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A Sales Process that Delivers 70% Forecast Accuracy follow up meetings to discuss any questions they may have. If you’re a paper proposal guy, you may not get this. (Time-line – five days max) 6. Once you’ve shared your findings, adjust your proposal and submit it for signatures. Remember as professionals your sales team should be expected to forecast accurately, so account for holidays, company events, vacations, etc. There is nothing like a blown forecast because you didn’t calculate holidays and I promise, no one will be mad if you bring in a deal sooner than your projected close date. These steps are just examples and by no means am I saying they are the only possible steps 48

within a sales process. I am saying that every step in an effective sales process should be your guide to lead your sales team to success. Each step should critique your target’s engagement level, resell your value and close, even if it’s just trial closes along the way. I believe if you have 25 to 60 deals floating around without a sales process, you’re blind. EVEN IF YOU ARE CLOSING DEALS, without an effective sales process you’re not closing what you could close! We’ve helped sales organizations improve their sales forecast accuracy to above 70% simply by creating and driving a sales process that fits their deliverables. Build it and they will sell! ✦ Charles Lamb is the President and CEO of Mps&it Sales l September 2014

Consulting. His firm delivers proven methodologies and processes that assist dealer principals seeking the shortest path to a successful transformation into the managed services space. He's created complementary solutions including Funnelmaker, Gatekeeper, and Shield IT services. His boot-

camps demonstrate immediate results in raising the skill set of those wanting a foundation for selling managed service deliverables. For information on bootcamps, training, or consulting engagements call 888.823.0006, e-mail him at clamb@, or visit

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