulted to a “flight” survival state, zoning-out to avoid conflict. Though Sarah’s marriage was completely different (she was happily married to a gentle and compatible man) it seems she was enacting the same modelled or ancestral behavioural pattern as her mother’s. We cleared the ancestral beliefs that relationships represented being trapped, infused discernment and trust in her decisions and also the clarity to know the difference between her mother’s life path and her own. A couple of months later, I received an excited message from Sarah and any vagueness she experienced for the rest of that year was affectionately explained away as “baby-brain”. If you are experiencing difficulty with conception perhaps there are underlying emotional patterns which have been blocking you process. You may wish to explore these issues to find out if there are underlying, subconscious blocks. Once you have done your work and your clearing, hand your concerns over! To your angels, the Divine, your higher mind – whatever it is that brings you comfort. Hand over, let go and allow. And good luck! For consultations or more information, see: Rachelle Terry – Medical Intuitive. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients by means of private consultations and group healings. Wonderful results are experienced after having life, health or relationship patterns cleared and it becomes possible to be in flow again. For phone, Skype or in-person consultations with Rachelle, Phone: 0414 317 323 or Email: *Baby and child readings also available*



Eye on the Sky with Claire Hennekam


November 2012 - January 2013 So we’re finally here. After decades of speculating, years of intense focus and meditation and months of hype, second only in recent times to that of “Y2K”, we’re finally in the countdown towards 21st December, 2012. Most famous for being what is generally believed to be the end of the Mayan calendar, it has also been recognised by a wide variety of spiritual groups and energy workers as being a focal point of extremely high vibrational energy, heralding either the end of days, the birth of a new era or the opening of a cosmic portal, amongst a multitude of other theories. In any case, as an astrologer and an energy worker, it was hard to concentrate on any other aspect of the sky this quarter. Does the Finger of God point to the Mayan Prophecy? When you initially look at the chart for 21st December, you may not see anything particularly striking, other than the continuing shadow of the Pluto/Uranus square that we’ve been discussing all year. However, it’s in the revelation of an aspect pattern that’s rarely mentioned in traditional astrology where the magic springs for th. A Yod, otherwise known as the “Finger of God”, is a combination of a sextile and two quincunx aspects that form a long, thin, triangle, the tip of which being where the two quincunx lines meet at a point – that being what the finger is said to point toward. In this chart, the Yod is made up of Pluto and Saturn at the base, pointing towards Jupiter. With Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn now in Scorpio, those two planets are said to be mutually exclusive, and their combination of power and structure – the material and the spiritual – are especially strong. Jupiter is the search for meaning; meaningful travel, broader thinking, the quest for truth, what lies beyond. If Jupiter is asking the big questions, then it might be about time for us to start getting some answers. Beautifully, Venus slips into line just in time to make this a focused Yod the very next day (meaning Venus is opposite Jupiter), bringing love into the equation just as Chiron, along with the Ascendant (at different times, depending on where you are in the world – late in the evening in Australia), turn this Yod into a Diamond formation, potentially activating the energy that has been accessed through the events of the day before.

Aldebaran, the Star of Illumination

At the time of these activations, Jupiter is almost exactly conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran, that is known as the Star of Illumination, or the “Eye of God”. So in fact, the finger of God will be pointing towards the eye of God, a star believed to be

closely connected to the energies of Archangel Michael. This star is connected to Mars, which usually foreshadows the potential for conflict, but it also suggests the possibility of breaking through any barriers to the truth, of which Michael has always been an advocate. For those interested, it’s worth investigating more about this fascinating star, and meditating on the potential of such a spiritual alignment at such an auspicious time.

U.S. Elections & Retrograde Motion

Many like to keep their finger on Mercury’s sneaky little pulse, so I can tell you that the trickster will be in play from 7th - 27th November. Over in the U.S., it will still be 6th November when Mercury retraces his steps and the polls in their crucial presidential election will not yet have closed. Retrograde motion is traditionally associated with “re“ words, such as reflect, redo, reassess.There may be hassles, technical glitches or other gremlins that cause delays and even recounts on the night, but ultimately, I wouldn’t rule out the day ending with another “re“ word -Re-elected. It’s wor th noting that the only other time Mercury has changed direction on an election day in the U.S. was in 2000, when Bush was re-elected under very questionable circumstances which are still subject to debate (remember those little “chads” - the voting forms in Florida that caused so much drama?) Other directional changes include Jupiter, which went retrograde on 4th October and remains that way until 30th January, Neptune and Chiron, who both go direct within days of each other mid-November, and Uranus, which goes direct on 13th December. Expect these weighty, transpersonal planets going direct to return a bit of external clarity and normality, with the possibility of a “do-over” of sorts in some areas, particularly associated with healing and creativity. Dates to watch this quarter 9th – 16th Nov – This is a busy week in the sky, starting with the veritable loveliness of a Venus/Jupiter trine and ending with another lovely trine, this time between Saturn and Chiron, signalling the discovery of true gifts and the revelation of avenues for the expression of those gifts. With Neptune and Chiron going direct in the meantime, it could be a very inspiring week for those who are ready to see and experience it. 21st – 23rd Dec – This one probably goes without saying, but I’m going to anyway. A great time to gather in sacred groups, to meditate, to remain grounded, conscious and open to whatever messages or highest-vibration energy the uni-

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

verse has to impart during this time. If fear comes in, try to focus on breathing in and out pure love in order to dispel it. 15th Jan– With Jupiter squaring Chiron, we have the opportunity to break through any fears or painful memories that have been holding us back. Unfortunately for some, this may not be optional and they may feel like they’re being pushed into something before they’re ready. If you find yourself feeling that, please trust that you are, in fact, ready, and look out for a teacher or healer who may appear – or become more influential – in your life in order to help you through. Claire Hennekam is an astrologer and Reiki master who founded Emerald Astrology in 2005 (www. Claire works from home in the Melbourne CBD as well as from Sahu Healing Space (, a healing sanctuary she created to provide the space and resources for clients and practitioners to pursue their own healing journeys. She prepares various types of astrology reports for her clients, as well as running ‘astro-healing’ sessions, where she uses astrology, amongst other modalities, to connect clients back to their true selves.

Mountains have always held a special place in our hearts. They have pierced the heavens above and by climbing them we have felt nearer to that infinite Spirit which we all knowingly or unknowingly aspire to. Some have regarded them as the abode of the spirits of nature and also powerful centres of Mother Earth. Others have regarded specific mountains as sacred because they were the scene of religious events such as Mount Ararat where the Ten Commandments were given to Moses. Some have regarded cer tain mountains to be abodes of the Ascended Masters of Earth such as Mount Shasta in California. Many people have stated that there is an energy crisis on Earth today such as: oil, finance, food, water and certain other dwindling natural resources. Behind these obvious problems there is another crisis which, although invisible to our physical senses, can be recognised by our conscience and felt with our souls. This crisis was outlined by a unique Western Master of Yoga Dr George King in the following short paragraph stated: “You have been told, and quite rightly, that the whole of Creation is not only made up of energy, but there is free energy running through it. Mankind can worry about the physical energy crisis which faces him today and will face him tomorrow and in the future, but unless he puts the Spiritual Energy crisis right, he will always be faced with a Spiritual Energy crisis. No matter what inventions he comes

up with, he will still run shor t of physical energy – unless he solves the Spiritual Energy crisis; unless he learns how to use what we term Spiritual Energy correctly, and when he does this, then no shortage of physical energy can be allowed to hold up his main journey.” Although we live in an infinite sea of multitudinous energy fields we have for the most part cut ourselves off from the higher aspects of this both individually and globally. Ancient and wise intelligences from beyond this ear th who have guided mankind throughout the

The Aetherius Society The Aetherius Society is a worldwide spiritual organization dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity. Founded in 1955 by the late Western Master Dr. George King, The Aetherius Society practices a powerful new form of Karma yoga. This new yoga is based on the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of old as well as new wisdom released by advanced spiritual masters in response to humanity’s scientific advancement and its dire need. Pilgrimage to Mt. Kosciusko and Mt. Ramshead Pilgrimage to Mt. Kosciusko and Mt. Ramshead over the weekend of January 11th – 14th 2013. All welcome. Twelve Blessings Service Held every Thursday 7.30 – 8.30pm. Specific healing energy to individuals and any areas that have been affected by natural or manmade disasters. (Operation Prayer Power). Divine Service Held every Sunday 10.00 – 11.00am. Our service includes prayers given by the Master Jesus, mantra, a playing of one of The Twelve Blessings transmissions and an address. All are welcome. The Aetherius Society Brisbane Group (07) 3892 5253 mob: Rod 0419 020 804 or email: P.O. Box 6140 Fairfield Gardens. QLD 4103

“Man dwelleth in a world of selfishness – God dwelleth in a world of selfless expansion. Bridge this gap – and be a GOD.” – The Master Jesus

ages saw that something had to be done in these vitally important days to help resolve this Crisis. They turned to Dr George King and instructed him to act as a vehicle for their energies. Between July 23rd 1958 and August 23rd 1961 nineteen mountains were charged throughout the world in a mission called “Operation Starlight”. This great Spiritual Mission took just over three years to complete. During this time great Cosmic Intelligences placed different energies in each of these mountains so that anyone could access this energy and use it to help the world – to help resolve the only crisis on earth which counts – The Spiritual Energy Crisis. Energies usually reflected from this planet by the distorted mind belt surrounding it were now anchored in concentrated form in 19 mountains around the world. The energy within these mountains can never be depleted for they are connected to an infinite cosmic power source and thus provide an easily accessible supply of the highest quality spiritual energies. These unique temples of nature stand waiting for a new breed of people to activate their holy powers for the furtherance of world peace and sanity. Thousands of people without exception have attested to the amazing energy within these mountains and many have experienced uplifting happenings while sending out streams of energy to the world. There are 9 mountains in the British Isles; 4 in America; 2 in Europe, 1 in Africa; 2 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. These Holy Mountains are batteries of power available to all people, regardless of their religious beliefs. You can go to any one of these mountains and send out tremendous power through Prayer, Mantra or Healing to others around the world. Every year The Aetherius Society arranges special pilgrimages to several of these mountains. It is very significant that three of these Holy Mountains are in Australasia: Mount Kosciusko, and Mount Ramshead, New South Wales, Australia - Mount Wakefield, Continued to page 24


our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . OPERATION STARLIGHT YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HELP THE WORLD! Continued from page 23 Southern Island, New Zealand. Each of these Mountains has within it a unique quality of energy and was charged by a different Cosmic Intelligence. The Energy within Mount Ramshead is a healing energy which can be sent to those who are mentally and physically sick. The Energy within Mount Kosciusko was stated by the great Cosmic Intelligence who charged it to be for all Australians and said it is: ‘More valuable to them than all they possess – and more lasting….!’ The Energy within Mount Wakefield is that of ‘Loves Expression’ and can be radiated out through spiritual ritual into the hearts of all people on earth. Everyone can tap the wonderful energies within these mountains through the simple spiritual ritual of prayer and by divine law this energy must help the world. We are all interconnected and Spiritual Energy is the fabric which is at the heart of this interconnectedness. YOU can make a huge difference to people you may never meet, to all life that NEEDS the energy of Love and Healing to lighten their load and help them through life. The Holy Mountains of the world give us all a fantastic tool to potentise our prayers and healing and thus bring into manifestation our deepest spiritual desires for world peace and upliftment. All people are warmly invited to join us and to also find out more about the Holy Mountains. The organizers of the Brisbane Group of The Aetherius Society have arranged an official Pilgrimage to Mt. Kosciusko and Mt.Ramshead over the weekend of January 11th – 14th 2013 and would welcome people to join them. Anyone wishing to know more about The Aetherius Society and this important Spiritual event should contact: The Aetherius Society Brisbane Group –tel: 07 3892 5253 mob: Rod 0419 020 804 or email :

Are you Ready to Release the ‘New Age’ Ascension Drama? By KaVeeTa & SunIEL We live in transformational times. Australia, the land of the Aboriginal Dreamtime is playing an important part in the global awakening, due to its pure and high vibrational nature. 2012 is the year of all years, a special time of change for the big blue and green planet and all of its inhabitants and the start for the human ascension process. The people who have a firm understanding of this ascension process state that it isn’t the end but the beginning. A new beginning or a ‘new dawn’ with numerous positive ramifications. Par t of the current upgrading process means that people are experiencing dramas and confusion in their lives, with seemingly endless clearing and struggles to cope as intense cosmic energies currently flood the planet. These symptoms are affecting around 88% of the world’s population that are still carrying the 3-Dimensional dense, karmic or etheric template body most were born with. This light body has served us while living in a 3-Dimensional plane and consciousness. However, the Earth has already upgraded to a 5th Dimensional body in her ascension path. In order to align with the Earth, humans need to upgrade as well. The 3-D body holds the pain and suffering, past-life lessons, vows, contracts, miasmas and programs, karmic residue, entities, curses, hexes, black magic, alien implants, negative whirlpools/portals/vortices to other dark dimensions, reptilian mixed gene diagnosis and interference. The 3-D template hampers Divine Will and blocks Divine manifestations as it is locked into the physical plane of existence. By removing this template, we can move ahead without being stuck in the lower dramas and games of Karma and cord entanglements! And truly together establish a new Earth where peace and harmony reign during a New Golden Age. Recent discussions among quantum physicists around the world speak of cosmic rays of pulsing vortices like nature, emanating through the Galactic Centre at a velocity approaching the speed of light. Science wants to understand the effects upon Earth and its inhabitants. Ordinary people from all walks of life that have already upgraded and hold stabilised 5th + Dimensional grids, know this as the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP).

Newly discovered, this energy is a pulsing vortex of high vibrational frequency constantly emitting from every cell in the body (even when you’re asleep) allowing you to be an instant healer and literally share the Light with everyone you meet. This revolutionary energy coming from Source is designed to help us through these transitional times. There are those who are born with the necessary stellar encodements to upgrade and activate people’s DNA back to their original Divine blue-print, and whose Divine mission it is to traverse the globe and upgrade the holographic light grids of as many souls as possible that are called to receive this gift. Ultimately the choice is yours, do you want to stay locked down, manipulated and controlled by fear or do you want to raise your game, evolve, become a more spiritually guided and aware individual? Do you want to live your full Divine human potential? If you are ready to upgrade your Mind, Body & Soul and quickly bypass all the drama, all you have to do is ask with a true heart and you will be guided to the right tools and assistance you need! KaVeeTa & S u n I EL , founders of Kosmic Fusion, are one of the fully enlightened DNA-activated Diamond Light Master couples on Earth at this special time of 20122017. The twin ray couple have been holding and emitting the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP), via the Galactic Centre from the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS since 2003. Their Divine Purpose was revealed only on the 11.11. 2011 to travel the globe and upgrade and activate the holographic light grids of as many souls as possible and train Facilitators to spread the upgrade work. KaVeeTa’s mission with her Twin-Ray SuNiEL is to eventually take this work free of charge to all awakening countries. If you feel ready to upgrade your mind, body & soul and bypass all the drama, visit us at the MBS festival in Sydney, stand C50. Experience the Quantum Vortex energies and book in for the 5th+ Dimensional upgrades session facilitated on 1 & 2 December,2012 in Sydney! Contact Nat on 0400342811, or go to: www.

The Authentic Self By B.S Christiansen Nd, dip RM, MLD therapist The Authentic Self ~ Do we really know what this means? Authentic = Real. Real Self, ah yes that is who I am deep down where I live. So how often do you visit where you live? Do you actually “live” where you live? Not many people can say that they live where they live. In fact most of us think we really are being our true or authentic self. However, we only do this on a part time basis. Most of our time is taken up with work, family, and day to day 3D things. 3D things???= That which keeps our attention outside of ourselves. As a Naturopath, I see so many people who are living in the external and visit the internal when they have time. But I meditate!! Doesn’t that mean I am looking inside??? For the brief time you are meditating, yes, but what about the other 23 hours of the day.? Are you being Authentic? Do you walk your talk, or live your beliefs? Do you live a life of compromise? Do you compensate your beliefs with, “I have to do this, it is my job. I need the money.” Do you unwind at night with a glass of wine instead of a quiet time in the garden or a silent room? Do you go running or walking around the neighbourhood with music blaring in your ears? Do you do anything so that you don’t have to sit in silence with just you? Again “I am too busy” or “I will do it later”. The external self will do anything to keep the inner self quiet. Why is it so important to bring the Authentic self into our consciousness? We on planet Earth are going through one of the most auspicious times in our history, we are nearing the end of our 26,000 year cycle around the Sun. Our solar system is reaching the closest point to the Sun in this cycle. In fact on 21/12/12 we will be closest, before we enter our new 26,000 year cycle. What does this mean to us? It means it is the greatest opportunity we will have as a species, to evolve. Due to the closer proximity to the sun the frequency has increased, or the Sun’s radiation is stronger, the closer we get to it. The magnetic/electric (ley) lines of the Earth absorb the higher frequencies, and we in turn, absorb the higher frequencies through our energy meridians(magnetic/electric). The higher frequencies activate DNA codes set to go off at the higher frequencies. Thus we evolve. This is why so many are going through emotional turmoil. The

sh Sy

m EE tu g FR uan alin stival Q e Fe ni x H BS -11 Mi rte at M ov 8 Vo ow ad dney N

Are you ready to release the ‘New Age’ Ascension Drama?

• Upgrade from 3D to 5D+ holographic light grid • Remove plugs, negative ET devices, overlays, karmic pain traps & more • Become an instant healer and emit this energy for your family & friends

QuantumVortex ScalarWave Photonic Pulse – new powerful healing energy direct from Source to help humanity through these transformational times. MBS Festival Sydney, Nov 8-11, Stand C50 • Nat 0400 342 811

Awaken The Inner Goddess and Living in Harmony with the ‘All That Is’ By Jessica Dao

higher frequencies are pushing the lower frequencies out of the body. Emotion is an energy and unless it is expended in the same way it was taken in, it will remain locked in the body. Our Authentic Self brings these energies to our attention. If we have emotion that we haven’t dealt with, like hurt, pain, or anger, then it stays in the body till we use it. Until we rid ourselves of the stored emotion, commonly called ‘baggage’, we can only ever be who we are according to what we have been through. However once we release the ‘baggage’ we can be who we truly are, as there is no energy left to influence us. Our personality is a bit like a law court, if there is a precedent the court will rule the same as before. If the body has an energy precedent it will react in the same way! Taking time to be with your Authentic Self will help bring any stored energies that are of a lower vibration to the surface to be cleared. It does mean a bit of crying, yelling, bashing pillows etc, but the end result is a clearer body and mind! If you avoid your Authentic Self, or quiet time, or simply ignore the inner voice of your Authentic Self, then you may miss one of the best opportunities for growth our species will see. There are many ways to find the Authentic Self, but they involve taking time for yourself. You need to ask yourself “Am I worth it?” “Do I need to grow?” (That should be a resounding yes!) “Do I want to grow?”“Do I want to let go of my 3D attachments?” Retreats are my preferred way of helping people. By shutting out the distractions of everyday life, a retreat allows one to access their Authentic Self more easily. Major transformations can come from extended periods of quiet in high energy areas. Sue Chrisitiansen is a naturopath and intuitive healer who has helped many move onto their true path. She is the owner and operator of the Vortex Healing Centre in Tasmania and is also widely known as Tassiesue. com. The Vortex Healing Centre, offers many healing modalities, ~ retreats, energized crystals, etcwww.

The Venus transit of June 2004 and 2012 both ushered with Divine Feminine Energies - The Goddess Energies - to our planet and has brought forth spiritual evolution and transformation. All goddesses are representative of the universal cosmic energy, a symbol of the divine part within each of us which is innate and total perfection! Throughout the centuries, every culture worshiped a Goddess in some form, especially the ancient cultures. Isis, Nuit, Ar temis, Aphrodite, Venus, Athena, Quan Yin, Kali, Lakshmi, Shakti, Devi; and Gaia are amongst the many Goddesses. They are forces of Mother Nature, the moon, the ear th and the stars. Archeological finds have suggested that the earliest known shamans were females working with the Goddess energies. Indeed, many powerful healers of ancient Egypt were Priests/ Priestesses of Isis and Sekhmet. In the last millennium, many modern male-dominant cultures have taken over the worship of the Goddess and replaced it with male God figures. The “witch hunt” of the Middle Ages and the treatment “women as second-class citizen” throughout many cultures were attempts to suppress the power of the Goddess; resulting in the current masculine dominated influence on the physical world in many societies. 2012 energy shift is a return of the Divine Feminine Energy, the Goddess, to the physical world bringing balance and harmony to individuals and the collective consciousness. Drunvalo Melchizedek and many lightworkers around the globe have prepared the ground work for the return of this Divine Feminine Energy since 1990s. Elisabeth Jensen’s article “Awakening to The Divine Feminine” written for Sphere Magazine June 2004 gave much insight to the return of Isis energy and her healing power, assisting humanity in the transition into the Golden Age. There exists many misconceptions and resentment about the “Return of the Feminine Energy”. Many fear that this return will create an uprise where females are taking over the world, overrunning and controlling the male population! As the physical world has been out of balance, for at least the last millennium, the return of the Divine Feminine Energy is much needed! We are all interconnected, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions; and thus the manifestation

VORTEX HEALING CENTRE INC Can’t get to our power site? The Essences and Crystals will bring you here! · Retreats · Spiritual Essences · Vortex Crystals |


our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Like angels we are all androgynous in nature, our innate divine self. We contain both feminine and masculine energies, inter twining with Elisabeth Jensen deep within our soul and our being. It’s the Yin and Yang, the dance and coexistence of creation. With this awareness we strive to embrace and maintain a balance within ourselves. Our inner balance and harmony then reflect on to those around us, the situations we are in and the world at large. brain damage in infants. Care in the Predictions for our planet I work closely with the Goddess use of all pharmaceuticals produced 2013 2070 Isis, the Principal Egyptian Goddess, the mother of all creation, the God- I would like to share a few of visions in China is recommended. dess of Ten Thousand Names. All and channelled messages about JAPAN 2013 Goddesses are aspects of Isis! She our future world that have come to More minor to moderate earthis associated with love, compas- me over the past year. I see many sion, motherhood, marital devotion, glimpses of the future of our planet quakes and ongoing radiation leaks magic, healing, eternal life, strength, but really I prefer to focus more on near Tokyo in Feb and July 2013. courage, endurance. Although she healing and changing the future Nuclear power reactor s will be is a Goddess, she is the embodi- for individuals – world events are banned in most of Japan by 2016. ment of a perfect balance between more challenging but certainly not the Divine Masculine and Feminine impossible to change. I correctly EGYPT UNTIL 2015 energies. Egypt will settle its political difpredicted the last 2 earthquakes afElisabeth Jensen and Isis Mystery ficulties in late 2012 and early 2013 fecting South  Australia – the minor School has brought back Isis’ Divine with more unrest late in 2013 but one in October 2011 & the larger   Healing Blue Light to many around not again on the scale of 2011. No one affecting SA earlier in March the globe since 2004; bringing mimajor natural disasters will occur this year and natural disasters are raculous healing and transformation to individuals, families, the ear th my strongest  ability, followed by and the economy will slowly improve politics e.g. Mike Rann would not fin- for most people. By 2015 this counand the collective consciousness. T H E ish P YhisRterm AM D O ofF SA. L I G H T try will have established a mainly asIpremier Isis has awakened my inner Godpolitical system and be Here are some global dess and has transformedBmy e life c o m e   a   S p i r i t u a l  events H e a l epeaceful r  more considered a major tourwatching noting I will skip& our and others around me Leinearnwondrous to be a pure chanworth nnel of light for healinng yourself, others otheplanet.once Become ist destination. of 2012 except thhe our beaconinner of light to bring brest forth higher awa areness,for joy,predicting happinesss & enlightenment. ways! We all can awake   and electriGoddess either by working with the an increase in computer Goddess archetypes, the Angels, USA UNTIL 2025 Isis cal Lomalfunctions tus Healifrom ng December Leveell I  creative meditation, crystals,Anastrol– 23. Egyptian alch20 emical healing system m including deep level soul healing Increase in homelessness, drug ogy, numerology, essential oils and Syddney 8,9 Dec 20122 & 12,13 Oct 20133  use and mass violence - in Alabama Melbourne 20,2 & 23,24 Nov v 2013 | Perth 17 remedies; or by simply going within 21 Jul CHINA par ticular in early 2013 – will UNTIL 2015 ,18 Augin2013    to realise our innate Divine perfecMore earthquakes in early 2013 escalate from December 2012 and tion, be a God/Goddess in everydayAngcause el Mwidespread iracles Ledestruction vel I & IIin  continue for 2 years then dramatilife, and see the sameReceive quality in & Spiareas Angelic ritual guidance throug gh Angel readinngin& mediumship cally start to resolve. Some tropithat have been Oracle affected everyone and every living creation!Melboourne 22-25 Sep 2012 & 13-16 Jul 20013   cal storms will hit Florida causing recent years by floods and earthPerth 5-8 Jan 2013 damage and flooding in June but no ica DaoMarch onwards will present Jessquakes. Jessica Dao is an many difficulties in politics and more event the size of Hurricane Katrina architect/project                        0422 2 563 794   manager. She is                      www major food products and pharmacy will hit in 2013. Severe storms and w.thepyramidofli an authorised Isis products scandals will happen next          landslides affecting the east coast                                   Lotus Healing L1/ will happen in 2014 and 2015 but June then continue Adeelaide courses Cathrover yn Jthe ane next Neeiill2 Angel Miracles I & not as dramatically as has been – 3 years. A vaccination used will be II teacher at Isis 04 58 173 731  predicted by some psychics in the Mystery School and found to cause nerve (hearing) and au www.W

a number of personal difficulties in the next 12 months. Isobel Redmond will never be elected Premier in South Australia.



“Isis – The Goddess of Magick and Healing” by Jessica Dao of the physical world! The quest for harmony with Mother Nature and the cosmos star ts with each and every one. Understanding the bi-polar nature of the energies and being conscious of these extremes is important! By embracing all aspects of the bi-polar we learn to truly accept who we are thus make way for personal growth and transformation. Certainly it is a challenging task for societies with fixed gender expectations! The Kabbalah’s tree of life, the heart of Jewish mysticism contains the principles of polarity, the divine masculine Chokmah (wisdom and intuitive), opposite yet co-independent on the divine feminine energy Binah (understanding and perception). Similarly, Taoism’s Yin and Yang acknowledged the eternal coexistence of these bi-polar energies. Masculinity, the Divine God self, gives us the strength, power, stability, growth, evolution, wisdom, dynamism, activeness, initiative, and courage. Too little we could become weak, passive, no progress in life and on the other hand, too much can result in aggressiveness and ruthlessness. Femininity, the Inner Goddess, brings compassion, flexibility, communication, understanding, loving and kindness, Gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, sweetness, tolerance, nurturance, deference, fertility, perception, passiveness. The many qualities if lacking can create chaos, aggression and heartlessness.


past. Obama is set to be President again – but will not be for a third time. By 2025 New York City will be abandoned and most people will be living in central USA – difficulties in regular supply of electricity and clean and safe water from 2020 will be a major factor there as will radiation poisoning.


We will continue to be The Lucky Country but with floods and fires continuing as they have for the last 50 years – that is no one major event will destroy a large city but cer tainly they will impact many people’s lives. Queensland will again need to prepare for flooding in country areas and areas such as Townsville and McKay. Another earthquake in Central Australia but more in the Northern Territory part – June or July probably. In August 2013 there will be another minor earthquake in Adelaide or nearby in Mt Lofty Ranges. Broome in Western Australia seems to be in for some difficulties in regard to fire in March 2013 plus many more incidents in regard to Boat People and smuggling. Western Australia will be the state most badly affected by Bush Fires in 2013.


Julia Gillard will not be returned as Prime Minister but Kevin Rudd will be. Tony Abbott will never be Prime Minister and is due to experience

a certified facilitator Authorized Teachers for Isis Mystery Schooll at Crystal Awakening Academy. Jessica Coourses developed byy Elisabeth Jensen is currently conducting workshops ryalso stal W orkshops ww Wo throughout Australia. SheCis practising as an Isis Practitioner and Angel Miracle /Isis Oracle psychic. |04 by Anna Hood BA Dip TPC Reiki/Seichim Master 22 563 794

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Angel Miracles Level I & II  Receive Angelic & Spiritual guidance througgh Angel Oracle readinng & mediumship ourne 22-25 Sep 2012 & 13-16 Jul 20013   Melbo Perth 5-8 Jan 2013 Jessica Dao

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Guiding Light Psychics are an Australia-wide network of psychics with a broad range of skills including clairvoyance, mediumship, oracle reading and healing. We share passion for our work and we are committed to the service of Spirit and others. More than day-to-day predictions, we offer you readings with soul for your life path. Whatever your questions or issues, our caring psychics seek to shine the light of awareness for all. See and read about our dedicated team of psychics and learn about Seven Steps to a good psychic reading at our website For a personal reading, to pay by phone account call 1902 256 002 $3.96 per min (mobile/pay extra) or for Credit cards call 1300 601 641 $3.60 per min (Phone Australia). Readers are available from 6:30 am – 2:30 am (EST). For any queries, please email us from our website.

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My belief is there is plenty of food and money in the world for us all really but the storage and distribution of it by certain groups causes many of the problems. While Europe will struggle much as it has in 2012 from March 2013 the economy will appear to stabilise to some degree both there and in USA and this will continue for 2 years. By 2015 there will be a major crash again and protesting groups of people will bring in great and positive changes to our monetary and food system distribution system from 2016 onwards.


From April 2013 onwards following many decades of world unrest we will see that the promised Golden Age is a real possibility and from July 2013 astrological energies especially will support this further. The increased Light coming to the planet will not stop wars in the Middle East and Iran and nearby waters will be alight with battle fire until the middle of 2013 with great improvement starting in early 2014. Healers and Psychics will find their abilities seem to magnify and even the average person will find any efforts to create a more positive future through visualisation and prayer will be more successful than in the past. Those using drugs and alcohol will find it harder to control their intake and addictions and mental illness will increase until 2015 then start to decrease in 2016. Chemotherapy as a treatment for Cancer will be found to be too dangerous and expensive and will be abandoned by 2020 as will Radiotherapy.

OUR WORLD 2020- 2070

The world is set for a HUGE shift eventually but it will be 2030 before all the wars settle and by 2050 the world as we know it won’t exist but people will still live on the “New Earth” that is rather like our version of Heaven. By 2070 highly positive use of technology will see any surgeries and illnesses very easy to manage. Highly trained psychic healers will ensure health and harmony for the ear th and most of her people. There will be little physical money but it will exist as golden colour tokens that will be used worldwide. There will be an abundance of food but only plants will be consumed. Interaction with beings from other planets will be common but will bring mixed benefit to planet earth. ELISABETH JENSEN was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and she trains many psychics and healers worldwide in her unique system of healing. With a background as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Counsellor and as Vice President of Australian Psychics Association her courses aim to train skilled professional and ethical psychic practitioners. Please sign up online at for her regular eNewsletter or receive daily messages at www.facebook. com/ElisabethJensenIMS or phone 1300558075.


our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

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dents , combined with step-by-step instructions this book is a powerful training manual for all crystal healers to be.

10 authographed copies of Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves for 10 lucky InnerSelf readers. “Flower Therapy” is the art of working with flowers, flower essences, and angels for healing, manifestation, and abundance. As physical representations of God’s love, flowers hold amazing healing potential. You have the power to tap into this energy and make wonderful changes in your life. Likewise, you can share the love from above by sending flowers to others. Flower Therapy helps you understand the magical wonder of nature’s beauty.With flowers as your allies, your dreams really can come true! In this handy book, Doreen Vir tue and Rober t Reeves give in-depth information about 88 flowers, illustrated with gorgeous, full-color photographs, with detailed information about the flowers’ energetic and healing proper ties. By opening up your heart and letting the angels of nature help you, many blessings come your way.When the journey of Flower Therapy began, Doreen and Rober t expected to find vibrations to assist spiritual growth, and clearing fear. What they found was much greater. There are flowers that help with lifting depression, clearing anger, and increasing your finances. Some flowers help balance family harmony, heal grief, children and instil protection. As expected, they also learnt more detail about friendly flowers wishing to increase your connection to the angels and awaken your clairvoyance.

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Meditation Zafus and Zabutons

The Last Hustle

By Kenny Johnson This book is not for the faint-hearted. It’s the intense true story of one man’s journey from the harsh world of crime, being incarcerated for most of his life through to the profound spiritual awakening that took place while serving time in one of the toughest prisons in America. A compelling read, written as it was told to Shanti Einolander, The Last Hustle offers profound insight into the process of spiritual liberation. Gangaji, Johnson’s spiritual teacher says “His story proves that however hard and uncompromising our par ticular circumstances, we can discover true happiness.”

Pub: Non-Duality Press

Dreams, Mysteries & Magic

By Wendy Johnson True life can be stranger and more wonderful than fiction. An inspiring travelogue from this Melbourne woman, join her as she wends her way through Britain, Europe and the Middle East, sharing her challenges, insights and learning. Using the tarot card “The Fool”as her guide, her story unfolds as it uplifts. Colour photos compliment the pages nicely.

Pub: Barker Deane Publishing

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need to renew your connection to the cycles of nature and your inner life. Moon Diary Products celebrates its 20th year and the 2013 Moon Diary heralds the beginning of a new 19 year lunar cycle for us. With Moon phases, transits and seasonal festivals, this handwritten and beautifully illustrated diary has become a constant companion for many. What better gift to the New You?

Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy

The first book in the “Destiny of Fire” trilogy by Claudio Silvano “Destiny of Fire is a great read for those who enjoy fiction with a strong spiritual message. Claudio Silvano masterfully transports the reader into a whole new world of mystical adventure through the age-old battle of Good and Evil, offering valued insight and learning every step of the way. It’s a real page-turner.” Leo Drioli – editor, InnerSelf Newspapert - Beneath every deep fear, a secret power waits to be born. -

Illiom is a young woman with no traceable genealogy, a foundling who forever questions and doubts herself and fails to understand the purpose of her life. She believes herself to be tainted; something in her past must account for the curse of power that she keeps deeply hidden. This is a land where magic is mistrusted, and those who wield it are often shunned, if not persecuted. This unhealthy legacy of power drives Illiom to seek refuge in the mountains, where isolation seems the only viable protection for her. Now Illiom’s isolation is coming to an end; someone is coming for her, to draw her from her hiding

place and take her, willing or not, back to the world of humans, to the very place where she feels most vulnerable. ‘Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy’, is the first book of the ‘Destiny of Fire’ trilogy, an epic fantasy series that follows Illiom as she emerges from her self-imposed exile. Leaving the security of her mountains behind her, she is thrown in with a bunch of misfits from across the land. Sharing almost nothing in common with each other, save a mysterious summons to address a growing crisis in the land, these seven Chosen of Prophecy must reconcile their differences before they can embark on their quest to face the threat that is rolling uncontrollably to meet them. Will they learn to follow the signs and portents in time to resolve a crisis of mythic proportions? Will Illiom find her true self in time to be of any use to anyone, including herself? An entirely original fantasy adventure set in a unique and compelling world that will hold up a looking glass for you, the reader, to gaze into. What will you see mirrored back…?


The Stone I Love

By Lisa Schumacher This deep, loving and heart-felt collection of poetry offers contemplation seeds for our own deepening and awakening. When a poet has the capacity to truly listen and make themselves available and empty enough … Love can steal into the heart and allow for nothing less than Spirit’s touch to emerge. Here’s a taste: “This piercing … is immaculate … in its perfection.”

Pub: Eagle Eye Press

Earthing The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

By Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra & Martin Zucker This book proposes that beneath our feet as we stand outdoors is not only a patch of lawn, dir t or grass but an ever-present source of natural healing. We humans, as well as all other living creatures are electrical beings living on an electrical planet and the ear thing of our bodies to the ground beneath us ranks right up there with the discovery of penicillin as a natural healer. Are you electron deficient? The answer lies in the pages of this important book.

Pub: Basic Health Publications


By Rachelle Charman This beautifully presented A-Z directory on crystals and their transformational and healing proper ties is a must as a resource and study guide for anyone seeking to discover how to work with these ancient and powerful energies. Complete with 140 colour photos, case studies and stories from both teachers and stu-

2013 Moon Diary

by Shekhina Morgan The serpent is a powerful symbol of renewal and transformation as she sheds her skin to make her bejewelled new beginning. She features in beautiful gold foil on the cover of the 2013 Moon Diary. This diary is packed with all the tools you

Healing Pendants

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lutely overflowing with Heather’s inimitable style and musicianship. This collection ranges from powerful anthems for today starting with title track “Be the Change”, the catchy “Little Buddhas” through to song/ sound meditation hybrids like the spiritually exhilarating closing track “Mantra”. Coupled with a bonus second CD of 5 acoustic tracks, this collection is a must-have for all lovers of Spirit and song.

Moontime Diary

by Iris Detenhoff Health – Home – Gardening – Astrology – Traditional Knowledge and New Age At Moontime Diary we want to help you with all your planning needs. The Moontime Diary features all diary essentials plus it • Gives you relevant information and tables to experiment with the art of timing. • Helps you develop your green thumb and show you how to apply these same principles to your health, home and business planning. • Assists you to develop your understanding of the lunar cycle and yearly seasons • Supplies Astrologers with planetary tables, daily aspects and moon void of course times. • And much more Available in new age book and health food stores or online: www. For inquiries please contact: info@ or call 02 6684 2770

Be the Change

By Heather Frahn Two albums in one! The first CD offers ten passionate songs of insight, inspiration and awakening, abso-

The New Age Book The Definitive Guide to Creating Personal & Global Happiness, Health & Success

By Marc White! Marc White! is on a mission. He’s a musician and positive lifestyle inspirer. “I love my life,” he says. “And my default state has been one of happiness for more than 15 years now. When all is said and done, I don’t want very much, all I want is for everyone on this planet to share in this feeling of permanent happiness and self-love.” This book is his offering, bringing together 22 New Age Values and what the experts have to say about them.

Pub: New Age Books

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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .


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