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ho can forget the hubbub that circulated throughout the office technology industry after that 2010 CBS News story on data security breaches at the MFP? It certainly got the industry to sit up and take notice and become a whole lot more vociferous in letting customers and potential customers know about the vulnerability of the content on their MFP's hard drives along with the various security options that have long been available to them. But that was then, what about now? "There's been less attention [paid] to the data security issue," states BTA General Counsel Bob Goldberg. "BTA took the approach that this wasn't as much a data security issue as much as it was an education issue with the end user and took the position we needed to get the word out and actually complimented CBS for doing it." Despite what Goldberg says was a lot of inaccurate information in that news report, some 10 states introduced various forms of legislation related to data security at the MFP, none of which were passed or implemented. There's still a lame duck session in New Jersey to keep an eye on what they may or may not be considering. "What they're considering is basically an education process," says Goldberg.

Bob Goldberg General Counsel BTA

It's not like the OEMs weren't prepared for this, the story just put them and their channels into proactive mode. "The manufacturers have had solutions for this for awhile, but the question was whether or not they would be included as basic features on the equipment or if they would be an added cost," says Goldberg. "In most instances they weren't an added cost and encryption services are also available. From a dealer perspective it's become part of the sales cycle and is often raised again and discussed when the equipment is coming off lease." It is almost as if the industry turned what was initially perceived as a negative into something they could use in a more positive manner, at least from a marketing perspective. "Security remains top of mind across the board with our customers, there's no question about it," adds Vince Jannelli, director of product management applications and partners with Sharp. "In the enterprise it goes without saying, but even in small- and medium-sized businesses consciousness has increased-not only of document security but network security." Sharp continues to provide sales training and information to its dealer channel and its direct operations. Plus last year Sharp announced at its annual dealer meeting an end-of-lease feature that is now standard on all its engines. "There's a lot of awareness around data security on the hard

drive compared to two years ago and both consumers and dealers are being mindful," adds Bill Melo, vice president of marketing, services & solutions for Toshiba America Business Solutions. "We're continuing to build smarter products so it's become less of an issue. We went from optional overwrite encryption to it being standard, to introducing a self-encrypting hard drive. It's becoming harder to even inadvertently expose your private data." Education remains an important element of data security whether we're talking about the industry as a whole, the OEMs, or the dealer channel. "We're definitely being more proactive," reports Melo. "We're doing our best to present seminars with companies in Bill Melo finance and healthcare. As we get further VP of Marketing, down and start telling people about secuServices & Solutions rity assessments and plugging holes and Toshiba America about ERM, it's almost like insurance. Business Solutions. Some [organizations] don't want to talk about it or do anything until it actually happens and then it's too late. We've become insurance salesman." Meanwhile Toshiba is working on its next generation of the Encompass application, which will have an enhancement that makes it easier to identify and correct possible vulnerabilities. "Right now security on the copier side is not affecting us," reports Jennie Fisher, senior vice president and general manager of GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation's Office Equipment Group. "Bob Goldberg is obviously doing some very good work on behalf of the BTA channel; however, it has not gone away. Until legislation states differently, it's the end user's responsibility to wipe the devices clean."

Jennie Fisher Sr. VP & GM GreatAmerica Leasing

One thing that GreatAmerica has done is researched various companies that wipe the device's hard drive clean to determine if this was a value that they could bring to the market to ensure that it is being taken care of at the end of the lease. What they found was that it was an expensive proposition for a leasing company to do. "When you think about getting that equipment back, that would be a large expense for GreatAmerica to administer that," explains Fisher. "Depending on what happens in the next 12 months, and it's been pretty quiet, if the State legislatures come back and says anything different about whose responsibility it is, continued on 19


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continued from 18

then we're going to have to figure out what we're going to do." Hytec Repair, a supplier of circuit boards, fusers, staplers, and hard drives for MFPs, has seen its hard drive business shoot through the roof as awareness of data security has grown. In fact, that business has more than doubled over the last year. The company also offers a hard drive data cleansing and destruction services-another booming area. "In November we had the largest hard drive sales in the history of our company and part of that is because of data security with copiers coming off lease, but also some recent flooding in Thailand," reports Robert Mitchem, sales manager. The flooding made it difficult for some OEMs to source the drives and at press time the price of hard drives had gone up 50 percent in the past 30 days. That hasn't been a problem at Hytec, however, since they were well stocked and at press time were selling drives at pre-shortage prices. Mitchem believes data security offers plenty of opportunity for the office technology dealer, but it's up to the dealer to embrace it. "We sell directly to the dealer so they have to find the demand," he says. "The beauty is they're just educating their customer and letting them know when they turn these machines in there's data on there. As long as they say that, and if the customer is responsible, they're going to ask what they should do about it. Then it's pretty much sold and the dealer can make good service call revenue and be able to get a drive or use us for destruction services." He expects data security opportunities to grow with increased awareness. "Just like dealers are trying to figure out managed print services versus selling boxes, this is just another tool in their toolbox for dealing with lease turn ins and renewals. Why not say, 'With those 10 machines why don't we offer a solution to get rid of your data?' It just makes sense. If they're not doing this, they're missing out on revenue."

HP Responds to the MSNBC Story Following is a portion of the HP response to the MSNBC story on the vulnerability of its printers from hackers entering through the cloud: HP LaserJet printers have a hardware element called a "thermal breaker" that is designed to prevent the fuser from overheating or causing a fire. It cannot be overcome by a firmware change or this proposed vulnerability. While HP has identified a potential security vulnerability with some HP LaserJet printers, no customer has reported unauthorized access. The specific vulnerability exists for some HP LaserJet devices if placed on a public internet without a firewall. In a private network, some printers may be vulnerable if a malicious effort is made to modify the firmware of the device by a trusted party on the network. In some Linux or Mac environments, it may be possible for a specially formatted corrupt print job to trigger a firmware upgrade. HP is building a firmware upgrade to mitigate this issue and will be communicating this proactively to customers and partners who may be impacted. In the meantime, HP reiterates its recommendation to follow best practices for securing devices by placing printers behind a firewall and, where possible, disabling remote firmware upload on exposed printers. HP will continue to educate customers about security risks and the features available to address them, and take proactive steps to maintain the security of devices in the field. HP Imaging and Printing Security Solutions work directly at the device and on the network to protect information at rest and in motion, and to prevent unauthorized access.

Ray Belanger, president of Bay Copy in Rockland, Massachusetts initially had a lot of customers express interest about security when that news story first hit, but the concern has died down there too.

Where is the dealer channel today when it comes to security?

"It's still a concern among the larger customers and we're almost routinely doing data cleansing. The smaller companies, it's on some of their radar, but not like the larger companies."

Jim Oricchio, president of Coordinated Business Systems, Ltd., in Burnsville, Minnesota has seen the interest in data security level off compared to two years ago.

Bay Copy continues to raise the issue with customers even though Belanger feels they should be working it harder.

"It's minimal," he says. "Out of ten machine orders, one might ask for their hard disk drive to be scrubbed or replaced."

"We can do a better job of incorporating it in our regular talk track and anytime we upgrade or change a lease," acknowledges Belanger.

That's a big change from the months following the CBS News story when Coordinated was selling security kits left and right and Oricchio's vendor was back ordered on them. Despite the decline in customer interest or fewer questions, Coordinated remains proactive in informing customers about the security offerings they have as an option when they first place a device and then again at the end of the lease. Even as customer interest has waned, Oricchio doesn't expect manufacturers to put security on the back burner. "My gut feeling is you will see more products with that built in."

As the industry continues to educate businesses about data security on the device itself, there's another potential threat hovering overhead-information stored on the cloud. "I'm very concerned I'm going to find that there's been a breach in the cloud and there's all kinds of information up there the dealers haven't thought about," says BTA's Goldberg. "Once you lose control of your data and it's residing on a server outside of your physical facility, you've got some considerable risk and things to think about." continued on 22 enx magazine



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IS THIS A "KODAK MOMENT?" By Andy Slawetsky


K. How much worse can it get? This morning (January 6), Eastman Kodak stock opened at $0.42 per share giving it a market cap of not much more than $113 million (that’s million, not billion). The strategy of selling a valuable patent portfolio for billions has not yet worked. To make matters even bleaker, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Kodak’s credit rating, citing the “probability” of bankruptcy. A few weeks ago, Kodak flew a group of analysts (including yours truly) to Rapid City, South Dakota to tour a truly unique commercial print facility. The event was an eye opener for me. First, it was one of the largest commercial print facilities I’ve seen. It was by far the cleanest. You could eat off the floors. It was virtually all digital, with the major exception of a Heidelberg six-color analog press. Even that press had been fitted with an inkjet head to print variable addresses at full system speed. The “star” of the show was Kodak’s Prosper 5000 XL digital press running super high quality images using ink with Stream technology on high gloss paper to produce millions of pages per month at A4 speeds of more than 1,000 PPM. The company began as a letterpress shop, converting to digital technology using Xerox production systems. These were gradually replaced with Kodak presses including Versamark and Prosper systems until today’s configuration is all Kodak color. Millions of pages per month. Ink is drawn from 50 gallon barrels!! AH HA!! In the words of Steve Martin (The Jerk), “I get it. It’s a profit scheme!” At least in this market, Kodak gets it. The data stream comes from the printer’s proprietary database through Kodak controllers to Kodak presses. They do not care where the data comes from or how it gets there. The focus is on creating the images. How many times do we need to say it? It’s the images!


Customer Services, Inc.

Selling l l l

Wholesale Copiers Remaufactured Cartridges Most popular brands

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It’s sad that Kodak couldn’t implement that strategy in the core parts of their business. It’s not the camera. It’s not the film (horrors). It’s the images! On-line services, mini-labs, kiosks, etc. – all generating images that should be using Kodak consumables. Focus on images with little regard to hardware, other than as a means to print. In the production print arena, for example, Kodak can upgrade models in place, without the “forklift upgrade” required by vendors such as Océ and Xerox. Yes, unit sales will be lower, but images will be up. The profit is in the images – to paraphrase Carl Sagan, “billions and billions” of images. Gallons and gallons of ink are flowing into those presses. Given Kodak’s demonstrated superiority in the graphics (production print) market, one can only wonder if they can raise the capital needed to leverage those advantages. I’m rooting for them. Surely, there is a lesson here for all of us. Kodak is clearly a victim of a market revolution that caught them unprepared to compete. What about our own market? Have we adjusted to the new dynamics for survival in a market where pages are more important than hardware? This goes well beyond the pedantic MPS programs we see everywhere. The focus is not on the pages, but the work processes that generate those pages. The new market forces us to create digital value in the pages generated, just as our commercial printer was able to create value in their shop. After our South Dakota meeting, we were treated to a tour of Mount Rushmore. It was breathtaking. More than anything, I was struck by the vision of the artist who could visualize that carving when looking at a blank mountain. The creation could have been anything. It wasn’t just anything. Take the lesson. Look at your own business. Visualize what it might be. Begin carving now, while you can afford the change. Don’t wait like our friends at Kodak. No matter what you become I can promise you this – it won’t be what it was. Will it be better? It’s your call. u Andy Slawetsky is President of Industry Analysts, Inc., a marketing and management consulting firm for the office automation industry. Much of the company’s research and testing results can be viewed on their website


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stop shop for storage media solutions. We offer tape drives from various manufacturers, tape labeling services, tape initialization, tape storage, tape cleaning services and data recovery. We explain to our customers how they can help protect their customer's information and also "Through the years, much of our business growth has been gen- provide an additional product line for erated by word of mouth," explains founding owner Falgun them to sell. " Kadakia. "New customers are usually gained when a former Esha's focus this past year was to gain buyer or seller of wholesale office supplies changes employ- new accounts and expand their inside ment. The old adage 'people do business with people they like' sales team. They have the unique Rajit Shah, ability to meet the needs of small to holds true." CEO medium sized value-added and independent resellers Rajit Shah, CEO emphasizes, "Esha's cormore efficiently and at a lower cost than porate motto, your success is our busilarger wholesalers and anonymous interness, is more than a clever saying. It is the l HP Approved Distributor for ink, toner and storage media net sellers. foundation of the entire staff's knowledge that their number one responsibility is to l OEM and Compatible Supplies A perfect example of Esha's emphasis on take care of all their customer's needs. partnering with the small to mid-size dealEach Esha employee understands the l Dell Premier Partner ers is Chris Carroll's role as Director of enormous trust extended to Esha each l Copier and Fax supplies HP Sales. He has in-depth knowledge and time an order is placed. The reseller is experience with Hewlett Packard products placing complete trust that Esha will accu- l Full line of storage media products gained from his 21 years at Hewlettrately and quickly ship the needed prod- l Blind Drop Ship program Packard. "We know and understand the uct." l Marketing assistance for smaller unique needs of the smaller reseller. We resellers make sure our customers have access to Esha Corporation is an authorized distribthe numerous HP sponsored offers, utor of Hewlett-Packard printer supplies l Flat rate shipping policy rebates and discounts." and storage media. Esha also has relationl Dedicated sales support with ships with numerous technology manucoverage coast to coast Lance Frieday, Business Development facturers and distributors of printer, copiManager, also brings a wealth of experier, fax and computer supplies and accessories. Esha represents leading manufacturers of impact and ence to the Esha team. "My experience at Azerty and NEAMnon-impact printer supplies, magnetic and optical data storage CO has been a huge asset when working with the small to medimedia, workstation accessories, power protection and tradition- um size dealers. My industry expertise and reputation instills al office products. confidence to new dealers and resellers when partnering with Esha." As an authorized distributor of several OEM's products, Esha is able to pass on the savings and spiffs of OEM sponsored reward Ajay Chopra, Logistics Manager, has made substantial programs and promotions directly to the resellers and dealers. enhancements to the way Esha moves products. "Logistics management is the key to These include OEM coneffective and efficient distest, rebates, giveaways, tribution. As a buyer and merchandise gift cards and seller, freight cost and timeother discounts on volume ly delivery can make or purchases. Marketing break the success of any Manager Kim Lorenz business. Every member of encourages customers to the Esha staff understands "Sign-up at www.eshathe absolute importance of to receive e-mail making sure each cusmarketing announcements tomer's order results in the and direct mail offerings. correct product, being The more our customers are delivered in a timely maninformed about our specials ner, to the correct address." offerings, the greater the savings and overall benefits they Esha has over 40,000 square feet can receive." of warehoused inventory strategically located in New Jersey and Jessica Patel, Media Sales Manager reminds resellers and Florida, with plans to open facilidealers that "Esha is your one ties in Illinois and California in sha Corporation has a well established history and a strong reputation for delivering professional, dedicated service to resellers and distributors of OEM and compatible supplies for printers, copiers, faxes, and storage devices. Founded in 1989 by Falgun Kadakia, Esha is known for their personalized customer service.

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Taking the Steps to Develop a Document Data Security Practice By David Anastasi


k, in the last several articles I have outlined the significant uptick in data security breaches as well as customer and government awareness and actions. I also have outlined the current size of the data security market and the future growth potential. The reality is, this is one of those rare opportunities that comes along once in a business lifetime. A market that is on the leading edge (not the bleeding edge), is currently substantial, growing at a rapid pace, will never go away and only get more important and larger. If you don't believe me, just go online and start browsing information regarding data security, or attend industry conferences like RSA and others and you will find that the number of people, subjects, challenges and opportunities already existing today are both mind-boggling and exciting. For that matter, look within your own space-all of the major manufacturers of printers, copiers, scanners etc. (Ricoh, Toshiba, Canon, Xerox, HP, Fujitsu and all the rest) are well into the data/document/print security world. Each with ever evolving strategies and offerings in services, solutions and technologies (both hardware and software) either developed on their own or working with partners to offer expanded support for the market. The good news is they are validating the market and there is room for all types of players that can develop the domain expertise and provide services, solutions and products to assist your current and future customers, that means you too (or if not, your competitors). Today the rapid development of applications, devices, storage environments and sources of data combined with the convergence of traditional, more mature document markets with evolving electronic content markets is growing at light speed. This lends itself to substantial business opportunities for those willing to commit to opening up their thinking to take their current core competencies and extend them by adding a document/data security practice to their offerings.

become document/data security domain experts and extend your organization's value to your customers. When it comes to data security there are many areas that come into play. For the sake of focus we are not going to spend much time on network, malware and virus protection; although these are essential areas they are generally not the areas where this audience would extend its reach. Also, there are many players already in those areas so it doesn't make sense when there are many more natural extensions of your business that are not being as broadly served to participate in. I want to take a moment to remind you here to not forget the critical points I made in previous articles: Creating a Control Conscience Corporate Culture (4C's)™ of Data Security is the ultimate objective and that begins with the tone at the top of both your organization and your customer's organization.


It is essential to focus on the three important prongs of creating a sustainable and effective environment: People, Process & Technology. l

l All of the organizations you are dealing with have most likely already recognized this as an important area and made some level of investment at least in network security, malware and virus protection. So leverage that in your conversations with them. l The legal and compliance requirements and risks are expanding rapidly and no matter what size or type of organization, if they aren't beginning to develop a strategic approach to this important area they are clearly heading for a potential catastrophic event.

Finally, although compliance is an issue, it is really about quality internal controls and ultimately focusing on this as a risk to the financial value of the organization and its brand, or an opportunity to increase their financial and brand value. l

So what is the best approach to looking at where to begin? Follow last month's article by asking the fundamental questions about how your customers are currently addressing document and data security. Begin with the services approach by developing a good set of questions around the areas you are currently addressing for them, whether it is hardware and supplies, Managed Print Services or additional services and solutions that involve software applications. So as you evaluate the path to take, start with the information gathering. It is a critical area and one that if not done correctly can lead down the wrong path. This is also where you have the opportunity through educating your own organization to

So now the approach both for you and your customers should be to walk before you run. There certainly should be a sense of urgency to begin. However take a strategic approach that turns into operational objectives and goals with time specific and measurable results. Also, it is important to focus on the highest areas of risk involving the most valuable and sensitive data or documents first. The old adage "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" really does apply here both to be effective and to provide a comfort level that does not overwhelm your continued on 34


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Taking the Steps to Develop a Document Data Security Practice

organization or customer.

security of their mission critical data.

Next, I have found it is important to initially take a more simplified approach to thinking about the potential areas of data breaches. This includes both physical and electronic. Here are the areas to look most closely at when you are evaluating an environment:


1. Where and when the document or data file (including metadata) is created

So to start, look at the data security features and offerings being promoted and provided by your current suppliers. Are you and your organization talking with your current customer base and future prospects about them every chance that you have? If not, it is a good reason to circle back to them and ask them what is their current position and approach to data/ document security.

2. Where is that information stored, if physical (filing cabinets, desks, disks, offsite storage facilities etc.) if electronic (servers, desktops, laptops, phones, pda's, printers, copiers, scanners, in the cloud etc.)? 3. Transportation or exchange, when the information is physically or electronically moved 4. Alteration, when a document or file is altered in any way you need to go back and start at step one again to assure the proper people, process and technology are accessing it or impacting it In my years of selling and managing technology companies I have developed a philosophy that has served me well. Focus on five areas or, as I like to call them, abilities and really drill down on them and your odds of success will increase dramatically.

Profitability - if your culture, strategy, assessments and execution around the first four bullets are strong, then the odds are high that you are going to provide your customers with very positive ROI's. You are also very likely to have a profitable, sustainable and growable data security practice.

Start with the basics. Are hard drives and storage environments being wiped clean when and where appropriate? Are the areas where the data is critical hard drives removable? What happens to the hard drives when a piece of equipment is disposed of? Does the current piece of equipment have an erasable memory when shutdown? Can data be overwritten when appropriate? Are critical documents/files encrypted upon creation, in transport, in storage or when altered? Are proper process and authorizations given and signed off on before data is accessed?


These are all fundamental offerings today that you can start to consider as the early stage of building a document/data security practice. Just like you have grown your business today, you started with a fundamental offering and then transitioned as needs and opportunities arose.

l Deployability - the simpler and more effective the deployment for you as a partner and ultimately what the customer sees and experiences, the more likely they are to adopt your current and future offerings.

In closing, my favorite quote is "Truly powerful people commit to the future, and use that to impact the circumstances." Whether you like it or not your customer's futures will rely more and more on organizations that can assist them in protecting their most valuable asset, their information. My question to you is, with that being the case what does the future of your business look like and what circumstances do you need to start impacting to lead you there? u

Interoperability - the more that your services and solutions can integrate with an organization's current and planned technologies and environments, the more likely they are to buy. The less consumer behavior change you create while adding value the better.

Usability - the product or service has to be user friendly. That is defined not by you but by the individuals within the organizations that have to use it. It is important to consider that there are all different levels of competencies within an organization and the more simple you make it for the lowest common denominator to use, the better chance you have for customer satisfaction and reaching the ROI's that were expected. Also, from a stickiness standpoint when people find something easy to use and beneficial they are less likely to change. l

l Extendibility - during the development of your data/document security strategy look at solutions, services and offerings that allow you to go back to the customers to extend your value. Put you and your customer in a position to be able to add to the offerings you are providing today with complimentary or future upgrades that continue to improve their productivity and the


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David Anastasi, CEO, eDocument Sciences LLC, Prior to eDocument Sciences served as President & CEO Captaris, Inc. acquired by OpenText in October 2008, also currently Board Member of Onehub, Inc. eDocument Sciences partners with public, private, educational and government organizations securing their most important asset, mission-critical data. We assist in the development and management of Data Governance programs that focus on People, Processes, and Technology. We deliver results by matching technology, distribution and services companies focused on data security with each other, distribution partners and customers. Our focus is on delivering highly secure environments increasing productivity, scalability, and ultimately higher value. Contact information: E-mail:, Cell: 425-246-2424 or Website:


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ESP Electronic Systems Protection


lectronic Systems Protection (ESP), Inc., the leader in power protection and energy intelligence, has recently transformed their corporate identity. The new logo and brand is designed to reflect ESP's leadership in power protection and to showcase the company's expansion into innovative energy management solutions, diagnostic software, high-tech research and development, and state-of-the-art micro-processor protection technology. The company's growth from power protection to "energy intelligence" has occurred over the past three years, through investments in software, technology, and resources. "ESP has developed premium solutions and a new brand that will revolutionize how power protection is utilized by service departments worldwide," says Steve Galloway, the company's CEO and President. "ESP energy intelligence echoes our business focus and symbolizes our commitment to innovation," comments Tanya Flores, ESP's Director of Marketing. "Our new identity better communicates who we are, what we do, and where we are going." Cutting Edge Power Protection ESP's newest innovations have expanded to include micro-processor technology, diagnostic software, energy monitoring, conservation, and the industry's first cloud-based remote access control protection system. Remote Control Center: The ESP Remote Control Center is the first and only solution in the industry to offer cloud-based power protection and remote control. This innovative product enables your service team to have the ability to pre-diagnose power related service calls from your office or other location where your tech has access to an internet cloud connection. Built with MWAi remote control technology, technicians can remotely troubleshoot and diagnose power anomalies at your customer's location. With ESP's new technology, the tech is able to reboot machines and view power disturbance reports anywhere at any time. The Remote Control Center is ESP's premier provider of cloudbased monitoring and protection. Servicing dealers can save time and money by remote diagnosis of equipment prior to dispatching a technician to a service call. ESP's new technology can remotely analyze power problems, pre-diagnose power

related service needs, reboot machines, compile asset reports over a wide range of machines, and resolve problem accounts that are frequently plagued by poor quality power - without leaving the office. The ESP Remote Control Center is partnered with the Next Gen Power Conditioning System. Together these two linked technologies enables service based businesses to control, protect and manage power remotely. It is the ultimate solution to remotely analyze the history of power disturbances affecting a machine. Next Gen PCS: Launched over a year ago, the Next Gen Power Conditioning System provides a complete power protection and diagnostic solution for dealerships and OEMs. Built with the most robust power protection technology in the market, the Next Gen PCS provides comprehensive protection from common power disturbances, including surges, noise, over and under voltage, and wiring faults. In addition, ESP's innovative new protection product includes Diagnostic Software to help service teams proactively view disturbances and troubleshoot field equipment from power anomalies that can cause equipment damage, disruption, and downtime. ESP's new diagnostic solution records and time-stamps power anomalies, enables power protection settings to be customized, and improves the reliability of connected 15, 20, and 30 Amp equipment. Endorsed and recommended by OEMs, the Next Gen PCS can help you improve service call preparation, enhance troubleshooting and assist parts inventory planning. This comprehensive power protection solution allows technicians to view timestamped power quality events, including under and over voltage events, power outages, surges, and wiring deficiencies. Thanks to ESP's new technology, the Next Gen PCS provides technicians with accurate, real-time equipment power information. ESP manufactures multiple configurations for Segment 1-6 equipment, and a new 30 Amp Next Gen PCS product was recently released to protect and diagnose large 30 Amp production equipment. Robust Energy Management ESP's next innovation is energy management. "For over two continued on 38


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PROFILE continued from 36

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years we have researched energy manThree decades later the office equipESP Solutions provide agement technology," states Dave ment industry continues to rely on Perrotta, the company's Vice President ESP's patented power protection techl Increased Up-Time of Operations. "Our engineering team nology to protect their equipment and l Data Protection is finalizing a brand-new product that enrich their profitability. 2012 finds l Extends Equipment Life incorporates our patented power proESP as the recognized leader and OEM tection technology with energy conpartner in providing innovative prodl Boosts Reliability servation and management tools for ucts, unmatched customer support, l Increases ROI service teams, IT departments, and channel business expertise, and their l Lowers Ownership Costs facility managers. ESP's new technolcomprehensive Lifetime Connected ogy will pioneer energy conservation Product Protection Warranty. Through l Improves Customer Satisfaction and power savings for our customers, the years, ESP has continued to add l Enhances your Client's Competitive Edge and will provide them with a progresimportant technological innovations to l Lifetime Protection Guarantee sive new tool to sell to their end users. their products to ensure proper protecWe are excited to provide another tion, including ETL Verified CAT 5e innovation to the market and we plan Network protection, and DSL to launch our new energy management platform to the office Filtration. ESP products are proudly made in the U.S.A., in technology market this year." their Zebulon, North Carolina manufacturing facility. In addition to robust energy savings products, ESP's Green Initiative joins conservation, sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing together for a multi-leveled commitment to improving the environment. ESP's North Carolina manufacturing plant has implemented the Lean/Six Sigma program. The use of ESP products improves equipment performance, reducing power related disturbances and paper jams, which in turn reduces paper and toner waste. Research has shown that ESP's power protection products also extends the longevity of digital equipment and reduces the need for some parts replacement. Committed to the Industry ESP technology is recognized as best in class. ESP has consulted, partnered and has worked side by side with R&D facilities with most of the major copier OEMs. For three decades ESP has been actively involved with the BTA channel of office equipment dealers, including membership in the Business Technology Association, IBPI Buying Group and Technology United. Through key industry relationships, ESP is acknowledged as the go-to resource for knowledge, ingenuity and cutting edge products in the world of power protection. ESP was originally created by copier technicians for copier technicians. In the mid 1980s, the advancement of copier technology introduced micro-processors, which required clean power to operate properly. Service managers had to deal with random 'C' codes that techs were unable to recreate upon arrival. 'No problem found' service calls became time consuming for the tech and costly to the servicing dealer's bottom line. Office equipment dealers and manufacturers needed a cost effective solution to reduce ground noise and provide clean power. ESP was founded twenty five years ago to resolve power disturbances and provide a comprehensive protection product for the office equipment industry.

Reliability & ROI Three separate industry specific studies were conducted by research power-houses BEI, Industry Analysts and Buyers Lab to quantify the effects of using power protection on copier equipment. Independent research from BEI Services, based on data collected from over 50,000 machines, has proven that ESP protection improves the profitability of equipment, increases MCBV by 16%, and provides a parts service costs savings of $64 per unit, per year. This study quantified a proven return on investment through verified reduction in cost of parts, reduced service calls, equipment life extension, and overall customer satisfaction.


New research conducted in 2011 from Industry Analysts found that ESP's Next Gen PCS power protection technology is "best-in-class" and provides the most comprehensive protection solution, when compared to others in the market. l

Analysis by Buyers Lab additionally found that ESP's Digital QC patented power protection technology out-performed other products.


In addition, ESP's Lifetime Protection Guarantee is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. ESP will cover all repair costs for connected equipment, up to the full replacement value of the equipment, if a properly connected filter fails. ESP provides Professional-Grade Protection.

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ust when you think you have it all figured out, you come to the realization that maybe you don't have everything figured out after all. That's the epiphany Kevin DeYoung, president of QualPath in Pompano Beach, Florida, had about the way his company was selling managed print services-an epiphany that's changed the way QualPath sells MPS. It's been about five years since QualPath shifted from a hardware-centric sales model to one focusing on services. By all accounts it's been a successful transition and the company has been an example for others in the industry. QualPath describes itself as an IT outsourcing firm and MPS provider. Its mission is to help clients implement strategies to reduce and manage their office document expenses, minimize equipment downtime, and improve employee productivity. Clearly at QualPath it's all about services. Despite seeing services revenue grow exponentially DeYoung had a feeling something important was missing-something the company lost sight of along the way to success in the services sector. Once DeYoung figured that out and added that piece back into the services puzzle, things began to change in a more positive way than ever before and in a way that may shake up many folks' notion of how to sell MPS. "One of the issues we began to discover is that you get to the point where you're proposing something and you're reducing burdens and saving organizations money and you're doing all of the right things, but they don't go with it," explains DeYoung. "And you're like, 'What the heck happened here?'" What happened? "We forgot to sell," he responds. "We forgot the basics of solutions selling. We got so wrapped up in this model of collecting data and doing due diligence we forgot why they would want to do it in the first place." What DeYoung realized is that MPS is much more than simply reducing an organization's expenses. "That detracts from what the effort should be and that is to deliver a solution to an organization that makes it better," he says. "I don't think you make an organization better by just reducing their spending. You might make their profits a little better or relieve burdens, but it's not always evident to them." What has to be evident is the value that QualPath can provide. That comes from discovering exactly what that organization W EST C OAST P LATEN


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wants to accomplish. "If they say 'We just want to save money,' we'd say 'Why don't you just go out and buy cheaper toners? You can always find cheaper toners,'" notes DeYoung. "We then began to realize if that is the only agenda on the docket for a prospective client, then we can't provide value." By focusing on what an organization wants to accomplish DeYoung feels the services provider can now focus on providing a solution.

Kevin DeYoung President of QualPath

"That was the big thing we learned in 2011," states DeYoung. What DeYoung also discovered is that there is a parallel sales cycle occurring at the same time as the traditional MPS sales cycle. And that cycle is more sales oriented than functional. "The beautiful part of MPS and why I advocate for the solution is it's one of those rare examples in the office technology space where you can do something that's a win-win if you do it right. That organization will truly be better as a result of that solution and your organization will be better as a result of providing that solution." The fundamental shift taking place at QualPath is going back to the basics. "It's almost like old is new," says DeYoung. "When I first entered this industry I learned the Xerox way of solutions selling. We forgot about it because of the technological evolution the industry went through. It was one profound technological revolution after another and it almost became where the technology sold itself based on the scaling nature of the technological development. Through that journey we forgot to sell." Once DeYoung realized that, QualPath started selling again and lo and behold hardware placements started soaring. That may come as a surprise to some since under what many in the industry consider a true MPS model, it's logical to assume hardware placements are decreasing. But that's not what's going on at QualPath. "Our hardware placements have gone off the wall," he reports. "That was never the premise. I'm a planner and it's about building a service base, and recurring revenue and taking care of clients so we walked away from the hardware-centric model. What I did not expect as we worked the stages of MPS with our current clients and started to move into optimization and built continued on 44

February 2012

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We Saw It In ENX Magazine


Xerox Phaser 4500 & 4510 style Fuser Modules Rebuild'em to Maximize Yields & Cut Maintenance Costs For Phaser 4500 (108R00600) & Phaser 4510 (108R00717) By Britt Horvat


he Phaser 4500 and 4510's are very popular Xerox brand monochrome dry ink printers. There have been enough questions asked about these machines that it is hard to ignore them. This month we'll look at the Fuser Modules because parts for it are now showing up in the aftermarket and they represent a good place to be profitable while serving your customers well. First we'll look at economics of the fusers and the differences between the two models… and then comes the fun part, where we open one up and see how it comes apart. The Phaser 4500 came first. The fuser is spared by itself (604K14921 or 604K28533), or it is also included in the Maintenance Kit (108R00600) alongside the BTR (Bias Transfer Roll) and 12 feed rolls (enough to take care of 4 paper trays). Retail price on the kit is just over $300.00. The Phaser 4510 came later. For this model, the Fuser is sold alone (604K37338), or you can get the Maintenance Kit (108R00717 for the 4510 model). This one retails for $299.00. In either case there is plenty of room to buy a Fuser Heat Roll and a Pressure Roll, spend the time to rebuild the fuser and save your customer some good money doing it. In spite of outward appearances, the two fuser versions are not interchangeable. The primary difference is in the fact that the heat lamps have considerably different wattage ratings.

same page as far as what we call each end and face of the module. The end which we'll call the "right" end is the drive gear end. Then the "outer face" is the one which would be facing you if you were at the Phaser 4500 Fuser Assembly machine removing the fuser. It has the yellow label with all the lettering on it. The top and bottom are also based on how the fuser sits in the machine. FUSER REBUILD PROCEDURE: Caution: There are several flat-spring contacts in this fuser. Pay attention so they don't get bent out of shape… and take note of how the contacts interact with each other so you can return things to where they belong when it comes time to reassemble things.


Luckily the two come apart the same way, so if you learn one you know how to tackle the other. The other good news is that the most important components--Fuser Heat Roll, Pressure Roll and Picker Fingers,--turn out to be the same in both versions. The same goes for the Heat Sleeves and the bearings. Let's get right into the disassembly procedure. To get oriented, refer to Photo #1. This way we'll be on the

Remove the pressure springs

1. Access the Thermistors and the Thermostat. Turn the assembly so that it is positioned "inner face" up. Lift the left end of the Thermostat Cover up a bit and then slide the cover to the left so it will unseat and come off. Unplug the left spade-lug terminal from the thermostat. That's one of the Fuser Heat Lamp terminals and you'll want that loose later on in the procedure. 2. First you'll want to prepare to separate the two halves of the fuser. See photos #2 & 3. First remove the two Pressure Springs (use a small screwdriver or a heavy spring-hook to pop them off). Then remove the two screws from the "outer face". Also remove the long metal contact near the left end which is held on by one screw. 3. Next separate the two halves. Now… here is where you need to use your best mechanical skills. Watch those metal contacts so they don't get damaged. See photo #4:

Photo #’s 2 & 3 continued on 67


enx magazine


We Saw It In ENX Magazine


continued from 66

First Pivot the "outer" half up about an inch (the outer half houses the pressure roll). Second slide it to the left in relation to the "inner" half (the heat roll half) until it comes unseated on the right end… then it can be lifted off. 4. Unseat the Heat Lamp Terminal Holders (beige plastic). For the terminal holder closer to the left end you will find 2 clips in an alcove on the "inside face". Then for the one near the right end (drive end), there is one clip accessible in an alcove, again on the "inside face". Use a tiny flat-head screwdriver to release the clips (see Photos #5 & 6). With the clips released, you can remove the terminal holders.

Photo #4: Separate the two halves

5. Phaser 4510 only: the Picker Fingers on this version are trapped close to the Heat Roll Assembly by removable plastic clips. You must remove the clips to allow the fingers to pivot far enough for the Heat Roll Assembly to be removed from its cradles. Photo #5 & 6 Removing the Lamp Terminal Holders

6. Next you will remove the Fuser Heat Roll Assembly (the roller with its bearings, bushings and drive gear). This can be done by lifting the left end (the non-drive end) up from its cradle until you can gently slide the roller assembly out over the heat lamps. 7. Picker fingers… WARNING… the picker fingers and their holders are extremely delicate. While this article was being written, two of the fingers broke while experimenting on the best method for removing them from the assembly. The trick is to pivot them so that the top edge is level (see photo #9) and then "pop" them up using a small flat-head screwdriver under the center of them. 8. Next you can turn your attention to removing the Fuser Pressure Roller. You will need to first remove the metal fuser entrance guide by shifting to the left end (towards where the large metal contact clip was removed earlier). Then the Pressure Roller can lift out easily. 9. Install a new Fuser Heat Roller & Pressure Roller and reassemble everything. Be very careful to reseat all metal contacts / ground clips. When reinstalling the Heat Roll Assembly, you will want to pivot all 5 Picker Fingers out of the way simultaneously. One good way to do this is

Photo #8: Raise the left end out of its cradle...

Photo #7: Phaser 4510 Finger Clips...

Photo #9: Pivot the finger so that the top edge is level... continued on 68 enx magazine



We Saw It In ENX Magazine


TECH HELP Subject: Ricoh AF 1013 Question: A customer nicked the drum. Copies look good except for a line from the nick. I'm going out to replace the drum and blade. I have the manual, but what settings need to be done with a new drum? Thanks in advance. Answer: I've only ever replaced the whole PCU; however, there is a plate on the gear that acts as a flag the first time the unit rotates to let the machine know it is a new unit. If you were able to pull the plate out it will signal a reset. Be advised, however, that when the machine resets it also does a developer initialization. If it contains used developer you could possibly end up with an overtoned condition. Answer: Save yourself the problems that will come with taking the unit apart and rebuilding it. Replace the whole unit. Been there done that, save yourself the headache. Question: I already have the drum and blade. When I was there the first time it looked very easy to replace just the drum. Can I just replace the drum for now since they had the whole unit replaced 6 months ago? Are there any adjustments needed if I do this? Thanks again. Answer: I would just swap the drum and try, if it's too dark, run SP 2802 to reinitialize the developer. Answer: The drum and blade can't be genuine as Ricoh only does the entire unit. Question: I replaced the drum and blade. Copies are a little light now. Anything I can do to darken? Please no smart ass answers telling me to replace the PCU with genuine Ricoh. I have rebuilt many Aficio PCU's with aftermarket drums with no issues. If you can't help, just don't reply; if you can, THANK YOU! Answer: Should have gone with the whole cartridge. Live and learn they say. Answer: Increase the developer bias to darken, but obviously you should have replaced the whole unit. The extra trip alone just ate up any meager savings you had over the $115 whole PCU. Subject: Toshiba es452 jams Question: I need some ideas here. This machine never jammed while I was there and if it weren't for the jam history I would think the customer is lying about it jamming. I cannot find anything wrong. New rollers, sensors and clutches working, paper seems ok. Still, I cannot go more than a couple of days without jams. Here's a rundown of the jam history: Date Code Meter 11/09 EB50 649791 11/08 EB50 649776 11/08 EB50 649767 11/08 E480 649749 11/08 E550 649743 11/08 E550 649732 11/08 E400 649714 11/08 EB50 649679 11/08 EA70 649657 Prior to 11/08 you have to go back to the 4th for the last jam, so the problem really just started. Even after I left today the customer called and said it is still jamming. Maybe someone else can see a pattern here that I am missing. I'm not too concerned with the jam door opening during a copy run, but the EB50 seems to be the underlying problem. I don't see how it can be 70

enx magazine

multi-feeding as the code seems to indicate, so I am at a loss. Any ideas? Answer: Based on the error history you posted it seems like it's happening every 20 to 30 pages on average. You didn't mention based on the error history the source it was jamming from. What does the 12 digit error information in the right hand column of the error history page say? Is the jam occurring from the same source and under the same conditions every time? I've seen that type of jamming happening more from the LCF than the drawers. Also how is the copier configured? Question: All the jams in history were out of tray one, LT, sort mode, single sided. No jams out of the other paper sources logged since about two months ago. At that time LD size in tray 3 (copier has 4 trays) was jamming because the developer unit was bogging down the system and the extra run time for the ledger would cause timing issues. Replacing the developer unit solved that issue. Prior to 11/08 there were a few document feeder jams and a couple of intermittent finisher coded jams all the way back to the beginning of October. Answer: I know some of these ideas might seem simplistic so don't take offense. Have you tried switching out the paper pick up assembly with one of the other working drawers and or the drawer itself? Have you asked the customer to see if they could duplicate the problem for you while you're standing there? From all your answers to others' posts I'm sure you are all over this as you sound like a VERY qualified Toshiba tech. Answer: This sounds crazy, have you checked the metal front door cheater? And little switch beside it. Question: Thanks guys, don't assume I'm too smart not to miss something. I appreciate the ideas and/or reminders. I haven't swapped feed assemblies yet, nor did I pay much attention to the front door switch or actuator. I'm going back out there tomorrow afternoon so if you think of anything else post it and I will check it out. Question: Your suggestion paid off. Just finished the call and I swapped the paper feed assembly from the top tray with the one for the bottom tray. Seemed to work fine, so I replaced the bad assembly with one from a parts machine at the shop and ran about 300 copies through it with not a single jam. At this point I assume the feed clutch on the assembly was sticking, overshooting the next page to be copied. I figured instead of wasting time trying to narrow it down I'd just replace the whole assembly. It works, is working, and I thank you for putting me on the right track. I need that sometimes. :) Answer: I had a problem with the transfer door switch. It was out of place and would only cause jams when duplexing. Answer: I have noticed if the letter size is on top cassette, it jams the paper more often so I move the letter size to lower paper cassette. Good luck.u Tips appearing in this section are reprinted courtesy of Smarka! The Copier Tech’s Info Source. Tips are randomly selected from submissions emailed to Smarka! Smarka! and ENX Magazine make no guarantees as to the accuracy of tips presented here. Email your tips to All tips become public domain.

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ENX Magazine February 2012 Issue  

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