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Xerox® 4110 Style Drum Cartridges 8. Restring the Corona Wires on the Pre-Transfer and Pre-Charge Corona Assemblies (these two wires are shorter than the ones in the charge corona assembly). Be gentle and patient here so as not to break the new corona wires (4110PCW).

Photo #2: Drum Picker Finger Assembly & the Metal Plate under the Pre-Transfer Corona

9. Remove the Charge Corona Assembly which is held on by 1 screw from the rear end (see Photo #6). Rebuilding the charge corotron is an important part of getting good life out of a rebuilt cartridge. You will replace the charge grid and the 2 charge corona wires. Wear surgical gloves when handling the new corona wires and grid to avoid oils from your fingers getting on these components because fingerprints can cause copy quality issues.

Photo #3: Lower Right Corner Cover

3. Remove the Front End Cover (2 screws from the front end). 4. Take off the Drum Picker Finger Assembly (2 screws), and the metal plate on the bottom left side of the cartridge (2 screws). This plate sits just below the pre-transfer corona (see Photo #2). *NOTE that the D95 version of the cartridge is missing the pre-transfer corona, although the metal plate is still there. 5. Remove the Lower Right Corner Cover held by 2 clips (see Photo #3).

Photo #4: Front End View

6. Remove the Pre-Transfer Corona Assembly by removing 1 screw from the front end (see Photo #4). Then you can shift the corona assembly towards the front end of the cartridge to remove it. CAUTION: This particular screw has a fine machinethreading. Don’t mix it up with the coarser plasticthread screws because this one makes a vital ground contact). 7. Remove the Pre-Charge Corona Assembly by removing 1 screw from the rear end and then shifting the assembly toward the rear to remove it (see Photo #5).

Photo #6, 7 & 8: Restringing the Charge Corona Springs

a. First remove the Charge Grid by releasing the latch near the Front End (see Photo #6). b. Then pop off the End-Block Covers from the Front and Rear End-Blocks. They are simply clipped-on. c. Next you’ll want to pop off the piece of the Cleaning Shuttle which is above the wires. It is clipped in place and a gentle prying with a tiny flathead screwdriver will release it (see Photos #7 & 8). This piece has one larger white pad on top which cleans the charge grid and two tiny pads which clean the wires. Likewise there is a pair of similar tiny brown pads on the inner portion of the shuttle as well. When they are available (coming soon – 4110CCPK) it will be a good idea to replace all 5 of these peeland-stick cleaning pads. d. Take note of how the Corona Springs are situated at the Front End-Block. They have the longer hook on the terminal, and the short hook on the corona wire’s end ring. (see Photo #9)

Photo #9: Corona Springs continued on page 70

Photo #5: Rear End View

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