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Bob Smith of Copiers Plus Remote Tech technology to improve our IT Service to our customers.

to offer and since everyone in every business is on social marketing, we are there.

What will you need to do to do that effectively? SMITH: Continue to work with the current IT Service process and to perfect it prior to opening it up as a Solution to all of our customers.

As someone who has been around for awhile, was the concept of social media difficult for you to grasp? SMITH: It was not. Our Director of Marketing was very much on the forefront of social media and began our social media marketing campaign years before our manufacturers.

You’ve been growing through acquisitions. What’s the biggest challenge of making an acquisition? SMITH: First, integrating new branches into the Copiers Plus workflow process and making staff in the branch offices feel like an intricate part of Copiers Plus as a whole. Secondly, reaching and informing the acquisitioned customers of the change in a timely manner and building their confidence in Copiers Plus.

What specifically are you posting about on social media? SMITH: We post about all of our products, our programs, our solutions, our business as well as “Bob’s Stolen Quote of the Day” and industry humor. We feel that diversification in advertising will ensure that we reach the interest of every prospect possible.

Your dealership has embraced social media, why do you think that’s important? SMITH: Because your marketing must go where the people are. Since every business everywhere is a candidate for what we have

Do you still enjoy doing what you’re doing? After 55 years in the industry there are still different challenges every day but this industry has been good to me. There is always something new,


SMITH: l September 2014

something better and that motivates me to come up with better solutions to these challenges in order to ensure that “The PLUS always stands for Service”. What’s the best thing about what you do? Knowing that Copiers Plus and its employees are dedicated to giving the best customer service in the industry and are committed to continuing that tradition. SMITH:

What’s the one thing you know now about running a dealership that you wish you knew when you founded Copiers Plus in 1985? SMITH: How quickly and drastically the industry would change and how to be better prepared to deal with these changes. How does the rest of the year look for Copiers Plus? SMITH: I feel that 2014 will be our best year since 2008. Loyal, dedicated employees along with the most up to date technology, equipment, and inPrint will help Copiers Plus see this to reality. ✦ – By Scott Cullen

We Saw It In ENX Magazine

ENX Magazine September 2014 Issue V2  

Connecting People, Ideas and Products in the Office Technology and Document Imaging Industry since 1994

ENX Magazine September 2014 Issue V2  

Connecting People, Ideas and Products in the Office Technology and Document Imaging Industry since 1994