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M earthane Products Corporation dling mechanisms for business machines such as printers, copiers, fax machines, postage meters, and collators. • Durethane® F is chemically blown urethane closed cell foam. It can be custom formulated by varying the physical properties (coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, hardness and density) to suit your application. The rebound can be formulated for resiliency or energy absorption. Applications include self-cleaning paper feed rollers, retard pads, conveyor belts, bumpers, shock absorbers and timing belts. • Durethane® M is a flexible, microcellular, open cell and closed cell urethane foam. Because it is mechanically mixed, the cell size is uniform, and it can form an integral skin, as it has excellent resistance to compression set. It is economical and

effective for applications with repeated compression cycles, such as actuator pads on postal meters and idler belts. Through custom formulation, the conductivity can range from E7 ohm-cm to E9 ohm-cm. Conductivity levels as high as E5 ohm-cm is available in certain formulations. • Durethane® C formulations use low percentages of MPC’s proprietary additives to control conductivity uniformly throughout the product. This preserves the strength, resilience, thermal stability, and service life of the polyurethane. It is widely used in office and paper handling machines including copiers, thermal printers, and laser printers. It is ideally suited for laser printer charge and developer rollers for toner dispensing and tribocharge management. It is also used in paper transport assemblies in copiers, fax machines, collators, postage meters, and other transport applications where static build-up is a problem. Other applications include antistatic drive belts for silicon wafer transport and clean rooms. MPC employees have an expansive range of engineering expertise. MPC staff prides itself on having expertise in Blueprint Reading, Geometric Tolerancing, Machine Set-Up, continued on 32


enx magazine

ENX Magazine 2010 Issue  

Connecting People, Ideas and Products in the Doucment Imaging Indistry since 1994

ENX Magazine 2010 Issue  

Connecting People, Ideas and Products in the Doucment Imaging Indistry since 1994