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Net New Meetings before calling. This should include the name of the company, industry, executive name and title, nature of the business, and “how they make money.” You should also have an idea of the basic size and geographical information about the company to guide you as to the potential size of their technology before you call. We have also discovered that it is far better to call 40 prospects 5 times each as opposed to calling 200 prospects, once. Calling the same prospect more than once shows tenacity, creates momentum, creates a better chance of opening a dialogue, and shows the prospect that you are truly interested and focused on getting that first appointment, and the odds of getting an appointment with that prospect are far greater than getting an appointment on a single call. Getting that appointment is usually called “luck”. When calling a prospect, we follow this approach: • Be prepared.

• On the first call, if he/she picks up, pitch for a meeting seven to ten days in the future. Otherwise leave a full voicemail pitch. Follow this immediately with an email, reiterating your voicemail and again, request a meeting. • Follow this with a second phone call three days later and a second email five days later. • When you reach a prospect, either set the appointment or move the prospect to a future list. At the end of the week, you should replenish the list to start every Monday with a full list, researched and ready to repeat the process For example, if you made 8 net new meetings you would be left with 32 prospects to work on. In conclusion, it is critical for managers to manage the prospecting activity of their reps. They need to collect the batting average sheet for each sales executive in order to help gain an understanding of where your sales executive is getting the most hits for Net New

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meetings, what’s the big ROI for their prospecting time, and what method best suits their aptitude (and territory). Knowing this information will help a manager or a sales executive create activity in the calendar that will bear the most fruit. Mapping that out over the workweek allows for managers to help salespeople accomplish their goal and do what they agreed to do when they signed up at your dealership. Spend adequate time effectively prospecting to set 6 to 8 new meetings a week. Net new meetings are the life blood of any dealership and it is your sales reps’ fiduciary responsibility to the dealership to spend the time to get it done. Happy prospecting! And remember Make More Meetings, Make More Money! ✦ Kate Kingston is president of The Kingston Training Group. She can be reached by calling 646-831-5184 or via email

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