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Xerox® 4110 Style Drum Cartridges e. Restring the Corona Wires These two – 4110CCW— are longer than the ones in the pre-charge and pretransfer corona wires. Be patient and gentle. Attach the end on the white peg on the front end-block first and then lay the wire all the way across and attach the spring to the other end of the corona wire. Use a spring-hook to gently stretch the spring until it can hook around the metal terminal at the rear end of the corona. Be sure that the wire is routed correctly at either end and that it is riding on the tiny cleaning pad on the cleaning shuttle. Reinstall the outer cleaning shuttle piece with the cleaning pads on it and reinstall the charge grid. Again, no fingerprints on the grid or wires! If you suspect you may have gotten any fingerprints on them, use isopropyl alcohol to clean the fingerprints off. 10. Now for the Drum itself (4110DR). Turn the cartridge on its right side so that the drum is facing upwards. Remove the 3 screws from the rear drum hub (refer back to Photo #5), and 3 screws from the front drum hub (refer back to Photo #4). CAUTION: these 6 are the fine metal-thread types of screws. Don’t get them mixed up with the coarse plastic-thread screws. Then, while holding onto the drum, extract the front and then the rear drum hubs and lift the drum out of its cradle. When reassembling, use a small dab of Plastislip grease or similar light lubricant grease in the Photo #10: After the Drum is Out drum hubs, since they serve as the bearings for the drum. When installing a new drum, keep it shielded from light as long as possible during the reassembly procedure to prevent the possibility of “light-shock” damage to the drum. 11. Replace the Drum Cleaning Blade – 4110DB (2 screws). 12. Vacuum the Cleaning Brush and the cavity behind it, taking care not to damage the Mylar Recovery Blade. If the recovery blade (4110RB) gets damaged or is coming unglued, replace it with a fresh peel-and-stick

Photo #11: Waste Auger Cover’s Foam Gasket

recovery blade. First make sure you clean off the old one and any adhesive thoroughly. 13. For a thorough cleaning, remove the Cleaning Auger Cover (3 screws). Be very careful with the foam gasket on this cover (see Photo #11), as removing the cover will disturb this gasket. You’ll need to be gentle and do as little damage to the foam gasket as possible so that it’ll keep doing its job when you’re done. With the cleaning section top cover off, you will get better access to the cleaning auger which moves the waste toner away from behind the cleaning blade to exit the cartridge through the sliding shutter at the rear end. Be gentle, but clean out as much of the waste toner as possible using a vacuum. Keep an eye out for any broken or worn out parts, such as the waste auger, the gears which drive it, or the shutter mechanism at the rear of the auger. 14. Reassemble it all! Be sure to use starting powder so that the blade doesn’t stick to the drum, and rotate the drum a few times by hand to make sure it starts right. If you want to use toner as your starting powder, you need to keep some of the toner from behind the cleaning blade for this purpose. Do not use toner from the waste bottle, nor from a toner cartridge, because both have gritty developer material mixed in. Also pay attention to where the metal-thread screws belong (the 3 each for the front and rear drum hubs, and 1 more that attaches the pre-transfer corona assembly). Congrats! You’ve got it licked! Hopefully this article will give you a good head-start in rebuilding these cartridges. Have a great summer! ✦

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